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Fixed column electrosmog:
Phosphorus, the light bearer

Since 2009 we have discussed electrosmog (EMF radiation). The topic began with the question: How sick are we made by electrosmog? My last article (published September 2015) was dedicated to the second major question: How electrosmog makes us stupid. Today I’d like to discuss a 3rd & final aspect of this topic: how electrosmog creates bad characters. To my knowledge this aspect of electrosmog has never been discussed before (properly).

The collective character change caused by electrosmog is explained by the homeopathic remedy (yellow) phosphorus. This is also the key to understanding the political psychosis that hit the 2 countries bordering the Untersberg mountain (Germany & Austria) in 2015. It is important to understand the roots of these political delusions – otherwise the cycle of fascism & genocide will repeat forever. From August 2015 on lunatic residents were waiting in Germany & Austria with home-made cakes, to welcome invaders. People around the globe started to wonder whether the krauts have (again) lost their minds, similar to the political psychosis of the 1930s. Without doubt, one factor contributing to this political psychosis is dysfunctional brains due to the influence of electrosmog.

In homeopathy every person has a constitutional remedy, which has the highest correlation with his/ her character & thus is a kind of universal remedy. Those genocide fans who are celebrating that the German people will soon be slaughtered by IS(IS) mainly have the constitutional remedy Phosphorus (the accompanying women also Pulsatilla). How do I arrive at this conclusion?

  1. name: Phosphorus is derived from Greek, phos=light, pherein=bear/ bring. So the Greek word phosphorus means light-bearer or light-bringer, the same as the Latin Lucifer: lux=light, ferre=bear/ bring. Without doubt, today’s do-gooders are Lucifer’s darlings.
  2. electrosmog: Naturopathic clinicians tests a lot, using the muscle test, pendulum, radionics or similar methods. The basis for the test is either mentally or with test substances. Electrosmog is detected with the phosphorus ampoule, either with a D12 (Psychosomatic Energetics by Dr. Reimar Banis) or a D60 potency. Electrosmog is *the* health problem in the end times & the dictatorship-like attitude of the goody-goodies is *the* political topic of the end times: this coincidence is the first hint that both are connected. The frequent triggering of the phosphorus ampoule is a sign that today Phosphorus is the main remedy for the zeitgeist = crowd madness. Until recently the stress remedy Nux Vomica was the key zeitgeist homeopathic agent, but that changes from scratch as we approach the 42 months of the reign of the 666 Beast from 2019 on. Natrium muriaticum also becomes more important, as it is a universal remedy for the suffering of mankind & a parasite remedy.
  3. Astrology, physics & tarot: What a ‚coincidence‘ that phosphorus has the same atomic number as the Tarot card Devil/ Lucifer (15). 1+5=6=Venus: 666 is the reign of the Venus, in the Roman Empire Venus was called Lucifer as a morning star.
  4. 4.year 1666:
    (a) What a ‘coincidence’ that the phosphorus element was discovered shortly after the year 1666, by the German alchemist Henning Brand (Brand is the German word for fire). The land where an element is discovered indicates a connection between the element & the country. Needless to say, there is a connection between ‚fire‘ & Germany: ‘holocaust’ simply means ‘burnt offering’… This is just perfect for a self-igniting element: the realm of the 666 Antichrist is usually depicted as a fire hell (full of flames).
    At first urine was used to extract phosphorus, a hint of the connection between phosphorus & the kidneys. According to TCM wisdom the kidneys are the mother of all organs, containing the constitutional (primary) energy. Actually phosphorus was the first element discovered in the modern era. This role as the #1 & the bearer of the essential light is confirmed by the enlightened Indian guru Sri Aurobindo, who stated the Aryan race holds the essential divine light. Quote of Jesus on the roles of the Jews:
    * “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires.” (John 8:44)
    * "Therefore I tell you that the kingdom of God will be taken away from you [the Jews] and given to a people who will produce its fruit.
    “ (Matthew 21:43)The complete original text kept in the archives of the Societas Templi Marcioni says that Jesus actually names the “people”. He talks to Teutons/ Germans & tells them that their people are chosen.” (Link) This explains the incredible hatred of Zionists against the Germans & why genocide through the asylum weapon is planned against the German people. By the way, Marcion (born approximately in the year 85) was the first to recognize the devil’s work in the Old Testament. Jahveh is by no means ‚god‘, instead it was the winner among rivalling ET groups in the first pre-Christian millennium.
    (b) And yet there is another ‘coincidence’ how the year 1666 & fire are connected: the Great Fire of London in the year 1666. It was one of the biggest fires in history.
    (c) Possibly the Great Fire was a false flag maneuver to push through the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 (Link), also in London. This is when the slavery without chains began & the soul loses the unconditional right to their body. We are considered dead persons without rights. This defines the separation of soul & body, which is considered as soul loss (trauma) in shamanic terminology. The end result of the 666 codes: the bar codes printed on every product & in each internet URL the internet (WWW = 666 in Hebrew).
    (d) Shortly after the year 1666 the oldest still existing central bank of the world was established: the Swedish National Bank. Central Banks create unbacked paper money out of thin air, also called fiat money because of fiat lux: let there be light. This ‘light money’ is yet another invention of the light bearer…
    (e) Lyme disease (borreliosis) is the first epidemic of the 21st century according to Dr. Klinghardt. It is named after the US city Lyme, which was accidentally founded in the 1666th year (on 2/13/1665), followed by its name-giving in 1667.
    By the way: Mohammed channeled the 114 Suras of the Koran from the year 606 (Link)…


