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Mystery 2012 (#5): Electromagnetic (EMF) pollution and its key role in the coming population reduction


In the 4th part of the article series ‘Mystery 2012' I projected that health will soon be the most important capital and that against all mainstream forecast the rising population age will not be a problem at all, instead the exact opposite can be expected (peak population). In the last article EMF pollution was mentioned as the straw that breaks the camel's back, so the 5th part of the article series is dedicated to this topic.


Introduction electromagnetic (EMF) pollution

Contrary analysis applies to the discussion of topics, too: the more a topic is covered by the mainstream media, the less important it is on average. Example: until 2010 you could almost never read anything on the most important conference each year (Bilderberg in May/ June). Yet, especially the European media spread the propaganda of man-made climate change, where almost all of this information is not true. In contrast, EMF pollution (especially by microwaves) is hardly ever discussed, let alone warned of it's apocalyptic dangers. According to the US mobile communication expert Dr. George Carlo 2012/13 could be a key year (Link): if the growth of wireless communication continues as it did in the past, the immune systems of the majority of the population can no longer withstand this microwave radiation. Thus an unprecedented wave of ‘sudden & spontaneous' brain tumors & cancer could break out, resulting in an epidemic.

It's often claimed that there are not enough studies to reliably assess high frequency EMF pollution but nothing could be further from truth. The detrimental effects of microwaves were known as soon as 1931, and already by 1990 more than 10,000 publications were counted (Link). The center of research was the former Soviet Union (Link1, Link2). In 2002 the German minister Erwin Huber stated, „We will do everything - even if forbidden by god - to promote mobile communication." A very large industry generating trillions is trying its best to keep the truth hidden by manipulating research designs in a similar way of the pharmaceutical industry does.

Thus the negative effects of EMF pollution are still denied by official science. One of the biggest group research projected ever conducted are the European REFLEX studies.

Microwave radiation is causing a great many different diseases (Link1, Link2):

  • brain & nervous system: impact on central nervous system, change in reaction time, reduction & slowing down of brain, memory & learning capabilities
  • EEG changes, also during sleep: „A phone call of 2 minutes changes brainwaves for 1 week." (Link1, Link2)
  • blood-brain barrier opened: so toxins & foreign matter as well as pathogenic micro-organisms from the blood can enter the brain.
  • DNA damage: impairment of the genetic substance, cell communication distorted
  • endocrine system damage: especially reduction in key hormone melatonin
  • cellular level: detoxification blocked, all cells are weakened
  • infertility: Prof. Dr. Dr. Andreas Varga, head of the hygienic institute of the University of Heidelberg, released the results of this research in 1991:
    Chicken eggs in an incubator were subject to microwave radiation far below the legally allowed limit, killing every embryo! Not a chick hatched, none was able to survive the radiation. In the control group without microwave pollution 100% of the hatchlings were healthy.
  • other: immune system weakened, heightened risk for cancer, cardiovascular disease...


Impact of different levels of electromagnetic pollution

The most important disturbing factors (UMTS, DECT, Wi-Fi.) are around 2-2.5 gigahertz (except the 5 GHz band). Measures for power flux density in the microwave high frequency area:

  • 1 picowatt (pW) is 1 trillionth watt (10-12 W)
  • 1 nanowatt (nW) is billionth watt (10-9 W)
  • 1 microwatt (µW) is millionth watt (10-6 W)
  • 1 milliwatt (mW) is thousandth watt (10-3 W)

The impact of different strengths, with 1 nW/cm2 = 10 µW/m2 = 0.01 mW/m2:

  • <0.0000001 nW/cm2: natural microwave background radiation (non-pulsed)
  • ~0.0001 nW/cm2: TV & VHF radios still working, that's why radio & TV were not a problem
  • 0.001 nW/cm2: recommended limiting value recommended by the German federal association against EMF pollution
  • 0.003 nW/cm2 (3 billionths of the German UMTS limit): This is the strength of the solar wind that has - as discussed in earlier articles - highly significant effects on the financial markets. Unfortunately, serious health problems arise start to arise from these low levels (the German legislator allows 300 million times more radiation), e.g. the reduction of the melatonin, so that certain diseases explode dramatically after geomagnetic storms.
  • 0.4 nW/cm2: serious sleeping, learning & mental state disorders according the Schwarzenburg studies
  • 5-20 nW/cm2 (1/200,000 of the German UMTS limit): The number of brain tumors is exploding by a factor of 20. This was the power flux density in the US embassy in 1953-75, when the USSR radiated the embassy for espionage reasons (Link). A great many employees got seriously ill even though levels were 100,000 times below the limit. The source is, among other authors, Prof. Dr. Gerard Hyland from the Physics Institute of the University Warwick, who was terribly harassed for his bold commitment to spread the truth: His articles were published in scientific journals such as the Lancet and the Microbiological Letters, and he also worked for STOA, a scientific institution of the European Union.
  • 10 nW/cm2 (1/100,000 of the German UMTS limit): In an exemplary manner, German carmaker BMW has set this limit for all offices & factories around the globe.
  • 40 nW/cm2 (1/25,000 of the German UMTS limit): DECT phone 10m away
  • 50 nW/cm2 (1/20,000 of the German UMTS limit): significant reduction of spermatozoa
  • 168 nW/cm2 (1/6,000 of the German UMTS limit): Mice die out completely after 5 generations, i.e. they become 100% infertile.
  • 250-270 nW/cm2 (1/4,000 of the German UMTS limit): Exposition when working with a PC when Wi-Fi is active. Significant deterioration of many parameters indicative of mood, mental state & performance ability in a double-blind study.
  • 500 nW/cm2 (1/2,000 of the German UMTS limit): Already after a brief exposition between 20 minutes & 2 hours up to 50% of the brains of the 1,600 laboratory rats were damaged, as documented by the Lund studies after 10 years of research.
  • 1,500 nW/cm2 (1/700 of the German UMTS limit): According to Dr. Dr.. Andreas Varga, continuous irradiation at this level kills 100% of the fledglings in the egg.
  • 2,000 nW/cm2 (1/500 of the German UMTS limit): Russian limit
  • 2,500 nW/cm2: (1/400 of the German UMTS limit): blood-brain barrier opened, which leads to serious neurologic diseases
  • 15,000 nW/cm2: (1/70 of the German UMTS limit): DECT phones 0.5m away. Cell phones have a variable transmit power to save the battery, but operate in a similar band as DECT phones.
  • 24,000 nW/cm2 (1/40 of the German UMTS limit): Animal testing has proved that already after 2 hours of not very strong irradiation 2% of the brain cells of young rats were irreversibly necrotized. Socialistic citizens have claimed for a long time that dead brain cells must not remain a privilege of a small group of alcoholics but should instead be accessible for everyone: this is the solution! :-)
  • 400,000 nW/cm2 (40% of the German UMTS limit): Handset of a DECT phone 2cm apart, i.e. in the outer layers of the brain. This is 100,000 more than the power flux density in the US embassy where 2 ambassadors in a row came down with leukemia...
  • 1,000.000 nW/cm2: German UMTS limit - may be exceeded when a number of cell phones is active


Implications for world population

In medicine a risk factor of 1.5 means a 50% increase in the mortality risk or risk of getting a disease (50% is the effect size). Effect sizes of typical risk factors such as smoking or being massive overweight are 50-100%, which is a moderately negative factor for health. However, research on high-frequency pollution has found risk factors of up to 20 (for brain tumors), i.e. a 1900% increase of the risk (Lilienfeld studies). One study found that the risk of a brain tumor is 420% on the side of the head used when making calls with the cell phone, so the risk factor is 5.2 (Link1, Link2). Apart from EMF pollution the only similarly dangerous exogenous factor is vaccinations. Only endogenous factors are even stronger: a long-termLong-term means a time horizon of years. study started in 1965 at the University of Heidelberg revealed that the extreme suppression of emotions resulted in a ~4,000% higher risk cancer (Journal of Psychosomatic Research 2/1985, quoted by Dr. Guido Schuhmacher).

