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Prophecies #4: Prepping & 'safe havens' (3/30/17)

For whoever wants to save their life will lose it,
but whoever loses their life for me will save it.
What good is it for someone to gain the whole world,
and yet lose or forfeit their soul?
(Luke 9:24-25)

This is the 4th of at least 5 parts of my article series on prophecies. Today I want to discuss prepping (survivalism) in the widest sense, i.e. all measures to prepare for the coming the dramatic world events. The smart elites work at full stretch to prepare for the coming events, while the sheeple don’t have a clue as to what is really going on. Demand for bunkers has been soaring by +300%, driven mainly by the top wealth percentile because of the high costs of bunkers (Link). According to Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, more than half of the Silicon Valley billionaires already own bunkers (Link). The main Silicon Valley commodity is the future itself: anticipate the future to co-create it. You can bet that Silicon Valley billionaires are elites who are damn good at anticipating the future. These are the elites who like to sell billions of microwave WMDs (cell phones, Wi-Fi…), while their children mostly grow up without these WMDs… In this article I’d like to focus on the principal questions of prepping, which are almost always neglected in the casuistic discussions. I even propose a model consisting of 32 factors to assess the appropriateness of ‘safe havens’ around the globe.

Principal questions: protection of electrosmog & end times prepping

The end times is the time of destruction of the old in order to create the new, with 2 aspects

  1. yin: electrosmog – creeping, subtle, slow, destruction from within
  2. yang: big events - dramatic, fast, destruction from the outside

As always, the yin & yang cooperate: many of the events prophesized don’t need more than electrosmog as an explanation, especially the epidemics & the population reduction by about 95% before the end of the 21st century. Revelation 16: 11-12 warns that those with the cell phone (sign of the 666 Beast in the hand or near the head) get painful ulcers (cancer). More & more people become brain-dead because of the 24/7 microwave exposure. The article series on electrosmog was completed after 7 years in 2016, with a discussion of the ways to protect oneself ( However, there is a huge difference between electrosmog protection & the ‘protection’ against the end times events:

  1. protection: Note that one can’t ‘protect’ against the end times event but only prepare. Partial electrosmog protection is possible, although never the full protection as promised by so many vendors. If done properly, a small expense translates into a decent positive effect, that’s why for most people the money spent on electrosmog protection should be the best investment of their life (ROI return on investment >1000%). Unfortunately, just the opposite is true of the end times events, where even spending millions of euros or dollars might not produce the desired effect. Many billionaires spend millions for their prepping, which is less than 0.1% of their capital.
  2. state of knowledge: Electrosmog has been the subject of more than 10,000 (!) scientific studies since the 1930s, so we know a lot about it. Needless to say, the lying press is financially blackmailed to suppress the stunning evidence. When critical studies leak, the press whores often claim that is the first critical study ever published. In addition, the time dynamics of high frequency electrosmog is well-known: the first 10-20 years is a latency period, that’s why the shit hits the fan in the 2020s & 2030s. However, because of the genetic damage the full harm needs at least 2 generations to show up, which is in the 2080s at the earliest.
    In contrast, we have little solid knowledge on the end times events. Today’s state of the art in prophecy research can be compared to physics around 1700: nothing but the very first beginning. The ignorance of prophecy researchers when it comes to scientific insights is obscene. To quote just one example: according to Dr. James Spottiswoode in Palo Alto, California, the effect size of paranormal phenomena is heavily determined by the local sidereal time (
    Link). I already suggested to Dr. Spottiswoode more than 10 years ago that the most favorable parapsychological time was the alignment with the galactic center, which he readily accepted. Knowing the precise origin (time & place) of each prophecy would help a lot to estimate any prepping relevance.

