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Prophecies #10:
End of internet (cryptos, GPS, 5G, electrosmog)

I have come to bring fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled! (Luke 12-49)

Right now some kind of mass hysteria arises regarding the coming 5G standard (cellular network technology), which is used as a cause for the 10th part of the article series on prophecies, dedicated to the future of internet, crypto currencies, GPS, electrosmog & power supply. When the crowd is concerned about a future event (like 5G), then you can forget this topic because it’s not important. Now in the end times 2 Thessalonians 2/ 11-12 applies: “For this reason God sends them [the crowd] a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned [go to hell] who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.” Bottom line of this article: in the 2020s the global infrastructure will be torn into pieces & in the 2030s a global infrastructure (as we know it) will no longer exist.

List of article series on prophecies

10 articles on prophecies (

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  10. End of internet: cryptos, GPS, 5G, electrosmog (6/12/2019)

5G & the true dangers

Today’s 5G assessment is more than misleading for 4 reasons:

  1. Adverse effects: Today’s 5G warnings more or less imply that 5G is so terrible while today’s electrosmog hardly matter at all – but nothing could be further from reality. Almost *everything* of the 5G nightmare scenario has been reality for a *long* (!) time, read my electrosmog articles since 2009 The Swiss Re has recently confirmed that 5G is not safe & therefore can’t be insured, but this was already the case with the first 4 death ray generations (Link). Since the 1930s the detrimental effects of electrosmog have been confirmed by more than 10,000 studies, a German research database lists 28,305 studies on electrosmog (Link).
    The electrosmog stress in Eunuchistan (socialistic block EUSApan) is already huge today & only rise somewhat because of 5G. The dose of death rays declines with the *square* of the distance & not in a linear trend, that’s why already in 2019 the *home-made* electrosmog (‚smart‘ WMD in trouser pockets, modem/ router for Wi-Fi, cars, smart meter, other ‘smart’ devices) is on average 100-1000 times (!) bigger than the electrosmog from the next cell phone tower. 5G might lower this ratio by one decimal power, but then the internal electrosmog is still 10-100 times bigger than the external one. On a scale 0-10 (0=no stress, 10.0=biggest possible stress=immediate death) electrosmog produces the following stress in Pussystan (= socialistic bloc EUSApan & rest):
    * 1990: 3.1
    * 2000: 5.5
    * 2010: 7.8
    * 2019: 9.5
    * 2030s: 9.8 after 5G completion (if it *would* be completed, which won’t happen). If we define the completion of 5G as 100%, then globally we should only reach 5-10% until the 5G is stopped around 2021. The poorer nations will have hardly begun at all, while the Eastern Asian dragon nations or Switzerland could reach 10-30%.
    With an underlying semi-logarithmic scale this 0.3 point jump somewhat understates the deterioration, but by & large the 5th generation won’t add more death rays than the previous generations. As a matter, 5G millimeter waves have even one big advantage: a great many dead spots. 5G is highly absorbed by very thin materials, especially when the thickness is larger than the wavelength. 2.4 GHz has a wavelength 12.5 cm & still needs fairly thick walls to be effectively shielded, while 5 GHz with a wavelength of 6 cm is shielded well by all walls. 5G with for instance 28 GHz has a wavelength of only 1.1 cm, that’s why they are not only shielded by walls, but also by trees, rain & plants, so in a UK town trees were murdered (Link). For the same reason 5G millimeter waves penetrate the body tissue by far less, another major advantage.
    Sure 5G brings a new layer of detrimental death rays, up to 64 lobes per direction will produce such a high power density (e.g. 120 V/m=40 W/m2=4000 mW/cm2) that technical devices stop working & people with pacemakers will slump immediately (Link). Needless to say, that will also block 5G. Observations have shown the spontaneous death of birds near 5G antennas, but this is not a new phenomenon either. Today we have 70-95% less insects (without 5G), worst of all is the bee disease colony collapse disorder: mainly an effect of electrosmog & to a lesser degree of pesticides.
    But why are flying animals like birds & insects hit hardest? Because in contrast to animals walking on the ground, they are not grounded most of the day, thus creating a huge difference in their body voltage induced. It is crucial to be grounded, e.g. with earthing mouse pads, see my article from the year 2016 on electrosmog protection (Link).
    It is more than fair that according to Revelation 16 those with the sign of the Beast (=cell phone) will suffer from very painful skin cancer – but for this self-destruction the 4th cell phone generation LTE is more than enough. 5G is not more than the straw that breaks the camel’s back, but the burden has been piled up since the 1990s. After their death almost all ‘normal’ electrosmog producers will burn in hell, as the Holy Bibles clearly warns.
  2. No completion (WW3 & earth changes): 5G is a huge project, with a *planned* finalization in more than 10 years (around 2030). Yet, analyzing the rather short 5G history we find permanent delays, so even under *ideal* circumstances completion can’t be expected before the 2030s. However, immediately after the breakout of world-war 3 in 2020/21 we will be far from ideal circumstances, so that the 5G project will be stopped. Thanks God, the extreme earth changes beginning in fall 2021 will end the 5G madness, all resources will be dedicated to immediate survival (which may or may not work). The coming unavoidable blackouts are by far the very best solution for the electrosmog problem – hallelujah, blessed be the Lord!
  3. 5G hoax: At any rate, a lot of what is treated under the headline ‚5G‘ is a hoax, in reality dedicated to earth changes. Let’s understand the telecommunication basics: the shorter the electromagnetic waves (i.e. the higher frequency), the smaller the coverage.
    * An FM/ USW broadcasting transmitter (30-300 MHz) with meter waves has a scope of 50-200 km.
    * The 3rd cell phone standard GSM (circa 1 GHz) with decimeter waves still has a range of some kilometers.

    * Today’s 4th standard LTE (2-5 GHz) with centimeter waves mostly has a radius of some hundreds of meters.
    * The coming 5th generation 5G (10-100 GHz) with millimeter waves won’t have a scope bigger than 30-300m. This is where the official 5G plans come into play, because according to the lying press 5G will allegedly work through satellites. Starlink of SpaceX of the Tesla fool plans to shoot 12,000 satellites into the orbit, but the SpaceX project with the CEO Gwynne Shotwell will be shot well, as her name suggests. The first 60 SpaceX satellites were launched on 5/23/19.
    There is only one 'tiny' problem with 5G: namely that the millimeter waves of the so-called 5G satellites are outside of the scope of 5G by a factor 1000+. For millimeter waves not only walls are a huge problem, but even clouds, fog, rain & chemtrails (aluminum particles). GPS satellites work with a frequency 10-100 times lower than 5G (about 1 GHz, like GSM), but only unidirectional, i.e. GPS satellites send with a power of about 50 Watt, i.e. 1000 times stronger than a cell phone (50 mW). Even with this frequency & power GPS only works in vehicles, not in buildings.
    So why are we told 100% lies & what is the true purpose of the planned 12,000 satellites of ‚5G‘? The reality is that these ‘satellite plans’ have got little to do with 5G, but mostly with the coming earth changes:
    (a) Backup: The reptilian ETs & their illuminati stooges know that most or (almost?) all satellites will be destroyed by the earth changes in the 2020s through 2040s, from 2021 on by the micronova (the huge solar storm predicted by Amma in 2016), meteor showers & more, triggering a multitude of problems. Example: GPS & GLONASS are based on 24 satellites (6 trajectories with 4 satellites each), but only 8 reserve satellites. It is certainly most important to create a bigger cushion.
    (b) Asteroid defense: Again Elon Musk is involved, with his Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) to be launched by 2021.
    (c) Frequency fences: The main purpose of chemtrails is to prevent the evolution of mankind (known under the misleading term ‚ascension‘), these satellites have a similar purpose.

