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Fixed Column Electrosmog (EMF radiation):
Devolution & Digital Dementia

Truth has to be repeated constantly, because error also is being preached all the time, and not just by a few, but by the multitude. In the press and encyclopedias, in schools and universities, everywhere error holds sway, feeling happy and comfortable in the knowledge of having majority on its side.” (John Wolfgang von Goethe, 8/28/1749-1832)

I have been in the forecasting business for 15 years & have made hundreds or thousands of predictions (depending on the definition). But if I could only make one call in my entire life, it has to be *this* article… which emphasizes its paramount importance.

There are many out there who predict financial crisis, crashes, and wars, but this article offers a much more fundamental take on the future of mankind in the coming years & decades. Due to its importance this article won’t be fully understood by many at present, this needs another 4-8 years. Sorry this article is so long, but the background story is so complex that it has to be presented in one piece.

In May 2015 the fixed column electrosmog (EMF radiation) was introduced, focusing on the 5 Horsemen of the Apocalypse in the end times, which will change the fate of mankind in the 21st century more than anybody can imagine:

  1. electrosmog (EMF radiation): most dramatic, by far
  2. radioactivity: most danger emanating from ‚accidents‘ such as Fukushima
  3. GMO food: least dangerous, with many parts of the world still free from Frankenstein food, mainly Europe, Russia, and Japan
  4. NWO warfare (e.g. chemtrails, HAARP): hard to estimate

My prayer is that I am wrong & these forecasts will *not* come true, as that would be terrible. But on the contrary, month after month more details & aspects are revealed, so that the suggested doomsday scenario gets wilder & wilder. Menu:

Electrosmog: first steps & review

I wouldn’t dare to make so outrageous calls without my personal background:

  1. 15 years professional forecasting: During these 15 years many very big trends & (financial) developments were called, which weren’t foreseen by *any* other forecaster on the planet. See the extra-ordinary Amanita calls: A current example is the Greek tragedy which got very hot again in July: in September 2009 this market letter stated that Greece would soon be slaughtered. As a matter of fact, the 666 Beast/ Antichrist (= EU) attacked Hellas in early 2010 & has tortured the country for more than 5 years now. To my knowledge no other market letter did prepare its readers as soon as Amanita….
  2. 20 years of studying medical topics: Since the 1990s I have been trained in 20+ different healing methods, since 2003 I work as a healer (occasionally). Since 2008 beginning of own research & assistant of a very successful spiritual healer. Since 2010 holder of the Jyotirlinga lineage & training with the Austrian brain researcher Dr. Eggetsberger, including a multi-year training called Theta X, which tries to shape one’s brain according to the model of the Shaolin monks. Training in Vortex Healing® since 2012, practitioner at the highest level (Merlin’s Grace).
  3. 9 years of studying electrosmog (since 2006): For 6 years I have written on this subject (since 2009).

Only this very comprehensive background allows a holistic synopsis & therefore excellent forecasts. In general, in order for predictions to come true they shouldn’t be believed in. That’s why many long-term Amanita forecasts are considered ‘impossible’ – until they finally come true…

The last edition of the free newsletter published in May 2015 introduced the fixed column electrosmog (EMF radiation). Why?

  1. This article series is about the most important thing for everybody: health. The standard order of priorities is: 1. love/ family 2. money/ career 3. health. However, health will become the #1 topic from the epidemics & extinction waves of the 2020s on.
  2. This is the by far most important long-term meta forecast for the global society & economy and therefore for the financial markets. Apart from a handful of top illuminati & the Amanita readers the full consequences are apparently not understood by anybody.
  3. *You* can protect yourself. This column has already fulfilled its purpose if it reduces the suffering of *one* sentient being.
  4. Almost all social or economic forecasts are highly questionable, in contrast to the electrosmog forecasts which are almost ‚carved in stone‘.
  5. Unfortunately, to my knowledge no other forecaster covers this topic in-depth, so I have to complete that mission myself.
  6. The underlying database is hard to find & unknown outside the Amanita readers.
  7. Possibly this column contributes to *change* the future – if this is part of the divine plan.
  8. Unpleasant news: The content of this article is very inconvenient. Unfortunately, the brain of less than 20% of mankind is able to deal with such very challenging contents (Link). Most of humanity lives a self-made fantasy world, full of unrealistic optimism. As a matter of routine they shut down their (left) prefrontal cortex when confronted with negative information. This archaic survival mechanism helps to alleviate the short-term stress, but long-term it is very detrimental. From the perspective of brain research this is the ‘hardware’ of the sheeple who just don’t want to face reality. The ability to properly process negative information & think strategically needs a LoC (Level of consciousness) of at least 350-400 on the scale of Dr. David Hawkins.
  9. long-term global forecasts: are unique because 95-99% of them fail, very few of them ever come true. It appears they are light years harder to make than all other calls. The reason is the best way to make forecasts is from the ‘outside’ or from ‘above’. However, we are mostly blind for global phenomena because every human is part of this planetary system. „As crimes pile up, they become invisible.“ (Berthold Brecht, 1898-1956) If at all, truly joined-up thinking helps, but the brains of very few people allow that: geeks & nerds (fachidiots) rule the world. Needless to say, the powers like that, as that allows them to push their agenda through with very few people realizing it. This is a key feature of the Amanita approach: a breadth of analysis hard to top.
  10. scope of this article: I call for nothing less than the biggest demographic, medical, sociological, biological, economic, political… revolution mankind has ever seen, changing the life of nearly *every* human being on this planet.
  11. search volume for electrosmog dropped to an all-time low in2015 (Link). The lack of interest in this topic is another confirmation how terribly important it is. There is one Golden rule: the more important & relevant something is, the less interested the crowd is & the bigger the denial of reality. Both laypeople & ‘experts’ expect that our lives will become more & more computerized, so you can bet that the opposite will happen: de-computerization. When everybody thinks the same nobody has really thought about it.
  12. exposure: The electrosmog exposure is rising dramatically (annual rise of 20% or more). We don’t find *any* other external stress factor with such a dramatic increase. It seems that finally in the past months & years very critical levels have been reached. You are certainly lost if you pay attention to the brain-washed official science. Most scientists are nothing but sheeple: they don’t recognize a trend until it is about to end (Elliott wave 5 recognition) – often years or decades after it had begun…
  13. biggest stress factor: Many therapeutic methods use a stress scale of 0-10 (0=no stress, 10=maximum stress). Using the kinesiological muscle test has yielded the following average stress levels for the socialist bloc EUSApan: chemtrails & HAARP cause a SUD (subjective units ) of 6-7, which is significant but not huge. In contrast, electrosmog causes an average SUD of 9.5, which is terrible.
    Electrosmog & chemtrails had a nearly identical search volume until 2007. Meanwhile chemtrails & HAARP are searched dozens of times more often. This is a confirmation that in 2015 electrosmog is a terrible burden, while chemtrails & HAARP are just a moderate burden. Based on lab tests like apheresis & soil samples Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt states that today everybody is polluted today with aluminum, barium & strontium (in the Western world), due to chemtrails. Klinghardt is one of the most successful MDs in the world, being consulted by patients after 23 (!) unsuccessful therapies on average… However, Klinghardt warns that many of his medical colleagues (in the US) who started to treat diseases caused by chemtrails lost their license or had severe ‘accidents’…


Biggest addiction epidemics in history



One key hypothesis for many years has been: during the 21st century electrosmog will kill many more (!) humans than both world wars combined. *Billions* (!) will suffer a premature death because of the microwave terror created by phones, tablets, Wi-Fi, smart meters… A leading indicator is the biggest addiction epidemic in the history of mankind. Never before in history has a mental disorder (addiction) spread so fast as in the past years. The term smartphone is totally wrong, the correct term should be dumbphone. Same with the so-called smartmeters: the correct term should be dumbmeter.

7 sub-addictions/ aspects of the biggest mental epidemics in the history of mankind:

  1. nomophobia (no mobile phone phobia) -> phone addiction: presumably the most widespread (!) fear today. In 2012 a stunning 77% of young British admitted to suffer from nomophobia – so the real number must have been 90% or so, as denial is always part of addictions. 66% of the total population admitted to suffer from nomophobia in 2012, after just 53% in 2008. Now 3 years later these numbers must have risen again, so you can bet that in the socialistic bloc 80-90% of the population suffer from nomophobia, and 90-95% of those below the age of 30. You only need to use public transportation to see how sick people are.
    It is a very small step from nomophobia to cell phone addiction: even according to official numbers we have 280 million mobile addicts in 2015, compared to just 176 million in 2014, which is a rise by +59% in just a year (source: Flurry). In my opinion, the yardstick >60 personal app uses per days is arbitrary & way too high. Halving the line in the sand to 30 daily uses would most likely double the number of mobile junkies.
    Just minutes without a phone create fear symptoms comparable to chain smoking. However, even at the worst times only a very small percentage of the world population were chain smokers, while today most (young) people are mobiles junkies. Some time ago a 111 initiative was launched in Asia: the participants want to turn off their dumb phone for 1 hour 1 day per 1 week… Will these junkies be successful with their heroic ambition?
  2. internet addiction: The term digital dementia was coined in South Korea in 2012 when it was understood that already 12% of the pupils were internet addicts. In 2010/11 the dumbphone boom started, that’s why in 2012 in German already ¼ of those aged 14-24 were considered internet addicts & many more in danger. Now in 2015 we have to proceed on the assumption that in the socialistic block 50% of the youngsters are internet addicts.
  3. gossip (antisocial media) addictions: mainly young women
  4. porn addiction: mainly young men
  5. gambling addiction: mainly (unemployed) young men. In Germany even official numbers say that the number of gambling addicts *tripled* in just the 3 years 2009-12. And in the past 3 years the numbers has certainly continued to soar.
  6. FOMO Fear of Missing Something (Link): mainly young men
  7. microwave addiction: mainly young men. Less & less people feel well without the deadly microwaves emitted from their wireless devices. This has been stressed by the German physicist Dr. Manfred Doepp.

