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Prophecies #7: Palm Leaf Readings

Destiny doesn’t take anything which it hasn’t granted first. (Seneca)

In the free newsletter from January 2018 I described an ongoing research project based on palm leaves for individuals, in an effort to find commonalities for the coming 30 years. In previous times you had to travel to India for a reading of your palm leaf (unless you happen to live in India), but for some time remote readings over the internet have been offered, e.g. by I thank all who had their palm leaves read & shared some excerpts from their readings with me. So far the analysis of 3 dozen people has revealed an amazing alignment regarding world events, which I will discuss in this article.


Background: vakku siddhi (perfect prophecy quality) LoC>700

The willing, destiny guides them; the unwilling, destiny drags them. (Seneca)

Prophecy is one of the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit (Link), their presence has a high correlation with the level of consciousness. So I distinguish 3 different types of prophecy (primary, secondary & tertiary) sources according to their quality:

  1. Tertiary sources are so weak, worded in general terms & so questionable that it is best to ignore them altogether. The crowd is always fascinated by garbage & thus focuses on tertiary sources.
  2. Secondary sources are useful in principle, even though their reliability & accuracy leave a lot to be desired & timing is not possible at all. More often than not the statements are distorted heavily by the philosophical-religious background of the junior prophets & statements are usually only valid for some years, in a few cases for a few decades.
    I distinguish 2 groups of junior prophets: the good ones (LoC>570) & the bad ones (LoC=545-570). Understand that the average increase per incarnation is only 5 LoC points, i.e. usually there are many incarnations between these 2 sub-groups. Especially the bad junior prophets such as Irlmaier the German Nostradamus are often manipulated by dark forces. When I saw a picture of Irlmaier for the first time I realized immediately that he was & still is pushed by a very powerful satanic hierarchy. The manipulation by the Yin side means that prophets are first fed with a lot of true information to make them popular, but eventually they are abused to spread disinformation. That’s why secondary sources are often amazingly accurate in details, but wrong in their essence.
  3. Only primary sources represent the prophetic gold standard, as they allow us confidence in future statements with absolute reliability & accuracy without any time limits, i.e. even over centuries or millennia. These senior prophets must have a level of consciousness of at least LoC>700 on the consciousness scale of David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., to allow vakku siddhi (perfect prophecy quality), which requires full access to the Akashic records. Such a depth of divine realization is rare. In the past 5000 years you had entire centuries without a single person on the entire planet calibrating this high. So far I have only counted the Holy Bible & Nostradamus as primary sources. It is almost never understood that 25-35% of the content of the Holy Bible is prophecy: mostly already fulfilled & the rest is fulfilled in the coming 20-30 years. Note that just in the Old Testament there were about 300 signs for the first coming of the Messiah (fulfilled) & even about 500 for the second coming (4% of the verses of the New Testament), as researched by Dr. David Reagan (Link). Recent research has proven that palm leaves must be treated as the third primary source. It astonishes that normally in a palm leaf the life so far is 100% perfectly described in 5-20 details (names, dates…). That’s why the perfect description of the past is the primary quality feature of a palm leaf reading. Without that it’s most likely only a reading in Vedic astrology. As one of my US reader from the area of the red mountain wrote to me:

It was an amazing experience and it’s almost hard to believe that someone could write about me at this level of detail and accuracy thousands of years ago.

Some of the study subjects have read 2-3 palm leaves, which usually showed an amazing consistency. A palm leaf reading means you connect with the extraordinary vibration of the authors (Maharishis), which has got very little to do with a usual consulting. Often it will have a major impact on one’s life & this appears to be a main reason why these leaves were written. So these readings contribute to creating the Golden Age. Now in the end times there are a lot more people with an extra-ordinary LoC>700, although still not more than a few dozens. By the mid-21st century vakku siddhi will be an often normal phenomenon according to Nostradamus & the Holy Bible (Acts 2:17):

In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams. Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy.

