(1) Extra-ordinary Amanita calls (since 1999)

The probability of occurrence of most forecasts listed below is between 1:10 and 1:1000, which is light years away from a typical market set-up (rising/ falling). Therefore each successful forecast is something special worth being mentioned: 

  1. Outbreak of winter weather in late spring of year X: The Amanita weather model showed the only spring temperature low for Central Europe around May 1st, 2024 (+/-1 week). In fact, at the end of April there was a truly extraordinary drop in temperature of 25° C (perhaps once in decades), with snow chaos in Bavaria & up to 40cm of fresh snow. In 2009 (when his soul was still white), Stephan Berndt, based on 100+ sources, listed only 7 sure omens before the outbreak of war in August of year April: he correctly saw the Middle East war for April & the cold wave for May (came already in late April).

  2. Iran-Israhell war in April of the year X: It was said here months in advance that the really big event risk timeline in the first months of 2024 is clearly mid-April 2024. If we define 4/15/24 as exactly mid-April, then at the level of geopolitics this forecast came true with an incredible precision of +/- 1 day, in the form of the blessing of the Iran-Israhell war on the night of 4/13/14. 24: biggest escalation since 10/7/23 (actually much bigger, of course).
  3. Early spring in the year X: In January 2024, the forecast was made in the premium area that at the beginning of February in Eastern Austria and therefore in Central Europe the winter would be over and spring would begin - because in the year X of the prophecies we have one very early spring. In fact, both February &  March were by far the warmest in history & it was the first frost-free February in Austrian history. That's why it was predicted in January that in 2024 nature would develop 2-5 weeks faster than usual. All of this happened exactly like that, new all-time records were constantly set in Central Europe from the beginning of February.
  4. The biorhythm was first introduced in Amanita #25/22 on August 28th, 2022 in the premium area & in the following months many models were developed, some of which work *much* better than anything else & thus basically triggered the last big Amanita revolution, This has fundamentally changed everything in the medium term and made many older statements pretty obsolete (until 2022). Examples: on 10/10/23 it was written in Amanita #27/23 that the biorhythm model shows the only precious metals high in the next 5 months around Saturday 12/30/23, which was almost exactly the day the gold high of the last 5 months (Thursday 12/28/23). The only low +/- months was shown for 10/7/23 & that was the case *on the exact day* (Friday 10/6/23). The only low for the precious metals was shown for February 27, 2024, which was a triple low in silver (+/- 1 day) & since then, gold in particular has been going strong.
  5. It was predicted for some time in advance that the final Middle East war (culminating in the very very salutiferous destruction of Israhell) ideally breaks out near Yom Kippur 2023 & indeed the war breakout was precisely at the 50th anniversy (one jubilee) of the Yom Kippur war 1973.

  6. In the new prophetic model (based on the biorhythm of prophets & propheces) late June 2023 was the only (weak) timeline between the turn of 2021/22 (Ukraine) & late 2023, where very big world events were projected. So the putsch attempt in Russia on 6/24/23 was spot on, it was the most dramatic event in world history at least since early 2022 & possibly since 9/11.

  7. Years in advance it was predicted that in 2023 the spiritual battle shifts: from the battle against black souls (demons) to the battle against soul-less beings (artificial intelligence AI). This is exactly what happened, suddenly in 2023 AI became such a big issue & leading AI protagonists (including Elon Musk, officially the richest man in the world) have started to warn of the incredible dangers, i.e. that it could even wipe out humanity.
  8. Already in 2022 (Amanita #38/22) I forecast a super-crisis in China for Februar-April 2023 & this call hit the bull's eye: in early 2023 we saw a wonderful death maximum in China with an orgiastic annualized death rate of some 50%. That's why shortly afterwards around March 2023 the total economic collapse began in Dragonburg, some key indicators fell by an incredible 95-99% from the all-time highs: we have *never* seen something similar in the newer history of humanity. As always, the (m)asses only realized at a glacial pace from August 2023 what is going on.

  9. Years in advance it was forecast that in 2023 the spiritual battle shifts: from the fight against black souls (demons) to the fight against soulless beings (artificial intelligence AI). This is exactly what has happened: in 2023 AI suddenly became a very big issue, with warnings from leading AI experts that AI could wipe out humanity.

