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Prophecies #12: Epidemics & micronova in late 2021 (6/17/20)

The timeline late December 2019 had been highlighted for years as an incredible event risk, leading to the onset of the worst economic depression in history in early 2020. Moreover, it was stated (in the premium area) that Saturn 0° Pluto in January 2020 has been *the* master constellation for epidemics in the past 2500 years. So I had warned in 2019 in the premium area that from 2020 the global logistics chains break & especially tourism & air traffic will experience a total crash landing. All of that has *exactly* come to pass: Covid-19 definition on 12/31/19 leading to (economic & other) events the world hasn’t seen before (crash airline shares by 70% in a few weeks). To my knowledge *no* (!) other forecaster in this corner of the galaxy was able to make a call with at least a fraction of the Amanita precision (regarding content & timing), i.e. Amanita is the best call girl on the galaxy. So, what can we expect now? The first step for good calls is always to praise the Lord!

Forecasters & prophets

Nevertheless, the one who receives instruction in the word should share all good things with their instructor. (Galatians 6-6)

What’s worse for a forecaster than to miss the most important event in thousands of years? Absolutely nothing, so to my knowledge *all* (!) of my forecaster colleagues have completely failed – which is historically unavoidable with their methods. I have warned for years that in the end times pure forecasters will become meaningless & instead true prophets of God are the only ones with valid future statements. The difference between forecasters & prophets is that forecasters in one way or another extrapolate past data into the future, while (true) prophets receive their messages directly from God.

Most financial market models are based on the empirical data of years or decades, a few are based on centuries of data, only interest rate data are available for 5000 years. Still, one has to add several zeros to these data series to be aligned with reality, because of the 60 million year cycle of mass extinction unfolding, peaking in the 2030s. When a model is based on 100 million years of data it might *possibly* continue to work – but even that is questionable.

The timeline late December 2019 was already highlighted as extremely powerful in the some 800 year old Mayan Dresden codex (because of the Capricorn stellium near the Galactic center), as discussed by David Montaigne (Link) & also mentioned in the free area. By the way, already in 2012 Stephen Hawking stated that 2020 is the true end of the Mayan calendar, the popular year 2012 was a simple calculation error (Link).

So financial forecasters with at least some self-criticism left should throw their failing models into the garbage bin. However, that is not happening because their egos are stretching from here into the Andromeda galaxy (distance: 2.5 million light years). The path of the ego will inevitably lead to hell in the end times, so even financial advisors threaten one’s soul salvation. As a matter of fact, the crucifixion of the ego can happen in many different ways, the financial markets are one of them. Recently - upon the order of the boss - I have started with the 1008fold destruction of these demons controlling & manipulating the financial markets. Among there were 3 reptilians in the oil markets that looked so ugly that one almost has to throw up upon seeing them. Spiritual warfare was described best in the Indian Vedas, unfortunately the Bible only makes some noises without any details. The first strategic Armageddon battle of the past 2000 years was on November 8-12, 1981 led by Chuck Youngbrandt (with 100 Christians & 42,000 warrior angels), as described in his books Jesus, His Angel & Me (3 parts). Without doubt, the current financial system was created in hell & is controlled by the she-devil, that’s why it has to fall until 9/15/23.

Coronavirus/ Covid-19 & coming leprosy-like skin pandemic

You will not fear the terror of the night,
nor the arrow that flies by day,
the plague that stalks in darkness, or the calamity that destroys at noon.
Though 1,000 may fall at your side, and 10,000 at your right hand, no harm will come near you.
(Psalm 91)

According to search volume (Link), crowd madness is now obsessed with the looming 2nd coronavirus wave: when the crowd considers something important you can forget it, the crowd is always fascinated by the irrelevant – the 2nd wave will be a non-event compared to what’s coming. First, we have to understand that we’ll experience hundreds of epidemics until 2048, this is carved in stone & even using 666 masks at the same time can’t prevent that. Nothing can change the destiny of humanity, Last Judgment has begun. Already before this universe was created, everything including the smallest quantum fart was decided. The illusion of ‘free will’ only arises because of the separation from God.

In the medical field the nonsense of forecasters can be observed as well, as all these ‘smart’ CV models created by the caduceus monsters (Link) were nothing but BS. Still, the remnant of good prophets (a handful on the whole planet) is not taken seriously. All forecasters – almost 100% (!) of academic & alternative MDs & all other commentators, including the so-called ‘truthers’ – operate on the false premise that the pandemics of 2020 & beyond will be similar to the ones in the past millennia. However, nothing could be further from truth than this nonsense. If at all, we should look back to the dinosaur extinction more than 60 million years ago. The Holy Bible makes a very clear statement regarding the end times (Mark 13-20), “If the Lord had not shortened those days, no flesh would be saved” – i.e. neither humans nor animals.

For the illuminati Covid-19 is the Swiss Army knife to push their NWO agenda in many different ways. One of the effects is that most observatories around the globe were closed, the reptiles from Orion don’t want us to know what’s approaching us (Link). Most major comets (e.g. Hale-Bopp) approach from the south, because Nibiru’s orbit is highly tilted & the destroyer remains >99% of the time deep in the south.

These hundreds of epidemics in the coming 28 years have numerous roots, the most overlooked is the implanting of pathogens by meteorite impacts. The number of bolides (fireballs=very bright shooting stars) has added a zero since 2009, because of the approach of Nibiru the destroyer (Link) & until 2048 we will add another 3-7 zeros, with thousands of impacts by meteorites or even large asteroids. Pandemics caused by celestial events (especially comets) were already known in ancient China, e.g. a major pandemic wave occurred in China 3500-3600 years ago during the last Nibiru return (Link). Quote by the director of Chinese Imperial Astronomical Bureau in 648 A.D. (48=Last Judgment):

Comets are vile stars. Every time they appear in the south, they wipe out the old and establish the new. Fish grow sick, crops fail, Emperors and common people die, and men go to war. The people hate life and don't even want to speak of it.

These hundreds of epidemics in 2020-48 will continue to afflict humanity even for a long time afterwards, Nostradamus verse 1-17 says that 40 years everybody will be tired, I suppose in the time period 2027 until 2067. Another effect of the huge number of these parallel epidemics that it will be hard to tell which disease is caused by which epidemic – but this will be an academic question anyway.

