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Prophecies #3:
3 dark days, Switzerland/ CERN & timelines/ matrix

In 2016 the article series electrosmog was completed after 7 years & a new series dedicated to prophecies was started ( Part #1 of the series was an introduction, with part #2 dedicated to Nostradamus, the king of prophets. Today, part #3 covers the 3 days of darkness, Switzerland, the Armageddon machine CERN & timelines. Sure this looks like a strange combination… As usual, the Amanita articles connect the dots in an unprecedented way. 2017 has been labelled a key year in the Amanita premium area for a long time, as some of the predicted events could already come to pass in 2017…

The 3 days of darkness & the following 40 years

For wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.
But small is the gate and narrow the way that leads to life, and only a few find it.
(Matthew 7:14)

For centuries a darkness of 2-4 days has been *the* key event of (European) prophecies & the peak of the wave of extinction (1/3-3/4 of humanity). Many prophecy researchers proceed on the assumption that after these few days life will be easy– although nothing could be further from truth. Nostradamus warns in verse 1-17:

For 40 years no rainbow [sun] will be seen,
for 40 years all days will be tired/ exhausted.

Nostradamus gives us another incredible piece of evidence of how the great seer of the 16th century was ahead of his time by 400+ years. Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) wasn’t defined as a disease before 1988, with CFS being unthinkable as a disease in the 16th century. Meanwhile at least 5% of the population in the socialistic bloc suffers from CFS, with mild cases are not even recognized by the patients themselves.

A 40-year CFS prevalence of 95-99% of mankind (?) is projected for 2027-67 (tolerance: +/-6 years). Verse 1-48 talks of the tired/ exhausted days of the sun at the beginning of the 7th millennium (beginning in 2026 or 2017). It goes without saying that the sun or days can’t be ‘exhausted’, it is referring to tired humans & animals and suggests the sun being the cause of the fatigue. The initial trigger of the exhaustion could be a giant solar storm, which as a huge ‘effort’ could exhaust the sun.

An explanation is offered by the plasma discharge model by US astrophysicist Prof. James McCanney: Nibiru with the tail as long as 0.5-2 billion km (?) will totally discharge the solar capacitor. Because of the positively charged solar wind (mainly protons) the sun’s surface is the negative pole of the solar capacitor, the positive pole is far out in the solar system. As pointed out by Velikovsky, a lightening striking a magnet changes its polarities. Both a comet discharge in the solar system or a large body passing by earth could flip the magnetic poles. The details of such an event were computed by the physicist Peter Warlow (Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General, Volume 11, Number 10, 1978 - republished Link).

After these events the earths’ atmosphere will be polluted for 40 years & will remain kind of misty because: steam, ash, dust, and lava (from volcano eruptions & the moons of Nibiru). These earth changes create tremendous physical, emotional, mental & spiritual stress and need a long adaption period, so it takes about 40 years to return to normality. The last return of Nibiru some 3500 years ago needed the same adaption period: the Israelites wandered through the desert for 40 years.

There are at least 5 different explanations for the 3 dark days, ranked by probability:

  1. reversal of physical poles with a mostly unchanged earth axis (slip of earth’s mantle): This is the preferred scenario, although some questions have yet to be answered. Other parts of the planet would then experience 2-4 days without the sun setting, which is not really part of the prophecies.
  2. CERN (dimensional portal, black hole…?): Nostradamus also warned of CERN, which would entail far more serious consequences than just darkness. To my knowledge this question has never been discussed before, so it will be covered below.
  3. sun eclipsed by Nibiru or the giant comet tail: This is unlikely *if* the supposed Nibiru orbital parameters are correct (we can’t be sure about this before the 2020s).
  4. killshot by the sun (extreme CME hitting us): This was predicted for 2021 by Amma, an avatar of the divine mother. Probably this can’t totally darken our planet & therefore is a highly unlikely explanation.
  5. nuclear winter blackout: This would take so much longer than 3 days & therefore can actually be out ruled.

*If* the 3 days of darkness are to be experienced, then it is terribly important to know the cause, as that would decide over the life & death of billions of humans & decide the effectiveness of the prepping & protection. So *if* the cause is indeed a pole shift (as favored), then one should by no means stay in normal (brick-built) houses because of the inevitable severe earth quakes (6-11 on the moment magnitude scale) would crash most buildings. This is also reported by the Kolbrin Bible, which describes the last return of Nibiru about 3500 years ago. The Egypt slave masters in their stone houses experienced a much higher death toll than their Jewish slaves in their poor straw huts, which could crash easily without creating much damage. Even the first-born son of the Pharaoh was killed in the palace by debris falling down. However, if the 3 dark days can be attributed to one of the 3-4 other probabilities, then one should be as deep under the earth & remain in buildings.