17 Common misconceptions of survivalists in the end times

  1. misconception of the new agers/ good-doers/ liberals:
    The new age/ psycho teachings are heavily distorted by Lucifer, which is one of the main reasons why mankind is so deep in the cacophony. This reminds me of the 1000+ year old prophecy of the Islamic Hadiths that most followers of the Dajjal (devil) would be women. New agers & goody two-shoes are 70-80% female, which also explains the very different election preferences of men & women (e.g. in the case of Trump). The key is to understand the common new age fallacies, in order to make *real* progress on the path towards liberation/ enlightenment (moksha). Usually these folks calibrate at a level of consciousness LoC=520s at best, following the LoC scale of David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. The 520s are a pretty high & pleasant level with a lot of light & love, yet very dangerous level because the 3rd eye needs LoC>540 to open. The third eye (epiphysis) is the antenna for divine light, which is distributed by the thymus gland on a body (cellular) level. In the words of Jesus Christ (John 8:32): “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” Passing the 540 barrier is also the pill key scene in the movie Matrix, when Neo decides for the truth. Later Neo asks why his eyes hurt, to which Morpheus replies, “You've never used them before.“
    At the time of Hawkins 0.4% of the world population calibrated at 540+, but has meanwhile declined to only 0.1-0.2% (
    link). The reasons for the ongoing spiritual crash since 2003 are: electrosmog, lying press, new age teachings, political corrections/ do-gooders/ liberals, environmental toxins (especially chemtrails & fluorine in drinking water & toothpastes), sign of the Beast on every product (666 barcode), so much stress, earth changes, acceleration of more & more karma…. The opening of the 3rd eye usually takes many years, in my case 17 years 7 months from December 1992 onwards. After my jump to 540+ in July 2010 (when my 3rd eye opened) I was looking for the reasons why in spite of so much good will & spiritual practice few make it to LoC>530. I finally could identify the 3 crucial misconceptions:
    (a) Here & Now: As a matter of fact, the highly praised & almost never challenged ‘here & now’ is mainly avoidance & escape in the plain vanilla understanding. It is a nice place to hide, albeit with the subtle refusal to go deeper. In other words, it is a disguised . On a subtle level the idolized ‘presence’ exercises a lot of ego control, which closes to the door to truth (LoC>540) & surrender (LoC>555). Before 555 (= the number of man) there is no way out of samsara (wheel of incarnations), which usually happens on the levels 560-580.
    Romans 1: 25 points out the error: “They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator - who is forever praised.” Moreover, a strong identification with the here & now (LoC=520er) doesn’t allow deeper healings (LoC>540). This explains why books titled The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle can become bestsellers: a bestseller is always driven by crowd madness.
    (b) the I (ego) is the master & creator of life: This is satanism masked as humanism. Aleister Crowley put it that way, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.” Matthew 16: 21-23 is the key Bible passage to understand the difference between the human & the divine:
    From that time on Jesus began to explain to his disciples that he must go to Jerusalem and suffer many things at the hands of the elders, the chief priests and the teachers of the law, and that he must be killed and on the third day be raised to life, Peter took him aside and began to rebuke him. “Never, Lord!” he said. “This shall never happen to you!” Jesus turned and said to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns.”
    as the prototype of the do-gooder wanted to keep his guru alive, something very human of course – and yet Jesus called him Satan. The message of Jesus Christ was not to act as a positive thinker but rather the opposite: „And he said to them all, if any man will come after me, let him deny his ego, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.” The highest one can achieve is to fulfill one’s destiny (Inshallah). The symbol of one’s fate is the cross, the process of fulfilling one’s destiny is crucifixion. In homeopathy this is mainly reflected by aurum metallicum (gold), causticum, conium macalatum (hemlock) & absinthum (wormwood). In Apocalypse 8-11 Nibiru is called wormwood, in the 1990s project Wormwood was launched in Australia (Learmonth Solar Observatory) to observe Nibiru. The ego is like the person who witnesses a wonderful sunrise & thinks, “Oh boy, what a great sunrise I have again produced this morning!”
    J Unfortunately, the excessive self-deification (the worst form of idolism!) of most new agers means that the terrible events foretold by the prophecies will be fulfilled. Medieval Christian theology was much closer to truth in speaking of the unfathomable will of God than today’s wellness gospel. Less than 0.1% of world population can go beyond the Luciferian self-deification by calibrating at LoC>555 (surrender): „Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.” Without surrender you certainly have to re-incarnate into flesh again & again. Normally it needs very serious strokes of fate for the ego to let go into surrender (LoC>555). Moksha (the end of the reincarnation cycle) usually happens in the LoC 560-580 area.
    (c) ignoring the male aspect of the divine: A rather immature new age assumption is that we can screw things up for thousands of years, and then we can simply create a brave new world. There are 2 ways of creating/ manifesting: vertical (directly from the divine) & horizontal (self-parasitism, sucking in of future resources into the present). This incredibly important pattern is known from finance & healing:
    * A credit pulls the financial resources of the future into the present (= horizontal), at the price of interest & compound interest, of course. So a credit is not only self-enslavement, it also self-parasitism because eventually the credit payments are worsening one’s future financial outlook.
    * If a healer feels better after having treated someone, then mainly energy from the divine source was used. However, if a healer feels sucked out afterwards, then it was mainly the own energy that was transmitted. Black magical healing forms such as Reiki are (secretly) horizontal, because over a complicated system one first gets a nice energy credit, which has to be paid back with interest & compound interest though (a very negative deal).
    In the terminology of the unified field theory of the German physicist Burkhard Heim (which looks like the most important physics theory) one needs to access the 4 divine dimensions (G4 = 9th – 12th dimension). Unfortunately, only about 1% of the world population (around LoC=530 or higher) have a good access to G4, that’s why almost all attempts to create a better future will eventually destroy the future. This could be observed in the case of the Eastern bloc dedicated to a better future. Finally in 1989 the Eastern bloc was so run down it simply had to collapse. Without doubt, hardly anybody is aware of that, but as always ignorance is no excuse. There is a reason why in Buddhism the key of the unwholesome roots of suffering is moha (ignorance), symbolized by the pig. The divine has 2 main aspects: Yang (truth, justice/ punishment, hierarchy) & Yin (love, grace, compassion, surrender). Today’s new agers ignore or even fight the male aspect of the divine whenever possible. The wrath of God is another word for divine justice, i.e. the negative karma that has to be worked off. Unfortunately, the numerous Marian apparitions in the 19th & 20th century were the last opportunity to change tack. On 11/20/16 the Vatican sealed the Holy Door, which means that on a global level the door for grace is now closed (preparation for Judgment). Yet grace can still be asked for on an individual level, one door is offered by the highest levels of Vortex Healing®: Merlin’s Grace, UAP (Universal Assemblage Point).
  2. misconception „life is better than death” & “death = failure”
    *If* the incredible cataclysms come to pass, then the first & most important question is whether one really *wants* to survive. Needless to say, the ego is mainly a survival program, so it always thinks that life is better than death. And yet many preppers could regret their ‘too successful’ prepping more than any other decision of their life… Mark 13/ 19-22 warns:
    For in those days there will be tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the creation which God created until this time, nor ever shall be. And unless the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake, whom He chose, He shortened the days.
    This is the reason why even 95% of the preppers can’t imagine what is looming. Above all, the 62 million year cycle of mass extinction is due, the last event being the extinction of the dinosaurs. The proof of this claim is that since the 20th century the species extinction is at the highest level in 60+ million years.
    The materialistic paradigm & traditional medicine view death as failure. But then of course, there are far better answers, e.g. that the purpose of life has been fulfilled or it is simply time to go home. Socrates proposed that death is actually the biggest present in our life. After death everybody returns to the wherever they spent their lifetime, quoting Hawkins (
    All over 200 go to a heaven because there's multiple heavens and the heaven that you go to is aligned with your calibrated level of your consciousness. When you leave the body you automatically find yourself in the realm of your own vibration because that is what you identify with and are attracted to. So that should handle the afterlife.
    However, in the afterlife everything is leveraged 100-1000 times, because being incarnated in a human body is levelling & confining so much. Ambitious market participants are better off because they fully understand the principle of ‘leverage’. 2 nice stories:
    * In his book The Zen of the first million Claus Grube describes the death of his Zen master in the Japanese monastery. His master announced he would leave his body on the next day, so all gathered for this ceremony & the master simply left his body – it’s as simple as that.
    J For the totally enlightened death involves no drama whatsoever.
    * A story from Iran: a man felt death was approaching, so he tried to escape an encounter with the death angel Azrael by traveling to another town. Upon his arrival Azrael greeted him with the words, „Nice that you have arrived, I am waiting for you.“
    Apocalypse means the removal of the veils, i.e. the end of illusions. The Western understanding of death is biggest illusion, so this will be the biggest surprise for mankind. True enlightenment *always* means confrontation with death, both physically & spiritually (ego death). In the mystery schools of ancient Egypt the adepts had to swim by crocodiles, in order to get close to death. The resurrection of the dead mentioned in the Bible is always misunderstood. In reality this means the genetic & karmic burden come alive, to heal them which is the major soul review (the normal minor soul review only covers this one life). As a matter of fact, a major collective soul review has been going since the 1970s, with more & more people dealing with their biographic, karmic & genetic-family conditioning.
  3. misconception „health is better than disease”
    Of course, nobody enjoys being ill, except those who have a secondary benefit maybe. However, the ability to suffer is almost never realized as a skill & competence, although it could become *the* key competence. As opposed to the bizarre claims of new bestsellers, stable body health is normally a sign of stagnation (!) on the emotional-spiritual level! According to 80% of the diseases are found *after* an issue has been successfully cleared. In the example of kidney stones: as long as the underlying conflict is still active the stones remain in the kidneys (usually unnoticed & without pain). Yet once the underlying conflict is solved the stones come out & create terrible pain, and they might turn out as lethal (if they block the ureter). That’s why the old homeopaths of the 19th century were the first to realize that the full healing of a big issue/ conflict often kills the patient. So they recommended minimizing conflicts without completely clearing them. This was the strategy of the past millennia, yet the deep collective healing in the coming 20 years will inevitably trigger widespread deaths. From the viewpoint of soul evolution it is best to sacrifice the body when this is the only way to heal the soul.
  4. underestimating electrosmog – overestimating the end times events
    The average lifetime shortening caused by end times events will be much less dramatic than usually assumed. I’d say that both the end times events & electrosmog will (independently) shorten the remaining life span by 10-25 years in the socialistic bloc EUSApan. Apart from electrosmog there are many additional negative factors: vaccinations (a satanic ritual), chemtrails (especially aluminum explained by Dr. Klinghardt Link), GMO, HAARP, nutrition, life style… Even Bill Gates admitted that the main purpose of vaccinations is to reduce the world population (Link). Generation & gender play a key role (link):