Nostradamus wrote in his letter to King Henry that epidemics will kill 2/3 of humanity (Link), which translates into more than 5 billion people. According to other prophetic sources the biggest single pandemic wipes out ¼ of humanity, e.g. according to Dr. Stephen Schwartz, Anton Johannsson & perhaps also Revelation 6 (break of the 4th seal of the Apocalypse = green horseman). In April 2020 I had my palm leaf read through & this one was to the first to include world predictions, e.g. that the coronavirus pandemic will kill 1.4% of the world population = 110 million (more on palm leaves see Already in May 2020 more than half of these 110 million had been achieved, the rest should unfold swiftly.

The alternative media (‘truther’) brainwash us & want to make us believe that CV is not more than a normal flu & that the death toll is allegedly so low, but this nothing but BS. Unfortunately, neither the lying mainstream press nor the self-declared ‘truthers’ have a good truth content of more than 66.6%. I have found only one top source with a truth content of 97%: Dr. Judy Mikovits (Link). Everyone unconditionally serving truth will sooner or later be bullied by the biggest enemy of truth & humanity in general: the state terrorists. In 2011 Mikovits was arbitrarily imprisoned, her records & career destroyed & she was threatened with death. Still, she doesn’t bow to the tyranny, but she does the will of God without fuss or quibble – if even it costs her life. *This* is the attitude that leads to heaven, everything else to hell.

In January 2012 (Link) US preacher John Paul Jackson (7/30/50-2/18/15) made several prophecies on the ‘perfect storm’ (Link), which is a combination of a large number of terrible end times events (80% are earth changes, only 20% man-made). Jackson even specifically mentioned the year 2020 (+/-) for these events to unfold (Link), he talked of 2 pandemics: the first one (=CV) being primarily fear (in the US, where the death toll is low – yet in China the death toll was huge). However, the second pandemic should be really awful, likely the big one wiping out ¼ of the worst virus in the galaxy in less than 6 months (2 billion people). Unfortunately, Jackson was later taken over by the reptilians from Orion & post-mortally went into hell, which could already be detected in his slotted repto eyes (Link).

The most recent phenomenon of the quarantine has to be judged in the Galactic context – which is never done though, because of ignorance & blinkered specialists. This quarantine is global karma, our galaxy (milky way) is inhabited by more than one million intelligent civilizations, but *none* of them is causing so much trouble as ours. Nearly all of these ETs are fed up with this virus called ‘humans’. So we should pray for the removal of this virus. About 40% of the 1 million+ life forms have the human matrix (1 head, 2 legs & 2 arms), the rest has various forms, partly similar to animals on earths, partly ‘unimaginable’.

Because we are the most dangerous epidemic of the galaxy, a double quarantine was installed in December 2014: around the prison planet & the whole solar system. This decision was made after on 12/5/14 the illuminati had attacked one of the huge spaceships (spheres) of the Galactic Federation, using a laser-kind weapon from the military base Pine Gap in Australia. This attack was even registered by the livestream of the International Space Station ISS (Link). The sphere simply reflected the beam back, this wonderful instant karma freed us from some reptilian psychopaths: RIH (rest in hell). Because of this galactic quarantine the space traffic has reduced massively, that’s why since 2014 the number of UFO sightings has collapsed (Link).

The Indian pastor Sundar Selvaraj (born on 3/17/62) agrees & has specified that the second pandemic breaks out when an official CV remedy is available. This alignment on the time axis could even mean causation, if this ‘remedy’ is a CV vaccination: so the CV vaccination would cause a death toll of 2 billion. Vaccinations can *never ever* (!) heal any disease. Chemotherapy contains toxins that were first used in WW2 in concentration camps to torture & kill prisoners, vaccinations are chemotherapy light.

The fashionable complaints of the late 20th/ early 21st century were almost exclusively a vaccination damage, e.g. hay fever. According to a study by the Jackson State University (N=666) even children only partially vaccinated suffer 30x (!) more often from hay fever than children not vaccinated at all. If one would again differentiate between those children tortured with *all* recommended vaccinations & the unvaccinated, then one would most likely detect that the first group has 50-100x (!!!) more hay fever. Needless to say, hay fever is just one of thousands of possible vaccination damages, see my 2010 *conservative* (!) calculation that the tetanus vaccination increases the risk of diseases 1000fold (100,000%): Apart from that every vaccination means participating in a satanic ritual & thus is a death sin, one has to ask the Big Boss for forgiveness of this sin.

The NWO plan (WHO, Bill Gates & Co.) is that after 6+6+6=18 months around mid-2021 this globocide vaccination shall be released. However, most other factors support the timeline 11/3/20-11/9/20 for the breakout of this pandemic, with the distribution of the virus material beginning in September 2020 with the barycenter (center of mass CM) at 311°. The 311 code has played a key role since 2019: for thousands of years 311° (11° Aquarius the 11th sign, 11 is the Jewish number of revenge) has been *the* war degree, with the Jupiter transits being the key (partly also the opposite degree 131° = 11° Leo = anagram of 311). Note that the transit of Mars over 311° by mid-April 2020 coincided with the peak of CV pandemic. Venus=Lucifer transited over 311° in late December 2019: 12/31/19 CV definition.

In the first months of 2021 both Jupiter & Saturn transits over 311°, which certainly marks the breakout of WW3 & perhaps also the biggest wave of extinction in human history. On 5/14/19 during the Song Contest in Israhell the crowning of the hell queen via gas masks was announced. Almost exactly 311 days later around mid-March 2020 the quarantines with the cancellation of almost all church services began, i.e. the 42 months of the reign of the hell queen. The CV definition was on 12/31/19, 311 days later points to early November 2020.

The junior prophets Jackson & Selvaraj agree that the coming pandemic will be a skin disease. Selvaraj compares the symptoms to a hornet sting (ulcers), but on the whole body & with a huge body count (Link). This is a consequence of the death sting by demons, see Peniel Ngonde (Link). It has been stressed here for a long time: almost *all* people today commit a bodily harm 24 hours per day with their microwave WMD. Let’s ask the Lord that this karma will be accelerated from 2021. Finally the smombies will feel in their own flesh the terrible suffering they cause their fellow creatures 24/7 – praise the justice of our Lord Jesus Christ! Unfortunately this message is almost never understood, so the behavior is not changed, the collective ignorance is beyond belief. So the Lord has to take out the iron rod for even worse chastisements & has to turn off the sign of the 666 Beast (cell phones & co.) through blackouts.