This global move is prepared by 3 waves of indigo, crystal & rainbow humans, albeit the theories spread on this topic only have modest truth content. Above, the quantitative aspect of this phenomenon is overestimated by far: only 1-2% of a cohort fall in one of these 3 categories. Most children are simply highly ‚damaged‘ by electrosmog, vaccinations & other factors. The first wave of indigos was fathered from the Sirian experiment 8/7/1972, for almost 2 years after the biggest proton flux in history the free human will was deactivated (Link).

This article also helps you in interpreting your personal palm leaf, whether it has been read in the past or will be read in the future. A part of the palm leaves analyzed was already interpreted a long time ago (years-decades), so their outcome can be assessed today. Many readings can be found in the literature & in forums & I am in contact with a few researchers in the field. As an example see these videos for a nadi reading: Link, Link, Link, Link, Link, Link, Link, Link, Link. The exact procedure is a little different for every palm leaf library (up to 200), however the basic framework is always the same. Without exception, the authors were Rishis *before* the beginning of the dark age in the year 3102 B.C. (death of Krishna).

Note: in the first years after his walk-in in the early 1970s Drunvalo Melchizedek was another primary source, but he no longer plays a role today. He & his wife got the most detailed future descriptions from angels, e.g. on day X at time Y you get a letter from Z saying ABC. The couple observed that the prophecies were 100% accurate, but eventually life got boring, leading to their souls no longer able to make the desired experience, so they stopped it. Later Drunvalo was lured into a trap by the dark side (especially by Toth = Hermes Trismegistos), so that Drunvalo is no longer regarded as a primary source. The order of the Melchizedek is already mentioned in the Holy Bible: Melchizedek the King of Salem blessed Abraham. Toth this old rascal has made a huge mess, as detailed by Lisa Renee (Link).

Conclusions: 4 timelines (2023/24, 2032-34, 2041/42, 2047-49)

In the beginning the universe was created. This had made many very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move. (Douglas Adams)

The most amazing fact is that some palm leaves event contain content regarding global events. E.g. according to a message from Isolde Heller-Bayer a palm leaf reading in 1997 said that a female member of the English royal family would soon die. A few days later Diana was murdered by the illuminati, at this time *the* most popular woman on the planet… The Canadian palm leaf expert Dr. Qiu Moayad told me that theoretically one could also read palm leaves for countries.

Most of the palm leaves analyzed are from Germany & Austria, the rest are from other countries like Switzerland, Sweden, some US states, Australia, South Africa & Peru. So unfortunately, due to the number of assessed palm leaves, it is only safe to draw general conclusions for the nations Germany & Austria. The conclusions for the rest of the world are questionable.

In a palm leaf you usually find a discussion of the owner of the palm leaf & his core family: parents, siblings, partner, children, and sometimes also other very close persons. The age designations are always given in the Indian system of life years, i.e. the age 33 always means the 33rd life year, even if not explicitly stated. Further comprehensive answers are found in the FAQ of (Link).

Partly even the year of death of these people is stated, but not always. Deaths are the most concrete in the analysis. So I could find 4 major timelines, where almost all give leave their body for this incarnation (rest ~10%):

  1. primary timeline 2032-35 (death number 20fold increase): More than a third of the deaths mentioned in the palm leaves are in the early/ mid-2030s. Adjusted by the age & the time duration this means a death rate 20 times higher than expected by chance. For a long time the mid-2030s have been mentioned as *the* timeline of our lifetime (approaching the 3 dark days), which is fully confirmed by this independent analysis. The second meaning of the timeline of the mid-2030s is that some will reach vakku siddhi (perfect prophecy quality), which requires a level of consciousness LoC>700.
  2. 3 secondary timelines 2023/24, 2041/42 & 2047-49 (5-10fold increased death numbers): Roughly 15-20% of deaths occur in each of the 3 secondary timeline periods 2023/24, 2041/42 & 2047/48, which is a 5-10fold increase versus chance expectation. The first & last timeline have been on my list for a long time due to a great many calculations, only 2041/42 is now.