    (a) Generation X (born in 1965-1986) still grew up without deadly rays & few vaccinations, that’s why the reduction of their life span should amount to only some years.
    (b) Generation Y (born in 1987-1999) suffers a great deal from electrosmog, vaccinations, chemtrails & other factors, so the life expectancy of the young men should be 50-60 at best.
    (c) Generation Z (2000-2011) already inherited a lot from their parents, so men should be lucky if they reach the age 40-50 at best.
    In the 2020s & 2030s both factors (electrosmog & events) compete, one or the other will be first depending on the individual case. Already in the early 2000s (!) I warned that the average life expectancy will top out when the end times begin in August 2013 & then begin to crash. One reason: 2013 was precisely 666 years after the biggest wave of dying in the past millennia: Black Death 1347-52. This call came precisely to pass, e.g. in Great Britain one single year (2014) erased the progress of the death numbers of a half century! In the rest of the socialistic bloc the pattern is by & large the same, clouded by more ferocious massacres by statistical terrorists though. Insider sources confirm that these numbers are massaged, similar to the key economic figures. The trend in the emerging markets is somewhat delayed & very heterogeneous, so a blanket statement is not possible.
  5. misconception „prepping is always meaningful”
    Prepping is an investment on different levels (time, money, effort, brainpower…). Unfortunately, it is completely open whether or not these efforts produce the results desired, 4 possible outcomes
  6. misconception „we still have time“
    A key consensus of prophecies is that the final events will come as a surprise for nearly everyone (1. Thessalonians 5, 2-4):
    Now, brothers and sisters, about times and dates we do not need to write to you, for you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. While people are saying, “Peace and safety,” destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.
    At present only few realize how little time is left – although one should not expect too much from the timing efforts. Jesus said that nobody knows the hour & day, so maybe stating the correct week is the best possible timing statement (although possibly this limitation was true 2,000 years ago but no longer today). The key is to understand that after thousands of years of fruitless waiting suddenly all signs have begun to fulfill since summer 2015. Without doubt, the by far most important omen was the official announcement of the Temple Institute in July 2015 that the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem will be built. The end times community had to wait almost 2000 years for this announcement… Since 2015 the heifers (‘virgin cows’) are bred, to be sacrificed in the 3rd Temple. Before 2015 expectations that the end times events would be just around the corner were nothing but irrational fear porn.
  7. misconception of the end times events as ‘adventure holidays’
    Experiments have demonstrated that modern people can’t live in a state of autarky, even under the best circumstances.). Within weeks & months inhabitants of the socialistic bloc EUSApan would have to learn again what has been forgotten in the past millennia, or partly even learn something unprecedented.
  8. misconception „that *one* correct getaway spot is enough
    The phase of instability on all levels last for 40+ years (until approximately 2067) entailing a great many incredible events, which means that the one magic bullet (patent remedy) doesn’t exist. Instead, one should be prepared for many different scenarios. Never before in history have we suffered from so many different threats
    (1) microwave warfare (electrosmog): since the 1990s – terribly important
    (2) chemical warfare (chemtrails): especially since 2001 (9/11)
    (3) state terrorism: especially since 2001 (9/11), but it should become much more dramatic until 2023. Almost all major terror attacks are implemented by the governments or at least allowed to happen, to intimidate humanity.
    (4) famines
    (5) epidemics, biological warfare
    (6) civil wars, organized criminality, gangs
    (7) conventional warfare
    (8) electronic warfare: hacks, EMPs (electromagnetic pulse)
    atomic warfare, ultimate MCA (maximum credible accident)
    (10) GMO warfare
    (11) crash of infrastructure: power, internet, water…
    (12) pole shift: possibly even a shift of the earth axis? One of the numerous open questions is whether or not hard disks (HDDs) will be deleted/ altered during a magnetic pole shift – possibly with local differences (
    link). Some areas on the planet have already a flipped geomagnetic field, according to the satellites Magsat & Ørsted.
    (13) comet impacts: The bolide (fireball, very bright meteor) discussed by the Austrian geologist Prof. Dr. Alexander Tollmann, possibly in the south-west of the Czech Republic, approximately in the region Pilsen/ Carlsbad/ Doupov Mountains, as suspected since the 19th century (
    (14) mass migration
  9. misconception „better a little prepping than no prepping at all“This is yet another tragic false assumption because, “if you aren’t prepared for everything, you’re prepared for nothing.” However, it is impossible to be prepared for everything…
  10. misconception regarding the choice of prepper companions
    Prepper companions are not easy to find:
    (a) no choice (relatives): In times of crises the blood ties are more important than friendships, although you can’t choose your blood bonds. Usually the closest relatives don’t want to join prepper projects, especially in rigid societies like Japan. Partly this unwillingness has improved since 2015.
    (b) choice: This is an amazingly complex decision, too. I want to suggest 4 unconventional, usually overlooked decision criteria:
    (1) crisis
    predisposition: Just as there is a deep biological/ genetic cause for being a morning or evening person, some people are doing best during good times & other folks during bad times. Unfortunately, this is very hard to tell in advance, although it will have a major impact during a big crisis.
    (2) gender (women): Statistically women are a better choice for a prepper network due to much higher odds of survival. Many prophecies agree that the women: men ratio goes through the roof in the end times, ranging between 7:1 (Isaiah 4:1) & 50:1 according to some Islamic Hadith texts. In Germany the number of male births has crashed in the past years, in terms of the historical male: female birth ratio. Needless to say, electrosmog is the key from a causal perspective to explain this odd trend. The recent study of the US National Toxicology Program (NTP) was commissioned by the US government & highly remunerated with $25 million. The response of gnawers to death rays was researched. Amazingly, the males developed cancer almost 4 times (!) more often than the females when exposed to the same levels of microwaves.
    Generation X (born 1965-1986) looks like the perfect companions. The older ones are approaching the crash phase of their lives (>66.6 years) & the younger ones are often digitally demented, which means they can’t go to the toilet without an app telling them what to do…
  11. wrong focus on man-made crises instead of earth changes
    Only 10-20% of the coming dramatic events will be man-made, while 80-90% are earth changes. The advantage is that earth changes follow scientific rules (mainly from astronomy, geology, meteorology) & thus are partly predictable. The disadvantage is that against the return of Nibiru (10th planet = brown dwarf with a revolution of 3600 years) there is nothing that protects.
  12. misconception „countryside is always better than cities“
    This rule was never 100%, e.g. often when enemy troops are invading a country they totally devastate the countryside but fail to conquer the biggest towns. One example is here in Vienna, Austria, when the Muslims attacked in 1529 & 1683. Close to Vienna only few survived but in Vienna almost everybody. I would say towns with a population of at least half a million can do better. Examples: Aleppo in Syria was beleaguered for 2.5 years (2014-17). The longest besiegement of the past century was Sarajevo in Bosnia-Herzegovina: 1992-96 (4 years). According to Nostradamus verse 7-15 Milan (population 1.3 million, 3-5 million in the metropolitan area) can withstand the siege successfully (!) for 7 years.
  13. misconception „mountains are always better than valleys“
    From a historical perspective you usually have better odds of surviving somewhere the mountains than in flat areas, at least during man-made destruction. Still: mountains can also be the retreat area for guerillas/ rebels, so they may be in fact even *more* dangerous. Moreover, during natural disasters mountains are usually worse than the flat country, especially because of landslides, mudslides, avalanches… Maybe one is marooned for a very long time.
  14. misconceptions based on too thin evidence (weak sources, home bias…)
    3 classes of prophetic sources do exist (primary, second & tertiary). Primary sources fulfill these 5 criteria: 1. level of consciousness of source LoC>700, 2. good quantity, 3. excellent quality, 4. timing statements, 5. dozens of fulfilled prophecies. Only two sources fulfill all 5 primary criteria:
    (a) Holy Bible:According to Prof.
    the book of all books contains 6408 prophetic verses, so far half (3268) have been fulfilled (Link). The Swiss theologian Dr. Roger Liebi is one of the leading experts, he discusses 180 fulfilled Biblical prophecies.
    (b) Nostradamus: The king of prophets published 942 prophetic verses (exact number questionable), in addition to other texts (letters & yearly previews). Up to 6338 prophecies can be extracted from this writing, about the same as from the Holy Bible. His key timing statement for the near future is that Israel will only keep up through December 2021 (73 years 7 months).
    One should mostly rely on these two primary sources. The only problem with the primary sources is that ignorants & dilettantes have interpreted so much nonsense into these texts. Then we have the weaker secondary sources, which are still useful but only where the primary sources leave a gap. Incomplete list: St. Malachias, song of the lime tree, Helmut Lungenschmid, Kolbrin Bible, Baba Wanga, Edgar Cayce, military letters by Andreas Rill, Templar revelations, pyramid prophecies, Economist covers (= Rothschild prophecies), farmer from Selb (Germany), farmer from Waldviertel (Austria), pastor from Fließ (Austria), Robert Zoller, Nicolaas van Rensburg, Ferdinand Ossendowski, future progressions (Cristina Perincioli, Dr. Stephen Schwartz, Chet Snow/ Dr. Helen Wambach, Dr. Brian Weiss), Anton Johansson, Spielbähn, Joe Brandt, Father Paisios, Anne Lenormand, Dr. Jayant Balaji Athavale (some remote viewings, some Marian apparitions, parts from Koran/ Hadiths). More, we have some ‚secret‘ prophets from the Amanita network, who have proven to be accurate for years.
    Third, we have highly dubious tertiary sources, which can’t be used at all (!) as a basis to make decisions, e.g. Alois Irlmaier. Actually almost astrological predictions fall into this category because they are crowd madness without a solid empirical-statistical base. I already gave up arguing with the great many imbeciles who claim to be ‘astrological researchers’ many years ago, it’s a waste of time, they are not willing to face reality. Most tertiary sources have never been anything else than fake & fraud.
  15. misconception „death = death, it doesn’t make a difference“
    Usually it is assumed that the worst case scenario is death, which solves all problems. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from truth, because electrosmog, CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) & other new satanic technologies can create a more severe damage than before, e.g. to the soul bodies. This can create incredible suffering for many future incarnations… Apart from the karmic level this is also true on a genetic level: passing on one’s gene damages may ruin the life of one’s descendants. Microwaves from cell phones, Wi-Fi… create terrible DNA damages, so they ruin the lives of our grandchildren & beyond (the full negative impact becomes obvious after 2-3 generations).
  16. misconception „there are safe havens“The search for the perfect getaway spot is impossible for 3 reasons:
    (a) : This would require a ‚safe forecast‘, which is an internal contradiction.
    (b) details: One would have to know all details, which is impossible.
    (c) spiritual reasons: The odds are 80-99% of the preppers jump out of the frying pan into the fire (because they want to avoid their fate). This was an unexpected insight of many years of karmic research.
  17. wrong focus on material instead of spiritual prepping:
    I suggest spending at least 80% of the resources (time, money, brainpower…) to prepare mentally & spiritually, the rest deserves 20% at most.