The 'popular' risk factors such as (heavy) smoking, alcoholism diabetes mellitus (over decades) reduce the average life expectancy by about 20 years (Link). I expect the detrimental effects of EMF pollution to be at least (!) as grave, especially for younger persons - which will be fully seen in the statistics in some decades. The big difference: the risk factors mentioned at the beginning of the paragraph only concern some percentage points of the population, while microwave irradiation is a huge problem for almost 100% of the (younger) population.

Due to the cross-generational cumulative effects I expect life expectancy to drop by 15-30 years within the next 1-2 generation - if the problems are not fixed in a hurry! A cynic would see that EMF pollution as the perfect solution for the ageing Western society that has a hard time feeding its retirees. As usual, politics is focusing on imaginary problems and overlooks what really matters. This is the link to the NWOThe illuminati are a kind of secret world government, their main goal is to create the New World Order (NWO), a fachist-communist global 1984-style dictatorship where every citizin is totally controlled with an implanted RFID chip. One of the exoteric key institutions of the illuminations are the Bilderbergs, for example. plans for a ‘soft' population reduction, i.e. without visible harsh interventions. In addition to the shrinking life expectancy (direct problem) we have the indirect problem of infertility:

  • A permanent exposure of 1/6000 of the German limit makes animals die out after a few generation.
  • A permanent exposure of 1/700 of the German limit makes animals die out in the same generation because 100% of the births are stillbirths.

It's exactly the same with human beings, the modern method for contraception is the phone (Link). A study conducted in an Austrian hospital revealed that already after 5 days of normal cell phone use sperm quality deteriorated a lot (source: Journal für Urologie und Urogynäkologie 3/2002). However, today's parental generation was not ‘fired at' during their childhood, so the impact is - still! - rather low. The children up to an age of 10-15 years have already received the EMF pollution at the time of their conception and have been growing up in EMF polluted environment. When no steps are being taking, one can expect that in the next parental generation (from 2015-20 on) every 2nd or 3rd woman will be sterile, because of the cumulative cross-generational effects. Many animal experiments have proven that quite often the children & grand-children have to pay for the ‘sins' of their parents & grandparents. E.g. when the parental generation is malnourished yet the next generation is nourished well again, then their children (!) get sick but not the parents.

The coming wave of sterility is reinforced by GMO Frankenstein food. In 2010 the Russian biologist Alexej Surov published a study on Monsanto's GMO soybeans that is raised on 90% of the US fields. As dozens of studies before this one confirmed that the main goal of GMO muck is to reduce population as planned by the NWO. 56% of the animals fed with Frankenstein soybeans died within 3 weeks after their birth, in the control group (fed with normal soybeans) only some percentage points died. Already in the 3rd generation most animals were infertile. The apocalyptic dangers of genetic engineering have been covered by environmental organizations, so I won't discuss this topic in more detail here. Just a detail that is overlooked by 99% of the GMO critics: the concentration of normal toxins such as mercury gets less and less over time, while the crossing of GMO plants with normal plants means that the deadly danger is getting more over time!

Electromagnetic pollution reducing the mental capabilities is also desired by the reptilesThe illuminati are a kind of secret world government, their main goal is to create the New World Order (NWO), a fascist-communist global 1984-style dictatorship where every citizin is totally controlled with an implanted RFID chip. One of the exoteric key institutions of the illuminations are the Bilderbergs, for example. Clairvoyants see these people with a totally black aura, without light in the heart chakra and reptile-like, that's why I also call them the "reptiles". Recommended sources: Jan van Helsing, Alex Jones, Armin Risi, Eustace Mullins, Gerhard Wisnewski, Walter Veith, Svali. (the elites or the illuminatiThe illuminati are a kind of secret world government, their main goal is to create the New World Order (NWO), a fascist-communist global 1984-style dictatorship where every citizin is totally controlled with an implanted RFID chip. One of the exoteric key institutions of the illuminations are the Bilderbergs, for example. Clairvoyants see these people with a totally black aura, without light in the heart chakra and reptile-like, that's why I also call them the "reptiles". Recommended sources: Jan van Helsing, Alex Jones, Armin Risi, Eustace Mullins, Gerhard Wisnewski, Walter Veith, Svali.). If the trend continues, we will soon adore the ‚scribes'... ;-) The higher the intellectual & spiritual level of a person, the more (s)he will suffer from EMF pollution. With the Prognos device developed for Russian space travel it was measured that already after a 3 minute cell phone call the life energy (chi) in the meridians drops by 20-40%!

