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Prophecies #9: the Coming Soul Review

You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell? (Matthew 23-33)

In this article I want to describe *the* central spiritual event of the end times: the soul review, as mentioned by the Garabandal prophecy, for instance. For a better understanding I will also provide a great many statistical facts: on the soul class, the level of consciousness & the post-mortal journey to either heaven or hell. The soul review is absolutely necessary because otherwise 98-99% of humanity would go to hell, and it is the very last wake-up call to repent. Presumably this is the most important article of my life, because in reality everything financial is absolutely meaningless compared with the salvation of one’s soul. Last but not least this article discusses the most important setting of the course of your lifetime: where *you* are after death - heaven or hell… In 2019 this questions has a high practical relevance, also because of the breakout of world war 3 in 2020/21 (until 2047). I am only satisfied when this article disturbs you deeply & stirs you up as much as possible – otherwise I done something wrong & not properly executed the order of our boss. However, a lot of what is written here won’t be popularly understood before middle of the century, it is my role to open some new doors for the Golden Age.

Primary note: the consciousness scale for maximum spiritual precision

My function is to be what I am for the world, and to explain that as clear as possible, in order to enhance spiritual awareness & to contribute the suffering of humanity. (David Hawkins)

It is futile to approach the spiritual sphere without the consciousness scale of David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., which he explained in great detail in 12 books & numerous workshops. It is like a compass in the wilderness. Without this invaluable instrument a precise terminology is absolutely impossible. E.g. let’s take one of the most misunderstood words: love. When people hear the word ‘love’, they associate very different things with it, depending on the context, your personal level of consciousness & other factors. Examples: sexual greed (LoC=125), love between man & woman (LoC=500), human love (LoC=515), unconditional love of the motherly archetype (LoC=540) – but almost never the higher (divine) forms of love in the mid- & high 500s.

Human life experience unfolds in the area LoC=0-599, with the highest state of mind where we still have a useful term is LoC=600 peace. For states of mind 601-1000 we don’t have any meaningful terminology, instead you can only approach this area through LoC numbers. This is also a huge problem in Bible translations: 1-5% of the Hebrew & Greek words from the original texts require an interpretation, because they have a broad range of meanings.

By & large, the area 601-1000 are the dozens of forms of enlightenment/ awakening, although the word enlightenment has a lot of baggage & partly only means purely mental insights (LoC=400s). A slipshod terminology is an atrocity before the Lord & perhaps even *the* key reason for a myriad of spiritual wrong tracks & misunderstandings. However, now as we approach Last Judgment in the 2030s (2040s?) the highest spiritual precision is absolutely necessary to avoid the horror of hellfire. In the Lucifer-ruled new age scene the spiritual world is always portrayed as something nebulous, however nothing could be further from truth. In contrast, fundamentalists of all origins work on the premise of a simple dichotomization (black/ white) on the mental level of 5-year old children: a folly that is hard to beat, it can’t reflect reality whatsoever. This simplistic black-and-white painting was ok 2,000 years ago when few scribes existed, but now in the end times you need the one & only. As a matter of fact, distinguishing only 1000 levels is a very rough classification for absolute beginners, eventually one has to go a lot deeper than that.

Creation through the 12 dimensions: unified field theory by Heim/ Dröscher

In the end a fool will realize at, a cleverer in the middle, but only the wise realizes the goal upon the first step. (Friedrich Rückert)

In order to understand the significance of the coming events especially for the soul I start with an overview of the process of creation. You’ll find many bizarre theories on this topic, which are only half-true in the best case. One of the most popular theories is that of co-creation, which in today’s version has a truth content of only 45%, as it is partly based on wrong assumptions & conclusions, especially regarding the process of creation itself. In this context the unified field theory of the German physicist Burkhard Heim (2/9/1925-2001). The Merlin lineage has come to more or less identical conclusions & in addition has found further details.

Soon after the special theory of relativity published in 1905 by Albert Einstein the German physicist Hermann Minkowski (6/22/1864-1909) interweaved the three dimensions of space with the fourth dimension of time to the 4-dimensional space-time: the Minkowski space (Link). For a quarter century Einstein worked without success to unify the 4 fundamental interactions/ coupling constants (electromagnetism, gravitation, weak & strong interaction) in the form of a unified field theory. Finally, after many failed attempts (e.g. super-gravitation theory & superstring theory) the German physicist Burkhard Heim succeeded. At first he assumed 6 dimensions, but later calculated 12 dimensions (X1-X12) in his cooperation with Walter Dröscher (right-hand image above) from the patent office here in Vienna, Austria (Link). Heim lived near Göttingen, which contains the German word Gott (God), so his theory brings us home to God. By the way, the 12 dimensions are associated with the 12 signs of the zodiac: X1=Aries through X12=Pisces.

The big bang theory is a crazy idea without any truth. Heim/ Dröscher calculated the first moment of the creation of the universe through 3 concentric spherical shells = apeiron in a ratio 1: 1.17: 4. And the diameter of the smallest, inner sphere was 0.91m=1 yard, which is certainly not a ‘coincidence’. Because the old English metric system goes back to Freemasonry & thus to Ancient Egypt & Atlantis, where the roots of our universe were still known Southern England (with the crop circles) is the throat chakra of the planet, which also defines world time & the global coordinate system. Even the Dogon tribe in West Africa knew of the apeiron, since they got the information from extra-terrestrials. The 3 spheres are an expression of trinity, the 3 aspects of the divine are also different on an acoustic level according to Pastor Selvaraj: the voice of the Father is very deep & the one of Jesus Christ higher.

This is the formula for divine creation. The powers of darkness try creation through the flower of life, a symbol popularized by Drunvalo Melchizedek & today’s most popular black magical symbol in new age circles. The flower of life & in particular the death Merkabah 34/21 popularized by Drunvalo is based on the Fibonacci numbers, the numerical series of hell & death. That’s why the level of consciousness (LoC) of the flower of life is an extremely low LoC=125, which stands for greed, addiction & slavery, leading to hell after death (Link). Basic principle phi: 0.618:1=1:1.618. 0.618 is the most irrational of all numbers & thus the strongest Yin (Yang=rational numbers, Yin=irrational numbers), so it has the strongest pull towards the hell realms (=Yin). Numerology: 618=600+(6+6+6). Moreover, the sum of digits of 618 is 15, which is the short code for the 666 & Tarot card 15 Devil.

That’s why the financial markets were historically ruled by the Fibonacci numbers, however now in the end times they are ruled by the Catalan numbers ruled by the holy Trinity principle (multiply x3): 1, 1, 2, 5, 14, 42, 132, 429, 1430… Apart from the 666 & 1260, the 42 is one of the 3 key numbers of the end times. Benoit d’Andrimont has found that Nostradamus used 3 codes: 0, -8 (888 = Christ number) & +42. The reason is that these 3 codes are also used in the Holy Bible, the 0 for instance in the psalms according to pastor Cioccolanti (Link).

So we see the underlying dynamics in the radical: in German phi & Fi(bonacci) are pronounced as Vieh = beast (666). The German language has the key role in the Golden Age according to the researcher Erhard Landmann, similar to the language of the Mayans, Aztecs, Easter Island & Maori. There is a reason why the illuminati were founded on 5/1/1776 in Germany & German still is their main language. Neither is it a coincidence that *all* of the physicists decoding divine creation were German & Austrian. Germany is the Yang of the Untersberg Mountain, Austria the Yin. In 2023 the Temple Mount will finally lose all of its meaning after 5000 years, as this role will be transferred to the Untersberg Mountain for 1000 years. Many Bible fools have been brainwashed by the antichrist herself & spread nonsense like „Israel is forever”. According to Zechariah 14:4 the Mount of Olives will be torn into 2 pieces (North & South) by earthquakes, then this sad chapter (black age Kali Yuga) is once & forever closed.

The controlling of the real world (X1-X3) comes from the G4: 4 God dimensions X9-X12. Today’s (completely false!) world view assumes a more or less random causality is the main driving force in our universe (driven by the past). In reality, creation is just happening the other way round, the principle of finality governs this universe. First the divine defines the end result & afterwards it creates the causal chain leading there. That’s why the future is always created before the past! Creation never ever happens ‘purposelessly’, but always with a particular intention. In the case of humans this intention is the life purpose, as stressed by the Sufi mystic Rumi (Link):

Remember the deep root of your being!
There is one thing in this world which you must never forget to do.
If you forget everything else and not this, there is nothing to worry about,
but if you remember everything else and forget this, then you will have done nothing in your life.
So human beings come to this world to do particular work.
That work is the purpose, and each is specific to the person.

With each lower dimension additional veils are added, increasing separateness from God, increasing darkness, unknowing/ ignorance, suffering… The term ‚apocalypse‘ (revelation) means ‚removing of the veils‘, which has been happening since 12/23/12, when mother earth (a 7th dimensional being) lost her core veil (though the Merlin lineage). Note that the lower 6 dimensions are Yin, the upper 6 dimensions are Yang. Evil can only exist in the lower 6-7 Yin dimensions, because only in the Yin dimensions has the separateness from the divine become big enough for evil. A human with flesh & blood is separate in all 12 dimensions, an archangel (X7) only from the 12th into the 7th dimension, i.e. not in the lower 6 dimension. Thus the fall of Lucifer (X7) is the biggest possible ‘gun’, hence the event of maximum importance. Today Lucifer is openly worshipped in Catholic masses (Link). Until some years ago we still had 7th dimensional power beings on the planet, with all of them were by the Merlin lineage.

After the crucifixion the curtain=veil in the Temple was torn, as a symbol of the removing of the veils enabled through Jesus Christ. This was announced more than 700 years in advance by the prophet Isaiah (25:7): “And he will swallow up on this mountain the covering [veil] that is cast over all peoples, the veil that is spread over all nations.” Still, even now after almost 2,000 years later (early 2019) only 1 human in 150,000 no longer has a core veil (recently the number has doubled). The core veil is the most important of all veils, for when it is gone, the chain of incarnations will irreversibly end soon. Unfortunately, the average person still has 2000-3000 ego veils, the last veil arising is the spiritual ego, at a level of consciousness LoC=450, and it is done very late (LoC>850). So you see that while Jesus Christ indeed opened a door, you still need to go through it yourself (Revelation 3-8):

See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut.

These ego core veils slowly dissolve from mid-500s, for the 0.12% chosen ones according to the Gospel of Thomas #23. With each veil removed you transcend the matrix a little. The matrix is the world (illusion, Maya) pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth. In the mid-500s the soul access begins, from this level people have this special soul look, i.e. they can look very long & deep into the eyes of other people, down into the soul. Most people can do that in the state of being in love, but only with this person for a limited time. Amorousness opens the door towards surrender (=mid-500s & higher) & is mostly out of the ego control. The opposite of the soul look is the evil eye, which is a detrimental view into your soul. In the high 500s & higher you experience bliss (happiness of the soul), from this consciousness level forward on the corpses of the passed away saints decay slower or not at all, e.g. as discovered after the exhumation of Father Pio (LoC=585).

List of 12 dimensions as correlated with the Hawkins scale:

  • The 12th dimension (12=completeness) includes everything that ever can be: God’s cup, original source, bosom of Abraham… „Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered“ (Luke 12-7) is one of the few Biblical statements calibrating at the highest level of consciousness LoC=1000, as it reflects the catch-all in X12 (LoC=985-1000). The intention of the X12 is create/ destroy. If something like co-creation exists, then this mainly occurs in the X12 where the *true* roots are planted. However, only a few hundred of persons around the world have a good access to the X12 & can actually co-create.
  • In the X11 the divine will chooses from the potential of X12. The X11 intention is to (de-) manifest. Accessing X11 requires a level of consciousness LoC>850.
  • In the X10 the possibility consciousness arises (requires LoC>700), and here we find the true self. The X10 intention is to (de-) construct.
  • Then in the X9 the possibility threads (requires LoC>600) arise, where the higher self & free will are located. This dimension is accessed through grace. The X9 is the lowest of the 4 non-dual divine dimensions. Many people go to pot in neo Advaita, because they only grasp non-duality (LoC>600) on a purely mental level. By the way, the word paradise is another term for non-duality: beyond, di(es) = duality/ this world = 2.
  • Finally in the X8 we find (among other things) the soul (requires LoC>540), X8 is the highest of the 8 dual dimensions (LoC<599). The X8 is the highest dimension that can & should be achieved by every person ((in principle).The 0.12% chosen ones (statistical statement of the Gospel of Thomas) can access their soul. One phenomenon of the mid-500s is that the last heart wall falls (sometimes already in the low 500s). The heart wall concept was defined by Dr. Nelson Bradley, although it was already mentioned a couple of times in the Holy Bible as a hardened/ stone heart, e.g. Ezekiel 11/ 19-20 describes this key trait of the chosen ones:

I will give them an undivided heart and put a new spirit in them; I will remove from them their heart of stone and give them a heart of flesh. Then they will follow my decrees and be careful to keep my laws. They will be my people, and I will be their God.

Today 99% of humanity has at least one heart wall (on average 12 walls), installed because of fear from being hurt. Heart walls are a major obstacle in one’s relationship with life, with humans & the divine.

  • In the X7 we find the group souls (LoC>530 required for access).
  • The X6 is information, vibration, frequency & emotion, X5 is energy: the intention on this level is to ‘attract’. So the ‘law of attraction’ worshipped by the new agers is barely above the 3D level, where you are still light years away from the 4 God dimensions X9-X12, so it has little power. Moreover, on X5+X6 you still have demonic powers, i.e. the risks of working with ‘attraction’ is extremely dangerous.
    Nikola Tesla, one of the biggest geniuses in history, said that one should think in terms of energy, frequency & vibration to understand the secrets of the universe. The two sandwich dimensions X5 & X6 are the main centers of reality construction, because these 2 dimensions are the only areas where all 4 last elementary particles exist (
    (1) electrically charged particles in X1-X6
    (2) neutral particles in X1-X6 but not X4 (time)
    (3) messenger particles (bosons) in X4-X6
    (4) quantum’s of the gravitational fields (gravitons) in X5-X6
    Mainstream therapy methods including information medicine normally only reach the dimensions X1-X6.
  • X4 is time. X1-X3 are the 3 gross dimensions of space (X4-X12 subtle dimensions), which are the only 3 exchangeable dimensions. The lower 4 dimensions are known to everybody, so I call them the 4 human dimensions, mirroring the upper 4 God dimensions G4 (X9-X12)

Importance of the 12 dimensions for prophecy

On the last and greatest day of the festival, Jesus stood and said in a loud voice, “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them. (John 7/ 37-38)

So creation ‚eats‘ its way through the dimensions, from the X12 down: consciousness determines the world. As so often, the satanic Rothschild agent Karl Marx turned the truth upside down with his allegation that the social being determines their consciousness. This ‘eating through’ X12->X1 takes more or less time, which correlates with the different possible time perspectives of prophets:

  • From X12 the possible forerun amounts to billions of years (unlimited), in the X10 still millennia. Senior prophets with a level of consciousness LoC>700 are able to access the X10 & therefore are in principle entitled to look thousands of years into the future. However, the divine play Lila only works as long as the future details are *not* known, which is the case until LoC=599 (which is the end of normal human life experience within duality). The final result is only known to the few senior prophets who have mostly overcome their individual karma (LoC>600, non-duality).
  • Junior prophets normally only have access to the X8=soul (sometimes even X9), so their prophetic time frame is limited to years or decades. That’s also why the incarnation of a soul in a body takes 30-40 years, especially the Saturn return at the age of 30, which must be fulfilled for the soul to be completely in the body.

