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Prophecies #2: Nostradamus, King of the Prophets

The first part of an article series on the topic of prophecies published in June 2016 was dedicated to the future from the highest possible meta perspective: the coming millennium. In today’s second part I want to discuss Nostradamus, the King of the Prophets, and zoom in on the coming 20 years. An essential part of his verses should manifest already in the coming years.

Who was Nostradamus?


Michel de Nostredame lived in Southern France from 14/12/1503-7/2/1566 (in the Julian calendar = Gregorian 12/24/1503-7/12/1566). Nostradamus studied medicine & was a very successful plague doctor. Nevertheless, in 1535 he could not save the life of his wife & his children who suffered from another disease. This happened when he was about 32.2 years old = number of Brotherhood of Death Skull & Bones 322). This is the Chiron dilemma of the wounded healer: he could cure almost everybody, with the exception of his family.

He was an excellent world prophet & healer, but neither a good astrologer nor a good consultant for individuals (terribly incorrect prognoses). The German parapsychologist Elmar Gruber did a lot of research on his work as a consultant for political & business leaders, based on the wrong premise that individual & global predictions are in the same category. However, nothing could be further from truth. I have observed these divergences for 20 years, both in the financial & astrological community: most are either good at the macro or micro level – but almost never on both. Some are excellent stock pickers yet very bad forecasters for global trends (or the other way round). Even clairvoyants who are excellent at *individual* forecasts fail miserably at *collective* calls. Nostradamus had a transpersonal soul, which is very rare from a statistical point of view (usually only a handful people in a century). A transpersonal soul means, among many other things, that his working field had to be on the *global* level. He did “coaching” mostly for financial reasons & died as a wealthy man.

At the age of 42-43 years he began to work on his prophecies. This reflects the life cycle: every 7 years a chakra opens. At the age of 35-42 the 6th chakra opens (including the 3rd eye), around the year of 37 a lot of light pours in. The 7th chakra (crown) opens at the age of 42-49: usually one doesn’t get full clearance before the age of 42. Until the age of 42 one has to work off the karma from earlier lives & generations. The pouring in of grace at the age of 42 clears a part of that, so one is ready to approach the financial & spiritual high in the life cycle at the age of 47, when Nostradamus wrote his prophecies (although they weren’t published before he turned 51). We find the 42 twice as a code in his work: 942 quatrains & officially 2242 years of prophecy (1555-3797). Centurio, one of the leading Nostradamus experts, began to dedicate his life to writing at the age of 42. Europe’s best known faith healer Bruno Gröning (5/30/1906-1959) was also initiated at the age of 42 into his work. The 42 is the number of the return of Jesus Christ. This changed dynamic is also reflected by the financial markets: in the previous centuries the stock markets were ruled by the 39-week pregnancy cycle, while they are now ruled by the 42-week cycle of the Christs’ return.

Why Nostradamus?

At first another topic was planned for this 2nd part of the article series on prophecies. Nevertheless I have decided for Nostradamus instead, for these 5 reasons (the following numbers refer to the verses of his 942 quatrains):

