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Mystery 2012 (part #4): Peak population & coming collapse of global health (9/9/2010)

For 2013 I expect historical trend changes going way beyond the economy & the markets. Part #1 of the article series ‘Mystery 2012' (Link) was dedicated to the wild sun, part #2 to the Age of Aquarius hoax, part #3 to the earth changes, part #4 is dedicating to the health sector. I proceed on the assumption that around 2012/13 (or somewhat later) the world population is topping out and then declines for many years. Following ‘peak oil' I call this development ‘peak population'. This should also be ‘peak health', in the years 2015-25 health should be the most important capital for nearly everyone as few will be totally healthy.

A healthy person has many wishes, but the sick person has only one. (Indian Proverb)

World population has been rising for thousands of years to almost 7 billion, with annual growth rates peaking at almost 3% in the past century (source: Wikipedia). The first chart below looks like a textbook bubble chart, with an exploding rate of change (ROC) in the final blowoff phase. Interestingly, the ROC (chart below) has already turned down, a divergence warning that the bubble is poised to burst. Bubbles bursting almost always lead to a decline at least as steep or even steeper than the preceding advance. I expect a dramatic decline of world population in the 21st century.

Mysterium 2012 Teil 4 1

Mysterium 2012 Teil 4 2

 As usual, the mainstream media simply extrapolates the past into the future. Let's look at global life expectancy: since WW2 it has been rising sharply everywhere (Link). Yet anyone with some basic knowledge of technical analysis recognizes the divergences warning that the trend may turn at any time (Link). In the past 20-30 years a whopping 42 countries (mostly in Africa & Eastern Europe) have bucked the trend with a falling life expectation.

Mysterium 2012 Teil 4 3

Reasons for peak population (multifactorial phenomena):

  • (1) epidemics: The worst pandemic in history, the Black Death (pestilence 1347-1353) killed about half (!) of the European population in a couple of years, the global number of victims totaling about 75-100 million. Like the Spanish Flu 1918-20 (50 million deaths) it started under the conjunction of Jupiter & Pluto, with Jupiter expanding the destructive power of Pluto (= pandemics, miasma). In economic terms, this is the depression cycle. that allowed me to call an economic depression to start around December 2007 (so the depression was called to the month). The devastating effects of the next conjunction in 2020 should be focused on the health level (pandemics). About 30 years ago a very large experiment was conducted, trying to predict the trends through to 2050 (Link):
    In 1978 futurologist Dr. Stephan Schwartz started to conduct a large remote viewing research experiment -under stringently controlled laboratory conditions. While in a state of nonlocal awareness over 4,000 "ordinary" volunteers were asked to go forward in time to the year 2050 and to describe what they saw. The bulk of their forecasts progressing 70 years ahead of current time were collected, screened, and correlated. RV Forecast studies involving a large number of subjects have resulted in an accuracy rate of 70-85%, in other cases in an 75-90% accuracy rate. [...] Multiple pandemics [so-called "bugs"] will result in millions of deaths, possibly killing up to a quarter of the human species in less than six months.
    The US psychiatrist Brian Weiss has ‚travelled' to former lives of thousands of his patients, and many of them also into the future, and they also reported a remarkably lower world population the next centuries. The 3 major pandemics we are aware of today:

    (a) Lyme disease: According to Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, this is the first major pandemic of the 21st century. Borreliosis is closely related to syphilis, except that the passing on is different.
    (b) artificially produced pandemics: Presumably the industrial-military complex will make sure that the coming pandemics will be severe, especially through vaccinations.
    (c) electromagnetic pollution: Wireless communication is the main problem here, but this is, of course, no pandemic in the traditional understanding. In my opinion electromagnetic pollution is the straw that breaks the camel's back, which will be discussed in part 5 of this article series.
  • (2) wars: Global martial activity should rise to the highest level since WW2 the next years and top out around 2017/18. Global health should bottom out somewhat later in 2021-25.
  • (3) lack of resources (especially famines = lack of food): Out planet has only limited resources.
  • (4) reduced fertility: Either voluntarily, enforced by law (e.g. China's 1-child policy) or because of diseases, i.e. either through environmental toxins including vaccines or through GMO (Frankenstein) food. Degeneration can be detected on nearly all levels, as demonstrated by brainwave measurement. Gerhard Eggetsberger reports that in 1978 the brainwaves of males & females still measured 190 on average during orgasm, in 1994 that number had already fallen to 170 - readings below 150 make an orgasm impossible.

