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The Galactic Center & Trend Reversals (04/2003)

The Galactic Center is - for mankind in general and the markets in particular - a very important yet completely ignored factor within the astrological theory. Saturn over the Galactic Center exactly timed the last two intermediate-termintermediate term means a time horizon of 1-3 months. stock market tops on 12/2/02 and 8/22/02. In May this constellation will repeat for the third and last time, and it is expected to coincide with an intermediate-termintermediate term means a time horizon of 1-3 months. top again.

First a brief introduction, what's the "Galactic Center"? As you certainly know, our solar system is part of a huge galaxy, the milky way. The picture below shows the position of our solar system in the outer regions of the galaxy. From the earth's perspective, the center (nucleus) of the milky (Galactic Center) currently resides at 26°55 Sagittarius.


The Galactic Center has proven to be a powerful force in the history of mankind. E.g, the Austrian researcher Dr. Theodor Landscheidt has demonstrated at a level of significance of p<0,001% that celebrities (persons that change the fate of mankind) are preferably born with the sun in certain Golden angles to the Galactic Center. Golden angles are derived by deviding the circle (360°) by the Golden ratios (0.382:0.618=0.618:1), the same principle is the basis for the Fibonacci and Lucas numbers.

In an earlier article the connection between the Galactic Center and tops in the precious metals market was highlighted, today I want to focus on the connection with reversals in the stock markets. The most important aspects (specific angular relationships between celestial bodies) used in financial astrologyFinancial astrology is the use of astrology to analze and forecast the financial markets. Here financial astrology is understood primarily as an empirical-statistical discipline. The probably first financial astrologer in history was Thales of Miletus who is viewed as the father of science and philosophy (together with Aristotle). With the aid of astrology Thales foresaw an excellent olive harvest, so he hired all olive presses that he lent out with a huge profit, which made him a rich man. are the conjunction (0°), the square (90°), and the opposition (180°), i.e. the 4th harmonic which is calculated by dividing the circle (360°) by 4 (the trine 120° is quite powerful, too, but not in this context). The exact time two heavenly bodies form these aspects is a key date to watch, the influence on the markets depend, among other factors, on the planets involved and the aspect tpye.

The chart below depicts the S&P 500 with all major turning points of the recent 3 years. Astonishingly, all reversals were predicted by aspects of the 4th harmonic to the Galactic Center! The average inaccuracy was 1-2 trading days and the maximum inaccuracy 4 trading days. On the average, there are only 16 aspects of this type every year (and they even overlap sometimes), i.e. only once or sometimes twice a month. Therefore, the probability this effect was caused by chance is p<0.1%.


This is a list of the dates the Galactic Center was triggered, together with the exact highs/ lows of the S&P 500:
9/5/00 (high 9/1/00, deviation: 2 trading days): Mercury square (90°)
12/20/00 (low, deviation: 0 trading days): Mercury conjunction (0°)
1/30/01 (high 1/31/01: deviation: 1 trading day): Venus square (90°)
3/17/01 (low 3/22/01, deviation: 3 trading days): Sun square (90°)
5/26/01 (high 5/22/01, deviation: 3 trading days): Mercury opposition (180°)
9/19/01 (low 9/21/01, deviation: 2 trading days): Sun square (90°)
3/17/02 (high 3/19/02, deviation: 2 trading days): Sun square (90°)
8/5/02 (double-bottom 8/5/02-7/24/02, deviation: 0 trading days): Venus square (90°)
8/22/02 (high, deviation: 0 trading days): Saturn opposition (180°)
10/10/02 (low 10/10/02, deviation: 0 trading days): Mars square (90°)
12/2/02 (high 12/2/.02, deviation: 1 trading day): Saturn opposition (180°)
3/17/03 (low 3/12/03, deviation: 3 trading days): Sun square (90°)