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1000% ROI through electrosmog protection?

Nothing is sadder than the death of an illusion. (Arthur Koestler)

The topic of this article is protection against electrosmog, which also marks the end of this article series that started 7 (Biblical) years ago in 2009. I began to study EMF radiation in spring 2006, after I was diagnosed being affected by electrosmog. Now 40 quarters later is the natural completion point, as 40 marks the end of a cycle. But one meta-prognosis is crystal-clear: the paramount importance of this article series 2009-16 won’t be fully understood by the general public before the 2020s & 2030s. In the past I made several very long-term calls that were apparently not understood or believed by anybody in the first 1-3 years, finally after 3-5 years the suggested scenarios slowly became plausible…

Why electrosmog protection?

In the 16 years of editing this market letter no other issue has been scrutinized so much in the free newsletter. The reason is obvious: to my knowledge no other (eminent) forecaster or trend guru realizes the enormous importance of this topic in the coming 10-20 years (but eventually until the end of the 21st century. The devastating impact of electrosmog will revolutionize our lives in the coming 10-20 years so deeply, as 99.9% of mankind today can’t imagine: health-wise, technologically, financially, economically, politically, socially, scientifically, spiritually

For years I was looking for an answer to why apparently *all* good prophecies say that world population will shrink dramatically, including the few prophecies that don’t mention big earth changes & wars, or explicitly rule them out. According to some prophecies it could crash by up to 95%: world population 300-500 million, the same as in the 1500 years into the 18th century. It is no coincidence that the first of the 10 Commandments of the Georgia Guidestones is: keep humanity's population below 500 million. Almost everybody (especially in the socialistic bloc) will develop cancer or another potentially deadly disease in the period 2020-34. The key dead-line is approximatetly 1/6/2021 for the beginning.

This poses the $666 million question: *How* to be among the 1-10% (unlikely up to 20%) who can avoid this fate? To key to answer that question is the spiritual background of the population explosion in the past centuries. On Wolfgang Lißeck’s scale of soul evolution most incarnations bring zero progress, or in the best case the soul age goes up by 0.1-0.2 points. According to Dr. Hawkins the average increase of the consciousness scale (0-1000) is only 5 LoC points per incarnation (Link). Only exception: every approximately 12,850 years (half cycle of the Galactic precession cycle 25,700 years) one can gain up to 1-2 points in the soul age in one lifetime, but only through tremendous suffering. This window is again due in the 21st century, so everybody wants to profit from this (potential) spiritual goodie. That’s why world population is at an all-time high in the end times - before it crashes. Similar to a train stop many souls exit here, i.e. they end the chain of physical incarnations, usually after hundreds of incarnations.

The last exit window about 12,850 years ago was the (final) fall of Atlantis, because of the beginning of the ice age (link). Note that the sudden temperature drop by 3-5° C (5-9° F) was the biggest in the past 100,000 years. In addition, the temperature low of the past 100,000 years was also timed by the precession cycle: about 25,700 years ago. Prof. Raymond Wheeler already predicted in the mid-20th century that the high of the 1000 year climate cycle is due at the beginning of the 21st century. We are sitting at this high, which coincides with the turn of the 25,700 year cycle, so temperatures now fall for 400-500 years into the 25th century.


A clever remark says that forecasts are very difficult, particularly if they concern the future. Amazingly, this is not true at all in this case. Quite the contrary, the Amanita electrosmog predictions have higher odds of coming true than any other call I have made in my life: P>99%. At present both laypeople & so-called ‘experts’ are convinced that the future will bring more of (this) wireless technology. Such a 100% consensus is a guarantee that that the opposite will happen… The crowd is blinded by an incredible ignorance and is convinced & proud of how ‘technologically advanced’ we are. Nothing could be further away from truth. We are not the first who destroy themselves through technology. Without doubt, the fall of Atlantis already began long before the ice age, and their technology was far more advanced than our comparably primitive technology. Their far more sophisticated technology worked for millennia, while our terrible technology leads to extinction within a few generations.

Since 2000 I have made hundreds or thousands of forecasts, however if I could only make *one* single call in my entire life it has to be on electrosmog. The costs for electrosmog protection should be the most profitable investment for almost everybody, yielding a fat return of at least 1,000%, although 10,000% or more is quite possible. Needless to say, health is your most valuable asset & the basis for everything else. As usually the Pareto principle applies: roughly 80% of the effects come from only 20% of the causes:

  • basic protection costs of maybe EUR or USD 1,000
  • best all-round protection: costs of maybe EUR or USD 5,000 (for one physical address)

However, the pay-off period of this investment is decades (actually generations), which is too long for Joe Sixpack. There is a reason why Warren Buffett, the most successful investor on the planet, does *not* set any time limits for his investments. This is the crucial difference between the truly successful & the average person: the elites think in generations & eons, while the sheeple have almost zero perspective.

How to measure electrosmog

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables. But be thou sober in all things. (2 Timothy 4: 3-5)

To be well protected against electrosmog one should always measure the objective & subjective burden. Without valid tests there is no way to define appropriate steps & control the success. The first problem is that to my knowledge *all* methods of measurement only capture a small part of the phenomenon. That’s why *all* methods of measurement produce a huge number of false negative results, while valid measurements don’t produce any false positives. This means you can rely on test results when they indicate an exposure, whereas it means little if anything when one method doesn’t indicate an exposure.