    (d) Warfare: Since the 20th century the Galactic Federation of Light has intervened many times in our solar system to protect our planet. However, in the late 2020s much more than just our planet is at stake, possibly the existence of the whole universe. Most think that Stephen Hawking was the leading astrophysicist of the 21st century, Hawking warned that the Swiss CERN could create a black hole that destroys the planet or even the entire universe. In the 16th century Nostradamus warned in verse 5/85 of the errors in Geneva (=CERN), according to Benoit d’Andrimont this verse is encoded with the year 2027 (+/-1). The Federation will be forced to intervene again, and these satellites might be designed to fight against the Federation.
  4. Resistance of the elites: In contrast to the 4 previous generations the elites are stonewalling in the case of 5G. 4 examples:
    (a) Israhell is the *only* among the some 200 nations prohibiting 5G (
    Link). The chosen people of the Dark Age have already acted similarly in the past, e.g. reduced Wi-Fi signals in schools. Rabbi Yaacov Perrin put the philosophy of the zionazis in these words: “One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail.” For the leaders of the Khazarian mafia it’s quite ok to eradicate the goyim (the cattle) but not the superior race of the circumcised.
    (b) Some US cities like the billionaire hotspot Palm Springs have banned 5G. Palm Springs is the home of some of the richest & most influential people in the US, e.g. the Last Trump & Bill Gates, a big advocate of population reduction (but not including himself of course). He is also the biggest donor of the WHO, the most powerful organization of the pharm mafia. The 5G/ Huawei war since early 2019 might be triggered by the battle to define the 5G parameters, which so far are still amazingly vague.
    (c) The EU Führer headquarters in Brussel has also banned 5G, the EU elites are perfectly satisfied with the EU slaves being tortured & killed – but of course that doesn’t apply to themselves.
    (d) Geneva, Switzerland, stopped 5G in April 2019, another elite hotspot. Basel is also discussing a 5G ban (through the green party = tool of the illuminati), Basel for instance is the seat of the super central-bank BIS & thus quite exclusive, too.
    All these decisions by the elites would be meaningless when they expect 5G to be completed, so that allegedly nobody can escape it. The elites know too well that 5G will never ever be completed.

Internet, cell phones & cryptos in the prophecies

The internet was also prophesized in few (implicit) prophetic hints:

  1. The knowledge explosion of the end times was already suggested by Daniel 12-4 more than 2500 years ago (Link): „many will go back and forth [searching], and knowledge will increase.” Never before in history were people searching as much as today (almost exclusively through the internet) & knowledge doubles every few months.
  2. Lyman Frank Baum prophesized many future trends of the 20th & 21st century, e.g. TV, laptops, wireless communication, augmented reality…
  3. The German seer Alois Irlmaier saw people holding a small device in their hands (smart phone) telling them everything they want to know.
  4. Revelation 11:9 predicted that the whole world (all nations) shall see the bodies of the 2 dead witnesses lying in the streets of JerUSAlem, into the 20th century mockers ridiculed that statement, claiming that this is impossible (it took months to travel the other side of the planet). The 2 witnesses will be seen in the early to mid-2020s.
  5. Matthew 24:14 stated that the gospel would be known in the *whole* world, implicitly predicting the globalization, which has only been fulfilled for a few decades.
  6. Mohammed prophesized that Last Judgment can’t happen before talking ‘shoes’ or ‘sandals’ will tell a man how his family is doing when he is away (Link). This either refers to the cell phone in general, or more specifically to the speaking (‘smart’) shoes introduced by Nike in 2006. The boss of the necrophiles also warned that walls will have ears: a new technology allows hearing what’s spoken in a room by scanning the windows. Also, the smart meter rape of humanity serves a similar purpose.
  7. In Hebrew every letter stands for a number, hardly surprising WWW is the 666: the internet was created in hell by their CEO, to be installed on the surface of the planet. The Kali Yuga (Dark Age) ends in August/ September 2023, so around this timeline (+/- months, quarters, years?) the subtle & gross black networks will be destroyed. Talking of *the* network today refers to the internet, often prophecies only can be understood in real-time. The tearing apart of the net around 2024 should correlate with the tearing apart of the US, the internet country #1:
    (a) The internet capital is the town of the lost/ fallen angels (Lost Angeles), the ICANN headquarters (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers).
    (b) Moreover, the 6 internet giants (Android/ Google=Gog, Fecesbook, Amazon with the cut off breast, Apple of seduction by the snake, Microsofties, Twitter) are located at the US West Coast.
    (c) Domains with a .COM suffix are by far most frequent (140 million), 6-7 times more than the domain ending #2 (.CN). COM domains are managed by Lost Angeles, that’s why I never gave up the .AT.
    The evil empire won’t give voluntarily, but the (almost) total destruction of Duckburg was seen by 225+ Christian seers (Link), 9/11 was seen by 140+ Christian prophets in advance. Only the central US west of the Missouri will do a little bit better.

Astrology: network sign Aquarius & composite model

So the global internet should be torn into pieces by 2024 (at the latest) because of the earth changes & world war 3, I see the demise of the internet in 3 stages:

  1. Global internet: until the early 2020s fairly stable
  2. Local internet: 2020s
  3. No (universally available) internet: 2030s

Because of the lack of other prophetic sources, we have to rely more on astrology. All networks & especially the internet are ruled by the sign Aquarius, hence the major internet landmarks have coincided with the ingress of the outer planets into Aquarius:

  1. 1991 Saturn in Aquarius: The internet structure (=Saturn) was defined, in 1989 Tim Berners Lee created the internet protocol at the CERN, released on 8/6/1991
  2. 1995-2002 Uranus in Aquarius: 1995 breakthrough (=Uranus) of the internet
  3. 1998-2012 Neptune in Aquarius: from 1998 vision (=Neptune) of the New Economy -> hype/ bubble
  4. from 2004/5 Chiron in Aquarius: wounding (=Chiron) of new economy, dotcom bubble burst in the early 2000s
  5. 2008/9 Jupiter in Aquarius (weak): strong expansion (=Jupiter) of internet through the anti-social media (internet 2.0), in 2008/9 the number of Fecesbook users exploded 10-fold to the 2007 number, Bitcoin founded (first network currency)
  6. 2020 Saturn, barycenter (center of mass CM) & Jupiter in Aquarius, 2023/24 Pluto in Aquarius: This is by far the strongest Aquarius focus, i.e. from 2020 on the internet will be in the center, especially from 2023/24 on. However, with Saturn the scrutator & Pluto the destroyer in the network sign this doesn’t bode well for the 666 network of the Antichrist, but rather a maximum challenge – especially after the turn of 2021/22, when Jupiter leaves Aquarius.