Switzerland #1: CERN & Geneva as *the* center of destruction

The second most likely cause of the 3 dark days is man-made: CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. This assumption is supported by many good arguments, above all by Nostradamus who warns of (Lake) Geneva more often than of any other town:

  • verse 5, 85: "The faults of Geneva will be laid quite bare.” According to Benoit d’Andrimont this verse is encoded with the year 2027 (+/-1), which looks like the end period of the CERN disaster.
  • verse 9, 44: "Leave, leave Geneva every last one of you, Saturn will be converted from gold to iron, RAYPOZ will exterminate all who oppose him, before the coming the sky will show signs.” (Link) Transforming gold (atomic number 79) into iron (ordinal number 26) is nuclear fission. Without doubt, this particle physics statement is a reference to the CERN, the biggest particle physics institution on the planet. A 16th century writer couldn’t have expressed it much better… Perhaps the atomic number 26 is a code for the year 2026. Already in 2005 Peter Fraiss from Vienna, Austria, stated that according to the impulses in the torque in the sun’s motion the peak of riots & revolutions would be due around 2027 (also protests against the CERN madness). Nostradamus enjoys mixing different languages, in this case he adds the language of science English: RAYPOZ sounds like ‘positive ray’ = CERN proton ray. Does he suggest the ultimate MCA and/ or the explosion of (positive) matter & (negative) anti-matter? The ‘positive ray’ could also refer to a proton storm as part of the solar storm: the signs in the sky mentioned above.
  • Verse 8-34 warns that 7 million (?) will die in the region Geneva/ Lausanne/ Bern/ Basel. In the same verse Nostradamus also mentions Ulm in Southern Germany, which is located in the usual wind path direction & thus the most likely victim of (radioactive) propagation emerging from Geneva. Only in this context can we understand Nostradamus’ strange term mausoleum in the same verse: the sarcophagus built over the Chernobyl reactor is also called mausoleum…

In spring 2021 the CERN (9/29/1954) is 66.6 years old: according to the agenda suggested by the CERN logo this should be the onset of the madness… Moreover, CERN is activated by the solar eclipses 10/2/24 & 3/29/25. So all CERN timelines converge in 2021-27. The warning of the ‚faults in Geneva’ published by Nostradamus 450+ years ago are confirmed by today’s leading scientists such as Stephen Hawking. Hawking repeatedly warned that CERN could create a black hole that could destroy the entire planet or even the whole universe. Actually the reptilian races behind the illuminati are not from our universe, they are the descendants of some hundreds of reptilians that could escape from their home universe before it was destroyed. Possibly the technology to destroy the reptilian universe is similar to the CERN technology. At any rate, these beings repeat their very destructive behavior in our universe…

In 2015 we could observe (for the first time from start to finish) how a black hole eats a star, the delicious meal (have you ever eaten a star?) ends with a cosmic plasma gulp. This is a truly fascinating spectacle (Link).

The 666 CERN agenda of openly communicated through their 666 logo. Needless to say, this is similar to the barcode which bears the Sign of the Beast mentioned in the Holy Bible, so that it is impossible in the end times to buy without the logo of the anti-Christ. I began to warn of the CERN as soon as 2008, later the CERN research director Sergio Bertolucci fully confirmed my concerns. According to the physicist Bertolucci, the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) shall form a dimensional portal to another dimension, so you may send items or persons through this portal… The name giving to the ‘hadron’ in 1963 was of course not a coincidence: hades=hell=666. Without doubt, the CERN is totally serving the antichrist: to bring as many of her servants (= demons) in our 3D world. Bertolucci‘s madness reminds us of late Atlantis, when similar experiments tore up dimensional membranes, so that a giant number of negative entities arrived at our planet & literally created hell on earth. Let’s remember that on 9/19/09 the EU president Van Rompuy urged the EU & the US to co-operate ‘in the name of Atlantis’. These lunatics want to continue on the path of late Atlantis, which of course lead to full destruction…

Spiritual background of black holes

What is the spiritual background of black holes? (Link)