It’s similar with the embodiment of awakening. E.g. Hawkins had his basic awakening (loss of core veil) on 1/10/1965, yet it took 30 years for his embodiment reaching maturity that he could publish his 12 books in 1995-2012. Still, his physical body was never awake & calibrated until his death in the 400s. As a matter of fact, a too fast move through the 12 dimensions can burn systems, like meridians, nerves, nadis & voridians (the latter were found through Vortex Healing®). Ramana Maharishi (LoC=720) had nerve problems until his death because his system was not prepared for his awakening.

Definition of terms: psyche, soul, level of consciousness

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. (Proverbs 9-10)

Quite often the terms soul & psyche are used as synonymous, but this should be avoided. The word roots are quite telling this respect:

  1. The term psyche comes from the Greek psychein (breathe). So the psyche only exists as long as one breathes, i.e. lives. The psyche means the lower 6 dimensions. The psyche has many gross parameters, e.g. electric charges of brain areas, hormone levels, and fascia tension controlled by the nervous system… A key component of the psyche is hypersonic ( which is also the primary gateway for electrosmog (link). The US astrologer Michael Munkasey called the fixed star Arcturus (24.5° Libra) also Psyche, based on his research & the readings of Edgar Cayce.
  2. Personality: The human personality is mainly rooted in the X6 & a little bit also in the X5 (Link).
  3. The word consciousness comes from the Latin conscientia (shared knowledge). In principle, the level of consciousness on the Hawkins scale is the default attitude with which one approaches life & which world you live (subjectively). This parameter is rather superficial & easy to influence. While the soul is very individual, the LoC is influenced by many general factors: genetics, upbringing, education, religion, country, age… Normally the level of consciousness remains the same through the 12 dimensions, but this is less & less the case today, because almost everybody is either in a strong downtrend (almost all) or strong uptrend (few). Trends always start in the higher dimensions, so the lower dimensions lag. As a rule of thumb, the LoC>200 means one is going to heaven, LoC<200 to hell – although the area just above 200 might still mean a short purgatory (Link).
  4. The term soul comes from saiw(a)lō/, based on the Northern saivo = realm of the dead.Another derivation is the Hebrew scheol, also known as the kingdom of the dead. So soul mainly refers to the 8th dimension, where a physical three-dimensional body is no longer needed.

From the outside you see mainly the psyche, personality & consciousness level (in this order), while the soul is nearly always invisible, because 99.8% of humanity have very little if any soul contact. Orgasm (usually LoC=570) is the only opportunity in the life of the average person to experience soul contact. For conceptions the soul contact is absolutely necessary to contact a soul not incarnated yet, so it may incarnate.

In our multidimensional selves there are many membranes that prevent a breaking through the dimensions. Without these membranes the mere thought “I really would like to die now” would lead to an immediate death. Or: divine wrath remains in the lower 6 dimensions & doesn’t harm the soul (X8), as described by the Russian spiritual healer Sergey Lazarev. The key characteristic of trauma is the breakthrough of the dimensions. All kinds of psychological & new age techniques such as hypnosis or trance overcome these membranes, which is very dangerous.

The psyche depends a lot on the biological age & the soul on the soul age which is about 100 times slower, e.g. on the scale of Wolfgang Lißeck, an adaption of the scale of Varda Hasselmann & Frank Schmolke (Link). Young souls are like children, they are vivid & spontaneous & want to experience a lot, without being concerned with the consequences. E.g. the Trumpinator has an amazingly young soul for a top politician (Link).

The correlation of these 4 aggregates (psyche, personality, level of consciousness & soul) has never been lower than today. However, these 4 indicators are nothing but the tip of the iceberg, I work with several dozens of scales alone to further research the soul. A small collection of material:

Soul possession/ soul siege/ extraneous souls, soul partner/ dual souls (artificial dualities), soul body, soul loss (especially through trauma), soul theft, soul light, soul gland (pineal – as already suggested by René Descartes in the 17th century), soul prisons, soul barter (walk-ins), soul family/ over-soul, soul group/ monad, collective soul, animal group souls, soul treaty, soul look, soul ego, soul fixation, soul plan, individual soul, dark night of the soul, soul rays, soul healing, soul roles, soul salvation, soul pain, soul name, soul sound, soul eyes, soul spark/ essence (yuan shen), soul chakra (#12, 6-7 above the head), soul lens, soul heart, soul power (=ability to suffer), soul sale (e.g. also through one’s mother Link), soul parts (e.g. disharmony between soul parts), soul shells, soul closure (for protection), soul veil (inner veil), soul channel/ connection (antahkarana), soul access, soul eye (3rd eye), soul level of consciousness (LoC=560s typical of white souls, LoC<200 black souls), happiness of the soul (bliss), soul age, soul integration, soul contact, soul task, soul substance (folding), soul travels (astral projection), soul love & soul aggression according to Sergey Lazarev, soul quotient according to Andreas Krüger, soul origin, soul foreknowledge, soul energy (future potential, electric-violet), soul intelligence, soul purification, soul matrix according to Varda Hasselmann & Lisa Renee (Link), creator – transpersonal souls, soul classes, soul review

Theoretically, with each dimension complexity grows infinitely, e.g. a mathematical line has only one dimension (length), a square with 2 dimensions (length x breadth) would therefore be infinitely more complex. Practically, one can work on a 10fold increase of complexity with each dimension, in this case the soul (X8) would be 105 = 100,000 times more complicated than the 3D world. But the rise in complexity could even be less, when we analyze the kissing numbers (link) for instance: in the X1 this number is 2, in X2 6, in X3 24 & in X8 240… suggesting an increase by only 81% per dimension X1-X12. Still, the blatant complexity not even remotely comprehensible is yet another reason for the huge number of different teachings on this subject, where each one only grasps a small part of the whole. Franz Erdl offers the broadest perspective on the soul, but his truth content is only 30-40% on average. Still, his descriptions serve well in understanding the incredible complexity of soul affairs. In the following I will only to discuss 3 soul concepts, everything else would go beyond the scope of this article: transpersonal souls, soul classes, soul review.

(1) Transpersonal souls

Jesus said, "Those who seek should not stop seeking until they find. When they find, they will be disturbed. When they are disturbed, they will marvel, and will reign over all." (Gospel of Thomas #2)

A normal human has an individual soul, and according to Varda Hasselmann there are also transpersonal souls (Link). I learned of my personal participation in early 2011 by H.R. who has a personal soul, too. At present (as of early 2019) there are 25 transpersonal souls, who are individual focus points of the collective soul. An organization or a state wanting to conclude a contract always needs individual persons as a proxy for the group they represent. There are leaders in 7 areas of life that determine the fate of humanity: spirituality/ soul, politics/ military, business/ finance, science, arts/ culture, religion & occultism. The leaders in all 7 areas are attacked so much more from the black side than the average person, oft successfully. The worst case among the transpersonal souls was the Indian guru Sai Baba (died in 2011), who had abused hundreds (thousands?) of boys sexually, his personal soul could not cope with the fame enabled through his transpersonal soul.

In den 1800 years 0100-1900 (after the death of the 12 apostles) only 20-30 transpersonal souls were incarnated in *total*, i.e. hardly more than one per century. Nostradamus had a transpersonal soul which allowed him to write the Centuries, and he stated that all his prophecies by middle of the 21st century. He practiced as a medical doctor & astrologer through his normal soul, quite successful but with many failures, too. E.g. his first wife & his kids died during the plague epidemic when he was 33. And his normal prophecies were quite error-prone, and it appears his transpersonal soul was only active for 7 years. In the late 19th century the end times began, with the Khazars (including some Jews) beginning to return to Palestine & the German empire being formed in 1871. For more than a century the intensity of the global transformation has been going through the roof, that’s why the number of transpersonal souls in human bodies has been rocketing, too.

20 of these 24+1 transpersonal souls are in a female body & only 5 in a male body, an expression of the 80/20 Yin dominance in the end times. Most of these (24+1) are part of the Amanita network, they live in the following countries: India 5 - Russia 4, Austria 4 – Germany 3 – USA & China 2 – Switzerland & Israel as well as South America & Africa & Australia 1. The latter 3 are so-to-speak quota souls, because during the ongoing end times transformation of every continent needs at least one transpersonal soul. In absolute terms most live in India (crown chakra Kailash), relatively (in terms of population size) in Austria (heart chakra Untersberg), as these 2 countries are the hotspots of global transformation into the Golden Age. I don’t want to reveal more than their home countries, although the identity of almost all of them is known & contact exists in one form or another. 5 of these 24+1 are part of the circle consisting of 12 persons of the later Emporer Henry the Lucky, who has been prophesized for at least 3000 years (similar to Jesus Christ having 12 apostles). The Great Monarch will be crowned in 2038/39 according to Abbott Werdin d'Otrante from the 13th century & others (Link).

(2) JJ soul class & crash of white souls

For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it. What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul? (Matthew 16: 25-26)

Today I want to introduce the concept of the 4 JJ soul classes, which have been used in the Amanita network since mid-2008. JJ are the initials of the inventors, hence the name-giving. In the past decade this concept has been improved a lot & the truth content is up. There are 4 JJ soul classes (the given statistical frequency was elicited in early 2019):

  1. White, pure (regular) souls (5% of humanity): A white soul is in the Book of Life, where the angelic beings browse during the celestial life review. At present their number is only about 400 million, with a steep downtrend. The white souls are the sealed ones (seal of God on their forehead) & thus are *rather* immune against the insinuations of the enemy. However, Matthew 24-22 clearly states that not a *single* person would remain, if the Lord didn’t shorten the end times. The number of white soul has been crashing since the 20th century. In a church brother Martin only saw 5% with a white soul (Link). According to Pastor Moise Lushiku (Link) already in 2006 the vast majority went into the left door (hell) & only a small minority into the right door (heaven). In other words: today’s humanity does *not* .
  2. White chameleons (2-3% of humanity): The white chameleons are unconsciously manipulated by the powers of evil in different ways. Still, their soul appears to be pretty safe, i.e. in the case of death their soul would rather go to heaven than hell – but this is a little bit questionable.
  3. Black chameleons (4-5% of humanity): These folks *temporarily* take both from the white & black side. This can only be a rather short-lived period, because you can’t permanently serve the Lord & the She-Devil. More likely than not the black chameleons will go to the hell realms after death, but they might still get a last-minute chance to avoid that – as opposed to the black souls. They are borderline cases where the angels of light & darkness fight who gets them, as in the case of Rod Pickens (Link), Jim Woodford (Link) & others (Link). Chameleons (especially black ones) are the most dangerous because they are ‘double agents’ (Link).
  4. Black, fallen souls/ soul-less (88% of humanity): Their soul is registered in the Book of Death, the black complement to the Book of Life, leading to the gates of hell after death, as observed by Prof. Dr. Martin Telezing & others (Link). They no longer have a regular, free human soul in their body, with their soul in soul prisons (e.g. under the sea Link), run by the queen of the hell realms (Link). Without any regular soul in the body, an alien soul can dwell in this body (involuntary walk-in), e.g. in the body of Merkel the evil Rothschild witch a draconian is living, as realized by Sananda = Oliver Brecht (Link). As a matter of fact, a place in hell is already reserved immediately after conception (Link).

I use dozens of different scales, however the crash of the white souls is by *far* the most dramatic chart. It quantifies the terrible apostasy of the end times predicted for more than 2,500 years. In the Kali Yuga of the past 5000 years on average some 85% of humanity went to heaven after death (white souls) & only 15% to hell (black souls). Unfortunately, since the 20th century this ratio has been turned upside down (Link). At the beginning of the millennium (at a world population of 6 billion) according to one source (Link) about 70% went to hell. In June 2018 Sananda (Link) stated that 75-80% of the world population has a black soul (is soul-less), which precisely aligns with the information I got from our boss. In the past 8 months the percentage of the coming hell dwellers has exploded (by ~10%). It is more than scary how many souls in my personal contacts have turned black in the past 1-3 years.

To reintegrate these lost/ abused/ imprisoned soul parts the covenant of Paliador was made millions of years ago (Link). However, it won’t produce fruit before the thousand year reign of Jesus Christ. In order to understand the ongoing end times events we have to think in terms of *billions* of years, which appears to be impossible for almost anybody. The usual frame of reference 6000 years is ridiculously short, in financial terminology these 6000 years would be considered scalping. Angels told Pastor Selvaraj that events will happen that have never occurred in the billions of years of the existence of this universe. Hellywood movies often tell the truth, e.g. The Host (2013) based on the book written by Stephenie Meyer & They Live (1988) by John Carpenter, who said the ongoing Reptilian infiltration is real & he called his movie a *documentary* (!) & not science fiction.

From today’s level of 5% white souls we collapse into an all-time low 1-2% in 2020-23, which means that in the 2020s a mind-boggling 98-99% of humanity will go to hell after death. This reflects the statistical number given in Revelation 7-4: „And I heard the number of them which were sealed: and there were sealed 144,000 of all the [12] tribes of the children of Israel.” Today we either have 6-7 million (Israel only) or 15 million Jews (also in diaspora), so 1-2% translates into the 144,000 sealed white souls stated. The tiny end times minority of hardly 2% white souls is also named in the Islamic Hadiths, in the form of a 50:1 ratio (Link). Note that end times in the narrow sense of the word began in 2016 with the 50-year jubilee, basically the same code: only 1 out of 50 will jubilate (i.e. in heaven, not hell). In a nutshell, all available sources of the past millennia align perfectly. In the 2020s all chameleons will be gone, due to an extreme dichotomization & polarization, so in the end only white & black souls remain. The Yin number 2 stands for duality/ polarity & from the year 2022 (=222) on the global soul will be polarized as never before, before & during Armageddon.

The JJ soul class is usually a leading indicator for the level of consciousness (LoC), i.e. the LoC is lagging (but sometimes it is the other way round). This process is running a lot faster now in the end times. The soul crash began in the late 19th century, when the Khazars (including some Jews) began to return to Palestine, as predicted for more than 2 millennia: beginning of the end times in the wide sense. On an exoteric level this manifested on Tuesday, September 18th, 2018 (2x the 18=6+6+6): on this day the collective LoC of humanity dropped into negative territory (LoC<200), for the first time since 1987. The first drop was to LoC=190, meanwhile we have further collapsed to LoC=180, the lowest level since the Black Death around 1350, when 30-50% of the European population died, creating a great many fears (fear has the LoC=100). In Elliott wave terminology global consciousness experienced a very long wave 1 for over 2500 years (since Buddha), which has been corrected since 2002/3 in a deep Elliott wave 2: dark night of the soul. By the name, the name Elliott is derived from Elijah meaning the Lord is my God (Link), so Elliott waves are divine waves. More than 2500 years ago we had the exact midpoint of the Kali Yuga (length 5125 years), which began in 3102 B.C. after the death of Krishna.

