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Electrosmog: mobile phone = mark of the Beast

I think some doors are only opened by disease. At any rate, always being healthy doesn’t allow to understand everything. Among those with imperturbable health I haven’t found one who wasn’t a little bit narrow, like those who have never traveled. (André Gide, 1869-1951, French author, Nobel Prize winner 1947)

The articles of the years 2009-15 were dedicated to the 3 gross fields of the negative impact of electrosmog (EMF radiation): how electrosmog makes us (#1) ill, (#2) stupid & (#3) of bad (character). In this article I want to cover the negative spiritual impact (#4), which is also the quintessence of the first three. Without any doubt the cell phone is the mark of the 666 Beast mentioned in the Holy Bible, which explains why the biggest cancer wave in history is expected to begin in 2020/21. Understanding this topic & acting on that (or not) could be one of the most key decisions of your life, maybe even *the* most important one…

Preliminary remarks: do we really live in the end times?

In eschatology the end times refer to the last phase of the Kali Yuga (Dark Age), which began in the year 3102 B.C. after the death of the avatar Krishna. To put it crudely, the end times refer to a global stocktake. I use the term ‘end times’ (in the narrow sense of the word) for the 40 quarters (10 years) of the testing of mankind since August 22/23, 2013. In the 3 Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism) this term refers specifically to the advent/ return of the messiah. To be precise, in the broadest sense one could apply the Biblical ‘end times’ to the 2,000 years between the first & second coming of Jesus Christ. The first coming was the suffering Christ, the second coming is the ruling Christ.

The Holy Bible & the Koran (link) give many concrete signs how to recognize the end times. Both (!) agree that the appearance of Jesus Christ will be the final event. It was foretold that first the Jewish people have to spread all over the world (diaspora), in order to return before the end times. From 1882 on more & more Jews returned to Palestine, which culminated in the foundation of Israel in 1948. This was the key intervening event, however, only since Sommer 2015 *all* major criteria for the end times are fulfilled. Reason: in the summer of 2015 an event occurred which had been anticipated for nearly 2,000 years by the end times community... Israel officially announced to finally build the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem (Link). The 2nd Temple was destroyed in the year 70. According to the prophecies the key person responsible for the 3rd Temple is the Messiah Ben David, labelled as Dajjal in the Hadiths (2nd Muslim source after the Koran). The Messiah Ben David paves the way for the Messiah Ben Joseph. Both the Dajjal & the Madhi (= Muslim Messiah) live at the same time. Completing the 3rd Temple also means that the task of Freemasonry is fulfilled.

Amazingly, the numbers of the Holy Bible (1260, 1290, 1335) point to one concrete year: 2023 (Link). The beginning of this calendar is the year 602 B.C. when sacrifices in the Temple ceased. Soon afterwards the diaspora began in 597 B.C. The year 688 A.D. was the key intervening year because construction for the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem began. Actually the diaspora didn’t fully end before June 1967 when East Jerusalem was retaken during the 6-Day War. The diaspora lasted precisely (+/- 1 year) half of a world age of 5,125 years (13 Baktun in Mayan Calendar). 5,125 years from the death of Krishna 3102 B.C. points to the year 2023 as well, what an incredible ‚coincidence‘…


In the Holy Bible we find many hints to the end times, with the key being the Beast (= Antichrist), whose number is the 666. However, we couldn’t be sure before 2015 that the end times are indeed referring to the coming years (or decades at most). The 666 Beast/ Lucy(fer) was released on 8/24/2015, which marks the beginning of the 7 bad years (= tribulation) until late 2022. Note that the first half (3.5 years) until early 2019 are still rather benign, but one has to be prepared for the 2nd half: Great Tribulation from spring 2019 on (42 months of the reign of the Beast).

