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In search of the lost treasure of truth: dowsing in the markets

In the past years the financial markets have more & more deviated from the historical-empirical patterns. As soon as 2007 David Viniar, chief financial officer at Goldman Sachs, complained of 25 standard deviation events in the markets, an episode supposed to happen only once in 100,000 years (the Black Swan). As the patterns of the past work less & less, it's getting more & more important to apply non-empirical (= divinatory) methods. Since 2008 dowsings (using the muscle test or pendulum) have been tested by dowsers associated with Amanita Market Forecasting. Since 2010 it has been used in real-time in some cases - like to other market letter (to my knowledge). In this article I'd like to introduce this very unconventional approach, with special consideration of the work of Dr. Dr. David Hawkins.

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David Hawkins (Link) is a well-known US psychiatrist born on 3/6/1927 who co-operated with Nobel laureate & vitamin C guru Linus Pauling. In several books he has presented the by far most comprehensive list of kinesiology-tested (K-tested) tables: thousands. What's the core of his teachings? The range of level of consciosnessThe level of level of consciousness (LoC) of persons, companies, states, books, texts, theories, websites... on the 0-1000 conscioussness map of Dr. Hakwins can be determined with the aid of the muscle test or dowsings.s (Loc) on our planet was assigned to a scale of 0-1000. A huge number of emotions, human beings, corporations, statements, books and so on were defined by his system. The level of 200 is decisive because the energy below 200 is destructive, above 200 constructive. Examples: shame is at 20, fear at 100, courage at 200 as the first positive emotion, love at 200, enlightenment starts at 600. However, in Hawkins' theoretical framework there are some bloodcurdling errors, which will be subject of further articles (link). The biggest error in my opinion is the (implicit) equalling of truth contentThe truth content (%) of books, texts, theories, websites and so on can be determined with the aid of the muscle test or dowsings. & LoC (although a correlation exists to some degree).

A brief personal review: My initiation into the spiritual realm was in December 1992, when I experienced a spontaneous Satori event while preparing for an accounting exam... I have been experimenting with divinatory methods to earn money since the 1990s when a student of business administration. At this time I used a special clairvoyance protocol (remote viewing) to earn money in the casino. The marble in casino furnishing looked terribly expensive, so I guess it created good karma for me to free them of the burden of too much money. ;-) But then I worked on my diploma & doctoral thesis in the late 1990s & followed the path of empirical astrological research, as the statistical approach worked well in the markets until 2007.

For the sake of personal growth I have been studying Hawkins since July 2002 & have been dowsing myself since 2003. Since 2003 I have also been trained in many different healing methods. Finally in May 2008 I visited Hawkins in Sedona, Arizona (US). The dowsings were restricted to personal topics in the first years but were extended to the markets in 2008.

At the same time I was trained many years by my spiritual guides, partly also on the financial markets, I am grateful with all my heart for that. Today I also want to reveal a secret carefully guarded for many years: I have received many Amanita concepts from above. Quite often I received crystal-clear instruction about patterns in the markets, that I only needed to verify with the aid of empirical science. As an aside: 95% of the channelings don't keep their promise (Link).

I maintain close contact with the spiritual worlds since a road traffic incidence in the late 1990s when I received a warning by them to stop immediately. I would have been at least severely wounded or even killed if I had received this warning just one (!) second later. Our spiritual aides normally don't step in when they are not called, the only exception is at the risk of one's life (as in this case).

What are dowsings? One is requesting information, either with the kinesiological muscle-test, a pendulum or divining rod to make ideomotoric muscle impulses visible. I am convinced that the reflex arm length test as invented by Raphael Van Assche, Vienna (Austria), is by far the best method:

  1. It is not specific for a certain muscle but for the brain hemispheres, which makes the test results more robust than the popular deltoid muscle test.
  2. It can be also conducted blind for the person tested.
  3. It is convenient and can also be conducted when lying on the back.
  4. It is hardly tiring, so one can repeat tests for a long time (the same muscle tested 100 times will start to ache)
  5. It is hardly vulnerable to manipulations, compared to the pendulum.
  6. It is tested & reliable: according to a study by the Munich dentist Dr. Johann Lechner it delivered 99.6% correct results for jaw diseases (Link).
  7. It is easy to test oneself with the reflex arm length test.

For inconspicuous quick tests, e.g. during a meeting or in the super-market, I use the O-ring test.

