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33 bold hypotheses for the coming decade:
crash course „End times until 2023-25

Now I want to offer a crash course for financial people until 2023-25 – crash course in the double meaning of the word. So far I haven’t seen a useful & compact synopsis for the coming decade, so I had to write it myself. These 33 bold hypotheses most likely challenge nearly everything you believe in… and are light years away from everything you read somewhere else.. Terminology:

  • Kali Yuga (Dark Age): according to the Hindu tradition it began with the death of the avatar Krishna 3102 B.C. (end of Dvapara Yuga). It lasts 5,125 years = until 2023: 5,125 years (13 Baktun of 394.26 years = 144,000 days). 144 is the number of the end times: 144 months & the 144,000 unblemished (‘sealed’) mentioned 3 times in the Holy Bible. 144° in the astrological zodiac is mid-August when the earth rhythm is due (= 222° of the calendar year).
  • end times in a broad sense: August 1972-August 2025
  • end times in the narrow sense (Great Tribulation): August 2013-August 2025 (144 months resp. one Jupiter cycle 11.86 years)
  • crucifixion of mankind: August 2013-August 2023 (40 quarters)
  • Golden Age: from 2032-37 for centuries (at least)

The bizarreness & novelty make the following text hard to understand, perhaps you need to read it 3-7 times before it makes sense… Especially since 2010 the Amanita publications channel a lot of higher dimensional information into this 3D world. But the morphic fields (see Dr. Rupert Sheldrake), the framework to understand them, needs time to be established. It is the same as everywhere else, ground-breaking scientific innovations usually need 30-50 years until they are fully understood & accepted.

Pippi L

The 33 bold hypotheses:

1. focus on singular events & flawlessness instead of creativity & fault tolerance: I start with Pippi Longstocking because in the past 60+ years one could behave like her. But we will experience a backflip here: instead of playful action zero tolerance is the future motto. The past 60+ years resembled a creative open-ended task, similar to composing a song (right-brained). But the coming 10 years are the complete opposite, like solving a mathematical equation with 10 unknowns (left-brained). A single error can yield the wrong outcome -> possible total loss for a portfolio!

2. brain fitness & nerves of steel: Needless to say this requires a totally different mind-set than in the past 60+ years. Nerves of steel and the capability & will to throw your whole life experience overboard are necessary – but very few people will cope with that task. Brain research has revealed that our brain has the task to create the illusion of continuity that has got little to do with reality. One example is the c proposed by David Whitney & Jason Fischer.

Most of the time this is very helpful to increase the survival rate, so it is the key ingredient of biological economy. Challenging our world permanently costs so much time & energy – and economy is the fundamental law of biology. That’s why 95% of the people will keep their usual attitude (‚let’s see what happens, then I might change my opinion‘). However, this won’t work! One has to be prepared in advance: without preparation you are like the person that is camping in a tent during the summer & he doesn’t contact the architect because of the planned house before the first snowfall… There are only few occasions when the sweet illusion of continuity backfires, and I am convinced the next 10 years is the only window in the period 1950-2100 (I haven’t looked further than the year 2100).

The collective main problem is that mankind has been in a ‘mental bear market‘ for decades. The proof is the 35-year track record of measuring electric DC brain potential (ULP) by the brain researcher Dr. Gerhard Eggetsberger (Link) here in Vienna, Austria – especially of the amygdala & the frontal brain. In contrast, the traditional EEG only measures the AC activity of the brain. Measured values that were just average 10-20 years ago are today already good or even excellent! And this trend has accelerated dramatically since the end times began in 2013. There are several reasons for the ongoing mental crash, the main one being EMF pollution. The collective low of the mental bear market & collective fear all-time high is due in 2024/25.

For individuals the capability & willingness to learn depend heavily on the biological life cycle:
* 20s (physical top): quick learning but without much structure & depth, the first initiation is typically at the age 22-23.
* 30s (mental top): The life cycle still points up but flattens out, but with more structure & life experience. Spiritually advanced people often experience a kind of rebirth around 33 & kind of ‘blossom’ when they turn 37 (less frequently around 40).
* 40s (financial top): The statistical mean = high point of the cycle around 40 has been passed. Usually this means a time of harvest & high-level consolidation, that’s why on average the highest expenses are at the age of 4
* 50s: The life cycle slows starts to turn down.
* 60s: The life cycle is pointing sharply down, that’s why most retire in this decade.
* 70s until death: crash phase, even former top-analysts spread mostly pre-senile nonsense & are unable to learn. A good example is the most successful investor on the planet, Warren Buffett (8/30/1930) who is 84 this year. Until his 60s he underperformed less than once in a decade (<10%). In contrast, since his late 60s he lagged buy-and-hold half of the time (Link). Actually the situation is worse than it looks at first, because of the windfall profits generated by 5 bear market years in the previous decade 2000-9 (2000-3 & 2007-9). In bear markets nearly all funds outperform buy-and-hold. The 18 years before 1982-2000 were without an (extended) bear market, so it was much more difficult to outperform. Since his late 70s Buffett failed to keep up with the benchmark in a nasty 80% of the years: the only profit since 2009 was a modest 2.5% in 2011, which hardly matters because the cumulative losses of the other 4 years were 10x bigger. Meanwhile quantitative research offers corroborating evidence (Link). So when somebody boasts 50+ years markets experience, then you should run away as fast as you can! ;-)

3. Black Swans & break of empirical patterns (end times model): Sure no one wants to realize that we are entering new territory, as 99% of the analysts would then be naked (yikes!) – because they have nothing else than the past to work with. In contrast, the Amanita approach takes some hints *directly* (!!!) from the future, e.g. the Amanita end times model. Most likely the end times model & the LoC model are the only market prediction models in the world not based on empirical patterns in the traditional sense.

Since 2013 it was warned that especially from 2013 on the empirical patterns would start to fail miserably. This has fully come to pass since 2013, although the reason is hardly understood by anyone else except the Amanita readers. 5 new timelines have been opened since 1972, all of them around mid-August where the earth rhythm is due:
(i) August 1972 proton super-storm & Sirian experiment: beginning of the end times in the broader sense, since 1972 our planet is the key planet of the entire galaxy
(ii) August 1983 Montauk experiment: time-tunnel 40 years to the Philadelphia experiment in August 1943 supervised by Nikola Tesla
(iii) August 1987 Harmonic Convergence
(iv) August 2007 Universal stargate: The Colossi of Memnon in Egypt (Link) are a very old Galactic Stargate, which was reactivated in 2005 & transformed into a Universal Stargate (quantum point gateway) by the Vortex Healing ® lineage in July 2007… That’s why since summer 2007 our planet looks like *the* key planet of the entire universe. Why Gaia? The reason appears to be that according to Franz Erdl all creator souls of this universe are located on earth…
(v) December 2012-August 2013 beginning of the end times in the narrow sense

Since the 1990s the old prophecies no longer work because they were still made in the old timelines. Breaking the timelines is my favorite Vortex Healing ® method, as it allows person to break with their individual patterns of the past.