  1. issues & karma knots: In Vortex Healing® we know dozens of places where patterns (conditioning) can be held, e.g. victim, jealousy, avoidance, fraud, grief… In principle, every karmic human being has these issues, albeit with major differences (the only exception are avatars). The anchors of issues are the so-called karma knots in the spine: the first to be created & the last one to be cleared is always fear of death in the tailbone (root chakra).
  2. gremmies: The same issue being experienced for at least 6 incarnations leads to a gremmie can be created. A gremmie means that the issue gets a life by its own, so the underlying emotion/ issue is no longer under control. The average person has 30-40 gremmies, hardly anybody has no gremmies at all (except very young souls).
  3. black holes: If a gremmie becomes deeper over lifetimes, then it may become a black hole. Black holes were discovered several years ago by Richard Fuhrmann in Graz, Austria. The discovery of physical & meta-physical black holes is similarly important, although the meta-physical black holes are almost unknown outside of the Merlin lineage. The overlap of physical & meta-physical black holes is that they have become almost indestructible, i.e. usually they can’t be healed with normal healing techniques. Most of the time only the superficial conditioning of an issue is removed, which re-grows back over time as long as the black hole still exists. Reason: meta-physical black holes ‘eat’ all healing impulses, just as a physical black hole sucks in electromagnetic waves. About half of humanity has black holes (usually 5-20) & almost all . On the highest levels of Vortex Healing® (beginning at Merlin’s Grace) we are able to clear black holes. Commonly, normal corrections are no longer possible, where the vital webbing has to be replaced, which requires grace. Some years ago it still took hours to replace the webbing, meanwhile shorter than an hour (= acceleration of time). Black holes are a major part of what is usually called fate.
  4. spots of self-destruction (non-existence): In early 2014 the current (13th & last) Merlin Ric Weinman discovered another step of escalation of black holes, the so-called spots of non-existence. These black holes are so dense that one starts to crave for non-existence/ self-destruction. Only about 10% of mankind have at least one spot of non-existence, in this case their life will be totally governed by this issue.
  5. zones der universal destruction: In late June 2015 I discovered the zones of universal destruction, which is only found in some hundreds of persons worldwide. These black holes can be some hundreds of meters wide & the aggression is not only directed at oneself, but even against the whole manifest universe. These persons have a huge (negative) influence on cities & nations and also on the fate of humanity.
  6. areas of divine destruction: Finally in September 2016 I discovered the highest possible densification. Some dozens of persons on the planet bear such a strong destructive intention that it is not only directed against creation but even against the creator. These forces are pulling the strings behind CERN…

In the human body almost all black holes are created in the first & second chakra in the (lower) abdomen. This also looks like a reason why CERN was founded in Geneva. South-Eastern France (also the home of Nostradamus) is the 2nd chakra of our planet, and that’s why the Templar Knights (the first bankers) have their roots in this region. Besides, the Alps are the spine of Europe, so we find the 7 European chakras here.

Factor X ETs

There is not the slightest doubt that the illuminati rather want to blow up the entire universe rather than to lose the end times battle of Armageddon. Their compromise proposals to the Anti-Illuminati Alliance are nothing but fraud & an attempt to gain time. Nevertheless, the key question is whether or not the Galactic Federation of Light & the Guardian Alliance will step in. I proceed on the assumption that they have to step in because the illuminati not only risk our planet, but the whole galaxy or even the whole universe. The Federation & the Alliance won’t allow the reptilians to destroy another universe, as they have done before. But possibly they don’t act specifically, and instead they reset the whole planet back to the Stone Age as a kind of general prevention.

Our planet has been in the center of interest of the galaxy since the Sirian experiment began on 8/7/1972: first as positive surprise, later as a negative surprise. Because of the dangers arising from our solar system huge sphere spaceships (partly planetary sized) have arrived in our solar system since the 1990s & especially since 2012. Their purpose is to monitor, report, control & also fight. The quasi-official announcement of these events was made in 1996 by the movie Independence Day, where a spaceship sized 550km in diameter arrives.

One could observe these huge spacecraft millions (!) of times in the pictures of the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory SOHO. NASA has nothing to offer but the ridiculous explanation of ‘compression errors’. The “truth destruction agency” has tried so often to manipulate the images & remove the UFOs. Still, the ‘compression errors’ always look like UFOs from a textbook…

Who is running these huge spheres? The Guardian Alliance of Sphere Beings, as they are called by Lisa Renee & David Wilcock (both have trans-personal souls). Lisa Renee was contacted in 2004 by the Guardian Alliance, I myself in 2006 (2011 by the Federation). As usually when one is called, be prepared for many years of hard training every night during sleep (through the astral body). The spiritually highly advanced Guardian Alliance takes care of entire solar systems & galaxies. They are one of the 6 members of the Anti-Illuminati Alliance, the other 5 are: earth alliance, MIC SSP alliance, SSP alliance, inner earth alliance & the German Reich (Link).