Other mental / neurological damages created by electrosmog

Numerous studies have proven that, the more antisocial media (= Facebook), the more sleepless, the lonelier, the more neurotic, the sadder/ depressed, the more stressed, the more anxiety… Search volume for Facebook addiction has been falling since 2011 (Link): this means that until 2010 the level of the addiction was still low enough to allow self-criticism. However, since 2011 the average Facebook addiction must have gone through the roof. Without doubt, the term social media is wrong, it should be called antisocial media. Sure there is a way to use Facebook in a social way, but today this applies to hardly more than 10-20%. Many are Facebook junkies looking for the next high to avoid their feelings, some are no longer FB-active. The “like”-buttons are a very subtle yet powerful way of brain-washing to create a crowd of dull yea-sayers, who are less & less realizing that NO is also a good choice. There is little doubt that in the first few years Facebook was still social, but it has quickly become very antisocial. So you can only interpret studies of the past few years, the older studies have got very little to do with the average life style in the year 2015.


More & more people choose multi-tasking as a lifestyle, e.g. do something else while using the dumbphone. All studies have shown that this is damaging the human brain a lot. And: the *more* multitasking somebody does, the *less* it works. So the multi-taskers are certainly heading for a total mental collapse. There is a reason why for thousands of years Zen has been training a one-pointed state of concentration of mind (which is the opposite of multi-tasking).

Other good studies say the same: the more time students spend with the dumbphone, the worse their grades get. The learning success of e-books is light years lower (!) than of normal books, worst of all are enhanced e-books (Link):

During the 2-week inpatient study, 12 participants read LE-e-Books on an iPad for 4 hours before bedtime each night for 5 consecutive nights. This was repeated with printed books. The order was randomized with some reading the iPad first and others reading the printed book first. Participants reading on the iPad took longer to fall asleep, were less sleepy in the evening, and spent less time in REM sleep. The iPad readers had reduced secretion of melatonin, a hormone which normally rises in the evening and plays a role in inducing sleepiness. Additionally, iPad readers had a delayed circadian rhythm, indicated by melatonin levels, of more than an hour Participants who read from the iPad were less sleepy before bedtime, but sleepier and less alert the following morning after 8 hours of sleep. Although iPads were used in this study, BWH researchers also measured other eReaders, laptops, cell phones, LED monitors, and other electronic devices, all emitting blue light.

Of course, the hormonal system is confused by the high percentage of blue in screens & energy saving bulbs. One should never use energy saving bulbs & in the case of computer screens the effect can be weakened by the software f.lux (

The signs of the mental crash caused by electrosmog are visible everywhere – but nobody cares. Many years ago Microsoft studied the effect of hundreds of factors on working productivity. One factor stood out like a sore thumb: big screens are by far the biggest productivity factor. Since the outbreak of the dumbphone epidemics some years ago the average size of working screens has been collapsing, with devastating effects on productivity. It seems that nobody realizes that…?

The tiny sized screens make dumbphone users easy meat, in the form of (much) higher prices than on the PC charged by more & more online-shops. I think it is a great idea to charge dumbphone shoppers a fat idiot tax: to optimize world health, prices for dumbphone shoppers should be raised so much that all dumbphone users go bankrupt in a hurry – problem solved!

According to the brain researcher Dr. Gerhard Eggetsberger here in Vienna, Austria, we have been experiencing an outright mental crash since 2012/13. The average activity of the Amygdala (= fears, survival consciousness) is going through the roof while the left frontal lobe (= presence) is collapsing. According to the tests of Dr. Manfred Doepp already a few minutes of dumbphone usage are enough to create the signature of burnout in heart-rate variability (HRV) tests. Burnout is the perfect term: microwaves from all wireless devices heat up & burn brains. There are many factors contributing to burnout, but electrosmog is more important than all other factors combined. Over time the burnout is sinking deeper into the body, which eventually crashes the level of adrenalin & leads to organic diseases, according to Prof. Dr. Enrico Edinger.

If you had to bring the year 2015 into a body posture, then it would be certainly the head down (like cows eating grass), staring at their microwave WMDs. People are now spending endless hours in this posture of depression, sadness, guilt & shame, leading to mankind programming itself more & more into these very negative emotions. It also blocks the flow of (kundalini) energy in the body & closes the heart.


At the end you arrive at a cell phone fascism composed of cell phone zombies. I define ‘dictatorship’ as force coming from outside, while fascism is force, gleichschaltung, destruction & contempt for mankind coming from *within* (soul). This fascistic energy is mainly directed against oneself & the beloved ones, as we are in the syphilitic miasm.


Definition of terms: generations E + D

In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs [and generations], it is the rule. (Friedrich Nietzsche, 10/15/1844-1900)

I’d like to introduce a new terminology in this article: generations E+D. The primary reference point in determining the yearly numbers are the sign changes of the 3-4 generational planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto – perhaps also Chiron). Moreover, I have used the list of special cosmic events provided by Dr. Diethard Stelzl (Link).

With each of the new generations (few) new souls with special tasks incarnate on this planet. However, Klinghardt criticizes from his experience as a medical doctor that some ‘esoteric’ parents deny the disease, behavior disorder & poisoning of their children. Instead, they prefer to label them ‘special’ or ‘highly sensitive’, out of a narcissistic motivation. I am quite clairvoyant & see only a small percentage of a cohort as ‘special’ (spiritually advanced) – the rest of the cohort is simply sick.

6 generations (primary reference is the socialistic bloc EUSApan):

  1. post-war generation 1943-64: baby boomers (at present 52-71 years)
    * life expectancy: rising a lot, up to the longest life expectancy in history (men ~75-80 years, women ~85 years)
    * damage created by electrosmog: almost none
    * trigger events: (a) Philadelphia experiment in 1943 (b) end of WW2 in 1945
    * incarnation of special souls: hardly, a few Indigo children
  2. generation X (1965-1986): lost generation (at present 30-49 years)
    * life expectancy: men 70 years, women 80 years
    * damage created by electrosmog: little
    * trigger events: in 1962 the New Age beam arrived at the Untersberg mountain, culminating in the Sirian experiment 40 quarters later
    * incarnation of special souls: Indigo-Kinder
    * persons responsible for earth changes: Drunvalo Melchizedek (US)
  3. generation Y (1987-1999): echo boomers, beginning of declines (at present 18-27 years)
    * damage created by electrosmog: a lot
    * life expectancy: men 50-60 years, women 65-75 years
    * trigger events: (a) Harmonic Convergence (Star of David in the sky) in August 1987 (b) In the run-up the Christ grid was completed, as a preparation for the return of Jesus Christ.
    * incarnation of special souls: Crystal Children (Link)
    * persons responsible for earth changes: Drunvalo Melchizedek (US), 23-year old woman in South America
  4. 4.generation Z (2000-2011): Digital Natives, Ritalin (especially in the US), robots/ zombies/ duty-performers according to Prof. Dr. Gerald Hüther (at present 4-15 years)
    * damage created by electrosmog: massive
    * life expectancy: men 40-50 years, women 55-65 years. Maybe this estimate is way too high (optimistic): in the US 90% of the 10-12 year old children (= generation Z) are already chronically ill. This is the rate of illness formerly seen at the age of 70-80…
    * trigger events: (a) big numerological change at the turn of the millennium in 2000 (b) inflation-adjusted all-time high in 2000 (c) August 1999 solar eclipse with a Grand Cross
    * incarnation of special souls: Rainbow children. Using his Rebatest device Dr. Reimar Banis, founder of Psychosomatic Energetics, measures a high vibration (on the level of the 7th chakra) in some children born since the year 2000.
    * persons responsible for earth changes: Vortex lineage with the holder Ric Weinman (USA/ Southern England) - Arcady Petrov, Igor Arepjev, Grigori Grabovoj (Russia)
  5. generation E (2011-24): electrosmog/ end times/ energy savings lamp/ epidemic/ exitus (at present: small children or not born yet)
    * damage created by electrosmog: extreme or biggest possible
    * life expectancy: men 30-50 years, women 50-60 years
    * trigger events: radiation load going through the roof for 4 reasons (2011 Fukushima, energy saving bulbs, dumbphones - dumbmeters)
    * persons responsible for earth changes: Vortex Heaing® lineage with the holder Ric Weinman (USA/ Southern England), 17 transpersonal souls (also in Austria)
  6. generation D (2025-???): disaster/ devolution/ dementia/ doomsday/ degeneration/ disease
    * damage created by electrosmog: already received (epi-) genetically & thus as high as possible
    * life expectancy: questionable, bottoming out, slowly rising (depending on collective decisions)
    * trigger events: (a) end of Kali Yuga (b) biggest crisis in the history of mankind
    * persons responsible for earth changes: Amma (India)