The Indian sadhu also warned that this pandemic makes the skin very dark or black (Link). This is exactly what has happened already, with an extremely dark skin of CV patients – it appears the reptilians from Orion already test the coming virus (or bacteria = co-infection?) selectively. According to the Indian prophet the pathogen will look similar to the crown virus (corona means crown), but spikier. Selvaraj already said in 2013 that a leprosy-like pandemic will arise from the Philippines (Link). Philipp is the friend of horses, this is a link to the current 4th & last (green) horseman of the apocalypse. The sadhu leaves no doubt that it can’t be healed with conventional remedies. This is very good, only the return to God can help, see Pastor Selvaraj (Link).

In 1982 the illuminati card game was released, with amazing prophecies regarding the NWO plan. Many major events were predicted long in advance, e.g. 9/11, the Fukushima tsunami on 11.3.11 with the double 311 code, Trumpenstein (card Enough is Enough) or the braindead flat earth nonsense of the so-called truthers (Link). A card with the dominant color green (green horseman of the apocalypse fall 2019-fall 2020) predicted the NWO weapon of quarantines, another card flesh-eating bacteria as the coming pandemic. Cheers & good appetite!

On 3/15/20 the first of the (Bill) *Gates* of hell was opened: the torments in the first (top) hell level are mainly quarantine & isolation (imprisoned in small prison cells): the global experience of 2020. Every 6 months another of the 7 hell gates is opened, which means torments get worse & worse. The first hell level can be compared with a prison (example Link), the second with a torture prison (example Link) & the third with a concentration camp (regarding the agonies of the levels 4-7 nothing on the surface of earth comes close). Thus from 9/15/20 we have an additional 3 anguishes: stench, heat & being eaten alive (e.g. by bacteria). The heat gets unbearable in the 3rd level of hell. One consequence of the 2nd & 3rd gate of hell is that large animals will also start to eat humans, e.g. dogs will eat their owners. In the clip by Bill Wiese the 3rd level of hell is well depicted (Link), to be opened from 3/15/21.

The hierarchy in hell (Link) & of negative entities (Link) was best described by the transpersonal soul Dr. Jayant Athavale, only the water spirits (Link) headed by their queen of sirens Maria Marguella are missing. Maria Marguella is worshipped by the Catholic & Orthodox believers as ‚Mother Mary’, she is also the Islamic half-moon as well as the Statue of Liberty & the EU flag, see Peniel Ngonde (Link).

Amma & her devotees were subject to massive verbal attacks & common assaults in her early years, especially by her own brother. One day enough was enough & Amma stated her brother must die for his sins – which happened within days. When an avatar as a representative of the divine cuts the thread of life, then no doctor can help. The consciousness level LoC=0-1000 (Hawkins scale) makes an important statement: evil deeds will be harvested faster & stronger, the higher the LoC of the victim. Dark doings against an avatar (LoC=985-1000) like Amma will be felt very fast & powerfully.

Why do I mention this story? Since 3/15/20 every white soul can & should pray for the life threads of the black souls to be cut. The first step is prayers, later the creator will demand that the white souls take their sword. Matthew 10-34 refers to this mission & the verse number is a code for the year 2033-35, when Kaiser Henry will take out the sword for 4 months (730,730 days = 2000.7 years after crucifixion, as explained in the movie The Crimson Rivers):

Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.

More than 2800 years ago the prophet Elijah beheaded the 850 false prophets of Queen Jezebel: after something like that you don’t need a fitness center but a good shower. And yet, when it came to beheading Queen Jezebel herself, Elijah chickened & escaped. Where Elijah failed, this generation will succeed! Almost all of Christianity is still living in the past, namely the suffering (Yin) Christ of the Kali Yuga, not the ruling (Yang) Christ of the Golden Age. Psalm 109 is a wonderful prayer to cut the life thread of black souls, the ‘Christian’ good-doers avoid this psalm with the quality of Shiva the destroyer like the plague:

My God, whom I praise, do not remain silent, for people who are wicked and deceitful have opened their mouths against me; they have spoken against me with lying tongues. With words of hatred they surround me; they attack me without cause. In return for my friendship they accuse me, but I am a man of prayer. They repay me evil for good, and hatred for my friendship. Appoint someone evil to oppose my enemy; let an accuser stand at his right hand. When he is tried, let him be found guilty, and may his prayers condemn him. May his days be few; may another take his place of leadership. May his children be fatherless and his wife a widow. May his children be wandering beggars; may they be driven from their ruined homes. May a creditor seize all he has; may strangers plunder the fruits of his labor. May no one extend kindness to him or take pity on his fatherless children. May his descendants be cut off, their names blotted out from the next generation. May the iniquity of his fathers be remembered before the Lord; may the sin of his mother never be blotted out. May their sins always remain before the Lord, that he may blot out their name from the earth.

At present we have 96-97% black souls (including black chameleons) waiting for their post-mortal stay in hell. The pandemics, earth changes & WW3 will achieve a miracle in the coming 10-15 years & reduce the share of black (sick) souls to 70% in the 2030s. Kaiser Henry will clean up the remaining mess, he will do 100% the will of God, so he neither will tolerate state terrorists nor smombies nor good-doers nor covidiots on this planet, and he takes no prisoners. Upon the order of the CEO of CEOs he will kill all sick (black) souls – refusing to obey would bring himself into hellfire. Nostradamus only gives a small hint with his statement that ‚Chiren’ will not only be loved, he will also be feared. The clearest source is the 2600 year old prophecy of King Nebuchadnezzar II (604-562 B.C.) & his seer Sajaha (Link) regarding the ‚3rd Sargon‘ (=Kaiser Henry the Lucky), who will wipe out the remaining 70% black souls (soul garbage disposal):

But the New Babylon [understood as the center of the world] will shine at the base of the North Mountain [Untersberg Mountain]. And he who was the loneliest, will be the new king of Babylon, the king of the new realm/ empire. […] The Third Sargon will come in later times [she hinted at thousands of years in the future]. He will destroy the servants of darkness with all her seed, he will uproot the evil by the roots. He will show no mercy, will not spare one of the enemies of light; he will he have no mercy with those who remained passive. He will not tolerate the ones who do not recognize the one. He will push down the lower species, he kills all the sick [black] souls. Among the worshipers of the evil spirit is no trace left on the ground. The third Sargon will be terrible against everything that is a hindrance to the development of pure light. He will purify the world, will kill 7 out of 10 people and obliterate everything that is wrong and everything that bears the marks of the false. He will be cruel to the darkness. The bodies of the slain, he will pile up to high pyramids, to burn them. Everything ignoble must fall. The eternal order, which will have been lost, will be restored by himself, sent by God. […] But in the time span of 4 months, the emissary will have done his work. […] A band of upright will be around him. [his circle of 12, partly in Amanita network] […] Only small crowds of people will live in the earthly world, but it will be the best, who now live and reign.

