Planetary Returns - the Master Tool of Forecasting

What I present to you in this article is really dynamite...It is an easy to use but very powerful tool for long-termLong-term means a time horizon of years. forecasts, even without astrological knowledge. I also want to highlight the background of some Amanita forecasts, e.g. the call since 2010 that Switzerland is the very last location to park capital on this planet. Only the help from my spiritual guides allowed me to access these valuable insights.

Introduction of the concept

Planetary returns are well-known in astrology but don't get the attention they deserve, with the exception of the Saturn return at the age of 29.5 years. Every planet (sun & moonThe moon has a major impact on the markets, the full moon is more important than the new moon. are also called ‘planets' in astrology) has a specific period of revolution, after which it returns to its initial spot in the sky. The birthday of a person is the solar return, i.e. the return of the sun to the birth degree. Solar returns are valid for one life year & are calculated for the exact moment of the solar return. My research has shown that the returns of the 4 slow planets (planetoids) are the most important: Chiron, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto.

This approach is so straightforward that it is easily understood by everybody & so simple that it also fulfills Ockham's razor, Wikipedia on that (Link):

The term "Occam's razor" was coined in 1852, attributing the principle to the 14th-century English logician, theologian and Franciscan friar Father William of Ockham (d'Okham), although the principle was known earlier. The principle is often incorrectly summarized as "other things being equal, a simpler explanation is better than a more complex one." In practice, the application of the principle often shifts the burden of proof in a discussion. The razor asserts that one should proceed to simpler theories until simplicity can be traded for greater explanatory power. The simplest available theory need not be most accurate.

Planet ranking of importance

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1. Neptune (164.79 years): strongest, both for human suffering in general (to let go of everything that is put higher than god, as that is an aggression against the universe) & for the financial sector in particular, especially for inflation.

file 1349267084-7381f1effda3575c4d98e1eacfe5108a

2. Pluto (247.68 years): also quite strong. In the year 1720 there was the first big fiat money by John Law, one Pluto cycle later we had a global fiat standard for the first time in history. In both cases Pluto was squaring (90°) the Galactic Center.

file 1349267255-bf2e4a3257cf7496c989e99455114c48

3. Chiron (50.67 years): quite often rather accurate ( +/- 1 year) & surprisingly strong, presumably because it's a half of the 100-year cycle. The round numbers like 100, 1000 are the ost powerful in the markets, by far. 

file 1349267379-cf55db8994e767d3e70a76ae10a1e25d

4. Uranus return (84.01 years) & half return of Neptune: Uranus is likely so important because it aligns with the half Neptune (82.4 years).


5. Halbauslösungen der Transsaturnier (Opposition 180°): nur Cluster, d.h. 2-3 Halb-Rückkehren fallen zusammen. In ganz wenigen Fällen bedeutet auch das Quadrat (90°) etwas, speziell von Neptun & Pluto.

file 1349267510-9ee06270c4456d2f184a907cd4ad5b03

6. Jupiter (11.862 years): astonishingly powerful, and excellent for the fine-tuning

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7. Saturn (29.458 years): normally not meaningful but quite often exact, i.e. +/- months.

The 7 big timelines, ranking according to importance:

  1. age 41.2-42.0: 0.5x Uranus (0.25x Neptune)
  2. age 50.7: 1x Chiron
  3. age 25.3: 0.5x Chiron
  4. age 11.9: 1x Jupiter
  5. age 59.0-59.3: 2x Saturn, 5x Jupiter
  6. age 29.5: 1x Saturn
  7. age 18.6x: 1x lunar nodes

In the past years we have seen a deep transformation of astrological patterns: many are weaker than in the past, totally different or even exactly the opposite. In contrast, numerology is getting more important because we are in the process of re-creating the world. Numerology is anchored mainly in the 6th dimension (the highest ‘tangible' dimension) while astrology operates mainly from the 4th dimension.

