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Prophecies #11: Questioning the divine (muscle tests etc.)

I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. (Matthew 10, 16)

In the 11th part of the article series on prophecies (divine will manifests in the 11th dimension) I’d like to cover the topic of epistemology, because of many requests: ways of asking God, with special consideration of ideomotor methods, spiritual errors & prophecies. Ideomotor moves happen through unconscious reactions especially in muscles & the nervous system, today the muscle test is the most frequently used ideomotor inquiry. This article is a synopsis of more than 27 years of research in this field (since my initiation by a Satori event in December 1992), being trained by 30-50 teachers since 2002 & tens of thousands own inquiries. Needless to say, this topic is light years more complex than commonly assumed.

Preliminary remark: list of article series on prophecies

Faith means abiding the incomprehension of God for a whole life. (Karl Rahner)

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Historic background: 7 schools of kinesiology

I was a hidden treasure & I wanted to be known, so I created Creation. (Islamic hadith)

One of the oldest mention of ideomotor, dowsing (radiesthesia) & kinesiology methods is found in the Holy Bible during the last Nibiru return 3600 years ago, when the rod (‘magic wand’) of Moses could find water out of a rock somewhere in the deep desert. 2400 years ago the best known doctor of the ancient world, Hippocrates, used the muscle test for medical diagnoses. The Greeks had their metal dowser Lynkeus to find commodities, Plinius reported similar activities of the Etruscans. In the Middle Ages the dowsing rod was used to find water & commodities (Link) & *the* medical pioneer of the modern era, Paracelsus, used it in the 16th century. Similarly, 500 years ago the Mayans used the muscle test to find out whether or not water from a certain well was drinkable (Link). For the purpose of healing the Untersberg Mountain region (heart chakra of the planet) was leading, in the mid-19th century the neurologist & university professor Moriz Benedikt here in Vienna, Austria, used Aaron’s rod to find pathogenic locations, as well as the French neurologists Charcot & Babinski.

The ‘scientific revolution’ terrorized this brilliant approach, so for a century it was almost invisible. Then in the 1960s we saw the rebirth: in 1964/65 Applied Kinesiology was invented by the US chiropractor Prof. Dr. George Goodheart (on the left in the image below), mainly based on muscle-testing. Kinesiology is the scientific study of human or non-human body movement, so the muscle-test is part of (applied) kinesiology. The good-hearted George was born on 8/18/18 with the Christ code 888, which is not a coincidence at all. Goodheart died in the year 08, shortly after the age of 88.8 years – again Christ codes. In 1974 he was a co-founder of the International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK). In 1979 Goodheart was the first bonesetter to accompany the US sports team during the Olympic Games in Lake Placid. There are 7 major kinesiology schools, in chronological order:

  1. Applied kinesiology by Dr. George Goodheart (1964): pioneer
  2. Touch for Health (TfH) by Dr. John Thie (1973): TfH teaches the broadest variety of muscle tests, because there are 42 muscle tests for 12+2 meridians. I was trained in TfH in 2006, the 4 TfH seminars are the best point to start muscle testing.
  3. Educational Kinesiology® (Edu-K)/ Brain Gym by Dr. Paul Dennison (1981): This is mainly a school for body exercises & brain function, e.g. through cross crawl.
  4. Three In One by Gordon Stokes & Daniel Whiteside (1983): The focus is on clearing stress, the standard test procedure is the delta muscle test with both hands, to cover both brain hemispheres.
  5. Hyperton X by Frank Mahony (1993): This is the only of the 7 schools I haven’t studied.
  6. Consciousness kinesiology by David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. (1995): This school is the least accepted by the other 6, as it is very different. That’s why for some time Hawkins was head of the largest psychiatric office in the US, with a great many miracle healings – which is impossible in the other 6 schools, as consciousness kinesiology requires a very high degree of God realization. However, in the Kali Yuga 95-99% of humanity can’t understand his consciousness scale, although it will be part of the new paradigm in the 1000 years of the Golden Age beginning in the mid-21st century.
  7. Psycho-kinesiology by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt (2004): Klinghardt is a well-known US-German medical doctor with a very comprehensive regulatory medicine concept, including key issues like electrosmog, vaccinations, chemtrails, detoxification & more. A major pioneer of regulatory medicine was the embryologist Prof. Dr. Alfred Pischinger (7/15/1899-1983) here in Vienna, Austria.

Hereafter I put the focus on the Hawkins’ consciousness kinesiology (right image above, 6/3/1927-9/19/2012), who was introduced to muscle-testing in 1973. In the following decades Hawkins used the muscle-tests tens of thousands of times for his consciousness calibration research technique (CCRT). He published his insights in 1995-2011 in 12 books & numerous events, mainly in Sedona, Arizona, where I visited him in May 2008. On September 17th, 2011 he ended his teaching after 16 years (Link). One year later on September 19th, 2012 he left this prison planet.

Years before his death in 2012 I got the message from the CEO of all universes that I will step into Hawkins’ footsteps & that a part of his role would be transferred to me upon his death. In the hours after his death I suddenly suffered from the worst pain in my life & soon thereafter I received the message that this transfer Hawkins>Zimmel was now completed. So I concluded from this memo from the boss that Hawkins had died, in spite of not yet having read his obituary. Hawkins suffered from a double-digit number of serious diseases until the age of 50 (late 1970s) & applying conventional standards his odds of survival were zero. Since this date 9/19/12 I have followed Hawkins on this path of dozens of diseases.

Hawkins had his basic awakening (loss of core veil) on 1/10/1965 in his 38th year, when I was 38 his role was transferred to me (Link). By the way, I was born almost on the *day* (!) 38 quarters after his basic awakening & according to my palm leaves my remaining life time is also 38 time units. So we have the 38 = end of grace period 4x as a code. Mohammed experienced his great fall also at the age of 38. It’s quite possible that the global soul review happens circa 38 quarters after Hawkins’ death (around March 2022). In 2038/39 Kaiser Henry will be crowned as predicted for 3000 years & we’ll see the 3 dark days. Moreover, the so far most devastating war in history began around the ’38 year (July 1937 resp. September 1939). 38.2 also is the year of the minor 0.382, the Golden section is the most irrational = female of all numbers & thus represents the biggest darkness (=Yin). In Dr. Hartmut Müller’s Global Scaling (based on proton resonance) the 38th life year is a main node with maximum event density: high in the life cycle.

Scientific background

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. (John 8-32)

The ICAK (International College of Applied Kinesiology) founded in 1974 published many studies at first, 50 alone in 1981-87. In October 2019 the leading medical database Pubmed (~30 million entries) delivered 447 hits for applied kinesiology (Link). So one wonders why no longer lists any studies – because the state of research tests very weak (Link):

  1. A 1988 double-blind study in California with 3 experienced practitioners of applied kinesiology could not beat random odds in the field of nutritional medicine (Link).
  2. For his second doctoral thesis in the 1990sat the Columbia Pacific University Hawkins conducted an empirical study using the muscle-test (N=1000): Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis and Calibration of the Levels of Human Consciousness, 173 pages, Veritas Publishing, 1998 (since 2013 no longer available). The 2 reasons for the success: real testing with substances instead of mental testing & his personal very high LoC The Columbia Pacific University was closed in 1997 by court decision as a diploma mill, which is sometimes used as an argument against Hawkins, but this is not true for 2 reasons:
    (a) Hawkins was one of the 3 founders of orthomolecular medicine, together with the vitamin C guru & double Noble laureate Linus Pauling and Abram Hoffer, i.e. the worked with top guns in science.
    (b) Second, the problem with unconventional scientific questions is that ‚normal‘ universities are almost never open for them, so you can’t earn a PhD with them. The best-analyzed study of the social sciences (over a period of more than half a century) is the Mars effect of the French researcher couple Gauquelin. Worldwide hundreds (!) of committees & initiatives were formed to fight these amazing findings. However, the statistical significance remained more or less the same in the replications, so these narrow minds even began to question the standard statistical rules – instead of acknowledging reality.
  3. In a study published in 2001 common salt could not be distinguished from wasp poison, using test subjects with a strong wasp allergy (Link).
  4. Also in 2001 a study was released where 14 kinesiological practitioners (N=315) couldn’t beat the random odds in allergy testing (Link).
  5. In a 2005 study (N=112) chance couldn’t be significantly beaten in testing dental material (Link).
  6. In a small pilot study (N=11) by Ingrid Waxenegger et al. published in 2007 the muscle-test could statistically significant (P<1.6%) predict the future therapy success (Link). The reason for this success was that Waxenegger calibrated at LoC~555 at the time of the study.
  7. In the early 2000s some retrospective, uncontrolled medical practice studies were conducted, following the protocol of Dr. BanisPsychosomatic Energetics (PSE) with an amazing healing success of 80% on average, including diseases normally deemed incurable, like schizophrenia. PSE is *exclusively* based on the muscle-test for the diagnoses, so these studies also make a strong statement for the muscle-test. The main reason for the success was that it wasn’t mental testing but real testing, through frequencies from the Rebatest device.
  8. In a 2013 double blind study (N=151) poison & table salt could only be matched with a hit ratio of 53%, with random odds of P=50%, i.e. without statistical significance (Link).
  9. The 2015 analysis of 17 alternative medicine methods by the Australian health department couldn’t validate the muscle test (Link).

In his excellent 2010 book with the very high truth content 95% (in German Link), Reiner Gebbensleben discusses a great manyradiesthesia studies & why the study design is often terrible. Example: in one study the participants in a weekend workshop (!) were used as ‘dowsing experts’, which is of course absurd. It’s like having architecture students construct a bridge after 15 class hours & when the bridge collapses (or can’t be built at all) than the ‘scientific conclusion’ is that all these ‘architecture theories’ must be wrong.

The motoric approach is only one way, the classic way is through the eyes, e.g. via remote viewing. In 1998-2011 Greg Kolodziejzyk did a great many remote viewing studies with a simplified protocol(Link). With N=5677 the strike rate was 52.65% (random odds P=50%), which was statistically significant but too weak for practical purposes (which require 60-80%). With several filters applied, Kolodziejzyk could raisethe success rate to 60%, which is barely enough. I participated in one of his first experiments, when hundreds of persons tried to predict *one* bullish or bearish daily S&P 500 future close – however, this experiment failed.

The socialist propaganda claims that teamwork is best, as always just the opposite is true: too many cooks spoil the broth. Teamwork almost always means a drastic leveling down (=Yin), which is also true in the case of remote viewing with large groups. Actually one top leader beats 1 million ‚up-and-coming talents‘ by far. That’s why almost all great scientific breakthroughs in history were achieved by men playing a lone hand (=maximum Yang), usually single or at least childless, because kids bind or even suck the creative energy. Creativity is sublimated sexuality, as already realized by Freud. That’s why among MGTOWs (Men Going Their Own Way) migtows like Newton or Tesla are the big heroes, Einstein also achieved most of his breakthrough *before* his fatherhood.