Initially after the spheres arrived the illuminati still thought that their allies had arrived, but the spheres didn’t react to any attempt to get in touch. This made the illuminati crazy, and that’s why on 12/5/14 they shot one of the spheres from the military base Pine Gap in Australia, using a kind of laser weapon. The sphere was about as far away as the moon & simply reflected the ray back, killing several elitists at the military base (RIP dear psychopaths!). Because as the attack was caught by the livestream of the International Space Station (ISS) it couldn’t be denied. So NASA offered the madcap explanation that the ray was an attempt to create an artificial celestial body. But hey, WE are not as stupid as THEY look!

The 12/5/14 attack of the illuminati against our guardians had severe consequences: since 2014 we are *the* pestilence of our galaxy that has to be quarantined. Two no-fly zones were installed: one around the planet & another around the whole solar system. Some ‘UFOs’ with illuminati have already been shot, e.g. in spring 2016 in Arizona (picture below).

Switzerland #2: inconvenient fact check (currency, stocks, real estate)

So CERN & the global center of destruction are located in Switzerland. In order to understand the situation let’s approach the Swiss financial status. In 2009 the Amanita premium service said that the super-dumb money would now escape to Switzerland, so a Swissie bubble would develop. Mid-2011 was stated as the earliest possible timeline for the bubble to burst. So it is no surprise that since August 2011 (January 2015) the Swiss franc has been the weakest among the major currencies (USD, EUR, AUD, CAD, JPY, CNY, GBP). Even the pound sterling (which was slaughtered in 2016) has been stronger than the Swiss franc since August 2011 (Link).

After the end of the euro peg in 2015 many complained that nobody could foresee the currency move by the SNB (Swiss National Bank), After all, the SNB boss had verbally defended the peg until the day it was suddenly abolished. Sorry, but it is as crazy as possible to believe the lies of central banksters.

As usual the Amanita premium subscribers had the edge, as the SNB event had been predicted pretty well. It was projected for December 2014: 40 months after the CHF all-time high. Instead it happened one month later, almost to the day 40 months after the peg began on 9/7/11. Moreover, the double 15 had to be built into the date, because the 15 is the abbreviation of the 666. Last but not least, January 15, 2015, also happened to be 666 days after 3/20/13 when Cyprus was slaughtered by the Führer headquarters in Brussels. In spite of the terrible CHF bear market since 2011 the Swiss currency is still by far the most overvalued according to the Big Mac index (Link). Simple measures like the Big Mac index are often far better than sophisticated models.

The real estate market doesn’t look good either. In spite of Switzerland being such a small country it boasts 2 cities among the 8 cities worldwide with the biggest real estate bubbles (no other nation even comes close). However, in 2016 Swiss house prices fell in 2 successive quarters in nominal terms (QoQ), which hasn’t happened since statistics began 14 years ago (Link). By the way, no other country in the world has a similarly high mortgage loan burden per capita as Switzerland: almost CHF 1 trillion. This translates into CHF 120,000 per capita, which is far more than the GDP. Just a couple of years ago the amount was only CHF 600 billion.

To add insult to injury, Swiss equities have performed like a nightmare for many years (since 2002-13). The Swiss benchmark index SMI has remained behind all other big indices, e.g. an incredible 150% behind the German DAX (only partly because the DAX is a performance index while the SMI is a price index). To be honest (don’t tell anybody): the SMI performance defies the description.

Another nasty chart is the size of the central bank balance sheet in terms of GDP: the SNB is in a far worse position than all other central banks (if at all the BoJ comes close). The underlying NWO plan is pretty obvious: the SNB has been forced to accumulate stocks since 2014 because it is supposed to be the bagholder for the illuminati. The role of ETFs on a micro level (garbage bin for toxic waste) is fulfilled by the SNB on a macro level. Goal: the coming equity crash shall produce incredible losses for the Swiss people. So the franc will be history & the Swiss have to approach Brussels on their knees. Sure the illuminati will buy back the stocks held by the SNB, at a nice discount of 70-95% or so.

Bottom line: Switzerland was & still is (!) the mother of all bubbles, the worst financial nightmare the world has ever seen. You have to look hard to find a worse place for one’s capital. Still, we are in the early phase of the unwinding of the Swiss bubble, which won’t be finished before 2032 (in 15 years).