  10. The slaughtering of CS Credit Suisse in March 2023 was no surprise at all, in the premium area a CS century low in 2023 was already predicted in 2016 (Amanita #30b/16).

  11. In June 2022 (Amanita #17/22) I warned of a possible upside crash in the precious metals around 9/24/22 because of certain Biblical codes, which came to pass: 9/24/22 was a weekend, *precisely* on the next following trading day gold ended the bear markeat 2022-22 (double bottom early November 2022) & on 10/3/22 silver experienced an upside crash of almost +10% ($2), with an amazing +19% in 3 trading days.

  12. Long in advance it was predicted that from the 2nd half 2022 death squads will form around the globe, in order to get rid of the state terrorists & especially those involved in the jab globocide. Indeed, in July 2022 the biggest series of assassinations (or attempts) in history began worldwide.

  13. In early 2018 I warned that from 2022 global fertility would collapse like *never* before & this is what we saw after the Covid death jabs: 70-80% less births than in the 2010s (all-time high of world population around 2012).

  14. As soon as 2021 the master date 2/22/2022 (6 times the 2) was predicted to be *the* most important event risk timeline in 2022 & in early 2022 I predicted around 2/22/2022 the Ukraine war would broke out, which was happened almost to the day with this master date. It goes without saying that the Ukraine war was *the* big issue of 2022.

  15. Already years in advance it was boldly claimed here (also in the free area) that the high tech bubble will burst from fall 2021 & this is exactly what happened, when we analyze sales figures (quantities), e.g. global smartphone sales have collapsed for 5 consecutive quarters since Q4/2021. The cell phone is the mark of the 666 Beast mentioned in the Holy Bible & thus the primary means of the reign of Satan, thus high tech was *the* key sector of the economy in the last 7 years of the Kali Yuga 2016-17. That's why the world economy has also collapsed since Q4/2021.

  16. Years in advance it was stated based on the prophecies from the Terminator (1984) that in 2021 the war of AI (artificial intelligence) against humanity will begin. In spite of the criese of naysayers this is exactly what hs happened: the true jab mutants (not those with placebo jabs) have a MAC address according to the Spanish MD Luis Miguel de Benito (and my own) & thus can be controlled via bluetooth, i.e. they are now the AI soldiers of the AI war against humanity.

  17. 2021 was *by far* (!) the best year in the Amanita performance, especially because of a large number of giant crypto gains of 500-5000%, moreover a considerable number of large gains of ‘only’ 50-500% (all calculations *without* leverage).

  18. *The* big crypto rocket in 2021 was nailed (but at a good distance from the absolute low): SOL Solana was already the no. #5 of market capitalization in late 2021. At the annual close 2020 SOL was still at $1.x, yet exploded until late 2021 to $260 by a factor 100-200…
    Terra LUNA had a similar whopping performance, now in 2022 also among the top 10 of market capitalization, LUNA was still a penny coin in early 2021 (<$1) & exploded to $100 in 2021.
    Chainlink LINK wasn’t bad either: the chainsaw coin was bought in 2020 at about $2, in 2021 it already traded at $50 (>2000%).
    * Avalanche AVAX was bought in Q3/2021: from the Q3/2021 low AVAX added more than a zero (gain >1000%) in a few months, also pushing into the top 10 of market capitalization.
  19. In mid-2021 immediately after the touting of the so-called 'delta variant' it was written inthe premium area that delta is a code for vaccine damages & that delta has come to stay. This is 100% how events have unfolded, while the crowd madness of the so-called 'truthers' in their incredible blindness were so sure that the entire alphabet would be worked off.
  20. On the Temple Mount there was a fire for the first time in almost 2000 years with the event risk date late May 2021, since the year 70 AD when the Second Temple was destroyed. This was a blitz civil war in Israhell & as predicted years in advance ISIS (as an umbrella term for all paramilitary Muslim trooops like Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Qaida etc.), after 1260 days of apparant death (ISIS was decleared dead/ defeated in December 2017). Thus the Biblical prophecy was fulfilled that one of the instruments of the antichrist is dead for 1260 days & then resurrects. With the event risk date 8/11/21 the Islamic caliphate achieved their first very big victory after resurrecting, by taking Afghanistan.