The position of Pluto in the 12 zodiacal signs (for about 21 years, +/- several years) tells us who has the power & the ingress (0°) is the moment of power transfer:

  1. 1914 Cancer: power transfer to the ethnic national states (world war) & the following übermensch & good-doer philosophy
  2. 1939 Leo: power transfer to fire (world-war with bombings) & to the Leo the lion (a lion is the only allowed picture in synagogues)
  3. 1958 Virgo: power transfer to childless women (birth control pill introduced in 1961) & workers (left revolutions of the 1960s)
  4. 1971 Libra (=Venus): power transfer to the pacifists (early 1970s compulsory paid community services) & women, who in the 1970s received the 007 license to kill almost at pleasure (abortions), the fascist construct of the female übermensch
  5. 1983 Scorpio (=Mars): power transfer to the two super-powers, total polarization, last major spike of Cold War ahead of Perestroika
  6. 1995 Sagittarius: power transfer to the globalists (mainly through the internet) & religions (especially Islam with 9/11 & new age cults)
  7. January 2008 Capricorn: power transfer to the state terrorists (nationalizations, massive money printing, central banksters). I had warned of the looming nationalizations after the Pluto ingress in early 2008 long in advance, but nobody would believe that as ‘liberalism’ was still ruling. But the wave of nationalizations began right in early 2008!
  8. March 2023 Aquarius: power transfer to chaos, she-devil/ NWO/ Freemasonry (ordo ab chaos), decentralized networks, clans/ gangs & Islam. The so-called Age of Aquarius desired by new agers is the reign of the Antichrist.
  9. March 2043 Pisces: power transfer to the sea (global rise of sea level) & Christianity (=fisher of men number 153), under the divine ruler Kaiser Henry the Lucky predicted for 3000+ years.
  10. April 2067 Aries: power transfer to the men. Until the middle of the century there will be 7-12 times more women than men, as confirmed by multiple prophecies. According to the laws of supply & demand the ‘price’ (value) of the male will explode, also see the article on the eunuch bull market (

The internet began as Arpanet on 10/29/69 (sum of digits 29+10+69=108 most holy number), but in the first 20 years not much happened. The protocol of the 666 internet was developed in 1969 by Tim Berners-Lee (6/6/1955): he was born on the end time axis & even close to 6/6. Besides, the father of the internet was born 3 weeks after Austria (5/15/55), which is also not a coincidence. The internet has 4 of the 7 fast planets in air signs: a good fit, because the content of the internet consists of information = air.

Below please find the 7fold composite model for the internet with an all-time high in 2021 & then a collapse into the early 2030s: indication of the collapse of global infrastructure in the early 2030s. The Lord (boss) gave me this formula in 2016, at first I couldn’t believe it would work - let alone that it would be so powerful.

In terms of the global user numbers (Link) the major internet boom was in the 2000s & 2010s, i.e. in the steep up-phase of the composite model: in 1996 we still had less than 100 million internet users, the 1 billion level was surpassed in 2005, meanwhile we are 4-5 billion (55-60% of world population). The strongest growth was in the early 2010s with internet 2.0: dramatic expansion of bandwidths, smartphones, videos & anti-social media (Fecesbook 2/4/04, YouTube 2/15/05). At present crowd madness is betting on the internet 3.0 (internet of things, 5G, self-driving cars…): the last (small) up move before the collapse. The number of internet hosts has been barely growing in the past 5 years: this divergence is a leading indicator & part of the double top.

Timeline 2019 into 2030s

The global importance of the internet tops in 2021 (possibly already by 2020?), in order to collapse into the early 2030s. For very long-term forecasts the trans-Neptunian planets of the Hamburg School (Germany) are crucial, with revolution periods up to 740 years, I see 5 stages:

  1. 2018-20 crash of the world economy, selective threats & blackouts:
    In 2019 Admetos (revolution 617 years) enters the sign Gemini = communication & logistics. Admetos stands for standstills, death & stops, which defines a big issue for the coming half century: stop & death of (mass) communication & logistics. The Capricorn stellium at the turn of 2019/20 marks the peak of the state terrorists & the fall of the state demon Leviathan begins. When we add Lilith (= demon Kali), then the internet horoscope has a grand cross around 0° of the fixed signs with 5 factors, which is fully activated by the Capricorn stellium. A grand cross is the biggest possible tension constellation (crucifixion), especially in the fixed signs. From early 2020 many slow planets enter Aquarius, the sign of networks, decentralization, and lack of hierarchy, chaos & gangs / gangsters. It is the 11th sign: the 11 is the Biblical number of chaos (Link). For years I have stressed in the premium area that the state terrorists (=Capricorn, Pluto, Saturn) have a lock on the planet, which is why a full breakthrough of the cryptos can’t happen. In spring 2020 Uranus runs over the radical Saturn of the internet (10/29/1969) at 5.4° Taurus & also activates the grand cross. At the same time the internet experiences the first Chiron return at the age of 50.4 years: Uranus stands for *temporary* problems but Chiron for *irreversible* problems. The combination of these two factors suggests the first (large?) blackouts & internet troubles in spring 2020. The first signs are already visible:
    (a) In early 2019 world trade collapsed most since world-war 2 in *real* terms, in *nominal* terms the crash was about as large as during the blitz depression 2008/9, namely 33% YoY, or about 40% in real terms (Link). The black soul in the White House is a perfect slave of Zion, executing their orders for a trade war to start WW3. Some world trade indicators are worse than *ever* before. The Amanita premium subscribers knew years (!) in advance that 2018 would be the first year of the biggest economic collapse in the history of humanity, which meanwhile is reflected even by the massaged data. Already in the 16th century Nostradamus mentioned 2018 as the beginning of the super-crisis, as pointed out by Benoit d’Andrimont in 2012. Almost nobody on the planet is as well informed regarding reality as the premium subscribers of Amanita Market Forecasting - blessed be the Lord!
    (b) In particular, the sales of microwave WMDs (smartphones) has been crashing since 2016, in China the sales dropped by 20% YoY in early 2019.
    (c) In March 2019 there was the biggest blackout in the (newer) history of South America (Venezuela), when the axis of evil (USrahell) electronically attacked the state with the biggest oil reserves.
  2. 2021 beginning of super-crash: The high of the internet composite model is in fall 2021 (+/-some quarters), which most likely coincides with the major solar storm (micronova) under the 6th horseman of the Apocalypse (fall 2021 through fall 2022), as predicted by Amma in 2016, also see Ben Davidson (Link) & Douglas Vogt (Link). Vogt’s presentation has a meager truth content though. Vogt’s best idea was to analyze gaps in the visibility of fixed stars, to identify the Galactic cycle of partly 12,068 years.
    Few understand that in the 21st century 2 very long cycles align: 12,000 years galactic cycle & 3,600 years Nibiru. The Hopi prophecy gives the correct chronological order: first the blue kachina (galactic cycle) & then the red kachina (Nibiru). The blue kachina is the 9th & last omen. Corey Goode was also warned of the coming micronova by the , thanks God the draconian ETs will *not* survive the coming micronova (Link). Without doubt, the most likely week for the first micronova is November 3-9, 2021. In his letter to King Henry Nostradamus discussed in the fall of Israhell (5/14/1948) after 73 years 7 months (December 2021), with dramatic earth changes in the months before & afterwards. This could mean the lights going off in large parts of the world.
  3. 2022/23 acceleration of crash: The solar eclipses 4/30/22 & 10/25/22 as well as the lunar eclipse 10/28/23 are near the birth date of the internet, so the internet will be in the center. Prominence can have 2 reasons: expansion (yang) or failures (yin) – in 2022/23 the latter will be the case.
  4. 2024/25 year of fate of the net & the USA: Uranus in the financial sign Taurus 2018-26 will culminate in the breakdown of the financial system, in the sign of the communication & logistics Gemini 2025-33 the global communication & logistics will break down. Psalm 124 = 2024 according to the key of Pastor Cioccolanti (Link) states: „Our soul has escaped as a bird from the snare [net] of the fowlers; the snare [net] is broken, and we have escaped.” Today when ‘the net’ is mentioned everybody thinks of the internet, so WWW=666 is the most important net on a gross 3D level. Daniel 12-4: „Daniel, roll up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end.” A lot of what was written 1800-3000 years ago couldn’t be really understood before the 3rd millennium, because in 2016-23 the 7 apocalyptic seals are removed (one each year).
    (a) Holy Bible 1900+ years: Under the first trumpet of the apocalypse (fall 2023 – fall 2024) we should see a meteorite shower with 30-50 kg stones & fire from heaven, burning 1/3 of the earth. This is where many prophecies align for the USA. The land mass of the Americas is the same 1/3, that’s why Pastor Steve Cioccolanti concluded that this aspect of divine wrath will be over the Americas (Link). Eventually the fall of the US will result in the invasion by China, Russia, Mexico & 5 other nations. After the invasion the US will be occupied & devastated for 7 years. Due to the extreme world-wide draughts in factories US citizens will be hung up at their heels like pigs & processed to sausages & the like: justice for the most martial nation in the history of mankind, in the 243 years of her existence she didn’t stage war for only 17 years (Link).
    China will harvest her karma of war as 1/3 of China (sinim in the Holy Bible Link) will be destroyed (Link). The Chinese Nostradamus are the 1300+ year old 60 Tui Bei Tu poems (in chronological order), where so far 55 have been fulfilled, the next one is #56 with world war 3, which is to some extent nuclear (Link). #57 is Emperor Henry the Lucky
    (b) The German abbess Hildegard von Bingen 
    (1098-1179) warned that Duckburg (described as a multikulti nation in the sea – from European perspective) will go partly into the sea & be torn into pieces by the large comet (Nibiru). Newer prophecies have made it clear that the breakup will occur at the Mississippi up to the Lake Michigan, which is the New Madrid fault zone stretching over 8 US states (Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Oklahoma & Mississippi). The epicenter of this super-quake is supposed to be in the north, in Minnesota (Link). The 1997 film Asteroid is centered on the Kansas City region, this town &the region south of it (border area Oklahoma & Arkansas) will be crucial in the end times, also as the getaway spot of the US government.
    (c) The prophecy by Ingersoll Lockwood 100+ years old already spoke of the *last* US president Trump (Link). If at all, another short-term (irregular) president could be seen, without completing the term through. The Holy Bible mentions the tetrad of blood moons (lunar eclipses) as an end times sign (Link) & the last (regular) US president was born within 4 hours of a blood moon, as stressed by Pastor Mark Biltz (Link).
    (d) According to the prophecy of Joe Brandt (1937, 1967) the US West Coast & Japan are ‘baptized’ in the Pacific Ocean by the same event. On a newspaper he saw a man as US president at this time who looked exactly like the black soul in the White House.
    (e) Bill Meridian in his last, excellent book Mastering Geopolitical Prediction
    (truth content 95%) quotes an article of Waring Jones from the 1940s, who at this time predicted the *total* destruction of Japan for 2024/25. The old astro sources are light years better than the new ones with their ridiculous truth content, during the 20th century astrology was ruined by Freemasonry, with the most insidious maneuvers being the launch of the ridiculous newspaper horoscopes & vacuous psychological astrology.
    (f) The Simpsons prophesized the Last Trump as soon as 2000 & that during *his* administration the terrible US pigsty will be cleaned by the Chinese dragon & the US end as a Chinese colony (Link). The invasion being due after 2020 is yet another argument for a second term of the black soul in the White House (although not necessarily through elections). A similar prophecy was delivered by Kim Clement, who already predicted 10 years in advance 2 terms of the swashbuckler & warhorse (Link). To some degree the fall of the US resembles the fall of Atlantis, the global superpower for a very long time.
    (g) Contemporary prophets have also received identical messages from our boss, including Pastor Selvaraj. Pastor Cioccolanti (Link) compiled a synopsis of several prophecies, suggesting 4 major US testings, each one *by far* worse than the one before. Sources: Emmett O'Regan (Link), Billy Nelson (Link), John Fenn (LoC=580) & ‚Mark‘ via Lyn Leahz (LoC=591). But this is just the tip of the iceberg, the total number of US testings will be 7+7+7=21 (Link). The first of the 4 major testings were the 2 hurricanes back to back that began right after the solar eclipse 8/21/2017, which was predicted long in advance as the beginning of the US crucifixion (culminating with the 4/8/2024 solar eclipse). These 2 eclipses separated by about 6.66 years make a cross over the US centered at the Mississippi, where North America will be torn into 2 pieces (between mid-2020s & 2030s). Under the first trumpet of the apocalypse (fall 2023 – fall 2024) earth should experience a meteorite shower with stones 30-50 kg & fire from heaven, burning 1/3 of earth. The land mass of the Americas is 1/3, that’s why Pastor Steve Cioccolanti concluded it will mainly hit the Americas, as confirmed by many other prophecies (Link). E.g. revelation 18 clearly describes how the boss leverages the US karma to the double & the US is burnt by fire.
    The devastation of the US West Coast will have an extreme impact on the internet. So far the Western internet is controlled by 6 dinosaurs (Google/ Android, YouTube, Fecesbook, Amazon with one breast cut off, Microsoft & Twitter): the baptism in the Pacific Ocean will trigger the very healthy dinosaur extinction. Warren Buffett has stated that Fecesbook has the by far highest barriers to entry of all companies in the world, that’s why (Ma-) Gog recently ended Google Plus. But this problem will be solved as a courtesy of the Pacific Ocean (upon the order of the Lord) & remove half of the global internet traffic.
  5. 2030s: The worst aspects in the 21st century is the square 90° of the war planet Zeus (revolution 455.6 years) to the conjunction 0° of the hell planet Hades (revolution 360.7 years) & heaven planet Kronos (revolution 521.8 years). This configuration describes Armageddon: war (=Zeus) of light (=Kronos) & darkness (=Hades). Also, both Hades & Kronos are near 18° Cancer = 108° = heaven’s gate. It is not a coincidence that at the beginning of the 7+7+7 years of tribulation in fall 2016 Pluto was near the gates of hell 288° (Pluto is the later name of Hades). This is also a symbol that the she-devil (=Hades) takes the place of God (=Kronos), or that hell closes heaven’s gate. Kronos (the crown) is also a symbol for Emperor Henry the Lucky to be crowned in 2038/39 in Aachen, Germany.
    In the mid-2030s there is a from the late degrees of the cardinal signs into the middle degrees of the fixed signs, with all 3 trans-Saturn planets & 7 of the 8 trans-Neptunians (all except Admetos
    Link). Statistically such an incredible fixed cross with 10 of the 11 slowest bodies can only be expected once every 5-30,000 years (!), depending on the exact parameters. A grand cross is the most powerful of all critical aspects & is strongest in the fixed signs. This millennium cross in the sky represents the crucifixion of humanity ahead of Christ’s return & it triggers the grand cross in the internet horoscope.

