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Amanita Newsletter 9/29/2016:

Bradley-Siderograph 2017

Nostradamus, King of the Prophets

1. Free market commentary: Bradley siderograph 2017
In this article I review the performance of the Bradley siderograph 2016 & share the model for the coming year 2017. Preliminary remark: the siderograph is an archaic astrologic model from the 1940s, which in the end times no longer works with the rules as defined by Donald Bradley. Second, in the premium area stronger interpretation rules are offered. Moreover, within the Amanita system, dozens of proprietary models do exist, which are light years ahead of the ol’ siderograph.

2. Prophecies #2: Nostradamus, King of the Prophets
The first part of an article series on the topic of prophecies published in June 2016 was dedicated to the future from the highest possible meta perspective: the coming millennium. In today’s second part I want to discuss Nostradamus, the King of the Prophets, and zoom in on the coming 20 years. An essential part of his verses should manifest already in the coming years.