  21. Referring to Nostradamus the second (much bigger) burnt offering (Greek holocase) was predicted many years in advance for 2021 & that it is exactly what has come to pass with the vaccine holoccene, with a coming death rate of about 2 billion people until 2024.
  22. It was predicted that between May & August 2021 there will be a major Covid opening, which came to pass in most of the world.
  23. Since 2019 it has been warned that from 2021 the political power in the empire of evil (USA) will be redistributed to a couple of power centers & this is what has happened since 1/20/21, where we now have in principle 2 US presidents.
  24. In the Amanita system there is an event risk every 1-3 months. Between mid-December 2020 & February 2021 there was *no* event risk in the Amanita system, in spite of truther crowd madness (especially the Q fools) so convinced that 1/20/21 would be crucial because of a looming US crisis, which of course turned out as wrong.
  25. In the premium area it was already predicted in early 2020 that the COVID vaccine terroror will begin at the turn of 2020/21 & this is exactly how things unfolded.
  26. Already in March 2020 (Amanita #12/20) the second corona wave was called to begin between mid-September & Oktober 2020, this call was was spot on.
  27. Since 2016 I has been said that likely on 11/3/20 we won’t see (regular) US elections & this has call has been spot on. These elections were by no means regular & actually they were not (valid) elections at all: an election fraud of 10-30% (!) of the votes must be labelled a US coup d’état. .
  28. For years it was predicted that from 9/19/20 (opening of the 5th seal of the apocalypse) the persecution of Christians would be a major issue again. This has precisely come to pass, after 4-5 calm years (the last major rapugee incidence was the sylvester 2015/16 in Cologne) suddenly in fall 2020 the number of terror attacks of the 'peace religion' against Christian nations has soared, as in the night of November 2/3, 2020 here in Vienna, Austria.
  29. Major earth changes (especially volcano eruptions & earthquakes) on the US West Coast were projected for approximately 10/18/20: indeed we saw one of the strongest quakes in history on 10/19/20 in Alaska, according to Ron Tyler & Terry Rempel (Link). Note the extreme statistical significance of this fulfilled forecast: statistically magnitude 8 happens only once a year on the whole planet, so the odds of nailing the strongest quake of the year almost to the day with the location are somewhere in the 1:1000 or 10.000 region. Taking into consideration that the quake was so much stronger than the official bogus numbers we have to add 1-2 zeros & thus arrive at random odds of 1:100,000 or even more extreme. 80% of the forecasters fail to succeed even in a simple 50:50 test (Bernoulli experiment coin toss), let alone in such a difficult field as earthquake forecasts.
  30. On 3/15/20 for the first time in 7 years (entry in early 2013 with Bitcoin in the EUR 30s) the crypto position was enlarged (not just pure rebalancing), which means the most important crypto bear market low in many years was nailed more or less to the *day* (!). The best performer 2020 in the Amanita system was Chainlink LINK, which soared by 1000-1500% in the following 5 months.
  31. Many years in advance it was said that the 42 months of the reign of the she-devil are 3/15/20-9/15/23: indeed, around mid- to late March most churches around the globe closed for some time (no regular masses), which we have *never* seen in the past thousands of years. And the Antichrist was crowned with the crown virus corona.
  32. Years in advance I predicted that in 2020 the collapse of global aviation begins, which exactly came to pass: until spring 2020 the air volume collapsed by 80-95%.
  33. Already since 2018 the mother of all economic depressions was called to begin in early 2020, and so it was: in the first months of 2020 the coronavirus produced the biggest & fastest economic collapse in history.
  34. Years in advance it was predicted that under the 4th (green) horseman of the apocalypse from fall 2019 until fall 2020 the issue of pandemics will dominant: this is exactly what happened with the crown virus. In mid-2019 I warned of the huge epidemics danger with Saturn 0° Pluto in mid-January 2020: "Historically, Saturn 0° Pluto (January 2020) is *the* aspect of epidemics, which should be a lot stronger this time because of the Capricorn stellium." Exactly in mid-January 2020 the biggest pandemic in a century (Spanish flu) broke out in China, never before in history were billions of people were quarantined.
  35. Years in advance I predicted the next big Middle East escalation (war) for the early green horseman of the apocalypse beginning on 9/29/19-10/1/19 with the Jewish Feast of Trumps, with Turkey mentioned as the main candicate for the escalation (green=Islam). This is exactly what happened: a week after Hanukkah on 10/9/19 the Turkish caliph invaded Syria, the biggest war break in the Middle East since 2011.
