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(6) Amanita signals (since 2009)

The system of the Amanita signals is a 1:1 copy of the Timer Digest system, which means there is an overlap, i.e. a part of the Amanita signals is monitored by Timer Digest. The Amanita signals cover 30-40 underlyings, Timer Digest only 3.

current Timer Digest rankings

The tactical Amanita signals achieved a cumulative gain of +50.9% from 3/31/09 (beginning) through 12/31/10. Profits were totaling +72.7%, losses -21.8%, resulting in an excellent profit/loss-ratio of 3.34 to 1. The Amanita performance is even better than at first look:

  1. no leverages in the Amanita performance calculation: In reality one is working with leverages, so practical performance is much higher.
  2. mostly tax-free because of focus on physical metals: In the US and many other countries capital gains are taxed heavily (often around 25%), only physical precious metals are tax-free in all (?) countries around the globe.
  3. technical reasons: When an asset class is gaining a lot, its share in percentage terms is rising - unless one is re-balancing the portfolio every day, which almost never happens in reality. Thus the constant share assumed in the portfolio (e.g. 15% silver) makes the official performance artificially low.
  4. low number of transactions: The comparably low number of transactions consumes little time. Certainly there are very profitable intraday trading systems, but they steal your most valuable asset: your life time. How much time do you want to invest in a financial system that will be dead quite soon anyway?