Switzerland #3: true Swiss history

But how could Switzerland develop into the worst bubble in history? To understand the Swiss special position we have to go back almost one millennium:

  1. 1235: In 1235 the female side of Jesus Christ IShtar (-> ISrael & ISis) appeared in front of the Templar Knights Roderich & Emmerant in the ruins of Carthage, with a blue feather. She said to the Knights: “I called you – without you knowing it; you came here – without it being known to you.” Ishtar explained that Babylon (which means ‘divine door’) under kings called Nebuchadnezzar was the first attempt to reinstall the divine kingdom on earth, with Carthage being the second one. The two initial attempts Babylon & Carthage failed, but the ongoing third try should be successful: Frankish Empire. Ishtar told the two astonished Templar Knights that Vienna, Austria, had been chosen by Jesus Christ as the first (Southern) capital & their role was to found the second (Northern) capital: Berlin, Germany. Berlin should serve as a kind of backup, to make sure one of the two cities will be the last torch of divine light to lighten up the world. Roderich & Emmerant later founded the Black Stone secret society (Die Herren vom schwarzen Stein DHvSS) with the headquarters here in Vienna, Austria.
  2. 11/8/1291: About 666 months after the incredible encounter in Carthage the Swiss Rütli Oath was sworn. This is the signature of the 666 Beast at work, who has protected Switzerland for centuries.
  3. 10/13/1307 -> 11/8/1307: The Templar Knights (first bankers) were officially destroyed on Friday, 13th of October 1307. 13+13 days after Friday the 13th Switzerland was officially founded (today’s official date of the Rütli Oath). At any rate, Switzerland is a successor/ product of the Templar Knights, including their financial role. It goes without saying that this special role could only be achieved through 3 powers of protection, which, however, fall apart now in the end times - a terrible omen for Switzerland. If at all, the lying press discusses how Switzerland got rich through WW2, however the enrichment already began with the Templar’s treasure in 1307:
    (a) Templar Knights 1307: cross formee -> Swiss cross (-> flag of Ku Klux Klan)
    (b) Vatican (Papal Swiss Guard 1506, Jesuits 1534): The Jesuits also hoarded most of their wealth close to the Zurich. The Swiss Guard has been protecting the evil of the popes for a long time. Since the Papal bull Unam sanctam issued on 11/18/1302 by Pope Boniface VIII the pope owns both soul & body of every human.
    (c) Judaism

These events beginning in 1235 have been re-activated since 2011, precisely 777 years later & ahead of the Jewish year 5777:

  1. 2011 (all-time high Swissie): In 2011 the Amanita network destroyed Sadhana’s “air base” in Vienna, Austria, in . So the first of the two light centers were liberated. We received the order already 3 years in advance in 2008, when the Untersberg Mountain was activated.
  2. 2012: Ishtar’s blue feather was activated in April 2012 during a tantric-sexual ritual also here in Vienna, Austria, in the vicinity of two Viennese transpersonal souls. The blue feather is connected with the 12 Jyotirlinga (light lingam) temples in India.
    There is a huge number of monetary theorists who think they are creative but nothing of their ‘innovative monetary’ concepts has prospects. Almost all suggestions are rooted in the Kali Yuga thinking of the past 5000 years. To my knowledge not a *single* (!) other financial analyst takes into consideration what is going on outside of our solar system: an unforgivable mistake. For 5000 years the finances on this planet have been controlled by Orion: Orion monetary magic. That’s why almost all money bills bear the secret EURion constellation, accidentally discovered by the German IT specialist Markus Kuhn in 2002 (the Orion nebula as a kind of stamp). It even can’t be printed out, that’s why I don’t include it in this newsletter – otherwise your printer would stop printing.
    In the 1940s the US got so much technological knowledge from negative ET races, conducted over the joint venture Corporation (later renamed into Orion Diversified). It seems that nobody outside of Amanita readers understands the most important fact about our financial system: the expressed by the Orion seal. Outside of the Orion monetary magic DNA is used as a currency & this is also our future, although it won’t be fully implemented before the 25st century (after the year 2400). After millions of years of warfare the Anchara alliance (= 666, illuminati….) & the Galactic Federation finally made peace in 1995. Still, the Orion faction (formerly a key faction with the Anchara alliance) refuses to make peace & is fighting on its own.
  3. 2015: On 11/11/15 (11+11+15=37 divine light) Sadhana’s throne in Berlin was destroyed. So Berlin was the second town after Vienna to be freed in the higher dimensions from the powers of darkness. Although this takes years to manifest in the 3D world.
  4. 2016: The spiritual liberation of Vienna in 2011 & Berlin 2015 fulfilled the 777+ year old prophecy that these two capitals would be the last torches of divine light. After having being kicked in the butt the fallen angel had to look for another home in the Frankish Empire. She was crowned on 6/1/16 during the ceremony to open the Swiss Gotthard tunnel. This location was chosen because it is wordplay: to make it hard for god. This will have terrible karmic consequences for Switzerland though.