Prepping on 7 levels

One can prepare on 7 levels:

  1. mental-spiritual preparation
    The focus should be on the immortal soul & the bridging to the divine. A good starting point is to mentally understand the unique events in the end times. According to the Mayan leader Don Alejandro (shared by Drunvalo Melchizdek) millions of people died during the last pole shift because they simply didn’t understand what was going on. They were literally scared to death. Similarly, Helmut Lungenschmid from Austria warns that a part of humanity will die after the 10-15 minutes of the soul review, as part of a shock. A few years ago the Amanita network (consisting of 100+ persons worldwide) learnt how to trigger a soul review in another person. We were shocked that some passed away soon thereafter (or nearly), even prepared persons. So we are not allowed to share any information on how to invoke a soul review, except that death rates are way too high without a solid preparation. This kind of soul preparation is the only one with guaranteed & high ROI (return on investment): if not in this lifetime, then in the next ones. Every 13,000 years (Galactic precession cycle) a window opens to leave the reincarnation cycle, which will be used by some millions of souls. The cleverest strategy of the Queen of darkness was to eliminate reincarnation from the Christian teachings around the year 322, so that the door to liberation remains hidden. The key spiritual mantra certainly is, “Thy will be done.”
  2. psychological preparation
    Humanity will experience a vast number of global traumata, and one should learn methods to treat post-traumatic stress. I have tested & learnt dozens of methods since 1993, e.g. EMDR/ brainspotting/ tapping acupressure (EFT/MFT).
  3. physical preparation (prepping in the narrow sense)
    In the coming 20 years I see only one truly excellent investment, which is not an investment in the traditional sense: prepper stuff. Small or even average fortunes might spend a major percentage for this investment. One should focus on the 5 basic needs:
    (1) water: devices to purify water without power
    (2) food: The just-in-time logistics chain is highly vulnerable, chaos could emerge within days.
    (3) energy/ heating/ light: ideally make use of free energy
    (4) hygiene/ health: medical drugs, healing devices, hygiene materials…
    (5) safety (weapons): guns, pepper sprays, knives, dogs… Possibly all prepper stuff is taken away from you without weapons, so this could be a kind of a master factor.
  4. capabilities for a preparation
    Partly capabilities you have acquired in this incarnation can be taken into your next lifetime. One should focus on the 4 ‚archaic‘ areas:
    (a) defense: Good defense plays the master role, because everything else might be useless without. Our main problem through 2023 is state terrorism: alone in 2012 the US federal government bought enough ammunition (1.6 billion) to kill every US citizen 5 times over. At the same time the governments will do everything to disarm us, so we are unprotected against state terrorism. The worst enemy of man is always the state, legal criminality (= wars) has produced a much higher death toll than normal ‘illegal’ criminality. Pacifism is a Luciferian ideology as it perpetuates powerlessness & defenselessness.
    (b) healing
    (c) agriculture
    (d) craft: A trade in hand finds gold in every land.
  5. financial preparation
    Needless to say, this is the key topic of the protected premium area, as well as of articles in the free area. However, contrary to the belief of many gold fanatics there is no way that gold & silver can become a general currency in the end times.
  6. social preparation
    The purpose is to build a reliable network for mutual support & help, to sustain a high level of autarky.
  7. geographical preparation
    This is question asked most frequently, yet it is by far the most difficult & complex to answer. That’s why I dedicated the rest of this article to this topic.

Geographical preparation: safe haven?

The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion. (Proverbs 28)

I have created a basic model with 32 points (negative score):

  1. Once a location gets 1 point it counts as a bad location.
  2. Once a location gets 2 points it counts as a very bad location.
  3. Once a location gets 3 points it counts as a mega-bad godawful place (no-go-area for preppers).