  36. In early 2016 I wrote (based on Nostradamus verse 5-25) for the first time that the Iranian troops will be mobilized around August 2019, which is exactly what happened (Link). Nostradamus even mentioned the correct Iranian number of troops: 1 million. In May/ June 2019 the axis of evil attacked Iranian oil tankers more than once, so in summer 2019 the Persian cat began with intense war preparations & troop movements, especially relocating military bases away from the big cities to spare the civil population during WW3. In summer & fall 2019 Persia was shattered by the worst riots since the revolution 1979 (40-year cycle of testing) with thousands of wounded. Also, in late 2019 we saw a joint military exercise of Russia, China & Iran: the very first military exercise of these 3 nations *ever*, planning must have started some months in advance, i.e. around August 2019. For thousands of years the Holy Bible has stated that this triumvirate will dominate in the end times: bingo.
  37. In early 2019 I warned of the dramatic deterioration of the global job market looming in summer/ fall of 2019, indeed in mid-2019 mass layoffs began around the globe as only once before since WW2: during the blitz depression 2008/9. The peak is the number of 18,000 beheaded by Deutsche Bank.
  38. On June 12/1, 2019 I warned in the free newsletter that in Eastern South America blackouts would start soon because of the black horseman of the apocalypse & the Southern Atlantic Anomaly (SAA). Already some days later on 6/16/19 South Americ was shaken by the biggest power outage in history, with almost the whole of Argentine, Uruguay & Paraguey, as well as parts of Brazil & Chile... Statistically the odds of such a coincidence are P<0.01%.
  39. In early 2019 world trade collapsed as much as the last time during world war 2 *in real terms*, *nominally* by about the same as during the blitz depression 2008/9, namely nominally by a whopping 33% YoY = inflation-adjusted ~40-45% (Link). Some world trade indicators are worse than *ever* before, the black soul in the White House is doing exactly as told by the Khazarian mafia 1:1, the purpose of the trade war is to prepare WW3. The premium subscribers of Amanita Market Forecasting knew *years* (!) in advance that 2018 would be the first year of the biggest economic collapse in history. Nostradamus mentioned that already in the 16th century, as written in 2012 by Benoit d’Andrimont.
  40. I predicted years in advance that by early 2019 the pull would be plugged in the USA: this is exactly what happened in early 2019, triggered by the by far longest government shutdown in US history.
  41. From 2016/ 17 it was stated, based on the work of the German Bible scholar Dr. Werner Papke, that the construction of the 3rd Temple begins on 12/1/18 (12+1+18=31=short code of 311), which is exactly what happened. Around this date the building operations began, because of 12/10/18 the first official Jewish animal sacrifice on the Temple Mount since the year 0070 happened: on a stone altar in nature, i.e. without the full 3rd Temple yet.
  42. Quote from the 2012 regarding Apple, for the long time the company with the highest market valuation (https://www.amanita.at/en/interesting/articles/planetary-returns-the-master-tool-of-forecasting): "Apple has no major return the next 5-6 years, so the cult is likely to continue until 0.5x Uranus in 2018/19." This call was spot on, because the AAPL bubble topped in 2018.
  43. Keine Aktie in den letzten Jahren soviel Aufmerksamkeit wie Tesla, Ende August 2017 wurde gewarnt, daß die Blase in der dümmsten Marke auf dem Planeten nun platzt, Zitat Amanita #32/17: „Ebenfalls mit dem Code der Ewigkeit toppte Tesla @ 388, die Tesla-Blase ist wohl geplatzt.“ Dies war der einzige Top-Call für Tesla & war perfekt. TSLA hat 2017-19 bereits die Hälfte des Wertes verloren & blieb gar mehr als 140% hinter dem SPX zurück. Der Tesla-Markenkern wurde wie folgt definiert: "Ich bin ein hirngewaschener Idiot mit zuviel Geld & total stolz darauf“.
  44. The Amanita performance 2017 was the by far best in the 17-year history of Amanita Market Forecasting – many thanks to the boss! The main reason was the FX performance, to be precise the crypto performance. Since 2013 the Amanita currency exposure in the premium area has been expanded dramatically because of the long-term call that soon the currency sector will dominate (because of the ongoing preparation for the collapse of the financial system). Moreover, the cryptos were discussed the first time in early 2013: subsequent gains of some 45,000% (450-fold). Finally, in 2017 we could bring in the harvest for this excellent strategic exposure:
    * IOTA took the bun: it was suggested on 10/16/17 as a small portfolio admixture & then it exploded by +1500% in the following 2 months.
    * In December 2017 Ripple was mentioned as a small buy: in the past few weeks Ripple has gone through the roof by +1500%...
    * In addition, we had a number of ‘paltry’ profits of less than 1500% (what a shame!), as in Ethereum, Monero, Dash, Cardano, Lisk & others - please apologize these ‘failures’…
    On December 17th, 17 - the very *day* of the Bitcoin all-time high! - I wrote for the first time that now is time for the Bitcoin distribution to begin, because of the approaching top around the turn of 2017/18. The call came within hours of the all-time high: a higher precision is nearly impossible. The day with the double 17 was decisive, because it was a consensus pivot & the 71/17 is the number of the enemyship with God. It is no surprise that that the German Führer was born on 7/17 with both 71 & 17. Moreover, the sum of digits of 12/17/17 is the 46: number of the construction of the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem (the Last Trump born on 14.6.46 has the 46 twice). It is no surprise at all that Bitcoin topped near EUR 16,666 with the number of the Beast.

