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Amanita Market Forecasting probably is the most unconventional market letter on this planet, serving subscribers in dozens of countries around the world since the year 2000! It is based on a unique combination of financial astrology, numerology, cycles, analysis of the plans of the elitists/ illuminati/ high finance to create the New World Order (NWO), as well as the more conventional methods of technical & fundamental analysis. The focus is on intermediate-term (1-6 months) to long-term trends. The US rating agency "Timer Digest" has top-ranked the performance of Amanita Market Forecasting in the ranking of the 100+ market timers worldwide in 2004-21 (Link). However, the Amanita system makes *only* sense as a whole & *never* isolated parts, because all Amanita positions are finetuned as one coherent system. Market timing mostly ceases to work as a market strategy in 2021, after 5000 years of the Kali Yuga!


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Free Amanita Newsletter 6/30/2021:
Prophecies #13: 3rd World War 2021-48
& Zombie Apocalypse 2028 (2024)

1. Amanita performance & market timing
The rating agency Timer Digest discontinued their service with the 1/18/21 edition: perfect timing, because now in 2021 market timing hardly works longer, i.e. only exceptionally. So after 6+6+6=18 years the Timer Digest signals have finally become obsolete ( In the gold ranking 2020 again a top performance was achieved, only one among the 100+ leading timers around the globe was significantly better.

This is nice but actually rather irrelevant, because almost the entire Amanita performance since 2020 has been achieved in the cryptos, where some rockets added 2-3 zeros (between +1000% & 10.000%). The dog coin DOGE which gained almost 3 zeros (x700) has been the best position in the Amanita history since 12/13/00, this coin was added because of certain statements in the Holy Scripture. The Holy Bible & other spiritual & prophetic sources have dominated the Amanita forecasts totally since 2020. As predicted, the hyperinflation accelerates faster & faster, the cryptos are not more than the canary in the coal mine. We have to say good-bye to the approach & patterns of the past 66.6 million years (dinosaur extinction). Example: 99.9% of the market participants still think in trends which is absurd dinosaur thinking, do always think in 1-second-events in the end times. Crowd madness still thinks in price targets against $, while in reality it is impossible to correctly predict the numbers of added zeros against fiat garbage: 1, 3, 5, 10…?

2. 3rd world war 2021-48 & zombie apocalypse 2028 (2024)
For many years I have quoted 2021 as the (official) begin of the 27 years of WW3 until 2048. In reality (unofficially) WW3 began already in 2020 with a death toll of 100+ million through the bioweapon Covid-19 & until 2022 (2023?) a death toll of a nice 2 billion because of the mRNA death jabs. For years I have predicted that the big prophesized pandemic (that cleans earth from 2 billion varmints = humans) begins in 2021. Both the lying press & the so-called ‘truthers’ or ‘awakened’ want to obfuscate the truth & belittle the true death numbers: nobody has the guts to admit the true extent of the ongoing globocide. Actually already in 2020 before the official breakout of WW3 we dwarfed the death toll 50 million of WW2. This article is dedicated to the topic how to get through WW3. It is crucial to be prepared for *all* 7 main levels of the war (and the hundreds of sub-levels) – which nobody is. I’d like to focus on the looming zombies apocalypse as one of the 7 main levels, which is almost 100% overlooked by the prophecy wannabe experts.

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