The break of the empirical patterns can be seen in many financial numbers. In August 2007 the Goldman Sachs CFO David Viniar complained that the financial markets were more than 25 standard deviations from the mean, which should happen less than once in 100,000 years. The past 6-7 years have been the worst in the hedge fund history. Until 2007 hedge funds achieved excellent gains of up to 15% per year on average. However, from 2003 on profits began to sink & since the 2nd half of 2007 hedge funds mainly hedge *against* profits, as *never* before in history. Everything would have made more money since 2008, even the rather weak gold has made 50% in these 6 years.

4. trend following (“the trend is your friend“): A major implication of the break of the empirical patterns of the past 5,000 years is that trend following is no longer a good idea.

5. correlations: The break of the empirical patterns is especially true of many correlations, which could be turned upside down & partly have already done so.
(i) The most fundamental correlation of economics is the correlation between supply/ demand & prices. This correlation was totally reversed in gold 2013: the annual performance was the weakest since the 1980s in spite of a stable supply & demand at an all-time high.
(ii) The historically high correlation between (true) inflation & interest rates has evaporated in the past years, or even reversed.
(iii) A central & almost never questioned correlation is between the economy & the stock markets. However, in the Amanita market letter it was already predicted in 2010 that until the end of the crack-up boom 2013 the rule for the big nations is: the stronger the economy the weaker the stock market (major exception: Germany). That’s why until 2013 I warned of the booming BRIC(S) states in the premium area. No surprise the by far strongest economy China had the by far weakest equity returns. Instead I predicted years ago that the indices of the rotten US economy would outperform as crazy – bingo! To my knowledge no other market service has been able to predict this important trend. Needless to say this call sounded like total nonsense from a conventional perspective years ago when it was made.
However, these absurdities should reach orgiastic dimensions in the end times. For instance in 1922/23 during the Weimar hyperinflation the German economy collapsed (the unemployment rate soared 30x from 1922 into 1923), while the German stock markets exploded by about 1,000% in real terms (against gold or dollar). Maybe the terrible Weimar depression was the basis for the biggest inflation-adjusted bull market in history…

D Aktien 1920-1923

6. biggest depression of mankind: The Austrian School of Economics has pointed out that the crisis after a bubble bursts is always as severe as the preceding debt excess. In 2013 we were at the culmination point of the biggest debt orgy in the history of mankind, even 1929 looks like a Sunday school picnic in comparison. So you know what is looming! At the previous economic highs (2000 & 2006/7) the US still started with rather high yields of 6.5% & 5.25% (lower in Europe). This is one reason why the coming biggest depression in history will be totally different than every other economic downturn of the past 60+ years.

Zins Euro-USA 2000-20147. biggest wealth destruction in the history of mankind: Similar to the recent economic contractions interest rates will also sink during the next economic downturn. With the current zero yields this can only mean negative interest rates, which will make the depth & duration of the depression bigger than anyone can imagine. Negative yields can have many different expressions: officially by banks, fines for parking money at central banks, Cyprus-style bank robberies, currency reforms, defaults (bankruptcies across the board have the same impact as negative yields)… In a wider sense negative yields are the same as wealth destruction & without doubt we are at the beginning of the biggest wealth destruction mankind has ever seen. Here are the 12 mechanisms of wealth destruction (book values & real assets) until 2025:

  • economic collapse: the general wealth level is declining
  • bankruptcies: of all 3 economic actors (states, companies, households)
  • crashes: of all 4 major markets (stocks, bonds, commodities, real estate)
  • inflations
  • repression -> state terrorism: bail-ins, yields for sovereign bonds far from reality, cruel taxes, confiscations, capital controls, currency reforms, legal uncertainty… Real estate & life insurances will be terrorized most. Since the ingress of Pluto into Capricorn (= state, planned economy, socialism, NWO) in early 2008 we have a massive world-wide wave of financial suppression (link). This will worsen into a political & legal repression = state terrorism until Pluto enters Aquarius in 2023. Before 2023 the governments will reach their all-time high influence & the states will become our greatest enemies. Afterwards we are on the safe side, because the impact of governments on our life will be much less for the rest of the 21st century. Under Pluto in Aquarius 2023-43 we will enjoy the right to be let alone, as the US lawyer Louis Brandeis put it.
    The political consequences of the Kali Yuga were already predicted in the Indian Mahabharata, going back more than 10,000 years (Link). Taxes would be levied ungodly in the Kali Yuga (= the past 5,000 years) and: „Rulers will no longer see it as their duty to promote spirituality, or to protect their subjects: they will become a danger to the world.” As you see, everything of that has come to pass…
    In 2007 it was predicted in the premium area that with the ingress of Pluto into Capricorn in early 2008 the influence of the states would increase, suggesting nationalizations. Needless to say that this forecast sounded totally absurd in 2007 as since the 1990s everything we had was nothing but privatizations. Yet against all odds the Amanita subscribers had an incredible pre-knowledge, as Bear Stearns triggered an incredible wave of nationalizations precisely in early 2008...
  • collapse of law & order: theft, fraud/ embezzlement, vandalism – real estate will of course be impaired most (broken window theory)
  • wars (including civil wars): Wars are the mechanism that destroys most real capital, i.e. real estate & production facilities (and of course human life, but that is beyond market prices).
  • NWO cyber-attacks (cloud computing): It is very likely that households, companies & states will suffer wealth losses after having carelessly uploaded data in the cloud. The illuminati double up with laughter that people voluntarily share sensitive data with their newest spyphone. Saving one’s data in the cloud means to be vulnerable for:
    (a) spying: Since 2013 even the crowd is aware of that.
    (b) data manipulation: It’s amazing how blind even conspiracy theorists are, and even the wildest conspiracy theories will soon by dwarfed by reality… A few minor data manipulations are the ultimate stealth weapon because they are almost never detected. Suddenly you have slightly different data on your microwave WMD (cell phone, tablet…). To my knowledge this type of manipulation & warfare so far hasn’t been launched against private persons: but war strategists know that surprise attacks are always best!
    (c) dispossessions: no one realizes that cloud-only solution is the first step of data confiscation…
    (d) 'virtual death': Cloud computing is mainly promoted for one reason (which is never realized), namely to kill economic or political actors (maybe entire states) at the touch of a button! It is the most ‘noble’ (unbloody) & most efficient form of warfare…. Everyone always needs a total & redundant offline backup, which quite often doesn’t exist. The reptiles do everything they can to make local data storage look as old-fashioned, annoying, expensive & inaccessible as possible – so they can control us humans 100%. I assume almost no Android user knows the reason for the name of the brand: an Android is a cyborg, a mixture of robot & human. This concept was first introduced in the 1983 movie Terminator with Arnold Schwarzenegger, which returns from the year 2029 (= final NWO deadline). The soulless cyborg is of course *the* major NWO goal…
  • earth changes: natural catastrophes, climate changes – again real estate is impaired most
  • value change -> change of consumer habits -> change of demand: People will start to see the world totally different. For instance, most actually have a negative energy attached, which to date only few people can sense. But from the 2020s on the collective sensitivity will go through the roof, so many of today’s priceless paintings will become waste paper…
  • decline of earth population (2020-29): less space need for living & working -> vacancy rates soaring to all-time highs, bear market of real estate prices for 70 years (into the 2080s)
  • innovations (from the 2030s on, partly already from the 2020s): for instance, conventional power stations & energy producers (like gasoline engines) will be almost worthless after free energy is introduced. This means that eventually (Golden Age 2030s?) precious metals & other high-priced elements will become almost worthless, as they can be produced from cheaper elements with enough free energy (as well as through transmutation/ alchemy e.g. Fulcanelli). After the end of the ) the energy for traffic & households will be produced by decentralized small boxes, which means that 3-5% of the real estate space will become superfluous: garages, gas stations, boiler rooms, power stations, refineries. Sure this will increase the pressure on real estate prices… Note: energy is the ultimate currency!