The 200 level is by far the most important level on the scale 0-1000: >200 positive (Yang, white), <200 negative (Yin, black). So the trigger for today’s article was the crash of global LoC on 9/18/18 below the critical LoC=200 support. This was no surprise at all, as I expected the victory of the black (evil) powers sometime during the black horseman of the apocalypse September 2018-September 2019.

As already pointed out by David Hawkins (Link), for millennia humanity was in the negative area moving into the harmonic convergence in August 1987, most of it near LoC=100 (fear). This remarkable jump was only possible because the pestilence of socialism collapsed in the 1980s. Both in the East (Gorbachev’s perestroika) & West (Reagan, Thatcher) there was a major turn towards freedom (free markets) & truth: this was *the* key allowing LoC>200.

With some delay the trends of the global LoC will have a huge impact on the 3D level. The most remarkable figure is the number of war deaths imploding after the consciousness leap in 1987, absolutely & even more in terms of the (exploding) world population (90% less). So for the 31 years 1987-2018 humanity was in the positive area (LoC>200) where a world war was impossible (!), as it requires a negative global LoC<200. Unfortunately, since 9/18/18 (beginning of the black horseman of the apocalypse) we are for the first time since 1987 in the consciousness area of world wars, so world war 3 will break out in 2020/21 (see also Dr. Jayant Athavale Link), it will last until 2047. Close to 9/18/18 the soul of the Trumpinator got black (during his inauguration it was still white), i.e. his soul now belongs to the she-devil.

The Vienna working group on financial astrology was founded here in Austria in the late 1990s. Based on our research we could soon predict the next martial minimum for 2010 & the martial peak for 2022, e.g. because of the impulses in the torque in the sun’s motion. The first call was spot on, because in the first decade of the millennium we had the least number of war deaths per year (only 10-20,000), when global consciousness was highest. The Middle East revolutions began on 12/17/10, and in 2011 we had the highest number of global wars since 1945. By 2014 the absolute number of war deaths soared to a 30-year high.

In order to understand which huge cycles are completed in our lifetime we have to connect the dots of evolution. The consciousness jump in 1987 was the first time humanity calibrated in the positive area LoC>200. Still, we never could surpass the faint LoC=207, in contrast Atlantis calibrated at LoC=290 on average (Link). Early Atlantis topped out some 75,000 years ago with a consciousness in the 550s: at this time holiness was the normal state of mind. Over dozens of thousands years Atlantis was on levels far higher developed than we are today, both spiritually & technologically. The fall began 75,000 years ago due to super cataclysms after the eruption of the volcano Toba (Sumatra), the biggest eruption in newer history: 100 times more ejection than the Tambora in 1815. According to the theory of Ann Gibbons this produced a mass extinction & a genetic bottleneck.

By the middle of Atlantis the LoC of humanity had already dropped so much that the Atlantean wars started, first only through black magic, later with conventional weapons. 50-52,000 years ago black magic (=spiritual warfare) was popularized by Toth (Hermes Trismegistos) & then 36,000 years ago the Atlantean LoC dropped into negative territory LoC<200. The long demise of Atlantis ended about 9600 years ago (9545 BP) according to the Austrian geologist Prof. Dr. Alexander Tollmann: worst of the great many deluges (Link). Moreover, Edgar Cayce (the US Nostradamus) used a similar time-table (Link). 2,600 year old clay tablets from the time of Nebuchadnezzar II also depict bomb explosions (Link). These nuclear detonations are responsible for the extremely elevated levels of radioactivity in some regions (Link). This is also a main reason why the Middle East is up to this very day the most martial region on the planet & parts of Southern Asia (towards India) suffering from a massive number of miscarriages for thousands of years.

The official writing of history is so mind-bendingly stupid that it remains a mystery how anybody can believe that BS. Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the nuclear bomb, knew, of course, the truth (Link). When asked whether this was the first atomic explosion in history, Oppenheimer cryptically answered that it was the first in *modern* history. During the first explosion Oppenheimer even recited passages from the Bhagavad Gita & in each of his lectures he quoted the Mahabharata, as he even had learned Sanskrit.

*Everything* has a level of consciousness: humans, animals, states, companies/ organizations, healing methods, books/ videos, cities & humanity as a whole… The consciousness of states is a leading indicator for their economic development & the strength of their currencies. Amanita Market Forecasting is the only market letter in this corner of the galaxy that accesses these levels. Of all states, France & the US have experienced the by far biggest slump: in early 2019 only LoC=155=anger (France) & LoC=175=pride (USA). So both are in (potential) war territory, with a war breakout only a matter of time. Switzerland has been collapsing, too, from about 400 to only LoC=210. In contrast, Russia & China are on the rise.

For demons the office duty is directly in hell, while their field service is on the surface of the earth, where the number of demons has risen by a factor of 200-300x to some billions. Today the average person has already 100+ demonic possessions & the trend is still steeply higher. Since the 19th century the hell CEO has focused on customer acquisition = fishery of souls (the fallen aspect of the fisher of men 153). The destruction of the hell realms began with the white horseman of the apocalypse in 2016, but has been accelerated a lot by the Amanita network since 11/19/2018, meanwhile a few millions of demons have been liquidated (breathed in by God). Due to the complete destruction of the hell realms in the coming 10-20 years the remaining 1-2 billion demons will be forced to come to the surface (Dr. Athavale Link), where they get their last chance to repent. The fallen angels who don’t use this opportunity will be thrown for 1,000 years into the lake of fire (the worst of all hells Link) together with the black human souls, so that they can no longer interact with humans. In Terminator 2 this is the closing scene, only the lake of fire can terminate the terminators. According to Nostradamus their stay will be slightly less than 1,000 years. All of that happens after the 3 dark days in late 2030s. The Revelation warns of the 1000 years in the lake of fire (bottomless pit, abyss), which is only an option in the end times - while hell has always been an option. Revelation 20):

And I saw an angel coming down out of heaven, having the key to the Abyss and holding in his hand a great chain. He seized the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the devil, or Satan, and bound him for 1,000 years. He threw him into the Abyss, and locked and sealed it over him, to keep him from deceiving the nations anymore until the 1,000 years were ended. After that [around the year 3033?], he must be set free for a short time.

12 main reasons for the soul crash in the past century

Is there life before death? (Kottan)

But why have souls gotten in such deep trouble since the 20th century? This can be attributed to dozens (!) of reasons, as today’s average person offers 100-200 demonic gates. Never before have we been subject to so many seductions as today (Link). By & large, there are 2 main categories of roots:

  1. 3x influence from the past: biographic karmic & genetic-systemic
  2. Current lifestyle: thinking, feeling, talking, acting, living, clothes (Link, Link), nutrition, technology…

The 12 most important reasons for the soul apostasy:

  1. Satanism (black magic, selling one’s soul to the devil):
    Satanism is practiced far more often than commonly assumed, 70-80% of the satanists are women & 20-30% men, which is part of the fempocalypse (Link). The Old Testament is full of satanism, too, e.g. through numerous curses. Especially in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America & parts of Asia *conscious* black magic is still part of everyday life. In Europe these practices were almost wiped out through the witch-hunting, but are now re-installed: a main (often overseen) reason why millions of people from black magic regions are sent to Europe.

I remember my very first encounter with a true satanist in 1996, during my 9th semester at the Vienna University of Economics & Business Administration. I met a PhD student who told me she was part of a female coven practicing black magic against males. I laughed & thought to myself how an academic could believe in something like that. At this time I was still totally brainwashed on all levels & asked her to give a little demonstration. We both closed our eyes & suddenly my body began to shake & it felt like a huge fork was thrusted into my solar plexus. Then she smiled at me with an evil grin…
Over the past 23 years I have been attacked numerous times & have met a great many persons who barely survived these black-magical attacks: in new age circles as well as occult societies such as Freemasonry. The stronger the light of a person, the more intense the attacks & more demons are sent. While the average person is assigned only 1-2 demons by the hell CEO, people with a very high vibration (LoC) are assigned dozens or even hundreds of demons. At a level of consciousness LoC=540 the average is 100 demons, although key players in the ongoing Armageddon are ‘blessed’ with more than 300-500 demons. Leading satanists for instance command 365 (
Link) or 999 demons (Link).
Sure the hell staff is huge with 1-2 billion demons (500-1000 times more than the biggest company Wal-Mart with 2 million), but by no means unlimited. More doesn’t make sense, because even in hell economic laws do apply. Demons are rewarded when they have succeeded in turning a soul around & cashing it in, but they are severely punished when they fail. Moreover, there are major hierarchical differences: normal people are supervised by the lowest 2-3 of the 7 hierarchy levels (see Dr. Athavale
Link), but big spiritual ‘guns’ need the higher levels. Transpersonal souls are mainly attacked by the 2 top levels, once in a while even the boss herself intervenes (‘matter for the boss’). Only the 0.12% chosen ones (according to the Gospel of Thomas) with an LoC at least in the mid- to high 500s are to some degree protected against these.
Many show stars have openly admitted that they have sold their soul to the she-devil (
Link), e.g. Bob Dylan, John Lennon (Beatles), Michael Jackson, Brad Pitt, Kanye West, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga… In other businesses people try their best to appear more serious, so they rather hide their ‚secret of success’.
Soul sales are mainly done for 3 reasons: 1. money/ success 2. power 3. women (men). To prevent these soul sales, the 3 classic vows were introduced, albeit only with moderate success: 1. poverty 2. silence (powerlessness) 3. chastity. One of the major works of world literature is dedicated to the selling of the soul: Faust by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. In principle *every* strong wish can lead to a soul sale, driven by the ego (what do I want?) instead of asking what God wants. Today’s health cult is very dangerous for the soul, because it temporarily saves the body but sacrifices the body. Now in the end times, during the ongoing collective health crash, health is becoming a stronger & stronger motive for selling for one’s soul.

  1. Death of Truth = bull market of lies (lying press, anti-social media)
    The divine has 2 aspects:
    (1) Yang: truth & justice
    (2) Yin: love & grace
    Even when these opposing qualities are understood in principal, the details are still misunderstood. First a metaphor on the weight: the Yang is the official price of a meal in a restaurant & the Yin is the trip that you *might* give (5%, 10%, 20% or perhaps nothing at all when you are unsatisfied). So the Yang is the main pillar, the Yin only small in comparison.
    Second: this is the correct order, because the evil can only intrude when *first* (!) the 3rd eye is infiltrated with lies (all-seeing eye of the illuminati). Today’s most frequent form of satanism is represented by good-doers preaching love without truth, or Yin without Yang. However, love without truth is no love at all, instead it is a pure mindfuck, i.e. a projection without relation to reality. These satanic teachings are the core of today’s popular flatulent mainstream (psycho, new age, wellness gospel…), claiming that, "only love matters.” Reality is just the opposite way: truth is the prerequisite for love. On the Hawkins consciousness scale the mind/ mental body is developed in the 400s & only when this task is complete, you are poised to open your heart (LoC=500), in the 500s love is developed. Finally in the mid-500s the mental & spiritual unite in the form of the . Sometimes consciousness levels are skipped, but then you have a huge risk of relapses.
    Note that the more lies (8th commandment) you spread or *believe* (!), the higher the odds you become a kebab after death & are tortured 24/7. The truth content of the lying press has been going down by about 10% per decade since the 20th century, it doesn’t get much lower than today’s 20-40% truth content: <50% truth content is a ticket to hell. In 1900 the daily press still had a truth content of a high 70-80%.
    Similarly, the feces of Fecesbook sucks out loud – the other anti-social media (Twitter, Instagram…) are the same, and pulls down towards the hell realms (
    Link). The lower the truth content of a posting, the more viral this feces gets (Link). Pastor Cioccolanti called the mass hysteria of the anti-social media the tyranny of emotions (Link). About 0.3% of humanity are demons incarnated in human bodies (right from their conception), their main sphere of activity are the antisocial media (Link). More than 99.9% of the Fecesbook heavy user percentile (1%) have a black soul & will go straight to hell after death, not much less in the top decile.
    The Facebook project was developed in hell & explained to a visitor long before (!) anybody could imagine something so antisocial (
    Link). Then submissive human instruments were chosen to implement that project, e.g. Suckerberg who called his customers who trust him dumbfucks. *Everything* in our 3-dimensional world is *first* created in the higher-dimensional realms, i.e. either heaven or hell.
    Apart from this external brainwashing people brainwash themselves with positive thinking, which is (at least in the most popular form) nothing but a lie & incompatible with truth. The Western legal system not only tolerates lies, but often even requires them, especially in the form of political correctness. This is especially true of the female übermensch, who has the license to lie, deceive & steal without any consequences, e.g. when it comes to contraception. However, when the male subhuman does the same, then in some countries of Pussystan he commits a felony (
    Link). When a woman steals the semen of a man (even during a rape), then in the US he must still pay child support for 18-26 years, usually amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars. So women are legally encouraged to commit all sorts of crime – but eventually they will pay in hell for it, because there is no free lunch.
    Fortunately, world war 3 from 2020/21 until 2047 will end this devil worship, especially because of Russia’s intervening, so we have to be very thankful. It is far better for the souls of humanity when they all kill themselves than being pulled into even lower hell realms through their behavior. That’s why WW3 is an expression of divine grace that should be honored.
    However, the by far (!) worst of all lies are in the spiritual-religious area, which is why most pastors are tortured 24/7 after death by demons, e.g. by cutting off their tongues (
    Link). However, the tongues grow back quickly, so that it will be cut off again & again for a very long time… Punishments in hell always reflect the negative karma accumulated.
    The main problem in today’s age of information flooding is not only the *active* spreading of lies, but also the *passive* belief in lies. For this very reason (to avoid hell fire) *every* human should learn to ask the boss for the truth content of statements, books, videos, teachings, political systems
  2. Death of love (abortions, ignorance):
    Certainly we have never ever seen a comparable number of abortions as since the 1968 revolution of the antichrist. This is an expression of the love that has grown cold, as warned by Jesus Christ according to Matthew 24:12. In 1973 Helmut Lungenschmid was shown during his death experience that after every abortion a quasi-demon (possession) is born. The soul of the aborted child seeks contact with these people that were important according to their life plan & often brood on revenge. While the entire WW2 killed ‘only’ 50 million people over 6 years, today these murderesses kill 56 million per *year* (!), according to The Lancet (
  3. Electrosmog & the sign of the 666 Beast (=cell phone) & number of the Beast (=barcode):
    Unfortunately, today demons can access almost *every* soul because of electrosmog. This is arguably the *by far* worst effect of electrosmog, as it harms the soul & not just the body, which will eventually be worm food anyway. The strange word AC/DC for electric current stands for antichrist/ devil’s children (
    Link). High-frequency electrosmog has a detrimental effect on the dimensions 1-9 & thus on the soul in the 8th dimension. The problem is that almost all electrosmog protection devices only work through the 6th dimension. Even dozens of studies demonstrating the protective effect of the devices offer mean little, because the underlying measuring parameters only reflect the lower 6 Yin dimensions, but not the higher 6 Yang dimensions.
    You should always become active by asking the Holy Spirit for electrosmog protection in all 12 dimensions every day. How much protection this electrosmog prayer will produce depends on several factors, most of all on the consciousness level LoC of this person. There are various definitions of the Hawkins scale, one is how much is filled with the Holy Ghost. 80-90% of humanity calibrate at LoC>200, which means the connection with the King of Kings is too weak to expect a significant healing. These beings have almost nil access to the divine qualities (like peace, energy, light, love…), so parasites have to steal these qualities from beings calibrating higher. From the mid-500s on you access your soul, so this electrosmog prayer will have a good effect. The barcode or QR code on every product produces the 666 vibration of the adversary & is a demonic portal, which has a massive impact on the souls of people. Electrosmog is such a terrible (unconscious) stress that it drives the soul out of the body. The heavenly authorities count electrosmog as a form of suicide, where this topic was nicely depicted in 2010 by the Astral City: A Spiritual Journey, based on the book ofChico Xavier.
    Torturing people with (heating) microwaves is a mild form of the torture from the hell fire resp. the preparation for it. The word cell phone is a strange word & it was coined as a code, because in hell there are millions of small cells, similar to prison cells. Even more & more popular cell groups (Bible home study groups) have a similar hell background, intended to keep the participants in the illusion (
    It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a smombie (smartphone zombie) man to enter the kingdom of God (heaven). After the death of their body smombies will suffer incredible pain, likely for centuries. Imagine somebody throws you into a fire & keeps you there, with your body burning terribly: if you multiply that x100, then you get an impression of how terrible that will be. But there are major gender differences:
    (XX) Women are mainly pulled into the abyss because of the selfie madness, which wasn’t possible without the microwave WMD (
    Link). This type of very pathological narcissism is quite ‚normal‘ today, but still it was enough to bring a Christian woman to hell (Link). Among the 6+6+6 sins of the end times described by Paulus the very first* (!) is this false ((Link). Now in the end times the form of female narcissism (Link) dominates. Thanks God the breakout of WW3 in 2020/21 will end this narcissistic self-deification in the 2020s.
    (XY) Men are mainly pulled into the hell realms by computer games. The most successful game World of Warcraft WoW (LoC=65 (
  4. Active karma/ sins (life style):
    The Vedas distinguish the 3 main subtle components (
    Link) sattva, raja & tamas (demons are dominated by tamas). This balance of the trigunās has an impact on every aspect of life: food, colors, clothing, music (Link), videos, entertainment, social contacts, partnership & sexuality, residence, drugs, food... Essentially, frequent negative external stimuli with a negative LoC<200 increase the odds of a black soul & thus a post-mortal fate in hell fire. Sexuality & nutrition are 2 big topics in the end times with a highly significant influence on the post-mortal journey, so I dedicate both in separate points. Examples of less important life style factors:
    (i) Halloween: It is hardly ever understood that even ‚harmless‘ activities such as Halloween attracts demons. Saint Cosmas of Aetolia (1714-1779) warned already in the 18th century of the end times showdown when the devil will go around with pumpkins (
    Link). Halloween is the high feast of Satanism (Link), creating bad genetic karma for 4-5 generations (Link).
    (ii) Drugs: You can bet the farm that long-term drug junkies have a black soul & will go to hell (
    Link). Hard drugs almost have the lowest possible LoC=6-7, the level of extinction & mass-murder (Link). 0-1000 is the LoC range possible on this planet, but in the hell realms it goes a lot lower than that (Hawkins briefly experienced the negative territory LoC=-50). Drugs (also of conventional medicine) partly have a short-term positive effect, but are almost always terrible over the long haul.
    The amount of drug consumption derails around the globe, most of all in the USA
    – too much Yin, not enough Yang now in the end times. That’s why the German family therapist Hellinger suggested that only men should treat drug abusers, as they are first & foremost lacking the male principle. In Duckburg the number of drug-related deaths quadrupled in the 21st century, where in 2017 more people died from drugs than through firearms, car accidents or suicides (Link).