The ICAK FAQ (Link) say that muscle-testing requires medical knowledge, which is rather misleading & more false than true. Conventional medical ‘wisdom‘ contains so much BS based on a materialistic = false world-view, so that the medical profession is rather detrimental (!) for healing & muscle-testing, not a help.

Orthodox medicine with its reduction of man to a biochemical machine is black magic invented in hell & the more you study that, the further away you get from divine light. This explains why among all professions, MDs have more or less the worst medical parameters (life expectancy, suicide rate, alcoholism rate…). Today most diseases are iatrogenic, i.e. caused by medical satanism, with vaccinations accounting for the bulk of the medical genocide. Therefore death rates *decline* on average when the Hippocratic terrorists strike. Since the 19th century vaccination terrorists (doctors torturing people with vaccines) have killed more people than all wars of the past 5000 years combined (some 500 million), after death they will go to the lower levels of hell, also see the explanations by the Indian MD Athavale (Link). The Hippocratic Oath with the caduceus means selling one’s soul to the she-devil symbolized by the snake, which also represents the false kundalini (as the $ sign), see Lisa Renee (Link).

The topic of ideomotor inquiries (muscle-tests, pendulums…) is light years more complicated than usually portrayed & the Hawkins explanations are very brief, superficial & insufficient. Hawkins certainly knew that almost nobody from his readers would do practical work. Regarding the ideomotor inquiries Hawkins was only one among my 30-50 teachers & certainly not the most important, especially not for practical testing.

Assuming a Bernoulli event like the classic coin toss (50%/ 50% odds), then ideomotor methods achieve a success of 50-99%, depending on myriads of factors. The remaining 1% is the divine play Lila eluding every precision. High hit ratios are only achieved when dozens of requirements are met, that’s why most results are in the 50-60% range, which is hardly sufficient for practical purposes.

Benefit & *necessity* (!) of (ideomotor) inquiries

There are many benefits of ideomotor inquiries. First it is crucial to understand that they are nothing artificial, as they only make visible what’s happening in every moment anyway (with or without muscletest). This is the first, most fundamental & most overlooked benefit of ideomotor inquiries, a kind of deeper self-knowledge. The biggest & most far-reaching fallacy of today’s new age & psychological paradigm is that one should not judge, nothing could be further from truth. In reality your system (the physical body accounts only for some percentage of the full system) performs *billions* of judgments in every second. This is even true at the non-dual level of consciousness LoC>850 (reached only by a handful of people in the past 5000 years), although at LoC>850 you no longer live from duality. Also, divine accounting judges every thought, every word & every action without exception, the balance either leads to an entry into the book of life (heaven) or book of death (hell).

At present information is available in abundance because of the internet (albeit with a modest truth content), but this will change from 2021 when the breakdown of the communication networks begins, see prophecies #10 ( From this timeline on information will be in short supply & alternative methods of information retrieval are needed & could in extreme cases decide over life & death. On a mental level these inquiry methods will likely become the most important part of prepping. Being on good terms with the Lord will be the main reason why the later Kaiser Henry the Lucky cuts off the foreskin faction with the reap hook.

But the rental vehicle for this incarnation will be worm food sooner or later anyway, a lot more important is that these methods can contribute to the salvation of one’s soul. The Holy Bible leaves no doubt that liars will end in hell (lake of fire), e.g. Apocalypse 21-8. But what is the definition of a ‘liar’? Obviously it can’t mean to have lied once, because then everybody would be a liar & nobody in heaven. One should rather interpret it as a ‘notorious liar‘, but what is the exact border-line? At any rate, spreading lies creates an enormous mental karma & actually it’s enough to believe lies to create negative karma. Today’s biggest problem is the huge number of unconscious lies, in contrast to conscious lies in earlier times: main disadvantage of the educational revolution & knowledge explosion. 85% of the sins of the black souls in hell are committed *unconsciously* (!), therefore Buddhism warns that the root of evil is ignorance & unknowing (Link). Consciously or unconsciously joining in the games of the she-devil means becoming her accomplice, which constitutes a sale of one’s soul. Asking the Lord is a form of prayer & spiritual practice, which ceteris paribus not only has a very good effect on the soul, but also on the spirit.

The problem of the Holy Bible is the imprecision & lack of stringent terminology, especially the New Testament is mainly written for the mental level of 5-year old children. This is one of the reasons why even the New Testament has a truth content of only 90% (the Old Testament has a truth content of less than 50% with the main vibration LoC=190=Lucifer). Until the 20th century we had only few scribes: in 1820 humanity merely had 12% literates, the 50% literacy level was exceeded only a half century ago. So the Holy Bible mainly makes simplified statements, almost without any statistical details. Many statements or commandments are actually not the 100% simplistic-dogmatic laws but rather statistical guidelines. The problem with Bible dogmatists is not just that they remain mentally stuck at the age of 5 years, but that they practice Bible idolism, by not worshipping the Lord but a man-made book. So the boss allowed errors even in the New Testament, to leave no doubt that *nothing* can ever replace the relationship with Him (which is unfortunately hardly realized).

On the other end of the spectrum we find the Indian (Vedic) texts, which are extremely demanding on all levels. The Vedas calibrate highest among the spiritual world literature, with a level of consciousness LoC=970 (Link). While the focus of Jesus Christ was on the soul (LoC 540-599, 7th & 8th dimension), the Vedas have a strong focus on the spirit (LoC=600-1000, 9th-12th dimension & beyond). However, the problem with the Vedas is that they are very elitist & hardly make sense for 98% of humanity in the Kali Yuga, whose main task is soul work. An average person has 0.1% of the system in an awake state (LoC>600), which is the indestructible divine spark/ molecule/ atom: the dodecahedron in the 5th heart chamber (hotspot 100° spiritual heart), the intersection of the heart chakra & spine near the 5th vertebra. This is where nearly everybody has a hump. However, until basic awakening (=loss of core veil) the spiritual heart is covered by the core veil. Only one other animal has a spiritual heart: dolphins.

In general it is not good to make too big jumps on the scale of consciousness, ideally not more than 20-50 points. The biggest problem with huge LoC jumps is produced by today’s popular Neo Advaita teachings e.g. by Mooji (LoC=660), they may produce temporary jumps by hundreds of points – but a relapse is almost guaranteed. Neo Advaita is the not recommended attempt to jump over the levels of love & soul (500s) & immediately reach observer consciousness Sakshi (LoC=600), where one is mainly identified as an observer (awake).

‘Regular’ heaven (Swargalok) only includes the levels LoC<599, at LoC>600 the doors to the 4 high levels open: Maharlok, Janalok, Tapolok & Satyalok. See the Indian MD Jayant Athavale (Link) with a similar, yet slightly differently calibrated spiritual level (0-100%). The correlation is: LoC=200 ~ Athavale value=40% (lower heaven) & LoC=600 ~ Athavale value=60-70% (Mahar, Jana). According to Athavale, in May 2013 only 5% of the deceased went to heaven (found in the Book of Life) with a spiritual level of at least 40%, fully corroborating my findings. In a newer article (Link) Athavale speaks of only 1.6% pure white souls, which precisely aligns with my research.

Today’s most popular lie is the so-called ‘man-made greenhouse effect’, this hoax was created upon the order of the hell queen. The climate religion is pure idolatry & satanism and thus a sure way towards hell, in Sweden the climate religion has already been included in the religious education in schools. Then there is the opposite faction of the so-called truthers, who deny every man-made effect on world climate. As always, none of these two big groups has the truth, not even close - crowd madness is always fascinated by falsehood. Sure the truth content of the self-appointed 'truthers’ is higher than of the lying press, but it is still a nightmare & jeopardizing one’s soul salvation.

The truth is that humanity has a significant effect on world climate, but it is a cooling effect because of global dimming. Needless to say, the key contributor to global cooling is air pollution, mainly because of air traffic. In contrast to the delusions of the two climate factions this is a tested theory, e.g. the 3 days of US grounding after 9/11/01 immediately produced a huge gap between temperatures during day & night as *never* (!) before (Link), i.e. warming up during the day was a lot bigger because of so much more solar radiation. However, note that almost 20 years ago global air traffic was still tiny compared to today & we almost had zero chemtrails (massive only after 9/11).

That’s why since the 1990s the pole caps on Mars have been melting at the double speed as on earth, see Prof. Dr. Alexey Dmitriev from the Russian Academy of Sciences (Link). In Russia the scientific standards are light years higher than the Mickey Mouse science in ‘post-factual’ Gynocratia, where only feelings, staging & hysteria count. Sure we have been settling on Mars for decades, but these small human & ET colonies don’t produce a significant dimming.

Looking at the history of the past 5000 years (Kali Yuga) you see that humanity has not been able to tell truth from falsehood & as a matter of fact, humanity never believed as many lies as today. We are at the beginning of the 42 months of the reign of the antichrist (2020-23), with numerous lies circulating as *never* before or after in history. The truth content of the lying press when it comes to the crucial tops is usually 20-30%, lower is next to impossible because falsehood (Yin) needs truth (Yang), while the truth doesn’t need any lies at all. For a long time at the beginning of the universe evil & lies didn’t exist. The queen of the demons has been encouraging the video barbarism (youtubization of information) with a vengeance for 7 reasons, to make humanity black & steal our souls:

  1. Truth content (5-15% lower): The verity content of videos is on average a lot lower than of writings, namely by 5-15% when person & topic are identical, even in the case of Hawkins (except when the content of the video is reading something written, which is hardly ever the case). Without doubt the reason is that only written works can mature over time, but not lectures or discussions, so that details are often wrong & the presentation is incomplete, ambiguous or even misleading. The free Amanita newsletter matures in the months it is written, so over time the truth content rises.
    There are numerous moderator variables that lower or increase this 5-15% bump, e.g. topic: very simple topics usually don’t lead to a lower truth content of videos. Another one is the expertise of the speaker & the personal style (better at speaking or writing). It goes without saying that the worst scenario is when smombies (info junkies) serve crowd madness & publish a video every day. Quality & quantity normally don’t together, except for those <0.1% with a level of consciousness LoC>555. Comments below videos are an ugly playground of crowd madness with an average truth content of only 40-50%, so these comments ruin the truth content of good videos.
    Bottom line: the fastest & most effective measure to increase the truth level is to switch from oral to written transfer of knowledge - the exact opposite of what has happened in the past decade.
    For the same reason the Amanita writings must be very unpopular until 2023, the truth content of the free Amanita newsletter has been >90% since 2014 & even >95% since 2018, meanwhile the rise is flattening out. Before September 2023 (end of Kali Yuga) such a high degree of truthfulness can’t find resonance (except among the 0.12% chosen ones of the end times). My palm leaf confirmed that my teachings are study material for future generations, mainly in the 2nd half of the 21st century.
  2. Control over information (censorship terrorism): The censorship terrorism by the sewer rats in the state of Kali has been enormous since 2018 & gets permanently worse. Their main terror mechanisms against (politically) unwanted channels are: demonetization of channels, arbitrary removal of subscribers, shadow banning (videos or entire channels invisible for the search engine), deleting videos because of ‚hate speech‘, manipulation of search results & since late 2019 even killing entire channels, e.g. in late 2019 the sewer rats deleted all videos of the earth changes analyst Dutchinsense (Link), who was already threatened with a gun in the summer of 2019.
  3. Time theft (3-10 times slower) & stultification: Information gathering by fondling the sewer rats is 3-10 times slower than reading information, also because you can’t simply skim for the key information. So this is a perfect strategy to keep people dumb. Unfortunately, a lot of information is only offered in the form of videos.
  4. Deepfakes: The biggest advantage of videos *was* (!) the videos evidence (direct truth), although even this is no longer true today, mainly because of deepfakes where one produces a video where person X allegedly said something they didn’t actually say. Until recently deepfake quality was too bad to be a serious concern, but quality is permanently getting better.
  5. Electrosmog (youtubiots->mental crash): Watching videos almost always produces a lot of high frequency electrosmog – except for those who only use cable (LAN). Cuddling with sewer rats produces youtubiots & accelerates their mental crash dramatically, which means that videos may be helpful tactically, but not strategically. I have discussed electrosmog since 2009 & said for a long time that electrosmog will produce the biggest mental crash in history, which is why in the 2020s humanity will lose the capability to produce high technology & in the 2030s the youtubiots will admire the scribes. On one level the problems with the Boeing 737 Max are the first major expression of this IQ crash.
  6. Information overload & infotainment: Watching videos means (in comparison with a text with the same information) that the number of bits is by some or several *decimal powers* (!) higher. However, almost of this additional information is superfluous & thus disturbing, being a distraction from the content & instead turning the attention towards outer appearances & unessential stuff, so that one suffers from an information overload. Often information is merged with entertainment, so we have infotainment. From consumer research we know that the best recipe for bad decisions is to overload consumers with information. So offering 50 different detergents with more or less the same content means that people can be best influenced by advertising. The only true benefit of videos is when something is practically demonstrated (e.g. fitness, craft).
  7. Accessing the unconscious through images: Lies will be believed a lot easier if supported by images, while comprehension is so much more superficial & images sink deeper into the unconscious. This enslavement through images was understood already by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Thanks God this video terrorism will stop in the 2020s, for many reasons. The big US propaganda companies like YouTube/ Gog, Fecesbook, Eve’s Apple, Microsoft… cease to exist in the early (mid?) 2020s, the Chinese & Russian liberators will end the satanism immediately after their invasion (parts of the West Coast go into the Pacific, to clean the feces of Fecesbook & the rest). The collapse of the internet begins in 2021 (acceleration in 2023/24 & 2027/28), bandwidths will become terribly expensive in the 2020s & the number of the internet outages goes through the roof, entire countries & continents will be without the 666=WWW. Where the internet is still available, bandwidth prices will skyrocket & watching videos will be a luxury that few can & want to afford. This is even more true of autonomous driving needing up to 4000 GB (!) per day, this madness by Tesla & Co. will then be history. Fortunately, in the 2030s the 666 web of the she-devil will no longer exist in this form. Praise the justice of our Lord Jesus Christ!

In part #9 of the article series on prophecies published on 2/26/19 ( I quantified the apostasy (soul crash), which has gotten even more extreme in the meantime. In 2020 only 1% of world population still has a white soul (listed in the Book of Life), 4% are chameleons on the way towards a black soul. Other good sources agree exactly on these statistics:

  • In his July 2019 sermon (Link) the German Pastor Lothar Gassmann mentioned that at present 98% of the souls get lost, i.e. are on the way to hell, a practical experience during evangelization.
  • Some years ago the Swiss theologian Dr. Roger Liebi also mentioned that only 2% are saved.

Hosea 4-6 complained, „My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.“ Today’s popular spiritual trends do their best to make this prophecy come true. The new age & psychological crowd always wants us to turn off our brain (=Yang) & all judging, instead everything is emotionalized (=Yin). And Christianity is overwhelmed by all kinds of wrong & anti-rational devilish teachings, e.g. Marian devotion, prosperity gospel, wellness gospel, speaking in tongues & charismatic churches, where one is lulled by ear-deafening music & anodyne songs. The music must be terribly loud, so that people don’t sense what’s going on.

However, the fair payoff (nemesis) won’t be delayed forever, peoples with the lowest share of white souls will be wiped out in the coming 20-30 years (=national karma). It will be similar as the total destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah: according to new research there was a death toll of some 50,000 after a meteor explosion (Link). Lot, Abraham’s nephew, negotiated with God who ensured him to save Sodom when at least 10 righteous (LoC>550) are found in the town, i.e. about 1 in 2500 (when we assume a similar population of Sodom & Gomorrah with each ~25,000). In this case 0.04% righteous would have been enough (but only Lot himself was righteous, so Sodom was destroyed).

Around Pentecost in June 2019 the big outpouring of the Holy Spit began at the Untersberg Mountain: at 48° N, exactly as prophesized by Nostradamus in the 16th century. In late June 2019 at the 302th birthday of Freemasonry Last Judgment began. I was shown how angels of the Lord came into hell to shackle high-ranking demons & conduct them away. Soon thereafter a key person in the illuminati sex satanism was imprisoned (the Epstein-Barr virus). *Everything* first happens in the higher dimensional realms & then *afterwards* in the gross dimensions (X1-X3). Partly Last Judgment is simply an enormous karmic acceleration. At the time of Jesus Christ the repayment of karma still needed 200-300 years on average, in 2019 around 20 years, since Pentecost 2019 the speed has been incredible with a median smaller than a year, i.e. we approach instant karma.

5 dangers of (ideomotor) requests

Requests with muscle tests, rods & similar instruments may be rather dangerous, the 5 key dangers:

  1. Connection with God: When the re-connection to the source is not good (especially for mental testing), then you might actually be connected with negative entities, possibly leading to possessions or even a black soul.
  2. Complexity: Complexity goes up dramatically with every higher dimension.
  3. Faultiness: One must be prepared for wrong results, see below the 15 factors to take into consideration. However, a great many different fallacies exist, there is a clear hierarchy of errors in the 12 dimensions (X1-X12), according to the unified field theory by Heim & Dröscher. Everything in the three-dimensional world (X1-X3) is unimportant compared to soul & spiritual mistakes (X7-X12). Moreover it is quite possible that a delusion remains unnoticed for the entire life, but with severe postmortem consequences (burning in hell). Unfortunately, the vast majority of spiritual theories can’t be verified with conventional methods, also see the explanations of Hawkins regarding falsehood (Link).
    The most severe fault of the Christian religions is the denial of reincarnation (X8) - but as a new opportunity, not a duty. Without reincarnation you can’t comprehend the divine plan at all. Without doubt, several Bible verses clearly quote reincarnation, in the Book of Revelation (Apocalypse) you find that WW3 (at the beginning of the 3rd millennium) kills 1/3 of humanity, then the demons & black souls (=bulk of humanity) are imprisoned in the lake of fire for a millennium, before they are released in the early 4th millennium. Unfortunately, almost all of them continue with their evil behavior, so they create WW4 – then they are gone forever upon the order of the Lord. The Book of Apocalypse was even misinterpreted by Hawkins & historically often ignored because of the warning (Revelation 22):

I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this scroll: If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to that person the plagues described in this scroll. And if anyone takes words away from this scroll of prophecy, God will take away from that person any share in the tree of life and in the Holy City, which are described in this scroll.

  1. Top results: Paradoxically, being deeply anchored in truth is detrimental or even dangerous now in the end times. The adversary or her staff will react with attacks & sabotages and try to punish you in other ways, too. Truth levels of up to 66.6% are tolerated, but not higher. I always experience extreme spiritual attacks before & after sending out the free newsletter, because a truth content of 95-99% is a major threat to darkness.
    The most dangerous are not the half smarts
    (~50% truth content) but the 2/3 smarts with a truth level of about 65% (e.g. Martin with the strong arm & a black soul), because they understand a lot, but not what really matters. Almost all people (except the white souls) want to be cheated & they become very angry when are confronted with too much truth, so they attack the white souls, leading to private, business & financial problems & losses, including mobbing (mobbing victims nearly always have white souls). The main reason why the boss was crucified is that he said the truth.
  2. Duties: A danger often overlooked is that knowledge may also entail duties, with silence (not letting the cat out of the bag) possibly counted as sin. In contrast to socialist claims there is no ‚free lunch‘: when you receive something (e.g. information) you are supposed to do something with it. Ezekiel 33-6 warns (confirmed by current reports Link) that prophets who fail to act as watchmen & warners are charged with the painful karma of their ‘uninformed’ sheeple:

But if the watchman [prophet] sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet to warn the people and the sword comes and takes someone's life, that person's life will be taken because of their sin, but I will hold the watchman [=prophet] accountable for their blood.'

15 factors to observe for (ideomotor) requests

When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in 7 years. (Mark Twain)

There are 3 test criteria: objectivity (independence), validity & reliability. If & how good muscle-testing fulfills these 3 test criteria depends on dozens of factors, the 15 most important ones:

