Jupiter-Saturn aspects as a signature for lows

In the previous free Amanita newsletter sent out in early May conventional and extra-ordinary astrological factors were discussed that suggested that April was a very important top in the stock markets. So far, these topping signs have been correct. This time I want to discuss an astrological signature that has been an ingredient of the proprietary Amanita models for years, often associated with lows in the financial markets: aspects of Jupiter & Saturn.

Global liquidity' has been a key term in the Amanita forecasts for years because of the rising intermarket correlation, i.e. the markets are more and more losing their independence and dancing to the tune of the legal counterfeit money called USD. This is especially true for stocks, EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, precious metals, oil, and other raw materials, only JPY/USD and the bond markets are often diverging. The statistical representation is the correlation matrix by the Moore Research Center (Link) being an objective gauge for the degree of madness in the markets and the risk of a collapse.

Since 2009 the angles of Jupiter and Saturn have worked with an amazing precision (almost to the day), please see the 3 angles since 2009 in the charts of gold, S&P 500, EUR/USD & oil:

There are 2 Jupiter-Saturn angles left this year: in August and in October.

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