How to measure objective exposure:

  1. electromagnetic radiation: Good instruments are for instance the Cornet ED85EXS for the frequency spectrum 1 MHz-8 GHz, enough for the private use. For professional use the gold standard is Gigahertz. Today microwaves are by far the worst problem, but they can also be easily shielded. One should measure at home & at work every month or so, to detect changes.
  1. constant & alternating electric fields: easy to measure & shield
  2. constant & alternating magnetic fields: easy to measure, but very hard to shield. Note the huge impact of the weak earth magnetic field, according to researchers of the Max Planck institute the direction of the head at night has a major impact on sleep quality. In the Northern hemisphere it is best to have one’s head in Southern direction.
  3. dirty electricity (stray voltage, parasitic frequencies): The Stetzer Microsurge Meter measures the exposure & the Stetzer filter shields partly against it. However, for unknown reasons a Stetzer filter placed at the wrong wall socket can even *increase* dirty electricity, so one should never act blindly.
  4. hypersonic (Rainer Gebbensleben Can’t be measured with traditional methods.
  5. balancing currents of mobile base stations: A Hungarian patent exists but to my knowledge so far no devices are offered. So at present ideomotor methods (pendulum, dowsing, and muscle tests) are available.
  6. longitudinal waves (I waves): The displacement of the medium is in the same direction as, or the opposite direction to, the direction of travel of the wave (in contrast to the common transverse waves). They can’t be measured with standard methods, so ideomotor methods are required.

How to measure subjective stress:

  1. physiological measurements: HRV heart-rate variability, brain measures (Link) & many others. The advantage of these tools is that they are part of evidence-based medicine, but unfortunately it captures only the tiny part of the EMF burden that has already somatized. Using an iceberg model it is possible that this approach detects only 5% of what is actually there, missing up to 95%. The rest are compensated by the body for a very long time, before suddenly the wall falls & your health collapses overnight. An interesting device is the PcE electrosmog trainer by the Austrian brain researcher Dr. Eggetsberger(Link): However, his device only measures parts of the lower dimensional burden (especially electric fields), however even microwaves are mostly missed.
  2. ideomotor methods (pendulum, dowsing, muscle test): Unfortunately, the use of these tools depends a lot on the persons performing the tests. Experience suggests that few practitioners are sensitive enough to detect electrosmog. The best question is to ask how much the person is stressed by electrosmog on the standard 0-10 SUD scale (subjective units of distress): 0=no distress, 10=highest possible distress. According to my calibration the electrosmog SUD of the average person has already soared to a whopping 9.5 (in the rich countries). *All* other stress factors like environmental toxins, HAARP/ ELF, chemtrails & others create a SUD of 6-7. Up to 7 distress may still be compensated, which becomes impossible at SUD 7-10. The problem with the phosphorus nosode D12 (suggested by Dr. Reimar Banis) is that it only detects persons with the biggest electrosmog intoxication.
  3. subjective stress (SUD) assessment: The few percentage points of the population with electro-sensitivity (ES, EHS) can feel & roughly assess electrosmog, with the aid of their symptoms. However, this is not an option for the rest of the population & would produce totally wrong results today, because by 2016 most (young) people have become electrosmog addicts. As with every other addiction people feel at first worse when you take their addictive substance away. More & more people are in a permanent state of switching (energetic reversal) & every year the switching creeps deeper into biology. That’s why more & more people don’t feel well at all in an environment without electrosmog. Finally, deprivation of the electrosmog drug will often lead to a healing crisis (Herxheimer reaction), which also makes people feel bad. Unfortunately, most young people never had a single day free of electrosmog in their entire life, so they don’t have a reference for this ‘strange’ condition. This is especially true of generation Z (born in 2000-11) & generation E (born in 2012-24).

Electrosmog sources

Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act. (George Orwell)

Unfortunately, the number of electrosmog sources has exploded in the past years.

1. privately produced microwave electrosmog:

  • up to 2000 watt: microwave ovens (if the shielding is not perfect), amateur radio
  • up to 2.000 milliwatt: cell phones, navigation systems with SIM card
  • up to 250 milliwatt: Wi-Fi, wireless phones (DECT), Bluetooth with 3 performance categories 100/ 2.5/ 1 milliwatt (e.g. cordless headphones, mouse, and keyboard), baby monitors, games consoles, keyless car keys, inverters of solar collectors.
  • up to 10 milliwatt: smoke detectors, door bells, ‚smart‘ usage meters (power, heating, gas), radio remote control (e.g. to open garage doors). These meters send either all 5-10 seconds or once in minutes. So they are the craziest thing one can imagine: they create electrosmog 24/7, just to avoid being read once a year.

2. other privately produced electrosmog:

  • (electric) cars, trains: Electric & hybrid cars create by far the most electrosmog. The reason appears to be the high voltage (650V) of the battery.
  • energy-saving bulbs, other devices with bad equipment (especially lamps): Most electrosmog is created by bad power adapters, when they are not grounded.
  • screens: The high blue proportion in screens damages the eye & reduces the melatonin level. This is bad for our sleep pattern & releases more of the stress hormone cortisol, which suppresses our immune system. Cortisol is the reason why electrosmog doesn’t create much more inflammation immediately. The good ol’ classic light bulb having most of the light in the red spectrum is the perfect balance for the blue of screens & energy saving bulbs, especially in the evening. Energy saving bulbs emit the by far worst light spectrum, with the exception of a few very good & expensive ones.
  • solar collectors: especially those with a pulsed Shunt regulator.
  • RFID chips
  • other electrical appliances: powerline (PLC dLan), power packs, transformers, floor heating systems, heating blankets, hospital beds for homecare.