    But why is
    hashish/ marihuana pushed by the demonic Reptilian races & their political arm (liberals, greens, leftists, socialists), so that it is legalized in more & more countries? Example: the Swiss cannabis advocate Ruth Dreifuss was a member of the Open Society Foundation run by the Rothschild stooge Soros. It ruins the epiphysis & nails down the crown chakra, i.e. it blocks the access to the soul & the divine (Link). William Hills tells an interesting pot story & his ensuing hell experience (Link). In contrast, good mind-altering substances like the fly agaric Amanita muscaria open towards the spiritual world (although not risk-free).
    Grass separates body & soul, so that demons get easy access similar to valium, which perfectly fulfills the plans of the hell CEO. A psychoanalyst from the University of Heidelberg, Prof. Dr. Holm-Hadulla, stresses that the devil’s grass creates a crowd of resigned sheeple. Dope prevents people from feeling the pain in their soul & it also blocks them from emotions in general. It destroys the grounding, pulls the soul out of the body & opens the door to the dream worlds, so it helps with sleeping. This is why this hellish stuff helps the body sometimes, but only short-term & at the risk of ruining the soul.
    In addition, this witches’ brew impairs the nervous system & lowers the IQ according to studies, so it 100% supports the NWO goal to create a bunch of idiots (
    Link). One implication of the legalization of grass is that immediately afterwards the number of car accidents rises, because motoric intelligence implodes (Link). It is easy to see where that leads, if you watch the blazing Tesla boss, heading the dumbest brand on the planet to the wall with the auto-pilot.
    The second worst drug is cocaine as it inflates the ego, but with little impact on the soul.
    Link). The pioneer in this area was the US MD John Diamond, who used the muscle test to check all kinds of external stress factors, mainly their impact on the thymus & therefore the immune system. He found that Beethoven conducted by Furtwängler is by far most beneficial. On the Hawkins list there are only 2 composers with an extremely high vibration LoC>600: Arvo Pärt & Robert Gass (Link).
    (iv) Tattoos: Tattoos increase the hell risk by at least 3% (depending on several factors). They are the fleshly rebellion against one’s body as created by God (
    Link). If these tattoos contain images of demons, then they become strong demonic portals & the hell probability increases by up to 16% (Link).
    (v) Blood donations: Should be avoided unless you are able to do good psychic surgery to clear the negative effects. This is one point where Jehovah’s witnesses are right. 1/3 or more of the blood donated to organizations goes to the illuminati blood-drinkers, which rejuvenates them. Needless to say, blood grants soul access (e.g. blood brotherhood), this is especially bad when black souls drink the souls of white souls, which has a very negative backlash to the donor.San Francisco (radius +/-50-100 km). It is no coincidence that San Francisco (only 2% white souls) is the world capital of homo-sexuality (
    * There are 6 further US hell centers, as explained by preacher Derek Prince (
    Link): Reno (Nevada), Los Angeles/ Hollywood (KALIfornia), New Orleans (Louisiana), Chicago (Illinois), Boston (Massachusetts) & Miami (Florida).
    * The locations of the Arks of the Covent = Pandora ’s Box (with 5 tetrahedron crystals each) are also terribly dangerous both for the soul & the body, especially Mecca, Israhell & London. The background is explained by the ‚half‘ geologist & physicist Harald Kautz (
    * In Central Europe Berlin (5% white souls) is most dangerous, especially close to the Pergamon altar.
    * Close to the sea there are a great many dangerous water demons (
    (vii) Hobbies: Quite often favorite hobbies intensely practiced lead to idolatry, e.g. of the soccer ‘God’… The stronger the attachments/ identifications, the stronger the idolatry & the more this life area is locked, as explained by the Russian healer Sergey Lazarev.
  5. Passive karma (ignorance, lack of responsibility, life plan unfulfilled)

Never before has humanity been in such a state of ignorance as today, especially when it comes to one’s God-given life-task. A fundamental error in almost all spiritual traditions is that only the Yang side of sin/ karma is taken into consideration, namely actions. Still, the Yin side of sin/ karma is almost always missed, especially non-fulling of the life purpose. In other word, we will also be held responsible for our *lack* of action by our boss. Matthew 25-45 clearly describes passive karma: “Then he will answer them, saying, Truly, I say to you, as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to me.” Compare that with the newest insights into mirror neurons: observing something has comparable, albeit somewhat weaker impact on the brain compared with actively doing that.

The worst forms of ignorance are today’s satanic teachings of non-judgment. The reality is exactly 180° different: the heavenly authorities observe & judge *every* action, *every* thought, *every* word & *every* feeling without exception, which is the basis for the decision ‘heaven or hell’ after death.
The precursor of these anti-Christian teachings was Saul Paul, who claimed that faith alone would be enough & justification by works is neither necessary nor helpful. Martin Luther took these diabolic teachings (sola gratia only by grace & sola fide only by faith) & worsened it by more or less removing the confession as the sacrament of personal responsibility. Actually the reformation began with this very conflict over the confessional boxes. The devil’s advocate claimed that confessing was not an absolutely necessary ritual, but a voluntary ‘wellness activity’ so you feel better afterwards. Soon his followers stopped confessing, with few exceptions. That’s why today penance is often misunderstood as a carte blanche for trespassing 24/7, i.e. sins are considered no problem at all if you confess them immediately afterwards. Even high-ranking illuminati trying to diss God: they do all kinds of terrible things & then these hypocrites go to confession for instance to Pastor Lindsey Williams, only to continue exactly as they did before. However, it will certainly never work out that way, as you need a pure heart with honest betterment intentions. The disgusting peaks of this nonsense are today’s evangelic group confessions, as already seen by Helmut Lungenschmid in his death experience of 1973. This type of group confession doesn’t really count, it’s a step back towards the 666 dog consciousness (LoC<200), without the individual responsibility of the shrift (auricular confession). The LoC<200 refers to the brainwashed sheeple lacking personal responsibility.

  1. Vaccinations:
    Almost a decade ago I used publicly available date to show that vaccinations increase the risk of a diseases by at least 100,000%, i.e. 1000fold ( However, this is just the tip of the iceberg, as most worrisome is vaccinations are a satanic ritual for the demon Astarte/ Moloch. Vaccinations have myriads of negative effects also on the soul, which is most visible in the vaccination caused autism, where the soul can hardly get into the soul due to the vaccination trauma. Autism was almost unknown in earlier times, the disease first got popular from the mid-20th century on, but only in rich families who could afford the vaccinations. Even without such eye-catching damage they have a very detrimental effect on the grounding (=soul in the body), as the lack of earthing allows an easier demonic access, also through the foreign (human or animal) DNA & because vaccination contain demons. So each vaccination increases the risk to end up in hell by about according to our boss (depending on several moderator variables). Almost all youngsters in Eunuchistan have been tortured ferociously by 20-50 ‘recommended’ vaccinations, increasing the odds of terrible torture in hell dramatically (Link). Needless to say, medical doctors performing the satanic ritual called ‘vaccination’ will get a very special treatment in hell. The well-known vaccination critic Dr. Viera Scheibner called vaccinations correctly the needle to hell (Link).
  2. Mental/ opinion karma (world view, political & philosophical teachings)

Mental or opinion karma could be neglected before the 20th century. The educational level of world population was low & only few consumed mass media & thus had an opinion regarding world events. The vast majority of the (farming) world population only had an opinion regarding a few topics that really mattered in their personal lives, e.g. whether or not it will rain tomorrow. However, this situation has changed fundamentally since the 20th century & especially in the past 20 years because of the internet information revolution. To have an opinion on certain topics or even to support them creates a minor karma, which is only 1-2% as serious as ‘regular’ karma. Still, the huge leverage of mental karma is a huge problem, especially mental karma on political questions. Examples:
(i) The liberals, lefts, greens, multikulti fans & of all other fans of mental diseases that pretend to be a ‘political movement’ create the mental karma of million fold murder & rape. This includes WW3 to begin in 2020/21, where it has been known for 1300+ years that it will be the attack of Islam against Christianity. According to Revelation 9-18, 1/3 of humanity will be killed during WW3, which is 2-3 billion people: 1-2% thereof still means the karma of millions (!) of murder committed by themselves…
The experienced forensic US-psychiatrist Dr. Lyle Rossiter has explained the mental disease of this political attitude on 400+ pages in his book The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness. Liberalism has never been anything else than the satanic “Do what you wilt shall be the whole of the law” attitude, as perpetuated by Aleister Crowley, likely the most important black magician of the 20th century. Without doubt, 70-80% today’s world view of the left comes from hell. Jesus Christ is at God’s right hand (heaven’s gate) & not at his left hand (hell’s gates). This is corroborated by so many who have visited these places, e.g. Pastor Moise Lushiku (
Link). Our political architecture is a 1:1 copy of the heavenly architecture (Link). Matthew 25/ 31-33 & 41:
When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, he will sit on his glorious throne. All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left. […] Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.

(ii) In his death experience in 1973 Helmut Lungenschmid saw the 3 ideals of the French revolution 1789: liberté, égalité, fraternité. These 3 principles are as anti-Christian as possible, as never have humans been created ‚equal‘ to another one. Needless to say, as a 15-year old boy Lungenschmid didn’t understand at all what was shown to him in the death realm. Demons often have the form of reptiles or frogs, hence the 3 frogs as a symbol for the French revolution (Link).
(iii) In the 19th century the Rothschild SOB & satanist Karl Marx added insult to injury, as described by Pastor Richard Wurmbrand.
(iv) In the 20th century the philosopher Karl Raimund Popper created the so-called critical rationalism here in Vienna, Austria, as the basis for the ‘open society’ of George Soros & other reptilians. Popper & Soros calibrate at LoC=180-190, the value of the enemy (
(v) Since the 1968 revolution all these diabolic concepts have become mainstream, especially through the Frankfurt School with the key person Jürgen Habermas (LoC<200). In this context the false teaching of constructivism also matters, as represented by Heinz von Foerster for instance.
(vi) All those who desperately want to prevent WW3 (2020/21-2047) are with one foot in hell, because they want to do the will of man & not the will of God: pure satanism. Matthew 16, 21-26.

From that time on Jesus began to explain to his disciples that he must go to Jerusalem and suffer many things at the hands of the elders, the chief priests and the teachers of the law, and that he must be killed and on the third day be raised to life. Peter took him aside and began to rebuke him. “Never, Lord!” he said. “This shall never happen to you!” Jesus turned and said to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns.” Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves [their ego] and take up their cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it. What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?