Switzerland #4: crowd sentiment (character of Switzerland)

Before destruction the heart of man is haughty, and before honor is humility. (Proverbs 18: 12)

I have been editing the Amanita market letter for 17 years & have been active in the financial markets for 27 years. However, the average sentiment regarding Switzerland is outrageous & unprecedented. Most forecasts are swallowed without comment, even when the content is incredible. However, every Swiss-critical update arouses indignation: howling, complaints, accusations…

Please don’t get me wrong: of course one can always be in two minds when it comes to the future. But my observation is mainly referring to the past that is denied: this type of denial of reality is unique (“you can’t see it that way”). For me this is always a valuable feedback, because the more emotional & irrational the response, the higher the odds of the call coming true. It is like in psychotherapy: most resistance is always found at the crux of a matter.

Why is it so terribly difficult for the Swiss fans to confront reality? The reason is the character of the Swiss people. In Psychosomatic Energetics founded by Dr. Reimar Banis every human has a central conflict: the basic issue also determining the character (the same principle can be applied to countries). Examples of nations I know well & where I am sure about the central conflict:

  • Austria (Libra, Uranus): fickleness / indecision/ inner strife (heartland theory of the British geologist Mackinder)
  • Germany (Aries, Saturn): control/ fear of chaos – since the 30-Year War 1618-48
  • England (Saturn): inflexibility, adhering to form & tradition
  • Finland (Moon): loneliness
  • USA (Cancer, Jupiter): lack of grounding/ reality loss through positive thinking („take it easy“)

Switzerland has remained undefeated since the 19th century, which has nourished the illusion of invincibility. Without doubt, the central conflict of Switzerland (Virgo, Venus) is arrogance/ pride/ lack of humility – which can only be healed through humiliation=destruction. This quality means to refuse to recognize the sovereignty of the divine & equals the LoC (level of consciousness) of 190 (= Lucifer) on the scale of David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. Without doubt, this is the primary portal for the powers of darkness being centered on Swiss soil, so the devilish machine CERN could be installed & the devil could be crowned on 6/1/16.

Switzerland #5, Kailash & Untersberg mountain: guardian of time (-lines)

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
A time to be born, and a time to die;
a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;
A time to kill, and a time to heal;
a time to break down, and a time to build up;
A time to weep, and a time to laugh;
a time to mourn, and a time to dance;
A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together;
a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;
A time to get, and a time to lose;
a time to keep, and a time to cast away;
A time to rend, and a time to sew;
a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;
A time to love, and a time to hate;
a time of war, and a time of peace.

Ecclesiastes 3, 1-8

But this is not the end of the special role of Switzerland, it also plays the key role in the convergence of the timelines beginning in late 2017… What is Switzerland traditionally associated with? Watches & chocolate, both ruled by the sign Virgo (6th sign in the zodiac), which is the sign of Switzerland (9/12/1848). It appears that chocolate & sex are natural ‘rivals’, according to surveys 50-70% of the women would rather want to refrain from sex than from chocolate… Virgo the Virgin is in the center of the unique 9/23/2017 constellation mentioned in Revelation 12/ 1-2. This constellation is extra-ordinary, as it can only be witnessed once in several millennia. The virgin mentioned in the Holy Bible wears a crown with 12 golden stars: EU flag. What a ‘coincidence’ that the EU flag was decided on December 8th, the day of the virgin (in the year 1955)…

In order to understand the role of Switzerland as the guardian of the timelines we first have to discuss how divine creation works on the time axis. The usual assumption is that a causal chain more or less ‘stumbles’ into the future, with the eventual outcome unsure. Nothing could be further from truth, because first the future (the goal) is created & afterwards causal chains. Example: you first define the goal of looking for a new job & then make 10 or 100 necessary steps to reach that goal. Maybe you are both trying the internet & your social network to find your desired position. One could also say that different timelines lead to the same goal. It is unclear though which timeline will the successful one.

Timelines can frustrate all kinds of forecasts. Junior prophets are defined by a level of consciousness LoC>540 (only about 0.3% of world population), because the 3rd eye associated with the epiphysis opens at LoC~540. 60-80% of the European population suffers from an epiphysis calcification, which is much more than in the rest of Eurasia & Africa (5-25%). This brain disorder is the physiological background for the political madness in Europe (‘Rapugees welcome’). Junior prophets (540<LoC<700) can only see one specific timeline & if they are serious they admit that their preferred scenario is just one of many possible ones (1 scenario = 1 timeline). Junior prophets only can look some months reliably into the future, or a few years at most. It needs the much higher LoC>700 of senior prophets to access divine intention *behind* the timelines. Nostradamus as a true senior prophet calibrated at 700+, this was the only way he could look 500 years into the future.