Since 2007 (beginning of the depression) we have seen a honey bee depopulation syndrome (severe colony collapse disorder) all over the world. It's the 4th time that 1/3 of the US beehives didn't survive the Winter. According to Ulrich Warnke from the University of the Saarland (who has researched EMF pollution since the 1970s) the microwave pollution is the main reason, aggravated by pesticides & GMO plants. According to Indian research a cell phone placed close to a hive leads to the death of the bees within 5-10 days - although I believe this is only true in combination with geopathic problems (Link). In addition to the direct impact there is an indirect influence because EMF ruins the immune systems and thus makes the bees more vulnerable to infections. That's why the official explanation for the death is viruses or other parasites.


3 protective measures: avoiding, shielding, subtle protection

The 3 protective measures are avoiding, shielding & subtle protection:

(a) avoiding: The most important, best, cheapest & safest - but unfortunately in times like that also the most difficult. We have to distinguish the different sources of EMF pollution, the more dangerous, the more important it is to avoid them whenever possible:

  • (1) DECT: Should never be used, they are by far the worst EMF polluters because they are radiating 24 hours a day with an average transmission power of 10 mW (peak 250 mW). If a DECT phone can't be replaced, then EMF reduced phones should be used that only emit when used (full eco mode).
  • (2) Wi-Fi (WLAN) is not as bad as DECT for 3 reasons:
    (a) Normally the beacon broadcasting of the router send with only 1/20 of the average transmission power (0.5 mW) compared to a DECT phone.
    (b) The beacon broadcasting may be slowed down or turned off entirely, and in contrast to a phone the router doesn't need to be turned on all the time, only when it's used.
    (c) Wi-Fi devices are quite far apart from the body (especially from the brain) compared to a phone, the power is decreasing with the square.
    Apart from EMF pollution there are 3 additional good arguments for a cable (LAN) connection:
    (a) stability: Wireless is never as stable as a cable.
    (b) speed: Wi-Fi speed is dropping with the distance from the router.
    (c) safety: Wi-Fi can never be as safe as a cable connection. The CIA company Google did erroneously (ha-ha!) register all private Wi-Fi's (Street View) & read all passwords & emails when not protected....
  • (3) cell phone (UMTS) & DECT phones in full eco mode: UMTS (almost) doesn't broadcast in the standby, especially not during the night where the body is much more vulnerable to EMF fields, that's why the cell phone is much less harmful than DECT. Still the closeness to the body & especially the head is dangerous, which may be reduced with the aid of a good speakerphone. Conventional speakerphones with a continuous cable might even increase the EMF load
  • (4) mobile internet (HSDPA/HSUPA): sends only when connected to the internet (not continuously) and is quite far away from the body and especially the brain.
  • (5) phone & internet over the cable: without any microwave pollution

Another problem is that microwave pollution is not only a problem in the high-frequency band but also in the super-low frequency (SLF 30-300 Hz) & the extremely low frequency (ELF 3-30 Hz). According to Prof. Heinz Milfait, Professor for telecommunication in Vienna (Austria), the ultra weak extremely low frequent fields (magnetic equalizing currents in the ground) between the different mobile phone base stations have to be taken into consideration, too, partly with a frequency of <1 Hz (Link).

Mysterium 2012 Teil 5

On the political level a radical policy change is necessary. All countries should first immediately set the limit at 10 nW/cm2, then 0.1 nW/cm2 and finally to 0.001 nW/cm2. Scientifically the research in the Global Scaling paradigm of Hartmut Müller should be promoted, following the cooperation with University of Krems, Austria. The ‘bio cell phone' is based on the standing wave connecting the entire universe and thus is 100% safe and without any EMF pollution.