  1. Economic system (socialism): Socialism is the worst soul destroyer, because handing money to people undeservedly will certainly ruin the character & create such a greedy, irresponsible & ignorant attitude that even threatens the soul. The so-called social welfare state in today’s Western matriarchy has never been anything else than stealing from white men, in order to give the money to women & rapugees (Link). Of course, today’s Luciferian economics teachings prefer to remain silent on this key issue, as on all other important topics. Humans calibrating at LoC<200 are always parasites who receive much more than they give. However, all parasites will be hit hardest in the 2020s by the biggest wave of sovereign defaults in the history of humanity, they don’t need to wait until hell.
  2. Sexuality & partners (surrogates): Sexuality is the classic way to get soul access, either ‘normally’ or through a Venus trap. At any case, sexuality has an impact up into the 7th dimension (group souls) or even into the 8th dimension. Pets acting like partner compensation can also lead to soul manipulation, first & foremost dogs due to their pack orientation. All direct blood relatives have soul access, too: parents (strongest), siblings (average) & children (weakest). That’s why all major traditions know the (, as an important & partly even *necessary* form of soul purification. If one partner has a white soul & the other one a black, then the one with the white soul will be manipulated permanently & will hardly withstand that pressure from the black side for decades.
    Purely biologically, this gateway is more dangerous for women, because after the first intercourse they have male DNA in their body, even in the brain (
    Link). So the woman still carries her former sexual partners in her body, which is a serious & never realized in today’s popular model of serial monogamy. For millennia witches have known that a hair or other tiny parts are needed for powerful black magic, requiring the DNA of this person for soul access. Moreover, the first sexual partner of a woman coins here on the subtle level (higher dimensions) for her entire life, including *all* future children (even if on a gross level they are from other fathers). This means that a man lies not only with his wife/ partner in bed, but both on a gross & subtle level also with her previous partners… This explains why with each additional partner the bonding capacity declines, with a huge effect (Link).
    A woman riding the cock carousel not only creates a total DNA mess in her body, but also darkens her soul because of the permanent access of alien souls through the alien DNA (especially when these men have a black soul). So the immune system is weakened a lot, not only because of sexually-transmitted diseases, but also because of etheric body mergers. This explains the very high value of virginity in all healthy cultures. It goes without saying that there is almost zero research on this key issue, as it would fully confirm the very strict ‚archaic‘ sexual norms & prove all post-modern theories on straight partnerships wrong. All post-modern theories come from hell & therefore never can have high truth content. Most of today’s population in Eunuchistan consider themselves so smart when it comes to sexuality, but in reality this is a generation of fools not even able to grasp the most fundamental basics.
    From a spiritual perspective the sexual gateway is a lot more dangerous for the man than for the woman, because of the sexual sucking of the male by the female for >100,000 years through the Nephilim Reversal Grid (NRG) in Southern England, see Lisa Renee (
    Link). The natural, biological flow of white body fluids is abused by the enemy: #1 man (sperm) -> #2 woman (milk) -> #3 child.
    So after 100,000+ years of parasitic abuse man is very weak compared with the woman & highly vulnerable. This is the main reason why many prophecies agree that in end times there will be 7-50 times more women than men, at around the middle of the century. A human should emit at least 60 dB hypersonic as an expression of health (
    Link), yet the autochthonous man in Pussystan has 10 dB less than the woman, which is quite a lot. According to all good empirical studies male mammals always suffer so much more from electrosmog (=maximum Yin) than female mammals.
    The woman is a lot more receptive to good & bad earth energies, a skirt is conic so that it sucks in earth energies. This is the essence of the Biblical story of the Garden of Eden & the snake. The reptile (snake) first seduces the woman & then the woman the man. Derek Prince (1915-2003) with a truth content of an excellent 95% in his videos explains more on the background of that (
    Link). Our boss discussed this in the Gospel of Thomas #114:
    Jesus said, "I myself shall lead her [Mariham] in order to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit resembling you males. For every woman who will make herself male will enter the kingdom of heaven."
    In the Amanita market service these principles are of incredible importance, e.g. in the composite model: when the model points up, then the bullish Yang (=freedom, competition, expansion & market economy), but when the models is heading down, then the bearish Yin dominates (= lack of freedom, socialism & contraction). The Yang (male) pulls up, the Yin (female) down. That’s why in a relationship the man should always calibrate 10-50 points higher on the Hawkins scale than the woman: this is the only way to evolve higher (towards heaven) both in the relationship, in life & after death. Unfortunately today in Eunuchistan almost always the woman calibrates higher, which is the path towards hell. The female hypergamy (marrying up or gold-digging) not only works when it comes to body size & income, but also spiritually (consciousness scale). In a relationship the man always determines the direction: when he calibrates lower, then the relationship is heading down – when he calibrates higher, then they are on the way up. Thus the 3 leading hierarchy levels in hell are female, while the 3 leading hierarchy in heaven are male - both heaven & hell have 7 levels of hierarchy.
    The peak of the sexual life is , which normally only lasts for a few seconds. For the average person (99.8% of humanity) this is the only opportunity to have contact with the soul, by touching the high 500s. This brief soul contact is necessary to bring a new soul into the physical world. In general, integer sexuality calibrates in the positive area LoC=250 (
    Link). In contrast, all sexual perversions are deep in the demonic area LoC<150 (Link):
    * 3rd level of hell: possessive sexual lust, polygamy (which is the case with Mormons & Mussies), masturbation LoC=145 (
    Link). According to a former chief satanist normal masturbation (without certain precautionary measures) means sex with 600 demons, of which 300 remain with the person. It is easy to see the harmfulness of these activities, because every culture in an uptrend (=Yang) has strict moral codes, so sublimation is the driving force behind creativity. This was researched in depth by the British social anthropologist Joseph Unwin (1934), who studied 89 cultures over the past 5000 years. Once the Yin dominates as in the current matriarchy in Pussystan, then harems become more & more popular & this culture crashes. Best example: Islam in Middle East, where harems are quite normal. Due to this Yin excess & lack of Yang, big parts of Europe will be a KALIphate in the 2020s, with harems as the main sexual structure. In the 700-year cycle of civilizations (Link) female dominance has always & without an exception always been the warning of an ongoing doom & demise. This cycle was also described the leading historian Toynbee.
    The term electrosmog has 3 breadths, in the widest sense the content of electronic media also includes texts, audios & videos. Conventional pornography (
    Link) - almost always accompanied by masturbation - is nearly always black magic & opens the hell gates for 3 reasons:
    (a) Usually in these sexual acts demons are part of the jerk-off material, which is nearly always the case due to the involved fantasies (
    Link): incubus). A man can easily recognize that a succuba is involved by the erection being way too hard, like a concrete pier. ;-).
    (b) It is even worse with today’s often used sex toys such as vibrators, dildos & related tools, as they are already sold with pre-installed demons (
    Link). When I first scanned vibrators I was shocked what looked out of them… So you can bet that using a vibrator is in 98-99% of all cases demon sex with an incubus & thus a satanic practice. This business is controlled by the hell realms & they manipulate those who produce these products. Needless to say, the adversary can easily manipulate the logistics (Link): a woman saw a vibrator in the store, but didn’t buy this ‘lover’ for price reasons. Later the very model she favored was delivered to her free of charge, without ordering or payment… I have often experienced myself that the antichrist is manipulating the logistics, also when she wants to stop the delivery of a good & helpful product. In one case a parcel was stuck in the logistics chain for months (!), according to the shipment tracing it went many times from hub A to hub B & back…
    (c) These toys often have the false gender, so it even leads to yet another sin: homosexuality – as one lady learned during a hell visit (
    Link). Whoever (erroneously) thinks she needs this kind of toy should first do an exorcism & an intense astral clearing to remove the demons. The situation is better with objects not sold as sex toys (carrot, vacuum cleaners, milking machines…) as they don’t have these demons pre-installed. All in this universe has a dominant level of consciousness: a carrot usually calibrates in the 200s (positive area), a normal vibrator only LoC=60 = malevolence & intention to kill.
    (d) Whoever plays with his/ her private parts all of the time will experience demons playing with their genitals very painfully, if they don’t repent & stop (
    * 4th level of hell: Homosexuality LoC=120 (
    Link). Today’s liberal false teachings of the churches are inevitably a ticket to hell, leading to the 3rd, 4th or 5th level, depending on the exact sins (Link).
    * 5th level of hell: pornography LoC=100=fear, the main motivation behind pornography. The driving force behind the internet was pornography in the early phase of the 1990s (partly still today), i.e. to consume without being seen.
    * 6th level of hell: BDSM sadomasochism LoC=85, pedophilia/ incest LoC=65, sexual sadism LoC=35 (
    Link). The calibration of pedophilia/ incest (LoC=65) is omnipresent today in the 7th dimension & higher in most (!) people, which is unfortunately never realized today. From the systemic perspective of family constellations the man should stand right, the woman to the left of him & the child to the left of the mother. Look on the streets of Matriarchia (Western world) how couples stand & walk ‚accidentally‘: with the sole exception of old couples (60+) almost all have the woman on the right side & man to her left, which is the systemic position of her son. When the man is on the systemic position of the sun, then the man has sex with his mother (motherfucker) – which is definitely the case with >80% of the younger couples today.
    These couples obey to the hell order (unconsciously) because their polarities have been turned upside down by the enemy (switching). Without this higher-dimensional (soul) vibration of incest being healed hell is the most likely place they will end up. More & more often the subtle vibration of incest has terrible real (gross, 3D) consequences, as it explains why the frequency of sexual abuse has risen by up to 700% in left family settings (patchwork…): from 7% to 54%. Please listen to the excellent lecture of the Australian Pastor Steve Cioccolanti (
    Link). The massive European import of rapugees since 2015 is a desperate self-healing attempt of the collective soul, in order to reinstall the divine order.
    It’s not much different with the higher-dimensional vibration of sodomy that can be felt within most (female) dog owners. When you see couples with a dog, you nearly always get the impression that the dog gets so much more love from the woman than the man, who is hardly more than ‘tolerated’. Needless to say, this subtle (partly even gross) sodomy will make people feel like a Viennese schnitzel for centuries (
    * 7th level of hell: Child pornography LoC=5. The lowest level is the bottom of hell, and in this context the illuminati expert Fritz Springmeier (
    Link) is interesting.
    The she-devil has spread a great many lies on the topic of sexuality, e.g.
    * Everything is ok what 2 adults do voluntarily with each other.
    * Homosexuality is pre-determined & can’t be healed (
    Link): The truth is that homosexuality is a life style decision for hell, the Holy Bible leaves no doubt on that (Link). A great many people have switched back from homo to hetero.
    * Pornography is an enrichment of one’s sexual life: right now about 30-50% of the young men in Eunuchistan have become partly impotent, because they need demons from porns for their sexuality: super-crash of sexual intelligence. In 2015 I discussed the 10 types of intelligence ( & how electrosmog crashes all of those. Intelligence #10 is sexual intelligence which is never understood as a genuine form of intelligence today in the age of sexual analphabetism.
    But why is the prevalence of sexual addictions so huge? Because of a very deep dissatisfaction, some 75% of the grown up world population have a lot of backed-up sexual energy - which is amazingly independent of their concrete sexual life. The remaining 25% or so are mostly so blocked or sick that they only have a tiny amount of sexual energy, so that there is no sexual congestion. Only 1-2% of humanity (those in love LoC>500) are well positioned in this respect.
    Sexuality can be lived on 72 (6x6+6x6) sex-levels (6Ls), with sex-level 6L=0 referring to pure animal sex. In early Atlantis the average level was still 6L=26, a weak resonance is still found in today’s tantric teachings with a 6L=10-20. It requires a 6L>7 for sexuality to be intense enough that backed-up sexual energy is also discharged in the higher dimensions. According to the Austrian brain researcher Eggetsberger a brain-charge of at least 150 millivolt is required for a normal orgasm (X1-X3). In 1978 the average charge of the right brain was 190 millivolt, 16 years later it had already dropped to 170 millivolt (

Autoerotic practices nearly always have a sex level 6L<7 & thus can’t create a deeper discharge. In this respect the Austrian sexual pioneer Wilhelm Reich was wrong, due to his low level of consciousness (LoC=465) he could only access the lower 6Ls. When the 6L rises to the double-digit area, then the sexual energy is flooding the higher & higher dimensions, at 6L=72 it even reaches the 12th dimension, as the door of highest divinity. Unfortunately, today’s typical sex act is at 6L=2 (median), which is barely more than animal sex & can only superficially discharge the sexual energy. ‘Good sex’ in today’s age of sexual analphabetism is mostly understood as 6L=3-5, which is still very low in reality. 2 solutions are possible:
(a) practice sexuality on a higher sex level 6L: optimum, but this only works for those 1-2% of world population with an open heart (LoC>500)
(b) transform the backed up sexual energy into healing energy: as practiced on the highest levels of Vortex Healing®
The Amanita network has checked where Islamic suicide assassins go after that death & were shocked to see some of them with 72 virgins (why 72? because of the 72 sex levels). It turned out that some were so convinced of the promised scenario that their belief created this reality for a short time. Still, later reality kicked in & they went to hell realms. The main difference between a placebo & true healing is the time frame: the placebo mainly works rather short-term. Post-mortally time is a lot less linear than here in the 3D, that’s why faith can work longer. Example: good clairvoyants see that on Christian graveyards many souls are lingering, still waiting for Judgment Day, due to the popular false teaching of resurrection on doomsday - see Pastor Charles Lawson (