3. collective electrosmog sources:

  • cell phone towers
  • nuclear power plants: ionizing radiation is electrosmog in the wider definition
  • trains: Magnetic flux density is only about 0.1 μT microtesla in a car, but an amazing 100-300 μT in trains (Link).
  • power lines, transformer stations
  • directional radio, radio & TV towers
  • buried cables
  • satellites
  • radar

No protection through laws & regulatory limits

Today every person is impaired by electrosmog, even thousands of kilometers away in the jungle (but of course much less than in towns). Sure a few encouraging events have happened:

  • petitions: e.g. a petition of 100 scientists demanding the UN begins to deal with the EMF problem (Link)
  • court decisions: Some courts (e.g. in Italy) have acknowledged that electrosmog does create cancer, similar to the early smoker trials. One US tobacco company had to pay an incredible fine of $23 billion for downplaying the risks of smoking.
  • partial bans: In 2015 France enacted a law that Wi-Fi has to be turned off in kindergartens where children younger than 3 years are playing.
  • insurances: Swiss Re (the biggest reinsurance company on the planet) & Lloyds don’t cover 3 sectors because their risk is potentially unlimited. These 3 are: microwaves, nuclear power, genetic engineering. Needless to say, all 3 business models should be forbidden immediately.

Still, this is not more than a drop in the bucket, as lawmakers won’t step in to stop the ongoing genocide through electrosmog:

  1. delay: The harmfulness of asbestos was already known in the year 1900 (!). Still, it took almost a century until it was finally forbidden. It will be quite similar with electrosmog, except that electrosmog is 100 times more harmful.
  2. radiation limits light years too high (Link): The radiation levels legally allowed are a couple of zeros too high. They would only protect if they were only a millionth as high (6 zeros less!). The WHO limit for UMTS/ LTE is 1 million nanowatt nW/ cm2 (10 Watt/m2). In contrast, some electrosmog organizations demand a limit of
  3. lack of any regulation: There are no laws whatsoever for frequencies & many other factors that modify or contribute to electrosmog. E.g. studies have proven that the typical Wi-Fi frequency 2.45 GHz is much more harmful than all other frequencies (Link). Again the frequency bands were chosen to make people as sick as possible. Pulsed waves are another very negative factor.
  4. mobile communication mafia: Those who resist the ongoing genocide have a dangerous life. One minister of a European country responsible for selling the cell phone licenses said in a private conversation that he is very worried because of the death rays – but it would be his death sentence if he tried to step in…

So *YOU* are at your own. Note that not only humans need protection, but also animals, planets, food & medication, especially information essences such as homeopathic remedies. Already in the 1990s the Austrian researcher Erich Körbler examined homeopathic high potencies, and he found out that many of them no longer carried any information. A series of repeated studies has proved that cell phones destroy homeopathic remedies (Link).

There are 4 methods of protection, with a crystal-clear hierarchy. You should always implement them in the order stated. Otherwise they have little benefit or even a negative effect. Unfortunately, the average person only applies #4 (information reprogramming), which should only the very last step.


Protection method #1: avoidance (with a lifestyle change)

Truly I say to you, you will not come out of there until you have paid up the last cent. (Matthew 5: 26 – own translation)

Avoidance is most important & most unpleasant step, as it requires a lifestyle change. However, if you leave out this first & crucial step out for the sake of convenience, then you risk the entire project of ‘electrosmog protection’. There are many providers of electrosmog solutions who claim that you need their product XY & everything is fine. Unfortunately, it can never work that way. This is pure crowd madness based on a hedonistic philosophy that puts convenience above everything else. A culture is ready to collapse when wellness becomes the big boom. Moreover, producing death rays produces negative karma. The 3rd law of Shoshana Zuboff says:

Every digital application that can be used for surveillance and control will be used for surveillance and control (regardless of the initial purpose).

The only way to stop digital enslavement is avoidance. Avoiding works best at home & is most important in the sleeping room, because during sleep the sensitivity is much higher than during the day. At work most people have little control, in public space you have no control at all.

absolutely necessary list (to be implemented as completely as possible):