  45. In late August 2017 it was warned that the bubble in the dumbest brand on the planet (Tesla) will now burst: indeed, from the top 3 weeks later the TSLA stock collapsed by some 40% within months. The core of the Tesla brand was defined as, "I am a brain-washed idiot with too much money & I am very proud of that.

  46. Holy Thursday April 13, 2017 was stated months in advance as *the* biggest escalation date in the first 5 months of the year 2017. Precisely on 4/13/17 we had the biggest stock market low of 2017, after a declineof 1.5 months in the US indices. To my knowledge no other market letter on the planet could make a similarly precise call.
  47. On 3/14/17 the strategic (long-term) SHORTs in US bonds were exited, on the very day (!) of the bear market bottom... The odds of nailing an annual bottom to the day are less than 1:100.
  48. On 3/6/17 the Czech koruna CZK was discussed in this market letter for the first time ever, CZK was praised as a wonderful investment. The CZK model predicted a major low soon with a subsequent advance for years. At the time of the update EUR/CZK was the 4th year in a tiny trading range @ 27-28, in early April one month after the update CZK began to soar, EUR/CZK soon crash to a 4-year low, in incredible rally began...
  49. A minor oil shock was predicted for fall 2017: as a matter of fact in fall 2017 the oil price soared by 40-50% in some months.
  50. Years in advance 2017 was predicted as the beginning of a dramatic dollar weakness: 2017 has turned out as the weakest year for the greenback in a decade.
  51. The 10/30/16 update warned of a heavy quake in New Zealand & only 2 weeks later on 11/13/16 New Zealand was shattered by the worst quake in decades. Statistically such a call is extremely unlikely just 'chance', the random probabilities less than 1:10,000...
  52. In March 2016 it was predicted the trend of relative strength of gold versus the white alloys should now end, after many years. Bingo: between March & December 2016 palladium has beaten gold by more than 50% (!), silver still by 20-25%.
  53. Within 1 day of the oil bear market low January 20/21, 2016 I called the end of the bear market & flashed a near-perfect LONG signal.
  54. In 2016 I warned that the final centers of real estate madness (Hong Kong, London, New Zealand, Vancouver, Switzerland) would soon be hit. This has come to pass as predicted.
  55. Years in advance a grains bear market was projected for 2016.On 2/28/16 a strategic soybean position was bought for hte first time, which turned out as a bonanza as S rocketed by nearly +30% in the following 3 months. Beans were the most bullish of all futures in these 3 months.
  56. Donald Trump was favored as the next US president even before he was considered to have a realistic chance of winning. Almost all astrologers bet on Killary, who fortunately lost. Again astrologers proved that they are perfect contrary indicator & they are the last ones to consult regarding the future. Example Ray M. on 10/19/16, 10 days ahead of the US elections:
    2 weeks ago [mid-October 2016], 12 notable international and national astrologers at the ISAR 2016 convention unanimously forecasted that Hillary Clinton would be the likely victor in the 2016 USA presidential election. I also arrived at the same conclusion back in early August.
  57. The first time it was mentioned that the Deutsche Bank is prepared to be butchered on 10/21/2015 in Amanita #33/15. 2 days later on 10/23/15 the stock topped at nearly EUR 30, where a fast crash below EUR 10 began.
  58. BREXIT: Since September 2015 (Amanita #28/15) it was warned that Great Britain will be slaughtered by the NWO, because of the movie London has fallen. In this movie the British prime ministered was killed: what a 'coincidence' that 3 months later the British Prime Minister was removed ('shot'), briefly after the BREXIT announcement.
  59. In March 2015 I stated (for the first time in the Amanita market letter) that the most valuable stock (at this time) Apple would begin a long crash. Precisely in spring 2015 AAPL topped & collapsed by 30%.
  60. Soon after the TTIP plans came out in 2014 I predicted that this would likely be the first NWO project that does't go through. In early 2017 the Donald finalled stopped this nonsense. To my knowledge no other forecasting service in the world predicted this outcome so far in advance.
  61. In 2014 an oil crash towards $50 was predicted soon after oil had taken out the $100. Amazing the oil price had reached this target quite soon. And the CL closing bear market low on 1/28/15 was called on the *very* day in an update & an investment position entered. The odds of entering an investment precisely on the day of a bear market low is about 1:1,000.
  62. In the annual ranking 2014 the Amanita gold signals were ranked #1 by the rating agency “Timer Digest”, in the ranking of the leading 100 market timers worldwide. The odds of such a performance is P<1%.
