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70 year real estate bear market: coffin nail electrosmog

In April 2009 a crack-up boom through 2013 was forecast, accompanied by rising real estate prices (Link). This is exactly what has happened, in the US home prices have even reached a fresh all-time high in terms of real disposable income (link). In the premium area a 70-year bear market has been suggested long ago, to start in 2014 after the 2013 high (needless to say with huge regional differences, as real estate is always a very local market). 23 good reasons support this call, and I’d like to discuss 3 of them in the free area today.


Real estate bear market reason #1: biggest economic crisis

The first reason is the biggest economic crisis in the history of mankind through 2023: with vacancy rates of 30-80% the commercial property market will be as vivid as 3 day old carrion in the Sahara! This will of course also devastate the residential property market, but to a lesser degree.

Real estate bear market reason #2: devastation of the middle class

The second reason is that the illuminati want to destroy the middle class financially & politically, as it is the backbone of each society. They want to establish the world dictatorship (NWO), so they have to destroy the backbone first. The financial destruction only works by targeting real estate, the main investment of the middle class/ crowd. One member of the Bilderberg group some time ago warned that you have to be brain-dead to still own real estate (especially residential), and that real estate holders will pay the piper. I have also warned for years that in the decade 2013-23 real estate owners not only risk a total loss, but even a loss of up to 100-300% of the purchasing price

The end times (in the narrow sense of the word) began on August 22-23, 2013, the beginning of the 40 quarters of crucifixion of mankind. Like a clockwork Syria was attacked on this day, which briefly looked like the most dangerous geopolitical escalation at least since 1961 (Pigs Bay).

Shortly afterwards the IMF suggested a 10% special tax on the net worth of EU citizens. The short piece of information was put out in the mass media, of course with repeated denials. As always: the more denials, the higher the odds it will become reality. Either way real estate holders will be tortured as in hell until 2023. Of course such a tax won’t be restricted to the Eurozone, instead the Eurozone (Germany to be precise) will be the leader of the coming world dictatorship & most NWO plans are perpetuated first through the Eurozone. In the US the first capital controls are already established, so that capital can’t escape (link).

The first big time-line for a global dispossession is the fall of 2014. It appears that the Amanita subscribers were the only people to know in advance that the extra-ordinary constellations 3/29/13 would produce extra-ordinary world events, which set the course for the coming 10 years. So the Cyprus bank robbery in late March 2013 was no surprise at all, although probably 99% of the market participants didn’t think something like that could ever happen… In addition, the all-time low of interest rates was set in the weeks after 3/29/13, i.e. since the invention of interest rates 5,000 years ago.

There are just 2-3 anonymous investments to avoid being robbed by NWO socialists:

  1. physical precious metals
  2. cash
  3. Bitcoin (with reservations)

Each of the 3 has advantages & disadvantages, foreign currency accounts potentially being planned as an escape. Of course, the big drawback of gold is the nasty performance. The premium subscribers were already warned shortly after the all-time high of gold in euro terms in October 2012. And from January 2013 on (days before the 30-40% crash in gold & silver) I labelled myself as the ‘likely biggest gold bear’ on the planet. Until 2023 mankind will be going through the biggest wealth destruction in 5,000 years, so we now have the biggest investment plight ever. The first time in history there is no safe haven, in a globalized world.

It is amazing how little the consequences of this type of net wealth taxes are understood. This will mostly be a real estate tax to dispossess the middle class. You can bet that a great many real estate sheeple will be forced to sell in order to pay the tax. And this would kill even the last intact property market. The second group of victims are the holders of life insurances, which are also the playground of the middle class & the dumb money. To a lesser degree almost all markets will suffer a tremendous selling pressure, which paves the way for the biggest depression of all times. This is the NWO plan, following the ordo ab chaos (order out of chaos) motto of the 33rd degree of Freemasonry. The biggest political change of all time (world dictatorship) means that at first the biggest economic chaos of all time has to be created.

A 10-20% net wealth tax would already send real estate prices at least 80% lower. Combining the tax with a price depression could already create a total loss (>90-95%) for many property owners, but depending on the taxable base losses could amount to more than 100% of the initial property value...

