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Mystery 2012 (part #3): earth & solar system changes



Mysterium 2012 Teil 3 1 

In the past months we have experienced severe earthquakes and the eruption of the volcano Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland (Link), which grounded the European air traffic for the first time since WW2. This is no surprise for me as I have been predicting since 2001-3 that the ongoing earth changes will accelerate, including a significant growth of the number of earthquakes and volcano eruptions. To my knowledge, none of the mainstream seismologists, geologists, and volcanologists did foresee the rise of earth events the past years because they have no understanding that a new 26,000 year Galactic cycleA cycle is a recurring event in the markets. is ready to start. In the following article I'd like to discuss the ongoing earth changes and the likely implications for 2012/13.

Let's start with the amazing fact: in just 6 years the number of earthquakes with a magnitude of 4 or higher went up considerably (source: geo research center in Potsdam Link). Nominally the rise is more than +300%, but this might be partly due to the higher number of seismographs, so the exact rise remains questionable. For the same reason I don't give much credit to earthquake activity charts spanning decades, as the global network of seismographs was slowly built up in the 20th century: the number of seismographs has been rising by 4% each year on average (Link).

 Mysterium 2012 Teil 3 2

The volcano eruption data are more reliable. We see a similar trend: since the low in the 1940s volcanic activity increased sevenfold (Link). According to research by the Max Planck institute the sun has been more active the past decade than at least in the last 8,000 years. Our planet is heating up from the core, like the other planets in our solar system. That's why the number of other natural disasters like hurricanes has also been increasing substantially (Link). 

Mysterium 2012 Teil 3 3 


Since the 12/26/04 tsunami (3rd largest earthquake with a magnitude of 9.1 Link) we have a cycleA cycle is a recurring event in the markets. of 16 months that is certainly not an artifact, i.e. every 16 months global earthquake activity is increasing. 16 months is the 'solar heartbeat cycle' (link). The half-cycleA cycle is a recurring event in the markets. of 8 months is also working partly. After the current earthquake high this cycleA cycle is a recurring event in the markets. projects the next high for August-September 2011 and then around 12/21/2012. In my opinion this should also be the high of the 11-year solar cycleA cycle is a recurring event in the markets., which should reinforce the effects strongly. It is also pointing towards late 2012/ early 2013, like a myriad of other cycles. There is an interesting connection: the earthquake highs of the 16-month cycleA cycle is a recurring event in the markets. are aligning with stock market highs and in turn were always bearish for 3-12 months:

  • 1-2/2005: 8 months later the SPX was 8% lower than at the 12/30-1/3 high
  • 5-6/2006: key high of the year on 12/5/06
  • 9-10/2007: nominal all-time high 10/11/07 & bear market begin
  • 1-2/2009: from the 1/6/09 high the SPX collapsed by -30% in the 1st quarter 2009
  • 5-6/2010: high? Meanwhile we are testing the June-July 2008 earthquake high, which warned of the financial quake in September-October 2008.
  • 9-10/2011: high?
  • 1-2/2013: high?

 Amazingly, some major earth events are aligning with stock market highs almost to the day:

  • 12/26/2004 Asian tsunami-> 12/30/2004 high
  • 1/12/2010 earthquake Haiti (in terms of the number of victims the worst earthquake of the 21st century) -> 1/14/2010 high
  • 4/15/10 volcano eruption Iceland -> 4/15/10 stock market high: loss of -12% in the EuroStoxx meanwhile

The reason is obvious: major natural calamities are a sign of increasing instability on our planet which is bearish for the equity market (in real terms). Similarly, big solar events like sun storms are bearish because they make people feel less calm. For instance, the lower body melatonin level after is making sleep less deep. Moreover, on April 5-7 our planet experienced the longest magnetic storm since September 10-13, 2005, another bear signal (Link).

