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Amanita Newsletter June 11, 2014
33 bold hypotheses for the coming years!

1. Review 2013 & Outlook 2014 (with crash course 2023)

This article could decide whether *YOU* will experience a total loss of your wealth in the ongoing 10 years/ 40 quarters of the crucifixion of mankind (as almost everyone) or not… hard to believe? In order to raise the trustworthiness of this seemingly very bold claim I start with a review of the past few years & especially of 2013. In the past years many extreme calls have been made (partly only in the premium area), with many of them as a global solo effort: surprisingly: almost all of them have come to pass. With this basis I’d like to look into the coming decade, including a mini „Amanita Investor’s Guide/ Crash Course until 2023-25” - as everything will change from scratch in the coming decade… Feedback from reader Maria V. from Canada:

The report is fascinating as always and if I did not have the report in 2009 I would not believe it. I was a subscriber than and I hope to be again soon.

2. Amanita internal: relaunch & price increase by 50-56%

In early 2014 the Amanita website was relaunched, and unfortunately so far not all bugs have been fixed. The data migration did not include the existing passwords, so please request your new password here:

Requesting a new password also supports the data cleansing & confirms that you are still interested in receiving the free Amanita newsletter. Note that your email address will be deleted from the subscriber base over the next months you are not requesting a new password.

In the coming weeks the fee for one year premium subscription will be raised from EUR 998 (USD ~1,350) to EUR 1,555 (USD ~2,000), 6 months from EUR 668 to EUR 999. If you are interested in the premium service please order as soon as possible & save EUR 557 (USD ~750)! From the day of the price hike only the new higher prices do apply, without exception. Order page:

Shorter subscriptions than 6 months (1 month, 3 months) were offered for the first 10 years, but discontinued in 2011 for these reasons:

  1. First over the years the Amanita approach has gotten so unique that it takes months to get really familiar with it. Please be aware that the Amanita market letter is totally different than likely every other service on this planet. And the Amanita approach 2014 has got almost nothing to do with the approach of 2010 or before. For this reason trial subscriptions were discontinued, as they should also be least 3-6 months long.
  2. The second reason is that the main target group are ‘serious’ market participants, mainly financial professionals (fund managers, analysts & others) as well as private market participants with larger portfolios. But a number of subscribers are not or no longer active in the markets, they simply enjoy the highly interesting information. In the past 60+ years it was ok to say “hello” to the financial markets once in a while, but this is not working in the coming 10 years… more explanations see below in the Crash Course until 2023/25. The Amanita market letter is read on the highest levels of decision-making, it influences hundreds of billions of capital.
    Premium updates are sent out (between 3x a week & every 3 weeks), while the free Amanita newsletter like this one is published just once every 3-6 months. Please find more information here: Further questions on the content are gladly answered by my assistant Peter Ressmann This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – please use his email address for a faster answer.

3. Victory of mankind against reptiles

It is delighting to see the recent victories of mankind against the reptiles (New World Order NWO): the EU seed regulation was successfully rejected, as well as the planned EU Telecommunications data retention. Now we need to fight the Transatlantic Free Trade Area (TAFTA), also called Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP), as well as TISA (Trade in Services Agreement). TTIP/TAFTA/TISA are the first NWO projects where I believe the odds are that they won’t get through at all, as 2013 was the zenith for the reptiles & their power is now waning every year. A similar project already failed in 1998, the MAI (Multilateral Agreement on Investment). The reptiles can only have an easy job with us as long as we don’t reclaim our power & allow us to be manipulated as victims. We can definitely learn from Victoria Nuland: F**k the EU/ NWO? Yes we can! J

And in Chile the NWO company Monsanto was stopped by a verdict. An important point on genetic engineering: recent genetic tests have revealed that the Nephilim or elongated heads (often depicted in Ancient Egypt paintings) aren’t human at all (link). In fact their DNA doesn’t resemble life of our planet. Of course it is true what hundreds of ‘creation myths’ of the Holy Bible & other scripts tell us: that we are the product of genetic engineering. The reptilian Annunaki needed hundreds of attempts until the first prototype (‘Adam’) did work. This reptilian heritage is still governing the fate of humanity & the world problems can’t be solved before the reptilian problem is addressed…