  1. turn off mobile internet: Since 2010/11 we have a new dimension of electrosmog because of the mobile data of dumbphones (called ‚smartphones‘ in Orwellian language). Reasons:
    (a) very high dose of death rays
    (b) 24 hours a day (normally)
    (c) very close to the body: The strength of EMF radiation declines with the square of the distance, i.e. very fast. That’s why nearly always the radiation created by oneself is by far strongest.
    Depending on the app configuration, turning on the mobile data multiplies the electrosmog by a factor of 100+. That’s why the battery may be empty before the end of the day, when a large number of apps is active. Power usage allows a rough estimate how much of the death rays is produced. Usually my iPhone is still loaded 100% in the evening, because I only turn mobile data on briefly when absolutely needed. Without being actively used & without mobile data turned on a cell phone is rather ‘silent’, there is just one short synchronization per hour or so. I bet mobile data are by far *the* most important factor for the biggest cancer epidemic in history beginning in the 2020s. For most people this one source creates more electrosmog than all other sources combined. If you don’t want to turn off the data, then you don’t need to care about the other electrosmog protection steps. What’s App is a catastrophe from an electrosmog point of view, while text messages are best, because they only send 1-3 seconds.
  2. LAN, no Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi is the second biggest source of death rays. Tablets were created on purpose to make cable surfing (LAN) very difficult or next to impossible. Android requires a LAN-USB adapter & probably the tablet has to be rooted. This may or may not work, possibly lacking stability. So one should always choose desktops & notebooks with ethernet connection. Needless to say, the Wi-Fi based internet of things is an awful idea. The ultimate peak of madness is Wi-Fi to go/ private hotspots: you have no control over how many death rays are emitted. But again one has to measure the emission, never rely on the official information. E.g. years ago I briefly used a Zyxtel model which produced an incredible load of microwaves in spite of Wi-Fi being completely turned off.
  3. corded telephone: Corded phones are by far the best choice. If there is no way to avoid DECT, then choose the new generation which only emits death rays during phone calls (eco-standard/ eco-low-radiation/ eco-mode/ full-eco-plus).
  4. light bulbs (or LEDs), no energy saving lamps: Most energy saving bulbs have a great many advantages, e.g. they have a terrible light quality & produce a lot of electrosmog. At present we have LED hype: this is no surprise, because the mainstream press is praising only products which are bad. The main problem of LEDs is the high hypersonic emission. Admittedly, light showers with their great light spectrum are only available through LED.
  5. car: If possible one should not have a car computer connected with the internet. One should also use TMC (Traffic Message Channel) instead of navigation systems with a SIM card. Meanwhile speaker phones are required by most countries, although conventional hands-free equipment *reinforces* the electrosmog as it brings the death rays deeper into the very sensitive brain. Accident risk rises ‘only’ 4-fold when a mobile phone is used (as with a blood-alcohol concentration BAC of 0.08%), but 6-fold (as with a BAC of 0.12%) if a normal headset is used. Much better are headsets with infrared bridge, e.g. by Aircom. With cars being a Faraday cage a high transmission power is necessary for using microwave WMDs in the car, so this should be avoided whenever possible.

(B) facultative list (weak burden, not absolutely necessary):

  1. no dumb (‚smart‘) meters: They only send occasionally at a low level, so they are not very problematic. Usually they send with a higher power than required, so they might still be shielded with 50-100 dB protection materials, e.g. by Yshield.
  2. no microwaves: Even if they are well shielded & don’t leak microwaves to the outside, they still ruin the food.
  3. good attachment plugs: The technical specifications are different in different countries, so it is hard to make general statements, except that the plugs should be grounded.
  4. no e-books: Studies have proven that reading an e-book is much more harmful than reading a printed book. With the program *some* of this damage can be reduced, by adjusting the screen brightness to the time of the day. For Android & the iPhone (since iOS 9.3) similar solutions are offered.
  5. demand switches: a perfect solution for the night time


Protection method #2: shielding

The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer, my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. (Psalm 18: 2-3)

A lot of HF electrosmog can’t be avoided (e.g. coming from neighbors), so it has to be shielded through: wall paints/ wallpapers, window films, and textiles. Meanwhile a wide choice exists, with a protective effect of 50 DB (shields 99.999%) or even 100 DB (shields 99.99999999%), e.g. by Yshield or Aaronia.

Needless to say, this step only makes sense when you don’t create (a lot) of radiation yourself, otherwise you create a radiation cage because of the reflections. The reason for this is that shielding works as a combination of absorption & reflection. This is yet another example why the correct order (1. avoiding 2. shielding) is crucial. Wrong ‘protection’ may even *increase* the electrosmog. So you should always *measure* the exposure. Another protection method: ferrite cores/ sheath current filters.

Example of a successful shielding: in 2006 I was consulted an entrepreneur in his business formation, which was successfully completed in May 2006. One day he came into the Amanita office, looked around & asked what I had done because the room was so much calmer than before. I laughed & said that since his last visit I had replaced the normal store curtains with protection curtains (which looked alike). Sure this man was a true professional, few people have such an excellent sensing.

Protection method #3: grounding

There is still a lot left that can neither be avoided nor shielded. Grounding lowers the electric voltage (V) in the body to about 1/70. Although this primarily works for electric fields, the effects go much beyond this. There are many studies that demonstrate that many health parameters improve through grounding (, especially less inflammations (which are a lack of negative electrons = yin). For years I have been using a grounding mouse mat, because computer work always entails a lot of electrosmog. Grounding bedsheets reduce the voltage during night & improve sleep. The grounding can be done through a grounding rod kit or earth connection plugs. If a plug is used, then one should first use a socket tester to check whether everything is grounded & wired properly.

Meanwhile grounding footwear is available, too. If possible walk barefoot, but away from the equator barefoot walking only works a few months a year at best. Gross & subtle grounding is the most natural thing in the world, which was lost in the 2nd half of the 20th century because of our footwear. The ensuing lack of grounding is the main reason why a totally ungrounded monetary system (unbacked fiat money) could be introduced, and also explains the boom in ungrounded (leftist) political ideologies, which are out of touch with reality. Explanation by theoretical physicist Richard Feynman:

Feynman said that when the body potential is the same as the Earth's electric potential (and thus grounded, it becomes an extension of the Earth's gigantic electric system. The Earth's potential thus becomes the “working agent that cancels, reduces, or pushes away electric fields from the body.”

Grounding is #3 in the list, after avoiding & shielding – reasons:

  1. You can only ground a minor part of electrosmog, especially electrical charges.
  2. Even with grounding the frequencies still run through your body.