 The 2 main factors for the rising life expectancy since the 19th century were:

  1. life conditions improved: This was mainly enabled because of the permanent economic expansion in the fiat money Ponzi scheme. However, the development of civilization of the past 5,000 years will soon be corrected.
  2. triumph of modern medicine: with its allopathic drugs & surgeries


1. Debitism & the end of the fiat money Ponzi scheme

Peak population has a lot to do with the demise of fiat money and end of the debistic chain letter. Debitism is an economic theory going back to Paul C. Martin in 1983. In a nutshell, the current capitalistic system can only work as long as new credit is created, which requires new creditors all the time. In the past 2 years the global credit expansion has been almost exclusively financed by the states, the very final creditors.

In principle, Martin's theory is valid although it is flawed in some points. Martin did overlook that a new creditor can be rather easily found as long as every new credit creates additional economic growth. Inflation becomes a hyperinflation when that mechanism fails to work, and hyperinflation is the final stage in every fiat money system.

In the US we have seen diminishing GDP returns from each $1 of new debt for decades. The trend lower since 1965 is almost exclusively explained by the progress of time (X axis) with the correlation coefficient being r=.87. The chart below (source: Karl Denninger) is based on the official GDP numbers, my red line is a rule of thumb correction of the data manipulations since the 1980s. In 2009-10 we are close to the zero line: even the dramatic expansion of total debt (mainly because of the stimulus packages) the real GDP could barely grow. Europe appears to be similar to the US, perhaps 1-2 years more to the left. The BRIC states and the less developed countries are certainly more to the left, but they are responsible for less than 25% of world GDP.

Mysterium 2012 Teil 4 4

The drop to the negative territory marks the onset of hyperinflation in the broader sense of the word. A hyperinflation means that the more money that is printed, the more the GDP is shrinking. 99% of the traditional analysts don't understand the huge difference between inflation & hyperinflation. It's like a change of the aggregate state in physics (bifurcation in the language of chaos theory). Therefore they are spreading bloodcurdling nonsense, e.g. that high inflation is only possible with a high capacity utilization. The reality is that a hyperinflation is always and without exception accompanied by an economic collapse. In my book that's the cardinal difference between normal inflation (accompanied by prosperity or at least stability) & a hyperinflation (accompanied by an economic breakdown). Crossing the zero line is the cause of hyperinflation, exploding inflation is the symptom. That's why in my causal-oriented perspective the primary criterion for the onset of hyperinflation is not an (arbitrary) inflation number but the crossing of the zero line.


2. The reality about world health

I project a crash of world health from 2013-15 on, followed by a collapse of life expectancy. The leading indicators for life expectancy are already in free fall, 2 examples:

  • (1) Manfred Doepp, MD, has done extensive tests with the excellent medical expert system ‘Prognos'. Prognos was developed for Russian space flight in order to detect possible health problems of cosmonauts months in advance, because a sick cosmonaut in space causes huge problems & financial damage. In a longitudinal study examining a number of persons he could measure that already after 12 months the average life energy & balance of the subtle system were significantly deteriorating. There are similar other studies.
  • (2) Jentschura & Lohkämper write that German life expectation has already been falling by 10-15 (!) years. According to cemetery statistics the average age at death has been falling from 86 years to 72 years in the case of women & from 72 to 61 years in the case of men. The explanation is that rather old persons are living longer while the younger ones are dying much earlier.

The suppression of symptoms of orthodox medicine the past decades has masked that world health has been declining for a long time, which is recognized by only a few holistic medical practitioners. The miasma theory as developed by Samuel Hahnemann's (father of homeopathy) is very important in this context. It is very complex and can only briefly touched in this article. Moreover, different interpretations do exist, my interpretation: all chronic diseases have a common root, the miasma. At the beginning there is the superficial psora restricted to skin diseases. The process of civilization has pushed the miasma deeper and deeper into the body (tuberculosis miasma), so it's getting more and more severe and more difficult to treat illness. The endpoint is the syphilis miasma, this time in the form of Lyme disease.

