Undreamt soybeans forecasts

Undreamt soybeans forecasts

This article is dedicated to a topic that is becoming more & more important in the 7 years of Tribulation since 8/24/2015 for investors, traders & consumers: agricultural commodities. Let me focus on *the* food of the end times: soybeans. I not only guarantee you that the perspective offered here is totally new for you, it also connects the dots in a way never discussed before…

Preliminary remark: ethics of trading agricultural futures

The lying press often claims how condemnable it is to speculate with food. As always, just the opposite of the NWO brainwashing is true. There are mainly 2 factors that create economic wealth: good innovation & correct forecasts. Both contribute to the better use of scarce resources. In the terminology of the Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter innovation leads to a creative destruction. Good forecasts are especially important for agricultural goods, because here weather is a major & rather unpredictable factor. So when a bad harvest looks likely it is necessary to plant more in advance, in order to ensure sufficient supply. The incentive can only be a higher price *before* the growing season, which requires smart speculators with deep pockets. Another argument for speculations: traders provide liquidity, which is strongly required in the thinly traded agricultural futures.


Already years ago I called (in the premium area) for a major bear market low in grains for 2016. In early 2015 (Amanita #9/15) this bottom call was fine-tuned to spring/ summer 2016. On 2/28/16 the first strategic soybeans position in years was entered, which has quickly become a gold mine. Soybean prices soared by a whopping +40% in the following months, with S being the most bullish of the major futures in these months (only oil was comparable).



It’s also worth noting how soybeans (S) almost completely decoupled from the normally highly correlated grains corn (C) & wheat (W), which barely moved until recently. This is not a surprise at all… let me give away some secrets. In most agriculturals seasonality is very pronounced, as in soybeans: with a seasonal high around John the Baptist (June 24th), and a seasonal low in October during the Libra time (the sign Libra is ruled by Venus). Unfortunately, some of the seasonal effects are already included in futures prices, which reduces profits somewhat.


For an astrological forecast you first need to know the rulers (planet, sign, and degrees) of a market. The association of the 6 markets in the Amanita system is:

  1. precious metals: Sagittarius, especially the Galactic Center at 27° Sagittarius, the physical precious metals center in our galaxy. Amanita Market Forecasting (12/13/00) has the sun at the Galactic Center, which explains the key role of precious metals in the Amanita system & the incredible performance of the gold signals. Other rules: gold = Leo/ Sun, silver = Cancer/ Pisces/ Moon/ Neptune.
  2. currencies: Pisces, Neptune, Venus
  3. : Pisces, Scorpio, Moon, 18° Cancer (108°)
  4. agricultural commodities: Cancer, Virgo, Moon
  5. bonds: Scorpion, Capricorn (government bonds), Pluto, Saturn
  6. equities: Taurus (especially 26°). Amanita (12/13/00) has Saturn sitting at 26° Taurus, which is worst possible synastry connection one can have with a market. That’s why the Amanita system allocates very little money (only 2-5%) to the stock markets. In other words, 95-98% of the capital is moved in the other 5 markets. As a matter of fact, without demand being biggest for stock indices, all stock market forecasts would have been discontinued 10+ years ago.

Soybeans, Venus & the 666 Beast

Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli

When I began cover grains about a decade ago I first followed the rules of Norman Winski from the US (we had a mutual subscription for many years). He claimed that grains (wheat, corn, soybeans) are ruled by Mercury & Virgo. One supportive argument is that grains go through the roof every 9 years when the lunar nodal axis transits Virgo/ Pisces (with solar eclipses in these 2 signs): 1914, 1923/24, 1932, 1941/42 - 1970, 1979/80, 1988/90, 1997, 2007, and 2016/17. However, over the course of time I have arrived at the conclusion that soybeans are primarily ruled by Venus & to a lesser degree by Mercury & Virgo. Why? Follow the explanations below…


First of all, it is eye-catching that soybeans look like a small Venus, the only white planet in our solar system. I recommend reading the book The Whole Soy Story: The Dark Side of America's Favorite Health Food by Dr. Kaayla Daniel, which debunks today’s widespread soy myths. Soy is often marketed as ‘health food’, although nothing could be further from truth.


