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Remote Viewing as a unique forecasting tool

Today I am introducing a promising method called Remote Viewing. Other divine methods like Tarot, spiritual guides, channeling, dreams, chart-meditation etc. will be treated in future editions.

Remote Viewing is a common term for various kinds of clairvoyance protocols, i.e. the clairvoyance process is subject to strict rules and a systematic approach. Remote viewing was used by the CIA for several years (see Dr. Puthoff), e.g. it was applied during the Gulf War.

Remote viewing has a some features that makes it useful for predicting purposes:

  • cirumventing the rational knowledge about the subject of the question or forecast (surely the most important thing!)
  • eligible for persons with no extra-ordinary sixth sense
  • possibility to control the probable hit rate in advance by the number of trials

If you have become curious check the site of Greg Kolodziejzyk  at who has been testing remote viewing in futures trading thoroughly and arrived at 80% successful trades.

The big disadvantage lies in the large number of iterations (5-50)necessary. In order to predict one bit of future information with a probability of 80% you need at least a dozen (or more) trials. I achieved 65-70% in the casino with 5-6 trials. For these time economical reasons I normally do not use remote viewing although for big sums of money it certainly pays off quickly.

Very interesting is the connection of extra-sensory perception (ESP) with cosmic phenomena which is documented by meta-studies (e.g. Dr.James Spottiswoode ESP is largest around full moonThe moon has a major impact on the markets, the full moon is more important than the new moon. (which is not surprising at all) and weakest during new moonThe moon has a major impact on the markets, the full moon is more important than the new moon.. Moreover, there is a significant correlation with the earth's magnetic field and solar winds, i.e. the stronger the winds and thus the magnetic field the weaker is ESP. Still unexplained is the relationship of ESP effect size with the local sidereal time (the ESP maximum is around 2 p.m. sidereal time).