Moreover, the degree of suffering will be very different in different countries:

  • home ownership rate (Link): The higher the home ownership rate, the worse the consequences, because most of the landlords don’t own much more than their property. So they are not liquid at all & can’t pay the tax.
  • correlation with the economic development: The chart below nicely demonstrates that the better the economic conditions, the lower the ownership rate & vice versa. One reason might be that high ownership rates are total nonsense from an economic perspective (in my opinion) – which will also devastate China (90%) & Russia (85%), apart from their demographic problems. The only outlier is Norway, which plays a special role. But the reasons don’t matter, such a tax would hurt the already weak countries worst. The main purpose of such a tax is to dramatically expand the differences between NWO leader countries & the rest (divide et impera‎)


But even worse than the coming monetary confiscation is the ongoing data confiscation through clouds. So far the NSA (National Security Agency) & allies have been able to crack every (software-based) encryption, that’s why all data uploaded are “at free disposal”. Formally clouds cost almost nothing, while in reality their extremely expensive – which is probably not understood by just one of 1,000 cloud users. On the black markets these data ‘generously’ provided by users would certainly cost thousands of euros or dollars. Compare that with many retail companies that have cards that allow discounts of 10% or even more. These cards may easily produce a sales loss of hundreds of euros or dollars per year per card, while the data received about the consumer behavior are tiny compared to the all-inclusive data found in the cloud.

At present everyone & his brother (and of course all ‘experts’) are convinced that the future will bring about even more technology & digitalization. When everyone thinks alike, no one really thinks… So it’s very likely that the opposite will happen: a huge technology storm in the 2020s, triggered by the collective insight that everything that can be abused will be abused.

So in reality consumers are paying thousands of euros or dollars per year for clouds & similar solutions, which translates into an increase of the Amanita inflation by 1-10%. But this requires a much broader inflation concept (more ‘implicit’ or ‘esoteric’) then the standard one. Explanation: the Amanita inflation is defined as the open & covert living costs, instead of just the costs of a consumer basket. Covert living costs become direct expenses in the future, which makes a precise calculation impossible. However, this is nothing special as mainstream economics works with so many concepts that in reality they can’t be precisely determined (even if that’s pretended).

So the Amanita inflation includes the follow-up expenses (health costs & others) by wireless electromagnetic pollution. Like no other technology present costs don’t reflect the future costs, as wireless is the most destructive technology ever invented. I estimate that the Amanita inflation is about 30% higher than the official inflation, it has been exploding since the 1990s.

In the past 5,000 years the phenomenon inflation/ deflation could reasonably be well calculated with the existing methods. However, in the end times these concepts are negated by technological & other developments, so in the best case the traditional inflation numbers should be more or less meaningless through 2023, or even totally misleading. Electric smog leads to the 3rd reason for the real estate bear market: the decline of world population.

Real estate bear market reason #3: population decline, EMF pollution

The topic of electromagnetic pollution leads to the 3rd of the 23 reasons why real estate prices should remain depressed into the end of the 21st century. There is no doubt that the shrinking world population will be *the* most important development of the coming decades, changing the life of *every* human, and of course the political & economic order.

Review: In September 2009 (Link) I called for an approaching world population top, a massive decline of life expectancy & eventually a dramatic decline of world population. This call contradicted about 100.00% of all so-called experts, all of them projecting a rising life expectancy. I don’t know of any other professional forecaster who has made a similar call…

Still, this – from a conventional perspective a totally absurd prognosis – call made 4 years ago has come to pass at an amazing speed: the official English data show that for the first time since records began life expectancy has fallen! (Link) In just 3 years the life expectancy collapsed by 3 years in the oldest cohort, i.e. by 1 year every year – while mortality rates have been soaring. Admittedly this speed is even a surprise for me, as I expected the past years to be a bottoming out of death rates (maybe other countries are lagging?).

The official position is that they are clueless: "it is difficult to determine exactly why this is happening". Reasons of this historically unique development according to a recent dowsing:

  1. electromagnetic pollution: main reason, contributing 60-70%. On average chain smoking reduces the average life expectancy by some 20 years. Studies are suggesting that microwave smog is much worse, so life expectancy will collapse by 20-40 years (!) in the next decades – if the biggest mass destruction in history through mobile phones, tablets, Wi-Fi & similar microwave weapons won’t be stopped immediately.
  2. Fukushima: The radioactive pollution is already now 150-200 times bigger than of Chernobyl, which should eventually decrease the Japanese life expectancy by 4-5 years & global life expectancy by 1-2 years. However, almost nothing of Fukushima is already in the data. Since 2011 I have predicted that Fukushima would escalate, which could reduce life expectancy by 5-20 years - maybe just in Japan, maybe world-wide. The war against Japan is a central part of the NWO plan, because according to the elites = reptilians the Japanese don’t have enough reptilian DNA (Annunaki…). After the rise of Japan in the 1960s Kissinger had to establish the Trilateral Commission because the Bilderberg conferences are dominated by the Black Nobility (European noble houses), which refuse to team up with those who are not blue-blooded.
  3. politics: To a minor degree changes in the British health system could also contributed. However, in smaller samples of other countries we see the same tendency, so it is a global trend.

Sure all this is happening with the background of a genetically accumulated miasm burden over the past 5,000 years (Link). Nevertheless, no one wants to face the reality that everyone with a wireless WMD (like cell phone, tablet, Wi-Fi…) is a soldier in the biggest war of mankind against itself. From the perspective of depth psychology one could say: the (so-called) evil is searched everywhere else, but not in one’s own pocket & on one’s desk. I really recommend you to study my electromagnetic pollution article from the year 2010: This could extend your personal life expectancy more than anything else, if you act upon it…

Very brief summary of this article with updated numbers, based on the official German high frequency microwave limit (1 million nW/cm2 – similar in most countries):

  • 3 billionths of the limit: solar storms already have dramatic health effects, e.g. significantly more hospitalizations
  • 1/50,000 of the limit: current average exposure when living in big cities (10 years ago less than 1/10)
  • 1/6,000 of the limit: under such a permanent exposure mice die out completely after a few generations.
  • 1/2,500 of the limit: current average exposure of the most polluted decile (10%) of the population of industrial states
  • 1/170 of the limit: according to the studies performed by Prof. Dr. Dr. Andreas Varga continuous irradiation at this level kills 100% of the fledglings in the egg, i.e. extinction in the same generation
  • 1/150 of the limit: current average exposure of the most polluted percentile (1%) of the population of the industrial states
  • 1/40 of the limit: Animal testing has proven that already after 2 hours of this quite strong irradiation 2% of the brain cells of rats were irreversibly necrotized (dead). The advantage of the human brain is the massive skull that shields a lot of the deadly waves & the bigger brains, so that the inner parts of the brain are much better protected. Still, in a small part of the population more than 20% of the brain cells could have already died off in the past few years…

If you observe the current events, then you often can’t avoid the impression that more & more people are brain-dead. Ironically this appears to be already more organic reality than just an idiom… The main problem is that the outer brain cells are much more vulnerable, i.e. the neocortex with the higher brain functions. The older brain parts in the center of the brain are better protected, especially the reptile brain in the brain stem. This is exactly what the elites want as the proto-type for the New World Order (NWO): kill what makes us human, like logical thinking, compassion…

The average IQ should drop from the nominal 100 to 50 in the coming generations, so that one will start to admire the scribes. An IQ of 50 is imbecility, so these people can’t do normal work. Many electric smog survivors might not be more than animals in a human body & could be returned to the wild in the best case (large parts of Africa & perhaps even Australia). In the worst case they are simply slaughtered, the illuminati Georgia Guidestones define the estimated world population as 500 million.

It’s most shattering that the once critical population has totally capitulated in the past 10 years. In spite of a ‘bull market’ of electric smog (irradiation rising by 20% or more each year) the search volume for “elektrosmog” has been crashing since the Google Trends records began in 2004 (Link). As always the rule is: the more important & dangerous something is, the less the crowd is interested. Experiments with dozens of medical doctors, dowsers & other healers here in Austria have shown that many can sense or dowse all negative fields, with the sole exception of high frequency microwaves…

Elektrosmog-TrendWhy did I warn in late 2009 & why did the collapse of the average life expectancy start in 2010? A first rough estimate is that on average organic diseases occur about 10-15 years after the damages on the energetic level (meridians…). The first region wide mobile networks were built in the 2nd half of the 1990s, so the recent explosion of the death rates reflects the mobile phone stone age (less than 1/100 of today’s radiation). So if the amount of the deadly microwaves doesn’t rise from here (a next to impossible scenario), then the average life expectancy drops by ‘only’ 5-20 years until 2029 (final NWO dead-line according to Phil Schneider & the Terminator as *the* NWO movie, apart from the Matrix). The internet of things will destroy the last & final protection & recreational area (bed rooms), so the 10-15 year rule no longer applies, people will be get terribly sick faster (early 2020s).