  1. Nutrition:
    First one has to understand popular pseudo-religious cults mostly have a demonic origin. For instance, vegetarianism is a teaching from hell, as explained by Pastor Derek Prince (
    Link) with his extra-ordinary truth content of 95% on average. 1 Timothy 4 clearly warned one should not pay attention to the demonic teachings of the end times to not eat meat & to not marry:
    Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times [end times] some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.
    The Old Testament is partly a teaching from hell. In the New Testament we find very little credible stuff on this subject, so we can be sure that nutrition is not important for salvation. Never before in history have people been so obsessed with finding the right nutrition like today: a clear maneuver by the antichrist, pushing rather irrelevant topics, so that people don’t study what really matters. According to Matthew 15-11 our boss stated succinctly:
    Not what goes into the mouth defiles a man; but what comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man.
    While nutrition has a major impact on the psyche (the lower 6 Yin dimensions), its impact on the soul (higher 6 Yang dimensions) can be neglected. The 4 strongest factors of influence:
    (i) Coffee: Among all food there is no worse poison than coffee, for body, psyche & partly even the soul. Coffee blocks the conflict solution in the sense of Dr. Hamer, as it brings the body into alarm mode & thus creates new conflicts. 80-90% of all physical diseases occur during the conflict solution state, which is why interrupting the conflict solution through the drug coffee can temporarily alleviate symptoms. Problem: while the body is saved the soul is destroyed. This is why I haven’t been drinking this black swill since 2008.
    (ii) anti-soul mineral fluorine: blocks the access to the epiphysis = gateway of body & soul
    (iii) reality vitamin B3: In the 1960s & 1970s my teacher David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., co-founded , he wrote the book Orthomolecular Psychiatry: Treatment of Schizophrenia with the double Noble prize laureate & vitamin C guru Linus Pauling. The third was Abram Hoffer, where the trio found out that high doses (grams) of vitamin B3 (niacin) often cures schizophrenia with *days*. This insight is fully confirmed by a physician here in Vienna, Austria, who is part of the Amanita network - so little has changed. However, only the niacin *with* flush works for this purpose, while today’s standard flush-free nicotinamide is garbage. Schizophrenia is such a serious mental disease that it hurts the soul, too, almost always it has got to do with spirit possession. Note that B3 is almost exclusively found in animal food, so vegetarians (and even more see vegans) will always suffer from a very serious deficiency of the reality vitamin (without a massive *correct* substitution). This explains their bizarre & unreal states of mind. So the political psychosis of today’s greens/ liberals/ leftists has a strong nutritional component. Today’s vegans are tomorrow’s cannibals, as the Mongolian prophecy by Ferdinand Ossendowski already warned a century ago of the coming 6+6+6 years of global cannibalism 2021-39, as confirmed by junior prophets (
    Link) & in 2016 by the avatar Amma.
    By the way, on our planet not a *single* vegan or even vegetarian culture exists. You can bet that this nutrition was tried many times in the warm areas of our prison planet, after all it is a lot more convenient & less dangerous than hunting animals. But within a few generations it makes people so Yin & creates such a terrible malnutrition that only fake sperm can be produced & all vegan cultures died out in hurry, thank God. The vegan ersatz religion means that your soul is written into the Book of Death, as it is represents the wish for suffering, castration, perdition & extinction - which is also the reason it is so popular now in the end times. Similar to electrosmog vegetarianism is covert suicide, so the veggies are pulled toward hell after death.
    This devil’s slop was popularized by Adventists, their founder Ellen White had a pitch-black soul & calibrated on the level of Lucifer LoC=190, which is why White still staying with her boss (
    Link). Her Sabbath teachings come from hell, as explained by Derek Prince (Link). This Sabbath dogma is a rejection of the new covenant & nothing but satanism. It is not a coincidence at all that Saturday & Satan have the same word stem. Pastor Selvaraj has also provided great educational work (Link).
    (iv) Hell mineral sulphur: Sulphur has a similar role for the relation to reality as B3, with an ordinal number 16=4x4. Numerologically, reality is symbolized by the number 4. It is not a coincidence at all that the antichrist was crowned during the Swiss Gotthard opening ceremony on 1.6.16 (6/1/16), with the double 16. In the human body sulphur is the most common (!) mineral & yet it is the most overlooked today. Most hell visitors report an incredible sulphur smell in the hell realms. Today we have something like a ‘ban’ of the element sulphur, as an expression of the usual positive thinking denial of reality: the devil doesn’t exist…. Sulphur exists both in inorganic & organic (MSM) form.
  2. Religion/ spiritual & healing methods (including hedonism/ humanism):
    Today’s holistic health scene is based on false premises, e.g. in the formula mens sana in corpore sano (healthy mind in a healthy body). Our boss has clearly warned of this too simple, in reality now in the end times we often have the choice to save either soul *or* body (Matthew 5-29):
    If your right eye causes you to stumble, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go into hell.
    The interplay of body, psyche & soul is so much more complex than the 'holistic' false teachings claim. Example: 80-90% of physical diseases occur *after* (!) a conflict in psyche/ soul has been solved, as explained by Dr. Hamer’s New Medicine. However, if the conflict solved went for a too long, at too high intensity, then the conflict mass can mean the confliction solution will be deadly for the body. This type of misunderstanding arises because normal healing methods only reach body & psyche (dimensions 1-6), but not the soul (in the 8th dimension, partly already in the 7th dimension). Western psychotherapy was founded here in Vienna, Austria, a century ago by Sigmund Freud, who calibrated at LoC=499 (genius), so his method can’t reach the soul level of the mid- to high 500s. The family constellation therapist Bert Hellinger opened the door towards the 7th dimension, which is the home of group souls. In his late work he even touched the 8th dimension through in his soul work. Homeopathy sometimes reaches the 8th dimension as well, in particular the special potency D7+7+7 (D21), as well as some psychotherapeutic techniques. Working only in the lower 6 dimensions pushes problems higher up the dimensions (=miasma) & creates often an extreme imbalance through the 12 dimensions, a recipe for insoluble problems. So the prophecies fully agree that the world population will be reduced dramatically, according to the Project 2050 of Dr. Stephan Schwartz (
    Link) ¼ of world population will die from an epidemic within months, sometime before 2050.

Many activities cause a lot of pain & harm to the soul, but this is not understood by 99.8% of humanity because their (conscious) mind has almost no contact with their soul. What is the main feature of soul power: mainly the ability to suffer. Example: in 2015 Pastor Selvaraj (Link) got the order by the Lord to organize the first martyr conference in history, as a preparation for those who understand their fate is to be killed as Christian martyrs by cutthroats. Being a martyr brings the highest possible amount of heavenly currency: gold crowns (Link). This is what I call perfect obedience to the boss, which is of course 100% contradicting the false teachings of humanism & todays new age mainstream. Unfortunately, fewer & fewer souls have the power to suffer. 11 examples of healing methods & spiritual-religious cults jeopardizing the salvation of the soul:

  1. Link).
    In evangelic & charismatic churches the demonic channeling happens through speaking in tongues (
    Link, Link), and the key persons of the charismatic cults are illuminati & satanists, like Billy Graham for instance (Link). The logo of the so-called ‘charismatic renewal’ clearly tells what is going on: hellfire burns the cross. One woman experienced demonic attacks beginning right after her first speaking in tongues (Link).

    The second problem with charismatic teachings is where the true charismatic phenomena (gifts of the Holy Spirit) come from: either only from the Father or (also) from the Son. Note that the 2 main reasons behind the schism of the Western & Eastern Church (in 1054) were the papal primacy & the Filioque addition: in both cases the East has it right. The Father is the *sole* origin of the Holy Spirit flowing through *all* universes, while Jesus Christ is the divine door (‘boss’) only for this universe. What looks like an irrelevant academic questions is in reality *the* crucial factor in the ongoing end times battle of Armageddon, because this war is not just fought in our universe. There is a reason why the antichrist in the Vatican insists on the counterfeited Filioque: the white (divine) faction can only win when the Holy Ghost works in *all* universes (there are up to 700,000 universes). Filioque wants to block the healing power in these other universes. One of the helpful factions involved is the Guardian Alliance, from another universe.
    The third problem of this charismatic nonsense is that (like in many other antichristian teachings) the Bible is seen as perfect, but nothing could be further from truth. While the Darby/ Elberfeld Bible calibrates in the 600s (non-duality), the King James Bible is only at a catastrophic LoC=475. This is a nightmarish 525 points lower than the boss himself who embodied the most high possible level in a human body (LoC=1000). In contrast, arch angels calibrate at LoC=50,000-500,000.
    This means that none of the existing Bible translations accurately reflects the true message of Jesus Christ, not even close. Needless to say there are light years between the New & Old Testament: the new one has a good but by no means perfect truth content of 90%, the old one only a very miserable 40-50%. This means that the *uncritical* reference to the Bible makes you an accessory of the adversary – another reason why so many Christians go to hell.
  2. Link).
  3. Link). Pantheism is a teaching from hell as it doesn’t worship the creator but creation. However, between the creator & creation there is an eternal ‚gap‘ (lacking a better word).
    (xi) Healers are a danger for themselves & their clients when they act out of the ego instead of surrender to divine will. The best-known German spiritual healer Bruno Gröning (5/30/1906-1959) worked by taking the karma of his clients, which eventually killed him. Taking over the karma of other people is an extremely effective, yet also very dangerous healing method. Needless to say, the King of Kings could do that as a full avatar LoC=1000(1 Peter 5, 7): "Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.” A healer has to calibrate at LoC>600-700, i.e. when most of one’s *individual* karma has been cleared (only a few dozen people on the planet have such a high vibration). However, Gröning only calibrated in the mid-500s, so he could not process the karma taken & eventually his soul got pitch-black.

11 demographic clues for white & black souls

Someone asked him, “Lord, are only a few people going to be saved?” He said to them, „Make every effort to enter through the narrow door, because many, I tell you, will try to enter and will not be able to. (Luke 13/ 23-24)

How do you recognize the black soul resp. soul-less? There are different methods, example: the eyes are the door to the soul, a glare or even eyes with a slit like a reptile are perfect indications. Hearty laugh is an expression of love & thus reserved for the white souls. It is not a coincidence that love & laugh are pronounced exactly the same. The frequency of laughter has crashed by 80-90% since the 20th century because of souls becoming darker & darker. Black souls usually can’t show more than cold smiles & sardonic (diabolic) laughter. In Vortex Healing® we have a transmission for divine laughter, as an expression of the Holy Ghost.

However, from 2019 on you actually can use a simple heuristic elimination method: all those who don’t stick out very positively in 2019 are most likely black/ soul-less & have a well-heated place in hell reserved. In addition, there are 11 demographic hints for the port-mortal address, thereof 3 unalterable & 8 changeable. The 3 fixed key criteria:

  1. Age: Meanwhile the median age of falling prey to the dark side is already during puberty (Link), which was not the case at all in previous ages. The younger the cohort, the higher the share of black souls. 20-year old young people only have 3-4% pure (white) souls in Eunuchistan, in contrast 30-40% in the case of those over 80 years.
  2. Race: In the white race the share of white souls is still 15%, in all other races only a few percentage points. Why? Almost 2000 years ago Jesus Christ singled out the German people as his alpha people during the 1000 years of his reign, according to the Matthew 21-43 & the archive of Marcion. Marcion (76-160, LoC=865 extremely high!) was the first who understood that the Old Testament (partly) not describes God but a demiurge, that’s why he was kicked in the butt & his teachings were declared a heresy. By the way, for more than 2,700 years it has been crystal-clear that our boss will return after about 2 millennia, because of Hosea 6:2 & the equation 1 day = 1 millennium according to 2 Peter 3:8 (Link).
  3. Gender: Victoria Nahale from Namibia saw (like many others, too) that the vast majority of the people in hell are female, so the Yin is a lot more in danger (Link). Statistically as of early 2019 hell population is 500-600 million souls, thereof 85% female & only 15% male. 2/3 of the MGTOW movement (Men Going Their Own Way) – with Toronto as the center - sees the modern young Western woman as an evil monster. At least this is the view of the female mainstream (Link), apart from the laudable statistical outliers 2-3 standard deviations from the mean (NAWALTs not all women are like that). The Indian guru Dr. Jayant Athavale with a very high vibration LoC=865 arrives at the same conclusion because of the biological, psychological & spiritual differences (Link). Obviously God agrees with the assessment of the migtows (MGTOWs) – otherwise hell population wouldn’t be so female. Still God loves all of his creatures the same way, regardless whether they are saints or monsters.

There are 4 main reasons why hell is primarily the home of females:

  1. Principal drawback: Jesus Christ (Gospel of Thomas #114) & the Buddha (Link) agreed that women can *not* reach the highest. An avatar is the focus point of the divine with the (almost) highest possible LoC=985-1000, we can distinguish at least 4 categories (actually even more depending for instance on the assemblage point, but let’s keep it as simple as possible):
    (a) Karmic beings (LoC=985-999): Humans with a history of a karmic being, like Buddha or Hawkins, who managed to *partly* unite with the divine. But each LoC point higher or lower again makes a difference.
    (b) Karmic beings (LoC=1000): The karma of the spiritual ego dissolves at LoC=1000, i.e. the jump from 999 to 1,000 is huge. However, the problem of those with a history as a karmic being is that only their consciousness calibrates so high but not 100% of their system. In the case of the Buddha hardly more than 70% of his system calibrated at LoC=1000 before his death, in the case of Hawkins this percentage was somewhat higher, but his physical body calibrated very low in the 400s. The embodiment of enlightenment is a very long process, over decades.
    (c) Sons & daughters of God (LoC=1000): On this level we find children *directly* from the divine without a karmic history, embodying a partial aspect of the divine, e.g. Amma (born on 9/27/1953) is the avatar of the divine mother. According to dozens of thousands of questions asked by David Hawkins & answered by the King of Kings only women woman rise to LoC=715 (Teresa von Avila 1515-1582
    Link), the remaining highest level (almost 300 points) have been historically reserved for men. In the 20th century this door was finally opened by Amma (born 9/27/1953) for women, too (at least theoretically). The Yang has a stronger connection with light, the Yin with darkness: there is no way to around this very simple insight.
    (d) Jesus Christ (LoC=1000): The so far *only* total embodiment of the divine on this planet, hence he was the by far (!) most important human incarnation, focusing on love, forgiving, salvation, soul & hell. As a matter of fact before Jesus Christ nobody had ever taught the dangers of hell in such great detail as he hid. It speaks volumes that the topic hell is totally ignored by today’s Luciferian wellness gospel…
  2. White souls: Today ~80% of the white souls are men & only ~20% women – and this statistical gap widens permanently, since the approximate equality into the 20th century. I proceed on the assumption that in the mid- to late 2020s only 4% will be female & 96% male.
  3. Dwelling time: The average time spent in hell is a lot longer for women compared to men, due to their higher sin account.
  4. Menstruation blood: There is a reason why the ancient cultures viewed menstruating women as unclean, never before has a culture been as stupid as this ‘postmodern’ one. The Reptilian races have programmed the holy order of the mother (Link) in a way that the woman sucks out the man like a vampire & the demons/ ETs suck out the woman during the menstruation, which was pointedly linked to the moon, an artificial satellite. This is a biological abnormality found in almost no other animal species. A YouTube lady observed this demonic sucking out as a kind of (Link). This sucking out creates all kinds of physical, emotional, mental & spiritual PMS symptoms, but the true cause is never understood. The holy order of the mother will collapse in the coming 20 years, as a preparation for the Golden Age.
    But why this parasitic sucking out? The level of consciousness LoC on the Hawkins scale is indicative of the closeness to the divine. Demons always calibrate at LoC<200 (often even LoC<50) & the deeper their LoC, the more they are cut off from the qualities of the Holy Ghost (light, love, energy…). So for their survival they have to steal these qualities from being with a higher vibration, ideally through the life essence blood which contains the whole life. Blood is the main food of demons, with most of it coming from menstruation blood, so every month fertile women are faced with the massive presence of demons. Not all of them leave after the bleeding has stopped.
    The wall between the 3 lower gross dimensions & the higher subtle dimensions is not as big as often assumed. Example: the father of pastor Selvaraj was a Hindu priest & like every other world religion Hinduism has become partly demonic. Once in a year his father had to pay the demons supporting him: the cut himself with a knife & the blood dropping out was immediately gone & didn’t touch the ground, i.e. it was eaten greedily by the demons.
    So every woman makes the programmed blood sacrifice to demons over 30-40 years, in contrast to the man. That’s why she should always clean herself on the astral level very well during the cycle, but very few are able to do that & nobody does. Due to this de-facto 100% penetration I count this factor as a fixed negative score for the female gender, although strictly speaking it doesn’t have to be that way.