12 sources of danger for the global networks (infrastructure) into the 2060s

The destruction of the global networks in the 2020s & 2030s will of course have dramatic consequences on all levels. I see 12 hazards for internet, energy grids & global infrastructure, all 12 will have some effect in the coming 20-30 years. List in chronological order:

  1. Until 2023-25 droughts: The hell CEO will have her time in the 42 months 2020 until summer 2023, when the earth’s climate will be very dry (like in hell). An Islamic prophecy also says the drought will be worse each year, i.e. it should be worst around 2023/24 with Saturn in Pisces (Link). Nostradamus, the King of prophets, mentioned the cycle of first 40 dry years & then 40 flood years. According to the PDSI (Palmer Drought Severity Index) our planet has been in a dry phase since about 1983, so the mid-2020s into the mid-2060s will be very wet (deluge reloaded). Already in 2018 hunger stones from the 15th-19th century came to the surface due to the extremely low water levels. Nuclear power plants need rivers, a further drying out put their operation in the early 2020s at risk & thus the power supply. In 2011 the evil Rothschild witch announced the German nuclear phase-out until 2021/22, against mighty elitist companies such as Siemens. This of course not a coincidence, but was dictated by the illuminati. From 2021 the risks of ultimate MCAs rise dramatically, for several reasons. Moreover, the generation of electricity of hydroelectric power plants will fall.
  2. From 2019/20 volcano eruptions: Yellowstone, the most dangerous super volcano on the planet, woke up in spring 2018, i.e. the frequency of eruptions of the Steamboat geyser (biggest active geyser in the world) went up by a factor 1000+! And the Popocatepetl near Mexico City woke up in early 2019, the volcano with the biggest population nearby (26 million). Historically, the biggest volcano eruptions in history were timed by Saturn 0° Pluto (2020), which is when a series of volcano eruptions lasting for decades will start. Needless to say, volcano eruptions destroy a lot of infrastructure, the dust leads to short circuits.
    From 2020/21-2047/48 world war 3 (hacker attacks, EMPs): WW3 in 2020/21-2047/48 is a great blessing, because investments will quickly crash by 80-90% (a lot more than consumptions) & thus almost all big projects like 5G & other madness will be stopped, because all resources have to be dedicated to survival. Jupiter & Saturn transiting over the war degree 311° (11° Aquarius) in early 2021 looks like the most likely timeline. Nostradamus left no doubt that WW3 will last for 27 years, according to my analyses it will consist of 3 equally long stages (9+9+9 years):
    (a) Early stage #1 2020/21-2029/30: The caliphate will expand dramatically, in the second half of these 9 years the later Emperor Henry the Lucky begins to act, when the situation looks absolutely hopeless (Iranian caliphate biggest).
    (b) Central stage #2 2029/30-2038/39: The caliphate shrinks from 2029-31 because of the military success of the later Emperor Henry, who will be crowned at the end of stage #2. The timing is corroborated by multiple sources, e.g. only in 2038 Easter Sunday falls on the day of Marcus 4/25. Another key argument for 2039 is that in the Hebrew calendar 2039/ 41 (6269/ 6271) are the only two years as twin primes: major events for Christianity, as explained by the nuclear physicist Dr. Zint (Link). The only two twin primes since the 19th century have been 1967/69 & 1901/03: in 1967 Jerusalem was taken for the first time in almost two millennia by the cut-off foreskins. On 1/1/1901 Pope Leo XIII dedicated the planet to the Holy Ghost. However, the adversary retaliated quickly with a counterpunch: in 1901 Charles Fox Parham (6/4/1873-1929) founded Pentecostalism, which got the fastest growing religious movement from the 1960s – because it is a gateway for evil spirits, in spite of the Holy Ghost. His first name Fox is just perfect, because the fox is one of the two illuminati animals, apart from the Owl of Athena (Bohemian Grove). This illuminati fox was born near 6/6 (+/-2) & died at the age of 666 months (+/-2), which is of course not a coincidence… It is easy to see which ghosts were called by the Pentecostal pioneer because during his ‘exorcisms’ a couple of people died. Soon after 1901 Aleister Crowley was contacted by the greys & during the 20th century he became the most influential black magician of the 20th century, controlling the British government, at this time still the world power.
    The famines of the two first phases of the world war were already predicted by Mongolian prophecy published in 1921 by Ferdinand Ossendowski (Link), in the form of the 18 years of cannibalism 2020/21-2038-40. Ossendowski wrote that around 1949 (the 50th year) 3 major nations (China, Japan & Germany) will be established & prosper for 71 years, i.e. until 2020/21.
    (c) Late phase #3 2038/39-2047/48: The newly crowned Kaiser will conquer the remaining Muslim rebels, but the half-moon no longer is a real danger. By the way Dr. Douglas Vogt has derived the importance of the year 2046 out of the Old Testament (Link).
    Destroying the infrastructure in the enemy state is an essential part of warfare now in the 21st century, which has never been easier than today: on the one hand because of the importance of networks, on the other hand because of EMP weapons & hacker attacks. Think a minute how easy that is, e.g. in 2012 a ship’s anchor broke a submarine cable & immediately Eastern Africa was cut off from the global WWW. According to junior prophets like Henry Gruver & David Taylor (Link) shortly before the US is invaded by China & Russia the US will suffer from a nation-wide blackout – although it’s not entirely clear whether this is already part of the warfare or caused by the earth changes.
    The axis of evil USrahell already waged this type of war in 2019 against Venezuela, triggering the biggest blackout in the history of South America. They also tried the same with Iran, but failed (Link). Thanks God the US will reap the karma sown, the *only* way to world peace. World peace is 100% impossible as long as Brainwashington still has *any* power. The Holy Bible even calls the US the man-eaters, but now in the end times all karma will be reversed, so the man-eaters will be devoured themselves, mainly be the dragon (Link).
    99% of the transcontinental internet runs over a small number of undersea cables, as shown by the map (Link). Greenland is most endangered, as she has only one light-wave cable, but even Australia & New Zealand have few. Needless to say, the effect of demolishing internet cables is far bigger than blowing up oil pipelines. Of course, Russia knows what’s looming & they work hard both on a technical & legal level to decouple the Russian internet from the rest of the planet (Link). Moreover, in 2019 the Trumpinator signed an executive order on EMPs (Link).
    In this situation the super-continent Eurasia is by far best positioned. Eurasia (Europe is not more than a huge peninsula of Asia) has a population of some 5.3 billion, almost the whole production of goods, almost all commodities & a good land logistics will be hit far less than the periphery (with more than 2 billion people). Temporarily the land logistics via roads & railroads will become very important. Moreover, the resource-rich Russia in the middle of Eurasia must rise to *the* new super-power, and of the bigger nations Russia shall be devastated least by the earth changes. It is quite possible this is the reason why the New Silk Road receives such a high priority since 6/22/14. However, only the northern route north of the Caspian Sea & Black Sea will work, not the southern route (Middle East wars).
    Iran will invade more & more countries in Eurasia & Africa until the peak of the caliphate in 2028/29, where I think the odds are zero that you will have internet, even when the infrastructure hasn’t been destroyed. From the perspective of military strategy the conquered population will be cut off from *information* as fast as possible, also to suppress resistance. Electricity might still be available, depending on several factors, not only on the strategy of the prepuce armada, but also on the infrastructure & earth changes. However, rebooting power after a (sub) continental outage is very difficult & needs a lot of coordination – which requires power. Eventually free energy will prevail, which can no longer be prevented by the reptilian ETs & the archons.
    Apart from Russia & China, the new Austrian-Hungarian Empire will also suffer less from the network breakdowns, officially labeled as Three Seas Initiative with these 12 member states: Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic (Visegrad 4) - Austria, Slovenia, Romania - Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania.
  3. 2021-25 hyperinflation & economic total collapse, end of financial system in 2022/23: This is another consequence of the breakout of WW3, and the extreme economic crisis will of course threaten the global infrastructure.
  4. From 2021 epidemics & mass mortality: For millennia the adversary has pursued a crystal-clear strategy, which is finally reached in the early 2020s.
    Goal #1 was to seduce (almost) all human souls & make them black, so their names are written in the Book of Death & after death they will go to hell. At present, only 1-2% of world population is in the Book of Life: white souls going to heaven after death. Hence we are almost at the final all-time low of the percentage of white souls, please see my February 2019 article (