In 2011/12 (beginning of generation E) many data sets suddenly began to flip, the 4 main reasons:

  1. Fukushima 3/11/11
  2. dumbphones (link): misleadingly called smartphones
  3. dumb meters (link): misleadingly called smart meters
  4. energy-saving bulbs: In the years around 2011 the socialistic bloc replaced conventional bulbs with energy saving lamps – pushed through by the climate fascists to make us sick. These highly toxic bulbs are an essential part of the NWO plan to reduce world population. Aaron Russo once asked Nick Rockefeller on that, who replied, „Why do care about the serfs? We don’t need so many serfs.“
    In 2013 Dr. Eggetsberger introduced a device which measures the subjective electrosmog stress(Link). It is a great meter complementing the others that only measure the exposure (only electro-magnetic though). Already in 2010 I began to muscle-test the negative impact of energy saving lamps: the stress levels I arrived at were so high that I could hardly believe these results.. Note a dowsing or muscle-test can never replace technical measurements, so I am shocked that the measurements since 2013 have confirmed my worst fears.
    Within about 10-20 cm (4-8 inches) of a cheap energy-saving lightbulb the stress level can reach 300-1000 points, while ‘normal’ electrosmog (including microwave high frequency) produces ‘only’ 30-50 load units. The highest stress levels are produced when the lamp is turned *off* & the jack is plugged incorrectly (Link). Unfortunately, this can’t be seen from the outside, it can only be measured. The correct plug produces only a small stress level. A dowsing on that (ceteris paribus): life-long sleeping with a falsely plugged in (bad) energy-saving lamp on the bed table shortens one’s life expectancy by about the same as chain-smoking, i.e. >15 years (‘only’ by 2-3 years when plugged in correctly).

Mental super crash: intelligence quotient (IQs) towards 50-70?

It was Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis here in Vienna (Austria), who first realized that our personality is mainly shaped in our first years of life. A second phase with an elevated neuroplasticity is puberty (albeit much less than infancy). The ongoing mental super crash has 4 stages:

  1. generation Z (birth years 2000-2011): electrosmog damage during puberty
  2. generation E (birth years 2012-24): electrosmog damage already around conception & during infancy, which is as terrible as it can get. The extensive empirical research by Dr. Alexander Trofimov, director of the International Scientific Research Institute of Cosmic Anthropo-Ecology in Novosibirsk (Russia), has proven that the decisive moment for one’s health is the time around the conception (Link).
  3. generation D (birth years from 2025 on): The damage is already received through the (epi-) genetics from the parents.
  4. children of generations E & D (partly Z, too): The eggs of a female fetus are already formed in the first 3 months of pregnancy & are not protected *at all* (!) against microwaves. While new sperm cells are created every day by men, all egg cells are already formed before the birth of a baby girl. That’s why the real (epi-) genetic damage is delayed for 20-40 years, until the woman is pregnant herself. So from a global perspective the harm created today won’t be fully visible before the middle of the 21st century, as Barry Trower explains (Link). That’s why Dr. Klinghardt thinks that (without counteracting) normal conceptions will become next to impossible (!) in the 21st century. The only way to have children could be through frozen eggs…

I also propose 3 definitions of electrosmog:

  1. electrosmog in the narrow (traditional) sense: non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation
  2. electrosmog in a wider sense (all forms of radiation exposure): There are many more detrimental effects than commonly understood. List:
    * electromagnetic waves
    * magnetic fields
    * electric fields
    * longitudinal electric waves by Nikola Tesla
    * scalar magnetic waves by Gennadiy Vasilevich Nikolaev
    * hypersonic (Rainer Gebbensleben
    * frequencies
    * dirty electricity (stray voltage): according to Prof. Dr. Magda Havas
    * ionizing radiation (radioactivity)
  3. electrosmog in the widest sense: All negative impact of human technology, including the changes of cultures, lifestyles...

I’d like to examine the electrosmog in the widest sense, referring mainly to the leading German brain researcher Dr. Manfred Spitzer, who is a genius in my opinion. He has sifted through all relevant studies & found a lot of terrible stuff…

Reverence for the scribes

Already years ago I warned that it won’t take long before we admire the scribes: again one of these incredible & ‘unthinkable’ Amanita forecasts – which often come true rapidly. In general, moves ‘down’ (devolution, crashes, destruction) are much faster (rule of thumb: 100x faster) than ‘up’ (evolution, creation). This is not only true in the financial markets, it applies to every field of life.

E.g. in China only 2-8% of a certain age group had reading problems – until the 1990s. By 2013 this number exploded to 42%, based on N~6000 (Link). The main reason is the policy change: until recently the thousands of Chinese signs were taught handwritten, years ago schools started to teach them directly on the computer. Think about that: the Chinese system worked for 3,000 years – and then it was ruined by Apple, Google… in just a few years.

In 2013 handwriting was removed from the school curriculum in 46 US states: there is little doubt regarding the catastrophic consequences this will have. Sure this is part of the NWO forcible-coordination (gleichschaltung in Nazi terminology) to create the standardized citizen. Handwriting is both a major part & expression of one’s individuality. So will contracts soon be signed with 3 crosses? Learning through the computer is a very superficial learning, creating superficial people without a backbone: perfect NWO puppets.

Apart from the US & China Finland has also started to abolish the handwriting. Finland was Europe’s winner in the PISA studies until the early 2000s. The brainwashed mainstream media always tried to convince us that the policy change towards more socialism was responsible for these good results. After many years of NWO propaganda it is finally admitted that just the opposite is true. The previously good Finnish performance was the afterglow of the non-socialist, strict & conservative education system that existed before… Educational research has revealed that it takes 10-15 years until changes in the education system yield results. That’s why the Finnish performance has collapsed in the past decade. The 2nd reason for the crash of the Finnish performance apart from the socialism is the high degree of computerization.

Studies have proven that electronic schoolbooks minimize the success of learning, while the crowd & the so-called ‘experts’ think they maximize it. Now you understand why Apple boss Steve Jobs did *not* allow his kids of play around with the computer or the iPhone (Link). The same is true of Bill Gates & other top IT CEOs: they send their kids to schools where computers are *not* allowed. Needless to say, these technology leaders understand the true dangers of computerization light years better than the dumbphone sheeple, wo are getting more stupid each month. That’s the way of thinking of psychopaths: their children (with normal intelligence) will be ‘automatically’ the leaders of the next generation when the rest of mankind is dumber than dirt. Very clever strategy to keep the power within the family, which obviously hardly anybody else than the Amanita readers understands…

Beginning of the IQ crash with TV


The steep mental crash means that the highly developed & complex civilizations of the past decades can only be maintained for some time, before it has to fail. The global IQ topped in the decades after TV was introduced in the 1950s, until the early 200s we already lost 3 IQ points (Link). Even mainstream researchers like Prof. Brendan Baker from the Hartford University confirm the general IQ decline (Link).

Note the numerous studies that have shown that TV makes people more stupid, fat & criminal. Neil Postman (who coined the term infotainment) recognized that TV (and even more so the new media) steal our childhood & therefore lead to an infantilization of adults. Criminal statistics say that in 1979 children committed 110 times more serious crimes than in 1950 (+11,000%). But this was certainly not just because of TV, but also because of electrosmog, nuclear power plants, nutrition, life style & other factors.

Studies have shown that broadcasting stations are a serious health risk, driving the number of tumors up a lot within a radius of some miles. However, their number was & is low, so the effects were minimal & local compared to the microwave tsunami of the past years.

The first internet generation in the 1990s & early 2000s was a blessing, as it created an active & critical media consumer, instead of the passive TV watcher. Moreover, in the early stage of the internet we didn’t have total information control, no information centralization & no information flooding. Unfortunately, the web 2.0 & especially the new NWO stultification weapons (e.g. tablets) are a serious setback: again mostly passive media consumption not much better than TV, information flooding, total information control, infotainment, information manipulation by states & companies, mental pollution in antisocial media & of course an information monopoly (Google).

The Google company motto Don't be evil is just perfect from the perspective of the illuminati, as it creates a focus on the evil: “energy follows attention”. Everybody with basic knowledge of suggestions or hypnosis understands that you shouldn’t use negations. I guess that suggestion “Don’t think of pink elephants!” will increase the odds 1000-fold that you think of pink elephants… It’s hard not to become evil with Google’s motto.

