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 Prophecies #1: Prophecies in the end times (6/15/16)


The future ain't what it used to be (Yogi Berra)

In the first 13 years of editing this market letter (2000-13) prophecies were barely taken into consideration. However, since 2013 this has changed from scratch: in the premium area prophecies have been regularly discussed over the past 3 years & used to make successful calls. In April 2016 the electrosmog article series was completed after 7 Biblical years. This newsletter starts a new article series on prophecies, topics of the coming 7+ articles:

  1. introduction, end times core scenario
  2. personal background, key concepts, types of prophecies
  3. 33 confounding factors of good prophecies
  4. discussion of the most important prophecies (in 2-3 parts)
  5. return of Nibiru
  6. timing of the events
  7. prepping, getaway spots

Why prophecies since 2013? 3 types of signs

He said to the crowd: “When you see a cloud rising in the west, immediately you say, ‘It’s going to rain,’ and it does. And when the south wind blows, you say, ‘It’s going to be hot,’ and it is. Hypocrites! You know how to interpret the appearance of the earth and the sky. How is it that you don’t know how to interpret this present time? (Luke 12: 54-56)

During normal times prophecies have a great many disadvantages for financial forecasts:

  1. too unreliable
  2. too ambiguous
  3. too subjective
  4. too unspecific
  5. too contradictory
  6. too religious
  7. too long-term in the calls
  8. too far away from the financial markets
  9. not enough timing precision
  10. too much focus on one particular timeline (end times)

However, since fall 2015 all doubts have been removed that the end times events will happen in years - not in millennia, centuries, or decades (although the number of years is not 100% certain). One should forget the (few) timing statements of prophecies & instead rely upon the 3 categories of end times signs:

  1. strategic signs – have come to pass in the past 100 years:Link). Around 1800 there were many years with only 2-3 eruptions per year, however, this number has soared to an incredible 40-50 annual eruptions in the early 2000s. After a brief decline to 20-30 in the past years there were days in May 2016 with a mind-boggling 40 eruptions (Link). So the number of eruptions once played out over a decade is now seen in days
    * The number of earthquakes has exploded 5-10fold since the 1980s, with the all-time high in 2013 (Link).
    * Even the recent global warming was foreseen by many prophecies centuries ago.
  2. tactical signs - have come to pass in the past 10 years:
    (a) religion, spiritually: wellness gospel & persecution of Christianity. Even in the ‘Christian’ occident there are more & more bans to celebrate Christian holidays, or to wear Christian symbols (e.g. Mühlhiasl of Apoig 1753-1805). The Prophecy of the Popes from the year 1596 offered a short description for each of the following 112 Popes. Pope Francis (since 2013) is the 112th & thus final Pope in the list – as according to Saint Malachy Rome & the Vatican will fall after his rule. Jorge Mario Bergoglio is already 80 years (born on 12/17/1936), so from a biological point of view his remaining time in office is restricted to the coming 5-10 years. Note: there is a far-fetched interpretation that there will be a 113th Pope, which I don’t agree with but this interpretation can’t be outruled with certainty. 4 major arguments against it:
    (i) There are prophecies (e.g. Anna Katharina Emmerick) that warned of 2 Popes at the same time, one of them being the black pope/ antipope. In 2013 Pope Benedict was the first to resign voluntarily (?) in 700+ years (since 1294). Evidence supports the assumption that Francis is actually an antipope (the last one was seen in the 15th century).
    (ii) Apocalypse 17, 12: „The 10 horns you saw are 10 kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but who for a short time receive authority as kings along with the beast.” This is referring to the 10 secret rulers of the Jesuits, Bergoglio is the first Jesuit to become Pope, so these 10 kings without a kingdom finally receive authority.
    (iii) Rill’s military letters mention the critical #12 (#112) in the Holy See (Seat).
    (iv) ‘Accidentally’ Bergoglio computes to 666 in the ASCII-Code. Background on Bergoglio offered by the Apocalypse: “This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666”
    (b) technology (smart phones): Alois Irlmaier, the German Nostradamus, already stated 70+ years ago that he saw people holding a small edged device that would tell them everything they want to know.
    (c) 4 codes of the 666 Beast (sign, number, symbol/ name) & image):
    *sign of the Beast: The cell phone is the sign of the Beast mentioned in the Holy Bible, which you either hold in your right hand (to type & read) or close to your head (to make calls).
    * number of the Beast: The www of the internet is the number of the Beast (w=6 in Hebrew).
    * symbol (name) of the Beast:Nobody can buy or sell unless they have the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.“ (Revelation 13: 17) The standard barcodes are the symbol of the Beast & contain her number (3 vertical lines representing the 6). While the first barcode was already scanned on 6/28/1974, it didn’t show up on (nearly) all products worldwide until the last decade.
    * image of the Beast: The image of the Beast is the computer screen that nearly everybody worships for hours every day.
    (d) ratio of genders: Predictions warned of an extreme number of females versus males, between 7:1 (Isaiah 4:1, farmer Jasper), 9:1 (birch tree legend) or even 40:1 or 50:1 (Qiyamah). In the past years a whopping 32% more girls than the historical norm have been born in Germany. This trend is expected to accelerate dramatically.
    (e) animal whisperers: „Wild animals will be able to talk to humans “ (Qiyamah). Animal whisperers hardly existed before the 2000s.
    (f) politics: The US will have a black president (e.g. Monteiro Lobato, Irlmaier, Baba Wanga), which came true in 2008. Syria holds the key for either world peace or for WW3 (e.g. Baba Wanga, Veronika Lueken), which has been true since the first escalation between NATO & Russia over Syria in August 2013.
    (g) fashion (e.g. Mühlhiasl, Capuchin monk from Düsseldorf, Josip Terelja): For men an end times fashion of beards & ear rings was predicted. Bingo: from 2012 into 2016 search volume for full beard soared 20-fold (Link). Some of the invaders in Europe want to make beards mandatory. Lungenschmid was already told in 1973 that in the end times people would voluntarily mutilate themselves through tattoos & piercings.
  3. final signs – have come to pass since the summer of 2015:
    link). All these calls have been fully fulfilled since the summer/ fall 2015, with the first battle of the IS rapugees on European soil at Sylvester 2015/16 in the biggest Rhine town (Cologne)… Note that the first Crusade (Christianity against Islam) began in March 1096 from Cologne, too: acceleration of geographic-religious karma.
    (d) construction of the 3rd Jewish Temple in Jerusalem: This is *by far* the most important of all signs… Actually the 3rd Temple is *the* key event expected (or feared) by the end times community for nearly 2000 years: since the destruction of the 2nd temple in the year 70 AD. What a ‘coincidence’ that the 3rd Temple was announced just a few months after the age of Israel of 66.6 years (5/14/1948)… That’s why I began to work on this article series in the summer of 2015, after hearing of this news. The 3rd Temple shall replace the Dome of the Rock (left-hand side) & the al-Aqsa-Mosque (right-hand side): Removing these two key Muslim sanctuaries will send the entire Middle East into flames…


Needless to say, the end times were called by various prophets many times in the past, although it was just never rationally justified, because the key requirements discussed above were not fulfilled at all. Analysis of crowd madness through Google Trends fully supports my call (Link), because the brain-washed sheeple always bet on the wrong horse:

  • Ahead of peaceful & ‚boring‘ times the crowd is interested as hell in search terms such as Prophecy, Armageddon, Nostradamus, World War, Antichrist & related stuff. So the all-time highs in most search terms were in 2004-5, ahead of the calm years 2005-7.
  • In contrast, ahead of wars & major upheaval the sheeple are not interested at all, as since the summer of 2015. In 2016 relevant search volumes are at or just above the all-time lows – exactly what you would expect before a terrible escalation.


This is the statistical analysis, however anecdotally we find the same pattern in 2016. From a sentiment perspective we know that the capitulation of the key people always happens at the perfectly wrong moment, i.e. before the trend changes (or the favored scenario finally comes to pass). This capitulation was observed in some forums in the past months.

