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Hi Mr. Zimmel. You want to know my opinion, all I can say is YOU ARE A GENIUS, you have done great job so far, keep on doing! Nikolay Popov, New York (USA)

Dear Manfred, thank you for helping me to understand what is happening, thank you for being an inehxaustible source of insights and information. Walter B., Brazil

Circumstances have forced me to drop my subscription, which I have used only for its trove of fascinating information. I think that Mr. Zimmel is a genius and I appreciate his painstaking research. I hope that in the future I will rejoin your service. Thank you, David E. (USA)

I’m a premium subscriber since about two years and I begin to understand something of what you write... Riccardo T., Italy

I would also like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your free newsletter with which I resonate greatly and helps me to discover new areas undiscovered before. It's educational and super inspiring. It's very generous of you to share so much of your researches. Siri, Thailand

I take the opportunity to congratulate you on your forecast all this year long. It was my first year of subscription and I am really pleased to follow your analysis which proved to be quite accurate and timely. Bertrand Orieulx, Rouen (France)

I wish to congratulate you for your analysis, I've just finished reading 2006 and 2007 investor guide .Your guide is very impressive!!! Francesco Sossai, Venezia (Italy)

I must mention I am totally new to financial astrology. I noticed your prediction on trends was mostly accurate and thought "This guy knows what he is doing." Hence my subscription. I am reading all your reports with an intense exitement. John Wilson, Bangkok (Thailand)

We think you are doing a great job on your forecasts! Best wishes and keep up your outstanding work! Robert Brown, Palos Park IL (USA)

Just read for the first time your work and forecasts. Very interesting and brilliant... Alain Carriou, Pont Scorff (France)

Excellent analysis on the76.6 year cycle. I have done similar studies over the years and I have a great deal of respect for the level of indepth analysis that is required. Patricia Connor, Leonia, New Jersey (USA)

Please add my congratulations (to what must be a very, very long list) to you for your excellent work. Horace Lipscomb, Knoxville, Tennessee (USA)

I've renewed my subscription believing your work is important and unique. Larry Webster, Granite Bay, California (USA)

Sir - I have received your annual opus, which is very through. David Ehmke, Concord, California (USA)

And, really, thank you for your research, all the important information you put in your outlook 2007. It is breathtaking actually. What I wanted to say to you is that I have great respect for your work. Really inspiring. Irma Schogt, former currency broker, financial astrologer, http://www.markettiming.nl, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

I have known Manfred for several years now, and even if his outlook and bias is at times extreme, his knowledge of economics, markets, and astrology is exceptional, in my opinion. He is right enough of the time that I respect his views and look forward to reading them in this ezine. I value him as both a sincere friend and a knowledgeable financial astrologer. Ray Merriman, leading financial astrologer & president of the largest astrological organization, http://www.mmacycles.com, West Bloomfield, Míchigan (USA)

Just a note to say wow, you're latest newsletter is excellent! Your analysis of both the geopolitical and astrological data should make some braincells dance in brainwashington. Because of the wide range you covered, I'm finding your most recent newsletter to be a gem! I want to share it with my publisher, who is also an investor... Robert Gover, www.robertgover.com, financial astrologer, author of 10 books, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware (USA)

From the beginning on, I admired your attitude, your professionality, and feeling to be honest. Eric N.

I find it intellectually difficult to place large bets based on the position of the planets. T.W.

We are operating on Russian stock market. Searching new development ways we decided to address to your service as one of the best worldwide. Is it possible to order forecast for russians stock market as a whole, and for particular stocks? S. R. (Russia)

Your 2008 analysis is a book, and took intense effort over a long period of time to synthesize. I look forward to studying it. Richard Schulz, editor of "Schulz on Market Cycles", Gurnee, Illinois (USA)

I am really impressed with you and glad I stumbled onto your website from Ray Merriman earlier in the year. I read lot of data sources, you are my favorite............u r a gift. Its an honor for you to quote me about your work. Mark George, Louisville, Kentucky (USA)

I thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with us. The service has been the best I have ever subscribed to. Pratap Dange, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

By this I want to thank you for interesting overview of different markets in your 2007 outlook, the quality gets better every year. I have read your forecast and think it is the best report available on the market! Philippe Verstraete, Brussels (Belgium)

Thank you for your highly enlightening free information. Large parts I knew alreay, but you excellently combine these parts into an integrated view of where we, Earthlings, are headed. I think I can still adhere to my Protestant views, which have drawn me in the last 50 years to study the books Daniel, John in Revelation and the other Endtime-Prohets like Ezekiel as well as the books of Mozes and the Minor Prophets. I read the only original copy in Holland of the book by David Davidson: The Great Pyramid, Its Divine Message (1932 -updated edition of the original edition printed in 1923). 3996, the Midpoint of Time, as we sing in one of the ancient hymns, is the year in which Jesus Christ was born. Therefor it must be an important number, if not the most important number. P.D.W. (Holland)

I would just like to sincerely thank you for your comprehensive updates that you post. These markets are so crazy at the moment! Though I am a new subscriber I really do find your guidance in these times invaluable. You really do have a special gift. Thanks again. James S, Cairns (Australia)