  63. Since 2013 the biggest equity low 2014 was predicted for approximately early October 2014. The lows came by mid-October, within the +/- 1 week tolerance.
  64. Already in 2013 a USD bull market high was called for fall 2014 & a USD investment entered. The dollar high came somewhat later than expected, following the end times effect #1 "everything comes late".
  65. 2013 had been singled out as the year when the apocalypse begins: apocalypse means revelation or the removing of the veils. In the summer of 2013 Ed Snowden the biggest espionage scandal was exposed by Ed Snowden.
  66. Since 2013 a precious metals bear market low was predicted for fall 2014. Result: the bear market low was set in early November 2014.
  67. In 2013 a Bitcoin all-time high was forecast for late 2013, which hit the bull’s eye. To my knowledge the huge rally & all-time high was not predicted by another market timer…
  68. In March 2013 the British pound was singled out as the best investment among the major currencies. Indeed, the sterling was the strongest of the 8 majors in the following 1-2 years…
  69. In early 2014 it said that the Austrian vice chancellor Spindelegger would be soon out of office. In the summer of 2014 he resigned ‘surprisingly’, which was such a surprise for some political journalists that they considered that a joke…
  70. The timeline August 22/23, 2013 was predicted as indicative of the coming 10 years, especially with the danger of geopolitical tensions. As a matter of fact the escalation between NATO & SCO (Russia, China...) in the Syria dispute briefly looked like the most dangerous since the Pigs Bay invasion 1961…
  71. It was predicted that in the end times (10 years beginning in August 2013) the 5,000 years old interest rate system begins to totter. The historically unprecedented wide-spread negative yields since 2014 are a first step in this direction.
  72. Years in advance the unthinkable' call was made that in the end times from August 2013 on the 5,000 year old interest rate system going back to the 'whore Babylon' will be destroyed. Actually the widespread negative yields since 2014 have already half-destroyed this system.
  73. The timeline 3/29/13 was predicted to be crucial & leading the way for 10+ years. The Cyprus bank robbery in late March 2013 was such an extra-ordinary event that hardly anyone considered possibly in the industrial nations…
  74. A top in the global climate cycle was predicted for 2013/14, followed by a subsequent global cooling into the 2030s. This call was exactly opposite to the usual 'global warming' mass hysteria. The winter 2013 was the coldest in Europe since records began, the winter 2014 was the coldest winter in North America since records began…
  75. In late 2012 it was predicted that the disgusting money printing would be reduced soon - which was considered impossible until the Fed announced the 'tapering' on 5/22/13…
  76. In October 2012 gold formed its all-time high in euro terms, from November 2012 the premium subscribers were warned of gold & silver, I even labelled myself the 'probably biggest gold bear in this corner of the galaxy.' As a matter of fact, 2013 was the worst year for gold in over 30 years, to the surprise of almost all analysts.
  77. 2012 was predicted to be a perfectly calm year (compared to the years before & after), while the crowd expected 2012 to be ‘the year of all years', where everything would change. As a matter of fact, 2012 was indeed the year of non-events compared to the years before & after.
  78. 2011 was singled out as the global war peak in a window +/- some years, which is fully confirmed by the revolutions & wars in the Middle East. According to the Heidelberg Institute of Conflict Research the number of wars in 2011 was the highest since WW2.
  79. From 2009/10 it was warned that the stocks of the booming emerging markets would underperform the lame old industrialized states significantly through 2013. This has exactly come to pass, regardless that this is exactly opposite to the traditional wisdom.
  80. In the context of the July 2009 solar eclipse path it was predicted that the focus of global political & economic power will shift to Southeast Asia fast. In the following years China has likely produced more real growth than the rest of the world together!
  81. In 2009 it was forecast that a bubble would form in the Swiss franc, that bursts by mid-2011 at the earliest. No surprise that the Swissie was very strong into August 2011 & very weak in the 3.5 years afterwards.
  82. From 2009 it was predicted that the high of the next sun-spot cycle would be due around August 2013. The official NASA forecast suggested a 2011 top. Eventually the solar max was printed in February 2014, which close to the Amanita projection. So the Amanita call was light years better than of NASA with its instruments worth billions & thousands of scientists.
