Explanation Amanita Market Forecasting: learn how it works!

In order to profit as much as possible from one of the most unconventional market letter on the planet... you should understand the unique Amanita concepts:

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Amanita Market Forecasting: The Concept

Amanita Market Forecasting is a market letter based on a holistic view of the financial markets, with many different techniques tied together.

Content and update frequency

6 markets are covered on an intermediate- (1-3 months) and long-term basis ...
The frequency of the updates depends on the markets, on the average there are 1-2 updates per month for a specific market ....

Amanita terminology

Amanita Market Forecasting uses a unique concepts and a very special terminology. Admittedly, it will take months until new subscribers have a full understanding.

Prices & order form

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Support: service for you

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