  1. Role & adequacy of muscle-test:
    Ideomotor methods like the muscle-test are a very specific & not necessarily appropriate form of insight that is not always the best way, depending on numerous factors. Whatever *can* be tackled with conventional methods with low expenditure *should* be treated ‚normally’. The best form of insight is the immediate & direct clairvoyant perception, although less than 0.1% of world population has an LoC high enough, i.e. at least in the mid-500s.
    I earned my first stripes as a clairvoyant in 1998/ 98 during my doctoral studies, when I could make decent profits in the casino. However, then I could no longer bear the casino vibration & stopped it. Often I invited friends into the casino, where I noted that almost all of them won at first, because they came without many expectations or with the attitude that a casino will cost them money. However, once they won they began to think positively (in the conventional understanding), their greed was triggered & so they lost their gains... The worst greed is the one masked as ‚positive thinking’ (which is usually the case), positive thinking is the biggest obstacle in this field. The negative emotions LoC<200 especially the ones from the amygdala (fear LoC=100, greed LoC=125) are our main enemy.
    When it comes to simple health tests, then you are usually better off with bio-resonance/ radionics, performing thousands of tests in minutes (albeit only in the lower 6 dimensions). Usually major diseases (like cancer) exist in the 5th/ 6th dimension (X5+X6) 5-10 years before the 3 lower dimensions (X1-X3). Still one can research more details with ideomotor methods to find roots & therapies.
    Worldwide there are only few top clairvoyants, of the top 100 in the global ranking 5 are part of the Amanita network, one is even among the top 5. The top 100 can read in people like in a book, which at first (in 2011-12) horrified me. The Amanita network consists of 100+ persons around the globe, with so many different talents, roles & professions. Among these top 100 about ¾ consider themselves Christian, 21 are from the Merlin lineage founded by the avatar Mehindra (3623-3552 B.C.) to prepare Christ’s return. In absolute terms most of the top 100 are from India (36), yet in relation to the population number the highest concentration is found in Austria (3), mirroring the statistical distribution of the transpersonal souls – the Kailash & Untersberg mountains are the key in the end times.
    Clairvoyance can either be granted by God (white) or the She-Devil (black), although you can’t really compare these two & the black source doesn’t allow a top position. 80-90% of the clairvoyants have received their gift from the hell queen, that’s why Hawkins warned of the dangers of normal channeling (
  2. Timing (opening in 4 steps: 2016, early, 9/15/2023 & 2030):
    The biggest principal problem of such a fast track procedure is that waiting on God is neglected, as often stressed by Pastor Selvaraj. Many things need the right timing to become obvious. Example: in the 1990s Benjamin Baruch was a fund manager with hundreds of millions of snake dollars under his wings (at the current $ value). Baruch realized the overvaluation in the stock markets & prayed to God to give him insights on the stock markets, however for a full year nothing happened (Link). Then the boss showed him the end of the US, not just the coming stock market trend.
    On 7/27/14 the doors of hell were opened the first time, as revealed by Apple’s Siri
    (Link). A second opening according to the Siri codes was on 8/14/15 (Link): from August 2015 Europe was invaded by millions of demons from hell (rapugees). 66.6 months after 7/27/14 was early 2020: beginning of the 42 months or the reign of the hell queen, when the doors to hell are *permanently* open. From early 2020 we , so the 7th = lowest door opens in early 2023. The first (highest) hell level can be compared with a prison or quarantine: since 1/23/20 we have the by far biggest quarantine in history (>780 million) as an expression of hell on earth. Hell level #2 can be compared with a torture prison like Abu Ghraib, hell level #3 with a concentration camp, while the agonies of hell levels 4-7 can’t be compared with anything on earth.
    That’s why the number of demons on the surface of earth rises each year, making testing more & more challenging, also because having a dedicated line to the Lord is getting a lot more difficult. Amazingly, in 2019 a fat 30-40% of the new-born came directly from hell, while into the 20th century almost 100% came from heaven. The enemy has found a way to circumvent this incarnation barrier & sends her elite troops to the battle-field, marking the peak of Armageddon (
    Link). Greta Thunberg is not only the incarnation of an ordinary demon, but she is currently the only (!) incarnation of an archon (arch-demon), as warned by Jesus Christ in the apocrypha texts – also see the spiritual healer Sananda with a truth content of 87% in 2019 (Link).
    In 2016/ 17 the Jewish year 5777 started the 7+7+7 years of tribulation, the first 7 years are the pre-tribulation, the next 7 years normal tribulation & the final 7 years the Great Tribulation. The current 7 pre-tribulation years are the opening of the 7 seals of the Apocalypse, where God reveals many secrets in 7 steps, the rest between fall 2029 & fall 2030 under the 7th Last Trump(et) of the Apocalypse (Revelation 10/7): “But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.” While 72 of the 73=46+27 books of the New Testament are for all people, the last, 73rd book is only for the 0.12% chosen ones. The thief Martin Luther stole 7 books upon the order of the she-devil, which is why the protestants only have 66 books (to install the 66/666 vibration). However, even the 73 Catholic books are not everything, as the Apocrypha are still missing.
    Bottom line: until 2016 only a smart part of the divine secrets was accessible, since 2016 each year more is revealed, a lot is revealed after Rosh Hashana 9/15/23 & the rest after 2030. So muscletests are quite limited for 3.5 years, more is available in 2023-30 & almost everything after 2030. Spiritual healing goes through the same 4 steps of opening.
  3. Current testing abilities (brain, switching, heart coherence, electrosmog, hypersonic):
    It goes without saying that the testers & test subjects should not be impaired by drugs or consciousness altering substances (
    Link). In principal, atheists can’t be good testers, as stressed by the 2xDoc (Link). During the awake time brain waves with the Christ frequency 8.88 Hertz (in the lower alpha area) are optimal, as well as a strong electrical charge in the left frontal lobe (=Yang). The new agers always want to charge the right brain (=Yin), a bigger nonsense is impossible in this galaxy: this is the way towards depression & fear (=Yin). Since 2012/ 13 the electrical charge in the brain region of consciousness according to the Austrian brain researcher Dr. Gerhard Eggetsberger: gross (electric) expression of the ongoing biggest mental crash. Without a functioning & well-charged left frontal lobe, mental testing is impossible.
    Another important brain region is the temporal lobe, which was programmed to be over-active by the Annunaki, so that we shall forever remain their slaves & don’t escape this prison (matrix) through contact with God. In the temporal lobes we find the God module, according to the terminology of the brain researchers
    Vilayanur Ramachandran & Michael Persinger. Temporal lobe epilepsy also was the reason for the fall (black soul) of Mohammed at the age of 38. Overactive temporal lobes distort the test results towards the expectations (belief systems), as do levels of consciousness below 535=belief. An overactive amygdala (fear center) is also bad, producing test results that confirm one’s fears.
    Brain activity is highly associated with the phenomenon of , where one has a paradox (upside down) reaction to stimuli. Today 70-95% of the population in Pussystan (=socialistic bloc) are in permanent switching & the number grows each year. The key reason is of course electrosmog, but also because of the faster & faster shift of the magnetic poles. On a collective level switching produces self-injuring things, e.g. addictions, sodomy (in the good old times during the times of the prophets of the Old Testament stoning was the penalty), failure of legal systems, feminism, green Khmer, multiculti, socialism & left parties.
    Now in the 2020s few people still have sufficient heart coherence (heart rate variability). I had my heart coherence measured the first time in 2010 & reached the maximum value within seconds, the tester remarked she had never seen anything like that before – the fruit of my meditation practice since 1993. But one decade ago everything was still light years easier, each year upholding the heart coherence becomes more difficult. A too low heart coherence means the testing ability is likely too low, i.e. when the system is too fragmented/ scattered & thus in switching.
    There are some measures that can mostly eliminate the obstacles, if only on a superficial level:
    Zapper: The diamond shield program was developed by the German alternative healer Alan Baklayan for the Crystal Diamond Zapper (Link). A low skin resistance (2-3 kOhm) is helpful or even necessary for a good testing ability, 5-10 kOhm is unfavorable. A good tool is the program BiBlo (bioenergetic blockades) with these 6 stages: laterality, geopathy, electrosmog, radioactivity/ X-rays, scars (also caused by vaccinations) & scar adherence (Link).
    These stimuli can also better the testing ability, e.g. music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Andrea Bocelli, Puccini, Tchaikovsky, Enrico Caruso, Marta Gomez (LoC=570) & Gregorian chants. ‚Modern‘ music like (gangster) rap, punk, gothic rock, heavy metal etc. always calibrates deep in the demonic area LoC=35-95, i.e. they come from hell (
    The pioneer in this field was the US MD John Diamond, who tested a great number of external stimuli, especially the impact on the thymus & thus the immune system. He found out that Beethoven conducted by Furtwängler has by far the most positive impact on the kidneys. On the list of David Hawkins we only find 3 composers producing music with an extremely high vibration (LoC>600 Link): Arvo Pärt, Robert Gass from Colorado & Johann Pachelbel (canon in D). 2 of these 3 lived for a long time here in Vienna, Austria, which is not a coincidence.
    The 9 Solfeggio frequencies are also helpful, in particular 741 hertz.
    The 150 psalms are the most important prayers in the Old Testament, with the highest vibration (LoC=650) & also important for forecasting world events with the base 1900: psalm 1=1901… psalm 150=2050. That’s why the psalm of the current year 2020 is perfect, psalm 120 talks of wars: this means (among other wars) the bioweapon war of the empire of evil against China through the coronavirus Covid-19. Thanks God China will retaliate & destroy the rogue state #1. To improve one’s testing abilities one uses especially psalms 24, 35, 57, 91 & 99 (
    One can either create this vibration audibly (singing or praying yourself, or playing with speakers) or via the Mindlink system by the German dentist Dr. Johann Lechner (, i.e. over scalar waves. Scalar waves = longitudinal waves were first described by Nikola Tesla, they are the complement to the normal transversal waves (e.g. electromagnetic waves). At present they can’t be measured with technical devices, but only through biological systems (e.g. ideomotor tests). Today’s main exponent is Prof. Dr. Ing. Konstantin Meyl from the university in Furtwangen, Germany. For playing battery-powered devices are better, otherwise the parasitic frequencies (dirty electricity) are spread as well.
    Another help is to discharge parasitic hypersonic fields (especially in the lymph system), most easily with the hypersonic cones by Reiner Gebbensleben (
    Link). His products are also among the best electrosmog protection products, but only as the 4th (last) step according to the Amanita system ( Do never ever practice electrosmog protection like crowd madness (“I use product XY & then the problem of electrosmog is solved.”), but follow the 4 defined priorities 100%.
    (c) De-switch: In this context I recommend the site by the MD Manfred Doepp, who partly explains exercises from applied kinesiology & partly has invented new ones.
    (d) Electrosmog trainer: In late 2013 the Austrian brain researcher Dr. Gerhard Eggetsberger launched an electrosmog trainer to reduce the reaction of the body to electrosmog (
    Link). I have used his device since 2013, at the beginning I still had a 10x higher reaction to electrosmog. Unfortunately, this device covers just a small part of the electrosmog phenomenon & is rather blind towards high-frequency electrosmog. Yet this device also provides clues regarding the bioelectrical status of persons & thus their testing capability.Link), the IQ is only a tiny part of universal intelligence. Humans have Brunler values 100-725°, with 725° being the universal genius Leonardo da Vinci (Link). However, intelligence can come both from the white & black side, hence the satanist Blavatsky (mother of today’ new age movement) had an extremely high Brunler value of 660° (=Lucifer’s value). Only the very highest Brunler values of more than 666° *must* come from the white side. The by far highest Brunler value ever was detected in the Turin Shroud 1050°: value of the boss.
    Disclaimer: Every year it’s more questionable whether or not these methods help, because the disorders sink deeper & deeper into the system, so more & more temporary problems of testing ability become chronic, which is the step towards principal testing inability discussed in the next point.