  83. After the double terror attacks on Greek soil on 9/2/09 I warned that Greece would soon be slaughtered - as presumably the very first market letter worldwide…
  84. In early 2009 a global crack-up boom was projected from spring 2009 into August 2013. At this time people were scared as if the end of the world was just around the corner. Nevertheless this call did fully come to pass: from fall 2013 on the global business cycle started to turn down. 2014 was the first year in the 21st century with a lower Chinese coal consumption, the proof that the economic powerhouse of the planet did slide into a recession. To my knowledge, Amanita Market Forecasting was the only one service on the planet that called all 4 big turning points of the world economy since the late 1990s long in advance.
  85. On 3/11/09, a mere 2 days after the bear market bottom March 6-9, I wrote that the bear market was over and the biggest equity bull market of our lifetime was ready to start. As a matter of fact, the +80% rally in the following 13 months was the sharpest since 1932/33…
  86. The days around & before 8/8/08 had been predicted to be the geopolitical maximum (wars & geopolitical tensions) of the year 2008: on 8/7/08 the South Ossetia War broke out, involving Russia…
  87. In late 2007/ early 2008 I warned of the bursting of the (Asian) stocks bubble, especially in China & India - exactly at the top…
  88. In 2007 I wrote that the ingress of Pluto into Capricorn in 2008 would lead to wide-spread nationalizations, which started precisely with the ingress in early 2008. This call was considered ‘impossible’ at this time after so many years of privatizations. I have to admit that the speed of nationalizations came as a surprise…
  89. In December 2006 I warned on many pages of the looming collapse of the biggest real estate bubble in history. As a matter of fact, the real estate market topped out 2 months later in early 2007 (e.g. as measured by the EPRA index) and collapsed afterwards…
  90. In early 2006 it was warned that one of the biggest Austrian banks was bankrupt. At this time the failure of systemic banks was still considered impossible. So at this time nobody else than a few elitists & the Amanita subscribers were informed. And yet 4 months later the BAWAG defaulted & was the first major bank to be rescued by the state.
  91. From 2005/6 it was predicted that Germany would rise economically & politically dramatically a lot the following decade, with the DAX beating the rest of Europe by far. At this time Germany was still considered the sick man of Europe after the re-unification, so this call was considered next to impossible. However, the DAX has outperformed incredibly since 2005/6 & since the Greek crisis beginning in 2009/10 Germany has been more powerful than at any time since WW2.
  92. In 2005 I warned with Jupiter-Pluto depression cycle (the conjunction of these 2 planets) in December 2007 a very serious recession or even depression would be due. According to the NBER the US economy started its recession precisely in December 2007...
  93. In 2005 immediately after the death of Pope John Paul II it was predicted that the Joseph Ratzinger would be his successor. At this time he wasn't considered a realistic candidate..
  94. Already as soon as 2005 I warned that the passage of Pluto over the Galactic Center in 2007 would trigger a debt crisis. To my knowledge no other market forecaster on this planet nailed the beginning of the 'sub-prime crisis' so many years in advance…
  95. When oil was still trading in the $30s at the beginning of the century I forecast that oil would quickly explode to $100-$200 a barrel, at a time when most analysts expected oil to go back to $10…
  96. In an article in the free area published in late 2001 I projected October 2002 as the ideal month for the ongoing bear market in stocks, which came true in the US indices. At the time of this call nearly everybody was convinced that September 2001 already was the end of the bear market…
  97. In late 2000 I wrote that gold should bottom out in early April or early May 2001 and start a gold monster bull market for many years. Indeed, the gold bull market began on April 2nd, 2001. In April 2001 I predicted gold would soar to $1000 by 2007. The main reaction to this call was a lot of disbelief since gold was in the $200s after a 21-year bear market. Gold did reach the $1000 level in early 2008…
  98. An Amanita call in the year 2000 was for a US recession to start in the 2nd quarter of 2001: according to the NBER the US recession began in March 2001…
  99. The first public call was subject of a press release in the 2nd half of 1999 published by many (Austrian) newspapers, warning of the biggest stock market crash since 1929 looming. This warning was mostly ignored but the terrible bear market from 2000 on (started a few months later than expected, timing was still in its infancy at this time) slashed technology indices by 80-90% and more…