    Now as of 2019 the hell CEO has cashed in nearly all souls, so we are ripe for goal #2: a huge wave of dying around the globe (through WW3 & epidemics), so almost all souls who leave their body go to hell. Between the early 2020s & the mid-2030s there should be at least one epidemic killing 1/3 of world populations within months. Hallelujah, blessed be the Lord! These epidemics will of course further threaten the global infrastructure, e.g. reduce air travel to an absolute minimum. Note that there are many hints pointing in this direction, e.g. the fungus Candida auris with a whopping death rate of 50% within 3 months. The global ratio males: females will collapse into the 2050s, the prophecies agree there will be 7-12 times more women than men. The fact that men are responsible for 90-95% of the global infrastructure means another aggravation of the problem.
    In Central Europe the peak of the extinction shall be around 2033/34 (later than in the rest of the world), where nearly half of the deaths are due according to the palm leaves analyzed, partly caused by the collapse of global logistics & networks ( In the film Crimson Rivers II: Angels of the Apocalypse the date of the apocalypse is given as 730.730 days (2000.7 years) after the crucifixion: ~12/2/2033. Here we have the double number 737 also mentioned by Nostradamus to pinpoint the fall of Israhell: after 73 years 7 months (73-7). For the same reason since 2018 suddenly so many airplanes Boeing 737 planes have fallen from heaven… Jesus Christ possibly was some 7 months 37 years when he was crucified. In the 1970s Peter Lemesurier derived from the more than 12,000 year old pyramids that the sign of the Messiah will be seen around 10/31/2034. This aligns with the Book of Apocalypse: under the 4th vial of wrath (fall 2023 until fall 2034) there will be a terrible heat wave & under the 5th vial of wrath (fall 2034 until fall 2035) a terrible cancer wave.
  5. From 2021 micronovas/ solar storms, rains of fire, meteor showers & magnetic pole shifts (EMPs, ultimate MCAs): Since the early 2000s the number of meteors (fireballs, falling stars) has risen about 10-fold (!), to about 6000 per year (Link) – a sign of the approach of Nibiru with its own small solar system. This trend continues to accelerate year after year & we will see at least hundreds (!) of large meteorite impacts, some of them in the Caribbean/ Gulf of Mexico (Link). Will our technology survive these events? Science is not able to give a clear answer, but according to the prophecies this appears to be the case. WW3 stretching over 27 years (2020/21-2047/48) is a sign that the total breakdown won’t occur, otherwise global warfare won’t be possible & people could only attack each other with knives & swords like the rapugees (they take vengeance for their circumcision).
    Local circumstances could also play a role, e.g. overhead transmission lines as in the US are less protected than power lines in the earth as in Europe. For many years the South-Atlantic Anomaly (SAA) close to the Brazil coast (where the new rotational pole will be in the 2040s) has had a strong impact deep into space, e.g. it has ruined satellites, the Hubble space telescope has to be turned off during the flyover & notebooks in space shuttles freeze, satellites have spotted an unexplainable fire there (Link). Every year the SAA moves 30-60 km (0.3-0.5°) to the west, i.e. long before the actual pole shift it could make parts of Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay & Argentine electroless (possibly from 2020/21?), or ruin South America in another way. America is *by far* the worst choice for preppers, the only of the 5 continents to be avoided 100% by preppers. Also see my particle on prepping & ‘safe havens’ ( as well as the other end times articles (
    Our boss has told me of the 2 different sources of the coming series of fireballs, so I finally understood more of the Biblical prophecy. With hindsight these explanations are so simple that it’s embarrassing they were unknown so far… The number of fireballs has been rising linearly since the early 2000s, it will have some spikes in the 2020s & around 2030 this advance will become parabolic: by a factor 100, 1000 or even more. Reason: in the 2030s Nibiru will stalk the inner solar system.
    In contrast, the spikes of the 2020s will be created by the micronovas (giant solar storms). Note the huge effects already produced by the normal 11.1 year sunspot cycle: according to Norwegian data solar minimum births (as during the middle of the decades of the 20th century, e.g. in the mid-1970s) have a life expectancy 5.2 years longer than births during the solar maximum (Link). Prof. Dr. Suitbert Ertel from the University of Göttingen (Germany) has done a lot of research on that.
    A full-blown discharge of the solar capacitor creates a super wave with all kind of stuff (solar wind=plasma, meteors…), according to the theory of US astrophysicist Prof. Jim McCanney. This super wave pushes a lot of space debris (natural or man-made) from the sun into the outer solar system, triggering short meteor showers (hours?) on this prison planet, as well as earthquakes & perhaps even a small shift in the earth axis as well a pole (crustal) shift. Note that normal big earthquakes as in 2004 & 2010 are enough to move the earth axis by some centimeters, from the 2020s we have to add (many) zeros to this effect size. Side-effect of this super wave: many or (almost?) all satellites in the orbit will be shot down or ruined, that’s why in the 2020s GPS & GLONASS will be history. A micronova could trigger giant EMPs & change 3 parameters pretty *permanently*: earth orbit, earth axis & poles/ earth’s crust. Today’s 23.5° inclination of the earth axis will shrink.
    Under the first trumpet of the apocalypse (fall 2023 – fall 2024) we shall experience a meteorite shower with 30-50 kg stones & fire from heaven, burning 1/3 of the planet. According to the avatar Amma the (first) big solar storm shall be in 2021, most likely under the 6th seal of the apocalypse fall 2021 through fall 2022 (most likely month: November 2021). This will be more like the 1972/73 micronova, which is a tiny-sized super-nova (Link). IN 1972/73 our Sirian friends installed a protective shield, otherwise all life up to Mars would have been wiped out (Link). In spite of this shield the strongest solar winds *ever* recorded hit earth from August 7, 1972 on.
    These micronovas beginning in 2021 should further devastate the highly unstable magnetic field. In the premium area the first mini magnetic pole shift was predicted for 2018, this call has perfectly come to pass: for the first time in millennia the magnetic north pole changed the hemisphere (west -> east) in fall 2018. The forecast was & is that at the beginning of the pole shifts we will no longer have 2 magnetic poles, but 4, 8, 16… Again a perfect call, because since fall 2018 we officially have 4 magnetic poles, in the north one in Canada (old) & one in Siberia (new) – according to a 2019 edition of Nature, confirming the partial shift to the Russian Eastern hemisphere (Link). All those already bipolar (as the Tesla boss) have to catch up & become quadrupolar, of course! :-) The earth crust is stabilized by the magnetic field & it will shift when the magnetic field collapses (including the rotational poles). Moreover, the magnetic field plays a role in stabilizing the polar vortex, which will fully collapse in 2022-25, triggering an incredible cold wave in Europe with permanent winds from the east. 80% of the coming disasters are earth changes, only 20% are man-made.
    The World Magnetic Model (WMM) as the basis for global navigation is normally adjusted every 5 years, however because of the mini pole shift in fall 2018 the WMM2015 had to be updated in 2019, a full year before regular expiration in 2020 (Link). From 2020/21 let’s be prepared for annual WMM revisions, then perhaps briefly quarterly & after 2022/23 you can forget satellite navigation. Another factor is that the astronomical parameters of earth will frequently change in the 2020s through 2040s (revolution, position of earth axis…). There is a reason why the US Navy began teaching sextant navigation again in 2015, they know exactly what’s looming (the German marine never removed the sextant from the curriculum).
    These earth changes lead to a severe or extreme impairment of world logistics, especially of air traffic. Only radio & radar remain to operate the logistics, although mainly for ships & hardly airplanes (also for other reasons, e.g. volcano eruptions). Ships can also travel at sight, with or without a pioneer boat.
  6. From 2021 earthquakes: From 2021 earthquakes will become a lot more frequent & stronger. 99% of the transcontinental internet is over very delicate sea cables (Link). Seaquakes & undersea volcano eruptions will most likely take the Americas, Australia & Oceania offline in the (early?) 2020s. This is very easy, e.g. in 2006 Eastern Asia was cut off from the global internet after a marine earthquake.
  7. From 2021 tsunamis: From 2021 we will be flooded with a great many tsunamis, the 2 main events are on the US West Coast & the North Sea, but even in the small seas like the Mediterranean according to Nostradamus. Tsunamis are only local & short-term yet may be dramatic. Example: in 2011 hard drive prices tripled after 12% of Thailand were flooded.