Apocalypse of John & the Beast

The end times is described many times in the Old & New Testament, most of it in the Book of Revelation:

  1. The second beast was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak. (Revelation 13: 15)
    I know only one ‘image’ that is able to speak: a screen (with speakers), which is nothing but an image changing many times. Screens & computers were not widely used until the 2nd half of the 20th century.
  2. It causeth all, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name. (Revelation 13: 16-17)
    The 666 shows up in 5 different aspects:
    (a) cell phone = sign of the Beast: What is it that (nearly) *everybody* today owns, even in the poor states? The only product is the cell phone, which is held in the (right) hand (to write), *or* close to the head (to talk). The *or* is a hint that it is not a fixed installation, not an RFID chip as many assume.
    (b) internet www = 666 = number of the Beast: The www of the internet is the Hebrew 666 (link). Today almost all dumbphone users are permanently connected with the www=666.
    (c) barcode 666: Today the 666 is printed on every barcode. *Every* retailing product has the barcode, so the prophecy is fulfilled that you can’t buy or sell without the 666. The first barcode was scanned on 6/26/1974 at 8:01 a.m. in Troy/ Ohio. What a ‘coincidence’ this was just days before my birth, so there are many similarities in both horoscopes (all bodies except sun, moon & Venus at similar degrees) - which explains the resonance. But why in the small town Troy, far away from a big city? This is a hint that in reality the barcode is a Trojan horse....
    In the 38 years until 2039 the horoscope of the barcode is activated only once by a solar eclipse: 12/26/2019 & 6/21/2020. So the barcode should be very dominant in 2019-21, where the negative effects should start to become visible (biggest cancer wave in history). This is one of dozens of reasons why I think the 42 months of the rulership of the 666 Beast start in spring 2019.
    (d) logistics: Today the complete world trade logistics is internet-based. So even the few products without a barcode are still based on the 666.
    (e) The CERN has the 666 in the logo… These lunatics want to create dimensional portals to ‘import’ as many demons as possible.
  3. There will be no rest day or night for those who worship the beast and its image, or for anyone who receives the mark of its name. (Revelation 14: 9-11)
    Meanwhile most mobile phone users want to be available 24/7, so they have no rest day or night (self-terror). One of the most devastating effects of electrosmog is that the master hormone melatonin is reduced, which is mainly formed in the master gland: epiphysis. Melatonin has a similar role as the master vitamin D. Lack of melatonin leads to sleep problems, so it heavily disturbs the peace at night, as warned by the Holy Bible. Moreover, melatonin is also the master factor in the destruction of tumor cells, another reason for the most terrible cancer wave looming.
  4. Those who accept the mark of the Beast will be tormented with fire. (Revelation 14: 9-11)
    Today’s term for being ‘tormented with fire’ is burnout. So today’s machines to kill billions of people are called hotpots. Dumbphones, tablets, Wi-Fi routers… are nothing but a small microwave oven, even in a similar frequency spectrum. According to the measurements of the German doctor Dr. Manfred Doepp a few minutes of cell phone use are enough to create the symptoms of burnout.
  5. And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ 1,000 years. (Revelation 20: 4)
    Again the personal choice is stressed, i.e. to avoid the mobile phone (= sign of the Beast). This is yet another sign that there will be no *direct* compulsion. Still, there is an incredible social & economic pressure to use the cell phone.
  6. The first angel went and poured out his bowl on the land, and ugly, festering (malignant) boils broke out on the people who had the mark of the beast and worshiped its image. (Revelation 16: 1-2)

Malignant boils are called cancer… How incredible that the Holy Bible already warned more than 1500 years ago that cell phone users will develop very painful cancers. I’d like to dedicate the following chapter to this topic, based on medical insights.

Cancer wave caused by the sign of the Beast (mobile phone)

Today’s average person looks half of the day on a screen, i.e. the sign of the Beast. From the perspective of the seers 2000 years ago we look like worshipping a screen/ image. After all, it gets so many hours attention every day, often more than the partner & children. So seers like John believed this is the new god, as it totally governs everybody’s life. The worshipping is also indicative of an active & (rather) voluntary action. At present nobody is put into jail yet when you refuse to look at screens.

Looking at a screen is - by itself - barely carcinogenic, that’s why until the early 21st century screen handling was not really cancer-causing. However, in the past 5-10 years deadly microwaves have become a by-product 95-99% of computer work. Thus the timing of the end times announced for more than 2,000 years is fully confirmed: in the coming decade at the earliest.