Another incredible newsletter. I especially appreciated your insight into the Bear "Stars" event. Alexander Nelson, Sanibel, Florida (USA)

Brillantly done Manfred!!! I learned greatly form this and got such a rich global astrological perspective..The best astrological economic overview I have ever read. Thank you deeply... Lynne Hyde, leading astrologer, Miami, Florida (USA)

I value your service it helps to guard me for to much of careless investing. Fred Plass, Amersfoort (Netherlands)

I'm a new subscriber and very fascinated by your acute forecast for 2007! Marc Gentilhomme, Paris (France), financial analyst, http://www.easy-gold-investing.com/

Thanks for great information at a very fair price. Rick Burris, Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA)

Thanks for your great work, Your service is the most detailed of all the astrological services I've subscribed to. Bruce Ryan, Corte Madera, California (USA)

I find your explanations very fascinating and informative. Kosta Kambelos, Melbourne (Australia)

Thank you for your high quality work! Antion Meredith, Bethesda, Maryland (USA)

I think you are doing a great thing providing a service for the common man. Ofhir Agmon, Novato, California (USA)

What amazes me most is that your work is so good, but you allow ordinary people like me to subscribe to it instead of working privately for some individual investor. Honestly, I feel confident basing my financial decisions as much on your work as on any other source I use. Most financial advisors appear to be very reluctant to share their true opinions at times when they think falling stock prices are likely. Gregory Thomas, Cincinnati, Ohio (USA)

Your Amanita pivots are nothing short of spectacular. Its amazing how accurate you are. I have only been a subscriber for a couple of months and now I'm your number 1 fan. I especially look forward to your S&P pivots. Looks like your right on the money again. Keep up the good work. Gary Brosek, Finleyville, Pennsylvania (USA)

I recently subscribed to your 2006 forecast, in which I found very interesting and informative. Tom Tolle, Saint Charles, Illinois (USA)

Great Stuff ! The report for 2007 is prepared in a very professional manner. Taran Marwah, www.afund.com/afundindia.html, financial astrologer (India)

Your work is both instructive for the longer term, and useful for trading in the shorter term. Great service, thanks. Roger Wolf, Melrose, Massachusetts (USA)

I find your work amazing. I read last evening your forecast for 2006 and I must say.....I found it extremely accurate!!! Olaf Spek, http://www.hvservice.nl, Ermelo (Netherlands)

Dear manfred, your latest report is as good as they come. Michael Radulovic (Switzerland)

Thanks for all your help and indispensable views. Anwar Mustafa, Welland (United Kingdom)

Manfred, I am following your work around 1 year and I want to tell you that your work is something that only few pepole on earth can do. Yoram Barasani, http://www.stockmarketpivots.com, Or-Yehuda (Israel)

I will certainly read the subscription as I've read all the free one's over the last several years that you've sent me and enjoy them all. You are one of hardly none that get the market correct. Everyone else is too afraid to include all the aspects behind the market (meaning, the NWO and reptiles, etc...) Dan Black, USA

I can't put it into words how excellent work is, always state of the art, everything is outstanding, I never read anything like it... You are simply the best! Jaap Wapstra (Netherlands)

I'm futures broker from Chicago, USA If any of your clients would be asking you how to trade your wheat forecasting model I would be happy to help them with good brokerage service. I'm working with clients from USA, Eastern Europe who might be interested in your letter too I'm not involved in financial astrology and I just got interested in your letter because I have a client from Russia, financial astrologer, who's sending me Dow Industrial forecast every week and some times even on the daily basis and I like to look at it. I hope we can help each other a little with subscribers and brokerage clients and it would be mutually beneficial cooperation. (USA)

Hello Manfred....Even if I have only read today's report one time thus far I have to stop and say to you with utmost sincerely that I am continuously overawed by the nature and scope of the in depth analysis that you share with us.Of course your reports represent the complex knowledge extracted from the grapes of knowledge painstakingly gathered and processed by you and your colleagues.So Manfred even if we pay for our reports, when calculated by the many hours of acquisition,auditing for accuracy, analysis and processing of huge data volumes over time we are by no means overpaying for our reports. Walter Johnson (USA) Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Your 2007 review is a masterpiece! I find your work the best astro work that I know. Grant D. Noble, market forecaster, book-author, Lake Forest, Illinois (USA)


Thank you for keeping me on the free newsletter list.  It means a lot to me. I am happy for your progress spiritually and I'm relieved to hear you will be around helping people through (at least 2030,) and reaching Vakku siddhi. John S.

Regards and much thanks for such an informative and well researched publication. Justin (UK)

Wow, what a piece of work. It's like a whole dissertation. Thanks so much for sharing it. I appreciate the work of Amanita Market Forecasting, thank you, Manfred. That's lots of hard work and fine research! Joerg Schroeder, fund manager Plymouth Capital Mgmt LLC, Stamford, Connecticut (USA)

Manfred, you are one of the few in the field I have a VERY HIGH regard for. Robert Hitt http://www.astroecon.com, financial astrologer and market forecaster, West Virginia (USA)

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your newsletters over the years. I particularly enjoyed the current one!!!! Again, my congratulations on your most outstanding work. D.O.M.