Analyzing these 3 fixed criteria (age, race & sex) you immediately understand why the NWO leads war against one demographic group: the white elder men, because he is the main stronghold against the antichrist. It is virtually never understood what the ongoing end times battle of Armageddon is really about: the fight for the souls of mankind. There are 8 additional (dynamic) demographic clues to tell white from black souls:

  1. Sexuality:
    Obviously sexuality must be the by far (!) the most important factor, to explain the huge gender gap. Apart from some *principal* disadvantages women have 3 *potential* hell connections, depending on the life-style:
    (i) Abortions: Abortions increase the risk of post-mortal hellfire by far most of all factors (
    Link, Link). Murder is treated as the most serious felony in every democratic legal system – but only for the male subhuman. Murderesses go unpunished in almost all nations of Pussystan when they abort, while men coercing women to abort go to jail. You could say that in Gynocratia women have the license to kill (00) as has James Bond 007. Meanwhile China allows flogging for non-successful men, done by women of course (Link).
    But now even the existing license for murder is not enough, the left-wing demons have started to allow abortion until the 9th month of pregnancy like in New York (
    Link). But even birth appears to be an artificial limit, the liberals & leftists could as well demand that mothers are allowed to kill their children at *any* time after birth (Link). However, even that appears still lukewarm, because the final goal defined by the hell queen respectively her employee Kali is that women shall be allowed to kill & eat males whenever they want. Many prophecies agree that this final goal will be partly reached. So far this is only done by illuminati like Killary & other satanists, although in 2032-39 (Uranus in Cancer) cannibalism will be the new mainstream, as in ancient Judaism (Link).
    That’s why in Eunuchistan 97-99% of all murders are committed by women, without being punished. So women every year kill more people than the entire WW2 over 6 years (50 million). Note that the current Freemasonic legal system can be dissed 100% - but you can’t fool God & almost all abortionists will burn in hell. Murdering born persons increases the risk of hell by a maximum 30% (as like no other sin), but murdering of unborn persons by almost the same 27%. Murder will always lead people to hell, unless it is repented with a pure heart. Needless to say, all lies of feminazis (e.g. „I own my belly“) have to be rejected, too. Still, due to the severity of this sin it is questionable whether or not it will be forgiven or not – so women should by no means have the illusion of a false safety. Abortions are a satanic ritual ordered by the demon Moloch/ Astarte in the 2nd hierarchy of hell (
    Link). The children murdered will become a kind of quasi-demon for their planned life duration.
    (ii) Sexual life: Sexual intercourse not only unites in the lower 3 dimensions, but depending on some factors possibly up into the 8th dimension (including the souls). This means that all sexual partners will have a soul impact for many years, on many levels (e.g. etheric body mergers). That’s why the sexual has always been a gateway for soul manipulation & never has this danger been larger than today. Biologically the woman is programmed to conceive (Yin), so on average her burden is a lot more than for the man, also lasting a lot longer. On a 3D level you can be infected with sexually transmitted diseases, and on the higher dimensions you are often infected as well, without noticing: including all kinds of entities & foreign karma. In the most extreme case you go to hell because of the sins of your sexual partners (with a black soul)… The souls of prostitutes are usually getting darker & darker for this very reason. But the biggest risks for hell fire are perverse sexual practices, like homo-sexuality & demon sex through ‘toys’, especially vibrators.
    Today these dangers are a lot bigger for the man than for the woman, because most of the white souls are in a male body. In the past 5-10 years we have seen an exploding number of men with a white soul without a statistical opportunity to find a woman with a white soul. This ratio of white souls (male: female) has already reached 4:1 & within some years will surpass 20:1. Staying single is the lesser evil from the perspective of the soul to prevent being manipulated by the black side, thereby avoiding hellfire. Statistically the search for NAWALTs (Not All Women Are Like That) will become a kind of small lottery win
    This is the main reason behind the super-trend Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW migtows) in Eunuchistan: this search volume has gone up 100fold in the past decade. Until 2013 the search volume for feminism was still 50-500x higher than for MGTOW, but a trend continuation means MGTOW will soon overtake feminism (
    Link). It goes without saying that the lying press does whatever it takes to suppress the truth. The all-time high of how to get a girlfriend was precisely at the beginning of the 40 quarters of testing in August/ September 2013, meanwhile the public interest has collapsed by 2/3. In contrast, the search volume for MGTOW has gone up 10fold, the intersection of both curves was precisely at the beginning of the 7 years of pre-tribulation in September/ October 2016. These two turning points are of course not a coincidence but an indication of the end times quality.
    On a biological level the big reversal 2013 is an expression of the crash of sperm numbers in Eunuchistan (, which means that sexuality & partnership become biologically less & less meaningful each year for more & more men (although this usually is an unconscious decision & hardly ever becomes conscious).

    The main goal of the migtow men is to be no longer manipulated & tortured by women (
    Link), white souls neither want to be slaves nor slave drivers. Among the migtows we find by far (!) the highest share of white souls among all demographic aggregates, in 2019 still an incredible 95%.
    The more white a soul, the bigger the attacks, first & foremost by women of course. Because the amazons will no longer be able to conduct war against men (under the misleading headline 4th wave of feminazis) when the men withdraw from the battleground (=partnerships). This is the quality of the age of the black demon Kali over the past 5000 years. Think of the 3 main religion founders: Jesus Christ was murdered on the cross, Buddha & Mohammed were poisoned. Migtows full the Biblical commandment expressed by Matthew 10-37: “Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves their son or daughter [or partner] more than me is not worthy of me.” They value the salvation of their soul higher than a partnership, so they pass a major test.
    However, migtows mainly attribute their decision to the lower 6 dimensions (
    Link) & not in the true root, namely the black soul in the X8. Youtuber Nolla admits that she had to say good-bye to all her female friends, as she can no longer withstand the madness of today’s young Western women (Link). Thanks God that meanwhile more & more companies react to the metoo satanism & silently refuse to hire women (Link).
    The main difference between MGTOW & m
    en's rights movement (MRA) is that the latter try to improve the societal & legal framework, especially the financial & psychological destruction of men as the key goal of Western divorce laws (Link), in order to make men slaves (Link). No wonder about 80% of divorces are filed by women, because through marriage the slave gives a carte blanche to his wife that can be cashed in at any time. In some parts of Gynocratia (e.g. some areas in the USA & Canada Link) living together for 1-2 years creates a marriage & allows the woman to slaughter the man on all levels (financially, psychologically…), because the man is a subhuman of today’s state terrorists.
    In contrast to the MRA, MGTOW men only draw their consequences on a personal level & see themselves as the ones having swallowed the red pill, referring to the 1999 movie Matrix (
    Link). There is a lot of truth to that, as they have realized the fruitlessness of all legal & social change attempts. The 5125 years ruled by the black demon Kali ends in August/ September 2023 & until then the she-devil is the boss, which means the situation can’t get better for men. To prevent manipulation by the witches some migtow extremists don’t even eat food made by women (Link).
    Kali is often depicted with cut-off male scalps, she is the driving force behind all of that. Man-eating amazons are the army of Kali, her vibration is permanently broadcast by the biggest retailer of the world (Amazon) & by Killary. The end times prophecies agree on the coming extreme excess of women: men of 7:1 (Isaiah 4: 1, farmer Jasper, Hildegard von Bingen), 9:1 (Birch tree myth), 12:1 (Odilia of Cologne), in the Middle East maybe up to 40:1 or 50:1 (Qiyamah). Reason: women will kill most men, either indirectly (e.g. electrosmog) or directly (killing & eating). Another indirect form of killing is when men are driven to suicide by feminazis, as reported by Diana Davison (
    So the women’s ( will read as follows: surfer guy, Latin lover, smombie, yoga dude, office sitter, migtow, fuckwit, blondie, mangina simp… A century ago Ferdinand Ossendowski published the Mongolian prophecy for 6+6+6 years of global cannibalism 2021-2039, as confirmed by the Holy Bible (
    Link), junior prophets (Link) & in 2016 also by the avatar Amma. The peak of (female) cannibalism will be in 2032-39 with Uranus (=perversion) in Cancer (=eating). This is the historically *unavoidable* (!) climax of feminism, which as a pure demonic teaching never had another end goal other than to the steal the body/ blood & souls of men. All of the brain-dead ideological feminazi nonsense is nothing but a preparation & distraction. Feminism is one giant collective shit test for (Western) men, where they fail miserably, hence the import of rapugees who pass the shit test (Link). In his book The Prophets & Our Times (1943) Pastor Culleton quotes an anonymous prophecy (page 144) that in the end women will start a revolution against the slaughtering of men.
  2. Smombies (smartphone zombies): Now as of 2019 some 70-80% of world population are soul-less & demon-controlled cell phone junkies. Therefore smombies no longer have a free will, or if so, only theoretically & marginally for unimportant decisions like selecting chocolate or vanilla ice. Smombies work every hard on their suicide & ~96% of all suicides go to hell after death (Link), so smombies will be treated as suicides after death. Lyme diseases is the first major disease of the 3rd millennium, enabled through the sign of the 666 beast = cell phone, because borrelia & fungi multiply up to 600 times more under electrosmog according to Lyme disease specialist . The pain of Lyme disease is burning: precursor of the 666 hell fire. Note that the disease is named after the US town Lyme founded ‘accidentally’ in the 1666th year AD: on 2/13/1665 with a stellium (cluster) in Aquarius (6 planets & points): the ‘Age of Aquarius’ is another word for the reign of the she-devil. Borrelia were discovered by the Swiss bacteriologist Willy Burgdorfer (6/27/1925-2014) in 1981 when he was about 666 months old – also not a ‚coincidence‘.
    Microwaves are nothing but bodily harm, where most people today emit death rays 24/7 through their microwave WMD (when the mobile data are turned out), which produces the karma of bodily injury/ murder as of 24/7 torturers. Let’s say a torturer only works 1-3 hours per day (sooner or later even torturing becomes boring & exhausting), where the average person today with the cell phone in the pocket accumulates negative karma a *lot* (!) faster than a torturer. Only when Wi-Fi, mobile data & bluetooth are turned off, does the electrosmog burden become almost non-existent (
    Link). There is a reason why the Holy Bible says the mobile phone is the mark of the 666 Beast, as for (male) zombies there is no worse source of negative karma. That’s why the Holy Bible says the just punishment will be the lake of fire.
    Typical electrosmog protection devices are an expression of today’s age of narcissism only thinking about protecting *oneself*. However, none of these devices can remove 100% of the electrosmog (certainly not the karma), with all these claims made by many vendors being nothing but lies. Still all beings outside of the protection zone +/- some meters (yards) are tormented beastly. This is why avoiding electrosmog is always *by far* (!) the most important. See my 2016 article: Affixed hypersonic stickers remove at least the hypersonic emitted from one’s own device – but not from the mobile communication base station! In the lower 6 dimensions hypersonic is *the* most important component of electrosmog.
  3. Nature: In the country-side the share of white souls is a lot higher than in large cities. Nature grounds people & even offers a minor protection against soul manipulation. Besides, the burden of microwave death rays is a lot lower in the countryside than in towns.
  4. Education & organizations: The higher the level of education, the more black the soul is on average. An educational institution must at least calibrate at LoC>400 (rational mind) to fulfill an academic purpose. In the 200s the physical body is developed, in the 300s the emotional body, in the 400s the mental body & in the 500s to 1000 the spiritual bodies. LoC=400 is the mental base, the mid-400s stand for top science & the high 400s for higher insights including philosophy & metaphysics. The US public schools still calibrated at LoC=400 around the year 1900 (Link), after 2000 only LoC=190 (antichrist) & today even lower at LoC=150 (anger), which explains the number of killing sprees at schools & universities. These spree killers simply act out the general vibration of these organizations. The perhaps best-known elite university of the world, Harvard, calibrated at LoC=180 in 2010 & has meanwhile collapse to LoC=155. In Europe the situation is better but the trend is the same. Every long-term (multi-year) stay in …) with an LoC<200 are a danger, and not just for the soul. Everything under 200 has a negative vibration (Yin) on all levels, while the positive (Yang) region is LoC>200. The Nuremberg Funnel is a major obstacle for the soul.
  1. Politics: Dyed-in-the-wool liberals, leftists & multikultis are almost 100% soul-less, because you can’t support this agenda when you still have a soul. The socialist parties have exactly the same 3 targets as their mother, the hell queen: to steal, kill & destroy (Link).
    The concept of ‚democracy‘ was developed in hell, so that demons can make the political decisions over mankind. Historically 80% of humanity has calibrated at LoC<200, which means that their personality is controlled by demons. In the socialistic block ‘only’ 50-70% calibrate in the negative area, which explains the percentages found in research. The Milgram experiments have been replicated many times, they always show that 50-70% of the people will quickly torture other people - if they are sure it won’t have negative personal consequences. Social control & the threat of punishment prevent this during the normal everyday life the demons showing their face, but once these restraints are removed people quickly show their true nature. When the world sinks into chaos in the 2020s, these demons will present themselves as never before.
  2. Addiction & drugs (especially cell phone): Today 80% of the population of Pussystan has at least one major addiction, the most frequent is phone addiction, but their number is vast. The stronger the addictions, the more numerous the demonic contact.
  3. New age teachings: The less contact with new age teachings, the whiter are souls on average.
  4. Chronically ill: Among the chronically ill we find a great many white souls (40-50%). Today chronic pain is often a sign that somebody is successfully withstanding a temptation. In contrast, freedom from symptoms often means somebody has sold their soul. The body may be the price for the purification of the soul, as pastor Selvaraj stresses (Link). Almost always reality is just the other way round than claimed by new age teachings. Now in the end times there are mainly 2 scenarios when the temptations from the black side finally end:
    (a) Because all negative karma has been brought to the surface, demons can only trigger the negative karma. However, the full karmic clearing is very rare, at present only one person among 40,000 has not a single karma knot left in their holy axis (spine). The average person has hundreds of karma knots on many different issues, political leaders often more, e.g. George W. Bush even 2000. The last karma knot to be cleared is fear of death seated in the tailbone. As long as you still have at least one karma knot you definitely have to re-incarnate as there is too much karma left. In Vortex Healing® the last karma knot is cleared in the 3rd class (Karmic intensive), with the first two classes lasting for 5 days. However, a karma knot in the spine is just one of dozens of expressions & locations of karma held. In Vortex Healing® we have very long lists to work on that, through the Holy Ghost.
    (b) Because this person has given in & their soul formed a covenant with the enemy. Often this happens even without people being consciously aware of this, because only 0.2% of humanity are in good contact with their soul. Actually most people think everything is ok because they have gotten healthy again – unfortunately, nothing could be further from truth. In reality they have sold their soul in order to save their body. The 40 is the number of testing, quite often people capitulate after 40 weeks, 40 months, 40 quarters or 40 years of pain.