Note: in the past millennia we had entire centuries without a single person calibrating at LoC>700. Now in the end times this number has risen to 100-200. The normal ego („I am xyz“) already dissolves at LoC>600, but the I point (of absoluteness) at LoC~650 („I am“, without any attributes) has to be transcended as well. Very difficult karma (= fate) can’t be really healed before LoC>650.

Finally, before the end times goal defined long ago is reached, all timelines have to converge: this process begins in late 2017 on a global level. The final goal has been known for at least 10,000 years (since the prophecies of the pyramids), now we are almost there... Lisa Renee has written for many years that the timelines converge in late 2017, so that a lot of what the crowd expected for late 2012 will manifest with a delay of 5 years (Link). Note: years in advance I warned that 2012 would be a very calm year, just the opposite of the expectation spread by the mass media. Needless to say, this call was spot on. To prepare for the major soul review ahead the return of Jesus Christ a convergence of the timelines & soul parts is necessary. So-to-speak, the soul accounting can’t be completed without the necessary soul accounting documents.

There are 2 kinds of timelines:

  1. higher-dimensional timelines: The system of the average person is split into 10-12 individual timelines, mainly because of biographic, karmic & genetic traumas which cause a soul loss (in shamanic terminology). Experiencing traumas often mean that “time stops”, and indeed the lost soul part doesn’t develop with the rest of the system, often staying where it was at the age of the trauma. The traditional cure was soul retrieval, although in the end times this hardly works because the speed of soul development is way too high. Instead, new soul parts shall be integrated into the system.
    The degree of soul loss (decoupling) may diverge: a minor trauma could be compared to a fragmented hard drive, while serious trauma could be compared to a partitioned hard disk. Illuminati projects such as Monarch & MK Ultra were successful in creating multiple personalities. The underlying technique is black magic used since late Atlantis, which Dr. Guido Schuhmacher calls setting outside of time & space. The access to the timelines depends on the strength of the time waves, a theory developed by the Russian physicist Prof. Nikolay Kozyrev (9/2/1908-1983). There are just 2 materials which reflect 100% of the time waves: aluminum & granite. Granite is very heavy, that’s why all modern Kozyrev mirrors consist of aluminum, although the sarcophagus in the pyramids of Giza consists of granite.
  2. 3D timelines: This means a physical translocation into other timelines. The Untersberg Mountain at the German-Austrian border is one of the few places on earth where this kind of rapture has happened naturally for hundreds of years. Time is slowing down by a factor of up 200-300fold, many people (including Amanita readers) have reported they believed they were hours away, while in reality they were missed for weeks & months. That’s why Hitler had his house at the foot of the Untersberg Mountain. His general Hans Kammler conducted many experiments in the 1940s & eventually they were successful at changing physical timelines. At the same time Nikola Tesla accomplished the same in the USA: 1943 Philadelphia experiment. Later the US launched project Looking Glass. Star gates are a much better technology than timeline portals, one of them still existed in Iraq until early 2003, probably *the* most important reason for the second Gulf war.
    Neither Hitler nor Kammler died in 1945, Kammler is still pulling the strings behind the scenes, as Austrian author Stan Wolf reports. Until 2016 only people could be moved through the dimensional portal, as depicted in the movie Terminator starring the Austrian-born Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose father was a very high-ranking Nazi (which was the reason he was picked for this role). In 2016 a big technological breakthrough was achieved: since 2016 entire vehicles can be transferred, which could eventually turn out as war-deciding. The South African seer Nicolaas van Rensburg (8/30/1864-1926) was an excellent prophet. His end times prophecies say that suddenly a very strong German army arises, with totally unknown weapons of war.

All time travels can create unintended new timelines, which are always creating instability. It is like installing new software on a computer that permanently damages the system. One of the time travelers is the so-called P-45 faction, who claims to come from the future in 45,000 years. On a global level 4 major timelines were artificially created (in addition to an unknown number of minor ones, e.g. in August 1987):

  1. August 1943 Philadelphia & German experiments
  2. August 1972 Sirian experiment: In spite of a protection shield installed by our friends, the strongest solar wind ever was experienced in 1972, according to the physicist Drunvalo Melchizedek and others. Science has successfully suppressed all evidence of the incredible events in 1972-74. The Sirians also installed something to accelerate our karmic healing. Since 1972 all eyes of the galaxy have been watching us. At first we were such a positive surprise, but later we disappointed miserably.
  3. August 1983 Montauk experiment
  4. 2005-7 Merlin lineage: multiple interventions, beginning at the Colossi of Memnon in Egypt