  1. reincarnation in the Amanita network: At present the soul of Nostradamus is incarnated in a human body & part of the Amanita network, which showed up in 2016. Only this personal contact allowed decoding of a lot of Nostradamus writings. Nevertheless, time is not mature yet to reveal the identity of this person. By the way, the US Nostradamus Edgar Cayce is incarnated in the body of David Wilcock.
  2. King of the Prophets: The scope of his statements is unprecedented. He even stated many names centuries in advance:
    * Neptune (4-33): This planet was discovered 300 years later (1846).
    * Hister=Hitler & fascism (faschee la republique 5-29). ‚Hister‘ is a blend of Hitler & Ister (old name for the Danube River).
    * Vapin-Monster (5-20): Papin invented the steam engine, which was a loud monster at the beginning.
    * Pasteur (1-25)
    * D.M. Duce Mussolini (7-66)
    * Franco (10-48, 9-16)
    * Montmorency (9-18)
    * Narbonne: war minister under Louis XVI (9-34)
  3. details: Nostradamus left descriptions of the future with so much detail that there is no other source that comes close.
    * world war 2: The German Nostradamus pioneer Carl Loog already predicted WW2 in 1921, when everybody was convinced that WW1 was a singular mistake in the history of mankind that won’t be repeated. In 1921 he already labeled 1939 as a major European crisis year, especially for Poland: as a matter of fact, WW2 began in 1939 with the German invasion in Poland (
    Around 1937 the French physician Dr. Max de Fontbrune was enlightened during the most enlightening age of 37. In 1938 he published a book with many details on the coming WW2. E.g. he predicted the invasion of the Germans in France, but also their defeat. That’s why the German secret police Gestapo wanted to imprison him 3 times from 1940 on, but each time he was saved by an anonymous call.
    * world war 3: Already in the 1920s & 1930s Loog & de Fontbrune understood that the third & final world war would be primarily the attack of Islam against Christianity. There are very few other prophecies with a similar content. And those few usually mentioned it just as a side note, not as the very *epicenter* of the global conflict. This is yet another confirmation that Nostradamus is unique & defined a new class of prophecies: the unequaled King of Prophets.
    Furthermore, almost all prophecies focus on the final weeks & months, although the 3 dark days won’t happen for about 16 years (unlikely only 6 years). This is still a very long path. At the end, during the final events about 2/3 of humanity will die anyway. A large part of the surviving third will envy the dead, as some prophecies put it. Many successful preppers will regret their ‘too successful’ prepping more than any other decision in their life…
    Approximately 150-160 of the 942 quatrains (15-20%) describe the 2 decades 2016-36, compared to only 3-5% for WW1 (
    Link). The King of the Seers used many different names for the invaders: Muslims, Islam, Arabs, Barbarians, Osmans, Turks, (half) moon/ Venus/ Lady, the reds (red flag = Turkey, Rothschild = German for ‘red shield’).
    Nostradamus always blames the jovialists for the wars, which apparently not a single Nostradamus researcher fully understands. They only understand that the jovialists have their holyday on a Thursday (= Jupiter day). But who is it? Of course it’s Freemasonry. The Scottish rite was founded on Thursday 6/24/1717, and the lodge here in Vienna, Austria, always meets on Thursday evenings (not sure about the others).
  4. most influential person of the past 500 years? There is no doubt that Nostradamus had a major impact on the politics of a great many leaders. The first one was Queen Catherine de' Medici who protected him during his lifetime, many from the House of the Bourbons, Napoleon, Hitler/ Goebbels… Likely he also influenced many other top political leaders such as Franco & others, but there is no proof. The Swiss astrologer Karl Ernst Krafft (5/10/1900-1945) was the founder of statistical astrology, continued by the Gauquelins from the 1950s on. Krafft warned Hitler of a possible assassination attempt on the days of November 7-10, 1939, which coincided with the Bürgerbräukeller attempt on November 8. So Krafft was arrested at first because connivance was suspected. But Krafft did convince Hitler of his prediction capabilities, so ended up working in war planning. The successful Western campaign on 5/10/1940 was calculated by Krafft because around this date Jupiter went over Hitler’s sun. However, Krafft's warnings of the war against Russia disgraced him. Like all true Nostradamus researchers Krafft knew in advance that Russia would be the coffin nail for Germany. The English military recruited the emigrated German astrologer Louis de Wohl, a colleague of Krafft who knew his approach & could suspect his next recommendations. As most of the time in history, astrology not only predicted history but even *decided* it. Dr. Alexander Zentgraf (Centurio, 3/8/1893-1970) worked for Goebbels in the Nostradamus interpretation (Link).
    Nostradamus influenced great minds in other areas, too, e.g. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe named his protagonist Henry Faust, after the Nostradamus’ key person Henry. As a matter of fact one could even partly assume a self-fulfilling prophecy, as in the case of the Holy Bible, which is used as a script by the messianic end times sects of the 3 Abrahamic religions.
  5. LoC (Level of Consciousness) 700+: Actually there are many parallels between Nostradamus & the Holy Bible, for instance the continued interest for 400+ years. This is only possible because of his very high LoC on the scale of Dr. Hawkins. Only a level of consciousness of 700+ allows the best access to the divine & thus a *precise* look at millennia into the future, like the rishis of the Indian palm leaf libraries thousands of years ago. A LoC>700 is very rare, in the past millennia we had several *centuries* without a single person calibrating at 700+. The LoC=540-550 is the demarcation line between clairvoyants/ channels on the one hand & prophets on the other hand, because the 3rd eye opens at approximately LoC=540. Nostradamus wrote his prophecies under extra-ordinary heat, an indication of an awake kundalini (statistically a very rare phenomenon). In the past millennium about one person among 1000 calibrated at 550+. From the mid-500s you usually have access to the Akashic records. Still, in the mid- to high 500s you are only a junior prophet, a senior prophet requires 700+. The difference between clairvoyants/ channels & prophets is huge on all levels:
    (a) time horizon: Clairvoyants can hardly look longer into the future than months, prophets up to millennia (such as the prophets of the Old Testament).
    (b) reliability: Prophets are much more reliable in their statements.
    (c) details: Prophets are much more specific.
    (d) micro/ macro: Clairvoyants can mainly predict individual affairs, prophets also global affairs.
    (e) alpha race: In the past 5000 years the best prophets were always Jewish, in the past century this role has partly moved to the Germans. The reason is that the best prophets always come from the alpha people of this world age, which were the Jews in the Dark Age & the Germans in the Golden Age.
    (f) timing: The best prophets arise in cycles of a little bit more than 500 years. For 2600 years history is governed by a cycle of some 512.5 years of mental & spiritual rejuvenation, with many new teachers. 512.5 years is 1/10 of the 5125 years of a world cycle. The last cycle was in the early 16th century (beginning of modern era in 1492) into the early 17th century with Nostradamus, Rene Descartes, Martin Luther, Copernicus, Johannes Kepler, Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo Galilei & others. At present we start a new 500-year cycle.
  6. Timing: Since the 20th century we have seen a bizarre number of unfounded speculations of Nostradamus prevaricators *when* these events will unfold. The few good Nostradamus exegetes already mentioned long in advance 1999 as the *beginning* (!) of the events that last into the mid-21st century. Dr. Centurio (Zentgraf) already dated the beginning of the 1000 years of peace to about 2035 & the culmination of the events in the decade 2020-30. So Centurio presumably was light years better than 99% of all forecasters. The rough timing indications are damning:
    1. In verse 3-94 states Nostradamus states that 500 years later (= 2050s) he will be fully decoded. Another prediction is that the truth of his prophecies won’t be realized before they have happened. The conclusion of these two statements is that (almost) all quatrains have to be fulfilled before ~2050. That’s why in the past century a couple of books with the year 2050 in the title have been published.

After 500 years they will take notice of him
who was the adornment of his age.
Then suddenly a great revelation will be made
which will make the people of that century well pleased.

  1. In his open letter to King Henry II Nostradamus leaves no doubt that the big events will unfold at the beginning of the 7th millennium. For a Holy Bible freak the reference point can only be the time since the Fall of Man (Adam & EveLink): beginning in 3983/84 B.C. = 1656+427+24+430+480+966 (?). The only minor controversial point is the exact year the first Temple was built in Jerusalem: 480 years after the Exodus in the 4th year of the reign of King Solomon. 2 different years are possible, so we arrive at 2 candidates for the beginning of the 7th millennium (= year 6000):
    * 966 B.C. –> year 6000 = 2017
    * 957 B.C. -> year 6000 = 2026
    Most arguments favor 966 & thus 2017:
    * 966 is 3x times the 6, once upside down as the 9.
    * Jewish year 5777 = 2016/17
    * Jewish jubilee 2016/17
    * number 70: The 70 (= perfection) is the key large number in the Holy Bible, together with 40 & 50. It is associated with Jerusalem & the end times: the second Temple was destroyed in the year 70 A.D. The third Temple has been expected for 1900+ years, but it wasn’t officially announced before 2015, likely to be built in 2017-23. This is perfect, because in 2018 Israel is 70 years old. The Holy Bible has predicted for 1500+ years that the end times events unfold soon after the third Temple is constructed.
    * Moses 6: 3 limits the lifetime to 120 years. This is kind of a surprise because it doesn’t fit the very long lifetimes of the ET bastards mentioned (e.g. Adam 930 years, Methuselah 782 years). It looks like these 120 years mean a lifetime of 120 jubilees for the Jewish people: 120 x 50 years = 6000 years. Logic tells us that the end of these 6000 years has to be a jubilee, such as 2016/17 (the next is in 2066/67). This is confirmed by the 1217 prophecy of Judah Ben Samuel regarding the key role of the jubilee 1967-2017.
    In the official work of Nostradamus we find 5 different correlations for the Biblical calendar (
    Link). His books were written in a rather short period of some years. We could *possibly* interpret 2 different years as a simple mistake – but certainly not 5 different years. Needless to say, the purpose of these 5 different timelines is to sort out those who are not Holy Bible experts & thus don’t deserve to know the secret. In other words, he sealed his prophecies to the ignorants & slowpokes.
  1. Verse 1-48 also refers to the beginning of the 7th millennium, when the rulership of Islam ends (Link):

When 20 years of the Moon's reign [= Islam] have passed
another will take up his reign at the beginning of the 7th millennium.
When the exhausted Sun takes up his cycle
then my prophecy and threats will be accomplished.

