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Amanita Market Forecasting probably is the most unconventional market letter on this planet, serving subscribers in dozens of countries around the world since the year 2000! It is based on a unique combination of financial astrology, numerology, cycles, analysis of the plans of the elitists/ illuminati/ high finance to create the New World Order (NWO), as well as the more conventional methods of technical & fundamental analysis. The focus is on intermediate-term (1-6 months) to long-term trends. The US rating agency "Timer Digest" has top-ranked the performance of Amanita Market Forecasting in the ranking of the 100+ market timers worldwide.


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Amanita Newsletter 6/13/2019:

Amanita performance & Timer Digest article

Prophecies #10: end of internet (cryptos, GPS, 5G, electrosmog)

1. Amanita performance & Timer Digest article
In the May edition of the US rating agency Timer Digest monitoring the 100+ leading market timers around the globe the tactical Amanita signals were ranked #2 both in gold & stock indices (S&P 500), in the latter also because the top May 3rd, 2019 was nailed to the very day ( However, in gold this rank #2 is actually ‘bad’ because 12 times without interruption (8 months) rank #1 was achieved: biggest top-ranking series in the Amanita history.

2. Prophecies #10: end of internet (cryptos, GPS, 5G, electrosmog)
Right now some kind of mass hysteria arises regarding the coming 5G standard (cellular network technology), which is used as a cause for the 10th part of the article series on prophecies, dedicated to the future of internet, crypto currencies, GPS, electrosmog & power supply. When the crowd is concerned about a future event (like 5G), then you can forget this topic because it’s not important. Now in the end times 2 Thessalonians 2/ 11-12 applies: “For this reason God sends them [the crowd] a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned [go to hell] who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.” Bottom line of this article: in the 2020s the global infrastructure will be torn into pieces & in the 2030s a global infrastructure (as we know it) will no longer exist.

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Amanita performance & Timer Digest article
Prophecies #10: end of internet (cryptos, GPS, 5G, electrosmog)