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The Bradley siderograph was developed in the 1940ies by Donald Bradley to forecast the stock markets (link book). Bradley assigned numerical values to certain planetary constellations for every day, and the sum is the siderograph. It was originally intended to predict the stock markets. The noted technical analyst William Eng singled out the Bradley model as the only 'excellent' Timing Indicator in his book, "Technical Analysis of Stocks, Options, and Futures" (source: Astrikos).

It is crucial to understand what the siderograph is about since many traders (and even financial astrologers) misunderstand it. Over the decades it has been observed that the siderograph can NOT (!!!) reliably predict the direction but only turning points in the financial markets (stocks, bonds, bonds, commodities) within a time window of +/- 4 calendar days (in some cases up to +/- 1 week. Inversions (i.e. a high instead of a low and vice versa) are quite common.

Premium subscribers of Amanita Market Forecasting get the data of the four Bradley models for the period 1990-2020 as a .txt file (click here to subscribe). Another possibility: you calculate the data yourself with the aid of a financial astrology  software - please go to the software-page. I mainly use the Market Trader von Alphee Lavoie, which is too expensive for the average hobby researcher though.


Review 2016

In this article I review the performance of the Bradley siderograph 2016 & share the model for the coming year 2017. Preliminary remark: the siderograph is an archaic astrologic model from the 1940s, which in the end times no longer works with the rules put out by Donald Bradley. Second, in the premium area alternative, stronger interpretation rules are offered. Moreover, in the Amanita system dozens of proprietary models do exist, which work light years better than the ol’ siderograph.


As warned a year ago, the performance of the siderograph dates 2016 (6 so far) has been quite nasty. One even has to ask whether or not this model could beat random probabilities at all. In the standard window +/- 4 days only 6/3/16 can be counted as a hit (-> 6/7/16 stock market high). Previously the US indices had to be used as the benchmark, but this is no longer true now in the end times, with the US Empire on the brink of collapse. Ideally one uses the broadest global index worldwide, with 3000+ issues from 47 countries: FTSE All-Share (FAW).


Forget this model when it is popular in the eyes of the zeitgeist, i.e. when the Google Trends search volume for Bradley Siderograph (Link) is very high. Crowd interest going through the roof means that the odds are very high (P=80-95%), that the current or coming date will fail. Search volume tops were:


In August 2016 search volume for Bradley Siderograph dropped to the lowest level in many years (almost zero), which means that in the next weeks & months this model will be quite important.

2 new Bradley rules

Now in the end times 2 new interpretation rules for the Bradley siderograph are confirmed:

  1. standard window = week *after* the Bradley date: Most index turns (about P=80%) come late, i.e. in the week after the Bradley date. This is part of the end times phenomenon where ‘everything is delayed’, consistently observed since 2013. Reason: the battle of the powers of light & darkness (Armageddon), which are in a kind of deadlock. So the (new) standard window is the week *after* the Bradley date, the extended window is +/- 1 week.
  2. polarity reversals: Most of the big Bradley turns (some P=80%) produce the *opposite* polarity in the indices, i.e. an important Bradley high usually becomes a stock index low & a Bradley low a stock index high. Plain vanilla Bradley analysts don’t understand the end times dynamics which inverts the signal. The reason is the ongoing karma reversal, which is necessary for a karmic redemption: highs have to become lows (and vice versa), just as victims have to become perpetrators (and vice versa). “But many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first.“ (Matthew 19: 30)

Bradley Siderograph 2017


Bradley dates 2017:

  1. Bradley high 12/28/16
  2. Bradley low 1/8/17
  3. Bradley high 2/11/17
  4. Bradley low 2/27/17
  5. Bradley high 6/20/17
  6. Bradley low 7/3/17
  7. Bradley high 8/9/17
  8. Bradley low 10/7/17
  9. Bradley high Nov. 7-16, 2017
  10. Bradley overlaps 12/4/17-1/4/18