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Bilderberg Conference 2010: watch out!

For years I have discussed the results of the Bilderberg conference (each year in May/June) in the premium area because that's where the global decisions are made regarding economic & political affairs. E.g. in May 2005 when a barrel of crude oil traded at $50 a tremendous rise to about $150 was decided, which came true as soon as 2008. Because of the conference 2009 my subscribers were warned already 1 year ago (i.e. long before the begin of the Greek tragedy) that Greek is the next target of the elites (which almost never means something positive). However, this year's conference in early June in Spain changed the rules of the game dramatically and a lot of false rumors are circulating. That's why I want to discuss the Bilderberg group in more detail in the free area.

Who is the Bilderberg Club? (">source image) Since 1954 about 150 ‘high priests of globalization' mainly from Europe and North America meet in secrecy each year in order to make far-reaching decision and to take orders (link). Bilderberg is the exoteric (outer) key instance of the illuminati, the secret world government that I fondly call the ‘reptiles' because clairvoyants perceive reptile-like entities in their aura (which cherish from the fear of human beings). Another reason for this nickname: the illuminati have their roots in the Brotherhood of the Snake, probably the oldest secret society of the world (needless to say that snakes are reptiles). This also explains why the international symbol for the US$ oddly looks like a snake around a rod, and the $ can't be deducted from the name... Without doubt, that's the Sumerian Semicaduceus, the old symbol for the Cult of the Snake. Congratulations, now you have a deeper insight into the roots of our financial system than 99.9% of the so-called ‘financial experts'! ;-)

Let's continue the historical review: the Order of the Temple (Knights Templar, Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon) is part of the illuminati pyramid (Link). It was founded around 1118 during the crusades. According to their Austrian Grandmaster, they were able to find the Ark of the Covenant, so they gained access to occult knowledge thousands of years old (probably even from the Brotherhood of the Snake) and later became very powerful and wealthy. The Knights Templar were the first bankers, which should be part of the general knowledge of every financial professional yet it is unknown to 99%. On a Friday the 13th (10/13/1307) the order was crushed and many knights executed, many survivors found their new home in Freemasonry. As a side note: I am quite sure that the break-up 703 years ago was a cabal from within the order. On the 13th of the month and with the sum of the digits 13+10=23, this is hardly a coincidence.

Within the illuminati one can distinguish 3 circles:

  • exoteric (outer) circle: e.g. Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and others. Many on this level (e.g. one-time Bilderberg participants) are more or less clueless what's really going on, but their egos are pleased that they are so close to those with the real power.
  • inner circle: e.g. regular Bilderberg participants
  • esoteric circles: e.g. Grand Masters of occult societies. That's where the NWO (New World Order) plans are erected. If these plans are implemented or not depends a lot on whether the outer circle can be convinced.

In general, apart from few exceptions the Bilderberg decision are implemented most of the time, the 3 main reasons:

  1. rather short-term time horizon: only 1-2 years
  2. manageable goals: with clearly defined steps to implement them
  3. decision makers: The significant decision makers are present and responsible, in contrast to long-term plans over decades where it's unclear who will make the decisions. It's exactly the same as in plain-vanilla project management: without clearly defined competences and responsibilities the outcome will be poor.

Amazingly this year everything was different, the conference in Spain was covered by a large number of mainstream media and suddenly it appeared that there was nothing special about Bilderberg. This is truly remarkable because just a few years ago the official point of view was that Bilderberg is nothing but a fantasy of conspiracy theorists. Again it's confirmed that yesterday's conspiracy theories are today's facts!

Now the crux of the matter: according to information circulating over the net even by the doyen of Bilderberg watchers, Jim Tucker (Link), this ‘exposure' allegedly was an ‘accident' and not planned. Begging your pardon, but in my opinion this is absurd! While it's true that Bilderberg has no full control over science as ‘climategate' demonstrates, they are still in full control of the mainstream media.

For a better understanding let's discuss the numerology of the reptiles briefly. Mathematics is the universal language of god, so it's hardly surprising that the other side is using numerological codes for all their actions, too:

  • 3: The 3 (Holy Trinity) and its vibrations (13, 23, 33) are most important, with the 33 being highest. It is no coincidence that the divine axis in the human body, the backbone (connects heaven & earth), consists of exactly 33 vertebras. Pawlow realized that it takes 33 seconds to change behavior.The 33rd degree is the highest in Scottish freemasonry. To be precise, 333 would be even higher but this number is so big you hardly find it anywhere in daily life. The dualistic doubling of 333 is 666, the Number of the Beast (e.g. bear market bottom SPX @ 666 in 2009). The 3-series has been used for a very long time, e.g. the Federal Reserve Act signed on December 23, 13, and Enabling Act in Germany dates back to 3/23/33. And the most important Chinese secret/ underground society, the Triad, also derives the name from the number 3.
  • 11: This is the key number for the New World Order, it is of paramount importance especially with the 9=3+3+3=3x3. It was used the first time on the date ground was broken for the pentagon, which was 'accidentally' on 9/11/41. US president Bush declared the New World Order ‘accidentally' on 9/11/90, exactly 11 years later the illuminati implemented the 9/11 attacks on 9/11/01. Since 2001 the 911 code has been used consistently.
  • 7: The holy 7 is only used occasionally, e.g. for the London bombings on 7/7/2005 (3 times the 7).

