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Amanita Market Forecasting probably is the most unconventional market letter on this planet, serving subscribers in dozens of countries around the world since the year 2000! It is based on a unique combination of financial astrology, numerology, cycles, analysis of the plans of the elitists/ illuminati/ high finance to create the New World Order (NWO), as well as the more conventional methods of technical & fundamental analysis. The focus is on intermediate-term (1-6 months) to long-term trends. The US rating agency "Timer Digest" has top-ranked the performance of Amanita Market Forecasting in the ranking of the 100+ market timers worldwide.


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Amanita Newsletter 10/17/2017:

Bradley Siderograph 2018

1. Free Market Commentary: Bradley Siderograph 2018
This is the standard model of the Bradley siderograph 2018, with only 2 major dates: 1/29/18 & 5/29/18.

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