  4. Principal testing incapability (genetics, electrosmog, black holes):
    The by far most important testing impediment now in 2020 is of course electrosmog produced by the mark of the 666 beast (=mobile phone). Smombies create so severe, almost incurable defects with death rays (also on a genetic level) that they not only destroy their own testing ability but likely also the one of their descendants (of the few who are still fertile). Most young smombies have seen their brain grilled by microwaves since conception & their system is so deeply (s)witched that testing might be impossible *with* them (only *for* them).
    The medical doctor & psychiatrist Hawkins stated in 2005 that 10% of humanity can’t test for principal (genetic) reasons. If & how this genetic defect can be healed is not clear, this must be subject of further research. There are other principal problems, e.g. bastard children have , creating testing problems (Link). Sin (negative karma) separates oneself from God, i.e. the more negative the karma account, the worse the test results.
    50-60% of world population (almost all middle-aged & old souls) has energetically at least , which is also a major testing obstacle. Black holes were found in the early 2000s by Richard Fuhrmann in Graz, Austria (within the Merlin lineage), who now mainly offers business consulting & hardly private counseling (
    By the same token there are people with a strong aptitude for paranormal phenomena = siddhis (granted by the white or black side), often unconscious for a long time. Long after my school leaving a multi-year teacher said that I was by far the best student in her entire career, because I always gave the answer she had prepared in her mind. When I heard this the scales fell from my eyes, I had this endowment all my life without realizing it before my 20s. However, one should not pay too much attention to the siddhis, except when it is part of one’s life task.
  5. JJ soul class white/ black (gender):
    The soul class is not 100% fixed, but now in the 2020s we are close to fixed. I have yet to experience personally that a full black soul becomes white again, but I have seen white & black chameleons returning to white. Last Judgment began in June 2019, since then it is very tough to change from black (hell, listed in the book of death) to white (heaven, listed in the book of life). I estimate now it takes 500-1000 hours of good soul work to make a black soul white & the trend is still rising, as the doors are closing. Few people are ready to dedicate almost their entire leisure time for a full year to clean their soul. A black soul is the possession of the hell queen & she can do with her property almost whatever she wants. Impact of the 4 JJ soul classes on testing:
    (a) Black souls (at present 95% of world population, 4% chameleons) can’t fulfill the 3 test criteria (objectivity, reliability & validity).
    (b) Black chameleons are rather unreliable.
    (c) White chameleons are somewhat questionable, but still fairly good testers.
    (d) Only 1% of humanity have a white soul & are thus good testers. Among the premium subscribers of Amanita Market Forecasting we still have 2/3 white souls & only 1/5 black souls, the readers of the free area are 1/3 white souls. The share of white souls won’t rise before the end of the Kali Yuga in 2023 & will reach 100% by 2048, because all black souls have to leave the planet (no longer tolerated by the Lord).
    Tests can even be impaired when a white soul had sexual contact with a black soul (in the past years). An old Tao wisdom says the first 7 partnership years are the physical fusion, the next 7 years the soul fusion & the last 7 years the spiritual fusion. That why Sananda talks of 8 years to snatch a soul in a partnership. While these rules of thumb were definitely true in earlier epochs, today everything evolves a lot faster, so a white soul might darken in a few years or even months.
    Right now about 15 times more men than women are listed in the Book of Life, which means that only a tiny number of women is good at testing. One of the reasons for the female fall is the critical spiritual error „my
    belly is my possession“, which by itself is enough to bring women into hell (without abortion). Nobody can ever ‚possess‘ another person (outside or inside of the uterus), feminism is the attitude of demons (soul possession) & thus opens the door for demons (legality).
  6. Level of consciousness (spiritual level) of test subjects (LoC) & 7 test levels:
    The level of consciousness is a blend of principal & current test ability, because it changes easier & faster than the 4 soul classes.
    (i) LoC<200 no testing: LoC<200 means a person is in the negative/ devilish area (Yin), so tests can’t be reliable. Meanwhile 80-90% of the world population is found in this category. Most of them never had a single own thought in their entire life, because according to Hawkins the etheric brain is formed at LoC=200. From 2023 we’ll see the decay of physical brains caused by prions (=proteins), later leading to holes in brains, mad cow disease BSE was only the beginning.
    (ii) LoC=200-450 real testing (external stimuli):
    In the 1970s it was accidentally discovered that lies of politicians create weak muscles, even when people don’t have a clue what was discussed. Such an LoC is enough for real testing, e.g. testing food or nosodes, where the mental component plays only a minor role.This is the classical test in history & easiest. One uses clear external stimuli to ask, e.g. food, nosodes, water veins, electrosmog, geopathy zones, vibrations… On this level the answer mainly comes from the unconscious, there the muscletest even works with coma patients, as reported by the German MD Uwe Albrecht (Link) calibrating at LoC=525. There are tricks to convert mental testing into real testing, e.g. by asking through scalar waves according to the Mindlink system or by using mudras, as in the system by the Austrian osteopath Raphael Van Assche.
    Newbies in this field should certainly begin with real testing, in order to start learning the technique. Still, even real testing is not as simple as often believed, especially when it comes to key topics like electrosmog where myriads of camouflages & deceptions were installed. Even a doctor with a normally almost 100% success rate fails miserably in the field of electrosmog.
    Testing is based on internal stimuli (in the head). At the level of consciousness LoC=450 the spiritual ego is formed, which is the minimal value for spiritual teachers & also for successful mental tests.
    In the lower 400s the lower mental body develops, in the high 400s the higher mental body, so the LoC>450 is necessary. An LoC>450 indicates that somebody is seriously interested in the truth, 400-450 means that one is primarily interested in practical knowledge. In early 2020 only 5-6% of world population calibrate at LoC>450, the trend is steeply down, especially because of the ongoing mental super crash. On this level the answers partly come from higher levels than the unconscious.
    Apollo Robbins is one of the best mind manipulators (black magicians), he can impose his thoughts on nearly all people (
    Link). It is no coincidence he was procreated & born (5/23/74) during the Sirian experiment 1972-74. Tests of persons with an LoC<450 can even be manipulated by bloody beginners.
    One should understand that numerous other mental parameters have to be fulfilled for mental testing, e.g. at least an average IQ 90-100. Right now we go through the biggest mental crash in history (mainly because of electrosmog) with an IQ decline of 5-6 points per year in Pussystan, i.e. in the mid- to late 2020s hardly anybody is left with an IQ high sufficient for mental tests. Moreover, the anti-social media reduce attention spans, creating yet another problem.
    Mental testing is a lot more difficult & error-prone when compared with real testing and requires so much more concentration & background knowledge, complex topics have numerous layers (onion skins). Also, mental testing is very prone to wishful thinking, especially when it comes to questions very important for oneself.
    Applications for business, finance & politics make sense, too. Hawkins worked for the governments of India & South Korea (
    Link) & apparently also for the biggest retail chain on the planet, Walmart (CEO Sam Walton wrote the dedication for Hawkins’ first book). Before making purchases one can ask on a scale 0-100% how much the product fulfills one’s concrete needs (subjective scale). In addition one can also ask on an how much certain product features are fulfilled (0-100%).
    The (1889-1974) used this method to buy the most profitable parcels of land. His son Nelson Hunt (1926-2014) is well known because of the silver corner in 1980. 7-12 years ago I was somewhat involved in a similar commodity exploration, thanks God the resistance in the population & politics was too big – nothing is more dangerous than having too much money.
    Some might have the idea to ask for the private key of Bitcoin address 35hK24tcLEWcgNA4JxpvbkNkoAcDGqQPsP & earn billions during a rainy afternoon? First I can’t imagine that the Lord supports this theft & even then the required 100.00% success rate can’t be reached.
    Theoretically one can inquire almost everything, practically one’s choice is limited. The least meaningful questions is ‚why?“ because the end of every inquiry is the unfathomable will of God. Spinoza was one of the first key philosophers to realize that only the divine is free. Behind the ‚why‘ we find the curiosity of the ego. The muscletest as an instrument of epistemology calibrates at LoC=605 & thus is not necessarily reliable for the higher LoCs. In principle one can inquire information aggregates no matter how small or big, e.g. the truth content of the entire internet information >1022 Bit (
    The standard scale for mental tests is 10-100%, partly one also uses a quick & dirty scale 0-10, for detailed questions one uses the maximum scale 0-1000 (as Hawkins did). Verbal translation: 50% = neutral, 60% = ok, 70% = good, 80% = very good & 90% = excellent. Depending on the inquiry subject different levels are required, i.e. sometimes just over 50% is enough, sometimes one should attempt to come close to 100%. These 7 scales should be used at any rate:
    (1) Binary (yes/ no): The muscle test only delivers binary answers, testing with other instruments & rods may be more revealing, e.g. direction, radius & speed of rotation of dowsing rod & pendulum. However, testing questions on the scale yes/ no only without further differentiation (as practiced by Hawkins) rarely makes sense, because there is a huge gap between a 51% no-yes & a 99% yes.
    (2) Truth content (0-100%): mainly for information sources (books, videos), but also for persons who are habitually attracted to a specific truth content
    (3) Soul classes (4x): white soul, white chameleon, black chameleon & black soul (for humans & other living forms with a free will, as some ETs)
    (4) Life energy (0-100%): In Pussystan the average life energy is only 40-50%, in the year 1900 it was still 70-80%. Reason: the lower the level of consciousness & the darker the soul, the more you are cut off from the qualities of the Holy Ghost (e.g. light, love & of course energy) & the more you have to live as an energy parasite. Most of the energy theft is through electrosmog granting soul access.
    Often ‚life energy‘ is used as one term, but the underlying complexity is breath-taking, in reality we have 3000-4000 different forms of life energy, mostly in the 5th dimension but all the way up to the 12th dimension. The human energy system consists of thousands of components, many of them found by the Merlin lineage, e.g. voridians (similar to meridians, but circling the organs). Lisa Renee offers a quite comprehensive overview on more than 2100 pages (
    Link). The best-known gauge for life energy is the Bovis unit, where in Gynocratia the average has meanwhile fallen to 4000-5000 Bovis. Moreover, we can measure the 3-dimensional expression of life energy, e.g. hypersonic, bio-photons as defined by Prof. Fritz Albert Popp, measured data from Kirlian photography…
    However, companies, nations etc. also have life energy. The lone wolf on the top is Russia with 95% (=maximal Yang), on the other end we have the US with 13% & Israel with 16% (=maximum Yin). Values of 10-20% mean that in reality you are pretty dead, although you may not realize it (zombies).
    Link), I define an absolute sin scale. On this scale 100% is the best possible karma, 0% the worst possible, 50% is neutral (Link). This scale can be applied to all entities. Inquiry in February 2020: the most martial nation in history (USA) has a karmic account of 7%, Amanita Market Forecasting 94%. Organizations & nations only have a group soul (7th dimension) & no individual soul.
    In the case of individual souls the karmic account tells us where they are heading after death: karmic debt (<50%) likely towards hell, karmic assets (>50%) likely towards heaven. As of early 2020 only 2% of the world population still have a deposit (>50%) on their karmic account. Leading positions (decisions for large groups of people) are a huge karmic leverage in both directions, that’s why the hell levels 6 & 7 are reserved for those who damage entire nations (e.g. the evil Rothschild witch), see the Indian doctor Athavale (
    The karmic assets haven’t changed in the past thousands of years (only their expressions), simple models are for instance the Christian 10 Commandments or the Buddhist Noble Eightfold Path (image below), which according to the 4th Noble Truth leads to the end of suffering. For an average person the strongest positive karma is raising children as a long-term project.