For age adjustment calculations I have used the death rates for Germany as stated by Wikipedia for 2010 (Link). According to this source the odds of death for young adults are <0.1% per year. Around the age of 40 the 0.1% level is surpassed, around 65 the level of 1% p.a., finally at the age of 85% the level 10% p.a. Needless to say, these numbers are no longer correct, as since 2013 the death numbers have been going through the roof. However, we don’t have any exact numbers (massacred by statistics terrorists) but only estimates: so I still use the official numbers. After all, at least the official British numbers admitted that one single year (2014) was enough to erase the entire (!) 40-year decline of death numbers since the 1940s. This was almost the only time the cat was let out of the bag. Since 2015 the numbers around the globe have been counterfeited come hell or high water. The pink link suggests a rough estimate for the 2018 death rates in Pussystan (=Eunuchistan).


The first of these 4 timelines in 5-6 years (2023/24) only has a weak effect on the death rate, mainly caused by the widespread civil wars in Central Europe around 2023/24, and to a lesser degree also by electrosmog & earth changes. One palm leaf even made a very specific statement regarding Germany: “Riots, but no war & for 2-3 years economic problems with neighboring countries.” I interpret ‘riots’ as a synonym for ‘civil war’. For the mid-2020s several palm leaves contain travel warnings, partly even indicating danger of life. This makes sense, because travelling in civil war areas is very dangerous. During my third palm leaf reading in October 2017 I specifically asked for these non-individual statements, but this leaf contained nothing whatsoever.

By and large, my assumption has been fully confirmed that Eastern Europe & the Southeastern Central Europe are the locations on the planet with the highest survival rates until the mid-21st century. That’s why for decades the Queen of the hell realms has been spreading negative messages for Eastern Europe through junior or even wannabe prophets, e.g. through Irlmaier. The high survival rate around the Untersberg Mountain makes sense if you consider the warning of the boss (Matthew 21:43):

Therefore I tell you, the kingdom of God will be taken away from you [Jews] and given to a people [Germans] producing its fruits.

According to an archive of the Marcion society the boss said this to German soldiers. He was referring to the German people as the next alpha people. As pastor Cioccolanti put it (Link): “The next move of God is always opposed by people who were used by the last move of God. Due to this predestined role of the German people a large number of them *must* survive, especially if living in the region near the Untersberg Mountain as the successor of the Temple Mount. In contrast, a number of peoples & nations will be wiped out entirely.

Classification of these 4 time linens: song of the birch tree & more

A mouth they have, and they speak not, Eyes they have, and they see not. (Psalm 115:5)

As mentioned 3 of these 4 timelines align well with the existing Amanita calls, only 2041/42 is a different case. The movie Crimson Rivers II: Angels of the Apocalypse gives the date of the apocalypse as 730,730 days after the crucifixion, which is 2000 years 8.2 months. In this movie the crucifixion date is stated as 4/7/0030, which would point to 12/6/2030 (Link). However, in reality the crucifixion was sometime in the years 31-34, according to Isaac Newton on 4/3/0033: when you add 730,730 days you arrive on the date 12/2/2033. In the 1970s Peter Lemesurier concluded from his research of the more than 12,000 year old pyramids that the sign of the Messiah would be visible in the sky on 10/31/2034. Either way everything aligns towards 2033-35, which is the #1 timeline according to palm leaves.

The song of the birch tree (Link) is also focused on Germany & Austria (like the palm leaves analyzed), which contains only one *explicit* timeline. However, partly the verse numbers are *implicit* codes in the Nostradamus style (Link):

Great Emperor Karl, consecrated in Rome,
remain the cornerstone of the German time,
hundred-sixty seven year time limit,
Germany touched to the quick.