The big question is not the method but why it works. However, discussing that very interesting topic would lead to far in this short article, so please study the literature if you are interested, e.g. Hawkins' doctoral thesis. I proceed on the assumption that ideally a certain number of human being is able to gain access to the universal knowledge database (Akashic records):

In his first publications („Power versus Force", 1995) Hawkins presented the test procedure way too simple, meanwhile he has backpedaled a lot. Our experience suggests that dowsing or K-testing is an extremely demanding task. The theoretical claim of the perfect Akashic records query does barely uphold in reality, let me explain why:

  1. persons: As explained above, only a small fraction of the population (some percentage points or even per mills) is fully able to test universal questions. Practice suggests that even these persons are only unlocked for certain topics, not for everything. Karmic ties between the test persons may be a major obstacle, too.
  2. time (especially astrological factors): The paranormal abilities depend a lot on the sidereal time & the solar wind as the excellent meta-analysis of Dr. James Spottiswoode has proven (Link). Interestingly, the intuitive capabilities are dramatically higher than usual when the ascendant or the mid-heaven are pointing in the direction of the Galactic Center. After major cosmic events like solar eruptions, earthquakes, geomagnetic storms and so forth the energy flow in the meridians may be disrupted heavily, so that the error rate is much higher. And last but not least: many topics need time, they can only be uncovered little by little.
  3. location: One should not underestimate where the K-testing or dowsing takes place. Electromagnetic pollution, toxins, geopathic problems (e.g. water veins, faults), earthbound spirits, local cursing energy... may easily distort the results, as well as skeptical observers watching.
  4. topics: Certain topics may cause a ‚switching' in some test persons, so that the results are wrong. Inquiring about very negative or difficult topics may throw people off balance, normally just short-term, sometimes longer as Hawkins warns:
    I know a lot of people that did it with pendulums started checking out other dimensions and they really blew out and they became psychotic."
  5. unconscious bias & belief systems: It's the biggest challenge of all to be really neutral. Hawkins states that less than 12% of his students have a constant exactness of measurement, mainly because of an unconscious bias. It's also possible that someone (or his higher self) has installed implants or self-blockings because the ability to divine was abused. E.g. someone with an active vow of poverty from a past life will hardly be able to dowse successfully on financial topics. Brain research suggests that the conscious mind often invents stories to offer rational reasons for decisions already made, therefore clouding the truth. In the case of an active vow of poverty the rational mind might claim that it's not ethical or not possible to dowse on financial topics.
  6. magic manipulations & concealments ('black Trojans'): In additions, human & other beings do exist who want to prevent correct test results (for various reasons). Magical concealments have been installed on many personal or global topics: guards, magic hoods, veils, mirrors, locks, install outside of time & space, bans, implants... Only after removing these covers will the results are correct. The best example is the well-known mantra OM, which was changed to become a Trojan horse by the dark side long ago, but meanwhile the black magical installments have been removed.
  7. professional knowledge: Ideally one should be a true expert in the dowsing subject (or work under the supervision of an expert), e.g. when dowsing on the financial markets you should be a market participant with a lot of experience & background knowledge. Dowsing about earthquakes requires the expert knowledge of a geologist.

benefit of dowsings in the financial markets:

  • yes/no-questions & truth contentThe truth content (%) of books, texts, theories, websites and so on can be determined with the aid of the muscle test or dowsings. (present): One can ask whether a bit of information is correct or not, or the truth contentThe truth content (%) of books, texts, theories, websites and so on can be determined with the aid of the muscle test or dowsings. in percentage points (0% nothing is true, 100% everything is true). E.g. one could ask whether it's true that the illuminati have certain plans for the future, which translates into a very likely scenario. Or if the management of a company is good. Useful literature should be at least 50-60% true, a text, a webpage or a book calibrating at 80% truth is among the best sources available. Internet information has about 50% truth on average (Link), the mass media partly 20% or less depending on the topic.
    The oil tycoon Haroldson Lafayette Hunt, who was at times the richest man in the US, employed a psychic that would answer the key question whether a parcel of land contained a lot of oil or not (source: Ostrander & Schroeder). According to Hawkins the governments of India & Korea use K-testing for decision-making.
    In the summer of 2010 the truth of the page was calibrated at about 67%. If the old forecasts in the archive are excluded which have not come to pass, then the truth calibrates at approximately 80%.
  • forecasting the markets (future): In principle one can also directly ask whether the stock X has a large upside potential (at least Y%) in time frame Z. However, questions on the future are considerably less reliable than questions on the present. That's why Hawkins suggests one should not ask anything about the future, but I think that's not completely true.

K-testing & dowsing are rather archaic instruments to find the truth. Thanks god modern instruments are slowly developing, like devices using quantum physics to tell truth from falsehood, e.g. with the "TimeWaver" (Link). Hopefully there will soon be a global truth project, which requires resources to be bundled. This is one of the reasons for publishing this article: to create a field where ground-breaking innovations can take place.