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Why astrology could work: Lehner’s supernova approach

So far one had to work strictly empirically in astrology due to the lack of a scientific theory to calculate astrological effects. Jean-Marie Hans Lehner's approach is an amazing novelty in this respect, I'd like to outline his supernova theory in this brief article.

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It is well known that the crucial impetus for a discipline comes from outsiders. So it's no surprise that a very valuable impetus for astrology comes from a non-astrologer. The astrological community is no different than other, regardless of the Uranian self-staging ("we are all freethinkers").

Jean-Marie Hans Lehner (born on July 13, 1945 Link) has proposed a new theory of magnetism. Lehner cooperated with Oliver Crane in 1988-92 to research the magnetism of permanent magnetism, published as a book in 1992.

According to this theory, the so-called magnetic attraction is nothing but compression (or shock) waves by supernovae. In the known universe there is about one supernova explosion per second, as proposed by US astronomer Eddie Baron in 1998 in ‚Nature' (#395). According to Lehner supernova energy is the biggest cosmic energy supplier: "The dark energy of traditional physics is the free ‘esoteric' energy, both neither of the two know where this energy comes from." The year of the discovery was 2005, exactly a 100-year cycleA cycle is a recurring event in the markets. after the ‘year of wonder' in physics (1905). Oliver Crane discovered the high speed streams of permanent magnets, creating a Bernoulli low pressure zone.

Measures with precision scales (+/- 1 microgram) are the experimental proof of the theory: during total solar eclipses objects are less heavy than normally. The earth's crust is lifted by up to 12 meters in the umbra shadow of a solar eclipse, which dramatically increases the earthquake danger. In both cases the reason is the changed supernova gravitation pressure. This is confirmed by research of Dr. Klaus Volkamer who could distinguish normal water from homeopathically informed water with the aid of precision scales. Lehner's explanation obviously gets the gist of magnetism, the calibrated truth contentThe truth content (%) of books, texts, theories, websites and so on can be determined with the aid of the muscle test or dowsings. of this theory is nearly 100%.

Formulas allow the calculation of the cosmic gravitation pressure during certain constellations (especially conjunctions), as planets may shield the gravitation pressure by the ‘lehnerons'. The local pressure reduction mainly depends on the latitude of the planets involved. In addition to many other applications, this allows earthquake prognosis with a broad specification of the latitudes in danger (+/- 20°). The next major earthquake is due in the spring of 2012.