Micronova 10/19-11/9/21: 6 prophecies

The next Biblical super timeline is late 2021, which will even make the breakout of WW3 in spring 2021 look like a cyan nightingale fart with silencer app. Amma is the spiritual leader of the planet, in June 2016 she mentioned in Duckburg (New Mexico) that in 2021 the earth will be hit by a massive solar storm (=micronova). We from the lineage going back to King Arthur did some work in the solar system to prepare the planet for this event. Needless to say, the timing June 2016 was no coincidence at all, 66.6 months later points to late 2021/ early 2022. Amma added that one should not have children because children will eat their parents & vice versa. Enjoy your meal!

The boss told Chuck Youngbrandt that the USA will be destroyed in 3 years (Link pages 237-265) & meanwhile almost everything corroborates that 2020 is the first year. In the 2nd of these 3 years (2021) electrical power will be rationed & 80% of the US households can’t heat in the winter of 2021/22. The reason will be a monster eruption of the sun tearing the US electrical grid into pieces. Then around 7/5/2022 (7/5/2021?) there will be huge earthquake near Chicago tearing North America into 2 pieces, the Great Lakes will become one inland sea from Toronto until New Orleans along the Mississippi, which then will be up to 56 km broad (according to other prophets up to 100 km).

The Russian bear will use this opportunity & launch a nuclear attack on 8/11/22 (8/11/21?) to be followed by a ground offensive beginning on 10/21/2022 (10/21/21?) by 8 nations: Russia, China, Japan, Mexico, Serbia, Cuba, Nicaragua & another one. Why Serbia? Serbia was bombed by the Whore of Babylon (Link) in 1999 & still has to score a settle with her. The whore of Babylon (see Dumitru Duduman Link) can defend against the invasion at the Appalachian & Rocky Mountains for 2-3 quarters, but is defeated in spring of 2023 (2022?) & in the summer of 2023 (2022?) the empire of evil ceases to exist: main event of the end of the Kali Yuga on 9/15/2023. According to Youngbrandt North America will be occupied for 7 years (Link): the year 2029 for the successful counter offensive was already mentioned in 1984 in the movie Terminator. During these 7 years cannibalism will become the main form of nutrition, Youngbrandt saw that children were traded at the price of a packet of cigarettes, e.g. $10 (similar in the movie Humanity Bureau).

The 150 psalms are the 19th book of the Holy Bible, they make prophecies according to the formula 1900 + psalm number, to a lesser degree also 2000 + psalm number (Link). That’s why psalm 121 stands for 2021: “The Lord watches over you, the Lord is your shade at your right hand, the sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon by night.” Thus we have a warning that God’s help is needed so that one is not harmed by the sun. Even stranger is the formulation that the moon shouldn’t harm you, which is no normal life experience, but certainly a code for the half-moon=Islam. Moreover, the moon will glow as already pointed out by the prophet Isaiah more than 2700 years ago, as he warned that the sun will be as bright as 7 suns. Psalm 21 also refers to the sun:

Thou shalt make them [the enemies] as a fiery oven in the time of Thine anger; the Lord shall swallow them up in His wrath, and the fire shall devour them. Their fruit shalt Thou destroy from the earth, and their seed from among the children of men. For they intended evil against Thee; they contrived a mischievous device, which they are not able to perform.

The 6th seal of the Apocalypse 9/7/21-9/26/22 (Revelation 6) also has the sun in the center of the events:

I watched as he opened the 6th seal. There was a great earthquake [epicenter in Chicago]. The sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair, the whole moon turned blood red, and the stars in the sky fell to earth, as figs drop from a fig tree when shaken by a strong wind. The heavens receded like a scroll being rolled up, and every mountain and island was removed from its place. Then the kings of the earth, the princes, the generals, the rich, the mighty, and everyone else, both slave and free, hid in caves and among the rocks of the mountains. They called to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of him who sits on the throne [of God] and from the wrath of the Lamb! For the great day of their wrath has come, and who can withstand it?

In order to arrive at the throne of God you have to go through almost 40,000 Gates. So people will flee to the underground & the illuminati to their underground bases – which is good, so their grave will be a luxurious one. According to an insider (supplier) the reptiles began storing food in 2017, which is of course the last step in prepping. Why the flight into the earth? The most likely explanation is that after the micronova we’ll see 10-50° C higher temperatures for days or weeks. Needless to say, this is bad for the tropics & the Southern hemisphere, where it has normal summer temperatures of 20-40° C, so the additional heat could be unbearable. These events will quicken WW3 & the flight towards the North, away from the hot Arabian nations.

The sun experienced the first micronova from 8/7/1972 until summer 1974, which was shielded through the Sirian experiment (Link). In spite of this shield the solar wind still reached the highest speed ever detected (4 million km/h). In 1972/ 73 we also had a 30-year temperature high around the globe, an anomaly in the cold 1960s & 1970s. In psalms 72 (->1972) & 74 (->1974) we find the sun mentioned 3x (which is significant), in psalm 72 with the very strange wording, “May they fear You as long as the sun endures.” Without the intervention of our friends from Sirius not a single human would have survived: this was the only reason why the Galactic Federation of Light approved this experiment (nothing to lose). Eventually this experiment was so much more successful than expected & the Sirians jubilated, so the next micronova comes in the jubilee (50th year) later.

We have Amma, Youngbrandt & 3 Bible timelines overlapping in fall 2021, Nostradamus as the 6th prophecy even further narrows down this timeline to a few weeks. Quote from the letter to King Henry (Link):

And it will be in the month of October than the great translation will be made and it will be such that one will think the gravity of the earth has lost its natural movement and that it is to be plunged into the abyss of perpetual darkness. In the spring [2021] there will be omens, and thereafter extreme changes, [political] reversals of realms and mighty earthquakes. These will be accompanied by the procreation of the new Babylon, miserable daughter enlarged by the abomination of the first holocaust. It will last for only 73 years and 7 months. Then there will issue from the stock which had remained barren for so long, proceeding from the 50th degree, one who will renew the whole Christian Church.