There is no location on this prison planet with 0 points, so something like a safe haven is nothing but wishful thinking which doesn’t exist. Getaway spots should only have 1 point (or 2 points at most).

  1. Not close to coasts, not on islands (1-3 points)

This is the broadest & by far most important criterion, because about half of mankind lives in a high-risk zone (0-200 km from sea coasts). Everything closer to 200 km gets 3+ points on the list & thus should be 100.00% avoided. 200-300 km from the coasts still gets 2 points, 300-400 km 1 point. For the inland seas (Black Sea, Mediterranean, Caspian Sea) apply one point less for each category. Islands always get the highest negative score of 3 points, without exception.

However, the details depend on many factors, especially how steep the coast is & the sea level. The full melting of the South Pole ice should raise the sea level by 66m (see picture below). However, the new poles after a pole shift would ice up only slowly, so there is no quick exchange of the ice-covered surfaces. Already by now the polar icy surfaces are smaller than ever before. According to Prof. Dr. Sergey Sall from St. Petersburg (Link) the sea level jumped by about 200m after the last pole shift almost 13,000 years ago (Galactic half cycle). That’s why I consider sea levels of less than 100-200m as highly dangerous, even hundreds of kilometers or miles away from the seaside. In early 2016 I quoted the bizarre Nostradamus verse 6-2 in the premium area:

Very great famine through pestiferous wave, because of long rain at the length of the arctic pole. "Samarobryn" 100 cities from the hemisphere live without law, exempt from politics.

Rain on the north pole occurred a few years ago for the first time in history (!), but we haven’t seen anything yet. In February 2017 (end of polar night) the North Pole temperature should be about -30° C, instead it was 30-50° C too warm with plus degrees. Because of the collapsing jet streams we had a big meteorological exchange in mid-2016, so the arctic polar air moving south produced the coldest winter since records began in many regions in Eurasia.

Further away from the shoreline the risk of direct floods gets lower, while at the same time the indirect risks increase, i.e. that water is pushed up from the ground. Example: the biggest tsunami in newer history happened on 7/9/1958 in Lituya Bay in Alaska, where the water shot up to a sea level of 520m (!). Subsequently, even thousands of kilometers (miles) away in the Southern USA the ground-water level changed by up to 3m. The prophecies say that Northern Europe will be changed in a moment (apparently due a giant tsunami), e.g. Edgar Cayce in readings 3976-15 & 3651-1. According to several prophecies the danger zone is up to 200-400 km from the seaside.

  1. Not into the Middle East (2-3 points)

Since the Israeli invasion in 1948 the Middle East has been *the* spot of permanent crisis, which should escalate ferociously in the end times, so about 20 nations get a full 3 negative points. According to Isaiah 17, 1-2 Damascus the capital of Syria (population 2 million) will turn into a ruinous heap. What a ‘coincidence’ that Syria has been the hotspot in the Middle East since 2011. However, the final end times battle will be in Jerusalem (Zechariah 12: 2-3), 2/3 of the Jewish population will be killed (Zechariah 13: 8). Damascus & Jerusalem are about 300 km apart, the full negative score of 3 points shall be applied to a radius of 300 km around these 2 towns, and still 2 points in a wider radius of possibly 500-1000 km (???).

  1. Not close to the Pacific Ring of Fire/ Alpides Belt (1-3 points)

In the Pacific Ring of Fire we find 90% of all earthquakes, so it is by far the most dangerous seismic zone. At a stroke 30-50 countries become a no-go zone for preppers, being home for a significant part of the world population. The immediate coastal areas within 100-200 km get a full 3 points, 2 points further away & 1 point inland. I also assign 1 point to the lesser active Alpide-Himalayan belt (17% of the earthquakes) from Spain through Eastern Asia.

The number of nasty earthquakes (magnitude 6-8) has been going through the roof since approximately 1998, as indirectly suggested by Edgar Cayce 50+ years in advance (Link). Almost 2000 years ago the carpenter described that one of the signs of his return would be a great many earthquakes (Matthew 24, 7). In the same speech Jesus Christ warns of a cooling trend in humanity (“the love of many shall wax cold”). This call has fully come to pass in the socialistic bloc in the past half century: according to studies the average body temperature has declined by about 1° C from the ideal 37° C (98.6° F) to 36° (96.8° F). Think how the crowd madness wants you to “stay cool”… So we find another symptom of the yin excess & yang crash.

The main problem is: awful earthquakes (magnitude 5-10) have to be expected all over the planet when Nibiru approaches. This means one should be no means stay in brick buildings, as so many of them could collapse. The same happened during the last Nibiru return 3500-3600 years ago, as reported by the Kolbrin Bible: the Egyptians suffered from a high death toll, even the first-born son of the Pharaoh was killed by debris after the earthquakes.

  1. Not into volcanic areas (1-3 points)

Volcanoes are very dangerous & change the climate for a long time, in contrast to earthquakes. The temperature lows of the past 8000 years were seen 7200 years & 3200 years ago. This aligns with the 3600 year revolution period of Nibiru, with little ice ages following each time, also because of a great many volcano eruptions before & at this return:

  • The second last Nibiru return more than 7000 years can be re-constructed better & better, e.g. researchers from 3 universities detected the biggest solar eruption in history around 5480 B.C. (Link).
  • The last Nibiru return 3500-3600 years ago is documented by many different sources: exodus of the Jews, tree rings, earth changes such as the Minoan eruption around 1627 B.C.
  • The last mini ice age ended about 2500 years ago, after Venus having devastated our solar system for 1000 years through a very irregular comet orbit (she was brought in by Nibiru more than 3500 years ago). High civilizations such as Greece could only begin to evolve 2500 years ago, before Venus settled at her current orbit.

In general, in the centuries before the return of Nibiru both solar activity & the number of volcano eruptions get out of control, which can be witnessed since the 17th century & especially since the 1940s. Meanwhile we have 30-50 eruptions per year, 10 times more than just the 3-5 we had 200+ years. We might see another 10-100fold increase, so volcanoes are highly relevant for all survivalists.

There are 500-2000 active volcanoes (eruption in the past 10,000 years), with an unknown number of dead volcanoes. The standard scale is the Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI) 0-8. Supervolcanoes have the maximum VEI-8, VEI-7 is a small supervolcano or a very large normal volcano. Supervolcanoes can eject up to 1000 times more lava than normal volcanoes, so they are a special category. In the image below you see the 4 areas with supervolcanoes VEI-8 (thick green ellipses), as well as the VEI-7 (thin green ellipses). Still, this is based on the present knowledge, which may be flawed & incomplete. Supervolcanoes are not easy to detect, e.g. through swarm earthquakes.

The 4 super-dangerous zones (thick green ellipses):

  1. US West Coast (4x supervolcanoes): According to Edgar Cayce (reading 3976-15), Joe Brandt & others the US West Coast goes into the sea. Yellowstone is the biggest supervolcano in America with a magna chamber sized about 80 km x 40 km x 10km.
  2. border triangle Chile/ Bolivia/ Argentina (3 supervolcanoes): 300 km before the coast of Venezuela we find the Mont Pelée, which will erupt according to Edgar Cayce.
  3. Taupo/ New Zealand (1 supervolcano): Moreover, in New Zealand the earth crust is as thin as hardly anywhere else. The biggest volcano eruption in the past 75,000 years was Lake Taupo (New Zealand) about 26,500 years: 26,700 years is a Galactic year, which is now completed.
  4. Toba Sumatra/ Indonesia (1 supervolcano): The late 2004 tsunami was a first warning. According to the Toba catastrophe theory only a few thousands of humans survived the Toba eruption some 75,000 years ago (= 3 Galactic years).