8. biggest scarcity of investment opportunities in history (end of buy-and-hold): In the past 60+ years you only needed to turn your investment portfolio every 10-20 years, e.g. 1950 stocks – 1970 commodities – 1980 equities – 2000 commodities. This was not only super-easy & without time exposure, it would have beaten 99% of the portfolios with annual returns of 15-20%. However, the time of buy-and-hold is over now, leading to the need of very sophisticated strategies & active trading. Today’s rampant investment emergency is driving people into exotic real assets like old-timers, whine/ whisky & art. From my point of view this is the most absurd thing to do, as these asset classes have zero liquidity & there is no way to hedge. In the coming 10 years we only have the choice among only bad, worse & terribly bad investments. These 3 asset classes are the worst of all:
(b) bonds: the one-eyed among the blind, i.e. light years better than death insurances & real estate. In the crisis year 2008 only bonds ended with a gain among the dozens of liquid futures (Link) – gold was only slightly higher in USD but not in EUR. Sure that on 12/31/07 we still started with 3-50x higher yields than today, which means the upside potential of bonds is mathematically close to zero.
(b) death insurances: in principle life insurances are a perverted special type of bonds (normally 85% in bonds, except the British ones). Already in the past death insurances have been the worst of all investments, as they mix the principles of investment & insurances. And they are the most fraudulent of all, beginning with the name life insurance - although the basic idea is that of a death insurance. Sure today you often find a blend of life & death, but the basic idea is & remains death. We start to get rid of the hypnotic media suggestions once we start to use the correct names. Moreover death insurances are by far the least transparent & most complicated of all investments. Already in normal times 75% of these nasty contracts are terminated early in Germany, which results in a payout of ‘funny’ 28% of the contributions: nominal loss 72%, real loss 80-95%. In addition, death insurances will be hit most of all asset classes by the coming mass dying of the 2020s, *the* crucial ingredient of the NWO plan.
(c) real estate: by far the worst & with a realistic risk of losing much more than 100% of the original value.

9. maximum drawdown >100% (in particular with real estate): In normal times you can’t lose more than 100%, but in the end times you have to be prepared for (much?) more. The first example was the decision of the EU junta on Greek bonds (Link): small investors would have suffered a loss of 140% (!!!)… The danger is by far the biggest with real estate, where the losses might amount to 200-300%, although all registered investments are at risk (because of financial repression/ state terrorism). Only physical precious metals & cash are not registered, under certain conditions also Bitcoin. The regimes in Brainwashington & Brussels will certainly produce an all-time high of creativity how to bleed us dry.

10. risk-free investments (safe havens): The Sharpe ratio is defined as the excess return compared to the ‚risk free‘ money market. This assumption was ok in the past 60+ years, but in the end times safe havens don’t exist, for the first time in 5,000 years. In contrast, the previously ‘risk free’ money market will have one of the highest risks of all. Even the safe haven of the past 5,000 years (gold & silver) produced only safe losses in the past 3 years.

11. collective priorities (money #1): The life priorities of the average person are 1. love/ family 2. money 3. health. Health is #1 for the (seriously) sick, money is #1 for people with (big) financial problems. The biggest economic crisis in history will turn everything upside down: in the coming years money will become #1. However, with the devastating epidemics starting around 2020 health will become the #1, love/ family will probably fall back to #3, even behind money #2.

12. necessitation to actively manage your finances: In the past 60+ years you could afford to leave small or even medium-sized fortunes on an account or in government bonds. However, this freedom of choice & relying on the beta (= market performance) is totally replaced by the duty for active financial management (= achieving a beta). A *good* market letter was never before in history so important as it is the coming 10 years! Quality matters most here because the success of spending time with one’s finances is by no means guaranteed & maybe even counterproductive – which is the next point.

13. trader lumpenproletariat arising & time-adjusted performance: Absolutely & per hour the closing balance of most traders by the mid-2020s will look devastating…I bet that in 10 years a whopping 95-99.9% of all trading & investment portfolios will have experienced a total loss. From a practical point of view I define a total loss as losing at least 80% in real terms, because that that means it is next to impossible to reach the initial value (requires a profit of at least 400%). This sounds terrible & like a recommendation to stay away from the markets altogether – but the opposite is true. First, people not active in the markets will suffer the same fate & second the chances to decouple from the collective downtrend are presumably the best in the markets through savvy transactions, for instance because you are very independent. Of course this only works as long as the exchanges are not closed, which is a realistic risk from 2016/17 on.

