Performance of Amanita Market Forecasting

When looking for your personal success, you should do business with somebody who is successful, don't you think so?

The sales growth of Amanita Market Forecasting since 2001 (the first full business year after the establishment on 12/13/2000) was +33% on average compared to the year before, year after year in a highly competitive market (there are hundreds or even thousands of market letters)... The average profit growth on a year-over-year basis was even +50%, which was almost exclusively a result of the exploding number of subscribers (prices in EUR) remained pretty constant for most of the time. Even the slowest profit growth was still a whopping +44% (2003 compared to 2002)...  Very satisfied customers allowed the business to grow and prosper like probably none of the competitors - if Amanita Market Forecasting were exchange-listed, it would be absolute rocket... STRONG BUY!

(3) Tactical signals for the US rating agency "Timer Digest" (since 2003) Market timing ceases to work as a market strategy in 2020 (2021), after 5000 years of the Kali Yuga!

(4) Tactical Amanita signals (since 2009)