The moderately negative effect of TV was offset by other factors, especially that the wars & food scarcity weren’t over in many countries until the late 1940s. In the war-free US the IQ has been declining longest. The IQ continued to rise in Europe until the 1990s, as the continent needed a long time frame to recover from 2 world wars (Flynn effect). One can assume that the IQ was still rising into the early 2000s in the emerging countries of Asia, Africa & South America. A meta-analysis in the scientific journal Intelligence (Link) calculated an IQ decline of 15 points for the 120 years 1884-2004: 0.125 points per year (8 years for one point).


IQ crash on the time axis

  • In the 2nd half of the 20th century the average IQ fell about 0.1 points per year, however, with huge divergences between the different continents & nations.
  • At the turn of the millennium the IQ decline accelerated to some tenths of a point per year. Example: in Denmark the IQ of young men collapsed by 2 points in 6 years (1998-2004), which is 0.2-0.3 points per year (Link). According to the University of Hartford the global average IQ was only 88.5 in 2011: a marked decline in just a couple of years (Link).
  • Now in the end times since 2013 we have an IQ crash of more than 1 point per year. A simple extrapolation of this trend (red arrow in the chart) would translate into an average IQ of debility (IQ<70) as soon as in the 2030s. However, according to kinesiological muscle-tests in the method of Dr. Hawkins there was an extreme acceleration in the past months & quarters. Moreover, the formerly big divergences within the socialistic bloc EUSApan converge.

IQ decline/ year




August 2012




August 2013




August 2014




August 2015




The 3 Horsemen of the Apocalypse (electrosmog, radioactivity, GMO) have never been necessary for mankind: their only purpose is to make mankind sick, suffer & dumb. The differences between the 3 continents are quite logical:

  • Japan is worst, mainly because Fukushima in early 2011. According to the German nuclear expert Dr. Holger Strohm the radioactive fallout of Fukushima is 12,000 times (!) bigger than of Chernobyl. In the prefecture Fukushima (population 2 million) the number of thyroid cancers exploded 40-fold (!) in the first 3 years after the disaster.
  • Europe is least affected because the continent is still mostly free of Frankenstein food & food quality is still rather high, although the EU tries everything to change that. Japan is also GMO-free but Fukushima has overtrumped this positive effect by far.

Gender gap: dumb boys, smart girls

Everywhere you find the same unequal distribution in terms of gender & age: the IQ of boys declines approximately 3x times faster than of girls of the same age - at present by more than 3 IQ points per year. In contrast, old ladies are hardly impaired. This explains the massive IQ gap: according to Klinghardt the IQ of 17-year old boys is already 15% lower than of 17-year girls (obviously he is referring to the US). Every 5 years the number of kids suffering from autism & similar diseases doubles. E.g. boys have a 20 (!) times higher risk of suffering from Asperger than girls.

In 1943 the new disease autism was first described by the Austrian psychiatrist Dr. Leo Kanner (6/13/1896). At the beginning it could only be detected among rich parents in the US, because initially it was nothing but a vaccination disease. Later most of the population was vaccinated, so the mercury in the vaccines triggered more & more cases of autism. This was confirmed by the CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson. The second goal of vaccinations in early childhood apart from making the poor babies sick is to create a trauma, which leads to a soul loss (in shamanic terminology): zombies are very easy to control. A foreign substance in the blood allows establishing a soul access.

The most disturbing fact regarding the autism epidemic is the near-constant growth rate of about 15% per year since the 1970s (still unchanged in the past years!), to the 200-fold level. In 2015 one can assume almost 3% of the US boys suffer from autism (0.6% of the US girls Link). Now in the end times the US is already entering the epidemic stage. A simple continuation of this 40-year old trend means that in the 2020s there will be (almost) no neurologically healthy boys left in the US… Note: Europe is about 8 years ‘behind’ the US in this respect.

So 50-90% of the (young) men won’t find adequate jobs. Can you imagine the incredible social & economic turbulence that *must* break out? Already today 78% of those 18-24 years old are of no use for the US military service (Link). This also explains why in the past few years the male inactivity rate (discouraged men) has risen by 3% (from 9% to 12%), the same as the 6%->9% rise of the previous 30 years (in contrast, female inactivity rate is fairly stable). Now I think it should become obvious why this is *the* forecast of all forecasts, everything else is peanuts in comparison...


A theoretical IQ=100 means that 5% of the population is either highly intelligent (IQ>130) or intellectually challenged (IQ<70). The normal IQ range is 85-115, a below-average IQ<85 is called learning difficulty. An IQ of ~70 translates into a mental age of 10-12 years & is of little or no use in today’s working environment, allowing only a handful of rather simple jobs (as in caring). In the 19th & 20th century such an IQ was enough for assembly-line work. Correctly you are not allowed to go to polls at the age of 10-12, so one should start to remove the voting rights of more & more (male) voters due to the IQ crash…

The 4 main reasons for the IQ crash

So we have 4 factors contributing to the IQ crash, with regional divergences:

  1. IQ crash because of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse: electrosmog has by far the most important factor, radioactivity is average, and so far Frankenstein GMO food has the least impact
  2. imported IQ crash: The average IQ of the invaders (called ‘asylum seekers’ or ‚immigrants‘ by the mainstream media) is 80-85, some like the Romani only ~70 (Link). Unfortunately the socialists (which try to hide themselves behind the term ‚liberals‘) deny that this imports problems that can’t be solved, due to the average IQ gap. But good-doers are never ready to accept reality.
  3. IQ crash because of incest: Muslim cultural enrichers practice incest quite often, their offspring suffers 13x (!) more often from genetic defect & are 5x more likely to be mentally deficient (IQ<70) than without sibling love (Link). Incest lowers the IQ by 10-15 points on average & therefore inevitably leads to decay, which also killed the Egypt Pharaohs who often married to their (half) sister.
  4. IQ crash because of socialism: In earlier times mainly the intelligent passed their genes, which was the *only* way mankind could evolve. Brainwashed leftists refuse to acknowledge that without this ‘evil’ social Darwinism we would still live in the Stone Age. Because of socialism this necessary evolutionary pattern was turned upside down recently, so today the non-intelligent are breeding like rabbits (in the socialist bloc). From a very long-term perspective (generations) socialism is always a 100% Stone Age ticket, as it lowers the average IQ of each successive generation. This is one of the reasons why the elites encourage socialism as much as possible: idiocracy (reign of idiots). A stupid crowd with an IQ of 50-70 can be easily ruled a lot easier than intelligent citizens who see through the fraud. Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto by order of the Rothschilds. As Peter Schiff put it: every idiot can redistribute wealth (= socialism), but only geniuses can create wealth.

Gardner’s 9 types of intelligence

However, the IQ crash measured by intelligence tests is just the tip of the iceberg; the other types of intelligence are presumably declining 3 times faster. One can also distinguish intelligence with the aid of the 4 elements (earth, water, fire & air). Conventional IQ tests mainly measure the element air & somewhat the element earth (visual thinking). The element air (= IQ) is still taught in school, while the other 3 elements wither away. According to Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence. Still, we have a fluent passage between intelligence & ability/ skill/ competence. List:

  1. verbal-linguistic (air)
  2. logical-mathematical (air)
  3. musical-rhythmic and harmonic (water)
  4. visual-spatial (earth)
  5. intrapersonal (fire)
  6. spiritual (fire, water)
  7. interpersonal (water)
  8. naturalistic (earth)
  9. bodily-kinesthetic (earth)

Imbecility on all 9 levels is more or less a guaranteed, the biggest crash can be expected in the last 3: interpersonal, naturalistic, and bodily-kinesthetic. E.g. an Austrian bike magazine wrote in 2014 that in the past few years suddenly more & more children are unable to ride a bike, as their body consciousness is too weak (intelligence #9). The rule for all 9 types of intelligence is: „use it or lose it. “ The lack of use of more & more types of intelligence will eventually result in their loss.