So the big events happen in the month of October, I suppose in the Julian calendar (still effective at the time of Nostradamus): the Julian October is the Gregorian month 10/14-11/13/21 (Link). Israhell was founded on 5/14/1948, after the first holocaust mentioned by Nostradamus: 73 years 7 months later is December 2021, where Israhell falls – praise the Lord!

By the way, the wording ‘first holocaust’ implies a second holocaust. December 2021 is the only crystal-clear time statement by the King of Prophets in the first half of the 21st century, the only one in the 20th century was the solar eclipse 8/11/99: 2 days earlier the most important politician of the 21st century (Putin) was put into office. The wording 50° N refers to the line Lille (lily=Bourbons=Kaiser Henry the Lucky), Brussels, Luxemburg, Aachen (where he will be crowned), Frankfurt/ Main & Nuremberg.

During this timeframe we can also expect the first major darkness, out of a series of at least two (or even more), almost always the wrong theory is perpetuated that we'll see darkness only once (for 3 days). On 9/20/1880 Marie-Julie Jahenny wrote of the 2 dark days *before* the 3 dark days, which likely occurs with this Nostradamus timeline (Link). On 1/25/1881 she wrote of 7 dark days over England.

The first micronova was in 1972-74, 48 years later (48=Last Judgment) this event will repeat, but without the Sirian protection shield (because we have 100% failed to fulfill the expectation of the Galactic Federation). These 6 prophecies converge for the timeframe 10/19-11/13/21 (unlikely 10/1-11/13/21) & especially on the dates 11/3-9, because of the 311 code dominating since 2019. Early November is day 311 in the annual cycle, especially around 3.11.=11/3. Moreover, this is a 40-year cycle after the first strategic Armageddon battle on November 8-12, 1981 led by Chuck Youngbrandt. The second possible date is the one given in the 2009 movie Knowing with Nicolas Cage: 10/19. Also on the 10/19 date the movie Geostorm was launched in 2017.

Now in the 42 months of the reign of the antichrist 3/15/20-9/15/23 we have to change our prayers by 180° & pray for 1008fold destruction. The time of grace is over, Last Judgment has begun, we have to pray 1008fold justice, see John Paul Jackson (Link). Asking for grace in 2020 *could* (depending on the subject) go against divine will & thus result in hellfire for oneself – which is never realized by the sheeple! The Book of Ecclesiastes speaks the truth:

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:
a time to be born and a time to die,
a time to plant and a time to uproot,
a time to kill and a time to heal,
a time to tear down and a time to build,
a time to weep and a time to laugh,
a time to mourn and a time to dance,
a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing,
a time to search and a time to give up,
a time to keep and a time to throw away,
a time to tear and a time to mend,
a time to be silent and a time to speak,
a time to love and a time to hate,
a time for war and a time for peace.

WW3 is the battle between the powers of light (Yang) & of darkness (Yin), which absolutely *nobody* (!) can evade, there is no ‘neutrality’ whatsoever. Everybody not fighting on the side of light is automatically a soldier of the powers of evil. So let’s ask the Lord 24/7 that between late 2020 & late 2022 the centers of evil on the US West Coast shall be destroyed 1008fold: Microsoft, Fecesbook, What’s Ape, Apple of temptation, Gog & Magog (Google), YT sewer rats & especially the data devil #1 Zoom that was already banned by many major companies (like Daimler, Google & Tesla) & even by states (e.g. Taiwan). And Trumpenstein has cut the censorship terrorism of the anti-social media. For some time the sewer rats offered a quality of 1080, now I only get 360 & sometime in 2021/22 it will be 0, so this horror chapter will be finally closed. Praise the Lord!

Thanks God, these heart-warming events will also hinder the planned CV surveillance technologies, so that the wet dreams of the she-devil & her sycophants as Gates are over. The most infernal error of 100% (?) of humanity (apart from some Amanita readers & illuminati) is that the mark of the 666 Beast is yet to come, in the form of implants, vaccinations or similar stuff. However, nothing could be further from reality, we have been ‘enjoying’ the trinity of the 666 beast already for years:

1. The mark of the 666 beast is in (almost) every hand & head: cell phone.

2. The number of the 666 beast is on every barcode (the newer form are QR codes).

3. The image of the 666 beast is worshipped every day for hours: screens.

I have been studying prophecies for decades & the one thing that still amazes me to date is that it is almost never realized when prophecies come true – as in 2020. Around 3/15/20 (on the very day south & east of the Untersberg Mountain) almost all church services around the globe stopped, which has *never* (!) happened before & this persecutions of Christians was the main purpose (!) of the quarantine – everything else is just props. None of the ‚Christian‘ fools realizes how far the persecution is already. This war is *exclusively* about the souls of humanity, the tools employed like pandemics, economics, politics, finance… are nothing more than a means to an end. Only in this spiritual vacuum the she-devil can reign as *never* before, every true mass (without satanic practices like prattling in tongues) has a purifying effect in a radius of +/- kilometers or miles. All of that happened on the very *day* (!) 42 months before the end of the Kali Yuga on 9/15/23: you can’t have more precision than that, and yet humanity is totally blind…

Micronova 10/19-9/11/21: astronomical analysis

There is a totally different way to approach this topic, namely through astronomy, leading to similar conclusions. The by far best channel for this topic is Ben Davidson (Link) with a very high truth content of often 96% - normal scientists have 50-60% truth content, if at all. In May 2019 the Galactic Center suddenly pulsed 75x (!) stronger, which was the electromagnetic component of the Galactic superwave (Link), the particle wave will follow later. According to the PhD dissertation of Paul LaViolette a galactic wave has 2 components (Link): the electromagnetic (mainly the gamma blitz) with light speed & the particle wave with hardly less than light speed (>99% of light speed), although it slows down over time. This particle wave from the Galactic center (26,000 light years away) is the dangerous one, it arrives in the decades or centuries after the electromagnetic wave & triggers the micronova of our sun. How much later depends on several factors & can’t be answered straightforward. Luckily, to calculate the delay we have 2 rather close stars in the approximate direction of the Galactic center (length 27° Sagittarius):

(1) Barnard’s star (29.6° Sag, 6 light years away) experienced a micronova in 1992 (observed 6 years later on 7/17/98 the birthday of the evil Rothschild witch): temperature immediately exploded from 3000° auf 8000° K. This micronova wiped out all life in their solar system, if any life existed (Link).