  1. Verse 10-89 speaks of 57 years of peace, health, good harvests & a sweet time. The combination of these 4 characteristics can only refer to the 56-57 years from May 1945 on, which was the only time when Europe & the rich industrial countries enjoyed such a long period of peace, ending on 9/11/01 in the 57th year. One should take into consideration that the war of Islam against Christianity began on 9/11/01 with 9/11. The invasion in Babylon (= Iraq) in 2003 was the next step. The 2nd half of the 20th century was a time of health & good harvests (because of the agricultural revolution) as never before in history. In addition, sugar consumption exploded to the by far highest levels ever (‘sweet time’).
  2. Quatrain 10-72 mentions the only explicit year number in a window of more than 2000 years: July 1999 (Julian) = July/ August 1999 (Gregorian).
    „In the year 1999, in the 7th month, from the sky will come the great King of Terror, bringing back to life the great King of the Angoulmois.“
    This was a reference to the total solar eclipse 8/11/1999, which was important for 2 reasons. First, it is the only solar eclipse visible over his home in Southern France & much of Europe before 2081. Second, the eclipse constellation is a grand cross, the most difficult of all constellations: beginning of the 40 years of crucifixion of mankind. What a ‘coincidence’ that the most influential politician of the past 20 years (Vladimir Putin) was announced on 8/9/99, 2 days ahead of the Nostradamus solar eclipse. The Western lying press always describes Putin in Nostradamus words: as the most dangerous politician = king of terror. Putin turns 66.66 years within days of 6/6/2019, around this date the 42 months of the rulership of the 666 Beast begin… Another piece: some translations interpret ‘Angoulmois’ as ‘Mongol’: today’s Russia overlaps a lot with the historical Mongol Empire.
    Maybe once in 500 years we have such a critical solar eclipse. That’s why in the summer of 1999 I sent out the only press release of my life, warning of a looming stock market crash. Indeed, the 2000-3 bear market began some months later (precise timing was impossible for me at this time). Thus it is no surprise at all that in the window +/- months of 8/11/1999 all major secular trends reversed (decades):
    * Gold completed the 20-year bear markets within weeks of 8/11/1999.
    * inflation-adjusted all-time high in stock indices in early 2000
    * very long-term low bonds in early 2000
    * wheat low of the past 30+ years in late 1999
    * 1999 was the year of the euro launch, the biggest change in the FX market since the 1940s.
    The cross stands for the number 4 & the higher vibration 40. Each time a period of testing ended about 40 time units later (= stock market lows):
    * 40 weeks later May 2000: low of quick bear market (Nasdaq -40%)
    * 40 months later late 2002/ early 2003: end of biggest equity bear market in the post WW2 period
    * 40 quarters later 2009: end of biggest equity bear market since 1932 & end of recession
    * 40 years later 2039: end of crucifixion of mankind?


Some Nostradamus prevaricators such as the leading Austrian geologist Prof. Dr. Alexander Tollmann raped verse 10-72, by claiming it would be an asteroid impact. One can only shake one’s head in disbelief as to how you can make such a bold claim solely based on one single quatrain, allowing so many possible interpretations. In my work I require at least 10-20 factors to align for a simple 50:50 call (rising or falling markets) & 100+ factors to align for statistically extra-ordinary events.

Nostradamus decryption: 3 master keys

Nostradamus had to encode his writing for 3 reasons:

  1. inquisition: The first reason is that he was persecuted by the Holy Office, presumably he was saved by Queen Caterina de’ Medici who had consulted him. Quatrain 1-35 established his reputation as it offered a good description of the death of King Henry II on 6/30/1559 during a tournament.
  2. chosen persons: Nostradamus had to restrict the readership. So he followed the advice given by Matthew 7, 6: "Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.“
  3. chosen time: A second reason is that important issues have to be sealed until the time is ripe. Daniel 12, 9 puts it that way: „Go your way, Daniel, for the words are shut up and sealed until the time of the end.“ So 7 seals were installed, the begins in 2016/17, every year another one through 2023 (Link). The word ‘apocalypse’ means removing the veils, which began on December 23, 2012 at 0:23 Boston time. Through my Merlin lineage mother earth lost her so-called ‘core veil’ (after billions of years).

In the 19th century the French Anatole Le Pelletier was the first to suggest that there must be a hidden key in the Nostradamus prophecies. Nostradamus stated that it would be possible to give the exact point in time for *each* quatrain. But this endeavor took 450+ years, the Nostradamus keys couldn’t be combined before 2016, just ahead of the beginning of the 7th millennium… This is certainly not a coincidence at all, the Grandmaster knew exactly how to define the keys so that they wouldn’t be revealed before the end times… In the best case, the common Nostradamus analyst knows these 5 partial keys, which only decode a small part of the verses:

  1. text keys: This is the most obvious encryption method, as most verses are not real sentences but rather a bunch of words in telegraphic style, which leaves a couple of different interpretations. He enjoys to swap the subject & object, which an amazing number of ‘experts’ doesn’t recognize as a code. Nostradamus uses a lot of old fancy geographic names, which are relatively easy to decipher. Moreover, he uses a lot of anagrams, which means to rearrange the letters of words. Only the letters to his son & King Henry II are plain-talking, and the verses referring to the end times are also much less scrambled than the rest.
  2. astrological keys: Some percentage points of the verses contain an astrological key, which allows some kind of targeting.
  3. names of locations & persons: About 1/5 of the quatrains contain names, which allow a basic attribution.
  4. years: 7 of the 942 verses include explicit year numbers (<1%), although they are only partly useful. Still, several quatrains have implicit year numbers.
  5. Sierra key: Partly the year numbers are codes, as discovered since 1980 by the Spanish researcher José María Pueyo Sierra. Example 3-77:
    The 3rd climate/ decade included under Aries. The year 1727 in October, The King of Persia captured by those of Egypt: Conflict, death, loss: to the cross great shame.”
    The year 1727 laid a false track, this verse describes the putsch in Iran in early 1979, and on 4/1/1979 the monarchy was replaced by an Islamic republic. Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi escaped to Egypt where he died soon thereafter (was he poisoned?). The 3rd decade of Aries April 10-20, the Julian date 4/1/1979 equals the Gregorian date 4/14/1979 = 3rd decade. In this verse the Sierra formula with the numbers 1557 & 13.53 (= ratio of lunar/ solar speed) applies in 3-4 steps:
    (a) 1727 is turned upside down to 7271 (may or may not be necessary)
    (b) 7271 minus 1557 = 5714
    (c) 5714 divided by 13.53 = 422
    (d) 422 added to 1557 = 1979
    In the Sierra formula the master number 7777 (in the year 2017) is the mirror point: same count in both directions. It is certainly not a coincidence that the mirror point falls into the year 2017, which marks the beginning of the 7th millennium. Moreover, the Nostradamus lunar year 7777 falls into the Jewish year 5777 (the 7 is the most important number in the Holy Bible). In the Sierra formula the famous Nostradamus end year 3797 (->7973) translates into the year 2031: culmination & peak of the end times calamities (