Protection method #4: information correction

Just say the word, and my soul shall be healed. (inspired by the Sermon on the Mount)

Unfortunately, a lot of electrosmog can neither be avoided (#1) nor shielded (#2) nor grounded (#3), so method #4 (subtle correction) is needed. Longitudinal waves can’t be shielded at all. Instead, you need resonators that have a stronger resonance than the human body. In late 2010 Wolfgang Kühl from the German IFUR institute wrote in an email to me: „In 10 years I have only found 2 people who could mentally offset electrosmog, out of hundreds tested.“ So you need external devices, but this is difficult. Criteria to evaluate protection devices:

  1. no interest from the crowd, low search volume: This is the easiest criterion to quantify & therefore the most important one. Whenever something spreads very fast like a virus or cancer (like cell phones), you can bet it something very bad. In contrast, everything good is fought by all means. This is also true of new age trends. Example: the Reiki wave since the 1990s was only possible because Reiki is black magic.
  2. mainstream media: Products that get a bad press are most likely good & those with good press are most likely bad.
  3. bad marketing: It is good when websites of potential suppliers look like being programmed in the Stone Age. The reason for this argument that small companies always lack resources. True experts use their very limited time rather for product development than for marketing.
  4. mechanism of action: Unfortunately, most suppliers are reluctant to reveal their USP, non-transparency is a major argument against product. But even a declared mechanism of action is no guarantee it works as promised, which is tough to estimate. Rule of thumb: the more questionable & subtle the technology, the more easy it can be manipulated by negative forces. In addition, most products only correct one aspect of electrosmog, missing many others. And these technologies are not officially recognized but partly patented. Note the differences in patent rights: a US patent doesn’t say the device is working, on contrast to a European patent. Many devices don’t do more than to increase the energy level of the person who bears it (e.g. tachyon produces), even if something else is claimed. We know about the problems of this approach since the ORANUR experiments (gone against nuclear radiation) by Austrian researcher Wilhelm Reich, who was among the first students of Sigmund Reich here in Vienna. Radiation transforms the normal life energy into DOR (Deadly Orgone Energy). DOR is a major aspect of electrosmog damage & the main reason why 1/3-1/2 of the below 30-year old in Japan never had a date in their life. This is a late effect of Hiroshima & Nagasaki in 1945 & recently also of Fukushima in 2011 (gets much stronger in the coming years & decades). Sexual energy is overflowing life energy (orgone), which in Japan contains more & more DOR because of the radiation (air, soil, water & food). For the sake of self-protection the energy level is reduced so much that hardly more than naked survival is possible. The body intelligence decides that this terrible (epi-) genetics should not be passed on, so all doors towards partnership, family & offspring are closed. Reich’s successors like Karl Welz & Don Croft claim that they can create new orgone, instead of reinforcing the existing orgone contaminated by DOR. However, others like Prof. Dr. Bernd Senf argue this is not true (Link).
  5. location of development: It makes a huge difference where a protection device originates. The sleeping US prophet Edgar Cayce was the first to point out that the spiritual rejuvenation will emerge from Russia. When it comes to ground-breaking science Russia is far ahead of the brain-washed West. So Russian origin is a major location advantage, similar to the region around the Untersberg Mountain at the Austrian-German border.
  6. time of development: It is quite important when a device was created. Rule of thumb: the newer the better. Every year a great many approaches are developed within the field of alternative medicine. On the surface this looks like an impressive pace of innovation. But a closer look reveals that the opposite is true: the existing techniques work less & less, including the rather new ones. There are many pioneer products from the 1990s & early 2000s which no longer work today as they once did. Theoretically a product can offer 100% protection today & 0% tomorrow. Why?
    (a) quantity: The first reason is that electrosmog is growing by about 20% every year.
    (b) quality: New technologies & frequencies are introduced, which requires new protection parameters.
    (c) end times: The principle is the same as in the financial markets, when suddenly one day the old patterns, indicators & models no longer work.
    (d) manipulation: Some protection devices are ‚turned off‘ by dark forces, or infected in another way. The older a product, the bigger this danger.
  7. black magic: Many good protection devices are attacked by evil forces & reversed, and may become part of black magic networks. Sometimes the purpose is not to harm but to act as a door opener (Trojan horse), which is even harder to detect. This is also true of the Russian-Austrian ATOX recommended in 2010, as confirmed by 3 independent sources. One of the 3 confirmations is Dr. Noemi Kempe, who in the early 2000s did a couple of studies on the ATOX, demonstrating an excellent protection at this time. However, in the past years the initially very positive effect has become negative, so that today the ATOX makes people sick.
  8. *current* scientific tests: Tests & studies performed 10-15 years ago have little or no meaning in the end times. The main problem of standard tests is that they can’t judge whether the stress is just compensated (through more energy) or really ‘cured’. Of course, all claim they are working on the cause not the symptoms, but the jury is still out. Longitudinal studies over decades are the only way for a final answer, but nobody offers that.
  9. static/ dynamic solutions: There are very few active solutions. The problem with static devices is that you may create a kind of frequency prison.
  10. individual: Some technologies don’t work well for some people, for unknown reasons.

