(2) Strategic Amanita Asset Allocation (since 2003)

In the strategic asset allocation (long-term investments) the precious metals and other commodities (especially oil) have accounted for the lion share since the beginning (since 2003). Due to the powerful commodity bull market since 2001 (yearly gains of 20-30% on average) the strategic allocation has been performing well nearly every year, e.g. +20.5% in 2009.

The by far best investment since 2013 have been cryptos. In early 2013 Bitcoin was suggested as a minor portfoli, the first purchase conducted was at a price of EUR 37. Precisely on the very *day* of the Bitcoin all-time high on 12/17/17 near EUR 16,666 an exit call was sent out in the premium area: profit 45,000% (450fold increase). Needless to say, this was a higher profit than all the sum of other tactical signals & strategic investments.