  • It is almost never discussed how much time market activities are consuming. This is a blind spot: but your life time is your most valuable asset! Usually the risk-adjusted performance is discussed, but actually the time-adjusted performance is more relevant. In the past buy-and-hold would have been better not just for small but even for mid-sized portfolios (EUR or USD 100,000-1 million), as that requires much less time than active trading. Only for large (millions) & huge (billions) portfolios, actively trading pays off on average – if we assume that the performance rises with the number of transactions (which is on average not the case though).
    It is almost never realized that already in good times the average hourly return of small portfolios is small or insignificant. Let’s take a small portfolio with EUR or USD 50,000, or even a piggybank with EUR or USD 30,000, with an annual performance of 10-15% per year. This is a highly optimistic assumption, because 10-15% per year is better than 99% of the market participants, at least in the past 7-14 years. According to Hulbert's Financial Digest, the world-wide leading rating agency for market letters, the *very best* of the 170 leading services tracked could beat buy-and-hold by just 5% per year – with absolute gains of just 10-11% performance per year (Link). Warren Buffett, the most successful investor in history, has been able to beat buy-and-hold by just 10.3% p.a. since 1965 (Link). By the way, Buffett stresses the performance after taxes, with the tax aspect often overlooked. In most countries speculations have a much higher tax burden compared to investments, with the typical speculative period 1 year.
    Note: one should always use observation periods of (at least) 5-10 years, everything else is not meaningful. It is easy to perform like a superstar for some months, quarters or years, but sooner or later you return to the statistical mean. Many market services make fantastic claims regarding their performance, but most of the time they have got nothing to do with reality, as Mark Hulbert & other analysts have found out. And in the few cases when the claims are not lies they are the result of extreme risks taken. This has also been demonstrated by Hulbert’s performance analyses: the #1 top performer in a given year on average lags buy-and-hold in the following year by an incredible 55.0% (Link).
    Markets consume at least 100-150 hours per year (2-3 hours per week) on average. The reward might a profit of maybe EUR or USD 5,000 (before taxes!), which is EUR or USD 20-40 per hour. This is not much for well-paid people & is based on the optimistic performance assumptions mentioned above. In reality it is often just half (EUR or USD 10-20), close to the hourly rate of a cleaner in many countries.
    The financial markets will change more in the coming 5-10 years than in the past 60+ years combined. So the time requirements for hobby market participants will go up by a factor of at least 2-3, while performance goes down by a factor 2-3 or ‚infinite‘ (as almost all portfolios will shrink). This means that the trader lumpenproletariat will earn maybe a few bucks per hour – or nothing at all (negative returns). Almost everything will yield higher hourly rates than the lumpenproletariat, especially risk-free (!). 4 examples:
    (a) price comparisons: internet, super market ads – there is a lot to earn for people with time
    (b) cook instead of eating out: this is the latest trend in the crisis-shaken Italy
    (c) putter around instead of hiring craftsmen: if don’t have two left feet as I do ;-)
    (d) clean yourself instead of having a cleaner

14. money management (especially stops): One main reason why a new trader lumpenproletariat will arise is the use of stops & other conventional money management tools. Without doubt they were absolutely necessary & useful in the past 60+ years, but could wipe out portfolios in the end times. In free markets breakouts are usually ‘real’, while in socialist market regimes nearly always first a false outbreak is orchestrated in order to shave the stops of the dumb money – then we see the real breakout (in the other direction). At risk are especially trading systems will large positions & tight stops: they might realize a 100 times (!) larger loss than defined by the stop… A nice example is 2011 when the Goldman Sachs Global Alpha Fund was caught on the wrong foot by the SNB decision to peg EUR/CHF at 1.20. Due to the gap the GS fund could not get out & realized lethal losses, so it had to be closed. A more recent example is the crash of the Russian stock market by -15% on 3/3 after the Crimean invasion, partly as a gap. However, these events are just a first subtle indication of what is looming during the mother of all catastrophes in the coming decade… In the past mainly institutionals were the victims of this stop problem, but soon the socialistic terror will have a negative impact on every market participants. Mental stops are still possible & meaningful, but only with excellent methods & superb mental discipline (the nerves of steel mentioned at the beginning). Without that mental stops will also maximize losses instead of limit them.

15. hop or drop (totally in or out): Based on these explanations it’s clear that you have to make a decision, namely to fully in the financially markets or totally out… It was perfectly ok to play around a little bit the past 60+ years, but this is no option for the coming 10 years. I like to use a ship metaphor: in the past 60+ years the sea was calm (except of a few brief squalls), but now the ultimate super-storm is brewing. In the past 60+ years you could easily set sail with an old hooker, but you shouldn’t even think of putting to sea without the best equipment in the coming 10 years. Otherwise the financial markets will cost you money, time, nerves…

16. capital endowment: In the past 60+ years it was ok to play around with play money, however in the end times you need at least EUR or USD 100,000-200,000 available – i.e. without real estate. With less money you can neither diversify well nor trade professional instruments, so it’s better to say, “hasta la vista, baby.” It is next to impossible to offer general guidelines for people with less money, as this depends almost 100% on personal factors – very individual solutions are needed. In most cases 50-100% liquidity are adequate.

17. main task liquidity : In the end times the only essential overlap of people with no, little or much money is to make sure enough liquidity is available. In normal times the rule is default = over-indebtedness = insolvency/ illiquidity. However, in the end times even correlations supposedly ‘carved in stone’ stop to work, so it will be easy to default without any debt! I think about 0.0% of the financial people are willing to accept that at present... In general you have 3 different types of liquidity:

  • #1 immediate/ short-term (within 1 business day): cash, accounts, securities, precious metals
    #2 intermediate-term (weeks, months): real estate, death insurances
    #3 long-term (years = no liquidity in the narrow sense of the word): sometimes real estate & death insurancesThe main problem is that this assessment is only true of the normal times, while in the coming decade you may have deteriorations of one level (maybe even 2):
    (i) During the Cyprus bank robbery in March 2013 the ATMs didn’t give out money for weeks, i.e. immediate liquidity #1 suddenly become intermediate-term liquidity #2. Only physical cash was king!
    (ii) Securities are normally immediate liquidity#1, however in the case of exchange closings they are only intermediate-term liquidity #2 (in the worst case even long-term liquidity #3).
    (iii) Real estate & death insurances as formerly intermediate-term liquidity #2 will be no liquidity at all (#3), maybe you get something for it in years - or never (temporary or final total loss).
    Heuristic for liquidity assessment:
    (a) independent liquidity: As a rather independent base one should have about EUR or USD 50,000 per person (the multiple of normal times).
    (b) liquidity depending on expenses: In addition one should have the expenses for at least 3-6 months ready.
    (c) liquidity depending on income: With unemployment rates of up to 30-80% in the coming decade *everyone* has to be prepared for unemployment & thus a total loss of income. Theoretically self-employed, entrepreneurs & traders/ investors are better off, as they have at least more control over their income than one of 10,000 employees of a multinational. It’s hard to tell how much of that will turn into a practical benefit, as this depends on many internal & external factors, e.g. the sector. Sure the financial sector will be hit hardest, so financial people have the highest risk & should therefore hold more liquidity. But you can’t be very specific, a lot depends on the company, the position & other factors.
    (d) liquidity depending on the place of residence: Switzerland as the financial nation #1 will of course be hit hardest, so Swiss citizens need on average more liquidity than other nationalities. The problem is that in the end times the franc is the worst of all major currencies… In 2009 it was predicted in the premium area that the dumb money will flee heavily into the franc, so that the Swissie will end in a bubble that bursts by mid-2011 at the earliest. This call was very accurate: from 2009 into August 2011 the CHF shot up by 60%. No surprise that since the bubble burst in August 2011 the franc has been the weakest of all majors. Some will object to this view that the Swiss government debt is very small (35% of the GDP). This is true, yet Spain had almost the same excellent value (36%) in 2007 before the real estate bubble burst – and just a couple of years later it was >100%...
    (e) liquidity depending on property structure: In the end times it’s next to impossible to come up with a financial calculation for real estate holders – all other assets are benign in comparison. Real estate is a financial WMD in the end times, so property holders need 2-3x more liquidity than people without that terrible burden. But the details again depend on many factors hard to estimate, first & foremost of course the location (state, region, urban/ rural), value & condition of building, owner structure & many more. But cruel state terroristic attacks against real estate sheeple are guaranteed, Greece was installed as a precedent what the NWO plan of the reptiles for the entire planet is. In Greece only few people are able to pay the special real estate tax introduced & the Greek model will spread out to all continents. Again Switzerland will suffer most as this is the nation with the highest mortgage debt in the world: Switzerland is the mother of all real estate bubbles! Per capita the mortgage debt is an incredible CHF 90,000 = USD 100,000, 60-70% more than in the country with the 2nd highest debt (Netherlands).

18. choice of instruments (retail garbage or professional instruments): With a nominal value of more than $700 trillion (10x world GDP) the derivatives bubble is the mother of all bubbles. Deutsche Bank is the biggest holder ahead of JPM (Link). So it will be crucial in the next 10 years (in particular from 2016 on) which instruments are traded. The sheeple with retail instruments (certificates, warrants, ETFs, ADRs…) were first fleeced in September 2008, when Lehman went to the happy hunting ground. A total expropriation of these small investors from 2016/17 on is likely, as 2014 through to early 2015 is just the starter. But the choice of instruments is much more far-reaching than anyone can imagine, e.g. ADRs (American Depositary Receipt) look like stocks but are stock certificates & thus may face a total loss.
Why from 2016/17 on? Nearly all plain vanilla astrologers did forecast that *the* crucial world events would be due around the year 2012, stating the following reasons:
* 2008 - April 2014 cardinal climax/ Grand Cross
* 2012 the big year (Maya & more)
* 2012 until early 2015 Uranus square (90°) Pluto
Meanwhile these prophets look somewhat sheepish now that the window is (nearly) over & nothing of their daredevil calls have come to pass. In contrast the Amanita market letter did warn long in advance that the awesome or even ‘scary’ year 2012 would be as dull as ditchwater (!), especially compared to what is looming some years later. No one except the premium subscribers seem to understand that the constellations around 2012 were nothing but peanuts compared to the super-constellations in the years around 2017/18, that should occur just once in a million years or so. Moreover, McMinn’s crisis cycles 56 & 36 years are not due before 2016 & then 2025 (Link).

19. choice of broker & securities custody: In the end times it might make a huge difference which broker one has chosen, one should diversify among 5-7 brokers in different countries. Also it might be crucial whether an account is declared a private or a business account when a round of Cyprus poker is played, as business accounts are most likely treated better. That’s why even private persons should try to have at least one business account.
The securities custody is also a big issue, ideally you have segregated custodial-ship accounts (link). The only problem is that during the 2011 MF global default even the supposedly safe segregated accounts did *not* hold. Even worse, for the first time ever the heart of the financial system didn’t work either: the clearing system. The top dogs are Euroclear in Brussels (EUR 20-25 trillion in custody = 1/3-1/2 of the global GDP of EUR 50-55 trillion) & half as large Clearstream in Luxembourg. Brussels has always been the financial center of the illuminati & these things will end where they started. Sometime in the coming years everything will revolve around these two - almost unknown & hardly ever discussed - companies! Even the Fed & ECB are tiny in comparison… A confirmation comes from Google Trends: in 2014 the search volume for clearing system tests the all-time low (Link).

20. exchange closings: closings can no longer outruled from fall 2014 on, but more likely from 2016/18, either because of the wars or the collapse of the economic system. This would translates into a temporary (or even final?) total loss in the portfolio.

21. war mode: In the past 60+ years the world was in a peace mode almost all of the time. WW2 ended in 1945, it was still followed by wars & revolutions until 1949. The war mode especially from 2016/17 on (first signs already in 2014) has a great many implications which are hard to predict in detail. Likely consequences: much less legal certainty, abrupt events & changes of direction, exchange closings, extreme business slumps (e.g. souring of business relations to the enemy nation), confiscation of gold coined in the enemy country... 6,000-6,500 years ago (90° of the Galactic precession cycle of 25,6000 years) the global wars started because of a climate deterioration, according to the . Soon thereafter the dark age (Kali Yuga) began. In the thousands of years of the Kali Yuga the main reason for wars was resources (even when other reasons were suggested). Since WW1 (Baghdad rail link Link) most major wars were directly or indirectly caused by the need for , beginning with the Anglo-Persian Oil Company (today BP British Petroleum). We will see the final resource wars in the early 2020s before this chapter is finally closed, after more than 5,000 years - because of the break-through of free energy.

22. financial repression/ state terrorism at an all-time high: War is the main product of the ‘legal’ violence of states. In the past centuries state (‘legal’) criminality (mainly wars) has certainly caused a 100 times higher death toll than private (‘illegal’) criminality. Without doubt states are the biggest & most bloodthirsty monster mankind has ever created! In the past 60+ years one was the master of one’s financial fate to a large degree, at least in the democratic states. However, in the coming 10 years one’s decisions will be just one factor of many in determining one’s financial status. Large-scale confiscations are looming, as usually after wars & revolutions. But much worse than the financial repression is the destruction caused by the wars & the 800+ US concentration camps built in the past decades. In earlier times police would take you out at 5 o’clock in the morning, but in the end times this is much easier through real-time location (cell phone) & the software RIOT by Raytheon („divine ray"). RIOT is able to predict the location of (nearly) every human in advance with good odds.