(2) Alpha Centauri (0° Sag, 4 light years away) had a micronova at the turn of 2011/12, observed in March 2016. Immediately the apparent magnitude in the visible area briefly soared 68fold (!), in 2017 it was observed that this star emitted 1000 times (!) more microwaves for 10 seconds. Alpha Centauri is also called Toliman, which reminds us of Prof. Alexander Tollmann, the head of the Institute for Geology here in Vienna, Austria: to my knowledge the only ‘regular’ & renowned university professor in Pussystan who researched end time topics. Tollmann also proposed the bolide theory & put the impact to 9/23/9545 BP, ‘accidentally’ on 9/23 the day of the Virgo constellation.

The trigger for both micronovas so close to us (Alpha Centauri is our next sidereal neighbor) most likely is the galactic wave, so we get a rough estimate (Link). In the center the milky way has a declination of -29° (in the south), Alpha Centauri is 30° more to the south & Barnard is more than 30° north, although the length of Alpha Centauri is almost 30° away from the straight line with the Galactic center. In 19.5 years the wave made 2-3 light years, only 3-4 light years are missing before our solar system gets a Galactic kick in the butt. So we can almost be sure that this wave will hit us in the decades after 2011/12. The problem is that this particle wave doesn’t arrive in a straight line like electromagnetic waves, but in a vortex, our galaxy is a huge spiral. Thus trigonometry can solve this problem only with a lot of uncertainty, it can happen a lot faster or slower than trigonometry suggests. One would have to know the exact vortex form, the speed of the slowdown & other factors.

In Oliver Crane’s space-quantum-theory (1992) the supernova pressure plays a major role. In the past millennium we only had one big supernova: 1604 Kepler’s supernova SN1604, at a rather big distance of some 20,000 light years. One has to understand that micronovas (tiny supernova) are a rather frequent event in the galaxy, as discussed by Ben Davidson (Link). Our solar system will go through at least 2 supernovas in 2021-48, one in late 2021 & the other in 2033/34 under the 4th vial of God’s wrath, apparently the second is a lot stronger according to the analyzed palm leaves almost half of the deaths will happen around 2034 ( Revelation 16:

The fourth angel [of divine wrath] poured out his bowl on the sun, and the sun was allowed to scorch people with fire. They were seared by the intense heat and they cursed the name of God, who had control over these plagues, but they refused to repent and glorify him.

Micronova 10/19-11/9/21: repercussions

The impact will be huge: peak of 60 million year cycle of mass extinction. Both the Bible & Nostradamus speak of massive astronomical-geological disruptions, not just major quakes but also a first (mini) pole shift, perhaps even a change in the rotational axis (flatter than the current 23° inclination) & longer year as we move further away from the sun. Some millennia ago the old cultures still had a calendar of 360 days, the last Nibiru return almost 3600 years ago made our orbit larger, so one revolution around the sun now takes 365.24 days. According to the Hopi prophecy, the micronova is the blue kachina, followed by the red kachina = Nibiru.

The most wonderful effect of the micronova is that afterwards (almost?) all satellites will be dead, so GPS & Glonass are history, including the alleged ‘5G satellites’ by the Musketeer – praise the Lord! Satellites outside the atmosphere don’t have a protection against the huge solar storm. The electrical systems on the surface of earth will also suffer, depending on many factors. Without doubt, the communication with death rays (microwaves, cell phone & co.) will be heavily disturbed for days, weeks or months, or cease to work altogether. Let’s pray to the Lord that the microwave WMDs (cell phone=mark of the 666 beast) including 5G will *never* work again. At any rate, the atmospheric conditions in 2021-48 will be so unstable that microwave communication will never be as stable as before.

At least 1 billion people should experience at least a partial blackout for a very long time (months, years, forever?), the Americas have almost a billion inhabitants. As in the case of the other micronovas, our micronova should only last for seconds or minutes, which means that the day hemisphere (to be precise 180-220° of the planet) will be hit 10-30 times harder than the night hemisphere (140-180° of the planet). Douglas Vogt (Link minute 25) discusses the role of the hemisphere hit by the micronova (minute 25) & the rather precise galactic cycle of 12,068 years pointing to about 2046 (Link).

All factors agree that the Americas will be on the day side & hit hard, the other continents a lot weaker (night side). The Eldorado of preppers & the illuminati New Zealand at 175° E will be toasted almost with certainty towards a blackout, perhaps also Eastern Australia at 150° E: Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney & Melbourne. Even Japan (Tokyo 140° E) is still in danger, a lot less Korea (Seoul & Pyongyang 127° E). The Philippines (Manila 121° E) define the outermost danger zone. Everything else more to the West should only be impacted somewhat by the micronova: Eastern China (Beijing 116°), Western Australia (Perth 116°), Indonesia (Jakarta 107°), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur 101°) & Thailand (Bangkok 101°).

It is not a coincidence that Amma made her solar storm remark only once: in America, to be precise in Santa Fe, New Mexico, at 106° W. Likely this is the micronova center +/-90°, defining the central danger zone 16° W (West Coast of Africa) to 164° E, perhaps also the following 10-40° further west. The US power grid should be torn into pieces, as already predicted in the 2012 movie Collision Course, 2021 is anagram of 2012. This is also the main reason why the Americas & especially the US are hardly mentioned in the Holy Bible: they are gone before the real party begins.

In the US the danger is known, in 2019 Trumpenstein signed an executive order on this topic, below find a USGS model with the expected voltage induction (volt) as can be expected from solar storms occurring once every 100 years (Link). The question is how many zeros we have to add to these volt numbers in order to describe a micronova. There is also one effect: the further away from the equator, the bigger the damage, this is also the reason why polar lights are mainly seen in the high latitudes. The Southern US bordering Mexico should be better off, that’s why Mexico will join the invasion of the USA.

In contrast, Eurasia & Africa are involved in WW3 over 27 years (according to Nostradamus): 2021-48. The 4 main war parties are Europe, Russia, China & the CALIphate (led by Iran), which means the damage must be limited, warfare needs a lot of logistics & infrastructure. As Alois Irlmaier said, Beelzebul moves to China. Still, hundreds (!) of earth changes will have a huge impact on WW3: on the one hand driving it (the US weakness after the huge natural disasters invites the enemy), on the other hand blocking it – explaining the long duration. WW1 was characterized by position warfare for about 3.5 years (42 months), in WW3 something similar will be experienced for about 7 years (2023-30). Around August 2030 the later Kaiser Henry will win the battle at the foot of the Untersberg Mountain & then begins retaking Europe & the rest of the world.