    A lot more important than creating good karma is avoiding the karmic minus points, because of the multitude of new seductions that didn’t exist millennia ago & thus are (almost) not included in the sacred Scriptures. 3 points of the 8fold path create negative (right view, right intention & right speech), e.g. ‘tolerance’ for homosexuality, climate religion & Co. will be counted as a sin in celestial accounting. Whoever wants to avoid hellfire should never endorse satanic activities, otherwise the karmic account will be charged with a small part of these sins.
    Every financial expenditure creates karma, in the current Freemasonic republics paying taxes creates a minor negative karma, because that feeds the state demon Leviathan & thus supports the powers of evil. When going to confession one should mention that one has paid taxes. In 20-30 years emperor Henry will establish a theocracy in the best sense, then & only then paying (small) taxes will be a karmic merit. One should also be very careful who to bequeath one’s wealth in the testament: black souls inheriting money is a vote for the hell queen & creates negative karma. Nevertheless, apart from conscious satanism we have 4 big guns creating by far most karmic debt:
    (a) Abortion 2.5% karmic burden: That’s why hell visitors regularly notice the dramatic excess of women in hell, as already insinuated by Jesus Christ according to the Gospel of Thomas, as well as Mohammed (before his fall from LoC>700 auf LoC<200
    Link). However, more than 1400 years ago abortion wasn’t the main reason yet, but the ingratitude also in the center of MGTOW criticism. Buddhism knows the truth as well, they understood that until recently it was next to impossible for a woman to reach enlightenment, as one female acquaintance was told by the Dalai Lama personally. Hinduism is of course well informed, too, e.g. Dr. Athavale states the affinity for possessions as 70% for women & 30% for men (Link). For the same reason a menstruating woman needs a spiritual level of 60% for the mantra OM, while a man & a non-menstruating woman only need 50% (Link). Menstruation makes a woman a major attraction for demons looking for a goodie.
    (b) Electrosmog 1.6% karmic debt per year: Today’s average use of the microwave WMD via smartphone (3-4 hours per day), Wi-Fi & Co is huge, in just 1.5 years the permanent physical injury of fellow creatures with microwaves creates the karma of abortion. The Holy Bible warns that those with the mark of the 666 beast (=mobile phone) will be thrown into the lake of fire.
    (c) Murder 1.2% karmic burden: A ‚normal‘ murder is only half as bad as infanticide (abortion).
    (d) Vaccination (voluntary) 1.1% karmic burden: Always & without exception, a voluntary vaccination is a satanic ritual for devil-worship & drives the karmic account almost as much into the red as murder.
    (7) Levels of consciousness LoC & everyday LoC (0-1000): used for almost everything, also for persons, states, companies, organizations etc. (only secondarily for information sources). Scientific models & scientists must calibrate at least in the mid-400s to be considered good.
    The level of consciousness is indispensable for many reasons, one being that human languages (with the exception of Sanskrit maybe) only have words for the levels 0-600. 600=peace is the highest consciousness quality to be experienced by people, mainly shortly after . The orgasm is the ecstasy of the high 500s, the following seconds bring partly into peace. Actually we only have one word (enlightenment) for the vast region LoC=600-100, which is however quite misleading, as it’s also used for mental insights LoC=450-499. There are many other terms which have very different meanings depending on the tradition. That’s why the best way to approach the huge area LoC=600-1000 through numbers & not terminology. The consciousness scale calibrates at LoC=840, i.e. just below the final Luciferian testing & the overcoming of duality (LoC=850).
    However, with a low coherence some parts of systems (e.g. humans, organizations, nations…) can have a very low LoC, e.g. organs, energy bodies, meridians, voridians, chakras… The highest degree of light coherence is found in a laser. Chakras & meridians are the most popular of an energy system, in Vortex Healing® (Merlin lineage) we have found out that the energy system consists of thousands of components.
    Spiritual leaps almost inevitably first lead to a deep split or fragmentation (=small coherence), when most of the system still calibrates at the old LoC, but small parts already so much higher. In the case of Hawkins, his body wasn’t awake even at his death 47.7 years after his basic awakening (20-30% of his system was awake = LoC>600), i.e. his physical form still calibrated in the 400s as at his birth. Watching some videos will easily tell you that something doesn’t add up.
    That’s why it makes a huge difference whether you are present at your spiritual living address (=LoC) 51% of the time or 99.9% (100.00% won’t exist). Very small coherence is associated with possessions, schizophrenia, bipolar disorders & pseudo enlightenments where the level of consciousness has a much smaller significance than for normal people.
    That’s why I have defined the concept of the everyday LoC in the past years, which is not the dominant LoC in the system, but the one prevailing in everyday life. In a nutshell, the everyday LoC is the appearance (the seeming), while the regular LoC is the true core (the real). The everyday LoC mainly manifests in body health & appearance. 2 divergences:
    * Spiritually advanced often have an everyday LoC *much* lower than the normal LoC for years, which was the case even with Hawkins, his everyday LoC remained in the 400s for his whole life.
    * In contrast, hypocrites have an everyday LoC much higher than their true LoC, as they try to pretend something that doesn’t exist. The antichrist Francis has an everyday LoC=570 (compassion), but a true LoC=155 (anger). Freemasonry is also canting, even deceiving Hawkins who calibrated Freemasonry at LoC=515=humanism. Needless to say, the synagogue of Satan has an LoC<200 deep in satanic territory, with humanism being nothing more than deception to mislead the brainwashed public.
    These 7 scales are the tools of the trade, for deeper analysis one should have 50-100 scales, so far I have inquired 1000+ scales.
    Important topics have always a lot of black magic, camouflages & deceptions installed. There are many other potential sources of error for mental testing. According to the unified field theory by Heim & Dröscher the dimensions X5+X6 are *the* switching points in the universe, so by default retrievals refer to these two dimensions. Wanting to know something about 3D reality means one should specify this purpose & even then it’s difficult to bridge.
    This type of dimensional confusion is even true of top gurus as Dr. Jayant Athavale, who messed up his WW3 prophecies from the year 2006 (
    Link). I have warned of Athavale‘s mistakes since 2015, he impermissibly confounded the dimensions, his prophecies only came to pass in the higher dimensions, but not in the lower 3 (gross) dimensions. This error is seen very often in prophecies, the higher dimensions always lead the lower dimensions & partly by a very long time. That’s why understanding the unified field theory by Heim/ Dröscher is crucial for mental testing.
    Blind tests don’t work normally, because it means you can’t mentally connect with the question, i.e. mental testing requires at least one true expert to be involved (not a wannabe expert). The better their expertise in the area tackled, the better the questions & answers. True experts know their boundaries, this is where the Dunning-Kruger effect comes into the play: the lower one’s competence, the bigger one estimates one’s competence. In other words: the worst baloney brains are 100% convinced they know it all. Look into politics, the biggest dumbasses are the first to offer ‚solutions‘. Democracy can never be anything else than idiocracy (reign of the idiots).
    Depending on the question, muscletests take millions of factors (moderator variables) into consideration, with only few of them known, if at all. Sometimes you will find out what you have *really* inquired only after a long delay. Thus all questions shall be defined as precisely as possible. Totally new issues are extremely difficult to answer, because of the lacking morphic fields (X5+X6).
    For books & information sources the truth content (0-100%) certainly is by far the most important scale, for persons it is the consciousness level. The biggest systematic error of Hawkins was certainly to mix these two levels, as he implicitly equals levels of consciousness below 200 with falsehood & those above 200 with verity. However, this is not true at all, because the LoC mainly depends on the content. For instance, the Book of Apocalypse by the Apostle John calibrates at LoC=70=wickedness & willingness to kill like the jihad (
    Link), so Hawkins unjustifiably discarded this book. The calibrated malice is simply part of the apocalypse, in the end times the jihad is the dominating force & part of Last Judgment, to accelerate the bad karma of humanity.
    (iv) LoC=555-700 requesting the future & the will of God (junior prophets): Less than 0.1% of humanity are at LoC>555 for the time being, they are the righteous in Biblical terminology. Goodheart (founder of Applied Kinesiology) calibrated at LoC=570, thus muscletesting worked very well for him. The tests of junior prophets become a lot more reliable & new kinds of questions can be asked, because the answers are mainly derived from the two soul dimensions (X7+X8), or possibly even from the 4 divine dimensions (X9-X12).
    In principle this consciousness level allows to inquire future issues, albeit only with reservations & unreliably. Hawkins wrote that one can’t ask anything about the future, but he didn’t obey his own commandments. E.g. Hawkins approved questions like, „Is XY a good investment for me?”, which is almost entirely decided in the future.
    Second, on this level one can ask how much something reflects the will of God (0-100%). Surrender to the divine begins at LoC=555, one has to live at least minimally from surrender to be able to ask this type of questions. When something fuflills the will of God less than 50%, then it’s not God’s will but allowed to happen, e.g. WW3 fulfills the will of God only at 45%. Once the alignment with the will of the boss approaches 0%, then he might as well prohibit it.
    (v) LoC=700-850 future testing (senior prophet): Senior prophets are able to make pretty reliable statements when it comes to future, but the number of persons with this vibration is only 50-100 worldwide. On this level the answer definitely comes from the 4 divine dimensions (X9-X12), i.e. from the absolute. Well-known senior prophets are those of the Old Testament, Nostradamus & the rishis (palm leaf authors), so they could look millennia into the future.
    (vi) LoC=850-1000 all requests (beyond duality): LoC=850 is the final Lucifer temptation & the LoC of Abraham, explaining the inherent ambivalence of the 3 Abrahamic religions. Paradoxically the muscletest may no longer work at LoC>850, because this means one is so far beyond duality that outer stimuli hardly weaken. In the past 5000 years only a handful person calibrated LoC>850, among them Hawkins who primarily tested with the arm of his wife Susan Humphrey. Hawkins didn’t mention his own LoC, although the works of an author reflects his LoC (under free choice of subject). So we see the evolution of Hawkins in his books, his first (pretty weak) 1995 book calibrated at LoC=850, later works in the mid- to high 990s
    (vii) An Avatar (LoC=985-1000) has unlimited knowledge, one of the 6 avatar qualities. The statistical frequency of an avatar is a once-in-a-millennium event, at least in the past 5000 years of the Kali Yuga (a lot higher in the Golden Age 3rd millennium). In our lifetime only Amma falls under this category.
  7. Karmic permission (spiritual ego):
    Often certain people don’t have the karmic permission to know certain things. This is true until LoC=999, because at LoC=1000 the karma of the spiritual ego dissolves. However, it is possible that you don’t even have the permission to know whether you have the permission or not, a catch-22... All of that is part of the divine play Lila. We as beings within creation don’t have any ‚entitlement‘ to whatsoever. The boss always decides what will be revealed to whom at which time, according to the unfathomable will of God. Unfortunately, today’s thinking in Pussystan has been ruined by the socialistic entitlement mentality.
  8. Veils of test persons:
    The average person has 2000-3000 veils & each one is a layer of separateness from the divine & thus an obstacle to realize the truth. Each removed veil is one step towards communion with the divine. After the crucifixion the curtain (veil) in the temple of JerUSAlem was torn apart, which was the big preparation move for the awakening of mother earth on 12/23/12 at 0:23 Boston time. The first major veil that falls is the core veil in the heart, see the book Awakening through the Veils by Ric Weinman, the 13th & last Merlin (
    Link). At present is without a core veil, this number shall add another zero, so we arrive at the according to the Gospel of Thomas #23, i.e. the chosen ones are those without a core veil. A removed veil is an irreversible event, there is no way back, symbolized by a red pill in the Matrix.
    In the enlightenment discussion two issues are often mixed: the one is the removal of veils as opened doors of enlightenment, which actually happens in a moment. After such a blitz event for instance 1% of the entire system are awake (LoC>600), this percentage rises slowly during integration. Jesus Christ was the only 100% awake person, Amma is 70-80% awake, on the highest levels of the Merlin lineage MI (Manifesting Intention) the awakeness of the system is >5%.
    Thus it makes a huge difference whether one has lost the core veil 5 minutes or 50 years ago, the waves of purification, integration & embodiment last for 40 weeks, 40 months, 40 quarters & 40 years. Traditionally the basic embodiment needs 10-66.6 years, today maybe less, since mother earth lost her core veil through the Merlin lineage on 12/23/12 at 0:23 a.m. Boston time, *the* most important event for mother earth in billions of years. In the past billions of years Gaia permanently went deeper into densification (Yin), since 2012 she is on the way towards freedom (Yang) for the rest of her existence. The Greek word apocalypse (revelation) means ‚removing of the veils‘, so *the* key event of the end times on 12/23/12 is well described.
  9. Experience of test subjects (more than 5-10,000 inquiries)
    One should not take the first 5-10,000 muscletests or dowsing’s too seriously, the initial phase is mainly to learn the method & clear your system from myriads of lies. So the first 5-10,000 should be mainly dedicated to topics where the truth content can be determined through other ways, too, in order to receive .
    I needed a full 8 years (2002-10) with more than 10,000 muscletests to make this approach good enough for practical applications, also for Amanita Market Forecasting. I was very surprised during these 5-10,000 requests: so many of my deep convictions turned out as fake. Today this type of work goes a lot faster than in the early 2000s, but the amount of lies is also so much bigger, so these two factors kind of offset each other.
    But even a lot of experience is no guarantee whatsoever, as demonstrated by Hawkins. In 2011 Hawkins had his 10th book published by a mudguard, so this book has much lower truth content than his other books, namely only 85%. This mudguard collected the entire mud from Hawkins‘ books & put it into one book. In 2011 the mudguard still calibrated in the 400s, meanwhile he has fallen below 200 into the demonic area. Yet he was an agent of the black side the whole time, to sling mud at Hawkins. In 2011 Hawkins was already in the process of excarnation & his body hardly working any longer, which made him vulnerable for this kind of attack (
    Link). The mudguard boasted more than 2 million readers alone in 2019: such a huge crowd interest is by itself a sign he is protected by the hell queen - at least now in the end times. A brief exception from this rule was the time from August 1987 into the 1990s (early 2000s), when humanity went through a brief honeymoon after the fall of socialism (Link).
  10. Connections (God & navel):