Below please find a list of 12 protection devices though to be useful *today*, but this may change at any time & not everything will work for everybody. For some of the products no description in English is available, so maybe use a translator. I suggest using 3-7 devices at the same time, hoping that they work synergistically & all don’t stop to work at the same time:

  1. BioVitalSpace (Link): by Prof. Dr. Ivan Ghyssaert, with whom I have corresponding for many years
  2. Functional State Correctors (Link): by the Russian physicist Sergej Kolzov, expert for space travel antenna systems (Link)
  3. Terra Energetic chips (Link): by Dr. Franz Xaver Bruckmayer, based on Burkhard Heim’s Unified Field Theory, confirmed by several studies
  4. INPUT technology (Link): by Raimond Lympius
  5. 5.E-Smog Pads (Link) by Prof. Dr. Hegall Vollert
  6. Geo-Cube (Link): used by the leading MD Dietrich Klinghardt, it generates 4-pole electromagnetism
  7. Le Bouclier (Link): great method against all kinds of negative vibrations
  8. Bioprotect (Link): by Dr. Dietrich Grün, based on Dr. Hartmut Müller’s Global Scaling
  9. Aqua Royal (Link): by Heinz Vogel, based on sacred geometry (dodecahedron). The dodecahedron was kept secret by Pythagoras & his gang, because it represents the element ether & transcends the other 4 Platonic solids.
  10. Wamena compost (Link): by Herward Auersperg
  11. EMF adapter (Link): is assumed to protect against DNA damage
  12. addendum 2019: In 2010 Reiner Gebbensleben published an excellent book with almost 700 pages suggesting an excellent hypersonic theory to explain electrosmog

On the highest level of Vortex Healing® we have at least 7 correction options: multi-frequency devices, wizard thread (magical structures), Merlin’s Grace crystals, Merlin’s Grace structures, genetic modifications, divine portals, and vibrational body adjustments. Multi-frequency goes quite deeply into matter, e.g. a few minutes are enough to optimize the frequency spectrum of instruments, as tests have shown. A group of Vortex students once improved the guitar of a street musician when passing by. The guitar player immediately noticed the difference, stopped playing & looked at his instrument in astonishment… Lab tests with Vortex Healing® have proved that the (epi-) genetics can be easily changed so much so that fruit flies either have or don’t have wings, among other things. Vortex Healing® heals on a very deep level, but electrosmog creates damage so terrible that even Vortex doesn’t offer more than a partial correction.

Special case 666 barcodes & symbols


Morpheus: I imagine that right now you're feeling a bit like Alice.
Neo: You could say that.
Morpheus: I can see it in your eyes. You have the look of a man who accepts what he sees because he's expecting to wake up. Ironically, this is not far from the truth. Do you believe in fate, Neo?
Neo: No.
Morpheus: Why not?
Neo: 'Cause I don't like the idea that I'm not in control of my life.
Morpheus: I know exactly what you mean. Let me tell you why you're here. You're here because you know something. What you know, you can't explain. But you feel it. You felt it your entire life that there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there. Like a splinter in your mind - driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me. Do you know what I'm talking about?
Neo: The Matrix?
Morpheus: Do you want to know what it is? The Matrix is everywhere, it is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window, or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, or when go to church or when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.
Neo: What truth?
Morpheus: That you are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else, you were born into bondage, born inside a prison that you cannot smell, taste, or touch - a prison for your mind. Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.

The 666 barcodes on (almost) all products are a special case of electrosmog are. According to the Holy Bible the 666 is the number of the Antichrist, referring to the enslavement by the matrix. By the way, the best decoding of the Matrix comes from Mark Passio (Link). But why do we allow ourselves to be enslaved? The 666 is the symbol for the deepest densification of matter & therefore for our deepest fear: survival fear. Every human (apart from the few in their last or second last incarnation) has karma knots in their spine, representing the densest part of karma. The first karma knot to develop & the last one to go is the karma knot with the issue of survival fear in the tailbone. The tailbone is the first chakra of survival & the densest place in the body. Souls have to reincarnate as long as you they still have a karma knot (in the incarnational body). At present about 50,000 people no longer have any karma knots, but this small number should rise before the 2030s.

Already in 2014 I said that on 8/24/15 Sadhana=Lucy(fer) will be released, which marked the beginning of the 7 Years of Tribulation. The incredible economic & political events surrounding this date fully corroborate this outlook, the biggest stock market crash in 7 years happened precisely on 8/24/15. The Dow lost more than 1,000 points on this day & ‘accidentally’ closed at 15,666.6 (+/-0.2). In addition, the 15 is the abbreviation for the 666, so we have 666666.6. But for a full explanation of the 666 I have to take a big swing…


In late 2002 I began my training in New Homeopathy, a healing technique founded by the life energy researcher Erich Körbler (5/13/1938-1994) here in Austria. Körbler had studied electrical engineering & business in Vienna, Austria. In the 1980s he found out that simple lines may have a big impact, because they act as an antenna in a very high frequency spectrum. The conductance difference of difference colors creates an ultra-weak voltage & a very weak current. In 1989 Körbler got the gold medal from EUREKA (intergovernmental organization for pan-European research and development funding and coordination) for his ground-breaking research. The lingam (penis) symbolized by the same line serves the same antenna function. To be precise, Körbler was the rediscoverer of the bar codes, because the 5000 year old Ötzi the Iceman found in 1991 in the mountains had the same bars. Ötzi had 9 bars (360° reversal) on his back, which is good for energy, power, persistence & warmth. Some claim that the early & unexpected death of Körbler was not a naturally one, but that his was killed through a (subtle) heart shot.

As an absolute beginner totally unaware what could happen I painted all kinds of lines on my body before I went to bed, after one of my first Körbler seminars. During the following night woke up with a pain so terrible that I almost called the emergency doctor, for the first time in my life. But then I realized that I must have made an error when writing the Körbler bar codes on my body. So I immediately went to shower, washed them off & the pain decreased within minutes. Until this shocking event I didn’t believe how strong these codes can be, it was a turning point in my understanding of the power of some ‘stupid lines’.