 Mysterium 2012 Teil 3 4


Numerologically it's interesting that the air traffic grounding in Europe was almost exactly 3.141 days (pi 3.141 x 1000, Armstrong's PEI cycleA cycle is a recurring event in the markets.) after the 9/11 grounding in the US, in both instances first-time events. Besides, the Eyjafjallajökull is 1666m high, the 666 is the Sign of the Beast, no surprise the bear market low of the S&P 500 (SPX) in 2009 was ‘accidentally' at 666 points... It's no surprise that now in the end times, when the dark side is planning its final coup (= New World OrderThe illuminati are a kind of secret world government, their main goal is to create the New World Order (NWO), a fachist-communist global 1984-style dictatorship where every citizin is totally controlled with an implanted RFID chip. One of the exoteric key institutions of the illuminations are the Bilderbergs, for example.NWOThe illuminati are a kind of secret world government, their main goal is to create the New World Order (NWO), a fachist-communist global 1984-style dictatorship where every citizin is totally controlled with an implanted RFID chip. One of the exoteric key institutions of the illuminations are the Bilderbergs, for example.), the 666 signature is present all the time...

Both the earthquake in Haiti on 1/12/10 and the very serious earthquake in Chile on 2/27/10 (the 5th strongest in newer history with a magnitude of 8.8) were exactly located on the Neptune line according to astro-cartography (vertical cyan line). It's typical that earthquakes are found on the Neptune lines of solar eclipses. The reason for this is that the tectonic plates are floating on the magma in the bowels of the earth, i.e. a lot depends on liquids which are ruled by Neptune. In addition, the Chile earthquake occurred on the intersection of the Neptune line with the Pacific ring of fire where 80-90% of all earthquakes are located (graph created with the software „Sarastro").

 Mysterium 2012 Teil 3 5

Correct earthquake prognosis should become more and more important and could save the life of millions of people when backed by politics. I think that it's possible to create a working model in 500-1000 working hours, based on these 4 main factors:

  1. eclipses: Neptune lines and other factors
  2. other astrological cyclesA cycle is a recurring event in the markets.
  3. earthquake cyclesA cycle is a recurring event in the markets.: as investigated by the CyclesA cycle is a recurring event in the markets. Foundation, David McMinn (Link) & Erik Hadik
  4. Pacific Ring of Fire

In my opinion, such a model should be able to predict heavy earthquakes with a window of some days and a radius of some hundred kilometers with odds of P=80%. However, this requires an adequate know-how to create such a model. I estimate that there are only 20-30 people on the planet who are able to do this. I have been researching astrology for 14 years. It's well known that in complex fields you need 10 years of study and practical application to become a real expert. Finally, in the past 2-3 years my long-termLong-term means a time horizon of years. research efforts have reached fruition. Still, the markets are the toughest challenge, other forecasts are easier. E.g., the geopolitical model predicted the largest risk for the time around 8/8/08, which timed the Russian-Georgian war almost to the day, the most important war of the past years. For time reasons I do not want to do these studies, but I am ready to supervise this type of life-saving researching free of charge. Contact me if you are seriously interested, in this case please send me a research draft with 20-50 pages.

These earth changes have to be interpreted in the light of the dramatic changes in the entire solar system - which is ignored by 95-99% of the astrologers who continue to work as always because the paths of the planets are not changing. Nevertheless, the ongoing changes are incredible (link):
(1) Sun: The sun's magnetic field is over 230% stronger now than it was at the beginning of the 1900s. According to researchers of the Max Planck Institute, solar activity is higher than at least in 8,000 years.
(2) Venus: Polar light brightness has increased by +2500%.
(3) Mars: The icecaps of Mars noticeably melted just within one year, causing 50% changes in surface features. Atmospheric density had risen by 200% above previous observations as of 1997. Note: we'd presumably all be dead if that had happened on earth!
(4) Jupiter: Jupiter has become so highly energized that it is now surrounded by a visibly glowing donut tube of energy in the path of the moonThe moon has a major impact on the markets, the full moon is more important than the new moon. Io. The size of Jupiter's magnetic field has more than doubled since 1992.
(5) Uranus & Neptune: According to NASA's Voyager II space probe, Uranus and Neptune both appear to have had recent magnetic pole shifts - 60° for Uranus and 50° for Neptune. Neptune has become 40% brighter in infrared since 1996
(6) Pluto: Pluto has experienced a 300% increase in its atmospheric pressure 1988-2002.