Intelligence #10 sexual (an-) alphabetism

I add sexual intelligence/ competence as #10, for 4 reasons:

  1. While sexual intelligence partly overlaps with other types of intelligence (especially #7 & #9), it also has distinct & unique qualities.
  2. Sexuality is almost never recognized as competence/ intelligence, instead it is usually reduced to the animal level. I think the opposite is true: there is no other field in life where one can (and should) learn as much as in the sexual sphere. After nearly 10 years of practicing tantra, being touched by someone for 10 seconds is enough to judge if this person has done no, little or much tantra. Sure there are a few natural talents, usually with a level of consciousness LoC>540 (<1% of world population).
  3. sexual (an-) alphabetism: One could also call the past 5,000 years of the Kali Yuga also the age of sexual illiteracy. Can tantra can end the age of sexualilliteracy? My tantra teacher lists 150+ different orgasm types in an Excel spreadsheet, and the number is growing continuously… J Tantra is rooted in Atlantis 50,000-100,000 years ago, perhaps even further back in Lemuria? Sounds impossible? According to research done with the ship Ulises, 50,000 year old cities were found in the sea. Here in Austria machine-made tunnels more than 10,000 years have been discovered. According to the ‘science’ of history this should be impossible, as the Stone Age lasted until 4,200 years ago in Central Europe.
  4. sexual super crash: Of the 10 intelligence types, sexual intelligence is experiencing the worst crash. The brain researcher Eggetsberger reports that in 1978 the electric brainwaves of males & females still measured 190 on average during orgasm, in 1994 that number had already fallen to 170 - readings below 150 make an orgasm impossible. For years many young persons (especially men) are introduced into sexuality through hardcore pornos. You don’t need to be a tantra guru to understand that in conventional pornos almost everything that *can* be misdone *is* misdone. That’s why in 2012 my girl-friend suggested we correct these false images with our own movie. Her background is perfect: PhD in sexology from the US West Coast, internationally renowned artist, teacher of tantra & yoga, and her dissertation advisor was a porn producer...
    So the next generation will be shaped by porn movies, which creates a generation of sexual psychopaths, where even the most basic sexual skills are missing. The forerunners are clearly visible, with an epidemic of erectile disorders in men younger than 20, which was previously hardly a problem for men younger than 40-60. Today, real-world sex is of less & less interest than having ‘sex’ with the always horny porn queen on the screen.
    Japan is leading with the soshoku danshi, the plant-eating men: a term coined in 2006. According to a 2013 survey, 35% of young Japanese men (16-19 years) completely lost any interest in sex, with many opposing it openly. Delicate questions always have a significant dark figure: 40-50% is more realistic than the official 35%. The official 35% means a doubling within just 5 years, after just 17.5% in 2008. 1/3 of the below 30-year-old Japanese have never had a date in their life & almost half (!) of the young women below 24 has no interest in sexual contacts.
    How to explain this incredible asexuality epidemic in Japan around 2011? Mainly because of the worst nuclear accident in history in early 2011 in Japan. Actually radioactivity (even more so than electrosmog in the narrow sense) transforms life energy into killer energy (Oranur), as proven by the Oranur experiment by the Austrian psychiatrist & life energy researcher Wilhelm Reich in 1951. To ensure survival & protect itself (!) the organism shuts down the life energy (= essentially sexual energy) as much as possible. As radioactivity is spreading more & more each year, from Fukushima to the rest of the globe (at present mainly in the Pacific) the chastity epidemic will also spread. The signs are everywhere, but hardly anybody wants to see them.
    Refusal of sexuality is a passive refusal of life, from there it is only a small step to the active refusal = suicide. In July 2015 the suicide search volume saw the by far biggest spike in history (Link), after a low in 2011-13. This spike is much more scary than it looks at first, as usually around the longest days of the year you always have a low in search volume, followed by an advance into the shortest day (in the Northern hemisphere). The reason is that light deficiency is a major factor in explaining the number & severity of depression & suicides. Suicides are hardly ever totally ‘spontaneous’, as usually the topic is on people’s minds for some time before suicide, e.g. through internet searches. For many years a giant extinction wave has been called for the 2020s, maybe stretching into the 2030s. Partly these deaths will be involuntary (= diseases, wars) & partly voluntary (= suicides). Even official numbers say that in the US the average death age is declining since 2008 (although the extent of the forgery is hard to judge). Many different data series confirm this scenario more & more. It is more than likely that an unprecedented suicide wave begins in the coming years.


All living bodies contract (implosion in the terminology of the Austrian life energy researcher Viktor Schauberger), all dying bodies expand (explosion). Radioactive elements are the strongest killers in the universe, because they store most centrifugal energy. That’s why in Jan Scholten’s homeopathy the radioactive elements represent the final stage.

The US researcher Walter Russell also studied the nature in radioactivity & arrived at ground-breaking conclusions. Yet the biggest genius in the history of science, Nikola Tesla, suggested not publishing his knowledge for 1,000 years, because mankind is not mature yet. Nevertheless Russell published his book Atomic Suicide in 1957, which sold 13 copies. The higher the truth content, the smaller the interest – the crowd is never interested in the truth. Quotes:

Radiation is the normal death principle. Everything in Nature dies normally by slowly radiating its heat. Radioactivity is the explosively quick death principle. Radioactivity is man's discovery of how the human race can die quickly, and not be able to propagate its kind for many long centuries. In its natural environment, radioactive radiation is vital for the overall balance, however, when spread out across the entire world, it causes massive global warming and turns planet earth into a hot desert.

Now a short introduction into the so-called sexual science. Alfred Kinsey is considered to be the most important sexologist (of the 20th century or all time). He was sponsored by the Rockefellers, to conduct sexual studies from 1948 on. Kinsey was installed by the illuminati for 3 reasons:

  1. Kinsey was totally abnormal; he mutilated & obviously even killed himself during auto-erotic activities.
  2. Kinsey was a zoologist: this perspective is great to reduce human sexuality to animalistic sexuality.
  3. Kinsey (6/23/1894-1956) has almost the same birthday as Freemasonry (6/24/1717)

Dr. Judith Reisman is the main critic of the Kinsey fraud (Link): Kinsey’s results are almost exclusively based on the study of pedophiles, pimps… His ‘study results’ were used to declare all kinds of perversions & crimes as ‘normal’. Kinsey also encouraged pedophiles to document all details of the child abuse… Most of the ‚knowledge‘ about childhood sexuality come from one person: the serial rapist (!) Mr. Green. Note: Dr. Josef Mengele, who tortured humans to death in German concentration camps, was brought to the US after WW2 (Operation Paperclip) in order to continue his research, under the pseudonym Dr. Green.

Who was behind Kinsey? Kinsey was a big fan of Aleister Crowley, the most influential black magician & sexual magician of the 20th century. Crowley had good contacts to the highest political levels, e.g. he was an advisor of Winston Churchill. You only understand today’s US sexual policy after taking into consideration that Obama outed himself as a Crowley fan in 2012, by wearing a Crowley T-Shirt (Link). So the White House is governed by the perfect satanist. Presumably Crowley is also the grand-father of George W. Bush (Link), he called himself the 666 Beast.


After Kinsey’s death in 1956 Wilhelm Reich was imprisoned in 1957 & later murdered, because he wanted to free human sexuality… The FDA even forced him to burn all his books (!): this tells you how dangerous the elites considered his teachings. It’s crucial to bring the orgasmic energy into the heart, which is the basic technique of the Ankhing in Egypt tantra, according to Drunvalo Melchizdek (Link). This is the problem with Indian tantra often shooting out energy out of the crown chakra, which feeds ETs & steals the mother essence from women, according to Franz Erdl. Sexuality can be lived on 72 different levels, few ever get beyond the first few & even fewer (99.9%) don’t have a working sexuality module in the heart chakra (hypersex).

Rising accident numbers as a result of the intelligence crash

The masses have never thirsted after truth. They turn aside from evidence that is not to their taste, preferring to deify error, if error seduce them. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim. (Gustav Le Bon, 5/7/1841-1931, founder of mass psychology)

The claims made in this article are hard to believe, yet it easy to find corroborating data. Without doubt, the collapsing brain power (mental super crash) is reflected by accident numbers. Car driving mainly requires 2 types of intelligence: visual-spatial & bodily-kinesthetic. For 100+ years we had a powerful base trend in the socialistic bloc: the number of accidents fell by some percentage points on average each year. E.g. in 1912 Germany still had 631 accidents per 100,000 motor vehicles – a couple of years ago this number had dropped to 6, which is 100x less. The world number of deaths by accident dropped for 40 years into 2010, and in Germany the number even dropped *each* year in the 23 years until 2010. In Germany the base trend was -6% per year in the 20 years 1991-2010, from 11.300 to 3.648 (Link). Reasons: better technology (ABS, spacers…), less consumption of alcohol, more police controls, more average driving experience, less new drivers because of less young people & smaller mileage. The number of cars has declined in Germany for about a decade.

Still, in 2011/12 (= beginning of generation E) the number of deaths suddenly soared by +10%, a deviation of a whopping 16% from the base trend. After the first increase in 2011 there was a second increase in 2014: the number of injuries rose by +4%. Other nations like the US have experienced a similar advance since 2011-13, in spite of the annual mileage shrinking for years: -6% in the US because of the depression (which of course doesn’t show up in the massaged numbers). If you take out the base trend, the number of crash victims goes up by 5-10% per year in the end times, mainly due to electrosmog epidemic. This means millions of humans will suffer & die from accidents in the next decades, as an indirect electrosmog effect (at present 1.2 million road fatalities per year) - if the trend isn’t stopped soon.