So what do you make of the numbers 160 & 7 mentioned? Obviously you can apply the 4 basic arithmetic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication & division. If you use these calculations you arrive at a wonderful quadruple code, with the mutual cross-confirmation confirming the decoding is correct:

  1. 2037/38 addition: On 1/18/1871 Wilhelm was crowned the first emperor in modern times, 160+7 years later is 1/18/2038. The 7 is by far the most important number in the Holy Bible, the end of the 7+7+7 years of Tribulation is due in fall 2037. 2038 is also the end of the 18 cannibalistic years according to the Mongolian prophecy by Ferdinand Ossendowski. Likely 2038 is the next crowning. Emperor Karl I of Austria was 31 when he was crowned in 1916, Emperor Henry the Lucky will also be 31.
  2. 2023/24 subtraction: 1/18/1871+160-7 is 2023/24, which is when Germany will be severely wounded (civil wars). According to Nostradamus‘ letter to King Henry, Israhell falls after 73 years 7 months (founded 5/14/1948), i.e. from December 2021 on. So late 2021/ early 2022 will bring a cascade of Middle East events, which will spoil the whole planet.
  3. 2015 division: 160/7=22.86. If we subtract 22.9 years from 1/18/2038 we arrive at 2015: IS invasion. Without doubt, the national rape of Germany & Austria in 2015 was the most terrible event for these countries since WW2.
  4. 1920 multiplication: 160x7=1120. According to ‚sagas‘, Emperor Charles the Great is still in the Untersberg Mountain, which is possible because of the time slowdown by a factor of 200-300. What a ‘coincidence’ that 34 of the 45 US presidents are descendants of Charlemagne, according to Prof. Dr. Walter Veith (Link). Untersberg Mountain time phenomena have been observed numerous times since the rule of Roman Empire. Charlemagne was crowned in the year 800 in Rome, 800+1120 = 1920. The window 1920 +/- 1 year marked the end of the German & Austrian empires. His name twin, Karl I, was the last Austrian emperor until late 1918. He was born on 8/17/1887, near the Untersberg key date August 15 & with the triple 888 Messiah code.

At present the Amanita composite model for the German empire (1/18/1871) attacks the lowest level since 1933 & as in 1933 fascism (=maximum Yin) rules: the leftists, greens & globalists want to wipe out the German people. As in 1933, the German people thirst for an Austrian Führer. From 2019/20 the model is heading up for about 15 years, which means that the fascist agenda won’t last for too long. Major highs in the composite model nearly always mean victory & triumph, which in the case of countries is true on the economic, political & military level. The high in the late 19th century was the ‘gründerzeit’ when Germany became *the* economic superpower. And the highs of 1915/16 & 1941/42 coincided with the military highs during both world wars. Something similar will happen in the mid-2030s, when the German-French Emperor Henry finally defeats the necrophiles.


Germany (=eagle=Apostle John) is the German Yang, Austria (=wolf/ dog) is the German Yin. Now in the end times the Yin is in the lead, and that’s why the model for Austria (5/15/55 at 10:31 UT) already had the low of the first half of the 21st century in 2014/15. Now it is up for a quarter of a century into a high in the late 2030s. During the high of the 1970s Austria played a key role in the Middle East under ‘sun king’ Kreisky & made up for the economic delay, with the unemployment rate dropping to the all-time low (1%). In the 1980s Austria was economically & politically down because of Waldheim & the glycol wine scandal, with the unemployment rate tripling. The 1989 low coincided with the fall of the Eastern bloc, when Austria awoke from a deep slumber. Finally, the last low was in 2014/15: in 2016 the victory of presidential candidate Norbert Hofer in the first election was the beginning of the rebellion against the tyranny of the leftists & the Freemasonic lodge.


