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Manfred Zimmel
founder and editor of Amanita Market Forecasting 


Business administration: October 1992 - January 1998 at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Austria und at the University of Kentucky, USA (MBA program)
focus: human resources, organizational psychology, philosophy, astrology
Diploma thesis: "The Metaphysics of Saturn: How to use esoteric/ new age concepts in business, especially business astrology"
doctoral thesis: March 1998 - September 1999 ("Astrology in recruiting")

Astrology & Markets

since 1990 trading the markets
since 1993 studying astrology, business and financial astrology since 1996
since 1999 publishing stock market forecasts on the internet
since 2000 professional business and financial astrologer and editor of "Amanita Market Forecasting"
diploma and doctoral thesis on business astrology
several publications (English/ German) and media reports


since 2007 head of scientific advisory board in the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber
in 2008 founding member of CORA (Center for Objective Research in Astrology)
until 2011 international vice-president of the International Society of Astrological Research (ISAR) for Austria (largest astrological association in the world)
until 2011 representative of the International Society of Business Astrologers (ISBA) for the German-speaking countries (largest association for business and financial astrology)

Training, theoretical knowledge & personal experience in the following areas:
in December 1992 initiation through a satori experience
since 1993 meditation & autogenic training
since 1995 reincarnation therapy & yoga
since 1996 tantra, tai chi/ qi gong & rebirthing, transpersonal breathwork 
since 1999 shamanism
since 2001 homeopathy
since 2002 Körbler's new homeopathy, biodanza & systemic therapy, radiesthesia/ geomancy
since 2004 pranic healing, kinesiology & emotional freedom techniques (EFT)  
since 2006 Dr. Banis' pychosomatic energetics, Mantak Chia's healing tao, runes yoga & Eggetsberger's brain training
since 2007 satsangs with many gurus (especially Amma)
since 2008 mantras & development of new methods in spiritual healing in a team
since 2010 Dr. Schuhmacher's karmic work & Dr. Lechner's MindLink®
since 2012 Ric Weinman's VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing & TianGong
since 2013 Dr Loyd's Healing Code®, Dr. Nelson's Emotion Code
since 2014 ThetaX training with Dr. Gerhard Eggetsberger, brain researcher in Vienna, Austria
since 2021 training in Bowtech®

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