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Spectacular prophecies of the palm leaf libraries

I have been studying all kinds of forecasts and prophecies for many years. The results are disillusioning: while it seems to be rather easy to be very ‘hot’ (against all odds) for a brief period, sooner or later the law of gravity produces, in statistical terminology, a ‘reversion to the mean’. In March I travelled to India where I also visited the palm leaf libraries, which are dwarfing everything I have seen to date.

What are the palm leaf libraries? Thousands of years sages (rishis) apparently had an overwhelming ability to look into the future. They could see the fate of human beings incarnating thousands of years later and wrote that down on palm leaves, e.g. in Sanskrit. So millions of palm leaves are stored in several libraries for every person to see. However, not all libraries are serious or have a competent nadi reader.

I was most impressed by the library in Kanchipuram south of Chennai (Madras) in Southern India. First the right palm leaf library, e.g. whether you are 33 years of age or if the 3rd letter in the first name of your mother is an ‘m’. If that is answered with ‘no’, then the next palm leaf is checked. Finally the right palm leaf is found, which details the key events of one’s life so far, key dates in this life, even family secrets and so on. Then one proceeds to the future. Annett Friedrich was able to take her palm leaf to Europe and have it checked and determined for age using the C14 method.

How is it possible that in palm leaves with an age of centuries future events are described with such a degree of precision and against all odds (under 1:1 million)? I don’t know. For what it’s worth, astrology certainly does play a major role, as in the one library the 12 chapters of the palm leaf are the same as the 12 astrological houses. In another library a personal horoscope is created in addition. At any rate it’s clear that this precision can’t be achieved with astrological methods alone.

Needless to see, this raises the question about the free will. Interestingly, modern brain research is more and more questioning the free will of the average person. Yet the palm leaf libraries are not as deterministic as it seems, they should be a help to create a better fate, within certain boundaries (Insha'Allah!).