These illuminati codes are found in the markets, too. I first came across these codes when in early May 2006 at 3 minutes before 13 o'clock an incredible 77777 OEX puts were traded in one block trade, without changing of the price (planned fake prints?). The normal blocks were 1-10 puts, sometimes a few dozens. ‘Accidentally' this extra-ordinary event happened on the day of the 230th birthday of the illuminati... Note: the OEX (S&P 100) is the playground of the smart money and especially of the illuminati capital. Without doubt, these puts were only ‘shown' in order to give a sell signal for the initiates because early May 2006 was the most important high between July 2005 and July 2007. Since May 2006 I have studied the illuminati codes in-depth and integrated it into the Amanita models in 2010, which lead to an astonishing increase in the precision of the Amanita & consensus pivots (potential turning points).

So the 11 is most important, as already stated. The first Bilderberg conference took place 56 years ago (5+6=11), it's no surprise that exactly in this 56th year a dramatic change occurs (partial opening to the mass media). The family office of the Rockefellers (inner circle of the illuminati) is ‘accidentally' room 5600 in the Rockefeller Center between the 5th and 6th street in New York... ‘Accidentally' the stock market crashed on 5/6/10, the most impertinent manipulation I have ever seen. But what was the purpose? 3 days later on 5/9/10 the largest unlawful ouster in European history had to be decided. Apparently some EU finance minister were still hesitating, that's why fear and panic had to be created the days before the summit: "we'll collapse everything if you don't agree" (mafia-like blackmailing).

Now you understand why EU president Hermann Van Rompuy called 2009 (2+9=11) the 'first year of global governance'. Why was Van Rompuy chosen as the new EU president? I am quite sure the reason is how he looks, his facial structure is very similar to the pictures of 'Baphomet', an idol worshipped by the Knights Templar. In reality, Baphomet is nothing else than Lucifer (but a Christian order can't officially worship Lucifer).

Back to Bilderberg: in the first decades secrecy was crucial but meanwhile they have become so powerful that that secrecy gets less and less important. Meanwhile we are close to the totalitarian-fascist New World Order, so it's time to accustom the population to the new world order government... Moreover, there is enormous biological time pressure, time is running out for the esoteric circle: Zbig Brzeziński is 82 years old, Henry Kissinger 87 years, and David Rockefeller even 95 years. They have worked many decades for their big goal and have to act (too) fast, which will bring about their downfall.

Another argument is that an attack of USrael on Iran is now met with approval (Link), even if some European members are still skeptical. The no-fly zone over Europe in April was a part of the preparation for an Iran war, through the military maneuver ‚Brilliant Ardent 2010' hosted by Germany. ‘Accidentally' this maneuver started almost exactly 911 days after the all-time high of the stock market in October 2007... in the premium area this code is covered in more detail.

When I heard about the crazy and ostensibly meaningless Israeli attack on a ship with humanitarian goods loaded exactly 3 days before the Bilderberg conference, I realized quickly that this was a signal for those who are able to understand it... Israel is by far the most dangerous state on our blue planet and capable of anything. Since the founding in 1948 is has been the most racist and fascist state of all and violated more UN resolutions than any other nation (although most planned resolutions were vetoed by the US). Due to the propaganda even educated people don't know that the founding of the state in 1948 was accompanied by a terrible genocide: about 1 million Palestinians were butchered or evicted. In the eyes of Zionist fascism the Arabs are ‘subhumans' (without any rights), so Israel is running the biggest concentration camp on the planet (Gaza strip).

One has to praise those who are protesting, e.g. here in Vienna, Austria, the highly considered rabbi Friedman, a man of peace. Judaism like all other religions should emancipate itself from the abuse by politics and return to its core message of love to god and all human beings.

In my estimation an Iran war entails odds of 90-95% of preluding global Armageddon, which means that all players including the reptiles will lose control. This pleases the Armageddon (end time) zealots in the 3 Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism) who are convinced that the savior will come (return) only after a total devastation of the planet, as Wolfgang Eggert has described in great detail.

This leads to the key topic of the past time, the crisis of the eurozone and the euro. Allegedly the elitists are in panic over the euro crash (Link), but (if at all) this certainly does not apply to the inner circle. George Soros with best connections to the Rothschilds and thus to the esoteric circle of the illuminati did bet against the euro. The organizers of the Bilderberg conferences (inner circle) did certainly plan to slaughter Greece and now apparently Spain is on the hit list.

For me that looks like a political horse trade (junctim): the European Bilderberg members blocked the pet project of the mostly Zionistic US members for years (the Iran attack). As an act of revenge the came under severe fire, e.g. through the rating agencies which are instruments of financial belligerence. So finally the Europeans were ‘persuaded' to give it the green light... For the sake of completeness I want to stress that the list of participants present is not complete (Link).

Behind this horse-trading we find the battle between the central German-French illuminati axis (EU) against the peripheral Anglo-Saxon (US/GB) axis. The most successful pro-EU(RO) propaganda is GEAB/ LEAP2020 in France. Upon reading their texts you realize soon that this is not a market letter but an NWO propaganda sheet washing the brains of many executives and financial professionals.