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Would You Like to Have a Recession, Sir? (1/01)


"Soft landing" or "hard landing" in the USA, this is the big question asked by many shareholders and the broad public, too. An interesting article has been published by the Austrian economist Kurt Richebächer on Several astrological perspectives support the hard landing scenario. I believe the US will enter a recession in the 2nd quarter of 2001. Here's just one astrological explanation for this opinion (others are added within the next months).

The second half of 2001 is coined by the most difficult ("worst") planetary aspect, a hard angle (180° opposition) between Saturn in Gemini and Pluto in Sagittarius. Disharmonic angles (0°, 90°, 180°, 270°) between these two planets occur every 8-10 years, for instance:

  • 1914: outbreak World War I
  • 1922 and 1931: culmination years of the worldwide severe economic slump
  • 1939: outbreak World War II
  • 1973/74: oil crisis, stock market bottom
  • 1982/83: worldwide recession, stock market bottom
  • (1993: very weak year in Europe and Japan, recession in many European economies)

Although not every Saturn-Pluto-affliction coincides with a serious worldwide crisis it seems this geocosmic signature was involved in all economic or political catastrostrophes of the 20th century!

Pluto has been in the sign of growth and exuberance since 1995, and 1995 also marked the beginning of the irrational exuberance Greenspan has repeatedly been warning of. Pluto is excessive by his nature, he is carrying everything he touches to an extreme - only to terminate it eventually! In the late 90ies, economic growth was very strong and the stock markets experienced one of their greatest manias in history, I'd say THE greatest. The influence of Saturn is a reliable sign that exactly this growth is curbed. The U.S. are responding stronger to the Gemini-Sagittarius axis than Europe.

Besides, Pluto symbolizes the debts turning into a fatal burden for a lot of Dot-Coms with too little equity capital: first big wave of bankruptcies in the second half of the 2001. Pluto also stands for crude oil, together with Saturn (production cuts) this probably leads to a decidly higher price ($40+) in fall, maybe because of a military escalation in the conflict between Israel and the Arab countries.

But don't worry: the Austrian Börsenkurier is reporting of an empirical investigation of 15 recessions and their influence on stock prices. Result: the markets bottomed out when the recession actually began and started to rise during the first months of the recession.