2047/48 (the last of the 4 timelines) is also a low in the composite model for Germany & Austria. The same year is mentioned by Nostradamus, the combination of the verses 9-83 & 10-67 points to the afternoon/ early evening of 5/6/2047 for a massive earthquake & ‘hail’ (meteorites), which will trigger a minor population dying wave. The year 2047 also plays a role according to Peter Kubina from Perchtoldsdorf near Vienna, Austria, who has found *the* Nostradamus king’s key. In Andreas Rill’s military letters we read:

47 & 48 should be the wild years. […] In the year 48 the divine chastisement ends & the people will be like the lambs & as satisfied as never before. […] In the year 49 the ascension begins. There are no longer dreams of a victory & the countries are extinct.

This call was more than a century into the future, of course the writer Andreas Rill didn’t expect that these events would be so far away. During WW1 he interpreted these years as his close future (i.e. 1948). However, 1947-49 doesn’t fit at all, God’s chastisement & the lambs mentioned are a reference to the Last Judgment & the following Golden Age. Also, the WW2 & the following famine years didn’t ‘extinguish’ the population, but only reduced it by some percentage points.

Fine analysis: limits & problems

Then the disciples came and asked him, 'Why do you speak to them in parables?' He answered, 'To you it has been given to know the secrets of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it has not been given. For to those who have, more will be given, and they will have an abundance; but from those who have nothing, even what they have will be taken away. The reason I speak to them in parables is that "seeing they do not perceive, and hearing they do not listen, nor do they understand." With them indeed is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah that says: "You will indeed listen, but never understand, and you will indeed look, but never perceive. For this people's heart has grown dull, and their ears are hard of hearing, and they have shut their eyes; so that they might not look with their eyes, and listen with their ears, and understand with their heart and turn, and I would heal them. „But blessed are your eyes, for they see, and your ears, for they hear. Truly I tell you, many prophets and righteous people longed to see what you see, but did not see it, and to hear what you hear, but did not hear it. (Matthew 13, 10-17)


Although the palm leaves usually describe the past until the day of the reading with maximum perfection it doesn’t mean that the same accuracy & reliability can be expected for the future. Potential problems:

  1. palm leaf library & nadi readers: There are at least 7 main Rishis (Brighu, Agasthiya Link & 5 others) who wrote palm leaves 5000+ years ago, in addition to a number of other, unknown authors. Apparently is only connected with good libraries, and so far all of the feedback has been positive. A large number of palm leaf libraries in India & the surrounding countries exists (200? but partly inactive), with differences on various levels including basics & formalities. E.g. a friend of mine made an appointment with an Indian library months in advance, but when he showed up he still wouldn’t get a reading (typical Indian chaos). Thank God the main purpose of his travel was not the palm leaf reading but that his girl-friend was Indian.
  2. palm leaf: Some people have had a mixed experience. My 2010 reading in Bangalore was also disappointing, as it wasn’t more than a normal astrological reading. However, amazingly, the rest of my tour group got very precise readings in the same library.
    Another problem might be the wrong palm leaf, which I experienced in Kanchipuram in 2010. My on the spot reading gave a perfect description of my past, but only the first chapter/ kandam (as in the 12 astrological houses) was read. From this first reading 8.5 years ago almost everything has manifested. One could have had read some or all of the other 11 chapters/ houses against an additional fee. This took a lot longer than expected & this subsequent reading neither aligned with the first reading nor with my life. Apparently, the wrong palm leaf was used.
    There are major differences of palm leaves even within the same library: style (formulation), quality, quantity, age… The palm leaves have to re-written every few centuries at least because they fall apart. In the last 20th century Annett Friedrich had her palm leaf read & she arrived with the intention of taking her palm leaf home & to analyze it (language, C14 age analysis). Normally you are not allowed to take your palm leaf with you, but the palm leaf told the Nadi reader that he should hand the leaf out to her, as she would need it for her analyses… The C14 analysis arrived at the conclusion that the leaf was indeed written before her birth.
  3. translation errors: Palm leaves are a major field for language analyses. The Southern Indian leaves are in old Tamil, the Northern Indian in Sanskrit. The Indian English is very difficult for non-Indians, also because of the special Vedic vocabulary used. But of course, this difficulty also works the other way round: the Nadi reader had a hard time pronouncing the long & difficult first name of my mother. Vedic astrology always plays a role in the background to define a semantic structure (Link) & provide a common language of authors & readers, and partly hand analysis is also used. Often a thumb print has to be submitted (as a scan in the case of internet readings – men right, women left) to find the correct palm leaf.
  4. 4.lacking information, no details:
    Unfortunately, it means little if anything when specific (negative) events are *not* included – it doesn’t mean it won’t happen. A most obvious example: just because your death isn’t mentioned it doesn’t mean you will life forever (in this body)!
    J Moreover, a palm leaf contains so much information that it can never be fully read in one reading. The letters on the palm leaves are tiny. One can & should ask questions, as this opportunity is normally offered. Indians living close to the libraries have been consulting their leaf repeatedly ahead of major life decisions, asking further questions. According to one source there are 7+ palm leaves for everyone (Link).Experience tells us that different palm leaves from different libraries complement each other.
    Example for lacking information: for somebody a new partnership was predicted for 2 specified life years & 5 years later childbirth, without mentioning any new relationship in-between. Clearly the most obvious interpretation was that this partnership would be blessed with children after 5 years. However, this was not stated explicitly & didn’t happen, so the beginning of the 2nd partnership was omitted.
    So there are deliberately in the palm leaves, so that the divine play lila can unfold, out of the position of not knowing, ignorance & disbelief. Not knowing is the standard case, sometimes also ignorance & disbelief as in the case of Hitler, when his consultant Karl-Ernst Krafft warned him of the Eastern campaign because of some Nostradamus verses. Ignorance was also present during the betrayal of Jesus Christ, the Pharisee certainly knew the old prophecy that the Messiah would be betrayed for 30 silverlings & yet they gave Judas 30 silverlings & not 20 or 40.
    Apart from these cases of ignorance the wording *must* be so nebulous and/ or incomplete that the negative can *not* be avoided – otherwise it would be a logical contradiction. Nevertheless, the palm leaves can & should co-create destiny to some degree, but this has limitations, otherwise the prophets would load this karma on themselves. This is part of the divine play leela, so *all* 3 primary sources (Holy Bible, Nostradamus & palm leaves) *must* be encoded. The boss put it that way (Matthew 7, 6):
    Do not give dogs what is holy; do not throw your pearls before swine. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces.