  8. From 2023-25 deluge: This is the big turning point for world climate from hot-dry to cold-wet, according to Nostradamus for about 40 years into the 2060s. Floods have 2 master signatures:
    (a) Uranus & Neptune in hard aspect 0°, 90°, 180° (weaker also 45°, 135°): Neptune is *the* water planet. The last square 90° in 1955 had Uranus in the water sign Cancer: in India 45 million people became homeless because of the floods. In the meantime we only had average-sized floods, the two biggest US floods in 1927 & 1993 were under 180° & 0°.
    (b) Slow planets over 29-30° Pisces (Titanic degree): This is the end degree (359-360°) in the zodiac & thus the end times degree of doom. I also call this degree the Titanic degree because the Indian Vedas state that each age ends with great floods. The Titanic (to be precise, the sister ship Olympic) was tightly connected with 29° Pisces (Link), she was scuttled on 4/14/1912 to kill the European financial elites onboard, e.g. Benjamin Guggenheim, Isidor Strauss & Jacob Astor (Link). These bankers wanted to prevent the Fed to be established, and after most Fed critics being killed this criminal institution could be founded on 12/23/1913. The last activation of the Titanic degree was around 3/11/11 (Uranus 29-30° Pisces), when the Fukushima tsunami caused the worst ultimate MCA in history, with costs of some 500 billion euro or dollar. Shortly thereafter in spring 2011, 12% of Thailand was flooded.
    Between spring 2017 & spring 2019 we had a 5-fold semi-square 45%, which first produced major floods in Niger in summer 2017 (>100,000 homeless) as well as the two US hurricanes, finally in the summer of 2018 huge floods in India (1 million homeless). In 2023-25 with the first & second trump of the apocalypse (fall 2023 – fall 2025) Neptune, Saturn & the nodal axis transit over the Titanic degree, which is when the deluge will be reloaded. Moreover, the solar eclipse 9/21/2025 (eclipse path in Pacific) activates the Titanic degree by opposition 180°. Under the second trumpet a burning (red) mountain crashes into the sea, triggering super-tsunamis that destroy 1/3 of the ships worldwide. The red mountain code could be a code for the US West Coast, especially for Redmond (red mountain): headquarters of Microsoft, for a long time the most valuable company on the planet.
  9. From 2029 IQ crash (anti Flynn effect): According to the analyses of James Flynn & others the IQ scores rose by 5-25 points per generation in Gynocratia (the Western states), however it has fallen since the 1990s in this region, globally since 2007. The timing of both trends coincides with the spreading of high frequency electrosmog (cell phones, Wi-Fi…), creating the desired dumbasses at warp 15 (important NWO goal). The Islamic countries have already crashed their IQs in the past through intermarriage, which are allowed in Islam (Link). In Pakistan 70% of the population have a bad genetic design because of incest (Link). Children of close relatives have a 5-fold (!) risk of debility (IQ<70).
    As always, crashes unfold a lot faster than the previous uptrend, meanwhile the IQ crash in Pussystan has accelerated to 15-20 points per *decade*, which should at the peak reach 30-50 points per decade. Apart from the invasion from the regions on the planet with the lowest IQ, electrosmog is of course a key reason. The microwave WMD on the desk where you can see it reduces the IQ by about 7 points (Link). Besides, the Youtubization of information is a major step towards going gaga & analphabetism. This digital dementia was discussed in great detail in 2015 (
    Because of the extreme IQ crash in a decade (!) or so around 2029 humanity can no longer produce (new) high tech, including 5G & related stuff. 2029 was already mentioned in the Terminator (1984) as the defeat of humanity against the machines (AI artificial intelligence). AI singularity was already reached in 2015-17, when the machines made their first move. The co-founder of Skype, Jaan Tallinn, has spent a million of the snake currency to save humanity from being wiped out by the machines (Link). Maybe AI will order the nuclear exchange of WW3 without human decisions to be made, as shown in the Terminator. The 1300+ year old Chinese prophecy Tui Bei Tu clearly states (in poem #56) that the final war before the Golden Age starts will be decided by technology & *not* by soldiers (Link).
    I expect the global IQ all-time low around the middle of the century at 60-70 points, i.e. 30 points lower than at the global peak in the early 2000s (Link). The ‘big IQ guns‘ will have an IQ 80-100 at this time & the few hand-picked true ‘brainiacs’ with an IQ>120 will mostly work for the military. Note the latency period of electrosmog is 30-60 years, i.e. from the 2020s the introduction of death rays in the 1990s will produce the intended results. Match of IQ & professions:
    * IQ>140 (<0.5% of humanity): true genius, top science & breakthrough innovations beyond the ruling paradigm
    * An IQ>130 (theoretically 2% of humanity, 2 standard deviations above the norm, Mensa admission criterion) counts as intellectual giftedness & is the minimum for good science.
    * The IQ in the 110-130 allows normal science & (highly) qualified professions.
    * An IQ 90-110 stands for normal professions without academic ties. The US military requires an IQ>85, repeated attempts to lower the threshold to IQ>80 (because of the recruiting problems) had to be abandoned, these pretty dumb people are not really useful.
    * An IQ around 80 stands for unlearned & unqualified jobs, where you can’t make much money. This is why according to Arthur Jensen (1998) the criminality rate is highest in the 70-90 range (peak 80-90), criminality & prostitution are normally the only way to make a big buck when you are blessed with an IQ of only 70-90.
    * Around 70 the IQ barely allows to handle everyday practical issues, an IQ<70 means imbecility (mental disability) where you are too dumb even for crime (apart from spontaneous ideas of rapugees maybe).
    * The IQ level 60-70 is the big goal for smombies (smartphone zombies), so from the 2030s hook & loop fasteners are in vogue, because of adult smombies too stupid to fasten their shoes (children learn that at the age 4-8 years). These black souls (see my soul review article will behave like animals & hunt the white souls to eat them, in the style of Hitlary (Link): the 18 years of cannibalism 2021-39 predicted by Ossendowski. Commifornia & the whole ‚liberal‘ US West Coast (especially Shitcisco Link & Freeattle Link) reveal where we are heading.
    Apart from the general IQ crash the statistical variance (SD standard deviation) should halve, too. The historic SD of the IQ Gauss bell curve is 15 points, so theoretically 68.2% are expected to be in the IQ area 85-115 & 95.4% in the area 70-130. However, the IQ SD should crash to 5-10 points: gleichschaltung when it comes to stupidity. Also, the supposed symmetry of the bell curve will be distorted, i.e. there will be more brainiacs than suggested by the normal distribution (mainly the 0.12% chosen ones).
  10. Around 2038 (2047/48?) jump of rotational poles: The central event of the 3 dark days as an absolutely necessary event before Christ’s return (Link) is expected for 2037-39 (very unlikely in 2047/48), which apparently means the earth’s crust (5-70 km) or mantle (2850 km) will shift by 35-40°, with the new north pole near the Sea of Okhotsk (border of Russia/ Japan/ China). However, small shifts could occur as soon as 2021, it is unclear how many pole shifts will occur (1-5?).
    * That has a huge impact on China, Japan, Korea & Mongolia, which will then be in the Arctic Circle & thus uninhabitable. China shall still be habitable in the west & south, perhaps also western Mongolia. This explains why the predictions say that just before the big pole shift China invades Siberia, in spite of Russia being an ally. Without China the world economy is dead & so will be all major projects like 5G.
    * The South Pole will jump towards the coast of Southern Argentine & render most of South America inhabitable, except in the north towards Central America.
  11. 2030s into 2060s rise of sea level: *After* the pole shift (partly already *before*) the will melt over a period of decades or so, which means a lot additional free water in the eco system. In contrast, the glaciation of the new poles in Eastern Asia & South America will be much slower, over millennia. Most of the rising sea level will happen with Pluto in Pisces 2043-67. The global sea level rising pretty permanently (for centuries) by 50-250m is yet another huge problem for the global logistics, because it will swamp *all* coastal towns & havens. Isaac Newton, the founder of modern physics, prophesized more than 3 centuries ago the Biblical end of the age for the year 2060: 1260 years after the Holy Roman Empire was established in Aachen, Germany, in the year 800 AD. Henry the Lucky will also be crowned in Aachen, the Treaty of Aachen signed on 1/22/19 is a preparation.
    Moreover, a big part of humanity is living near to the sea or at a low sea level. To add insult to injury, even inland lakes & groundwater levels will rise dramatically: first because of the soil liquefaction after the earthquakes, second because of the water in Nibiru’s comet tail (‘dirty snowballs) & third because of the extreme, deluge-like rainfalls after submarine volcano eruptions that accelerate the evaporation of sea water dramatically. Large running & standing water should be avoided in a large radius, i.e. at least several kilometers or miles!

