Amanita Rating-System

It's crucial to know when the market situation is clear cut and when it is so questionable that one better stays out, that's why I have developed the 4-tier Amanita rating system that classifying the quality of:

(1) main forecasts: sent out every 1-4 months with charts - discussed on this page

(2) Amanita pivots (potential turning points resp. bifurcation points)

(3) Amanita trades (discontinued): the assessment of the Amanita trades ATs is solely based on the interpretation of the horoscope of the place (normally: Vienna, Austria) and time when the planned AT is sent out the first time) - discussed on this page.
I estimate the importance of the trade horoscope as high as 50% of the decision process! Practically, that's how it looks like: first several factors are analyzed and researched which takes several hours, the result is perhaps a trade recommendation. The horoscope of this trade is analyzed which takes about 15 minutes. Still these 15 minutes are equally important as the many hours of traditional analysis!
note: because of the considerably weaker performance of the stock indices they are always treated as if the rating was one class lower. That implies that for the indices the trade horoscopes are even more important for the other markets.

file 1238158535-557db4e2fbe840fc2f89a199cb9f32a0 1 amanita: very questionable
main forecast: the different methods are not converging at a reliable scenario, unsolved contradictions remain. More a suggestion than a forecast, highly questionable.
Amanita trade horoscope - trading implications: stay always out, an Amanita trade is not possible, the risk-reward ratio is too bad
risk of a loss: P=50-60%
file 1238158549-32e91fe81292b155224c309707c0d5fb 2 amanitas: weak to average
main forecast: some question marks remain, the forecast is not considered to be exact but at least the general tendency (up or down) should be correct. The trade has an above-average risk of being stopped out a loss, the risk-reward ratio is sufficient but rather poor, one has to be very prudent.
Amanita trade horoscope - trading implications
:  stay completely out or trade defensively (position size: 0.5) if these 2 conditions are met:
(1) the trade is in the direction of the higher trend
(2) my personal financial horoscope is not critical the next 4-6 weeks
risk of a loss: P=40%
exception stock indices: like 1 amanita, thus never traded
file 1238158562-e77fadbf68e2453bc802584ccecf480c 3 amanitas: good
main forecast: probably reliable but maybe not so precise, often different price or time targets do exist
Amanita trade horoscope - trading implications:  normal trading, normal position size 1 - or only 0.5 if my personal financial horoscope is critical the next 4-6 weeks
risk of a loss: P=30%
exception stock indices
: treated like 2 amanitas
file 1238158575-d5d36f2b721b3e6e286ac102b2e38410 4 amanitas: excellent
main forecast: considered to be very reliable and accurate, all methods applied come to the same result, but always remember that "certainty" does not exist in the markets, it is without exception a game of probabilities and stops are always needed
Amanita trade horoscope - trading implications: aggressive (even against the higher trend), position size 1.5 - or only position size 1 if my personal financial horoscope is critical the next 4-6 weeks
risk of a loss: P=15%
exception stock indices: treated like 3 amanitas