    So Jesus Christ mentioned dogs & pigs as negative symbols, which makes sense: the pig is the Buddhist symbol for ignorance & the dog is the symbol for evil. Nostradamus used this excommunication statement:
    Let those who read this verse consider it profoundly,
    let the profane and the ignorant herd keep away
    and far away all astrologers, idiots and barbarians,
    may he who does otherwise be subject to the sacred rite.
  5. too positive information, diffuser: In general, forecasts tend to have a too positive bias, which is really extreme in the case of the palm leaves. So you should take negative statements 100% seriously, while all positive statements are dubious & should be treated as a ‘best case scenario’.
  6. false information (opposition): The biggest disappointment in my analyses was that partly false information is given on purpose. Most suspicious are negative wordings, e.g. in life year X you will *not* have health problems. In particular I have found that the death year of the owner of the palm leaf or the core family is sometimes given 1 or 10 years too late. Example: one person had more than one palm leaf read, the one mentioned a life expectancy of 75 years, the other 85 years – but also stopped the life description in the 75th life year. So the key is to see at which age the life description ends, not the ‘official’ death year mentioned.
  7. ambiguous information & codes: „If King Croesus crosses the Halys River, a great empire will be destroyed.” King Croesus allegedly got this answer when he consulted the oracle priestess of Delphi. So in 550 B.C. he attacked Persian King Cyrus II – and destroyed his own, great empire. The same double-barreled statements are often found in palm leaves, so they can contain a subtle code with deeper layers as is the case with the Holy Bible & Nostradamus. As a rule of thumb the hidden code is the negative shadow of a statement that looks positive at first sight. Examples:
    * Somebody interpreted major investments in 2027-30 as a positive sign for a stable life. However, just the opposite could be true, i.e. that prior major destruction requires these investments.
    * The phrasing „your company will do better again“ likely is a code for a preceding period of company weakness.
    * Somebody (the brother of the palm leaf owner) is supposed to build a house in the early 2030s at the age of ~60: but who voluntarily builds a house aged 60+? Very few, with a more likely solution being a preceding destruction of the house.
    * A highly successful self-employed person will be paid in ‚donations‘ in the 2nd half of the 2020s. In the current system it would be absurd for this person to work without properly invoicing his clients. Probably this is a code for a systemic crash by the mid-2020s at the latest, accompanied by a widespread impoverishment. A similar statement says that in 2023/24 somebody donates money for charities. Apparently this does not refer to 20 euro or dollars but to really big sums – because the state is no longer able (or willing?) to help? Similarly, somebody with a fat pension plan will be financially supported by his daughter in the 2030s. This is a sign that neither government nor private pension plans will ‘survive’.
    * It is more than suspicious when child birth is predicted for the early 2020s, yet the child is never mentioned again. More likely than not this means it will become a victim of the suggested high child mortality.
    * In one case the purchase of a car is mentioned. This is by itself a rather unimportant life event, so it appears to be a code, but what for? Possibly it implies the destruction of the old car by rioting or earth changes.
    * During my palm leaf reading in March 2010 in Kanchipuram „changes in the company, modernization“ were predicted for my life year July 2013 through July 2014. I immediately understood this only can mean a relaunch of my website. However, just in the year before the palm leaf reading there was a complete relaunch (in 2009) & I actually planned the next one a lot later than 2014 – as late as possible due to the huge expenditure of time. However, during the 2nd half of 2013 the existing hosting with their self-created CMS caused my site to function less & less and then became almost non-functional. So I was *forced* to relaunch the site as predicted. Interestingly, this relaunch statement also contained a code, as a quick relaunch only needs 1-2 months & thus would only be a non-significant life event. However, this relaunch became crucial because Murphy’s law prevailed: whatever could go wrong did to wrong. During this life I have only experienced 4 professional horror projects & this relaunch was one of the four.
    * A recurring formulation is a „happy life through spiritual activities“ or „spiritual growth“: this is a code for difficult times, when the outer life doesn’t offer much good.
    * Somebody who hasn’t had contact with his son for many years (although he desires it) was told he would again have contact in the late 2020s/ early 2030s. A familiar situation so muddled often requires an external trigger (e.g. a super-crisis) for reconciliation. A similar crisis code is “you will have good friends“: in times of a crisis the social network is crucial.
    * The wording „You will see many foreign countries“ sounds good on the surface & might mean a world trip during normal times, however in the 2020s & 2030s escape/ emigration is the more likely outcome.
    * It sounds more than fishy when more than one family member dies in the same year. Statistically (P=90-95%) this means a common *external* cause. In some percentage points the broken-hearth syndrome may be an explanation in the case of long-term partners.

Bottom line: the palm leaves are tailored perfectly to the school of life, so their content & codes depend on the receiver, situation, time quality… The most encoded palm leaf I have seen was from a religious studies scholar, where his palm leaf was apparently part of his academic studies in this field. Simpler minds get simpler palm leaves…

If this description has made you curious then I suggest a remote reading through There are other offerors, too, thereof 2 in Canada (one is Greentara Vera Link), but I can’t tell much about them. If you have a palm reading please send me a message of your key life events. Of course, all of your data is treated with absolute discretion & confidentially.