(b) shielding: If you are not living far away from civilization, then at least your own apartment or house should be shielded, especially the bedroom. Good protection materials such as curtains, foils, wall paints, carpets, and textiles shield at least 99.0%-99.9% (20-30db), partly up to 99.99% (40db). Unfortunately only transverse waves can be blocked off but not the Tesla/ longitudinal waves, that's where protection on the information level is necessary. Tom Bearden has more information on that topic (Link).

However, one should always be aware of the correct priorities: avoiding is always most important, shielding is only the 2nd best measure: when you create a lot of microwaves (e.g. through DECT phones, Wi-Fi) and the house, office or flat is shielded, then you increase (!) the EMF pollution because of the reflections.

(c) subtle (information) protection: what are the features of good protection?

  1. research studies: I recommend to use protection devices that have proven their effectiveness, although there are huge differences (both quality & quantity) of the studies conducted. Ideally the devices are tested both in vivo &  in vitro.
  2. 3 protection methods:
    (a) area protection (radius 5m-400m): It's most important to protect all creatures (humans, animals, plants) in a room, and also the food & homeopathic remedies in order to prevent the chaotic microwaves to erase the homeopathic remedies. While the first 2 measures (avoiding & shielding) can be well implemented in one's apartment, this is hardly possible as an employee of a company. So harmonizing the factory or office building is necessary.
    (b) personal protection: also important
    (c) device protection: The least important, if at all it should be used in addition to the others:
    * first because device protection is included in area protection,
    * second because only the EMF pollution produced by oneself can be neutralized, and
    * third because every device needs an own protection.

Principles of operation: One should prefer solutions with a technical background (especially the EMF biochip) over ‘subtle' solutions working with the information of homeopathic remedies, rare earths, crystals, and geometric structures:
(a) The transparency of the information imprinted is low.
(b) Permanently installed frequencies may be bad for some persons right from the beginning, and they might become unfavorable for everyone after some time (that's like eating the same food every day - a Chinese method to execute death penalty).
(c) Subtle protection devices are unstable and might be much weaker after months or years (or even get negative), and they might be totally deactivated because of karmic involvements of persons being present.

The disadvantages of protection devices, i.e. why they can never replace the avoidance of EMF pollution:

  1. only partial protection: Thousands of studies have proven the contagiousness of microwaves, so we need at least hundreds of studies to prove that a 100% protection is possible. Until that proof is available one has to proceed on the assumption that all protection devices can only compensate parts of the detrimental effects.
  2. protection not necessarily ‚forever': Most studies are short-term, long-termLong-term means a time horizon of years. & cross-generational studies are missing. Some devices work well at the beginning but weaken after months & years.
  3. permanent switching: More and more people suffer from a neurological problem called switching. It's possible that passive protection measures won't help them much. In 2004 the holistic MD Manfred Doepp estimated that in large cities 30% of the population is permanently switching, in the countryside 5%. The brains of switched persons are no longer working properly, so they swallow wild stories, e.g. that some men with long beards living in caves were able to outfight the military superpower #1 on the planet with some carpet knives.
  4. earth changes: Even healing methods that have worked for centuries or thousands of years no longer work consistently. The German healer Müller-Burzler has found out that since 2007 Bach flower or homeopathic remedies work in cycles

Exemplarily I want to compare 5 protection devices, they are ranked in the order of their advantageousness:

  1. EMF BioChipTM (personal protection, device protection, space protection with a radius of 200m): This patented US product is based on the EMX Noise Field Technology (Link), the scientific background is well-documented, the results have been successfully replicated by several universities (Link).
  2. Terra Energetic (space protection radius 5m): A number of independent & convincing studies are available even though the N is small Link). The background is the unified field theory of the German physicist Burkhard Heim (1925-2001) who could mathematically prove that we are living in a 12-dimensional universe.
  3. Bioprotect 400 (space protection radius 400m): This product harmonizes the magnetic field which is documented by some studies (Link1, Link2). The major drawback is that it's not a technical approach. The claimed radius of 400m is unique, so you may create positive external effects.
  4. Rayguard, previously Raymaster (space protection Radius 15m): There is a large number of studies confirming the protection (Link1, Link2, Link3), both in vitro and vivo.
  5. Aulterra neutralizer (device protection): This US product is supported by several studies (Link) but the technique used is highly questionable and only a device protection is offered.