As I have clarified the collective character change towards the phosphorus type let’s analyze the typical phosphorus character. In homeopathy we have a system of 1-4 grades, with 4 grades indicating the strongest symptoms (similar to the 1-4 amanitas in the Amanita system):

  1. desire for sympathy (only remedy with 4 grades): the root is a strong victim identification
  2. 2.indifference towards relatives, indifference of the mother towards her children (the only other remedy with 4 grades is Sepia): yet a lot of compassion with strangers. The baking sheet fascists could care less that they destroy the future of their children – as long as they are convinced that they are the good ones. But these hypocrites are creating very bad karma for themselves, Matthew 6:1-6 on that:
    Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven. So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.
  3. lack of grounding (tuberculosis miasma): Phosphorus is the main remedy for the tuberculosis miasma. The tuberculosis miasma is the excess of the element air & the lack of the element earth. Rudolf Steiner recommended phosphorus C30 in the evening to dis-incarnate & phosphorus D4 in the morning to re-incarnate. Phosphorus experiences the material world/ physical incarnation as a prison: *this* is a perfect description of the number 666 (= matrix)… The hidden desire of this miasma is to vanish. The former leader of the green party in German has made clear that in his opinion Germany has to be wiped away.
    One expression of the tuberculosis miasma is the highly problematic esoteric ascension ideology, propagating a spiritual master race. The political fascism of the far left would be impossible without these pre-fascist spiritual belief systems. Who wants to ascend ‘higher’? Always & without exception the ego, and the ego is always leading *away* from the divine. In contrast, the one & only back to the divine is by going deeper. That’s why in Vortex healing® we always intend to go deeper (not ‘higher’) & become less (not ‘more’).
  4. desire for company (only remedy with 4 grades): You could also call that the ET syndrome. Phosphorus is not fully incarnated & therefore not really present, so strictly speaking always alone. The compensation is the tremendous desire for company, it doesn’t matter who: the neighbor, the Grand Mufti, or some ‘refugees’... The word fascism comes from the Italian word fascio= bundle (of rods), which says absolutely nothing on the content. So the main motivation of fascism is not to be not alone, but part of a fascio of people. Similarly the “Welcome refugees” propaganda hides that phosphorus doesn’t feel welcome but alone on this planet. Phosphorus is the most likable & kind of all homeopathic characters, to avoid driving people away. To make sure you are not alone phosphorus also some 2,000 very close Fecesbook friends. Certainly phosphorus is the most frequent character type in new age circles, because spirituality often is an escape from the world.
  5. repeating experiences (doom loops): The soul incarnates in a 3D body to make experiences. However, that only works when you are fully incarnated. Without being fully in the body you usually repeat the same experiences over & over again. True awakening (enlightenment) is only possible through fully & completely accepting every experience. If this were common knowledge we would have millions of enlightened individuals & life on this planet would be heavenly. Unfortunately, spirituality is almost always misunderstood in the phosphorus sense, i.e. as ‘flying away’. That’s why in the Kali Yuga we had centuries without just one enlightened person on the planet (Level of Consciousness LoC>600). Quote from the Gospel of Thomas (Nag Hammadi Library): "I shall choose you, 1 from a 1000 and 2 from 10,000, and they will stand as a single one."
  6. 6.positive thinking: Phosphorus is always focusing on the light, never on the shadow. That’s why this constitutional type is most interested in positive thinking – which quite often is a form of denial of reality. The Luciferian principle is seduction (= Venus), which means to say YES when you should rather say NO. Saying NO is even harder when the seduction is as sweet as a mountain of sugar. By the way, Zuckerberg is a German word meaning ‘mountain of sugar’. The CIA espionage company in Menlo Park does a great job in slowly destroying the NO option, by only offering a LIKE/ YES button. Sure it’s most difficult to say NO when are you offered literally everything (Matthew 4:8-10):
    Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. All this I will give you,” he said, “if you will bow down and worship me. Jesus said to him, “Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.
  7. shiny aura: Most drown their problems with all kinds of drugs, the light bearer drowns everything in light & love. This constitutional character always has a luminous charisma, with the only exception being serious disease. However, the reason is just the opposite of what you would expect: phosphorus has such a massive armor that the life energy doesn’t get deeper into their system, instead whirling around at the surface. This gives a very shiny look, even to people who can’t see auras. Breatharianism is very popular since 2010-12, exactly since electrosmog is such a huge problem.