In Europe we have 5 volcanic zones, ranked according to their hazard:

  1. Phlegraean Fields near Mount Vesuvius (Naples, Italy): All volcanoes VEI>7 are part of the Pacific Ring of fire, only the Phlegraean Fields are part of the Alpides Belt. The geological danger signals could hardly be more dramatic, the Italian government pays EUR 30,000 to everybody leaving the high-risk zone. Nostradamus suggests in verse 10-49 that the huge magma chamber (50 km³) near Naples will cave in & go into the sea (Link). Edgar Cayce suggested a similar outcome in reading 270-35. Mount Etna in Sicily might also be a super volcano. The Stromboli is Europe’s most active volcano, erupting without interruption for thousands of years.
  2. Bohemian caldera (Czech Republic/ Germany): Since the 19th century several prophecies have suggested a volcano eruption in the west of the Czech Republic near the German border, between Pilsen & Carlsbad (Doupov Mountains), where a dead volcano is located.
  3. Laach Lake/ Volcanic Eifel (Germany):
  4. Iceland: The islands have a great many active volcanoes but are far away from the continent, i.e. there is little direct damage.
  5. Massif Central (France): This area hosts a great number of dead volcanoes, but no prophecies, so their danger can be neglected.

Normal volcanoes get 3 negative points within a radius of 50-150 km, supervolcanoes even within 200-400 km, because they kill every life within 100-200km. 2 points shall be applied to another outer concentric ring of an additional 100 km. At a larger distance the death cause is choking because of the dust. However, the direct immediate effects of major volcano eruptions are small compared to the indirect impact all over the globe. E.g. 1816 was the year without a summer after the eruption of the Tambora in Indonesia in April 1815. Many clairvoyants have seen a layer of yellow-gray ash (including sulfuric & fluoric acid) with a thickness of some centimeters.

  1. Not with the crowd: New Zealand, Paraguay, Panama (2-3 points)

3 countries are most frequently considered to be ‚safe havens‘, so they are the target of crowd madness & get the maximum negative score of 3 points: New Zealand, Paraguay, and Panama. 2 points are assigned to the rest of South America, which is also quite popular among the survivalists sheeple. An older of the New Zealand natives Maori prophesized in the 1990s that eventually New Zealand will be pulled up by the earth changes covering much more land (Link). Unfortunately, it will be dunked down first, so that most of New Zealand is flooded.

  1. Not to Japan (3 points)

Japan is on the top of the NWO hit list, because the Japanese don’t have enough reptilian DNA: 3 points. That’s why Japanese are not allowed to join the Bilderberg conferences, because Bilderberg is controlled by the Black Nobility (European noble houses), who are very proud of their reptilian DNA. When Japan became a key economic nation David Rockefeller had to form the Trilateral Commission in 1973, where Japanese could participate. For the same reason nuclear warfare has only been used against Japan, not other nations: 1945 Hiroshima & Nagasaki, 2011 Fukushima. According to the German nuclear expert Dr. Holger Strohm Fukushima contaminates the planet with 12,000 times more radioactivity as Chernobyl. By the way, Chernobyl means wormwood, and wormwood is the Biblical name for Nibiru… The driving motivation behind both nuclear power plants & electrosmog is always a collective suicide wish. Needless to say, Japan is also *the* earthquake nation #1. According Joe Brandt & Edgar Cayce (reading 3976-15) most of Japan will go into the sea within minutes.

  1. Not into countries with atomic plants (1-3 points)

40-50 countries get the full negative score (-3): some 440 power plants in 31 countries, plus the neighbor countries close to the border. Negative score 3 points in a radius of 100 km of nuclear plants, 2 points within 200 km & 1 point within 500 km. The only good continent is Australia, as well as a big part of Africa. 11 biggest nuclear nations (Link): USA (99), France (58), Japan (43), China (35), Russia (35), North Korea (30), South Korea (25), India (21), Canada (19), Ukraine (15), UK (15). However, the reprocessing plant La Hague in France produces more radioactivity than the sum of *all* nuclear power plants worldwide. This means an incredible national karma for France, which will be accelerated in the end times & destroy France. Without the outside assistance of the Galactic Federation a survival of humanity looks impossible, because nuclear power plants can easily become ultimate MCAs (maximum credible accident):

  1. technology: supply problems because break of logistics chain, operating errors because of lack of staff (e.g. because of the epidemics)
  2. earth changes: earthquakes, killshot (massive solar CME coronal mass ejection), dried out rivers can’t be used to cool… The best (?) form of cooling is when half continents go into the sea.
  3. warfare: terrorism, EMPs (electromagnetic pulse)
  1. Not into illuminati underground bases (3 points)

Hardly anybody among the Amanita readers will have this choice, but for the sake of completeness I discuss it here. Underground bases have been built since the 1970s in the US, in other regions since the 1990s, e.g. near Andermatt in Switzerland. I would never voluntarily hide in one of these bases for 7 reasons:

  1. earth changes: Do they withstand the incredible earth changes or will they fall down? Nobody knows the exact parameters of the earth changes, that’s why nobody can say with certainty whether or not these folks have dug their own grave.
  2. ET interventions: We know for sure that at least some underground bases have been destroyed by our extra-terrestrial guardians, but possibly they will destroy *all* of them.
  3. dictatorship: Within the bases freedom doesn’t exist (except for the few on the top of the pyramid), it is the worst dictatorship you can think of.
  4. living conditions: Maybe you don’t see the sun for the rest of your life.
  5. prison: It is quite possible that you are imprisoned for the rest of your life, nobody can leave or enter.
  6. satanism: Your buddies are blood-thirsty people like Killary Clinton & others. They sacrifice children above ground & will continue their behavior underground. Refusing to be an offender during these rituals means that you will become their victim…
  7. extra round of karma: These reptilians want to shield themselves from the spiritual liberation on the planet (return of Jesus Christ), maybe they are successful, which means a huge burden for the coming incarnations…
  8. Not into the worst countries according to the prophecies (3 points)

4 countries look as the perfect nightmare according to the prophecies:

  1. England: Extreme floods are predicted, major parts of England could go into the sea (probably not Scotland).
  2. France: 50-100% of Paris burn down, the whole nations suffers from a terrible civil war. Apart from the 3 days of darkness the devastation of Paris is the event described most often in the prophecies, e.g. by Nostradamus (16th century), Marie-Anne Lenormand (1814) & Marian apparition of La Salette (1846).
  3. Italy: Also terrible civil wars, Rome is devastated by the IS troops. Italy suffers from terrible volcano eruptions, Italy south of Rome might even go into the sea.
  4. Switzerland: The special role of Switzerland was discussed in detail in January 2017 (, especially because it is the seat of Sadhana since she was crowned on 6/1/16. In addition, we find countless other arguments against Switzerland, e.g. it is bordering both France & Italy, the worst nations when it comes to man-made disasters.
  5. Not into Muslim countries (3 points)

So 50+ countries have to be discarded. Since the 19th century the illuminati (letter of 33rd degree Freemason Albert Pike) have planned 3 world wars to establish the new world order (NWO). The first two unfolded as planned, the third one has been delayed, but finally the planned war between the Christian & Muslims country has started.