    Test results mainly depend on 2 connections: with God (Yang) & the navel hook-up with the issue of the inquiry (Yin). While the navel connection is rather easy (simple intention with the navel), the divine connection is a totally different story. A massive impairment of one’s testing abilities is when one of the 11 divine lines is broken (1x spine, 2x hands, 2x feet & 6x lower chakras). The divine connection is also quantified by the consciousness scale 0-1000, at an LoC=1000 you are as close as possible to the divine light (in a human body), at LoC=0 as far as possible. But there are many other factors modifying the divine contact. Sin separates from God & now in the end times we have more & more maneuvers from the black side, in order to disturb the Jacob’ Ladder (heaven-earth link).
  11. Testing location (electrosmog, geomancy, level of consciousness LoC>600 & more):
    The testing spot should be free of electrosmog & geomantic fault zones. The mark of the 666 beast (=mobile phone) should be turned off as well as all Wi-Fi microwave WMDs.
    Ideally in a radius of +/- some meters all black magical symbols have been removed or at least cleared: first & foremost this means barcodes & QR codes. The b(e)arcodes were first described almost 2000 years ago & also prophesized by the Hopi (
    However, almost all of the most popular ‚modern art‘ & popular new age symbols come from hell, the most popular & worst is certainly the flower of life installed by the large greys from Orion (like the 911 code) & popularized by
    Toth (Hermes Trismegistos), see Lisa Renee (Link). The flower of life (LoC=175) is positive in the lower 6 Yin dimensions (X1-X6), but very negative in the soul dimensions X7-X8. Unfortunately, without an LoC in the mid- to late 500s (<0.1% of world population) you don’t have soul access & thus can neither sense nor test this soul theft by the flower of death.
    Ideally the test location calibrates at a nun-dual LoC>600, which can be achieved by good mantras & prayers applied for months (~2000 hours) either acoustically or through Mindlink, one should at least use the Wavepad® Space with a radius of 7m, to cover entire house & small companies (
    Link). The WavePad® WALL Premium has a radius of 25m & can be used for larger companies & the neighborhood.
    Another possibility is to put these mantras into the subliminal unhearable frequency area 16-20 kHz (e.g. with the software Audacity), in the most extreme case you treat 50-100m outdoors with speakers with hundreds of watt.
    The biggest advantage of these two methods is that you can play 10-15 parallel mantras without acoustic pain, which massively accelerates the transformation of this location. Repeating a mantra 125,000 times is a good beginning & yields first results (siddhi), 250,000 times is better & 500,000 times is perfect (Moksha siddhi). A day has 86,400 seconds, so a short mantra can be passively received 10-20,000 times per day – even more when the MP3s are accelerated. However, passive exposure doesn’t have the same power as active singing & praying, so one should head for , assisted by occasional active singing & praying. This will conjure many blessing packages, but they have to be distributed, opened & integrated, see Peniel Ngonde (
    The highest LoCs = levels of consciousness (
    * LoC=1000 Jesus’ statement But every hair of the hairs of your heads is numbered (Matthew 10-30 & Luke 12-7): full avataric embodiment
    * LoC=995 Ajai Alai: unknown Sikh mantra
    * LoC=986 closing scene As It is in Heaven: This scene in the 2004 Swedish movie plays in Salzburg at the foot of the Untersberg Mountain, which is of course not a coincidence (
    Link). This is the only video recording I am aware of calibrating in the avataric region (LoC=985-1000).
    Director Kay Pollak hadn’t produced a movie for 18 years, triggered by the Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme being shot after he had been to the cinema where he had allegedly seen a Pollak movie. However, in reality he had seen Bröderna Mozart, which links back to Salzburg & the Untersberg Mountain. This closing scene is the film clip with the highest vibration, the full movie with the highest vibration is The Big Blue (1988) by Luc Besson (
    * LoC=975 Lord’s Prayer: but only in the correct version („and lead us in the temptation”). In the normal version (‚and do not lead us into temptation“) the LoC is an incredible 325 points lower at LoC=650, because it is a prayer to the temptress=devil & thus a satanic act, i.e. the antichrist was able to infiltrate to the paternoster..
    * LoC=955 Sermon on the Mount: essence of the New Testament & the synthesis of the Buddhist ethics (4 Noble Truths & 8fold Path) with the Hindu bhakti=surrender
    * LoC=955 IDUA: a new mantra (‚all is one‘), which now rolled out in 2020 here in Vienna, Austria. Thus meaning & LoC are similar as the Purnam Shanti Mantra, which is considered to be the essence of the Vedas.
    * LoC=910 Bhagavad Gita: best known Vedic text
    * LoC=865 Sri Gurudev Datta: especially for genetic-systemic ancestral karma = pitra dosh (
    * LoC=850 texts of Huang Po, LoC=840 Dhammapada (Buddha’s words): Buddhist texts with the highest vibration, yet they can’t transcend the void (LoC=850)
    * LoC=740 mantra OM: the best known mantra
    * LoC~700 Christian mantras Mantren (as Hallelujah & Kyrie Eleison) & other mantras (like Om Mani Padme Hum): Holy Communion also calibrates at LoC=700 & this is the LoC of the few churches not taken over by the enemy. Churches practicing satanism in the form of pattering in tongues (the fallen form of speaking in tongues) quickly drop to LoC<200 because of the great many demons called. Athavale specifically recommends Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya (
    Link), which destroys black magic (Link), presumably also of barcodes (=mark of the 666 beast) & QR codes. The reason is that the Dark Age (Kali Yuga) began with the death of the avatar Krishna in 3102 B.C. & the Krishna quality again prevails around the end of the Kali Yuga in 2023.
    * LoC=650 Om Shanti Mantra: peace mantra
    * LoC=630 Om Namah Shivaya: mantra for Shiva the destroyer, the end times is the times of destruction. Hinduism worships different aspects (emanations) of God, falsely labelled ‚Gods‘ (the enemy could create this semantic distortion).
  12. Protocol of inquiry:
    The testing protocol makes a big difference. Ideally the protocol consists of 3 standard questions at the beginning:
    Link). Many kinesiological schools require a host of pre-tests & balancing exercises to ensure a good testing ability, e.g. the hair test to see whether the body has enough water
  13. Sensory channels of requests:
    One can communicate with the divine over ~13 different sensory channels (Link), the ideomotor access is only one of many, but it is today preferred because the measurable is compatible with the scientific worldview. Still, there is one superior interpretation scheme to discern the polarities:
    * Truth = Yang (male): strength (in the muscletest), light (sun), stable, smells heavenly (e.g. like a rose), straight, clear, vivid, safety,
    sympathetic nervous system, pulls up/ forward/ to the right
    * Falsehood = Yin (female): weakness (in the muscletest), darkness (moon), unstable, smells hellishly (e.g. like sulphur), curvy/ skewed/ twisted, botched, dead, insecurity, parasympathetic nervous system, pulls down/ backward/ to the left
    In this context it is important to understand that truth (Yang) doesn’t need falsehood (Yin), while falsehood (Yin) needs the truth (Yang) – just as light (Yang) doesn’t need darkness (Yin) while darkness needs light. The darkness can only live as a parasite from light, because of the loss of connection with the divine & thus with the divine energy source (mostly, one can never lose this connection 100%. For a long time there was only light, darkness was born only after the fall (renunciation). Thus a great many satanic (esoteric & gnostic) teachings speak of the ‚equilibrium‘ of the powers of light & darkness (as implicitly suggested by the Yin-Yang symbol), but nothing could be further from truth. Darkness (Yin) will *never ever* be on a par with light (Yang), this is pure wishful thinking by the archons (Sophia is their boss) & their instruments like the hell queen.
    (i) Seeing: Clairvoyance is the classic way, because the visual sense is by far strongest for humans. A great many protocols do exist, e.g. several remote viewing protocols.
    (ii) Hearing & speaking: This is the second most important sense & it is claimed by most spiritual people that they hear the voice of God – which is only rarely the case though. This sense was activated by my satori event in December 1992, for months I could permanently hear in my head what people would say in the next sentence. This ‚reversed echo‘ was quite interesting & educational for some time, but annoying after some months so I cancelled this gift.
    Ideally one hears complex information which one would never get with a blind search mode through muscletesting. Example: in 2016 the Lord verbally gave me a formula for an astrological-numerological model, where I at first thought this model can never work. But it turned out that this composite model is by far the best in the Amanita system consisting of dozens of different models. One simple voice message from the boss can easily replace 1000+ research hours.
    Today the so-called ‘charismatic movement’ is the epicenter of auditive demonic invocation by practicing tongue jabbering, the fallen form of ‚glossolalia/ speaking in tongues’. Early Christianity could speak in foreign languages, in order to evangelize around the planet. Yet in today‘s ‚Christian‘ satanic temples the ‚believers‘ act like drunkards & animals after 15 Corona beers, they utter all kinds of incomprehensible noises. When I first experienced that I was shocked what a huge number of demons immediately joined the black mass. Unfortunately >99.9% of humanity lack the necessary sensing & thus they are clueless what they are really doing. Isaiah 28/ 7-13 warned more than 2700 years ago of the Pentecostal & charismatic madness (e.g. Joyce Meyer LoC=190):
    But they also have erred through wine, and through strong drink are out of the way; the priest and the prophet have erred through strong drink, they are swallowed up of wine, they are out of the way through strong drink; they err in vision, they stumble in judgment. For all tables are full of vomit & filthiness, so that there is no place clean. [..] So the word of the LORD to them will be: zaw la zaw, zaw la zaw, kaw la kaw, kaw la kaw, A little here, a little there," That they may go and stumble backward, be broken, snared and taken captive.
    So the enemy can catch these poor souls. Isaiah also warned of today’s popular eclecticism: a little here, a little there. Isaiah also mentions the charismatic phenomenon of being slain in the spirit, where we again see the polarities: falling backwards (Yin) is a sign of defeat, while worship is done with the face on the ground (=Yang).
    (iii) Smell: The truth has a lovely odor (e.g. like a rose), while lies smell atrociously like demons, sulphur, death… This is part of the wisdom of language, e.g. in the idiom, „I smell a rat.” For me the olfactory approach is quite important, having a large hooter. It seems the olfactory approach can be least manipulated.
    (iv) Taste: Falsehood tastes sweet (=Venus), while the truth is often bitter.
    (v) Tactile sense (body sensation, radiesthesia, ideomotor methods including muscletest): There are all kinds of dowsing rods, pendulums & tensors, the problem is that the black side can install black magic on these devices.
    The muscletest is somewhat less prone to wishful thinking & other distortions compared to the pendulum. In principle every muscle can be used as an indicator muscle, the most popular are the deltoideus anterior & pectoralis major cavicularis (recommended in Three in One), Omura ring test & arm-length test by the Austrian-Belgian osteopath Raphael Van Assche.
    The arm-length test (
    Link) should be performed with the arms very close to the body, it has some advantages compared to the normal muscle test: fixes the possible laterality problem (imbalance of brain hemispheres), hardly manipulable & in a recumbent position (most comfortable muscle-test with arms over the head). However, it is slower & needs more space, i.e. it can’t be performed in public without being noticed. For inconspicuous everyday tests (without somebody noticing) one can use the muscles of the forearm & fingers, e.g. one can press with the middle finger on the index finger.
    There are 2 approaches to muscletesting: brute (Yang) as practiced by Hawkins at the beginning, or energetic sensing (Yin) as practiced by Hawkins at the end (pressure 1-2 kg). Both have advantages & disadvantages, e.g. the brute method is also a good muscle-training, but also tires out faster & thus can’t be used for major test series.
    There are other modes of body perception, e.g. I noticed that lies make me scratch. Lies always attracts demons, hence the itching.
    Another haptic method are aura scans with the finger, as suggested by the MD Uwe Albrecht (
    Link) with an LoC=525.
    (vi) Sense of equilibrium (inner ear): This is the first unconventional sense after the 5 normal senses. The truth pulls forward, up & to the right (Yang), while falsehood pulls backwards, down & to the left (Yin). So this is the explanation for the phenomenon of being ‚slain in the spirit‘, when one capitulates before the hell CEO. After being slain one is lying on the floor, it is no coincidence the word ‘lying’ both means a body posture & falsehood.
    (vii) 7 other senses: Partly up to 7 further senses are assumed, so we have a sum of 13. Examples:
    * Perception of movements: Truth feels easy & lifts up (Yang), while lies feel heavy & suppressing (Yin):
    * Temperature sensation: Truth has a pleasant temperature, while falsehood is bipolar (too hot or too cold). Today we have so many bipolar people, which is an expression of way too much Yin (bi=2=Yin).
    * Self-perception (proprioception): When confronted with deep truths, then many people feel a shiver running down their spine, i.e. activity in the sympathetic nervous system. Lies often feel somehow twisted. For some time my spine was so instable that a normal everyday lie was enough for one (or more) vertebras twisting – which is also an immediate truth test.
    * Magnetic field: The magnetic field is used by many animals for orientation, because of the ongoing polar reversal we shouldn’t pay too much attention to the magnetic field.
    Needless to say, the boss can use an infinite number of channels of communication, which is part of the divine play Lila, e.g. via other people.
    (viii) For the few without a core veil the wisdom from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry applies: “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” Referring to Plato's allegory of the cave we can say that the normal person (with core veil) only sees the shadow of events, not the events themselves. The core veil is in the heart & thus is by far the most important of the 2000-3000 veils & the first major one to be dropped (after 14 initiation movements). Being without a core veil is a kind of half-guarantee that one’s soul won’t become black. Normally the physical incarnations (not just on this slave planet, but in general) end in the life one loses the core veil, or at the latest in the following. Once the core veil is partly gone, then one can look through this hole in the core veil, but that requires a lot of training. This will produce test results not much worse than being without a core veil.
    Each removed veil allows perceiving deeper from unity instead of separateness. The core veil is the main creator of the illusion of separateness & thus of the ego. I lost my core veil on Monday 11/4/13 around 6 p.m. London time. The Merlin lineage (Vortex Healing®) is the only lineage on the planet given the power to consistently remove the core veil (since the 2000s). The Merlin lineage was established by the avatar Mehindra 3623-3552 B.C. (
    Link). After losing our core veil we also had a truth line installed in the spine, further deepening truth.
  14. Gross features (clothes, perfume, jewelry, tattoos):
    Jewelry & metals
    are mostly negative for testing for several factors, e.g. an heirloom can have much foreign energy, and all metals are better laid off before testing. A tie should also be removed, as stated by Wolfgang Wiedergut, the roots of a tie are subtle snake demons. The purpose of the tie is to separate brain & heart to create better tools for the black faction. Another purpose is to block the throat chakra, so that one speaks with forked tongue (like snakes). Hawkins confirmed that a trustworthy man loses his trustworthiness solely (!) because of a tie. A tie is considered to be the symbol of probity, as always turn this crowd assessment by 180° to arrive at truth.