These 5 partial keys open maybe ¼ of the verses, but the rest is pretty useless without a clear time correlation. Interpretation without such a key is a kind of Rorschach test, revealing more about the interpreter than about Nostradamus. He used at least 3 general keys, although none of them are perfect, as they still have a stinky error rate. They have been found by 2 researchers in Belgium & Austria, over many years since the 1990s:

  1. verse number key (published in 2008-12): weakest code, with a very high error rate of 80-95%. This one has been recognized by a few semiprofessionals quite early, without systematic research though. The Belgian Benoit d’Andrimont realized from 2003 on that there are 2 sub-keys, which gives 3 verse number codes: 0, 3408 & 4758 years (Link). Example: 2016 may be encrypted as 2016, 5424 & 6774.
  2. conversion of letter count per word into numbers (published in 2008-12): estimated error rate 50-80%, also from the genius Benoit d’Andrimont. One verse delivers up to some dozens of numbers, but a part of them doesn’t fit into the ~500 years of the (key) forecasting period. The content of most others suggests they have to materialize in the coming decades. So the number of *realistic* yearly numbers per year is reduced to a couple. And these few codes often converge in a timeframe of some years, which means that usually only 1-3 good solutions are left. Finally, one should include the connected verses, too. Applying all filters often means that just *one* year is left.
  3. royal/ Peter key (published since 1998): This key is of obscene complexity, but when properly done the error rate should not be higher than 10-50%. It has been developed since 1994 by the engineer Peter Kubina who lives near Vienna, Austria, based on the research of Carl Loog (Link). In contrast to the first two codes one should – theoretically – only arrive at a single year per verse, which means no false positives (statistical type 1 error). However: Kubina’s initial forecasts from his 1998 book have all turned out wrong, especially the calls for 1999. Obviously one needs many years to fully comprehend this hyper complex method. In addition, one should also pay attention to the golden rule of crowd madness: whenever somebody makes a prediction of an instant catastrophe looming (within a year), then the odds are P>95% it is wrong. The most reliable calls are those that predict events centuries in advances, as demonstrated by Nostradamus.

Nostradamus apparently used many sophisticated multiple codes, when he encoded similar events with 2 different year numbers. For instance, the credit bubble & crisis mentioned in quatrain 8-14 refers to both 1928 (= maximum credit ahead of crash 1929) & 2018. This is of great help, because it allows to connect the dots & see historic parallels, i.e. that 2017-19 is similar to 1928/29.

Meanwhile I am able to explain why Nostradamus chose the strange year 3797 to create his codes. Now in the end times everything is ruled by the Untersberg Mountain on the Austrian-German border, which is the heart chakra of the planet. That’s why the Dalai Lama did a yearly Untersberg pilgrimage for many years (the Kailash is the crown chakra). The Untersberg is very Yin (hundreds of caves), her ‘partner’ (Yang) & protection is the Großglockner, which is the highest mountain of the Eastern Alps, with a height of 3797 (!) meters. The second confirmation of Austria is the year 1555 for the first publication, which is a code for Austria (Austrian Independence Treaty 15.5.55). The third reference to Austria is that the main key was decoded near Vienna, Austria. So the mountain couple Großglockner & Untersberg is the root of the Nostradamus codes. It’s certainly no coincidence that all decoders have the mountain/ rock in their names:

  • José Sierra: ‚Sierra‘ = mountain
  • Benoit d’Andrimont: mont‘ = mountain
  • Peter Kubina from the small town Perchtoldsdorf = Petersdorf near Vienna, Austria: contains the Peter = rock twice.
  • my surname Zimmel: derived from the Jewish Ziml, which is the pet form of Simon. Actually the full name of the leader of the 12 Apostles was Simon Petrus. Moreover, my assistant for many years (solid as a rock!) is also a Peter from Petersdorf, living just a couple of stone’s throws from the other Peter in Petersdorf…

But why do we find these bizarre synchronicities, which are against all odds from a statistical point of view? Again we need the Holy Bible (Matthew 16, 18): „And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.“ The code for this Bible verse is 16+18=34: the 34 stands for the completed work of atonement, resurrection & Ascension and is associated with the year 2034.

Bottom line: for years I have named 2022 & 2032 as *the* decision points in millennia. These years will change the life of practically *every* human on this planet. So far the question was which of the two years is the real one. Meanwhile I have come to the conclusion that *both* are crucial, which means that the crises, wars & cataclysms will last many years. According to all 4 keys (Sierra, 2x d’Andrimont, Kubina) the *final* culmination is due in 2031-34, which is in 15-18 years. This call is backed by many dozens of factors, so the odds of a false call are very low. The standard window is +/- 1 year, as for almost *all* numerological codes. In the two keys by d’Andrimont we only have 2 crucial years in the coming decades: 2018 (beginning) & 2031/32 (peak & end). A lot should already happen in 2017-19:

  1. financially: financial crash
  2. politically & militarily: IS invasion in Spain, Southern France & Italy (also in the rest of Europe & the world?) – US attack, impeachment/ killing of US president
  3. earth changes: major earthquakes, because of the approach of Nibiru

Another 2017-19 indication is a sub-key found by Kubina: shift by 462 years (link). It is no coincidence that Nostradamus published his work in 1555-57: 462 years ahead of 2017-19 (he could have published years before).

WW3 Islam against Christianity from 2017-19 on

The duration of the Christian-Islamic war can also be derived from other quotes:

  • According to verse 7-15 Milan is resisting the siege successfully (!) for 7 years. Milan is Italy’s second largest town with a population: 1.4 million & even the biggest metropolitan area ahead of Rome.
  • Marseille with about 1 million inhabitants can only withstand the Muslim troops for some months, before it is conquered from the hinterland.

Present sieges: Aleppo in Syria has been sieged since 2014 (3rd year). The longest siege in the past century was Sarajevo: 1992-96 (4 years). Only big cities with at least a half million inhabitants can withstand sieges well. Preppers adhere to the fixed idea that you are always better in the country than in towns, but this is hardly true.