It has been discussed in previous articles that the microwaves from cell phones, Wi-Fi… lead to an incredible increase in cancer rates. E.g. the well-known epidemiologist Dr. Devra Davis (link) wrote that no other environmental carcinogen has produced such a huge increase in cancer risk in just one decade. 10-20 years ago about 5% of the population of the socialist bloc EUSApan got a cancer diagnosis per decade. This number has been rising for some time, so I expect that in the 2020s (or at the latest in the mid-2030s) 80-95% of the population get cancer (i.e. almost everybody). In the past millennia the question was: who develops cancer? However, in the end times the question should be the other way round: who does *not* get cancer?

A model presented in 2011 in the scientific journal Neurology & Neurophysiology proposed a 2400% (=25fold!) higher risk of brain tumors (link).

  1. This looks correct for the electrosmog burden in the early 2000s. However, in the years around 2020 we have 10-100 times more electrosmog.
  2. Moreover, a latency time of just 30 years from the first mobile use was defined. Without doubt, the peak of the cancer rate is 50+ years later, so the rates continue to rise for another 20-30 years.
  3. In the past years new very powerful electrosmog sources have been forced upon the people, like energy saving lamps.

For these 3 reasons I consider it a super-conservative call that during the 21st century the number of brain tumors will rise 100fold. The 10-year prevalence of about 0.1% into the 20th century might easily rise to 10% or more. Most of them are on the brain side the cell phone is used. Sure the number of other forms of cancer is also going through the roof, but not 100fold, as the brain is the organ that gets most damaged.

England is one of the few nations with official data that *could* be true. The overall death numbers declined into 2011, has been rising in the past years & experienced a huge 1-year jump in 2015 (Link). This is no surprise, in the premium area it was discussed already in the summer of 2015 that the global search volume for suicide suddenly exploded literally overnight (Link). Needless to say, the spike in ‘suicide’ the search volume to an all-time high in summer 2015 is no coincidence at all, as late summer 2015 marked the beginning of the 7 years of Tribulation. More & more souls feel (99% unconsciously) since summer 2015 what is looming…

Latency period of cancer

The key for all forecasts is the latency time, i.e. the time from the first contact with a carcinogen until the cancer breaks out. Empirical data say that the brain tumor rate doesn’t react at all in the first 10-15 years after a radiation injury. It takes 15-20 years for the rate of illness to go up, after about 30 years we find a steep rise, although the top is seen after 50-60 years at the earliest (Link). The red arrow below gives the approximate location of the socialistic bloc EUSApan in 2016. Finally the latest research confirms that even very small dosages of non-ionizing radiation can cause DNA damage (Link). Until recently these low levels of radiation were considered harmless.


The latency period of radiation damages (both ionizing & non-ionizing) has a huge range of 2-60 years, or is even trans-generational. That depends on many factors:

  1. dose: most important. E.g. in the prefecture Fukushima (population 2 million) the cases of thyroid cancer already went up 40fold (!) within 3 years of the ultimate MCA (Link). In the 1990s we still had a 100 times lower electrosmog dose compared to 2016. A radiation so weak means that the latency will be the average 30+ years. However, in the years approaching 2020 the average microwave exposure is so terrible that the lag times should drop to 5-15 years. This means that in the socialist bloc the weak exposure from the years around 2000 & the nasty exposure of the 2010s both converge in the same timeframe for an incredible cancer wave: in the 2020s (maybe delaying into the 2030s). In the poor countries this effect might be delayed by 5-10 years.
  2. form of radiation damage: At any rate, the *full* negative impact won’t be seen before the 2nd half of the 21st century. One key reason is that the eggs of a woman are already created during her time as a fetus, while the male sperm is produced every day. So a woman pregnant with a girl in the 2010s means most likely that the eggs of the fetus are highly damaged by the electrosmog (the eggs are much more vulnerable than everything else). However, this is not detected until 20-40 years later when this woman gets pregnant, or at least tries to get pregnant. Fortunately, most women of generation E (cohort born since 2012) will be infertile anyway, because the rest will give birth to many poor creatures (deformed babies). 130 studies confirm the negative impact of the death rays on the reproductive organs (Link).
  3. kind of cancer:
  4. age: Young people are much more vulnerable. E.g. a study from the mobile communications Stone Age (2004) already found that the number of brain tumors of twentysomethings went up by +717% (8fold!) after only >5 years of mobile phone use (Link). In contrast, the average increase of cancer among adults was only +35%. It is especially bad that so many young people will die. A large part of generation E (born 2012-24) will be killed off, partly already generation Z (born 2000-2011). Generation X (born 1965-1986) & Y (born 1987-1999) have the best odds of survival.
  5. personality traits (control): The by far best psychological cancer study I am aware of found out that cancer risk was thousands (!) of percentage points higher for those who controlled their feelings most. Why is “control” the by far most important factor? According to the Indian homeopath Dr. Sankaran the issue of the cancer miasma is control/ order/ structure. This miasma represents today’s system perfectly:
    (a) governments controlling everything & with an incredible number of laws
    (b) socialist planned economy
    (c) total control of mankind through technology
    (d) Sheeple who don’t defend against all the madness, few realize what is going on. In the good ol’ times people would rather have their heads chopped off than to be subdued. Today the peak of the neurosis is political correctness & good-doers. Mankind in the cancer miasma sacrifices everything to keep the order intact, e.g. justified anger.
    An unconscious attempt to heal one-self is the invasion of rapugees in Europe, who have no self-control at all but enjoy spontaneous mass rapes. The coming total chaos appears to be necessary to clear the collective cancer miasma. Politically incorrect sentences like “Fuck off! Bite me!” are necessary for the healing. The Cancer miasma is Pluto in Capricorn until 2023/24, afterwards all control (= Capricorn) is lost, instead we have 20+ years of a chaos (= Aquarius).
  6. electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS): The homeopathic constitution of Phosphorus is more in danger than others.
  7. genetic predisposition/ miasma burden
  8. stress
  9. karma/ fate

The Northern European countries were leading with respect to mobile communication, so they are most revealing. According to official statistics, the number of brain tumors rose by a fat +60% in Denmark in the 7 years 2003-10 (Link). Most other statistics are massaged, e.g. Sweden officially claims a perfectly stable number of brain tumors in the same 7 years. However, the Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation has done research & found out that the Swedish data are counterfeited & in reality show the same strong increase as the Danish data. In the global ranking of 180+ nations Denmark is best at #1 in the corruption index, Sweden is still #4. So if you can’t trust even the 4 ‘cleanest’ nations, then most official statistics from the other countries have to be considered fraudulent until proven otherwise.

However, this giant increase happened already 6-13 years ago, so the normal latency periods were not fulfilled at all. According to one Swiss scientist the number of brain tumors has skyrocketed in the past years. However, these data are not published because the wireless mafia fights the truth with all means. In 1993 the US epidemiologist Dr. George Carlo headed one of the earliest & biggest research projects on the dangers of mobile communication. After he released the shocking results his house was burnt down & he was imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital. Today mobile communication is one of the biggest economic sectors with a yearly turnover of $17 trillion, which is 1/5 of global GDP.

Note that the Holy Bible doesn’t mention cancer deaths. The death rates are expected to be 5-20%, much lower than today’s average mortality of about 50%. The reason is quite simple: few patients die because of the cancer, most of them are killed by the ABC weapons in the hospital, better known under the misleading name ‚chemotherapy‘. Fortunately, from the 2020s & 2030s on the number of cancer patients will be way too large to kill all of them with cytotoxic therapy – so most will survive. As mentioned, death rates depend highly on the cohort: only 1-10% in generations X (born 1965-1986) & Y (born 1987-1999), yet up to 20-80% in generation E (born 2012-24).

For ‘ethical reasons’ cancer research only allows a comparison of deadly substance A with deadly substance B. This is necessary, as randomized double-blind studies (verum & placebo) would reveal immediately that chemotherapy is nothing but mass murder. As so often, science does its best to hide the truth. Nevertheless, indirect studies have proven that the death risk of cancer patients treated is 2-5 times higher than of those who are not treated at all, depending on many factors.

One nice example was subject of a lawsuit here in Austria (Link). The assistant of a gynecologist didn’t have the heart to inform the patients of their cancer diagnoses. Over the years 99 cancer diagnoses were suppressed, before the fraud came to the light. During the following litigation it was found out that not one (!) of the 99 women had died, or was suffering from an advanced cancer. Only 6 of the 99 needed some treatment at all… So this brave woman prevented that many (dozens?) women to be killed by oncologists.

