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Undreamt soybeans forecasts (6/15/2016)

This article is dedicated to a topic that is becoming more & more important in the 7 years of Tribulation since 8/24/2015 for investors, traders & consumers: agricultural commodities. Let me focus on *the* food of the end times: soybeans. I not only guarantee you that the perspective offered here is totally new for you, it also connects the dots in a way never discussed before…

Klima Kometen und WeizenClimate, comets & wheat 5/21/2013

The late March 2013 timeline was of paramount importance in all areas, also when it comes to climate. The coolest March since records began in large parts of Europe is definitely a sign of what’s to come in the next years & decades. There is absolutely no doubt that in the next 20 years we will see a dramatic climate deterioration. ...

Bradley-Siderograph 2013

Bradley siderograph 2013

(December 4th 2012)

The Bradley siderograph is still the favorite of site visitors, in the article please find the standard model for 2013. It’s eye-catching in the chart 2013 that there are many tiny spikes. Actually one could mark 11 dates in the standard model between February & June 2013. With a window of +/- 1 week almost every day would be marked as a potential turn – which is meaningless. Moreover, ....

Planetare Rueckkehren

Planetary Returns - the Master Tool of Forecasting

(September 25th 2012)

What I present to you in this article is really dynamite...It is an easy to use but very powerful tool for long-term forecasts, even without astrological knowledge. I also want to highlight the background of some Amanita forecasts, e.g. the call since 2010 that Switzerland is the very last location to park capital on this planet. Only the help from my spiritual guides allowed me to access these valuable insights.

Einfuehrung Numerologie

Introduction numerology & sacred geometry

(June 20th 2012)

Numerology is widely used in the markets, e.g. as retracements of 38.2%, 50% or 61.8%. I started my intense study of numerology 4-5 years ago with the secret codes of Jewish patriarchs, where going back to Roman patricians numbers up to 1,350 were assigned a meaning. ...

Artikel aus Timer Digest

Article from "Timer Digest“: Featured Advisor

(June 20th 2012)

Interview with Manfred Zimmel

Depotfuehrung und Amanita-Performance

Portfolio management & Amanita performance during high inflation & in the end times

(September 16th 2011)

Due to the incredible performance of gold & silver the past 3 months (gains of about +30%) I’d like to discuss the background of the price explosion, including the hardly ever debated topic of choosing the right market strategy in times like these.

Warum Astrologie funktionieren koennte

Why astrology could work: Lehner’s supernova approach

(August 2nd 2011)

So far one had to work strictly empirically in astrology due to the lack of a scientific theory to calculate astrological effects. Jean-Marie Hans Lehner’s approach is an amazing novelty in this respect, I’d like to outline his supernova theory in this brief article.

Die Japan-Tragoedie

The Japan tragedy from an unconventional perspective

(March 30th 2011)

In this article I’d like to offer a very unconventional perspective on the 3/11/11 earthquake in Japan & the following nuclear catastrophe, with some surprising implications for the financial markets… From 2001-3 on I have predicted (to my knowledge as the only market letter editor worldwide!) that the earth changes would dramatically accelerate, finally culminating in apocalyptic natural disasters with a large impact on the world economy. Slowly this topic is picked up by mainstream analysts… as always the Amanita mainstream were light years ahead of the mainstream.

Die Revolutionen in Welle 5 von 5

The ongoing revolutions in wave of 5 of 5 of the hyperinflationary Armageddon

(February 24th 2011)

In October 2010 the beginning of wave 5 of 5 of the hyperinflationary collapse (‚rocket mode’) was officially proclaimed (in the premium area). I had been waiting for this monumental event since 2006, as I expected it would dramatically change the markets & world… In this article I’d like to discuss the background & implications of this and present an interesting sentiment indicator, namely the analysis of „Google Trends“.

Auf der Suche nach dem verlorenen Schatz der Wahrheit

In search of the lost treasure of truth: dowsing in the markets

(February 24th 2011)

In the past years the financial markets have more & more deviated from the historical-empirical patterns. As soon as 2007 David Viniar, chief financial officer at Goldman Sachs, complained of 25 standard deviation events in the markets, an episode supposed to happen only once in 100,000 years (the Black Swan). As the patterns of the past work less & less, it’s getting more & more important to apply non-empirical (= divinatory) methods. In this article I’d like to introduce this very unconventional approach, with special consideration of the work of Dr. Dr. David Hawkins.