Europe will suffer from an IS pincer grip: the eastern front is Italy & the Balkans, the western front Spain. Eventually both meet in Southern France. Which countries will suffer most?

  1. Italy, France, Balkan states (including Hungary, excluding Romania): mostly or fully conquered by the IS troops. To add insult to injury, the Mediterranean coasts will be devastated by tsunamis.
  2. Spain, Switzerland: Partly conquered. The worst area should be close to Geneva, where apparently hardly anybody survives. Only Eastern Switzerland bordering Germany & Switzerland *could* do better, but this is highly questionable assumption.
  3. Germany, Austria, UK: Only small areas in the hands of the Muslim troops. In Austria the region to the South of the Alps faces the biggest danger, in Germany the Southwestern areas close to the French/ Swiss border & in England it’s mainly the south.

Solar eclipse 8/11/1999: beginning of 40 years of testing

Quatrain 10-72 refers to the key eclipse 8/11/1999, whose umbra shadow has split Europe into 2 parts since the euro introduction in 1999: the Northern Germanic bloc & the Southern club med. Nostradamus understood the 40-year influence of this solar eclipse: this dividing line will remain a strong barrier into the 2030s, also for war-related events. This line in the sand should hardly be crossed. The Islam conquers the Southern Europa below the central eclipse path, while Northern Europe does much better. Note that the eclipse path aligns roughly with the Northern border of the IS caliphate map. Interestingly, the longest total shadow was 2’23“ on the Balkans, which first confirms the Balkans as target & second confirms the key years 2(0)23 & 2(0)32. The US astrologer Charles Jayne (born on 11/9/1911) could correctly predict the outcome of many battles during WW2 through the eclipse method. But he also had 3 triple 911 attack code in his birthdate. There 3 attack numbers: 111/1111, 322 & 911. The eclipse date August 11, 1999 itself contains 111+999, which is a very powerful attack signature. At 11:11 UT the eclipse was near Istanbul, which was shattered by a huge earthquake with a death toll of 70-80,000 only 6 days after the eclipse – which confirms the geopolitical epicenter during the 40 years of testing.



Eventually the first phases of the war will cost the lives of millions of people, e.g. on the French Mediterranean coast (Toulouse-Lyon-Marseille) there will be one million dead & wounded according to quatrain 1-72. Verse 2-4 warns:

From Monaco to near Sicily the entire coast will remain desolated: There will remain there no suburb, city or town not pillaged and robbed by the Barbarians.

As everybody else, Nostradamus had a strong home bias, that’s why he described the events in his Southern French home in much more detail than the rest of the world. It goes without saying that his focus on Southern France by no means implies that in the rest of the world nothing happens. Unfortunately, very little is known about the rest of the planet, apart from the Middle East, which is well covered by the Holy Bible.

According to Nostradamus the Islam will rule for 20 years: the rulership of the crescent began with the great many Islamic revolutions in 2011 & the IS foundation on 6/28/2014. So the end is due after 20 years = 2031-34. These 20 years are precisely the decade before & after 2022, which is most Yin=Moon=Islam. The rulership is crystal-clear:

  • Christianity: 1/ Sun/ Sunday (5/ Mercury/ Wednesday)
  • Islam: 2/ Moon/ Monday, 6/ Venus/ Friday

According to d’Andrimont the Popes flees Rome in 2031-34, which according to many other prophecies coincides with *the* last events. Emporer Henric slowly defeats the invaders from about 2029 on. According to a kinesological muscle-test he is only 10 years old at present (birth in October 2006?), which perfectly aligns with the crowning in 2033/34 (age 27-28), as Nostradamus stresses that he will still be a young man during the enthronement. It doesn’t fit 2022 at all, because this would mean he would be the commander-in-chief at the age 15. Example: Caesar was already a field commander at the age of 15.

I keep the outlook rather brief here, Nostradamus mentions many more details about the early stages of WW3. Peter Lemesurier offers a good list in his 1993 book, “Nostradamus: The Next 50 Years.” Lemesurier was born in 1936, he worked as a professional translator & taught at Cambridge University. It’s more than bizarre that the age of 70+ he published an absurd book (Nostradamus, Bibliomancer: The Man, The Myth, The Truth), which revises almost everything. This is hardly a surprise, because in the crash phase of the life cycle (age>66.6 years) the output is hardly more than utter nonsense, with a much lower truth content than the early books. The purpose of the crash phase is to destroy the entire lifework, as a preparation for the next incarnation.

Israel: fall after December 2021?

Letter of Nostradamus to King Henry II:

This will be preceded by a solar eclipse more dark and gloomy than any since the creation of the world, except that after the death and passion of Jesus Christ. And it will be in the month of October [Julian -> October/ November Gregorian] than the great translation will be made and it will be such that one will think the gravity of the earth has lost its natural movement and that it is to be plunged into the abyss of perpetual darkness. In the spring there will be omens, and thereafter extreme changes, reversals of realms and mighty earthquakes. These will be accompanied by the procreation of the new Babylon, miserable daughter enlarged by the abomination of the first holocaust. It will exist for only 73 years and 7 months.

Different interpretations are offered for this implicit timing of 73 years 7 months, especially taking it for the Soviet Union existing from November 1917 through June 1991. Yet we can be sure that this verse has to refer to Israel, which could only be founded because of the holocaust (= Greek word for burnt victim). In the sentences before & afterwards Nostradamus talks of incredible earth changes, which simply *must* refer to the end times. In the eyes of the Zionists a ‘purchasing price’ of 6 million Jews (= first holocaust) had to be paid for the return into the Holy Land. Israel was founded on 5/14/1948: Israel existing for 73 years & 7 months is until December 2021, which means it falls from 2022 on. Nostradamus’ term first holocaust implies a second holocaust, presumably from 2022 on. Still it’s possible that these 73 years 7 months refer to both Israel *and* the Soviet Union. Parallel encryptions are one of USPs of the King of the prophets of the modern era.

The Holy Bible refers to 2022/23 for the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem (beginning of sacrifices or destruction?), *the* primary indication of the end times. 2023 is 1335 years after the construction of the Dome Rock from 688 on (Link). Construction began one jubilee (50 years) after the Muslims had devastated Jerusalem in 638 & 1290 years after sacrifices ceased in the Temple in 602 B.C.


