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Jupiter-Pluto Depression cycle (12/2005)

The great seer and healer Edgar Cayce mentioned a depression cycleA cycle is a recurring event in the markets. of about 24-25 years that I analyzed, I found out that it is clearly astrological in nature, defined by the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto (both planets are at the same spot in the sky), that's why the exact length is 24.2 years (depending on the orbit eccentricity of Pluto). Pluto symbolizes destructive energy that apparently is reinforced by the expansive Jupiter. It's strange that only every 2nd conjunction is important:

Ø conjunction 9/1857: very serious recession 6/1857-12/1858 (18 months contraction)
Ø conjunction 2/1882: depression 3/1882-5/1885 (38 months contraction)
Ø conjunction 7/1906: serious recession 5/1907-6/1908 (13 months contraction)
Ø conjunction 10/1932: serious depression 8/1929-3/1933 (43 months contraction)
Ø conjunction 7/1958: recession 8/1957-4/1958 (8 months contraction)
Ø conjunction 12/1981: very serious recession 7/1981-11/1982 (16 months contraction) - last deep recession
Ø conjunction 12/2007: start of the Kondratieff winter depression 2006-8?

On the average the economy contracted by almost 2 years which is a lot. Please consider that with today's fraudulent US government statistics a GDP growth of less than 3-4% is already a recession because the GDP growth is stated way too high. The trigger for the economic contraction could be the exploding oil price and perhaps also a natural disaster in 2006. I do believe that a depression starts between mid-2006 and 2008 that lasts a few years.