"Timer Digest" intermediate-term signals

Timer Digest discontinues publication with the 2/1/2021 edition!

Since September 2003 Amanita Market Forecasting is officially tracked by "Timer Digest" . Timer Digest tracks the leading 100+ market timers around the globe, a ranking is published every 3 weeks. Selected top rankings (list not complete):


Explanation of intermediate-termintermediate term means a time horizon of 1-3 months. signals

The US rating agency "Timer Digest" monitors the leading market timers around the globe in the following markets:

Every market time gives intermediate-termintermediate term means a time horizon of 1-3 months. (ca. 3 months) and long-termLong-term means a time horizon of years. (> 6 months) signals, only BULLISH, BEARISH, and NEUTRAL signals are possible. All signals are based on the closing prices. The main issue of "Timer DigestTimer Digest is a US rating agency that monitors the performance of Amanita Market Forecasting. The intermediate-term Amanita signals are following the rules of Timer Digest." is published every 3 weeks, minor updates for the stock markets only are published more frequently. In all 3 markets the performance of the 5 resp. 10 top timers is published, for the stock markets additionally the performance of the last 3 and 6 months. Three other financial astrologers are tracked: Bill Meridian (Austria), Arch Crawford (USA), Markus Rose (Austria).