I find your work amazing. I read last evening your forecast for 2006 and I must say.....I found it extremely accurate!!!(Holland)

Scary stuff! Thanks very much for your response. I'm really intrigued to know more about this astro stuff. I'm a classically-trained scientist (chemistry, physics, genetics) who and am startled by the accuracy of astro-economics and related fields. I know that standard Western science can't explain this stuff too well, but I'm broad-minded enough to want to look into it. Matt

I honestly think you and one of my other subscription authors are the best things since stock exchanges were invented, so I'll be signing up for this offer as soon as I get a PayPal account set up to avoid the extra charges on my end and the additional hassles on your end. I am still a novice investor, so some of what you touch upon in your articles is a mystery to me requiring further investigation. Nevertheless, I think your service is a blessing to all your subscribers. Thank you very much for your work. Some people truly make the world a better place, and you are definitely in that category. I just wish I'd known you when you were attending. (UK)

Your work is both instructive for the longer term, and useful for trading in the shorter term. Great service, thanks. Roger

Looking at your site, I am VERY impressed with your indicators and the accuracy of your calls. Your calls are straight-forward and you seem to hit the bulls-eye right-on. Ben Marwitz, http://www.vonmarwitzanalytics.com, fincancial professional (USA)

I am a long-time subscriber to your newsletter (since around 2006, when ISAR's "Heaven on Earth" symposium was held in Toscany, Italy). I think your is at least among the best market forecasting service in the world. The big pity for me is that my current job position does not allow me to make full use of the valuable inputs from your service. But I continue my subscription. I hope the situation will change.

You ought to get MANFRED ZIMMEL at AMANITA.at on the show.
He's probably the best definition of an Austrian Economist -- an Austrian from Austria in Austria, who's NOT a mono-dimentional economist like most, but a Ph.D & active fund manager who uses financial astrology, numerology, cycles, fundamentals, etc. GS, JPM, etc. all use his stuff, but they'd never admit it... JJ

I subscribed to your service this morning. It's quite amazing to see the kind of detailed / in-depth information you can get up. Congratz for that! T.T., Genk (Belgium)

Thank the stars for your free news letter. You are saving lives, mi amigo. I needed your kick in the pants. I have eyes to see and have been heavily burdened with my concern for my children: baby girl is three, but the two boys will be 20 and 18 when things become ugly. Your newsletter made me sick, for an hour or two, because I knew I could no longer deny my intuition and glimpses that have come to me for  the last 35 years or so. I feel wonderful now however because I have made a decision. In very short order I have set my sights. I wish to thank you from  every cell in my body, as indeed your nudge has gotten the ball rolling. Yes friend you saved lives already.   I reckon you are a busy man, but I will be rude, (I am american after all) and ask you to spend a few minutes for me and my family. I have one question, and with your answer I can figure out the rest.   What is the proper date to use so I may emulate your analysis for Uruguay myself? Last night before falling asleep I thought I saw where a second constitution was put into place in 1901 but now i don't see it.  Anyway please don't spend more than five minutes on this, i am a big boy, but any insight will be deeply appreciated.  Andrew A. (USA)

Dear Manfred, I have over the past 10 years subscribed at times to your analysis which has been excellent. I do check your analysis which is always perfect. (a senior vice president for a financial institution with almost 50,000 employees)

congratulations. I have been working for a Swiss bank for 20 years and I have noticed that such unconventional forecasting methods are far more efficient than analysts' and economists' forecasts. N.B. (Switzerland)

PS in looking for your address, I found your web site - quite fascinating your 33 predictions for these "End Times" - have not seen things spelled out quite so precisely in that way before although I have seen a lot of prophecy sites in the last 25 years. Thank you for posting. Dr. C.S., prophecy researcher (USA)

Frankly, you are an exception to the rule that analysts never, or almost never, reconsider their mistakes. A forecasting model can only be improved (a constant necessity as it is never finished) if errors are faced. Why did we had it wrong and how can we prevend it the next time. The fact that you don't run away from these questions marks you and your team as serious professionals and designated disigners of the tools we have to work with. Thank you. H.D. (Holland)

Thank you for the great articles, they are like an oasis in the desert for me. Gonos

I really enjoy reading you because  your views are always impressively justified. G., Athens (Greece)

This free newsletter you sent me was nothing short of fabulous. Vielen Danke von mein herz for your generosity and your continued interest in developing my understanding of short & longterm market cycles. Most Sincerely, V.T.O.

First of all my compliments for the excellent quality of your work!! I follow it for years, it's real value for money. It's a kind of analysis "that hit the roots". W.v.d.H. (Netherlands)

Thank you so much for this free eye opening letter. I appreciate the time and efforts that is being put by you and team. Mark C.

Thanks so much for your insightful newsletter. Dimitri M., South Africa

I have admired your work for a number of years and am fortunate to now be a subscriber since February. I enjoy every update, am trying to learn you system and have already made some profit. Greg C.