  8. ecstasy, euphoria, mania: In the 1930s many women were falling into a faint & had screaming fits during Hitler’s speeches, as Hitler could arouse, abuse & harvest their orgasmic energy, with the aid of a 7th dimensional being. In the 2010s such a behavior socially no longer acceptable, but in 2015 you could feel & see something similar in many Central European women waiting with their cakes at train stations to welcome illegal invaders. Being (too) euphoric is another phosphorus symptom, because euphoria actually means that the soul is detaching from the body before death. This is a well-known phenomenon in danger situations, where the soul starts to withdraw before very painful events. E.g. Leo Tolstoi wrote in War & Peace that the population of Moscow shortly before Napoleon arrived had the funniest time ever. It was quite similar in the years from 1347 on, when the Black Death killed half of the European population. People had fun as if there was no tomorrow – and for many there was indeed no tomorrow. The present euphoria wave is quite similar, a precursor of the extinction wave looming in the 2020s (2030s?).
  9. fear of thunderstorms (only remedy with 4 grades): Phosphorus avoids conflicts (= thunderstorms) as they decrease his popularity. This constitutional type lives in a permanent state of an artificial high (charge too high). However, a lightning leads to an electrical discharge of heaven (Yang, positive charge) & earth (Yin, negative charge). In the human body the orgasm fulfills the same role of electrical reset, as measured by the Austrian brain researcher Dr. Eggetsberger & others. For phosphorus both bolts of lightning & orgasms create fear because they destroy their artificial high, which grounds them. That’s why this character loves kissing & a mindfuck: both increase the electric charge, without culminating in an orgasm (normally).
    Hitler’s only achieved his decisive election victory in 1933 only through the Venus (= number 6). By stimulating women sexually he could gain access to their souls. At first this looks like a total surprise, because shortly after introducing female voting rights in 1919 women hardly voted for a different party than their husbands. But if you look deeper it is no surprise at all: a dictatorship is based on force & violence on the surface (= Yang), while fascism goes much deeper by poisoning the soul (= Yin). Hitler understood very well how to rise to power, once he stated that first he attracts the female voters, then the children, and finally the men. Both the fascism of the 1930s, and now the 2010s (goody two-shoes) are governed by Venus, which is of course never discussed anywhere. The more important something is, the less it is understood.
  10. burnout: In the beginning electrosmog (in moderate amounts) creates an artificial high, because it is a stimulation & energy gathering from outside. However, burning too long with a too high charge sooner or later results in a burnout.
  11. young body looks: This is also caused by the too high charge (before the burnout).
  12. narcissism, (wrong) gurus/ leaders: Phosphorus is *the* remedy of narcissism. The Austrian psychoanalysts Heinz Kohut & Otto Kernberg (Sigmund Freud was their mentor) were the first to realize that we are in the age of narcissism. Narcissists have lost the connection with their core & are thus the easiest to manipulate from outside. That’s why they are the best slaves in dictatorships such as the NWO. Fascist movements are always created through false gurus. When the leading Nazi directress Leni Riefenstahl first met Hitler she saw an ugly man but. „He had an incredible aura & only needed to say one word to become a guru for everybody.”
  13. glamour/ stars: Phosphorus is tje star dust adoring stars, or wants to become a star herself.
  14. lack of boundaries (“NO”): This mental illness is so widespread that it creates a lack of a national boundary.
  15. naïveté: One German refugee caretaker wrote that half of the invaders seriously asked where their promised house is. Others believed the promise of the Finnish prime minister that he would accept refugees in his own house, if necessary… The naiveté of both the invaders & the fascists is so breath-taking that it is hard to believe. Another link to Germany: Napoleon once said that the German people are the most naive on the planet.

Note that the toxicity of a remedy tells how much toxicity/ illness (miasma burden) is in the associated character. The radioactive elements are the most toxic, so they represent the syphilis miasma. However, phosphorus is almost as virulent, it is the only non-radioactive element emitting light. An oral dose of just 50 mg is enough to kill a person. Therefore Phosphorus is an extremely dangerous personality type, creating so much suffering. However, nobody realizes the Satanic dangers in these always “terribly nice people.”

Still, the phosphorus condition is not always pathological. It is an intermediate state in every process of creation, bringing something new from the higher dimensions into the 3D world (grounding). Babies are in a natural phosphorus state until their fontanelle is closed.