Why should I subscribe?

1. Performance: Amanita Market Forecasting is one of the best timingIn the Amanita prognostications, timing is almost always more important, reliable & precise compared to prices. The standard window for all time projections is +/- 1 week, with the exception of the Amanita pivots (+/- 1-2 days). services around the globe, repeatedly being top-ranked by the US rating agency "Timer DigestTimer Digest is a US rating agency that monitors the performance of Amanita Market Forecasting. The intermediate-term Amanita signals are following the rules of Timer Digest.". The Amanita trades give clear entry and exit points (performance Amanita trades) and the forecasts are based on a special mix of methods.

2. innovation & research: Amanita Market Forecasting is conducting ground-breaking research and you are benefiting from insights and a unique perspective you won't find anywere else. To my knowledge there is no other financial astrologyFinancial astrology is the use of astrology to analze and forecast the financial markets. Here financial astrology is understood primarily as an empirical-statistical discipline. The probably first financial astrologer in history was Thales of Miletus who is viewed as the father of science and philosophy (together with Aristotle). With the aid of astrology Thales foresaw an excellent olive harvest, so he hired all olive presses that he lent out with a huge profit, which made him a rich man. service that is based on a comparable research quantity and quality, with assistants conducting some of the studies.

3. Breadth of offer: currently 6 markets are covered, namely stock indices, bonds, precious metals, oil, currencies, and wheat (archive), many competitors are more specialized. Individual stock picks are in process.

4. absolute independence: Amanita Market Forecasting is solely financed by the subscription fees, 100% independent and indebted to its customers only and no one else, in contrast to many other financial services that are biased by the presetting by the management in the case of analysts on the payroll of banks, advertisement for journals etc.