23. ideal forecasting period (10 years): I’d like to use weather forecasts to demonstrate what I mean. Let’s assume it’s January 1st in a (Northern) temperate zone, like most of Europe & the US. Ironically there are 2 ideal forecasting periods: either 1-2 days or 5-7 months. So you can both predict with a high degree of certainty that it will be warmer 5-7 months later & how the weather will be 1-2 days later. However, it is next to impossible to make a reliable weather forecast with a horizon of e.g. 3 weeks or 2 months. Similarly, for the perhaps first time in history the ideal forecasting period *today* is about 10 years. In contrast, it is much harder to say when what will happen within this decade. The only perspective that really matters is to financially survive the coming 10 years.

24. fundamental analysis versus NWO plan: Calls made from the perspective of plain-vanilla fundamental analysis were good & necessary in the past 5,000 years. However, today are partly irrelevant & maybe dangerous. Instead you should always think like a criminal in the coming 10 years in order to understand what is going on… Until 2017-22 there is just *one* crucial factor: what is the NWO plan saying? Always ask yourself: “What is the most criminal, stupid, crazy & destructive in this situation?” This already provides the direction, so you only need the timing… A good example is gold in 2013: the performance 2013 was the *worst* in 30+ year in spite of the physical demand at an all-time high. I am quite sure that such a divergence has never happened before in the millennia since commodities are traded (already before Christ). The past offers less & less advice for the future.

25. topics (mainly inflation or deflation): In the past 60+ years one could & should think in terms of topics to understand & forecast the markets. Still, this is a double-edged sword for a customer-oriented market letter: on average the least relevant topics are the most requested, while the interest is low for what really drives the markets… That’s why absolute price targets are the main focus of the crowd: no one needs price targets to be successful in the markets & today no one can consistently make precise price predictions (this was certainly totally different at the time of W.D. Gann). Quite the contrary, absolute price targets distract from what really matters & are thus a major performance destroyer. Timing is light years more important, precise & reliable than prices.

In the past 60+ years the topic inflation (deflation) was by far the most important macro assessment. That’s why this question was discussed intensely for more than 10 years in this market letter. But: Google Trends says that search volume for both deflation & inflation rose to 3-year highs (Link). Such a parallel advance is unprecedented & suggests the conviction of the masses that the question “inflation or deflation?” is important - therefore it can’t be important!

Of all prominent economic figures inflation rates are *today* the least meaningful and the most massaged & distorted – so they are mostly irrelevant. Even worse, discussing inflation *today* is a distraction from what really matters & is based on the wrong premise. Inflation & deflation in the classic sense require a sine wave model of the markets: however, the brutal rape by the state terrorists is not compatible with the simple dichotomy inflation/ deflation. In my book the question inflation or deflation can only be answered like this today:

yes, inflation – yes, deflation – inflation & deflation at the same time– neither inflation nor deflation – inflation & deflation alternating – a blend of deflation & inflation – something totally different/ totally new – asset prices or consumer prices? - in which country? – in which sector? – in which month? – in which income group? – which perspective? – how do currency reforms count?- how does the loss of purchasing power count, which has mostly the same consequences as inflation? – how do Cyprus-style bank robberies count? – the massaged official numbers or reality? - conventional inflation or Amanita-Inflation? - ...

By far the most important factor is whether you look at plain old inflation or the Amanita inflation introduced in 2013. According to my estimate/ dowsing the global Amanita inflation definition with its implicit component was higher than 30% p.a. in the past years. 2 examples:
* Today’s excessive use of microwave genocide weapons like cell phone or WLAN/ Wi-Fi is a guarantee that health costs will go through the roof incredibly in the 21st century.
* Nuclear power appears rather cheap but only because profits are privatized & losses are socialized. That’s why nuclear power will drive inflation up in the 21st century: because of the unsolved problem of nuclear waste, the costs of the nuclear accidents (e.g. evacuations), increased health costs…
The traditional inflation concept is the equivalent of (‘exoteric’/ ‘explicit’), which only captures manifest phenomena. In contrast, the Amanita inflation is the equivalent of the diagnostic methods of holistic alternative medicine (= ‘esoteric’/ ‘implicit’): tongue diagnosis, irisdiagnosis, pulse diagnosis, foot/ hand reflexology analysis, aura analysis, radionics, kinesiological tests & others. These methods tell what is building up ‘invisibly’ & will become visible within 1-10 years (as a disease). It is the same with Amanita inflation, which sooner or later will translate into a massive economic deterioration. It can be expected that the price increases building up will take other forms because of government interventions. Nevertheless, the end result remains the same as of inflation: destruction of capital, wealth & purchasing power.
Still, the concept of implicit Amanita inflation is not totally new: implicit government debt has already been discussed. In many countries the implicit government debt is 3-20 times (!) higher than the explicit government debt, as discussed by Prof. Raffelhüschen (Link):
* Implicit US federal debt is quite high at about 700-800% of (true) GDP, which is between Spain & Greece - 6x bigger than explicit debt (Link). Clearly, health costs are the coffin nail for the US. The Black Budgets are the big question marks: for underground bases, new weapons, genetic engineering, interstellar space travel, ET technology transfer (Link). The tip of the iceberg are the ‚missing $8.5 trillion (!), where the Pentagon is not able to give account for (Link).
* Ireland is in the worst position with 1,500%/ GDP, Luxembourg is #2 with the biggest imbalance of the explicit/ implicit ratio (has almost exclusively implicit debt).
* Surprisingly, the scapegoat Italy has the best ratio with very little zero implicit debt, Germany & Finland are almost equally #2.