  1. Not to Middle America (2 points)

Central America as a narrow land bridge is a nasty bottleneck in the case of the unavoidable mass migration. The most likely trigger is that the South Pole jumps to the South-Eastern border of South America, triggering extreme climate deterioration in South America. Dozens of millions of people flee towards North America & strand in Middle America. Therefore 8 countries have to be dropped: Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador & the Southern Mexico (until Mexico City or so).

  1. Not to the south of the eclipse path 8/11/1999 (2 points)

For the 20th & 21st century Nostradamus mentioned only one explicit year: the 8/11/1999 solar eclipse at 18° Leo (18=6+6+6). Without doubt, verse 10-27 is the most raped of all Nostradamus writings, being the victim of numerous would-be experts. At the time of the eclipse we had a cross in the sky, the number of the cross is 4/40: the central eclipse path will be very important for about 40 years (through 2039). Many factors (e.g. the planned IS caliphate) confirm the dire prospects for the area to the south of the eclipse path. In contrast, the rapugees won’t be able to permanently occupy the regions north of the eclipse path. The planned IS caliphate contains big parts of Asia: Pakistan, India, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Bhutan, Nepal, and Southern Russia & Western China.

  1. Not to India (2 points)

According to the Indian guru Dr. Jayant Balaji Athavale (who calibrates at an incredible level of consciousness LoC>700) half of the Indian population will die during the wars, a major argument against India (Link). However, Athavale‘s timetable is wrong even taking the tolerance +/- 2.5 years into consideration, the delay will be partly 10 years.

  1. Not into the US (2 points)

The US has a special role: they are the only ‘democracy’ with a huge number (800+) concentration camps built to start operation at any time. Moreover, the US has started far more wars than any nation, this terrible national karma will definitely return.

  1. Not to the NWO key enemies: China & Russia (2 points)

These 2 countries are opposing the NWO as hell, so they are permanently attacked. In 2014 Russia was attacked through Ukraine, in August 2015 China was attacked with a neutron bomb.

  1. Not into very cold countries (1-2 points)

Independently from the Nibiru events all good climate models suggests a (minor?) ice age for the 2030s. A temperature drop of 10-30° means that it is almost impossible to survive in very cold countries: Northern Europe, Canada, Northern Asia (Russia, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan). The biggest cooling can be expected for Iceland, Ireland/ Great Britain & Scandinavia (2 points), which will be hit hardest by the collapse of the Gulf Stream.

  1. Not to countries with a lot of criminality (1-2 points)

About 50 countries are removed if you tolerate a murder rate of 11 within a population of 100,000 (2 points), a murder rate of 5 excludes a whopping 100+ countries (1 point) including Russia (Link). Brazil has the highest homicide rate on the planet because so much black magic was practiced. If assuming that the level of crime goes globally up by a factor of 10 or 100 means that it is almost impossible to live there.

  1. Not into racist countries: Israel, South Africa & others (2 points)

Many countries are highly racist, this tendency naturally goes through the roof during a big crisis. Israel is the most racist nation on the planet (for non-Jews), in South Africa the racism against whites is getting worse & worse.

  1. Not into the areas near the new poles (2 points)

This criterion removes 10-30 countries. Meanwhile I estimate the odds of a mantle-slip pole shift as high as P>80%. *If* there is pole shift, then we will find the new South Pole close to the coast of Argentina respectively in the Southern Atlantic towards South Africa. So the new North Pole has to be in the region Bering See/ Sea of Okhotsk or Eastern Russia/ Mongolia/ North China. The shift will be 30-60°, ideally 35-42° confirmed by many factors:

  1. : The US pioneer of crustal displacement benefited a lot with the scientific discourse with Albert Einstein, who also wrote the forward to Hapgood’s book Earth’s Shifting Crust published in 1958. Hapgood found out that the last pole shift was about 30°: the North Pole jumped from the Hudson Bay to the current position. He suggests a new North Pole near 96° E, which would relocate the new North Pole approximately to Lake Baikal, if the coming pole shift has a similar magnitude of 30°. I have drawn the Hapgood lines 96° E & 84° W into the map below.
  2. Rob Solarion: Many years ago the US researcher Rob Solarion discovered a cycle of pole shifts (Link). There are 2 hubs for pole shifts (polar pivotal axis) that always stay fairly close to the Equator & thus remain in favorable climate zones. One of the two is close to the pyramids in Egypt. The constant equator proximity & accessibility was certainly a practical reason for building the pyramids there. Moreover, Jerusalem as the navel of the planet is also nearby. When the pyramids in the center, each pole shift occurs in a clockwise direction.
  3. kinesiological dowsing: pole shift by 30-40°
  4. Hans Jürgen Andersen: The German psychologist projects a 35-36° shift, especially because of the Venus grid (Venus=666) & some channelings.
  5. Peter Kaiser: The Austrian researcher Peter Kaiser („Vor uns die Sintflut“) has found out that in the poles were located most frequently either in Eastern Siberia/ Bering Sea or Greenland.
  6. Cristina Perincioli: In the early 1980s the German researcher progressed a great many people into the future, to get more information on the man-made environmental catastrophe she expected. To her surprise, not a single of the test persons reported what she had expected. Instead, all of them described a large red celestial body (= Nibiru). Her conclusion was that the poles shift by about 40° (slip of earth mantle). Maybe the earth axis changes, too, which at present is tilted by 21.5-24.5° against the ecliptic. Our earth axis could eventually resemble the one of Uranus. In a perfect contradiction to Perincioli’s initial hypothesis all subjects agreed that there is no way to avoid this cosmic catastrophe.
  7. South Atlantic Anomaly SAA (50-60°): The mantle slip should be triggered by the geomagnetic field. Already today we have the very strong SAA, where the magnetic field is only half as strong as in other areas. That’s why the radiation exposure of a flight to South America is about 1000 times (higher) than when travelling to the Far East. The anomaly moves about 0.3° per year to the West (South America). Meanwhile the magnetic field has become so weak that according to NASA modern laptops have crashed when space shuttle flights passed through the anomaly (Link). We have to prepare for a life without electronic devices… I suggest putting everything important on paper, if you don’t want to risk losing it.
  1. Not into states with a strong NWO (1 point)

Meanwhile almost all nations are controlled by the reptilian races, so all of them deserve 1 point. The few which are not are usually labelled ‘rogue states’, such as Russia.

  1. Not close to the current equator (1 point)

This criterion concerns about 50 states:

  1. natural calamities: Statistically the number of natural disasters is much higher in the equator region compared to the polar region, especially in the elements air (storms, hurricanes, and tornados), water (tsunamis, floods, droughts) & earth (earthquakes). This discrepancy should accelerate in the end times & include the element fire (volcano eruptions). Edgar Cayce discussed that in reading 3976-15 (Link): he warned that the upheavals near the poles will produce volcano eruptions in the torrid areas.
  2. pole shifts: Our planet is not perfectly spherical but more ‘fat’ at the equator, where the centrifugal forces are stronger than at the poles. In the case of a pole shift the regions getting closer to the equator will be pushed out, while those areas cave in that approach the poles. Ideally there should be little change in the latitude, however, the sinkage is much more problematic & causes tremendous earth changes: floods, earthquakes & volcano eruptions.
  3. infrastructure for a climate deterioration: In the equator countries there are often no solid walls (or not even windows), no heating, no experience of how to deal with coldness, no immune system prepared, no technical infrastructure, perhaps not even appropriate clothing. -25° C would be enough to bring the poor countries to their knees & produce a mass killing.
  4. Not into countries with a too long peace period (1 point)

There are several countries (e.g. USA, Australia, Canada, Switzerland) which haven’t had a war for 100+ years (3 generations), which are expected to suffer most because of the karma reversal in the end times: “But many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first.” (Matthew 19: 30).

