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Amanita Newsletter September 3, 2015:
Crash Forecast 8/24/15: Bingo!

Electrosmog & Digital Dementia


1. Current market outlook: interview 8/31/15
Please listen to my 8/31/15 interview at This Week in Money (Canada) with Jim Goddard: (financial markets) (electrosmog)

For years, August 2015 has been stated as a critical timeline: beginning of the 7 years of famine, according to the Holy Bible. The paramount importance of the date 8/24/15 has been discussed in the premium area since 2014 & was also briefly mentioned in the last free Amanita newsletter (May 2015), as the *only* (very critical) date in 2015. Quote:

WW3 already started with 9/11, in the form of a consciousness war. This was announced in the 1999 movie Matrix, with Neo’s passport expiration date 9/11/01 (Link). The expiration date is the symbol of the end of the civil rights, which have been cut back on all levels since 9/11. The Matrix also highlights the decision between Maya/ illusion (blue pill) & truth (red pill) & warns that everybody taking the red pill will be prosecuted. For the first time since 1999 (Neo = New World Order NWO) a movie came up with yet another passport expiration date: 8/24/15 in the movie Lucy (= Lucifer). The reptiles & their human allies plan something diabolic for 8/24/15-9/13/15 (Smitha) – although hopefully they fail to accomplish their plan. Also note the birth dates of these 2 key movie players:

  • Neo 9/13/71: Weeks before his birth the gold window was closed, the most important financial political decision since Bretton Woods. Explanation: the NWO plan could only be executed after the birth of unbacked fiat money. And around his expiration date 9/11/01 a 10-year gold bull market began.
  • Lucy 3/10/88: Some days after her birth date the PPT (Plunge Protection Team) was set up, the most important institution of the financial markets since 9/11. And the fastest crash in history ended in late 1987. So Lucy’s dates suggest big events in the financial markets from 8/24/15 on.

Amazing results: On the very *day* of 8/24/15 we had the biggest stock market crash in 4 years, similar to 9/11/01… To my knowledge no other market service on this planet did make a similarly precise call. The Amanita readers enjoy a pre-knowledge that the rest of mankind doesn’t even dream of. 


2. Amanita performance: simply heavenly!

  1. precious metals: Until July 2015 the Amanita gold signals were always ranked #1 in the Timer Digest ranking of the leading 100+ timers worldwide. The last signal was LONG in late July, precisely at the low, the signal coming partly from the 7/25/15 master constellation for lows in the sector… Already years ago it was warned that gold mines would be *by far* the worst investment, to my knowledge as the only major forecasting service worldwide… In the discussion of the mines crash 2015 this topic was discussed again, giving important reasons for the call, especially the role of the Annunaki more than 300,000 years ago… The content of the Amanita market letter is so unique that you will find nothing comparable on the planet…
  2. equities: In the 6 months February-August 2015 only 2 stock market updates were sent out, both by mid-April. The April 12 (Saturday) update contained a top call, especially for the German DAX. As a matter of fact, the major European indices (EuroStoxx, DAX, CAC, FTSE) topped precisely on April 10/13: what an amazing top call serving the Amanita premium subscribers… Moreover, the handful of stocks picked by mid-April performed like hell, with the best share soaring by +136%… These stock picks will be continued, although the exact proceedings have yet to be defined.


3. Asylum/ Civil War in Europe
War predictions are a key meta-forecast, more important than normal economic & political forecasts, because wars lead to a system change & re-define the rules of a system. The accuracy of the Amanita war forecasts is light years better than of competitors, nothing comparable is available elsewhere. E.g. it was predicted long in advance that around 8/8/2008 (especially the days before) one should expect the biggest geopolitical escalation +/- years. As a matter of fact the Russo-Georgian War that began on 8/7/2008 fulfilled this call more or less to the day…


4. Fixed column electrosmog (EMF radiation): devolution & digital dementia
I have been in the forecasting business for 15 years & have made hundreds or thousands of predictions (depending on the definition). But if I could only make one call in my entire life, it has to be *this* article… which emphasizes its paramount importance.