Late 2021 through late 2022 should be the second most important timeline of the 21st century on all 5 levels (economically/ financially, politically/ militarily, earth changes, health-wise, spiritually), dwarfed only by 2032. The precise month for the fall of Israel is the best corroboration for the assumption that around 2020 all hell will be breaking loose. You can bet your farm that long *before* this crucial event in the Middle East *a lot* will have to happen geopolitically. Needless to say, the fall of Israel is also the main event in the prophecies of the Holy Bible. The chosen role of the Jews ends in 2022/23.

Return of Nibiru (Planet X or 9) 2032?

Nostradamus mentions Nibiru many times in his end times verses, under different names: comet, bearded star, great one, large stark, second sun, monster in the sky, brother of the moon… Nibiru (planet X or 9) is a brown dwarf with an orbital period of 3600 years long ago, which has been reduced somewhat meanwhile, to about 3500 years. Each return (= perihelion closest to sun) produces a great many cataclysms on earth. The last return some time in the period 1446-1491 B.C. (1453 B.C. according to Lemesurier’s pyramid code) explains the 10 biblical plagues & the ensuing chaos, which allowed the Jews to leave Egypt (exodus). Sometime before (1550 B.C. +/- decades) we find records of one of the largest volcano eruptions in newer history: the Minoan eruption on Crete (link).

Unfortunately, 99% (!) of the internet information on Nibiru is unreliable: NWO disinfo, crazy ideas by freaks or general nonsense. 15 years ago I was misled by the NWO propaganda, too. At this time I still was clueless as to what is really going on. I am not aware of *any* other topic with a comparably low truth content on the internet. The reason needs no comment: Nibiru is by far the most important single event for the fate of humanity in thousands of years. Electrosmog is similarly important, but it is not an event but a trend stretching over decades & generations.

Out of the hundreds of pages dedicated to this topic I am aware of only one (!) fully trustworthy source: by the US astrophysicist Prof. James McCanney. Unfortunately his site is a terrible mess, so I recommend his book to begin with (Link). His search volume has recently dropped to an all-time low, which is a sign he should be taken 100% seriously (link).

The most bizarre nonsense is the claim that that Nibiru always deceitfully hides behind the sun & then overnight suddenly jumps out. The reality is that it will be visible with the naked eye in the 2-10 years before perihelion, for these 2 reasons:

  1. diameter: similar to the other 4 large planets in the solar system (estimated diameter 50,000-150,000 km)
  2. comet tail: 2-3 years before perihelion it will develop a comet tail for about 5 years, so there is no way to overlook it. Still, the lying press will insist that it is nothing but a normal comet - although its core is more than 1000 times bigger than the average comet. The picture below is presumably genuine, photographed with a 140x powers of magnification (Link). However, the coordinates given (in Orion) are wrong. The weak image quality is a sign that Nibiru is still beyond Saturn.



  • Since the 19th century perturbations of the outer planets in the solar system have been interpreted as a massive planet far out. The discovery of the small Pluto in 1930 didn’t explain the deviations.
  • In 1950 Immanuel Velikovsky published the book Worlds in Collision, where he discussed the incredible earth changes almost 3500 years ago. This is a good hint what to expect for the 21st century.
  • Around this time the first Nibiru orbit calculations were done by the Spanish astronomer & seismologist Carlos Muñoz Ferrada (1909-9/11/2001 Link). According to his calculations Nibiru will pass our planet at a distance of some 0.1 astronomical units (14 million kilometers). Ferrada also predicted that Nibiru’s existence would be swept under the rug until it becomes visible with the naked eye.
  • The first good description of Nibiru was published by Zecharia Sitchin (1920-2010) from 1976 on, based on Sumerian texts. Sitchin was born on 7/11/1920: the days around July 11 are heaven’s gate.
  • discoveries: Actually, since 1983 Nibiru has been discovered *several* times, first by infrared satellites & later also with telescopes from the southern hemisphere (link). The 2 most prominent discoverers were the well-known US astronomers Dr. Robert Harrington in 1993(Link) & Dr. Eugene Shoemaker in 1997(Link). However, both were murdered by the reptilians because of their discovery. Nibiru’s aphelion (point furthest away from the sun) has the right ascension of the star sign Scorpio, rotating backwards (in opposite direction than the planets). In the 1990s it was already in the sign Centaurus according to Harrington. The orbit is in a steep angle against the ecliptic, presumably not much less than the vertical 89.4° of the comet Hale-Bopp, which most likely is a Nibiru runaway.

Based on these discoveries the US mathematician R. F. has calculated the likely return of Nibiru in 2025-32, very unlikely around 2052 (Link). However, his calculations are not totally correct because he assumes a perihelion of 3.2 AU - while it is closer to 1 AU, similar to Hale-Bopp (link). Because of dozens of indications there is no doubt whatsoever that Nibiru *is* indeed in our solar system at least since 2011, meaning that it can’t be further out than Neptune’s 30 AU (astronomical units). From its present estimated 15-30 AU the journey won’t take longer than 10-15 years: from the distance of Uranus (19 AU) a comet needs about 7 years to reach perihelion, from Jupiter (5 AU) 1-4 years. The closer it gets, the less accurate the calculations get: the longer the comet tail is, the larger the braking effect. There is no doubt that Nibiru’s comet tail will have a length of at least many hundreds of million kilometers/ miles (several astronomical units).

Therefore most earth changes should happen in 2017-34: in the 7 years *before* Nibiru’s perihelion & also the following 2 years. The main reason for change is that the approach of Nibiru discharges the load of the solar capacitor that has built up over the past millennia: comet plasma discharge model by Prof. James McCanney. Note that the earth changes below began 100-200 years ago & occur more regularly every year:

  1. volcano eruptions: number has soared 10-20fold (!) since the 19th century (Link)
  2. earthquakes: have exploded by 500-1000% since the 1980s (Link).
  3. meteorites: In 2009-10 we only about 2 fireballs per day, while today this number has skyrocketed to ~15 (Link). This translates into an incredible rise of 500-600% in a couple of years... 2016 in particular saw a huge spike. Nibiru as a massive ‘lukewarm’ mini-sun has its own small solar system & all these meteors are escaped moons from this solar system. Eventually this will produce a global hail of stones & shower of sparks caused by millions of small objects, as predicted by many prophecies. This means that absolutely *no* place on the surface of the earth will ever be ‘safe’. The searches of preppers for the so-called ‘safe’ havens is impossible & nothing but positive thinking, which is a form of reality denial. Unfortunately, the inconvenient truth is that the return of Nibiru requires the unconditional surrender to the divine will: „Thy will be done.“


4 major timelines:

  1. 2017-2020s: "The moon is obscured in deep gloom, his brother becomes bright red in color. The great one hidden for a long time in the shadows will hold the blade in the bloody wound.” (1-84)
  2. ~2022:When the sun will have an error, the monster will be seen in full day. Quite otherwise will one interpret it, high prices unguarded: none will have foreseen it.” (3-34) So Nibiru triggers a giant inflation wave, which at present isn’t understood by anybody else than the Amanita readers. Verse 4-30 describes a major astronomical change (without any details), either a pole shift, axis shift or an orbit change. With the usual tolerance of +/- 1 year we have an amazing triple overlap for 2022:
    (a) It is encoded with the year 2022 according to d‘Andrimont.
    (b) The letter predicts the earth changes for October/ November in the year 2021 or 2022 (before & after the fall of Israel).
    (c) The Bulgarian seer Baba Wanga (1911-1996) was the Nostradamus from the Balkans, so-to-speak. She is one of only 5 sources where time designations don’t need to be rejected in principle, they *may* mean something. The other 4 are: Holy Bible, Nostradamus, Rill’s military letters & pyramid codes. For instance, for 2011 she saw a huge nuclear catastrophe, which did manifest (although weaker than predicted): Fukushima is by far the biggest nuclear disaster in history. Many decades (!) in advance she said that China would be the global leader by 2018, which at this time was unthinkable. Baba Wanga made predictions centuries into the future, although she mentioned only *one* year for a minor change in the earth orbit: 2023.
    (c) According to the Indian guru mother Amma we have the highest risk for a giant solar storm (killshot) in 2021.
  3. ~2030: Between the constellations Canis Major (= Sirius, quatrain 2-41 encoded for 2030 according to d‘Andrimont) & Gemini (= Castor & Pollux) the bearded star (2-15) will be easily visible & make a lot of noise. This is the howling from the inner earth, as so often occurs before earthquakes, as researched by Prof. Dr. Elchin Khalilov & the Italien astrophycicist Giuliana Conforto. The monster will be brightest (perihelion) North of Orion/ Taurus (opposite of Scorpio), according to 1-90 & 5-62 (Orgon->Orion). In the Book of Job the same path is described (Link). Google Sky also encoded this area in Orion (right ascension 5:53:27, declination -6:10:58) through a ‚scan error‘ (Link).
  4. 2032/33:Very great famine through pestiferous wave, through long rain the length of the arctic pole. “Samarobryn" 100 locations in the hemisphere will live without law, exempt from politics.” (6-2) Nibiru produces an incredible global chaos, an extinction wave & incredible weather phenomena. Rain at the North Pole sounds crazy, but was observed for the first time in 2010. The ice melt could elevate the sea level by several meters & thus bury coastal cities. The reason appears to be the astronomical change mentioned above. Baba Wanga did forecast only *one* single year in our lifetime for huge natural disasters (melting of polar ice): 2033. It looks like Wanga‘s polar ice melting is identical with Nostradamus‘ rain at the north pole, so we have an independent timing clue. The old Sumerian texts warn: “There will be many floods when Nibiru becomes brighter.” This is the focus point of the Galactic 62 million year cycle of extinction discovered by Muller/ Medvedev/ Melott (Link). The passage through the Galactic disc (now in the 21st century) & the maximum distance are the anchor points in this cycle of 225 million years.


Other signs pointing to (late) 2032

There is a lot pointing to late 2031 through mid-2033, especially late 2032:

  1. war models: In 2001 Rudy Bes published a wonderful statistical analysis on astrological war constellations in the magazine Correlation 20 (1). His conclusion was that in our lifetime we would see one major global war: in 2032. I have to add that in the early 2020s we barely miss the threshold. The astrological community is interested in nothing but sense: the better a piece of research, the less attention it gets. Bes’ research is so ground-breaking that it is ‘less than ignored’.
  2. calendar: For many years the Austrian economist & shaman Dr. Diethard Stelzl has stated the 12/31/2032 as the beginning of the Golden Age, similar to the US healer Diane Cooper & Indian gurus (Link). This aligns with the end of the 20-year Mayan katun in September 2032.
  3. Song of the lime tree: This is one of the best prophecies, it contains only one timing statement (160-7 years) with respect to Germany. The German Empire was established on 1/18/1871, 160 years later is 2031. I think the ‘7 years’ refer to the 7 years from 2023/24 on, which will be very challenging for Germany.
  4. Islamic prophecy: Based on Islamic prophecies the British physicist & Islam expert Kameran Fally (the name he appears in public) says that the key events will happen when people are watching a very popular sports event (link). The Olympic Games every 4 years is the largest one, which occurs in 2032.
  5. Apophis: This asteroid *could* come close to earth in 2029-2036, with minor odds of an impact. In Egypt mythology it represents evil & natural disasters. Asteroid number 999-42: the 999 (9=Mars) is the 666 upside down (6=Venus) & the 42 indicates the return of Christ.
  6. : 77.7 quarters from the beginning of the 40 quarters of testing points to the turn of 2032/33. Interestingly, so far the geopolitical escalation maximum was in August 2015, which is 7.77 months after 8/23/13: official announcement of the 3rd Temple to be built, 8/12/15 US nuclear bomb against China, invasion of IS troops in Europe & 8/24/15 Lucy(fer) let out. Three times the holy 7 plays a key role: 7 seals+7 angels of the apocalypse, beginning in year 5777, Nostradamus mirror year 7777.
  7. pyramid code: In his book The Great Pyramid Decoded published in 1977 Peter Lemesurier deciphered the pyramid codes, which have an age of thousands of years. Almost 40 years ago he projected the beginning of the global fire testing for 2014-17, to last until 2032-35.
  8. NWO: According to the Chilean politician & author Miguel Serrano (1917-2009) the Kabbalistic Sanhedrin have met every 90 years since 1491, in order to the plan the NWO strategies for the world government. The 7th and last one is scheduled for 2031, which is planned to be the reached goal (global dictatorship).
  9. Sadhana/ Lucifer/ 666-Beast:
    (a) 666 years: 2031 is 666+666+666 years after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in the year 33. 2033 would be precisely 2000 years, although according to Jakob Lorber it should be somewhat less than 2000 years.
    (b) :
    * 6/29/1963: According to DDDr. Martin Malachi, consultant to 3 Popes, Sadhana was installed as the boss of the Vatican on 6/29/63, just 8 days after the new Pope Paul VI. (born 9/26/1897). 66.6 years after 6/29/63 is spring 2030. John Paul I (10/17/1912), the successor of Paul VI, refused to accept the reign of the 666 Beast & thus was murdered after 33 days in office on 9/28/1978 aligning with the 33rd Masonic degree. His success John Paul II was a fan of the P2 lodge & served Sadhana as much as he could. 70 years later points to 2033.
    * 6/5/1967: 66.6 years after the 6-Day War of 1967 points to 2033/34.
    * 8/11/1999: The solar eclipse 8/11/1999 is the only end times event mentioned directly. A half cycle of 66.6 years later points to late 2032.
  10. biblical numerology: Dan Koenig prefers the early/ mid-2030s, as a statistical mean of several biblical calculations (Link). 4 large jubilees (490 years) after the destruction of the 2nd Temple in the year 70 A.D. points to 2030. The Christ grid was completed in mid-August 1987 with the Harmonic Convergence, as a preparation for the second coming. At the same time global consciousness jumped above the critical LoC>200 level for the first time ever, according to DDr. Hawkins (Link). 2033 or the 2033rd year (= 2032) should be a major extinction wave: 47th year after 1987 (47 = number of death), 33 = death of Jesus. This is followed by 2034 (34 = work of salvation completion, rebirth/ resurrection), in the 48th year after 1987 (48 = Last Judgment).
  11. Israel 5/14/1948 & Germany 10/3/1990: The 84 represents the first coming Jesus Christ some 2000 years ago, while the 42 symbolizes his return or the 2nd coming. So far the official Jewish view denies that Jesus was the Messiah (as predicted by the prophets of the Old Testament), so they still wait for the first coming = number 84. The key Jewish event of the past 2000 years was the foundation of Israel on 5/14/1948: 84 years later is 2032. However, the chosen people for the next millennium are German: 42 years after the reunification on 10/3/1990 is again 2032 (Christianity waits for the *return* of Christ = 42).
  12. : The St. Malachy prophecies have characterized all Popes since 1595. Since 2013 we have the 112th & final Pope Francis (in an unlikely interpretation there is a 113th). 1595 is 42 decades ahead of the big events & the return of Jesus Christ (=number 42), which is hardly a coincidence. Neither did St. Malachy pick a random starting point with Pope Celestin II. who ruled from 9/26/1143: the number of the resurrected Christ 888.8 years late is again 2032 (Link).
  13. earth cycle 20 years & half cycle 40 quarters (10 year) of decisive events:
    * early 1933: beginning of war between the chosen people of the past 5000 years & those of the coming 1000 years

