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Precious Metals Bull Market until 2006-7? (April 2001)

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Sgr A: 20 centimeter image; VLA (Source)

The lingering bear market has made many sharesholders look for investment alternatives and some have (re-) discovered the precious metals. I assume that gold is making a top higher than $1000/oz in 2006-7. One way to arrive at this conclusion is to look at the relationship between precious metals and the Galactic Center (GC, nucleus) (please read first a short introduction here).

Let's start with the (simplified) hypothesis:
Precious metal prices reach a crest when a planet is in conjunction with the Galactic Center located at 26°50 Sagittarius (i.e. wiithin 8°, in exceptional cases more). The longer the revolution of the planet the more significant is the top.

Since the gold price is free-floating (1973) it is following an  8-year-cycleA cycle is a recurring event in the markets. :

  • On the day of the all-time high ($850) on January 21, 1980   Neptune (revolution: 165 years) was at 22° Sag.
  • The next cyclic crest on December 14, 1987 at $500 was indicated by Uranus (revolution: 78 years) at 27° Sag and Saturn (revolution: 29.5 years) at 23° Sag.
  • The last peak so far on February 2, 1996 was insignificant ($416). Here only Jupiter (revolution: 12 years) was conjunct the GC in December 1995.
  • 2007: Pluto (revolution: 247 years!) passes over the GC together with Jupiter, suggesting another very important crest.

You can even track this hypothesis further back in history to get additional confirmation. At the turn of the millenium (1980-2010) all three slow planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are transiting the GC within a few decades. This happens very seldom, in fact only once during the past 1000 years: around 1500 (1485-1515). This coincided with the last "millenium-top" of the real gold price (source of the chart, click on it to enlarge).

file 1238162573-856c4700de176d5be0280680edca03e3

Perhaps you are asking about the reasons for this relationship. What has the Galactic Center many thousands of light years away got to do with the price of gold here on earth? Please join me on a short trip into chemistry, physics, astrophysics, and metaphysics! The area around the nucleus contains the bulk of the precious metals in our Milky Way. Why? Because most of the mass and activity is compressed in the GC, e.g. supernovae, objects emitting strong radiation, and probably also a huge black hole. That's why the Galactic Center is also the "precious metal center".

The elements with a higher atomic number than iron = 26 (including all precious metals, e.g. gold = 79, silver = 47) are created exclusively (!) by a supernova which is a gigantic star explosion, an outstanding cosmic event. Elements of a lower number are created during a normal nuclear fusion.

Therefore, from an esoteric point of view, iron symbolizes everyday life and its troubles while the precious metals represent the spiritual dimension of life. Both gold and silver stand for the immortal human soul, and to be more precise, gold is the unchangeable and silver the changeable part (e.g. past life memories). When the medieval alchemists tried to transmute iron into gold their real intention was to transform the mortal into the immortal...