hence 2021 was *by far* (!) the best year in the Amanita performance. And that means something because for many years the Amanita performance was ranked among the top 3 in the global ranking of the leading market services according to Timer Digest, in gold already the #1 for years (Link). The rating agency Timer Digest discontinued their service in early 2021: perfect timing. Now in 2022 market timing is mainly a strategy for dinosaurs on the path towards (financial) extinction. In 2021 God was in a generous mood & allowed in spite of only somewhat more than a dozen held crypto coins a large number of giant gains of 500-5000%, moreover a considerable number of large gains of ‘only’ 50-500% (all calculations *without* leverage).

(1) *The* big crypto rocket in 2021 was nailed (but at a good distance from the absolute low): SOL Solana was already the no. #5 of market capitalization in late 2021. At the annual close 2020 SOL was still at $1.x, yet exploded until late 2021 to $260 by a factor 100-200…

(2) Terra LUNA had a similar whopping performance, now in 2022 also among the top 10 of market capitalization, LUNA was still a penny coin in early 2021 (<$1) & exploded to $100 in 2021.

(3) Chainlink LINK wasn’t bad either: the chainsaw coin was bought in 2020 at about $2, in 2021 it already traded at $50 (>2000%).

(4) Avalanche AVAX was bought in Q3/2021: from the Q3/2021 low AVAX added more than a zero (gain >1000%) in a few months, also pushing into the top 10 of market capitalization.

(5) In 2021 we also held other coins with a heavenly performance, as well as LONGs in electricity, natural gas, some agrarian futures & & GBP/TRY, the Turkish lira TRY has been collapsing since fall 2021. The energy crisis predicted for late 2021 in the premium area was a perfect hit as well: China began the brownout mode in fall 2021, since late 2021 European energy prices have added zeros. Since 2021 a very helpful blackout model exists in the Amanita system, in addition to the oil shock model. However, the time of *all* empirical models ends soon, we have to say goodbye to the patterns of the past 66.6 million years.