Estimates say that 10% of today’s accidents are a direct effect of being distracted by the cell phone. But this is just the tip of the iceberg, because in the minutes *after* a phone call the accident risk is still 4 times (!) higher (indirect effect): this is the same increase as a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 g/DL (Link). It takes 1-2 hours for the accident hazard to normalize. The statistics get even worse as there is a huge age effect: older persons are hardly impaired, while young people even have a 10x higher crash risk (same as of 0.15 g/DL). Whatever data you take, the electrosmog pattern is the same: the younger, the more dramatic.



A very interesting insight is that hands-free equipment increases (!) the risk of accidents by about 50%, compared to a normal phone call. This is just the opposite of what is intended… Why? The main reason is that the use of conventional speaker phones brings the fatal microwaves deeper into the very sensitive brain. There are 2 solutions for this problem: either headsets using infrared (like the Aircom A1 Stereo) or ferrite cores.

Ethics & karma of electrosmog

This leads to the ethical side of electrosmog: most people would never drive drunken. However, none of the sincere citizens realizes that because due to their cell phone intoxication they have the same accident risk as those totally drunk. From a legal point only drunk driving is a crime, but not cell phone drunk driving. It is the ethical & karmic duty of everybody to ensure that you are driving with a sober mind only, not clouded by electrosmog.

From a human perspective accidents are nasty, but from a divine perspective everything is perfect as it is: accidents are the settlement of karma. It is the same as the Jewish jubilee every 50 years (base of Kondratieff wave), where credit + debit are returned to 0. I have heard a couple of times that people were involved in accidents soon after a spiritual consultation with the Avatar Amma. Some began to doubt Amma’s blessing (who in the end times plays a similar role as Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago). However, karmic analyses have revealed that due to her divine grace very severe or even deadly karma is transformed into bearable karma, worked out as a an accident… Quite often Amma only gives ‘packages’ into the energy field of those hugged, where at first they don’t have any impact at all.

Creativity disappearing

Creativity is crashing the same way as intelligence does: the rather unique feature of the human race is creativity, maybe our biggest gift. By far *the* most interesting university class of my life was Creativity in Business in 1997 as part of my MBA program in the US. This class was so unconventional & brilliant that it had to be discontinued after one semester. The rule is always: the better something is, the more it is attacked. Part of the class literature was the book by Michael Ray & Rochelle Myers, quote:

After finding that about 1 child in 30 is brilliant and happy, (Harvard psychologist Burton) White did a great deal of research to determine what demographic or psychological characteristics distinguished those children. But the children came from a wide variety of backgrounds — rich and poor, small families and large, broken and stable homes, poorly and well-educated parents — and from all parts of the U.S. Finally, through extensive questioning, he determined that the bright and happy children had only one thing in common: All of them spent noticeable amounts of time staring peacefully and wordlessly into space.

In the Eastern tradition this is called the soft focus. The key for creativity & happiness is to enable space & ‘boredom’ – just the opposite of the 24/7 occupation with the dumbphone… So the prospects for global creativity are more than terrible.

Destruction of the masculine

I was appointed six months ago and the more I have spoken about feminism the more I have realized that fighting for women’s rights has too often become synonymous with man-hating. If there is one thing I know for certain, it is that this has to stop. (UNO speech by Emma Watson 2014)

Let me tell you how everything began… It began in 2014 in the sauna - with 2 naked people, as many interesting things in life. J Note that in Central Europe you are usually naked in the sauna, which people from the rest of the world find kind of strange. I had an interesting conversation with a graduate from the Technical University of Vienna. He is working a lot on cell phone towers & 380 kilovolt power lines, which of course entails a very high load of electrosmog.

In talks with ~30 colleagues he learned that *none* of them had a son (since doing this job), all of them had daughters. According to kinesiological tests the future risk of infertility among these small girls is about 90%. Statistically this is an extremely unlikely phenomenon, with random odds less than 1:1 billion (approximately 0.4830). This brief conversation triggered a lot of research, with shocking results…

I have analyzed private German data (, because you never trust government data, which probably was ruined by statistical terrorists. My grave concerns were confirmed: the normal gender ratio at birth is 51-52% male. Yet it was already as low as 48% in 2010 & has meanwhile collapsed to 44-45% (Link). Normally 6% less girls than boys are born, but in the biggest European nation we have already 26% more female births. This means that the gender ratio has already moved by an unprecedented 30% (!)… Birth weight of the male babys as a very basic health indication has already declined by 5-10% (but rather stable of the femals babys). These are leading indicators for birth rates: so far female fetuses are able to withstand the microwave terror better, but sometime (in the early 2020s?) it is expected to hit the bifurcation point, which could see birth rates hitting rock bottom.

The ideal antenna for electromagnetic waves is the half wavelength. Today’s most used frequency band is 2.4 gigahertz, which translates into a perfect antenna of 6.3 cm/ 2.5 inches. This aligns almost perfectly with the average global penis (lingam) length…Is is just a ‘coincidence’ or a well-directed blow against males? The lingam has an antenna function (like the uterus, but different) which is heavily impaired by the electrosmog.

Other reasons for the male weakness: especially in the US about one third of the boys is made to zombies through Ritalin (Concerta, Methylin, Medikinet). Moreover, the male hormonal system is permanently under pressure from environmental toxins, 99.9% of them working like the female hormone estrogen. The female hormone system is also disturbed, but to a much lesser degree. The problem of environmental toxins is that the cumulative effect over the generations. E.g. in an animal experiment mice were fed with junk food. This generation remained healthy, but their children & grand-children (who got best food) got sick.

The XY chromosomes (men) are more impaired than the XX chromosomes (women). This is a well-known pattern. On July 10, 1976 there was a major dioxin accident in Seveso (Italy). Over the following 7 years 80% more girls than boys were born. This accident is a shocking indicator of how sick the Western societies have become… Birth ratios suggest German parents are already almost half as poisoned as the most poisoned parents near Seveso after 1976…

Why? The first reason is quantity: the X chromosome contains more than 1,000 genes, the male Y chromosome only about 50 (less than 5%). Quality is also much worse, because the Y chromosome is only passed down the male line. In 250 million years the Y chromosome has already lost 90% of the genes. According to the human geneticist Bryan Sykes males will be history already in 125,000 years. However, electrosmog could accelerate that a lot… The 2nd reason is that being pregnant with a boy is more difficult for the mother than with a girl, due to the different hormone systems.

Being small & light is an advantage for the XY sperm cell, that’s why at conception the ratio male: female is still 1.3:1. However, until birth this rate has already fallen to 1.05-1.06:1 (during peace times) & with each year of life the female share is growing, up to 3-5 times more women in the oldest cohorts.

Needless to say it is no coincidence that the male chromosome is Y-shaped, the Y rune represents power & victory. Trees divide themselves & look like a Y on geopathic fault lines, as that gives them more power to balance out the negative influence.

The criminologist Prof. Dr. Christian Pfeiffer has coined the term of the lost generation of young men. In the US & most European states women are already 40-50% more likely to enroll at universities than men & the gender gap is widening year after year. In 2013 there were ‘only’ 44% more female freshmen in Scotland, in 2014 this number was already 49% (Link). A continuation of the trend means that in the early 2030s men are practically eradicated at universities (in the beginner classes), as planned. This aligns perfectly with other data, with many men of generation E (born from 2012 on) & even more of generation D (born from 2025 on) will be very proud of themselves if they are able to wipe their bottom themselves– absurd to think of higher education.

The first reason for the exploding gender gap is that less & less young men can handle college classes, due to the IQ gap rising year after year compared to women. Even the ongoing collapse of the quality of university classes doesn’t help too much. The second reason for the exploding gender gap is that the discrimination of men is reaching bizarre levels. Women still get only a fraction of the jail sentence than men, for the same offence.

Male genital mutilation is 10x more frequent than female, yet nobody gives a damn & it is legal. The chakras open in a rhythm of 7 (days, months, years), that’s why circumcision is done on the 8th day: on the first day of the 2nd (sexual) chakra opening the sexual trauma is worst. Men have become the scapegoat for literally everything. Meanwhile men are imprisoned in many cities for manspreading, i.e. when they don’t press their legs together. This is yet another act of symbolic castration.

It is not just the quantity (not enough men), but ‘quality‘ of men will collapse even more. Here are some characteristics of the coming male generation (generation from 2012 on, even more so generation D from 2015 on):

  • unemployed because of an insufficient IQ: The inactivity rate of young men will soar to 30-80%.
  • incapable of having partnerships: autism & Asperger are a serious relationship & contact disorder, the lack of empathy makes partnerships almost impossible. The number of good male partners will eventually drop to 10-20%: the other 80-90% don’t really need a partner, but rather a mother, advocate & disability care worker… A few neurotic women will enjoy this enormous power, but 95-99% will be extremely unhappy with such a situation.

Annual birth rates are just below 1% per year in the socialistic bloc: 5 million EU, in the USA 4 million & in Japan 1 million - in China 17 million & in India even 27 million. Due to these factors & a myriad of others (NWO plan, infertility epidemics, extreme uncertainty, economic collapse, and the end of socialism) the birth number will most likely collapse by 80-90% by the 2020s (in the socialistic bloc, less elsewhere). Birth rates collapsing to 0.1-0.2% accompanied by death rates 5-20 times higher will cause unprecedented world depopulation. Most real estate objects will no longer be needed, so prices won’t recover for decades from this shock. This is one of dozens of reasons why for years I have called for a global bear market of property prices until the 2080s (next Kondratieff low in the 2020s & 2030s, the following one in the 2080s).