The 666 sign of the devil on (nearly) every product is a form of the Körbler barcodes & thus have huge power, with a large interference radius of 4-5m (yards). The 666 barcode consists of 6 lines, which translates into an information shift of 225°. This is a major disturbance, because shifts of 180° or more can’t be corrected by the human system. The LoC value of the 666 barcode is 50-60, which is depression: apathy, despair, resignation, hopelessness. Now you understand why since the 1980s depression is *the* fashionable complaint…

The strong negative impact of the barcodes is confirmed by many tests. Aura dowsing is one method to detect whether something strengthens or weakens. The 666 compresses & densifies, so that a normal product with a barcode shrinks the aura by 1/3-1/2: a sign of a strong poison (Link). Peter Lindemann & Ajna Luminaria (US) have found out that the 666 codes interrupts the flow of energy (Link), weakening the energy body by 10-20%. The negative impact is maximized through the scanning at the checkout with a laser. In addition, the highly fluorescent light of energy saving lamps (100 Hz or more) has a similar effect, i.e. since the rape with energy saving bulbs the 666 code is much stronger than before!

When I began to clear these codes I immediately noticed the 6th chakra to be freed & the 3rd eye to open. To my surprise the body began to detoxify immediately creating a headache – similar to reports of others. One should not clear more than 50 devil’s marks per day, to be on the safe side. A dowsing has revealed that more than 50% of the chronically ill would recover (at least partly) by clearing the 666 codes.

The 6th chakra (Ajna chakra) is the master chakra & the opening of the 3rd eye is the ability to tell truth from falsehood. This is precisely our main problem today: Sadhana is considered to be God & vice versa. The NWO always begins with an infection of the 3rd eye, to block the access to divine truth. This is also where the program for the all-seeing eye of the illuminati pyramid is installed, being implemented by the mobile phone (the perfect bug for total supervision).

The normal person only feels pain when they are located in the physical or emotional body – because the 666 blocks the access to the higher levels. In contrast, the natural condition is that even mental & spiritual errors/ problems create pain, in order to press for a correction. However, this only works in the advanced spiritual stages: at a level of consciousness LoC>540, after the opening of the 3rd eye (Link). The painful process of re-aligning with truth on all levels is known as the Dark Night of the Soul, a term used by John of the Cross after 40+ weeks in jail (link). The Russian healer Prof. Grigori Grabovoi (born 11/14/1963) has presented healing codes consisting of 7-8 digits. His numbers contain all master numbers (111, 222, 333…), only the 666 is missing…

According to a dowsing the average SUD of citizens in the socialistic bloc is SUD=9 (on a scale 0-10), which is extra-ordinarily high. The 666 keeps humanity in a frequency jail & human sexuality on an animal level. Mantak Chia & many others suggest that the natural energy cycle is down to earth with the 6=Venus & back to the heaven with 9=Mars. The 666 is *the* code of the matrix, so it imprisons sexual energy & prevents the kundalini from rising. Sexuality can be lived on 72 (6x6+6x6) levels, for the time being 95% of humanity doesn’t get higher than level 6 (greenhorns).

Whether life is hell or heaven is mainly decided on how sexual energy is used, as demonstrated by the Trobriands who had an average sexual level of 20-30. That’s why the Trobriands didn’t know anything that is considered ‘normal’ today: violence, crime, fraud, sexual abuse, perversions, homosexuality… At the levels 10-20 sexuality is very healing, at level 72 („Ke-Mo“) it is the most powerful healing tool on the 3D density. Tantra groups may get up to 10-20, tantra yogis & yoginis to 20-30, but this is far from the full potential. In 2019-25 the collective doors for Ke-Mo (level 72) are opened.

Some companies cross out their barcodes & or add an 8 to short-circuit the antenna, which unfortunately only works partly. What works to clear out the mark of the Beast?

  1. CodeEx Barcode Harmonizer (Link)
  2. codes & symbols by Peter Lindemann, Ajna Luminaria & Michael Theroux (Link): The number 45433 stops the 65677 break of the energy flow (left symbol). Later the symbol on the right-hand side was developed, which doesn’t need to be activated verbally.


Körbler created 2 electrosmog protection symbols, but they are not acting very deep, i.e. not beyond the 6th dimension (X6):

  1. normal electrosmog: left symbol
  2. high frequency electrosmog: right symbol


The Austrian mathematician Werner Neuner offers 3 symbols:

  1. TALG (Link): The symbol below on the left clears out most of the negative information (including the 666) in food, but not totally (Link). Actually his name Neuner is the German word for Niner, which is just perfect, because the 9 (=Mars) is the natural antipode for the 6 (= Venus). The German astrologer Wolfgang Döbereiner (2/28/1914-2014) earned a fortune in the casino by understanding these codes… Körbler found out that the number 81=9x9 deletes information. 666/ Venus is the highest density in matter, Mars/ 999 the return to heaven/ spirit. The symbol TALG looks like the Mars symbol, except that the line is longer. The end times are dominated by the ignorance, hedonism, convenience, carelessness & materialism of Venus, with the Mars quality lacking painfully. Buddhism correctly points out that ignorance is the deepest root of suffering. This terrible imbalance is also reflected by birth statistics of the past years, which show a dramatic surplus of female births with an ongoing extinction of the male.
  2. FLOR (Link): symbol in the center, for electrosmog
  3. ZISS (Link): symbol on the right, for electrosmog – same basic structure as Mars & TALG.


2 Hindu symbols (below) with a high vibration:

  1. Shri Yantra (left symbol): decoded by Patrick Flanagan after many years of work
  2. Jesus Yantra (right symbol): symbolizes the soul energy of Jesus, according to Sri Kaleshwar


The Austrian HUNA shaman Dr. Diethard Stelzl recommends the symbol below as a protection against electrosmog including radioactive radiation, chemtrails, HAARP & other manipulations.