Europa Verschuldung
At present the exoteric headline inflation is kept low because households are paying a terribly high price:
* with the loss of the simple, comfortable & stress-free life
* with the loss of their health (e.g. EMF pollution!) & their brain fitness
* with the loss of their economic freedom (more & more socialism)
* with the loss of their political freedom
* with the loss of their private sphere (24/7 availability)
* with the loss of their autonomy (new slavery)
* with the loss of values
* with the loss of diversity & an economic monopolization
* with the loss of life quality on all levels, e.g. of the environment
* and most of all with the loss of our future!
…and the blowback of this is all that is due in the next years!
Regardless of what *will* happen, it is crystal-clear what *should* happen: inflation is always the disease, deflation is always the cure! There is nothing more healing for every economy than when the quality of money (the chi of the economy) gets better during the process of deflation, as inflation always means the chi is deteriorating. Inflation is always sham & illusion: sham boom & illusory wealth. All other claims are 100% socialistic brainwashing! (socialism = debt = inflation) Deflation is as ‚dangerous‘ as being sober for an alcoholic. Why are we brain-washed 24/7 & why are we not told that deflation is the biggest blessing you can imagine? Because all big players are profiting from inflation, at the cost of the rest of mankind:
(a) The financial sector profits twice from inflation: first because of the Cantillon effect, which means that the financial sector is the first to receive the - still ‘good’ - money, while the rest of the real economy gets the money later, when it is already devalued.
(b) Second the financial sector has grown excessively since the gold window was closed on 8/15/1971, i.e. since we have bad money. The more inflationary the money, the bigger the financial sector has to grow because of the permanent pressure to offset the losses caused by inflation. With permanent deflation the financial sector would be less than half as large, presumably just one third!
(c) The states are permanently reducing their debt burden through inflation & profit from income tax increases. Moreover, socialism can only be financed through an inflationary system, never in an honest system.
(d) The illuminati profit most as bad money creates permanent instability & therefore many boom-bust cycles. Every boom-bust cycle redistributes wealth from the sheeple into the hands of the elites, which would occur much less & more slowly in an environment of bubble-free stability (deflation). The main author of the US Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, warned:
If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.
(e) Science including economics is based on the concept of creating knowledge, which means to avoid truth. An exaggerated statement is that science has to be discontinued in the very moment the full truth has come out… So the hidden agenda of science is to create many complex theories & avoid too much truth, as the full truth would threaten science…

  1. sine model of the markets or socialistic market regimes with extreme trend compressions & one-second events:
    Eugen Böhm-Bawerk, the main pioneer of Austrian School of Economics apart from Carl Menger, stated that politics can never override the laws of economics. While this has been true most the past 60+ years, it is just the other way round in the end times. In the past 6 years one market after the after was decoupled from reality, so today hardly anything else than the despotism & arbitrariness of politics matters:
    (a) Since 2008 ( have been beamed to a parallel universe: the bankrupt states should pay 10-100 times higher interest rates.
    (b) Since 2011 the FOREX has been raped by the controlled economy fans, starting with the pegging of EUR/CHF on 9/7/11. But the other currencies have also been kept in an artificially low range, the volatility of the cross rate #1 EUR/USD has crashed to an all-time low (chart source: Smart Investor). A second example is the Czech crown that nosedived vertically on 11/7/13 after an announcement of the central bank. During the time some it took for some traders to go to the bath-room CZK had a bigger move than in the 26 months before in total. This translates into a trend compression by a factor of far more than 10,000….

    Euro-USD 1985-2014
    (c) Since early 2013 the precious metals markets have been deprived of the last piece of reality connection: never before have prices decoupled so much from the demand/ supply situation.
    (d) Since mid-2013 the stock markets of the socialistic bloc EUSApan lost their last degrees of freedom.
    The most devastating wrong assumption that one can have today is that until 2023 prices will be made mainly by free market forces. Yet 99% of the analysis are based on exactly this assumption! In contrast, the official Amanita position is that many or most big trends of the end times will be determined by politics/ planned economy regimes. The portentousness of this statement may not be clear at first: but it is contradicting practically all market forecasts. Very few analysts are aware of the numerous (implicit) premises behind their work. Manipulations are the first step towards a controlled economy: to my knowledge Amanita Market Forecasting was the first market service on the planet to introduce the Manipulation Index (MIX) in 2013, in order to quantify the manipulation activity. Since August 2013 manipulation is higher than ever before!
    The Cyprus bank robbery in 2013 was the first warning shot across the bows that one has to say good-bye to the sine wave model of the markets & instead has to be prepared for the rectangle model of the socialistic rape of the markets! This means that trends which usually last months, years or even decades may be compressed to a (symbolic) second. For instance a single political decision could move the gold price more in a second than in the entire previous decade. Historical examples are the German currency reform 1948 (reichsmark -> D-mark), when stocks & bonds lost about 80% of their value. The chart below shows the decline in 1923 by >99.9% in a symbolic second (currency reform). Another nice example is the closing of the Warsaw Stock Exchange for 52 years (1939-91).

    D Aktien 1869-2014

27. formal & content consistency: 95-99% of the analysts work (implicitly) on the premise of formal consistency. The typical example is to analyze 100+ years of Dow Jones data in order to make predictions for the Dow Jones (= formal consistency). That worked pretty good in the 60+ years until 2013 because formal & content consistency were often the same. However, since 2001-7 the divergences are getting bigger & bigger because the world is starting to change from scratch. In the end times since 2013 content consistency is the one & only, so world events repeat according to their meaning (= esoteric) & no longer according to their names (= formal/ exoteric).

28. forecasts & implementation (trading/ investing): In the past 60+ years one could easily translate forecasts 1:1 into trading signals. However, in the coming 10 years it is no longer as straightforward as it seems, the situation is much more complex. The reason is that in the past 60+ years one could simply optimize the (risk-adjusted) performance, but it is getting more difficult. In contrast to normal times one has to consciously & deliberately (!!!) make errors in the direction of the coming socialistic interventions. A lot depends on whether a market participant is private or institutional: it is almost never discussed that the private person is always LONG the stock markets - because the stock indices have a high correlation with the economic conditions & the general wealth. This means that for private persons SHORT equities is the only meaningful protection against a systemic crash! A full crash of economy & equities will have a very negative financial impact on (nearly) everybody. For middle-class persons in rich countries I estimate the average damage of some EUR or USD 50,000-500,000 in the coming years (outside the portfolio!). In other words: in the end times every middle class person is LONG the stock markets with a nominal value of EUR or USD 100,000 - 1 million. The precise individual loss is almost impossible to calculate, depending on many factors: individual, familiar, local, employer-related, national, collective & ‚accidental‘ factors. There is only one pretty reliable factor: real estate holders will most likely suffer 100-300% higher losses than the rest. Someone not willing or able to sell the property can only try to offset the tremendous risk by selling equities SHORT– but it may not work at all, or only partly & can’t be fine-tuned. Institutions should note that everything stands & falls with the stock markets, so SHORT the socialistic block EUSApan is *the* best portfolio insurance for *all* asset classes.

29. financial goals (avoid total loss): While in the past 60+ years one could simply optimize the (risk-adjusted) performance, forget everything else than avoiding a total loss for the coming decade. In reality, nothing else really matters! Of course, nobody is telling you that because nobody in the financial arena wants to admit that – neither the sellers nor the buyers, neither the mainstream nor the alternative media. Everyone thinks they have the solution, yet the most dangerous assumption is the conviction that one has found the ultimate safe haven. One could call that a collective conspiracy against reality. Imagine the following sales conversation: „I have an excellent investment for you, which will trim losses to maybe not much more than 50%, if you are very lucky.“ -> kicked out with a kick in the butt! J This is not an academic topic at all, as pursuing the wrong goals will most likely result in the a total loss/ doom… It is like pole vaulting: setting one’s cross bar too high means that you are totally knocked out. Of course the tendencies in this direction are clearly visible: a Fed paper says that since 2007 half (!) of the US population has lost 40% of their assets.