Spiritual background of the destruction of the masculine

But one has to see the destruction of manhood in the historic context. Now in the end times, ahead of the return of Jesus Christ, we are reminded of the Holy Bible. Around the birth of Moses (some ~3,300 years ago) the Pharaoh killed all baby boys & Herod the Great had the same idea ahead of the birth of Jesus Christ (more than 2,000 years ago). The number of creation is 3: the 3rd & last major killing of boys is therefore confirming the return of Jesus Christ.

However, the spiritual background of transgender & similar NWO perversions is never understood. The goal of the genderless human is nothing but the worship of Satan. Already Neil Postman recognized that technology is a form of a Faustian deal with the Devil: something human is sacrificed in exchange for some advantages in the material world – but there is always a price to be paid. The gender deception & confusion propagated by the NWO has a very long tradition: after her fall (LoC 50,000 -> 190) Sadhana (female) chose a male appearance & called herself Lucifer/ Satan, for tactical reasons. However, in October 2006 Lucifer/ Sadhana resigned due to healing work from my lineage (Vortex Divine Healing®), which triggered huge changes on our planet beginning in early 2007. Since early 2007 homeopathy no longer works as it did before & in the financial markets we had a deviation of 25 standard deviations according to the Goldman Sachs CFO, which should happen less than once in 100,000 years.

It is no coincidence that the tarot card 15 the Devil (1+5=6) is depicted as a hermaphrodite. According to the NWO & (esoteric) liberals our goal should be neutralized polarities, the goal of socialism is to remove financial polarities. Of course, just the opposite is true: without exception depolarization produces diseases, suffering, crimes, heteronomy, perversion, ageing & death… In a nutshell: everything that is considered ‘evil’, ‘negative’ or ‘criminal’ & attributed to Satan in a Christian context.


All biological systems need the correct (electric) polarity for a proper functioning. E.g. an egg cell could never be fertilized by the sperm cell without the opposite electrical charge. The egg has a negative (Yin) charge polarity & therefore attracts the positively (Yang) charged sperm. At the moment of impregnation the egg changes from negative to positive to repel all other sperm cells. This polarization is found on all levels: in the male body the chakras 1/3/5/7 are positively charged, in the female 2/4/6. The electron has a negative charge (Yin) while the proton has a positive charge (Yang). Electrosmog leads to energetic switching, which is the reversal of polarities: a 100% guarantee for suffering on all levels.

The ratio female: male also reflects the power ratio of Yin: Yang. In the case of conceptions the moon sign is by far most important. According to the research of Dr. Eugen Jonas the odds of a female birth are about 80% when the moon was in a female Yin sign at conception (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces) & 80% for a male birth when the moon was in a male Yang sign at conception (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius). Jonas even claims an accuracy of 98% when specific marginal conditions are fulfilled (Link). The moon in a female or male sign means that this principle (Yin/ Yang) dominates at present.

On a deeper (energetic) level the gender of the baby reflects the strength of the parents: a stronger favors a male birth, a stronger mother favors a female birth. So the historic change in the gender ratio is another confirmation of the energetic crash of masculinity in the past few years.

Practical note: The astrological cycle is much stronger than the biological one, that’s why the natural contraception methods hardly work. Only about 20% of the conceptions happen at the most fertile biological time (mid-cycle), 80% with the most fertile astrological time. Reason: near the synodic lunation of the woman spontaneous ovulations do occur, i.e. when sun & moon have the same angle as at the birth of the woman. E.g. when a woman is born during a full moon, then her most fertile days are the full moon & the 3 days before. The man also has more sperm during his synodic lunation, but these millions hardly matter. J According to Ostrander/ Schröder a Japanese taxi company found out that their drivers were much more likely to have accidents near their synodic lunations. Banning their staff from driving around these dates lowered the number of accidents considerably.

Warfare: subtle/ Yin instead of gross/ Yang

A big field with the same shift (Yang->Yin) is war. Classic wars (Yang/ male) began 6000-6500 years ago according to Prof. James DeMeo’s Saharasia theory. In the past 5000 years we had mainly Yang wars, however, in the Yin-ruled end times wars are governed by the 7 subtle forms of Yin warfare, which is hardly ever understood:

  1. information wars: It is hard to say when the information wars started, as they have been part of warfare for a very long time. The first descriptions can be found in the 2500 year old book Sunzi: the Art of War. But never before have information wars been as dominant as in the past years.
  2. biological/ chemical wars: The ‚industrial‘ killing of people through creating diseases has an astonishingly long history – since the invention of vaccinations more than 2,000 years ago in India & China (in Europe in 1796 by Edward Jenner). Vaccinations have *never ever* served the purpose of healing people, their purpose has *always & without exception* been eugenics & population reduction. Napoleon introduced mandatory smallpox vaccination of weak, children & men: those who didn’t survive the vaccination torture had a too weak constitution & were deemed useless eaters anyway. The survivors received a vaccination certificate allowing them to work for the state… For the same reason slaves were vaccinated: high prices were paid for the survivors (recognizable by the scarfs). Statistics of early small pox vaccinations: 5% died, with 10% were crippled afterwards. Since 2001 (9/11) chemtrails have become the chemical/ biological warfare against mankind.
  3. economic wars: They also have long tradition, mainly as a preparation for the classic wars. Economic sanctions can kill many people, too. Since 2014 NATO has been waging an economic war against Russia, which has become the biggest economic war since WW2.
  4. physical wars: via microwaves, radioactivity, HAARP… since the 20th century
  5. nature wars (weather, earthquakes): practiced for at least a half century, definitely since the Vietnam War. The last big event was Fukushima 2011. It is almost impossible to defend against these attacks.
  6. reproduction wars: For 20-50 years most countries of the socialistic bloc (except Japan) are victims of a creeping population conquest by the much higher reproduction rates of the immigrants. Everybody who is able to calculate 1+1 is able to understand that, except those totally brainwashed by left political ideologies. In the past millennia donations & charity were a good thing, yet in the end times often the opposite is true. These NGOs are mostly serving the Anti-Christ & are often illuminati puppets, like the WWF & others. In 2014 the Turkish prime minister Erdogan called his compatriots living in Austria to successfully end the ongoing Siege of Vienna, after the first two failed (1529 &1683). Europe would have become Islamic without the Turkish army being defeated twice near Vienna, which would have totally changed world history.
  7. cyber wars: Hacker attacks have become very dangerous in the past 10-20 years, as everything is controlled over the internet now. Again it appears to be next to impossible to defend against that: Sony, the Pentagon & other top-level organizations have been hacked.

The highest martial activity in our lifetime is due in 2023 (secondary high in 2035-40), which is primarily referring to these 7 Yin wars & to a lesser extent to conventional Yang wars. The same principle (more Yin, less Yang) can be found in other areas of life, too:

  1. theft, expropriation: In the good ol‘ times these crimes were always ‘tangible’ (= Yang), now in the end times they are often secret & unnoticed (= Yin), e.g. though inflation (since the gold window was closed in 1971) as well as data theft through clouds in the past a few years…
  2. enslavement & dictatorship of technology: In the good ol‘ times people would rather have their heads chopped off than be enslaved (= Yang). Today most people are capitulating at any sign of resistance, which is totally Yin. (Computer) technology was supposed to be making our lives easier & more stress-free… Instead, just the opposite is happening: more & more stress created by technology – this is nothing but crowd madness. At the same time our life is more & more ruled by technology: dictatorship of technology.
  3. bodily harm & murder in installments: Until the 20th century danger to life & limb was always a result of personal assaults (= Yang). Now in the end times the dangers to life & limb are usually invisible (radioactivity, electrosmog, GMO food), which is the Yin style.

Addiction as the defilement of the masculine

The biggest addiction epidemic in the history of mankind is the price that has to be paid for condemning, weakening & destroying the masculine. 3 different approaches align.

1. The founder of Family Constellations, Bert Hellinger, on the topic of addictions (Link).

When there is addiction, for example alcoholism, we have very strange family constellations. In such a family the wife despises her husband. And she does not want that the children honor the husband or go with him and with his family, she says: “I am good, he is not good”. And then the children take revenge on the mother, they prove to her that they are not good and that she is wrong. So they take revenge. As a result it has become clear that during addiction, it actually can only be taken care by men, not by women. So the therapists for drug addicts should be men. But women who honor men, they can help, only if they are not trying to help “the poor addict” or so, for then they treat them like they were children, and the drug addict has to become a man. And he becomes a man when he honors his father. There is a very simple image to go in this direction: for instance, I set up his father –in a Constellation- and behind him I place the grandfather, and behind him the great grandfather. And then the addict leans against his father and that is a masculine strength for him and it helps.