Price targets: say good bye to the mass hypnosis!

(December 21st 2010)

Because of questions I’d like to stress the (non-) role of price targets. Actually I stopped in 2010 more or less to give price targets in the traditional understanding. In the Amanita approach we found that they are pretty meaningless: not important, inaccurate, not reliable. Reason for this decision: over the years I observed that subscribers were still paying way too much attention to price targets spite of the mantra-like repeated disclaimer that timing is everything & price targets nothing.


Solar eclipses as the most important astrological factor

(September 22nd 2010)

I have been discussing the paramount importance of (solar) eclipses for several years in the protected premium area, and I use the publication of Bill Meridian’s excellent book “The predictive power of eclipse paths” as an opportunity to offer you an overview article on that topic in the free area.


Jupiter-Saturn aspects as a signature for lows

(June 22nd 2010)

In the previous free Amanita newsletter sent out in early May conventional and extra-ordinary astrological factors were discussed that suggested that April was a very important top in the stock markets. So far, these topping signs have been correct. This time I want to discuss an astrological signature that has been an ingredient of the proprietary Amanita models for years, often associated with lows in the financial markets: aspects of Jupiter & Saturn.

Bilderberger-Treffen 2010

Bilderberg Conference 2010: watch out!

(June 22nd 2010)

For years I have discussed the results of the Bilderberg conference (each year in May/June) in the premium area because that’s where the global decisions are made regarding economic & political affairs. E.g. in May 2005 when a barrel of crude oil traded at $50 a tremendous rise to about $150 was decided, which came true as soon as 2008. That’s why I want to discuss the Bilderberg group in more detail in the free area.

Spectacular prophecies of the palm leaf libraries

(April 30th 2010)

I have been studying all kinds of forecasts and prophecies for many years. In March I travelled to India where I also visited the palm leaf libraries, which are dwarfing everything I have seen to date.

Geldmengen und Inflation

Money supply and inflation: „Inflation ahead, Captain“

(February 17th 2010)

The deflation camp is already cracking open the bubbly because both in the US and in Europe M3 growth dropped to an all-time low, into the negative area. But this time again there is one thing the deflationists hadn’t reckoned with... In the following article I will tear these deflation arguments into pieces.

Gold and pitfalls of Elliott waves (EW)

(February 17th 2010)

Frequently readers send me external Elliott wave counts, that’s why I want to discuss the theory and application of Elliott waves in this article.


Book review: „The Unified Cycle Theory“ by Steve Puetz

(October 22nd 2009)

After a long time I’d like to review a book: „The Unified Cycle Theory“ published in 2009 by Steve Puetz is certainly one of the most innovative books on the financial markets of the past years. Puetz is well known because of the Puetz crash window defined by eclipses.


War cycles & the swine flue genocide

(August 27th 2009)

This article is dedicated to a topic which is much more important than your money: the health (and perhaps even the life) of you and your beloved ones... Please unsubscribe immediately from the Amanita newsletter if you don't like this article, otherwise you will be 'harassed' again with similar stuff in the future. If, however, this article is saving the health of just one person, then I am happy the rest of my life! :-)


September effect: why is September the weakest month in the stock markets?

(August 27th 2009)

The so-called September effect is the best-known seasonal effect in the stock markets, i.e. the month of September is the weakest month of the year. This effect is so powerful that it’s valuable and important for every trader. To my knowledge no one so far has been able to offer a good reason for that pattern, in the following article I want to present some explanations.

Vorsicht vor wilden Bullen

Beware of the wild bulls, not just in Pamplona!

(July 31st 2009)

The bull is raging terribly in the equity markets (biggest rally in 71 years), interestingly for the first time since 2003 a man was killed during the Pamplona Bull Run 2009. I’d like to use this opportunity to explore the highly interesting topic “market synchronicities”.

A critical analysis of popular deflation myths

(July 31st 2009)

For the investor today by far the most important question is deflation or inflation. I'd like to update an article from November 2008 by cutting 7 of the key arguments of John Mauldin's "Outside the Box" newsletter from July 6 (guest-authored by Niels Jensen) into pieces.

Oekonomischer Boom

Economic boom ahead!