No other food is experiencing a comparable hype. Amazingly, in the past months the Google Trends search volume for soy has been going through the roof (Link). This level of crowd madness is only possible around something very negative & detrimental (as is the case with smart-phones). If you study the history of soy, you see the incredible parallels to today:

You see, soy is the darling of the totalitarian collectivist ideologies of both national & international socialism. So it is favored today by the leftists, politically hyper-correct & do-gooders. Isn’t it fascinating how the same attitudes align with the same food preferences? Socialism is maximum Yin, while Yang = fist law/ anarchy/ war. In nature the extreme Yin at some points jumps to extreme Yang (and vice versa). Example: a mother animal with her offspring is the strongest Yin, and yet they are the most aggressive animals when they protect their offspring. The same is true of the extreme Yin in society (= socialism), which naturally at some point jumps into extreme Yang (rule of force/ anarchy/ war). But why is soy the preferred choice of totalitarians regimes? Because soybeans serve their goals perfectly:

Note: This negative description is only true of the low-quality soy chunk, which is today’s norm unfortunately. Long timeframe fermentation is a deep alchemistic process that transforms many of the negative qualities. In the traditional method of miso, the soybeans are fermented for years, so in principle it becomes a positive elixir (in small servings). But today’s miso is usually a poor imitation of the ancient miso.

Forecasting implications

Soy (futures abbreviation: S) is ruled by the Venus (number 6) & especially by the number of the Beast (666). Understanding this rulership is of paramount importance to assess 6 strong correlating factors to soy futures:

  1. codes: The all-time high in soybean spot prices was 2012 @ $17 (+/-0.1), which is certainly not a coincidence (Link).
  2. financial theology: The strength of the EUR (currency of the 666 Beast) & S (food of the 666 Beast) correlates highly with the strength of the powers of evil. To my knowledge no other market letter on this planet makes forecasts based on the balance the of powers of light & darkness, which is crucial in the ongoing end times battle (Armageddon). Actually Amanita Market Forecasting even established the discipline of financial theology, a new paradigm in the forecasting business. According to rumors the pioneer of market theology was the most successful trader W. D. Gann (6/6/1878-1955), but very little is known for sure. Gann studied the Holy Bible, the pyramids & other esoteric topics. Why is the euro the currency of the 666 Beast? In the Holy Bible the Whore of Babylon is described as the financial center & the home of the Anti-Christ, which is referring to the EU & the euro: the European parliament in Strasbourg is a precise replica of the Tower of Babel
  3. Asteroid 666 DesDEMONa: In the astronomical catalogue every asteroid has a number. No. 666 is ‘accidentally’ DesDEMONa, with a revolution period of 4 years 66 days. Soybeans follow the empirical pattern of Desdemona, which suggested a low for late 2015 & a high for… The statistical correlation with wheat, corn & other commodity futures is much lower.
  4. : S has a history of a few cycles with a length of 6.66 years, one of them advocated for a low in late 2015/ early 2016.
  5. 666 day master cycle of S lows: This cycle has worked since the 1990s, a low was due in February 2016 (annual bottom & beginning of price explosion).
  6. : The odds of a major reversal (CIT = change in trend) are high when heliocentric Venus transits over the Galactic center (every 224.7 days, as this is the revolution of Venus). The last passage was the low in February 2016, ~225 days after the annual high in July 2015. Why is this conjunction so crucial? Because it marks the Yin maximum. The Mayas also called the Galactic center the Hunab Ku, the Galactic vagina. As a matter of fact in the center of our galaxy there is a huge black hole (= maximum Yin). The geocentric conjunction of Venus with the Galactic vagina has a weaker correlation. One can say the transition from the Dark Age into the Golden Age is controlled by the Galactic center, for instance through gamma-ray bursts (GRBs).