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Mystery 2012 (part #2): the Age of Aquarius hoax


This is the 2nd article of an article series on the topic "2012", which today is becoming more and more discussed (2012 was also a movie title). At times the topic 2012 is mentioned in relationship with the so-called Age of the Aquarius, a myth I will debunk in this article.

Some new agers are debauching in the wishful fantasy that shortly the Age of the Aquarius will start where as if by magic suddenly everything will turn out well over night. This is justified with the ingress of the sun into the sign Aquarius. The vernal equinox is the point in the sky (sidereal zodiac) where the sun is located at the beginning of spring March 20-21 (0° Aries in the tropical zodiac). Due to the 26,000 year precession cycleA cycle is a recurring event in the markets. (Platonic year) the vernal equinox is moving by 1° in 71 years, i.e. the tropical and the sidereal zodiac are slowly diverging.

In order to keep the annoying waiting time short, the ingress into Aquarius is dated back to our time. What a pity that this is astronomically and astrologically totally wrong - but many new agers don't care about facts:

  1. The current Age of Pisces is described as dark and violent, which is not at all in accordance with astrological theory.
  2. The fixed stars are moving very slowly, that's why after some millennia the star signs (not to be confused with the zodiac signs) are aligned totally different. So dividing the 26,000 year cycleA cycle is a recurring event in the markets. in 12 parts according to the signs as they are today is totally absurd.

And last but not least, the vernal equinox is still in the sign Pisces until about 2200-2600 (!). You might argue about the exact ingress, but during our lifetime it is still 100% in Pisces as the celestial map below demonstrates (Link1, Link2).

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