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Book Review: Planetary Economic Forecasting (02/2003)

downloaded-30d749a0edaaa51d7eb7bddd48a43457-1234549674.img Bill Meridian:
Planetary Economic Forecasting

foreword by Rob Hand
ISBN #0-9646030-2-0
cycleA cycle is a recurring event in the markets.s Research Publications, New York, 2002
8.5 X 11, 168 pages

The fund manager Bill Meridian (New York/ United Arab Emirates) is one of the top financial astrologers in the world. His new book "Planetary Economic Forecasting" analyzes more than 200 years of data (US industrial production) and offers interesting insights into super long-termLong-term means a time horizon of years. astro-economic cycleA cycle is a recurring event in the markets.s.

In his quantitive analysis based on both the position of the slow planets within the zodiac and synodic cycleA cycle is a recurring event in the markets.s between these bodies Bill detected many correlations that are not explained by the standard theories, a phenomenon that I have frequently found in my research as well.

The 7 strongest signatures to predict the economy (page 150) are:

  1. Jupiter signs

  2. Neptune-node

  3. Pluto-node

  4. Saturn signs

  5. Saturn-Pluto

  6. Saturn-Neptune

  7. Jupiter-Saturn

The most powerful cycle is Jupiter through the signs (average length: 11.9 years), the red circle indicates the current position of Jupiter and the steep decline ahead in the next 1-2 years:


The author concludes that, "the combination of these cycles suggests any recovery in 2001-2002 will fade as 2003 approaches. Production and general eonomic activity will fall in mid-decade. This will be followed by a mild recovery".