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Amanita Market Forecasting is the most unconventional market letter on this planet, serving subscribers in dozens of countries around the world since the year 2000. It is based on a unique combination of prophecies, numerology (biorhythm), astrology, cycles, analysis of the plans of the elitists/ illuminati/ high finance to create the New World Order (NWO), as well as the more conventional methods of technical & fundamental analysis. The focus is on intermediate-term (1-6 months) to long-term trends. The US rating agency "Timer Digest" (publication stopped in 2021) often top-ranked the performance of Amanita Market Forecasting in the ranking of the 100+ leading market timers worldwide in 2004-21, quite frequently even as the best market timer in the world (Link). However, the Amanita system makes *only* sense as a whole & *never* isolated parts, because all Amanita positions are finetuned as one coherent system. Market timing mostly ceased to work as a market strategy in 2021 because of the beginning of hyperinflation.
Updated comments of the fulfilled omens of the year X (Link).
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Free Amanita Newsletter 6/6/24:

Prophecies #19: Year X & 3 days of darkness (3DD)

Prophecies #19: Year X & 3 days of darkness (3DD)
In June 2023 (
Link), the momentous announcement was sent out for the first time in the free newsletter that 2024 is the year X of prophecies that has been sought for thousands of years, when 50-80% of the prophecies come true (in the premium area this publication was made earlier). Until the beginning of 2023 there was still a realistic but *small* chance that 2023 could already be the year X. But due to the lack of events in the first months of 2023, this option was soon discarded. It is now exactly the opposite in 2024, where we are working through the plan for year X very precisely in an incredible density of events. Due to these countless confirmations, we can this time devote ourselves to a topic that only becomes relevant in the months after the promised nuclear strikes: the 3 days of darkness (3DD). We can now make the decisive blow... This newsletter is relatively short, because everything essential has already been said in the first 18 parts of the series of articles on the prophecies since 2016. This is primarily about bookkeeping: listing the fulfilled prophecies. There is only significant new information about the 3 days of darkness 3DD, which is the second part of the article. If we continue to stay so precisely on track for the year X, then this is the last free Amanita newsletter in the 'familiar mode', because from August everything will change fundamentally.


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Free Amanita Newsletter 6/6/24:
Year X & 3 Days of Darkness (3DD)