(April 25th 2009)

The less people are ready to accept a market forecast on the, the better the odds it will come true... And in times full of „end of the world" hysteria as in the past months my prognosis of a coming giant economic boom is rather unconventional, to say the least. In this article I'd like to present some astrological, cyclical and fundamental reasons for this bold call and make further specifications.

Das Jahr des Mars

The year of Mars and of the Ox in Chinese astrology: what to expect for the stock markets in 2009? (2/2009)

(February 7th 2013)

I am glad I am able to present the Amanita Investor's Guide 2009 in today's free Amanita newsletter. Due to the dramatic events in late 2008 and the important market decisions made in December 2008, this annual outlook is published later than normally....
Detailed forecasts in the market letter.

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Deflation or inflation? Don’t let yourself be fooled!

(November 15th 2008)

It is fairly remarkable that apparently everyone and his brother including some former inflationists and Amanita subscribers are convinced that a large deflation is approaching. Sentiment analysis with the aid of Google Trends suggests that the crowd has recently started to google for "deflation" like a scalded cat ( n&ctab=0&geo=all&date=all&sort=0). This is a good sign because the crowd is almost always wrong if a clear consensus is present. The last deflation debate was triggered in May 2003 after a remark by the false god Greenspan, no surprise that oil as a key benchmark for inflation rocketed by +100% in the following year... The more people are obsessed with deflation (and google for it), the more likely inflation becomes.

Der PEI-Zyklus

Martin Armstrong's PEI Cycle (4/10/08)

(April 7th 2008)

Today I’d also like to discuss the PEI model of Martin Armstrong ( Armstrong), without doubt one of the most brilliant cycle analysts in history. In over 30 years of research he developed, based on the past thousands of years, among other factors the Princeton Economics Institute (PEI) model derived from the number pi (3.14159). With the aid of the PEI and proprietary cycles, Armstrong was able to make predictions years (!) in advance (almost) to the day. E.g. he called the Nikkei top in the last week of 1989 and the ensuing spectacular crash. After having predicted the Asia crisis in 1997 the Chinese government wanted to hire him, and after he had called the 1998 summer top and crash begin to the day his reputation grew even more (especially in Asia but also in the US), his institute employed a staff of hundreds.

die Supernova vom Maerz

What has Bear Stearns got to do with the supernova in March? (4/10/08)

(April 1st 2008)

The month of March was extra-ordinary, not just in the financial markets but also in the sky, as we would expect from the hermetic principle “as above, so below”. On Sunday the 16th of March JP Morgan Chase bought Bear Stearns, after the 5th largest US investment bank was bankrupt and didn't even have the money to "turn the lights on on Monday morning". This incredibly dramatic event coincided with the first supernova since 1987 that was sighted on March 19th.

Pluto ueber dem Galaktischen Zentrum

Pluto over the Galactic Center & the Subprime Crisis (2/2008)

(February 20th 2008)

The beginning of 2008 was the poorest start of a year in a long time, the financial markets were shattered violently and the stock markets dropped sharply. This has not really been a surprise, the danger of a January weakness was also mentioned in press interviews, e.g. in the December issue of Germany's leading market magazine "Börse online". The 'malefic' responsible for the timing of the turbulences is without doubt the dwarf planet Pluto, at the top of the page it's depicted with its main moon Charon. In Roman mythology Pluto is the lord of the realm of the dead and the lower world (Greek equivalent: Hades) and Charon the ferryman to the realm of the dead.

Timer Digest Featured Timer: Manfred Zimmel

(October 23rd 2007)

Manfred K. Zimmel is the editor of Amanita Market Forecasting, a market letter based on a holistic synthesis of both unconventional and conventional methods, with financial astrology being the most important timing tool. Amanita Market Forecasting was founded in 2000. Manfred became interested in astrology in 1992 .....

Das Massezentrum des Sonnensystems

The Center of Mass of the Solar System (CM, Barycenter) (10/2007)

(October 21st 2007)

The mentioning of the Center of Mass of the solar system (CM, barycenter ass#Barycenter ) in the last newsletter has triggered several interested inquiries. That's why I have decided to dedicate a full article to the CM. A reminder: it was explained that on 7/23/07 Uranus, the planet of volatility and sudden turbulences, was squaring (angle of 90°) the CM, and soon thereafter on 7/24/07 the turbulences started with the 1st big down day in the stock markets.

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