Role of the cryptos

In the premium area the cryptos have been discussed since early 2013. On 12/17/17 the Bitcoin all-time high was called, within *hours* (!) when it was printed. To my knowledge no other market letter in this corner of the galaxy could deliver a call of similar precision. According to the proprietary Amanita models the cryptos have some potential until about 2029: a sign that around 2030 the necessary infrastructure falls apart. Another special challenge for cryptos are super-fast quantum computers, but this could be solved technologically (e.g. IOTA).

The biggest advantage of cryptos is their decentralization: the bigger cryptos have hundreds or thousands of full nodes. Theoretically one full node is enough for the blockchain to survive, each crypto currency is a tiny financial system of its own. So blockchains can even continue to exist when half continents have gone into the sea, when there is absolutely no way for today’s financial system to survive. In 1973 Norm Rasmussen got a vision from a global currency system with credit blocks, which has only been fulfilled in the past decade by block chains (Link). ‚Blocks‘ of credit are a strange wording & without doubt refer to the cryptos. Rasmussen also saw that during this super-crisis the gold sheeple will be shaved.

In the end times there is no simple way for financial survival, an extremely sophisticated approach is necessary. For instance, cryptos might as well end in a total loss, depending on so many factors, they only make sense as a small part within the Amanita system. In the premium area dozens of positions are held, fine-tuned to each other & they only make sense as a whole. We are in the early stages of the biggest wealth destruction in history, where *one* (!) error could result in an irreversible total loss. That’s why there are only 2 ways to make use of the Amanita system: 100% or 0%. Today’s consuming-isolating Pippi Longstocking approach (“I take whatever I like”) is an indescribable foolishness – then better stay away. There are dozens of risk factors involved when it comes to cryptos. This requires an all-time high of brainpower, which is harder & harder to find because of the smombie IQ crash.

One advantage of most cryptos is that their design is deflationary, for many different reasons. One of the reasons: the big mass dying beginning in (fall) 2021 will mostly kill middle-aged men. All studies agree that male animals are suffering so much more from electrosmog than female ones. Most cryptos are in the hands of male HODLers, which have a very high computer affinity & thus have been exposed so much more to microwaves. This high electrosmog burden means a drastically increased death rate among HODLers. With most of these deaths coming as a surprise, few will have made preparations & so most of their cryptos are simply gone & won’t be inherited, which means an imploding crypto money supply.

However, one should not forget that cryptos were designed in hell & they are the very last monetary fake of the she-devil, so it can’t continue to exist in the 1000 years of the Golden Age. One could also say cryptos are the last fraud from hell, at the end of the 5125 years of the Dark Age. However, the crypto fools are simply not ready to accept that reality. During the reign of Jesus Christ products from hell won’t have a chance & death rays will not be tolerated. The German physicist Dr. Hartmut Müller developed Global Scaling in Russia, later he cooperated with the Danube University in Krems, Austria. On 10/27/2001 he demonstrated in Bad Tölz in the region of the Untersberg Mountain data transfer over the standing wave of the universe (forefield of telepathy): with infinite speed (not just light speed) & absolutely bug-proof (Link). Because of his groundbreaking inventions Müller was lured into a trap by state terrorists & imprisoned in Germany. Nevertheless, *this* is the future of the 3rd millennium, which will be more fantastic than anyone can imagine.