World economy examples

Let's begin with the discussion of long-termLong-term means a time horizon of years. charts, which are mainly from Reinhart & Rogoff (Link). The inflation high of the world (i.e. Europe + US) in the 19th century was around 1815, the 20th century high exactly 1x Neptune later around 1980. In both cases Neptune transited over the Galactic Center! The 5-year average of big currency depreciations (more than 15%) shows two distinct spikes in the past 210 years, separated by one Neptune cycle (165 years): around 1820 after the Napoleon Wars & then in the 1980s.

file 1349193469-22a8b2834782b0ee7b5227882f67f51c

A more detailed chart also confirms the importance of the Uranus cycle (84 years) resp. of the half Neptune (82 years). The two peaks in red were timed by Uranus in opposition (180°) to the Galactic Center.

file 1349193492-70acd1338dba3bd1dbaa97bb503fde23

The same pattern can be found in financial crises, in the chart below Asia is listed separately. Note the last peak during WW2, so the next culmination point of financial crises is due in the early 2020s especially in Asia. 2021-23 is 1x Uranus/ 0.5x Neptune after the outbreak of WW1.

file 1349193538-aaf6379000361fac565fb9af16af54c5

The chart for external sovereign defaults looks somewhat different, but again the turning points are ruled by Neptune & Chiron. Similarly, the next default peak is due in the 2020s, after the last peak in 1940s. 2006-7 was the low of Uranus & the half Chiron, so the next minimum of defaults is due in the 2030s.

 file 1349193560-05abb5aaf984af3e153aa33401ae1810

Planetary returns in financial markets

The same pattern can be found in equities - in the 19th century mainly the British stock market was decisive because of the UK empire. Note that the most important long-termLong-term means a time horizon of years. turns have hits to Neptune & partly also to Pluto, the less important ones only to the faster planets (Uranus is in-between).

file 1349193582-e1c42ad5ef234dee0b7efb32d26a6012

 file 1349193602-b676a164c4430c25deb1db6c8c762911

The dollar (6/22/1775) experienced the biggest challenge in the past century with the Neptune return in 1940. Some interesting comments of the mass murder Churchill on this topic:

Germany's unforgivable crime before the second world war," Churchill said," was her attempt to extricate her economic power from the world's trading system and to create her own exchange mechanism which would deny world finance its opportunity to profit. [...] We will force this war upon Hitler, if he wants it or not. This war is an English war and its goal is the destruction of Germany. We could have, if we had intended so, prevented this war from breaking out without doing one shot, but we didn't want to."

Jupiter is truly important: in the past 19 years we had 4 outstanding gold highs, separated by one Jupiter cycle: 10/1999 & 8-9/2011, 2/1996 & 3/2008. Moreover, 2 of the 3 key lows of the past 19 years are explained by 1x Jupiter: 7-8/1999 & 9-12/2011. It's more or less the same with 2 of the 3 key equity highs of the past 25 years: 1-3/2000 & 7/2011 (retest). The highs 8/1987 & 5/2011 before crashes were also exactly connected by 2 Jupiter cycles. 2 of the 4 key equity bottoms of the past 25 years are connected by 1x Jupiter: 10/1990 & 10/2002.

The returns of Jupiter & Saturn are often quite precise (+/- months), the window of the slow planets is +/- 1 year, with the topic of the crisis shaping up about 2 years before the return. The oppositions (180°) of Jupiter to the Galactic center (start date 1776.4) are a precise indication for the biggest challenges for mankind in history, as the Central Sun is the central clock for the galaxy:

The cycle of Jupiter to the Galactic center is also the master constellation for all long-termLong-term means a time horizon of years. stock market highs in history, as depicted by the chart below (one has to allow a fairly large orb). For years wild speculations have been circulating that the late Taurus/ early Gemini zone is the key, but this is nonsense from an empirical point of view. The Galactic Center is always the key, in the end times much more than before, beginning with the August 7, 1972 Sirian experiment (link). The most important inflation-adjusted highs (in the 20th century 1929, 1966, 2000) were printed with the opposition (180°), the somewhat less important highs were nailed by the conjunction (0°) as the bull market high in 2007. Again a super-important high is due around August 2013.

 file 1349193625-26cb1c5c5190f0dd625d791a609673aa


Wars are *the* ultimate meta factor for all world forecasts, because they change all rules from scratch, much more than anything else. I have no doubt they are totally ruled by the planetary returns, too: in the year 1207 the bloodiest war of the 2nd millennium started, when measured in terms of world population (Mongol conquests). 3 of the 4 other big wars since the first millennium were timed by the Neptune-returns (+/- a few years):