  1. Not into countries with a low level of consciousness LoC (1 point)

On average most poor countries have a low LoC, which is very negative because they still create fresh negative karma (Link). This concerns 50-100 countries especially in Latin America & Africa, less in Asia.

  1. Not into countries with a high population growth (1 point)

We can proceed on the assumption that the NWO population reduction (‘kill the useless eaters’) will hit those countries hardest where population growth is still very high. This is true of about 50 countries, depending on the line in the sand you use.

  1. Not to Russia (1 point)

The prophecies agree that Russia has *the* key role. Unfortunately we can’t be sure whether this is positive or negative, it could go either way & therefore counts as negative. Non-Russian citizens (especially from the NATO enemy nations) could have a hard time, including the internment in camps (as practiced by the US with Japanese citizens of US soil).

  1. Not into areas polluted by electrosmog & chemtrails (1 point)

The people in the polluted areas behave a lot crazier & more irrational, due to the brain damages caused by the microwaves & chemtrails. This makes life during a big crisis a lot harder. Unfortunately, almost all nations are today polluted, only some faraway areas in the large territorial states (Russia, Canada, Mongolia, Brazil, Australia, USA…) are clean.

  1. Not into the socialistic bloc (1 point)

In the core of the socialistic bloc the government monsters have become so powerful that it has trampled most private structures, so these states will suffer most after the fall of the states. This is especially true of USA/ Canada & most of Europe.

  1. Not into nations with (real estate) bubbles (1 point)

Regions with recent real estate bubbles are not good, about a dozen regions get a negative score from this factor: Switzerland (especially Zurich & Geneva), Vancouver, Singapore, London, and Sydney & China as a whole (biggest bubble in history).

  1. Not close to 32°/132° & 32‘ (1 point)

One should avoid 32 degrees (32°, 132°) latitude or longitude large scale (+/- 300 km) & 32 minutes of arc small-area (+/- 5 km). Reason: the 32 is the abbreviation of 322, the number of the Brotherhood of Death. Skull & Bones was founded in 1832 & accepts 15 novices each year, because the 15 is the abbreviation of the 666. Hiroshima as the location of the first nuclear explosion is not far from 132°32‘32“ W & 32°32‘32“ N (Nagasaki is somewhat further away). Example: the center of Zurich is at 8°32‘32“ with the double 32 – which is a nightmare. Avoiding the 32 becomes more important each year as we approach the year 2032 (+/- 1), when humanity will likely experience the biggest challenge in millennia… The conspiracy against Jesus Christ began in the year 32 & culminated in the crucifixion in the year 33.

  1. Not into countries without prophecies (1 point)

We have little prophecies for Africa & Asia (with the exception in the Middle East) as well as Australia, which is a major element of uncertainty & thus counts negatively (even if it *could* be positive).

  1. Not into politically instable states (1 point)

Only rather few states are politically stable, most are unstable, so 50-100 nations are on this list, depending on the precise definition.

  1. Not abroad (1 point)

Emigrants have to deal with 5 ugly drawbacks:

  1. foreigner: You are a foreigner abroad, with many serious disadvantages (no citizenship, no or weak language skills, no knowledge of local customs…).
  2. network: In turbulent times one primarily has to rely on the blood bonds, however, hardly ever the whole clan will join. If at all you have your nuclear family, which is not much.
  3. diseases: You are a lot less resistant against all kinds of foreign disease agents. In the coming crash of world health this could be decisive.
  4. restrictions: The better an immigration country, the harder it is to get in. In other words: don’t go where you are welcome, only where you are not welcome.
  5. costs: The direct & indirect expenses for relocation are high or very high.

It is totally unclear whether or not these 5 grave disadvantages will be offset by just *one* of the advantages desired. In our biology we have 2 major mechanisms: fight (yang, number 1) or flight (yin, number 2). Now in the end times around the maximum female year 2022 (3 times the number 2) we can expect the biggest flight trend in history. So one should take into consideration that fight or flight is a decision & people in the years around 2022 have an irrational preference for flight.

Bottom line & possible whitelist of relatively good locations

And here, poor fool, I stand once more, no wiser than I was before. (Faust)

There are many areas with an overkill of multiple 3 point scores: South America, New Zealand, Japan, most of Europe & the Middle East. There is not a single spot on the planet that doesn’t have at least one point. A few regions have at least not a single instance of 3 negative points:

  1. North America: the Eastern part of US & Canada (except close to the coast). In reading 1152-11 Edgar Cayce mentioned these favorable areas: Ohio, Indiana, Illinois & major parts of the Southern & Eastern Canada.
  2. Africa: parts of Central Africa (except close to the coast)
  3. Europe: South-Eastern part of Central Europe & central part of Eastern Europe (except close to the coast), i.e. not Hungary (very negative in Nostradamus verses) & Bohemia (Western part of the Czech Republic)
  4. Asia: Southern Asia (except close to the coast)
  5. Australia: the biggest part of the continent far away from the Pacific Ring of Fire (except close to the coast)

I have scanned 23 leading countries with the 6x composite model. Only 2 are in a consistent uptrend in the coming 10 years: EU & Australia. However, all major EU countries have a negative tendency, which questions the positive EU forecast.

All major power places could enjoy some kind of special protection, maybe all Marian pilgrimage sites:

  1. Untersberg – Altötting - Mirnock – Millstättersee (Austria/ Germany): heart chakra
  2. Kailash (Tibet): crown chakra
  3. Guadalupe – Yucatan (Mexico): At present many Tibetans are moving to Yucatan, because after the pole shift the crown chakra jumps from Tibet to Yucatan.
  4. Machu Picchu – Lake Titicaca (Peru)
  5. Uluru (Australia)
  6. Mount Shasta (California/ USA)
  7. Tiruvannamalai & Amma’s ashram in Amritapuri (India)

One should try to be close to the new equator after a pole shift, because a (small?) ice age can be expected for years or decades because of the dark (polluted) atmosphere. Nostradamus verse 1-17 suggests that the earth atmosphere will be misty for 40 years, which sounds like a realistic period. Antarctic should be a great place to live in the temperate zone after the pole shift, however, first the ice needs to melt, which takes years or decades. Below please find a map by Cristina Perincioli with her estimate of the new equator. I think the new South Pole should be closer to South America. India & Central America remain on the equator. However, the countries coming closer to the equator might have to face a collapsing ground-water table & thus terrible droughts.

A good method is to rely on the intelligence of animals, which are often more intelligent than humans. E.g. before the 2004 tsunami the elephants escaped from the shores well in advance, so that they all survived. Unfortunately, this is a short-term warning, i.e. only weeks before a catastrophe. One can also scan prophecies whether or not your place of residence is mentioned (but be careful not to draw quick conclusions).