Note: The strategic signs discussed at the beginning are certainly not a singular event. Instead, they follow mostly the 700-year cycle of civilizations first outlined by the German philosopher Oswald Spengler (5/29/1880-1936). The ‚ethical socialism‘ (term coined by Spengler) marks the final dying phase of a civilization, before returning to the ‘Fellahin‘ stage (pure farming society). It is not a coincidence that Spengler completed his first volume at the age of 37 years: 37-38 years is the productivity high in the human life cycle (37 = divine grace).

Spengler discussed 8 major cultural cycles in the past 5,000 years, with Egypt & Babylon the first to begin. He stated the average length of the civilization cycle roughly as 1000 years, which has been fine-tuned to ~700 years by further research (Link). By the way, I set the beginning for the Western cycle in the 14th century, not in the year 900 AD as suggested by Spengler. As Edgar Cayce, Dannion Brinkley & other prophets he sees the new (9th) cycle emerging from Russia. However, the decline of the West has been delayed because the rest of the world has mostly adopted the Faustian cycle in the past century. Amazingly, the Western development of the past centuries has been copied by most other countries within recent decades, with only some parts of Africa & India clearly behind. That’s why we now have a global civilization cycle, for the first time in history. Still, one can assume that Spengler had no significant impact on the prophecies as:

  1. Most prophecies were published before the publication of Der Untergang des Abendlands in 1918.
  2. The newer prophets were mostly uneducated & hardly aware of Spengler.
  3. Many prophecies suggest events not mentioned by Spengler at all, because they are so specific, unique & not part of the ‘short’ 700-year cycle of civilizations. The remainder is explained mainly by these 3 cycles: 3,600 years Nibiru, 25,700 years world ages, 62 million years mass extinction (90° of one revolution of our solar system around the Galactic Center). We are at least the 5th major civilization to end & collapse. #3 was Lemuria that was destroyed more than 50,000 years ago (2 world ages) & #4 was Atlantis, which was technologically even more advanced than we are today. The long decline of Atlantis ended around the year 9545 B.C., when the (biggest) deluge took place according to the leading Austrian geologist Prof. Dr. Alexander Tollmann. Early Atlantis was still rather peaceful with magician wars only, which slowly became ‚full‘ wars after many millennia. Many elitists want to continue where Atlantis ended: in his 3/26/2010 speech Herman Van Rompuy, the president of the European Council, defended the transatlantic partnership “in the name of Atlantis” (Link).

End times core scenario: 3 phases

Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. (Matthew 10: 34)

The core of the accurate prophecies is amazingly consistent in describing crystal-clear end times scenarios consisting of 3 phases:

  1. man-made:
    (a) economic collapse (e.g. Howard Storm)
    (b) civil wars in Europe & many parts of the world: This should reduce the world population by some tenths of a percentage point (<1%). 2 focus points:
    * Paris will be torched by their own population & mostly destroyed. In France martial law has been in effect since November 2015.
    * Rome as the center of Christianity will be invaded & destroyed, the Pope has to escape (e.g. Malachias).
    (c) WW3: In the year X the riots escalate into full-blown worldwide wars, including the limited use of ABC weapons (e.g. Howard Storm). The trigger appears to be an attack by Turkey against Greece some years (months?) before. This is the time when Russia intervenes & tears Turkey in pieces. According to the Holy Bible, Israel will be first attacked from Egypt, when Russia steps in again, so the entire Middle East is in flames. There are big battles near Jerusalem, with the final end times battle in the Harmageddon valley (the root of the name Armageddon), close to Afula which is near the Israeli harbor town Haifa. According to the Holy Bible this war kills 2/3 of the Israeli population. Finally, in the end Russia surprisingly invades Europe in 3 lines: North (Scandinavia), middle (Germany), South (Southern Europe). Apparently the Russian troops don’t get much further than to the Rhine, possibly into Eastern France. The final battle on European soil is near Cologne, just like the first battle (attack of rapugees in the Sylvester night 2015/16). China and/ or Russia also invade Northern America (US + Canada), at least the Western part. However, at the end even the two allies China & Russia start fighting each other, and China wins. WW3 presumably costs the life of some percentage points of world population, comparable to WW2 which killed 3% of the world population. Almost the whole death toll originates in the final 3-3.6 war months in the summer/ fall of the year X, which begins around July 25-August 1 of year.
  2. not man-made (earth changes & 3 days of darkness):
    Already in the years ahead of day X the number of natural calamities increases dramatically. At any rate, WW3 ends in late fall (late October through early December) of year X because of incredible worldwide natural disasters, caused by an approaching celestial body (return of Nibiru). One should not attempt a more precise timing than weeks, as Matthew 25: 13 warns: “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour.” These 7 earth changes can be expected:
    (i) volcano eruptions: among others in South America & Southern Italy (Mount Vesuvius)
    (ii) impacts of meteorites: inter alia in the Czech Republic
    (iii) hurricanes, tornados
    (iv) floods/ tsunamis: on many/ most/ all coasts around the globe, with a height of at least 30-50 meters/ yards (but possibly *much* higher) – e.g. in Paraguay & at the North Sea coast.
    (iv) showers of sparks & stones & ash, poison (dust/ smoke) in the atmosphere: world-wide (?)
    (vi) earthquakes (world quake), pole shift, continental shift: world-wide. Parts of continents go into the sea, while elsewhere new land arises. The US is torn into 2 pieces, the San Andreas Fault opens & California goes into the sea. Japan & Australia partly sink into the sea, too. We experience a pole shift (shift of the Earth’s crust) by 10-30°. The new poles are most likely near Brazil & near Eastern Russia/ Bering Sea.
    (vii) 3 days of darkness: peak, core event & completion! *If* the 3 days of darkness do occur, then this event will kill 25-85% of world population, 10-20x more than the previous war. One must not take oneself outside during these days, presumably because of the toxic dust. Death rates should vary a lot: range 10%-100.00%. Small offshore nations might disappear entirely. In a religious context this is considered to be the advent/ return of the Messiah.
  3. afterwards:
    * 40 quarters/ years/ decades: The first 40 quarters (10 years) after the 3 dark days will be very difficult for the planet (2nd testing), to a lesser degree the first 40 years afterwards. The Golden Age needs 40 decades (400 years) to fully manifest on the planet.
    * epidemics: In the first 40 quarters after day X many epidemics can be expected & likely already appearing in the quarters/ years *before* the main destruction (e.g. Spielbähn, Kugelbeer, Qiyamah). Stephen Schwartz says that an epidemic will reduce the world population by 25% in less than some months. As described in the electrosmog article series, a giant wave of diseases is inevitable in the 2020s (or 2030s at the very latest). Apocalypse 15: 2 warns that those accepting the sign of the 666 Beast (= mobile phone) will develop a painful cancer. The extreme cancerogenic effects of microwaves have been known for 80 years (since the 1930s), confirmed by more than 10,000 studies.
    * technology: After the main cataclysms there will be hardly any diseases & mankind will benefit from free energy (e.g. Stephen Schwartz, farmer from the Waldviertel).
    * politics: There will be peace for centuries, however, in the decades around the 2400 there will be first a minor & later a major war. First there will be a complete political restructuring: The world power of the past 100+ years (US) disintegrates into 4-5 individual states, with Denver & Atlanta becoming new capitals. In Europe there is something like a Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, after the coronation of an emperor in Cologne (many sources, e.g. Sajaha, Cayce). In the 1000 years of the Golden Age the German people will be the leader of mankind. The Jewish people have been the leaders over the past 5000 years. "Therefore I tell you that the kingdom of God will be taken away from you [the Jewish people] and given to a people who will produce its fruit” (Matthew 21: 43). According to the original text available from the archive of the Societas Templi Marcioni he said these words to the German soldiers, i.e. the Germans are the ‘other’ or ‘new’ people he was referring to. Needless to say, this has been known for a long time & explains the incredible hatred of some ‘chosen ones’ toward Germany & why Germany+Austria had to be the center of destruction in 2 world worlds.

So the death toll rises with each new phase by a factor of about 10:

  1. civil wars: some tenths of a percentage point (<1%) of the world population
  2. world war: some (several?) percentage points of the world population
  3. earth changes (including epidemics): 25-90% of the world population may perish. The death rates should vary a lot, with a range 10%- Some small costal countries could be history altogether. That’s why according to so many prophecies eventually world population could crash by 80-95% in the 21st century, possibly toward 300-500 million (e.g. Helen Wambach, Chet Snow).