The An Lushan Rebellion 755-763 is the biggest war in terms of world population known by official history writing (without Atlantean wars). WW1 started 7x Neptune afterwards. Of course, the global war peaks of the 17th, 18./19th & 20th century are 1x Neptune apart: 1618 - 1783 - 1947 (Chart: Wikipedia). With the new insights the global war peak between the middle of the 20th & the middle of the 21st century is now expected for 2017-23, aligning with the beginning of the new Kondratieff wave around 2022/23.

file 1349193642-746a9188184b6c81b74713e21ebfc9aa

Country forecasts 

The same principles can be applied to national forecasting, where major returns of a state horoscope are a SELL signal for investors in the 1-2 years before & afterwards. Reinhart/ Rogoff list the big 5 financial crises since WW2, which were all timed by planetary returns:

The returns even explain the crises of entire continents. We had 6 waves of state formations:

In the past decades we had some waves of crises restricted to certain continents:

For years the crowd madness has been obsessed with the demise of Europe since 2010, however, the challenges of the future are somewhere else. The key nations in the order of their collapse:

These planetary returns are an important reason why long-termLong-term means a time horizon of years. SELLS for Switzerland, China, Japan & Brazil have been given since 2010 (in the premium area). The SELL is weak in the case of China & Brazil, strong for the Japan & the mother of all SELLs for Switzerland. Since the pegging of the franc to the ugliest of all fiat monsters on 9/6/11, the crowd slowly gets an impression what is looming.

The beginning of today's political-economic system can be dated to mid-1775 through mid-1776, with the center of the world horoscope being 1776.4:

So it's no surprise at all that the biggest man-made bloodshed in history happed around 1941 with the first Neptune return. For the future all eyes are now watching the first Pluto return in 2023/24. All 6 planets return in 2023-2030, which is quite extra-ordinary, although focus period is 2023/24: 1.5x Neptune 2023.6, 1x Pluto 2024.1. The total reorientation of the world should not be finished before the 2020s, it's not really starting before August 2013. 0.5x Neptune/ 1x Uranus before the Bank of England was established in 1692 - 9x Neptune before around 290 the Roman empire was shattered by a hyperinflationHyperinflation is inflation that is getting totally out of control. I define global hyperinflation in the broader sense as US$ inflation rising to a new all-time high at 20-30% each year and hyperinflation in the narrow sense of the word as 20-30% inflation each month..

It is very important to understand that we are now in the final (10th) state of the 700-year cycle (the collapse). Research on 150 civilizations of the past 11,000 years (Link) has revealed that civilizations follow a cycle of 700 years with 10 phases (Link). The 10th & final phase is the collapse, the last instance of Western society was in the middle of the 14th century, when the Black Death killed half of the European population. So about 650 years ago the current 700-year cycle began, with the first empire to be established by Portugal from 1415 on. 80-100 years ago the 9th stage of the final decline began: 1917 (communism in Russia) & 1933 (National Socialism in Germany). Sorry to the feminists but historically the combination of collectivism (e.g. socialism) & women's liberation was always a sign of the final decline #9 (duration 65 years on average), to be followed by the collapse (10th phase) - which started in 2000-2009. Already Oswald Spengler realized that democracy is nothing but a euphemism for the reign of high finance. We are approaching the reign of money (= yin), to start the decades of the reign of violence (= yang). The life cycle is of civilizations is the same as of hums: very yang at the beginning, very yin at the end.

Application on the micro level

The same principles work in the horoscopes of market participants & other decision makers, which usually are not successful at the age of 29.5 (1x Saturn) & 50.7 (1x Chiron).

 file 1349195236-cd68659fec302541d87553f1a86675e6

Quite often the first Jupiter return is already a major test for a project or a company - exactly opposite to the traditional astrological interpretation for a Jupiter-Jupiter conjunction (‚easy going‘). At the age of 12 years puberty begins, for most young adults the biggest economic challenge. Amanita Market Forecasting was founded on 12/13/2000: the half Jupiter-return (2006.9) produced the second biggest drawdown (8.9%) in the 6 years of the Amanita trades between September 2006 & January 2007. At present Amanita Market Forecasting goes through the first Jupiter return (2012.8).