In a nutshell: safe havens no longer exist, avoiding a total loss requires to some degree blind diversification & the willingness to consciously relinquish performance. Mark Twain supposedly said: "I am more concerned about the return my money than the return my money."

30. bottom-up versus top-down: In the past 60+ years bottom-up was easier & more profitable than top-down, because assessing a company (or another isolated market) from a micro perspective is usually easier (with the adequate know-how) than the global perspective. In the past 10+ years I have asked myself a couple of times why I would do market timing when stock picking & other specialized strategies are so much easier? First this is a question of one’s personal birth horoscope (which reflects the karma & dharma) & second this is no longer true in the end times when the collective & global influence become dominant. Normally the individual factors account for 80% of one’s fate, only 20% collective influence – this ratio is turned upside down in the end times (and in times of upheaval in general). During catastrophes you often see whole cities or countries suffer, the individual differences can be neglected.

31. karma reversal: Many who were very successful their whole life will suffer in end the times because a karma reversal is necessary for the karma to be cleared! Matthew 19,30 states, “But many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be first.”

32. mathematics instead of forecasts: Mathematically it is impossible that the bonds of the ‚solid‘ countries of the socialistic bloc (like Japan, Germany) will rise more than a few percentage points. The German Umlaufrendite has already collapsed to 1%, the Bund & Japanese JGB are already just below the critical 150 level, only US sovereign bonds can rise somewhat more. It is of course no coincidence that the last historic interest rate low (in the chart of the Cycles Foundation) was 2,000 years ago: the end times mark the return of Jesus Christ. It took 2,000 years to ground Christ’s energy. Due to the special constellations (tetra Link).the return could be around August 7, 2022: 6,006.6 years after Adam’s Fall & 40 quarters after the death of David Hawkins on 9/19/12, who had been my spiritual teacher in the 40 quarters before his death.

33. eschatological prepper investments: Possibly the best investment for the coming decade is something that not an investment in the traditional sense, namely prepper stuff. Wikipedia definition (link):

Survivalism is a movement of individuals or groups (called survivalists or preppers) who are actively preparing for emergencies, including possible disruptions in social or political order, on scales from local to international. Survivalists often acquire emergency medical and self-defense training, stockpile food and water, prepare to become self-sufficient, and build structures (e.g., a survival retreat or an underground shelter) that may help them survive a catastrophe.

This is the 33rd & final point, referring again to Jesus Christ murdered at the age of 33… In the eschatological (end times) chapters until Matthew 25:13 we find the hint to make physical preparations. The numbers 13 & 25 correspond with the 144 months of the Great Tribulation (August 2013-August 2025):

At that time the kingdom of heaven will be like ten virgins who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom. Five of them were foolish and five were wise. The foolish ones took their lamps but did not take any oil with them. The wise ones, however, took oil in jars along with their lamps. The bridegroom was a long time in coming, and they all became drowsy and fell asleep.“ At midnight the cry rang out: ‘Here’s the bridegroom! Come out to meet him!“ Then all the virgins woke up and trimmed their lamps. The foolish ones said to the wise, ‘Give us some of your oil; our lamps are going out. “‘No,’ they replied, ‘there may not be enough for both us and you. Instead, go to those who sell oil and buy some for yourselves.’ “But while they were on their way to buy the oil, the bridegroom arrived. The virgins who were ready went in with him to the wedding banquet. And the door was shut. “Later the others also came. ‘Lord, Lord,’ they said, ‘open the door for us! “But he replied, ‘Truly I tell you, I don’t know you.’ “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour.

You clearly see that difference to the ‚solidarity‘ in today’s disguised understanding. In socialism the virgins would simply share their oil, so that none of them would have enough - which maximizes the suffering. How can we minimize the suffering? Unfortunately this is hard to answer!
(a) The first necessary requirement for successful preparations is that you know exactly what will happen in your own life until 2023-25, possibly even into the early 2030s. However, no one knows these details. So it is possible or even likely that the prepping will not have the desired benefit (wasted money). Example: a long-time Amanita subscriber has studied his former lives & found out that whenever he tried to escape a danger he came from smoke to smother……

(b) The only exception is the (existing) family & social network, which – except for the elites with 10+ millions or more – is always helpful, no matter what happens. But you can’t & don’t want to buy that, and it is difficult to make plans. Prepping is still a rare phenomenon, likely also by in your social network. From my perspective it is a waste of time & energy to try to convince skeptics, the chances of success are close to zero. It’s most critical when one partner is a prepper & the other one isn’t. But even a prepper couple can quarrel endlessly on the precise implications.
(c) The third option is to form an independent prepper network in addition to one’s social network. But this is also hardly recommendable, in my experience many preppers have rather serious (emotional/ mental) problems & are thus hardly good companions for crisis times when nerves of steel are needed. Moreover, quite a lot of preppers have a tendency to escape to somewhere else – but it is highly questionable whether it will be better wherever they want to go. The only certainty is that ‘somewhere else’ you are not a local & maybe even a foreigner – foreigners are always in a weak situation.
(d) Let’s assume your personal prepping was successful. It sounds bizarre that good prepping might have just the opposite effect of what is desired. Friends who haven’t prepared themselves will soon knock on your door on day X. If you haven’t made preparations for decades (like the reptiles), then you have to say NO to most of them - the solidarity problem mentioned above. Many of them could get mad & this might destroy the biggest asset: your social network. There are many other ways where prepping might have actually a negative impact: e.g. it might attract criminals. Third, preppers as ‘thought criminals’ can expect massive state repressions, which is already the case in the US (Link).


Understanding these 33 points is as decisive for every market participant as understanding the purpose of one’s personal life. I’d like to close this article with a text of the Persian mystic Rumi (1207-73 Link) on the purpose:

There is one thing in this world that you must never forget to do. If you forget everything else and not this, there's nothing to worry about; but if you remember everything else and forget this, then you will have done nothing in your life. It's as if a king has sent you to some country to do a task, and you perform a hundred other services, but not the one he sent you to do. So human beings come to this world to do particular work. […] They are all branches of yourself. Remember the deep root of your being, the presence of your lord. Give your life to the one who already owns your breath and your moments.