    Brand name & designer clothing almost always come from hell (LoC<200), as discussed in the videos by Peniel Ngonde (
    Link), also explaining the female shoe addiction (in the body the left foot is the maximum yin). Some brands openly reveal their reptilian-like nature, e.g. Lacoste‘s crocodile (Link). Also makeup=war paint (war against men), artificial hair (Link), perfume & artificial finger nails (Link) partly come from hell (mostly the demon Jezebel, the nymphs & sirens Isebel) & make the soul black, so they are a big obstacle for truth seekers. The book Enoch reports that the Nephilim (the fallen angels) were the ones who introduced makeup (Link). The same is true of today’s popular hobo look (torn clothes…). All these artifacts in your aura give demons legality for attacks & manipulations (Link). Clothes & jewelry can at least be doffed (put this stuff as far as possible away, not just one meter), which is not true of tattoos (Link).
  15. Time of testing (sidereal time, solar storms, solar cycle)
    The timing of tests makes an amazing difference, that’s why important questions should be asked a few times at different times.
    (a) Short-term (time of day): In the early 2000s I discussed the topic of paranormal abilities & sidereal time with Dr. James Spottiswoode (
    Link). The two Christ numbers in the area 0-24 are 8/ 8.88 & 13, exactly near these sidereal times we have the highest paranormal/ intuitive capabilities according to Spottiswoode’s meta-analysis. In contrast, the Yin is strongest around 6 o’clock (6=Venus=Lucifer), 15 o’clock (15=short code for 666), 17 o’clock (17 is the number of death according to Pythagoras) & 18 o’clock (18=6+6+6): during these times the paranormal abilities are virtually non-existent for average folks or even in the negative Yin area (=switching). This also explains why the reptiles plan most NWO attacks during these dates in the month: 15th-18th (also on the 11th because the 11 is the Jewish revenge number).
    (b) Intermediate-term (weeks): In the week after strong solar eruptions & geomagnetic storms biological parameters deteriorate considerably & certainly also the paranormal ability. In addition, during this week stock market performance is a lot lower, see a 2003 research paper from the Fed Atlanta (
    (c) Long-term (years): On a long-term level the solar cycle 11.1 years plays a major role. According Prof. Dr. Suitbert Ertel from the University of Göttingen, Germany (with whom I corresponded during my diploma & doctoral theses) both brilliant scientific breakthroughs & the births of geniuses are mainly found during the lows of the solar cycle (as now in 2020), a very strong statistical pattern.


Theoretically it is possible to achieve the same results in 2 days muscletesting as with a multi-million budget over months & years, as claimed by Harald Kautz (Vella) and others (Link). However, practically this will hardly ever be the case, because dozens of pre-requirements have to be fulfilled, a single error might be enough to jeopardize the whole project. It is only a realistic option for that 0.1% of humanity (saints, righteous) who calibrate at least in the mid-500s. In the Golden Age starting in the 2050s something primitive & archaic as today’s science won’t play a role. The few hundreds of million people who make it through the end times will have a dedicated line to the Lord, not hindered by demons & black souls who receive their fair wage in the lake for fire for 1000 years. That also means that today’s archaic methods of gaining knowledge will be superfluous. The methods described in this article will define the new paradigm in the 1000 year reign of Jesus Christ.