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Long-term Business Outlook: the Jupiter Cycle (7/30/2002)

The recent weeks have shattered the financial markets and raised serious doubts if the official company reports and estimates can be trusted, thus creating a lot of uncertainty. In this article I offer you an alternative perspective that avoids the interpretation and confidence problem: the Jupiter cycleA cycle is a recurring event in the markets.. The planet Jupiter has a revolution period of about 12 years and its way through the zodiac is strongly correlated with economic cycleA cycle is a recurring event in the markets.s.

The first chart taken from an article by Bill Meridian in the astrological magazine "Kosmos" displays the historic fluctuations of  the US business activity in relation to the position of Jupiter în the zodiac, based on a period of over 200 years.

x-axis: 360° zodiac, the first sign Aries 0-30° is at the left-hand side, the last sign Pisces 330-360° at the right hand side
y-axis: business activity

The red circle points to Jupiter's position this summer, it is entering the sign Leo on August 1 which marks the beginnining of the worst 18 months within the whole 12-year cycleA cycle is a recurring event in the markets..


downloaded-b5b9d85910ce78a32f7c029deb41be8b-1233055370.img The second chart (source: book "Man and Cosmos" by Clifford Matlock) shows the historic stock price variation 1885-1975 in relation to Jupiter's sign position.

x-axis: zodiac (as above)
y-axis: stock index

Again the red circle gives the current position of Jupiter. A long-term bottom can be expected in 2003-4 when Jupiter is in the sign Virgo.

The sign change of Jupiter from Cancer to Leo on August 1 has other interesting implications, too: the crash of the US real estate bubble. Jupiter is a huge gas planet and here on earth it has a comparable meaning: it symbolizes everything that's ballooned and inflated, such as market bubbles. The sign Cancer is connected with the real estate sector, and as long as Jupiter was in this sign it prevented the real estate market from cracking - but that's over now. In short, fleeing from the stock market into the real estate market as a safe haven likely is "out of the frying pan into the fire".