This leads back to the 666 Fall of Man with (an) Apple: approximately since 8/24/15 (+/-?) the Freemasonic compass is the app symbol in Apple’s iTunes… The Apple logo contains the Vesica piscis, a black magical fertility symbol, which steals vaginal energy (Link). It’s certainly no ‘coincidence’ that the first Apple was sold for $666.66 on 4/11/1976. The 666 slavery won’t end before summer/ fall 2031 (666 months later). Steve Jobs (2/24/1955-2011) harvested what he had sown: around the age of 666 (!) months he quit his work & died in the following year. His life is a good example of what is looming for humanity… My remote diagnosis: too much iPhone use. Of course, it is not a coincidence that the 2 biggest wars in history began approximately 666+666 weeks apart (+/-months). Why? Survival fear=666 is activated most by wars on a collective level. This master war cycle has a length of a little bit less than 666 weeks, it can be tracked back 1250+ years to the An-Lushan Rebellion in the year 0755. For 150 years every 2nd hit has worked consistently.



No protection, but removal of damage

Even all 4 steps implemented carefully don’t mean 100% protection, because this is absolutely impossible. So the 5th step is to remove the damage, which only works partly:

  1. homeopathy: e.g. the Homeda electrosmog C30 nosode, but you can create such a nosode yourself
  2. zappers (frequencies):Link)
  3. Vedic Agnihotra fire ritual to purify & cleanse: could also help for electrosmog (including radioactivity)

In a holistic sense life style matters a lot:

  1. don’t smoke
  2. good weight
  3. diet: healthy, yet nutritional supplements (vitamins & minerals) are necessary for most people in the end times
  4. a lot of sun & master-vitamin D: in the temperate or extreme climate zones almost everybody lacks vitamin D (without substitution). Vitamin D is the master hormone, that’s why the fake with the international unit (IU) was introduced: 1 gram = 40 million IE. The IE units were defined way too low to make the average daily dose look so big. Moreover, the mainstream media tells us that we shouldn’t be out between 11 a.m. & 3 p.m., because of the evil sun – why? The reason is that outside this window this master hormone can’t be produced by the body in most temperate & Northern latitudes, as that requires a rather steep solar angle of 35-40°. If usually, just do just the opposite of the brainwashed media tell you to do: be out a lot around 1 p.m. (summer-time). Both are a kind of psychological ban of the master hormone, to maximize the number of diseases.
  5. good air: Electric equipment leads to an excess of positive ions indoors. I use the Zepter Therapy Air® Ion, which creates a huge number of negative ions. Salt lamps & beeswax candles are also beneficial for the indoor climate.
  6. fitness training
  7. spiritual: meditations…

Collective damage: no protection & no removal of damage

Even if the first 5 steps are implemented perfectly, everybody still has to deal with the indirect negative consequences from the collective level, where no protection at all is possible.

  1. digital dementia: The general stultification (IQ crash of mankind) because of electrosmog leads to a worse quality of products & services, among many other things.
  2. accident risk: Accident numbers have been exploding in the past years, when measured against the annual -6% base trend. Millions of people suffer from (deadly) injuries because the average brain works less & less. This causes high costs & of course a lot of suffering.
  3. imbalance of gender ratio: The number of male births has been crashing the in the socialistic bloc in the past years because of electrosmog. Without doubt, the lack of (young) men will create a major imbalance in society & create a lot of dissatisfaction especially in the female population.
  4. election results: Non-working brains enable the Rothschild parties to control more & more nations, leading to brainless & highly dangerous political trends such as „Rapugees welcome" in 2015. False decisions deteriorate our life on *all* levels: economic, social peace, criminality, education system, health system…
  5. lifestyle: Computerization leads to a sitting lifestyle, thins out the retail sector & has many other negative effects.
  6. medication & food: Their quality deteriorates, because they are harmed by radiation.
  7. inflation: Much higher health costs because of electrosmog. *All* traditional inflation concepts including those from the Austrian School of Economics miss the point in the end times. They only worked until the mid-20th century. In the past half century a lot of inflation is pushed into the future, mainly by nuclear power & electrosmog. The concept of Amanita inflation introduced in 2013 is to discount the inflation pushed into the future back into the present. According to the latest dowsing we are already at 70-80% Amanita inflation in 2016. Amazingly, at present *nobody* on the planet other than the Amanita readers understand how high inflation is in reality.

Conclusion & outlook

I’m trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it. (Matrix)

There is a cycle of mass extinction with a length of some 62 million years, which is ¼ (90°) of one revolution around the Galactic center. The last instance this occurred was the extinction of the dinosaurs, since the 20th century the current cycle is in the making. There is no doubt that the master factor for the incredible extinction wave in the 21st century is electrosmog devastating the entire ecosphere. The change of thinking (technology storm) won’t happen before the 2020s & 2030s, when it’s too late.

Actually death rays like microwaves & radioactivity have never been necessary. Microwave-free Wi-Fi through light has been available for years: Visible Light Communication (VLC). Already in 2001 Dr. Hartmut Müller could successfully demonstrate how to communicate through the standing gravitation wave, in co-operation with an Austrian university (link). However, communication via Global Scaling® is absolutely tap-proof, destroys the entire communication industry & doesn’t kill billions of people, so Müller was lured into a trap by state terrorists. This is the end of the 7-year article series. I highly recommend keeping yourself updated on this topic.