Micronova 10/19-11/9/21: evolution & protection with Aurora symbol

Then there is another aspect of the micronova: an evolution leap restructuring human biology from carbon (atomic number 6=base of 666) toward silicon (atomic number 14=perfection in the world), as a long-term process. Unfortunately, all kinds of wannabe experts claim that the whole humanity will experience this evolution leap, yet nothing could be further from truth than this lie. First & foremost, a micronova is a leverage, dramatically accelerating the path people are walking, in the direction people are walking. Black souls (in the Book of Death of the she-devil are moving away from God & for almost 100% of them the micronova will trigger a devolution leap towards an animal existence. Ms. Glock & her friends will lovingly take care of all dangerous animals, at a speed of 100-500 m/s.

A micronova is a very powerful solar storm so it’s important to know whether one is heliophile or heliophobic. According to the insights of Russian scientists (see the paper of Prof. Enrico Edinger Link p. 96ff) only 20% of mankind is heliophile, they are the ‘elephants’ (Ganesha principle): healthy & long-living. However, 80% of humanity is heliophobic = susceptible & with a low life expectancy. The worst are those born at the 11-year sunspot maximum, who hardly reach the age 60+ years (likely referring to the Russian population): 1957, 1968, 1979, 1989, 2000 & 2014.

Prof. Dr. Suitbert Ertel (with whom I corresponded during my diploma & doctoral thesis) from the university in Göttingen, Germany, has found out that major scientific breakthroughs are clustered near sunspot minima, i.e. they enhance science & creativity. This is true on 2 levels, i.e. the breakthroughs happen during the solar minima (as now in 2019/20) & also these scientists were mainly born during the solar minima.

Higher solar activity in the form of solar storms works also short-term negative, in the form of negative equity performance in the following week, according to a 2003 paper of the Fed Atlanta (Link). There are also a lot more diseases & psychiatric admissions after solar storms, in the case of men +36% according to a 1994 research paper in the British Journal of Psychiatry (Link).

One of the pioneers in this field was Prof. Giorgio Piccardi, the boss of the institute of physical chemistry of the university of Florence, Italy, who did hundreds of thousands experiments beginning in 1939 (Link). E.g. Piccardi found out that the reaction speed of Bismuth oxychloride with distilled water has a huge correlation with solar activity: correlation coefficient r~0.9 (theoretical maximum 1.0). Piccardi also confirmed the tremendous importance of astrological constellations for chemical transformations, e.g. lunar phases, alignment towards Galactic center & especially the two gorillas Jupiter & Saturn. His results could be replicated successfully.

The mastermind of helioclimate pathology is mainly Prof. Dr. Alexander Trofimov & his team in Novosibirsk, also referring to the work of Prof. Nikolai Kozyrev (inventor of the Kozyrev mirror), with ties to Dieter Brörs & Prof. Enrico Edinger in Germany. From the North polar ice water (>73° N) they could extract the helioprotective hologram (symbol) Aurora depicted below. It represents the eye of God which helps to see the world through the eyes of God, it is the symbol with the highest level of consciousness I know: LoC=999.5. Aurora is the dawn in the east, according to the Holy Bible the return of Christ begins in the East (Matthew 24-27). One should only use this symbol & not the one from the Enki Institute with reptilian slitted eyes (with Annunaki programming from Nibiru) & thus the eye of Horus, which represents the fallen (black) aspect of the eye of God (eye of the illuminati).

The very powerful Aurora symbol is needed a lot by the 80% heliophobic. It is very easy to produce Aurora water: print out the symbol twice & put it on a water bottle (plastic without plasticizer/ BPA), once with the symbol pointing outward & once inward. This water bottle is placed on the window-sill but not in the blazing sun, thus the water is informed with the qualities of the symbol within hours, i.e. you can use the water daily & refill the water bottle.

There are a few small studies on the effect, e.g. on blood pressure (Link). Experiments with older male mice by Trofimov et. al. demonstrated that after only 4 weeks of drinking Aurora water these male mice had a 6 times higher testosterone level & the C13 level had exploded 42fold (marker for rejuvenation), so that the mice lived a lot longer. Trofimov estimates that the human life expectancy would rise by 23-63% after drinking Aurora water for 3 years. After the late 2021 micronova this effect should be even larger & amount to hundreds of percentage points.

Still, the positive effects should be much lower or completely missing in the case of the black souls (going post-mortem to hell), only white souls will profit most, but their number has crashed to only 0.7% of world population (1.6% including white chameleons) as of May 2020. In the worst case the share of white souls drops to 0.12% until the end of the Kali Yuga in 2023, according to the Gospel of Thomas #23 – verse number are often time codes (Holy Bible, Nostradamus & Birch Tree Song).

The Aurora symbol has many other special effects:

* Purification of pineal gland (master gland)

* Negentropy (order): The plasma ejected by solar storms causes entropy=disorder (=Aquarius) in the body water, Aurora fixes this by creating negentropy=order. This is especially true because of the coming 2/11/21 minor Aquarius stellium, which stands for maximum entropy (big chaos).

* Bovis (life energy): Aurora increases the Bovis (energy level) in the water into the millions, which is extremely high & might even be dangerous (too high dose).

* Temple (space) of God: It creates an almost 100% Temple of God in a radius of 1.5 cm. The heavenly realms are Temples of God & thus can’t be entered by dark entities. The chucker-out archangel Michael kicked the (former) archangel Lucifer into the butt, so that heaven remained a Temple of God. Left political teachings are almost always from hell & thus preach integration & inclusion at every cost: if God allowed that, then even heaven would soon become hell! Nothing is more important than 100% delineation.

* Magnetic field: Aurora weakens the magnetic field of the water 550-650fold. So the Yin is weakened, which means the Yang is stronger in a relative comparison. The main problem in the end times is the dominance of the female (=Yin, moon), creating myriads of problems & pulling down (into hell). This is also the reason why the prophecies agree that in the late end times there will be 7-12 times more women than men. The male is a lot more influenced by the sun & suffers so much more from electrosmog (which is totally Yin). Aurora strengthens the male sun principle (Yang), which is very important. Note: often it is assumed that water has no magnetism, but the research by Albert Roy Davis & others have shown this is not true. So this is also a preparation for the collapse of the magnetic field of earth in the 2020s, when we first have 2, then 4.8, 16… magnetic poles (Link). The electric & magnetic fields in a Tesla self-burning car with 700V high tension are enough for consciousness disruptions & small epileptic shocks according to brainwave studies (Link).