Many prophecy researchers have noted that since the 1970s (Sirian experiment 1972-74) many prophecies no longer work as they once did. That’s why many so-called ‘experts’ have concluded that these prophecies are now & forever invalidated. However, nothing could be further from truth. The catch-up will begin in late 2017 when the timelines begin to convergence. A similar delay pattern has been observed with the NWO plan, too, e.g. 9/11 in the year 2001. The illuminati began to prepare 9/11 already in 1963 (!) in the mass media, i.e. for 38 years (Link). 33 years before 9/11 in the year 1968 the US emergency number 911 was introduced. There is no doubt that on the day of the official opening of the Twin Towers on 4/4/1973 their fate was already carved in stone. From 1992 on 9/11 was planned for 1996: 9/11 was already announced in the 1993 movie Super Mario Brothers, as well as by the first WTC attack on 2/26/1993. In the movie Long Kiss Goodnight we were even told of the number of victims (4,000). However, the resistance in the Clinton administration couldn’t be overcome. A large number of top US politicians died under strange circumstances over a short period, still 9/11 couldn’t be implemented. So Mr. Cigar was punished with an impeachment from early 1997 on. Since 1999 the planned event was postponed to 9/11/01, as demonstrated by the movie Matrix.

Conclusions: future outlook

It is rather easy to open new timelines but normally impossible to close, as this requires the key of David (so-to-speak a ‘matter for the boss’). The first of the 4 artificial timelines was opened in 1943 during the Philadelphia experiment. In Revelation 3: 7 we find one of the few hints:

To the angel of Philadelphia write: These are the words of him who is holy and true, who holds the key of David. What he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open.

To clear up the timelines mess created since 1943 the key of David was passed to one of the 4 Austrian transpersonal souls on 5/15/15. Strangely, on 5/15/15 a Russian radio telescope received intelligent (?) signals from star HD 164595... In 2016 this initial input diffused into Vortex Healing®, where timelines (oddly called time-bubbles) can be cleared since 9/9/2016 (=9.9.9). The timing is no coincidence at all, as 999 is the code of termination. Putin the Russian terminator came to power on August 9th, 99, also with the 999. The movie Matrix informing about the false timelines (matrix) was also released in 1999. Because of the key of David the timelines can converge from late 2017 on (I don’t dare to judge the end of the process). All of this has far-reaching consequences for the financial markets & world affairs:

  1. catching up: A lot of what was expected for 1999/2000 (Y2K) or 2012 will manifest from late 2017 on.
  2. mental (disclosures, truth movement, reality shock): So much has been made invisible by being pushed into other timelines. But this system of artificial realities (false timelines = matrix) starts to falter, so that the *true* disclosures begin: financially, economically, politically, scientifically, spiritually, ETs/ UFOs, and Nibiru. At times you will get up in the morning & be astonished at how much the world has changed. The collapse of the matrix begins in late 2017: 6+6+6 years after the movie Matrix was released.
  3. empirical patterns (black swans): Over the past decade we have been leaving more & more patterns of the past. It began in summer 2007 with the complaint of the Goldman Sucks CFO that the financial markets moved 25 standard deviations away from the expected mean. Such a statistical deviance should happen less often than once in 100,000 years. 42 quarters later in late 2017 this process will accelerate dramatically.
  4. crash of the financial system: The new timelines since 1943 have produced an artificial inflation on all levels (financially, too), which will be cut back.
  5. beginning of the biblical rapture (or death rates): So far we haven’t seen anything but very rare rapture instances (as observed on the Untersberg Mountain, for instance). Maybe 1 out of 100,000 persons have experienced that their physical body was suddenly relocated. This number should explode by a factor of 10-1000, although statistically a more conventional disappearance should be more frequent: big rise of death rates.
  6. Armageddon, crash: The split of reality into different timelines has avoided a lot of confrontation & fighting since 1943, which has to be caught up, from late 2017 on.
  7. karma & soul review: Karma can only be resolved when it is present, which means it must not be in other timelines (e.g. in the form of soul loss). The convergence of the timelines transforms a lot of latent=potential karma (sanchita) into the manifest prarabdha karma. This will trigger a great many events. Only through this integration of all timelines can the soul be ready for a big review. Normally the soul life review only happens immediately upon death, although before the return of Jesus Christ many will enjoy this incredible grace while still being incarnated. I experienced that in the late 1990s.