* August 1943: Philadelphia experiment
* August 1972: start of Sirian experiment
* August 1983: Montauk experiment
* 8/10/2002: beginning of awakening within the Merlin lineage

* 12/23/2012: mother earth loses her core veil

* 2022 earth cycle: Christ earth shift according to Ric Weinman
* August 2032-August 2033: ???

  1. extinction wave according to end times model: This proprietary Amanita model shows only 2 major waves of dying in the coming decades, namely 2021-23 & 2030/31. The end times model has worked very well since 2013, it is based on biblical codes.
  2. : For decades Martin Armstrong has mentioned 2032/33 as a key crisis point, mainly high of commodity prices (and therefore inflation) & low of real estate prices (Link).
  3. prophecies: Most prophets mention the year-end (late fall/ early winter) as the timeline for the supernatural events. This should mean late 2032 (unlikely late 2031 or late 2033).
  4. blood moon tetrad: A blood moon tetrad means 4 *total* lunar eclipses in a series (without an intervening *partial* eclipse). In 2014/15 we had the only blood moon tetrad aligning with the Jewish high feasts since 1967/68. The 4th & last lunar eclipse in September 2015 timed the global escalation maximum since 1961. The last two tetrads marked *the* Jewish key events in the past 500 years: 1948 Israel, 1967 Temple Mount conquered during 6-Day War. Interestingly the next tetrad is 2032 (not aligning with the Jewish high feasts though). Still, the lunar eclipse 10/18/2032 will be visible in Israel, in contrast to the ones in 2014/15 - which makes this tetrad very important, too.
  5. solar eclipse 11.8.1999: The activations of the eclipse degree 18°21 Leo by the slow planets in the 4th harmonic (0°, 90°, 180°) have been shown to be very reliable crisis escalations since 1999:
    * 2000-1 Jupiter, Saturn & Uranus: biggest bear market since 1932, 911
    * 2007-9, Neptune, Chiron, Saturn, Jupiter & nodal axis - Ixion (Quaoar 120°): blitz depression
    * late 2017 through late 2018 nodal axis & Jupiter (weak): weak escalation
    * 2022/23 Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, lunar nodes & Lilith - Orcus: extreme escalation
    * 2031-35 Pluto, Chiron, Saturn, lunar nodes & Jupiter (Ixion 120°): maximum escalation
  6. UCT model by Steve Puetz: In the century since the 1970s it shows only one low, namely in 2035.
  7. indices by Ganeau & Barbault: In 2031-34 these two similar astro models have their only low in the half century from the 2020s on.
  8. 6x composite model: In March 2016 my spiritual guides gave me the formula for an astrological composite model. When I heard the formula I was highly skeptical & thought to myself that this can’t work, it’s too strange. But hundreds of tests in the meantime have proven otherwise. Actually it has become the by far my strongest model for super long-term forecasts (meta-model). 4 horoscopes (tolerance: +/-1-2 years):
    (a) The horoscopes of the illuminati (5/1/1776, Ingolstadt) & ISIS (6/28/2014) are telling us how strong Sadhana & the powers of evil are. Good times for them are bad times for humanity & vice versa. In 2016 the illuminati are at a power low, unfortunately from 2017 they gain a lot of power, into their high of 2030/31. ISIS is in a similar position.
    (b) The Fed model (12/23/1913) is a model for good & bad times: 2014 was the peak of the good times, now are heading down into 2031/32.
    (c) The inverted PPT model (3/21/1988) is down from 2017/18 into 2030.





  1. grammar model: This proprietary Amanita model has a unique formula. It focuses on the secular trends of world affairs (window +/- 1-2 years). The high of our lifetime was in the late 20th century, with an approaching secondary high by 2018. But soon we are heading down into the low of our lifetime around 2036.


Outlook 2017

Since 2015 I have warned (in the premium area) of a day X of worldwide terror, the *earliest* opportunity being a Sunday in the 2nd half of 2017 (in 2019 at the latest). *If* the current NWO plan will be implemented, then one has to expect 10,000 terror acts & hostage-takings in less than 24 hours, with a death toll of about 1 million & millions of hostages. *When* these events take place, then they will of course have an incredible impact on the world economy & the financial markets. Above all, it would trigger the biggest economic crisis in history: investments collapse by 50-90%, consumption by 20-80% (especially tourism). Reason: investments depend so much more on long-term expectation than consumptions. Sooner or later expect economic planning safety to drop to zero, which means that almost all business that *can* be stopped *will* be stopped – in other words, almost everything.