The Aurora symbol can also be used directly on the body (e.g. laminated), where it impacts directly the body fluids & has a very strong effect, although within less than 2 cm distance it loses more than half of the power. This symbol is a lot stronger when pointing away from the body, towards the sun. Nevertheless, be careful! In the first weeks Aurora triggered the biggest detoxification crisis of my life, so one needs measures to detoxify through the 4 elements: fire (sun & sauna), water (blood, sweat & urine), earth (stool) & air (breath). Detox through the breath is mostly overlooked, I recommend, author Stig Åvall Severinsen (4fold world champion) in free-diving calibrates extremely high at LoC>700. It is not a coincidence that the movie with the highest Hawkins level of consciousness LoC=700 (The Big Blue) is also dedicated to free-diving (Link). Neither is it a coincidence that Severinson (3/8/1973) was born during the Sirian experiment 8/7/1972 until summer 1974, on the same day as David Wilcock (3/8/1973).

There are many detoxification methods, e.g.: zeolite/ fiber / Chlorella/ coal, alkaline bath, zapper, oil pulling, organ cleansing (intestines, liver/ gallbladder, kidneys), bloodletting, distilled water, exercise or lymph drainage… But one method should be applied at any rate, to minimize detoxification crises (Herxheimer reactions): electrolysis foot baths (e.g. by Hydrosana). The USP of these ionic foot baths is that they make the toxins visible with the naked eye, which is very valuable both educationally & diagnostically and a kind of must have during a strong detoxification. Normally one footbath 30 minutes per week is recommended, during my Aurora detoxification crisis I needed a daily footbath for 30-45 minutes – and yet the water was very dark every day. I have been doing these foot baths for almost a decade & never experienced anything comparable. According to a study quoted by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt (Link) these baths the aluminum elimination is increased 600fold (!) by these food & hand baths.

This is the link to Covid-19 & viruses in general, because virus is the Latin word for toxin. Rightly so, the paradigm of almost all naturopathic approaches is that a sick body is an intoxicated body. The lying press permanently draws our attention to the unimportant (the virus) & distracts us from what really matters: the milieu (80/ 20 rule of importance). As always, electrosmog plays the key role: under cell phone death rays fungi produce up to 600 (!) times more toxins than normally, according to the lab studies by Dr. Klinghardt (Link). The Klinghardt axiom (Link) tells us that each emotional-mental-spiritual toxin (conflicts…) has a physical (3D) equivalent & one has to deal with the different levels at the same time.

There are other resources to detox, especially the subliminal Maximum Healing Speed 5.75G, (Link). Other programs by Shannon Matteson also have a detoxification module, e.g. the expensive LTU Life Tune-Up (Link). Another helpful subliminal is Maximum Immune Response 3.0, which can even heal vaccination damages according to the Boss (Link).

Micronova 10/19-11/9/21: Protection with psalms & mantras

There are further ways to correct & optimize the solar principle. The psalms 121 & 21 not only predict the solar event 2021, they can also work to prepare oneself. One can also read other Bible passages referring to the sun, we get 100-200 results in the full text search (Link), e.g. psalm 84 which reads, “For the Lord God is a sun.” The 84 is the number of the first coming of Christ & also the number of Biblical 50-year jubilees, as explained by the German nuclear physicist & Bible scholar Dr. Gerhard Zint (Link). The upside down 84 is 48: the sun won’t calm down before 2048. In my palm leaf read in April 2020 (over the year 2048 was also mentioned as important for the world.

In the ancient Indian Vedas the sun is called Surya, also 84 in gematria (Link). Psalm 84 hints at something that is described in much more detail in the Indian Vedas. The sun has aspects: one is incarnated as a being & the other is a part of the Holy Spirit (Sūryadēvatā), so one can talk of the sun as an avatar. This is reflected by language: Jesus Christ the son of God is pronounced identically with Jesus Christ the sun of God. Avatars calibrate very high on the Hawkins scale LoC=985-1000 (Link) & they embody certain divine qualities (i.e. of the Holy Ghost), for instance Jesus Christ love & forgiveness, Amma the mother principle & David Hawkins truth. Therefore the Surya mantras can be used to prepare for the micronova (Link), as well as for weather influence.

Moreover, Ganesha mantras can also help, e.g. Om Gan Ganapataye Namaha (Link). In Turkish the sun güneş is similar to Ganesha, again a linguistic conformation of the sun-Ganesha connection. In gematria Ganesha points to 330 (Link): in Hinduism it is said there are 330 million aspects of the divine. Hinduism is often misunderstood as polytheism, but this is not the case at all (as long as the teaching is authentic), the described aspects of God are the qualities of the Holy Ghost. In Christianity usually only 9 (3x3) qualities are taught, a very narrow approach. Traditionally in prayers the Ganesha God aspect is called first as a door opener & remover of obstacles, so that the other divine aspects can have an effect. That’s why the resurrection (=victory over darkness) was on a Sunday, the day of the sun.

There are 2 major Indian epics that can help because of their very high vibration (even higher than the Bible): Mahabharata & Ramayana. The most important parts of these two are the Bhagavad Gita (LoC=910) & Sundara Kanda (LoC=998), the 5th Ramayana book (Link). ‘Sundara’ even contains the ‚sun‘ & should be better for solar events (also because of the extremely high vibration). One can also focus on certain chapters for specific purposes, e.g. chapter 3 against spiritual attacks & chapters 42-47 for victory over enemies. Palm leaf author Agastiya promised the solution of all problems through the Sundara Kanda, according to the book Sukham Tharum Sundara Kandam of Maha Guru Agastya: The Book of Perfected Beauty and Happiness von Kim Paisol. One can interpret the Hawkins scale as problem-solving capacity, so LoC=998 is close to the maximum possible problem-solving capacity (LoC=1000).

The Sundara Kandam is mostly dedicated to spiritual warfare, i.e. the destruction of demons, which requires access to the avataric levels of consciousness LoC=985-1000. Note that the books by Chuck-Johnel Youngbrandt cover a similar subject, but are easier to understand. I have found only two human works with an even higher LoC=999: an angel choir (Link) & the book I [Eye]: Reality and Subjectivity by David Hawkins with LoC=998.8 (Link). Last but not least Dr. Jayant Athavale regularly updates his mantra recommendation based on the evolving time quality (Link).

One can hold these holy texts in mind, read, speak/ pray, sing & play them quietly in the background or use scalar waves to manifest them in a radius auf up to 25 m via Mindlink (Link). Short mantras are repeated 108 or 1008 times.