Leading researchers such as Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt or the Russian oncologist Dr. Tamara Lebedewa say that much of the ‘tumor issue’ is in reality made of parasites such as Trichomonas vaginales. The topic parasites leads back to goody-goodies: socialism encourages parasitic behavior on all levels (also on a body level) & therefore cancer. Presumably the leading Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises (9/29/1881-1973) was the only one who correctly predicted already in the 1930s how long the Soviet socialism would survive: 40-70 years. Because after this time the last asset from the preceding capitalism falls apart: real estate. Parasites need poison to exist, so the underlying problem is intoxication. Based on the research of the German researcher Prof. Günther Enderlein, the French hydrologist Prof. Louise Claude Vincent derived the 4 quadrants of the biological milieu, based on 3 blood factors (pH value, electric resistance r & electric factor). From the 2020s on bigger & bigger parts of the planet enter the 4th quadrant, where life as we know it is no longer possible.

Biblical timing: cancer wave from 2021 on?

In a nutshell, epidemiological studies point to the 2020s (industrial nations) or 2030 (poor countries) for the beginning of the biggest cancer wave in history. Difference between rich & poor countries:

  1. electrosmog for a longer time: In Europe the electrification already began 120+ years ago, in the late 19th century.
  2. more electrosmog: The poor countries didn’t have a high mobile penetration until a few years ago. E.g. Africa only had 45% penetration in 2010.
  3. higher miasma burden: more vaccinations, antibiotics, life-style…

The end times model says that world health will deteriorate considerably in the coming 4 years, but will totally collapse between late 2020 & late 2021. This aligns with Jupiter on the axis early Leo/ early Aquarius in early 2021, the master constellation for epidemics for 2,000 years: since the Antonine Plague from the year 165 (mortality 30% in the Roman Empire). World health should start to recover slowly from 2024 on.

We can read an approximate timing hint from the Bible passage saying that (almost) everybody has the sign of the Beast (= cell phone). We have this kind of market saturation since 2013/14, in 2005 global penetration was not higher than 33% (Link). In 2013 we already had 6.666 (number of the Beast!) billion microwave weapons. So the Bible is referring to the mid-2010s at the earliest, until a few years ago not enough people had the sign of the Beast.


Possibly the Holy Bible dates the big cancer epidemics to 2020/21 (primarily in the rich countries?). There are hundreds of Bible interpretations, I proceed on the assumption that the 7 seals of the Apocalypse are opened in the 7 Years of Tribulation. The first seal is opened in 2016/17 (= Jewish year 5777), finally in 2022/23 the 7th & last seal (Link). One should use the Jewish calendar, based on the Jewish Feast of TrumpetsRosh Hashanah in September/ October. The Jewish year 5,777 (= 2016/17) encodes the 777 fractal described:

  1. The 7 seals are opened.
  2. The 7th seal contains the 7 trumpets.
  3. The 7th trumpet prepares the 7 bowls of wrath.

The first 4 seals align with the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse:

  • The 4th horseman (September 2019-September 2020) is pale: symbol of diseases & epidemics.
  • Revelation 16:10-11 writes on the 5th angel (2020/21): “The fifth angel poured out his bowl on the throne of the beast, and its kingdom was plunged into darkness. People gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores (boils), but they refused to repent of what they had done.”


Unified Field Theory by Burkhard Heim & Vortex Healing®

Sooner or later our body is rotten meat anyway, so it is much more worrisome that the Holy Bible says that electrosmog blocks our connection with the divine. The Holy Bible warns that the salvation of one’s soul is in danger. It is no coincidence at all that for centuries the reptiles have been fighting Christianity much more than any other religion. According to Biblical information the (first) Fall of Man was in the year 3983/84 B.C., what a coincidence this is 6006. 6 (-> 666!) years before the key year 2022/23… The first fall was the step into the deepest duality & the requirement that some centuries later the Dark Age (Kali Yuga) could start. It is known that this fall began with an apple, which repeats in the end times at the second Fall of Man… What a ‘coincidence’ that the most valuable company in the end times is the cell phone company Apple (founded by the apple fanatic Steve Jobs). And an even bigger ‘coincidence’ is that the first Apple computer was sold for $666.66 (number of the Beast) on 4/11/1976…

To better understand all that let’s discuss the Unified Field Theory by the German physicist Burkhard Heim (2/9/1925-2001) & the insights of Vortex Healing®. Heim’s theory is the most important physics theory, that’s why it is almost completely unknown. Unfortunately, it is terribly complicated, presumably only a handful of persons on the planet are able to understand it. Its true meaning won’t be fully understood before the year 2027.

