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Amanita Market Forecasting probably is the most unconventional market letter on this planet, serving subscribers in dozens of countries around the world since the year 2000! It is based on a unique combination of financial astrology, numerology, cycles, analysis of the plans of the elitists/ illuminati/ high finance to create the New World Order (NWO), as well as the more conventional methods of technical & fundamental analysis. The focus is on intermediate-term (1-6 months) to long-term trends. The US rating agency "Timer Digest" has top-ranked the performance of Amanita Market Forecasting in the ranking of the 100+ market timers worldwide. Market timing ceases to work as a market strategy in 2020 (2021), after 5000 years of the Kali Yuga!


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Free Amanita Newsletter 6/17/2020:
Prophecies #12:
Epidemics & the micronova in late 2021

1. Amanita Market Forecasting: price increase!
For 3-4 months we have – apart from long-term consumer goods (especially cars & real estate) – an annualized inflation of 25-100% (more in USD, less in EUR). This is the territory of hyperinflation as explained in great detail in the last free newsletter in March (Link). The official hyperinflation according to accounting standards (IASB) is >26% inflation. Meanwhile even the lying press has begun to discuss the food price explosion. Analyzing the charts of price monitors like Geizhals or Idealo you realize that in principle prices of *all* daily needs are pulled higher. Needless to say, this price trend doesn’t show up at all in the official bogus numbers. So in the coming 6-12 months huge price hikes will be seen almost everywhere, with Amanita Market Forecasting being no exception – the question is only how much & when (not before July 1st). If you still want to order at the old, low prices, then ideally in the coming 2 weeks, the current subscription prices are only guaranteed until June 30, 2020.

In 2020 the Amanita premium subscribers enjoyed amazing calls. On 3/15/20 for the first time in 7 years (since the Bitcoin low in early 2003 in the EUR 30s) the crypto position was enlarged: thus the most important bear market low in many years was nailed more or less to the *day*. I personally went LONG US light crude on April 21, the day of the all-time low. However, the first months of 2020 were the last good opportunity for market timing. I want to repeat the warning from the last free newsletter: in most markets market timing stops to work as a financial strategy in 2020, or has already stopped to work. Only in FOREX & bonds market timing makes sense in 2021-23 at least *theoretically* (whether or not that works in practice depends on several factors).

2. Prophecies #12: epidemics & the micronova in late 2021
The timeline late December 2019 had been highlighted for years as an incredible event risk, leading to the onset of the worst economic depression in history in early 2020. Moreover, it was stated (in the premium area) that Saturn 0° Pluto in January 2020 has been *the* master constellation for epidemics in the past 2500 years. So I had warned in 2019 in the premium area that from 2020 the global logistics chains break & especially tourism & air traffic will experience a total crash landing. All of that has *exactly* come to pass: Covid-19 definition on 12/31/19 leading to (economic & other) events the world hasn’t seen before (crash airline shares by 70% in a few weeks). To my knowledge *no* (!) other forecaster in this corner of the galaxy was able to make a call with at least a fraction of the Amanita precision (regarding content & timing), i.e. Amanita is the best call girl on the galaxy. So, what can we expect now? The first step for good calls is always to praise the Lord!

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