2. My spiritual teacher Dr. Hawkins (until his enlightenment an alcoholic himself) on the topic addiction (LoC 125 Link):

The permanent high-state experience that may be legitimately attained only through a lifetime of dedicated inner work can, however, be reached temporarily by artificial means. But the balance of nature dictates that to artificially acquire that state without having earned it creates a debt, and the negative imbalance results in negative consequences. The cost of such stolen pleasure is the desperation of addiction, and finally both the addict and society pay the price.

3. From the perspective of biology (flight-or-fight) addiction is a form of flight.

On a deeper level, all 3 approaches (Hellinger systemic, Hawkins spiritual, biological) are suggesting the same: Yang weakness. The divine manifests itself in 2 complementary or even contradictory aspects, as my pastor Prof. Dr. Paul van Heyster expressed: justice/ truth (Yang/ male) & love/ surrender (Yin/ female). This is the primary duality of creation.







spiritual principles

love/ surrender

justice/ truth


negative, take/ accept

positive, give




answer, attitude

JA, absorption

NO, distinction/ delineation


2, 6 (all even numbers)

1, 9 (all odds numbers)


earth, matter

heaven, spirit/ mind


Moon, Venus

Sun, Mars

life cycle

old, death

birth, youth

limbic motivation

balance/ safety, social & sensual stimulation (passion)

dominance/ power/ status, technical stimulation

biological survival mechanism



preference in problem-solving


visual thinking





magnetic – centripetal force (from the periphery to the center)

electric – centrifugal force (from the center to the periphery)




body side




left (socialism/ communism)

right (capitalism/ market economy)

national accounting

consumptions – imports

investments – exports

precious metals




low, falling

high, rising







Addiction is the negation of the male principle, which represents justice & performance. It is the attempt to arrive at the female principle of lust without honoring the male principle. Note: the clitoris is the only organ (in the both male & female body) which has no other purpose than lust. The orgasm & drugs are the only ways for 95% of mankind to reach the levels of ecstasy (LoC 570). This explains the craving of the crowd for these few seconds (which may expand to minutes & hours with tantra).

Both socialism & addictions trample on the male principle (everybody gets what he deserves). The undeserved receiving of money & non-pecuniary benefits is the norm in the socialistic bloc EUSApan, where the public spending ratio is nearly as high as in the Communist Bloc in the 1980s (before the collapse). The false teachings of socialism say that nobody is ever allowed to ‘fail’ (= Yang), resulting in endless bailouts.

Parents know that the best way to ruin one’s children & to make them unfit for life is to spoil them, by not defining boundaries (= pure Yin). The Russian healer Sergey Lazarev describes how in his early years as an entrepreneur he was very socialistic, by paying his employees way too high wages. Over time all of them got sick, slowly he realized that this was the way their souls paid for the undeserved money: There is no free lunch. The currency of the soul: suffering & diseases. That’s why socialism *has* to lead to suffering & decay on all levels. Sure the illuminati understand that very well, so they established socialism as an ideology through the Rothschild proxy Karl Marx.

Outlook: trend change from 2023 on

The 20th century (years 19xx) was totally Yang, because the numbers 1 (= Sun) & 9 (= Mars) are most male. The re-polarization began in the early years 2000s, as the numbers 2 (= Moon) & 6 (= Venus) are the most female numbers. The crash of masculinity will accelerate dramatically into the global addiction all-time high 2022, afterwards the trend changes. 2022 is the first triple master number in 900+ years (years 1101 & 1111) & brings the dominance of the female to an all-time high. The moon number 2 = duality, which is the basic principle of suffering: the years around 2022 will produce the biggest suffering in the history of mankind. Around 1101-1111 the male principle was strongest, near the beginning of the Crusades: longest-lasting geopolitical issue of history & again *the* geopolitical issue #1 in the end times (Christianity against Islam).

Heliocentrically we had 8 days in September 1988 where all 11 planets/ points (with Chiron & center of mass CM) were in female signs. 1988 was the last gasp of communism (Eastern bloc), before it collapsed in 1989. From a statistical point of view, this was at least a 40-year event, as on average there are just 2 days per decade when all 11 points are in the same polarity (0.5^11). The nonstop cluster of all planets as in 1988 presumably even was a once-in-a-millennium event.

All 9 geocentric planets in female signs are also highly unlikely for a given day: P=50%^9=0.2%. That’s why you only have such a cluster only 7 days per decade on average (= 3652 days). All 9 planets in female signs: this happens only 3x in the years around 2022. In early 2024 Pluto leaves the female sign Capricorn, so the window is closed 2024-2043. These 3 periods mark the focus points in the war against masculinity & therefore the global maxima of suffering, addiction & heteronomy:

  1. September 9/10, 2018 (2 days) geocentric: preparation
  2. December 23, 2019 (1 day) & March 16-20, 2020 (5 days) & May 11-17, 2020 (7 days) heliocentric: beginning
  3. October 23-November 8, 2023 geocentric: focus, peak & termination (16 days!).

The beginning in 2018/2019 correlates with an aspect cluster, which should only occur once in a million years or so from a statistical point of view. In the years around 2018 11 of the 13 trans-Saturn bodies/ points are in aspect (of the 12th harmonic): all at 24-0° (end degrees of a sign = end times). The stellium (focus) is in late Sag (4x): Galactic Center, Ixion, Quaoar, Pholus. We have conjunctions of 2 bodies both in late Aries (Uranus, Eris) & late Libra (Arcturus, Haumea). The remaining 3 bodies are: Chiron late Pisces, Sedna late Taurus, Varuna late Cancer. Moreover, Pluto is at 21° Capricorn, which might be counted as #12 – only Neptune is out.

2019 is also the beginning of the 42 months of tribulation (reign of 666 Beast/ Anti-Christ) mentioned in the Holy Bible. After these 42 months mankind is ready for the return of Jesus Christ. Already the prophets of the Old Testament knew of the double Messiah, in the language of the Swiss theologist Dr. Roger Liebi:

  1. suffering messiah: around the year 0
  2. reign (return) of the messiah: after completing the end times (after 2022, during 21st century)

These numbers are part of the unique numerological Amanita market analysis. Only the highest levels of the illuminati & premium subscribers understand their meaning… These 4 price codes are most important:

  1. 111 NWO attack number
  2. 322 Skull & Bones Brotherhood of Death
  3. 666 number of the Beast: The 6=Venus=sex means being locked in the matter, 666 is the Beast/ Anti-Christ & the matrix. So the 666 is the rulership of Venus & the female. It is no coincidence that the lows of the 2009 biggest equity bear market of our life-time was DAX 3666 & SPX 666.6 … The biggest physical epidemic in history was the Black Death 1347, which killed half of the European population. What a ‘coincidence’ that the biggest mental epidemic in history started about 666 years later, in 2013…
  4. 911 NWO attack number: especially since 9/11

Almost all (?) of my astrological colleagues called for the maximum tension (crises & crash) for the years 2012-15, mainly because of Uranus-Pluto. Also, most preppers & doomsayers expected the crash long ago. But all of these calls were wrong. Only the Amanita readers know that everything happening in the 2010s is just a preparation for the mother of all crises in the 2020s, when the Kali Yuga is heating up a last time. The crisis stretches into the 2030.

So mankind is still heading 7 years deeper into the syphilitic miasm of suffering, death, destruction & disease). Official medical science is totally unaware that in the past few years we have a parasite epidemic as never before in history, mainly tapeworms & filariae (nematodes). Standard lab tests produce 95% false negative tests, so they are completely worthless. The parasite epidemic is part of the collective malaria miasm (Dr. Sankaran) in the background (see the books of Hana Blahova on that). Parasites mirror the dominant problems in the socialistic bloc:

  1. living at the expense of somebody else: socialism
  2. lack of boundaries/ NO (= invasion by ‘asylum seekers‘): green & socialistic policies

From 2023/24 on we will send parasites on all levels packing (social/ ethnical/ political/ medical): parasitology will be the next medical revolution from 2022-24 on. By the mid-2030s we have an echo crisis: the beginning should be around late 2032/ early 2033, where the depression cycle described by Edgar Cayce is due (every 2nd conjunction 0° of Jupiter & Pluto). This depression cycle was already discussed in 2006, mentioning the next conjunction (0°) in December: the leading US economy began a recession precisely in December 2007. To my knowledge no other forecasting service could call the blitz depression so precisely so far in advance. The end of the echo crisis & beginning of the 1000 year reign of Christ (Satya Yuga) dates to 2033-40.

From a divine perspective everything is perfect as it is. The strongest attachments of the ending Kali Yuga (Dark Age 5,000 years) are money & intellect/ science/ technology. During the end times (the time *before* the Last Judgment) these idolisms have to be cleared. The 2 ways are either soft or hard. Mankind has opted for the hard way, with the biggest possible financial & mental crash. The financial crash is expected by many, but more important is the 99.99% unexpected mental crash (devolution)… Matthew 5:3: „Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”