Recently it was reported that finally gravitation waves could be measured. Wow… Burkhard Heim already did that more than 50 years ago, in the 1950s. According to Heim’s theory the universe consists of 12 dimensions (X1-X12), with the upper 4 dimensions X9-X12 being the 4 god dimensions: G1-G4/ consciousness.

  • X12 = G4: world spirit, divine intelligence
  • X11 = G3: divine will (which has *all* possibilities)
  • X10 = G2: God-man, dodecahedron (12 faces) , possibility consciousness (= ideas for specific possibilities), only one form of conditioning goes so deep (intelligence fields)
  • X9 = G1: free human will, which chooses from the possibility consciousness (X10) & thus creates possibility threads
  • X8, X7: information, soul (individual soul X8 & group soul X7), Akashic records, vital webbing
  • X6, X5: energy, emotions, structure, morphic fields
  • X4: time
  • X1, X2, X3: 3D reality (physical, emotional, mental)

Normal electrosmog (domestic current) unfolds its negative impact only into the X6, so it does *not* affect the soul. However, high frequency electrosmog disturbs into the X9, including the soul (X7 & X8) & the free will (X9). This explains the exploding number of soulless & remote-controlled zombies in the past years.


Why don’t the people realize what is going on?

  1. Because a lot of black magic sits on top of it. A German physician told me in 2009 in a personal conversation that mobile communication is today’s black magic. At this time I couldn’t fully understand that, but over the years I have realized that his statement was 100% true.
  2. Because they don’t have a direct sensation of electrosmog.

Only solution: please study the 10,000+ studies that prove how bad electrosmog is. There are many psycho/ esoteric gurus who claim that disease is always an ‘error’ & the result of personal issues. Needless to say, just the opposite is true:

  1. More & more diseases are caused by exogenous/ systemic factors, less & less are ‘private’ in nature. The looming giant cancer wave will be the ultimate proof of this statement. Those false gurus are the best helpers of the illuminati/ NWO, as they deny that most diseases today are at least co-caused by the warfare against mankind through vaccinations, HAARP, chemtrails, GMO, electrosmog… you name it.
  2. Big leaps in one’s psychological & spiritual evolution are almost impossible without a very serious, near deadly serious disease. So the biggest leap in the evolution of mankind requires the biggest epidemics in history…

Conclusion & protection

When you read & understand this article, then you *might* be one of the 144,000 chosen ones… Of the 7+ billion people on this planet very few other than the Amanita readers (& some top illuminati) realize that today almost 100% of mankind bears the sign of the Anti-Christ. The reality is just upside down to the common misconception that this is an RFID chip implanted. I am not saying that RFID chips are not coming, but they are amazingly irrelevant & time is running out. It is easy to see that the Lord of Evil has done excellent work to confuse everybody (diabolic = confusing).

So people are afraid that they are forced by somebody to wear implants, but this is a projection: the evil is always somewhere out there. In 2010 Obamas HR 3200 (link) included a mandatory database for RFID chips (link), but didn’t go through. The inconvenient truth is that today almost 100% of the world population self-implant themselves… even those who have sworn they won’t accept the sign of the Beast.

For most people protecting themselves against the sign of the Beast (or not) looks like one of the most important decisions of their lives, or even *the* most important decision… But even after a principal ‚yes‘ the big question arises *how* to protect oneself in order to be part of the 1-10% (in the best case 20%) of the population in the rich countries that don’t get cancer in the 2020s & 2030s. This topic is light years more complicated than usually assumed, it will be discussed in the next article. Beforehand let me stress that the protection devices offered only help partly & usually don’t protect higher than X6-X7, hardly in the dimensions X8-X9.