14 factors align for a massive drop of life expectancy:

  1. electric smog
  2. energy saving lamps (produce a lot of electromagnetic pollution & contain one of the most dangerous neurotoxins: mercury)
  3. climate deterioration into the 2020s
  4. war peak in the 2020s
  5. state terrorism: e.g. the FEMA concentration camps in the US
  6. global peak suffering of the 21st century until 2026
  7. chemtrails
  8. artificially created viruses (like HIV/AIDS)
  9. exploding criminality
  10. extreme rise of suicide rate due to economic monster crisis (as already the past years in Greece)
  11. radioactivity: Fukushima & perhaps other nuclear accidents
  12. health care quality getting poorer
  13. genetically modified food
  14. conflict solution in the definition Dr. Hamer due to the global awakening (link)

It is possible that life expectancy will rough halve to 40 years by 2029. In the end times everything revolves around the 40, so 40 years appears to be the best approximation (= length of the wandering of Israel through the desert). Statistically the 50% retracement (from 80 years to 40 years in the rich nations) is by far the most frequent. Moreover, over centuries or even millennia 40 years was the average life expectancy (excluding infant mortality), i.e. a drop to a powerful support line.

For the more precise timing my 2009 warning was inspired by the super-low in the Amanita war model around 2007, followed by the first minor spike in 2011 – indeed, 2011 had the highest number of wars since WW2. To some degree the rise of the death rates shown in the Amanita war model correlates with other reasons, e.g. epidemics.

The Amanita war model is the product of almost 10 years research, I doubt anybody else has created a better & more comprehensive model. The 3 pioneers in this field were Raymond Wheeler (University of Kansas), Edward Dewey (1895-1978) & Philip Quincy Wright (1890–1970). Like the other Amanita models, the war model consists of dozens of factors, but I will discuss only one factor here: Neptune went into Pisces in early 2011, right when the violence in the Middle East escalated.

Neptune is the planet of suffering, the axis of suffering in the zodiac is Pisces/ Virgo, with Pisces being more important. That’s why the two biggest natural calamities of the past 5,000 years (death toll > 1 million) happened with Neptune in this sign, both in China: 1202 earth quake & 1931 flood. We find this cycle of 82.4 years at collective suffering peaks. Human suffering is symbolized by the number 4 & the cross, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse as the main causes of collective suffering are in my interpretation: wars, natural catastrophes, epidemics & famines. Historically wheat prices at the highest level in at least 30-50 years are an indication of famines & thus suffering, as well as highs in the war index of Prof. Raymond Wheeler:

  • 1190-1206 Neptune in Pisces: 2nd biggest natural disaster in history, with > 1 million casualties (Chinese earthquake)
  • 1437-52 Neptune in Pisces: high wheat prices (for 100 years) & war index (for 250 years)
  • 1520-35 Neptune in Virgo: high war index (for 100 years)
  • 1600-15 Neptune in Pisces: high wheat prices (150 years not significantly taken out) & war index (for 40 years)
  • 1683-98 Neptune in Pisces: high wheat prices (for 70 years) & war index (for 100 years)
  • 1763-79 Neptune in Virgo: momentum high wheat prices (for 100+ years) & 7-Years’ War (actually the first World War, as it was fought on 3 continents)
  • 1847-62 Neptune in Pisces: high wheat prices (for 60 years) & war index (for 50 years)
  • 1928-43 Neptune in Virgo: biggest economic crisis in history, biggest bloodletting in history (WW2), natural disaster with highest death toll in history (Chinese flood), high of wheat prices of the past 90 years
  • 2011-26 Neptune in Pisces: global peak suffering in our lifetime, with the biggest economic crisis, the biggest natural disasters, the biggest epidemics & WW3?


Since 1999 I have been making some bold forecasts where I’d rather wish to be wrong… But we have to accept that the human freedom of choice must include the choice to create disease, suffering, nemesis & death – otherwise it would be no choice at all. One should not ignore, deny, condemn that, or put a lipstick on a pig (with positive thinking) - instead appreciate the ongoing collective suicide as one way of human drama & divine play ("lila"). Sure I do hope to contribute to the collective awakening with this newsletter.