Based upon the theory of Prof. Günther Enderlein and others, the French hydrologist Prof. Louise Claude Vincent has constructed a model for blood quality consisting of 3 factors (pH, rH2, r), suggesting the 4 quadrants of biological milieu, as DDr. Peter Schneider explains (Link):

Within quadrant 1 a normal, healthy life is possible... [...] About 100 years ago we had many case of clinical tuberculosis, at this time the blood milieu was often characterized by quadrant 2. Because of the change of living conditions the past 50 years blood milieu has more and more moved towards quadrant 3. [...] Quadrant 4 is the breeding ground for pathogen germs like pneumococcus, typhus, cholera, pest [...] If the sickening milieu change in the blood and body tissue of our population continue unhamperedly, then we will enter the 4th quadrant and life as we know it will probably no longer possible. Similar conditions are found in our pet & working animals, which suggests everything is part of the same eco-system.

The deterioration of biological milieu towards the lethal 4th quadrant is continuing at full speed. E.g. in his 20-year work with the dark-field microscope to examine blood quality, the natural health professional Günther Weigel never saw any bacterial activity until 2003-4, but this has meanwhile become the normal case (source: page 30 in his book „Sanum-Therapie") - a sign of dramatically deteriorating blood quality. The airy information age was characterized by the tuberculinum miasma, but in the next 10-15 years we enter the destructive syphilis miasma (the 4th quadrant). Without doubt, the Lyme disease pandemic is the precursor as borreliosis is the new version of syphilis, so-to-speak.


Population reduction as part of the NWO

The topic ‘planned population reduction' was already discussed before, it is a hot and often misunderstood topic where a lot of false information is circulating, thus a rather lengthy discussion.

The facts are: in the past 2 centuries world population has grown dramatically. As a reaction, the eugenics movement started in the late 19th century, e.g. forced sterilizations were possible for certain groups of the population in 33 US states. The sad peak was the racial hygiene under Hitler. Under US president Eisenhower (1953-1961) there were some eugenics symposiums discussing the problem of over-population and calling for a population reduction. They were inspired by Nazi ideology and promoted by the Rockefellers (inner circle of the illuminati). Scholars of the Jason Society (a group rather high in the illuminati pyramid Link) suggested 3 ways in 1957:

  1. nuclear weapons: In other words WW3 - for obvious reasons this option was discarded (also because of the lack of controllability) and is only considered by true psychopaths.
  2. struggle for resources & underground tunnel systems for selected survivors: This plan has been implemented, secret tunnels have been built the past decades in the US and other countries.
  3. emigrating to other planets: Now you understand the deeper reason why the US space program was pushed on with a huge financial effort in the 1960s...

All 3 alternatives suggested the following delaying or flanking measures (Link):

  1. birth control: e.g. the 1-child policy in China
  2. pathogenic agents from the lab create artificial pandemics: Official (!) documents confirm that the political decision to create the AIDS virus on 6/9/1969 (U.S. House Resolution 15090, page 129). The virus was produced in the 1970s by the WHO in cooperation with the Cancer Institute in Fort Detrick in Maryland (USA).
  3. sterilization: Fertility can be reduced through high frequency electromagnetic pollution (mobile phones, Wi-Fi...) or through GMO. William Engdahl is something like the gold standard among conspiracy theorists, the quality is top in contrast to other sources where 50% or even 80% are not true (Link):
    A small California biotech company, Epicyte, in 2001 announced the development of genetically engineered corn which contained a spermicide which made the semen of men who ate it sterile. At the time Epicyte had a joint venture agreement to spread its technology with DuPont and Syngenta, two of the sponsors of the Svalbard Doomsday Seed Vault. Epicyte was since acquired by a North Carolina biotech company. Astonishing to learn was that Epicyte had developed its spermicidal GMO corn with research funds from the US Department of Agriculture, the same USDA which, despite worldwide opposition, continued to finance the development of Terminator technology, now held by Monsanto.