(3) Soul review according to Garabandal, Bible, Lungenschmid & others

I'm not afraid of death; I just don't want to be there when it happens. (Woody Allen)

After these – admittedly very long – explanations we can now understand that the situation of the world soul can’t be much worse than it is today. The Lord in his mercy plans a very last intervention for the 2020s (2030s), as part of the divine play Lila: great soul review – yet maybe only for 5% of world population, namely the white souls & chameleons. This soul review was already predicted in 1961: in San Sebastián de Garabandal in North Spain, west of Bilbao & 20 km from the Atlantic coast. In 1961-65 four girls experienced the most extra-ordinary series of supernatural apparitions of the 20th century.

North Spain/ Southern France & the Pyrenees are a fascinating area, as it is one of the few places where the survivors of the great deluge escaped to. These people from Atlantis landed in the Bay of Biscay, as described by David McMillin (Link). Catalonia (Spain) made it to the headlines around the Virgo constellation 9/23/17 & correlates with even more meaning of the Catalan numbers. The US Nostradamus Edgar Cayce said the preppers from Atlantis sailed to 5 different world regions by ship: Pyrenees/ Catalonia/ Basque country, Bulgaria, Finland, Italy & Palestine (Link). Recent DNA analyses confirm this statement perfectly, due to the spread of the tiny haplogroup X gene. One Basque ‚legend‘ discusses the doom of Atlantis & how these preppers landed in the Bay of Biscay, north of Bilbao (Link). It is no coincidence that the most important Marian pilgrimage sites are Lourdes & Garabandal. The Basque language is very special (Link), as discussed by Erhard Landmann (Link).

The Garabandal apparitions began in 1961, because in 1961 the 2nd Vatican Council 1962-63 was called, during which the devil was crowned as the head of the Vatican: on 6/29/1963 according to DDDr. Malachi (consultant of 3 Popes). Garabandal gave a rough timetable with 3 stages:

  1. Warning = soul review: During the soul review many (5% of humanity?) will have their soul shown to them & their post-mortal fate revealed if they would die on this very day. Those 99.8% without a good soul connection will be surprised. In principle a confession is a small life review. I experienced a life review in the late 1990s when my whole life was projected in a short moment, and this is hard to put into words. Such a life review has a very large healing power & life is different afterwards. Example: the life review of the ex-banker of the illuminati Ronald Bernard in the 1990s lead to the break with the illuminati (Link).
    At the end of each life there ideally is a life review (unless you go straight into hell.). The average increase of the LoC is only 5 points, which usually is almost exclusively achieved through the life review. However, the coming soul review will go a lot deeper than just a life review with potentially stronger effects. According to
    Thessalonians 4 the dead will be ‘raptured’ first, i.e. you first see former lives & then this life.
    This soul review is the very last-ditch wake-up call, but details remain open: will all people experience that or only few, will they remember it…? In his 1980 vision Ken Peters saw the soul review indirectly (
    Link), namely that an event will lead to a great spiritual revival for 6 months. These 6 months are a typical pattern in many death experiences, when e.g. heavy drug addicts stay clean for the first 6 months after their hell experience, but then they backslide. When can we expect this soul review? Likely in the 2020s, presumably in 2022-24 (Link):
    (i) Since 2008 the Merlin lineage has planned the Christ earth shift for 2022. The Christ earth shift is certainly *the* prerequisite for the soul review, or perhaps the two are identical.
    (ii) Nostradamus discussed the world soul e.g. in the 2nd verse of the 3rd century, which could be a code for 2023.
    (iii) I am quite sure that the soul review is also part of the Bible, although in encoded form, in Revelation 8-1: „
    And when he had opened the 7th seal, there was silence in heaven *about* the space of half an hour.” The 7th, last seal of the apocalypse will be opened between fall 2022 & fall 2023, which marks the most likely year for the soul review. To be precise, the duration should be 22-24 minutes in the year 22-24, also because of Biblical numerology. The soul is in the 8th dimension & the Christ number is 888, the main goal of Jesus Christ was & is the salvation of the soul: the number 8 either points to 2022Link) the psalm numbers 0-150 correlate with the year numbers since 1900 (the psalms are the 19th book). Psalm 119 (=2019) mentions the soul 7 times (as often as no other psalm) & the soul is described as in the biggest trouble. 3 of the 4 Garabandal girls were ‚accidentally‘ born 66.6 years before the conception of Lucy(fera) on 8/24/15, her birth & crowning 9 months later was on 6/1/16 during the opening of the Swiss Gotthard tunnel. By the way, Garabandal has the postal code 39555 (+/-1) close to the 555 with the sum of digits 27=3x3x3. 2 of the 4 Garabandal girls were born around 4/29 (+/- 2 days) & are therefore activated by the solar eclipse 4/30/2022: again a hint to 2022/23. Psalm 124 = 2024:

Our soul has escaped as a bird from the snare of the fowlers;
The snare is broken, and we have escaped.

On the one hand this refers to the previous end of the Kali Yuga in 2023 & the tearing of the black Kali networks, but on the other hand this refers to the soul review being completed likely by 2024 at the latest. Sister Barbara (Link) was told that the ‚rapture will happen when fire comes from heaven: fire comes down during the first trumpet of the apocalypse (Revelation 8) in fall 2023-fall 2024, immediately after the opening of the 7th seal. This opening in the 8th year of the apocalypse (of 7+7+7=21 years) makes sense, because the soul is in the 8th dimension. The intersection of the 7th seal & 1st trumpet is Rosh Hashanah 9/16/2023, as the most likely (+/- days, weeks, months).
3 other but unlikely timelines for the soul review are 2030/31 because of psalms 130 & 131, as well as the 4th vial of wrath in fall 2033 through fall 2034. The last time the soul is mentioned in psalm 146 = 2046, which is the latest, yet extremely unlikely timeline.
(iv) More recently the Austrian junior prophet Helmut Lungenschmid has shared his insights on the soul review due to his death experience. In 2024/25 Lungenschmid is 66.6 years old, which is a good fit.
(v) 1. Corinthian 15-52 mentions the soul review in the context of US president Trump, a truly divine wordplay: “In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last Trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.” Daniel 9-27 mentions that Trump makes a covenant with Israhell for 7 years, which obviously happened sometime between November 2016 (US elections) & December 2017 (embassy moved to Jerusalem). This likely means that the Trumpinator will be for 7 years in office after the covenant was made (then China & Russia invade Duckburg?), i.e. until late 2023 through late 2024. ‚At the last Trump‘ suggests the soul review in his (late?) administration, i.e. in 2023/24 (at the latest).
(vi) Garabandal gave 3 (rough) timing hints for the soul review:
(a) After the death of Pope John XXXIII in 1963 Conchita (one of the Garabandal girls) said there would be another 3 or 4 Popes, although one wouldn’t count because of his short office. The 8 Popes before Paul VI were on average 16.5 years in office (longer life expectancy than before), so it was already pretty clear in 1963 that the events prophesized would come a half century later, or a little bit more (2010s/ 2020s). And the fourth (not counting) Pope was of course John Paul I, who was killed in 1978 after only 33 days in office by the 33rd degree of Freemasonry, because he wanted to stop the satanism in the Vatican.
The 3 counting Popes are Paul VI (1963-78), John Paul II (1978-2005) & Benedict XVI (since 2005). Pope Francis doesn’t count, the Mexican theologian José Alberto Villasiana Monjia gives 7 good reasons why the resignation of Pope Benedict was invalid, so he continues to be the legal (white) Pope, not the black Anti-Pope Francis (Link). Ratzinger was born on 4/16/1927 & is soon 92 years of age, so the events have to unfold pretty soon (5-10 years). In the 1973 book The Camp of the Saints by the French writer Jean Raspail the acting Pope at the time of the invasion is ‚accidentally’ named Benedict XVI

  1. Conchita González *after* communism has returned. In other words, Garabandal already stated in the early 1960s that first communism would disappear & then be re-established. This call wasn’t fulfilled until some years ago:
    * Politically through the EU, which has a structure that is a copy of the Politburo of the Soviet Union.
    * Economically since the wave of nationalizations in 2008/9: Meanwhile the state quotas in the ugly socialistic bloc = Eunuchistan (EUSApan & hangers-on) are hardly lower than in the 1980s in the Eastern bloc before the fall. In reality the power of governments is even higher, due to the terrible fabric of state & economy (=fascism), with companies like Google, Fecesbook & others censoring on behalf of the states.
  2. Wonder: The wonder is scheduled for the year *after* the soul review & it should be the biggest spiritual event in 2000 years. It should happen on a Thursday 8:30 p.m. in Garabandal, in the months February-June. Miracle healings shall happen, like giving the blind Joey Lomangino new eyes. Lomangino had lost his physical eyes during an accident (Link). Lomangino died in 2014, which was interpreted as a sign that the prophecy had failed. In reality this is a code for new soul eyes after death. From a conventional perspective it is next to impossible to see again without eyeballs, but it has already happened (Link).
    *After* death all people see with their soul eyes, even those who formerly were blind. In the Aware studies (
    Link) this effect has been tested in 15 hospitals (N=2060). In patient rooms pictures were placed on the top of high shelves & instruments, so are normally invisible. Those who reported a death experience could precisely describe these pictures: proof that they had indeed left their body.
  3. Judgment by God: Some time *after* the wonder (from the mid-2020s on), unless enough people change their behavior. It consists of 3 stages:

After the soul review a dichotomization of black & white souls will occur. Ken Peters saw in his 1980 vision that when you go onto the street you immediately see whether someone has a black or white soul (Link). Apocalypse means the removal of veils, from late 2023 on *all* veils are gone. This is why after the mid-2020s a white or black soul will be recognized immediately.

Since 2015 we use (in the Amanita network) a quick & effective method to trigger a soul review from the outside. We were shocked by how many came close to death or even died in the year afterwards… This tells us how few souls are prepared for the coming events.

The trend towards the soul review can also be seen in other trends: Eunuchistan is devastated by a wave of dementia never seen before. Dementia is a kind of enforced soul review, when the soul no longer wants to make new experiences but rather digest the old experiences: flight into the past (but sometimes also into the future). This disease means that the soul is starting to leave the body & is wandering around. Because of electrosmog, vaccination & the like we have more & more demented children.

Before the 20th century a return after the life review was a very rare event, without emergency medicine bringing people back. But today 3-5% of humanity has already had a death experience (Link), which is falsely called near-death experience. According to the Dutch cardiologist Pim van Lommel about 12% of the resuscitated (N=344) remember the other side, which translates into about 0.5% of the population: enough data. Among soldiers on the battlefield 50% have a death experience (Link).

Soul review & rapture

Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it. (Matthew 7/ 13-14)

Because of insinuations from the antichrist the soul review is almost always misunderstood in Christian circles as ‚physical rapture (Link). According to this erroneous teaching people will fly like pink parrots on speed through the atmosphere, or to the moon or the Galactic center or wherever. And the ‘ground crew’ is pretty pissed off?

Let’s now deal with reality instead with bizarre theories from hell. In the original text we find the Greek word apantēsis, which means to go to meet somebody. Example for apantēsis: you answer the doorbell by going to the door (without leaving the apartment though or even ‘disappearing’). Apantesis is a butterfly, the death researcher Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross reports that children in concentration camps cut butterflies into the wood of their beds, because they saw how the soul leaves into the air like a butterfly upon death. This butterfly flight will happen during the soul review: the soul leaves the body during a death experience & goes to the Lord or has a very strict soul audit.

In the first 1500 years of Christianity the insane theory of the so-called ‘rapture’ was almost known, apart from 2 minor exceptions (Link). Today we have about 26,000 different Christian denominations (who all claim to have the truth), as explained by Pastor Charles Lawson (Link). Note the basic rule: the younger a Christian teaching, the lower the truth content on average. In the past two centuries the she-devil could spread more & more bullshit, like the one of physical rapture. This nonsense was popularized by the Jesuit mafia & is mostly spread by Pentecostals – still, even the Pentecostal preacher Sundar Selvaraj was eventually corrected by God regarding his false belief (Link). The driving force behind these lies was John Nelson Darby (11/18/1800-1882, with his birth date with the double 18=6+6+6).

However, the root of the Luciferian deception began with the false teaching of Paulinism. The desk criminal Paul is the weak spot in the New Testament with a low truth content of only 50% (Link). While the 11 apostles (all but Judas) calibrated in the 900s towards the end of their life & thus were not far from Jesus Christ (LoC=1000), the Pharisee only calibrated at LoC=745, i.e. light years lower & he had *not* passed the final Luciferian temptation at LoC=850 (Link). Paul was also the father of the crazy teachings of the imminent expectation of Christ's return.

Physical rapture is nothing but wishful thinking, which I understand very well. I sometimes think something like, „Beam me up, Scotty, there is no intelligent life on this planet.“ The Old Testament tells the story of the physical ‘rapture’ of Enoch & Elijah, but this was done by ETs/ UFOs. In the Vedas & other very old scriptures we find a precise description & even images of vimanas. Still, there might be a *few* evacuations by ETs, as suggested by the Swiss healer Anton Styger for instance, but only spotty & for a selection of a handful of persons, not for entire countries or even continents. We can assume these evacuations will be rather voluntary, in contrast to the number of involuntary ET abductees being less than 0.1% of world population (including myself in 2015 & 2016). Wikipedia gives a way too high number of 5-6% of world population.

6 popular misperceptions & misunderstandings regarding hell

Abandon all hope, yet who enter here!
(The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri, inferno III, 9 the gate of hell)

Unfortunately, regarding heaven & hell there are so many misperceptions & misunderstandings, and I want to correct in the following. Let me stress that I have a very broad personal experience compared to hardly anybody else on the planet: since my initiation (heavenly Satori experience) in December 1992 through a satori experience (little taste of enlightenment LoC=585) I have been more than 150 times in heaven & hell, with more than 26 years of personal experience with these realms. There are few people with such a broad personal experience. Finally in 2018 the Lord told me it is it is time to break my silence.

Quite often these visits were accompanied by paranormal phenomena like in a Hollywood horror film. I certainly would have rather been spared the hell experiences, but obviously the Lord had a different plan for me. I guarantee you that you will never forget hell if you have seen it once before in your life & nothing will speed up your soul purification more! This is the very reason why the coming soul review is necessary: to show people where they will stay after death – if they don’t change things.

It’s best to ignore most of the armchair reasoning of ‚scientists‘ & other ‚experts‘ in the field of the thanatology, as they have very little if any direct experience. They are as sound as theorizing auto mechanics that had never had dirty hands in their life. One exception (personal experience) is the founder of thanatology, the Swiss Elisabeth Kübler-Ross (7/8/1926-2004, her sun being close to heaven’s gate 108° = 18° Cancer), who published her first book in 1969. Another exception is Prof. Dr. Martin Telezing, who was sent to the hell realms for a little field study (Link).

The 6 worst misperceptions & misunderstandings regarding hell:

  1. Misperception: „Hell doesn’t exist, it is only for those Christians who believe in it.“

This is the most fundamental & wide-spread fallacy. According to a German study of 2017 only 7% believed in the devil & hell in Germany, but in 2014 still 58% in the US (Link). Some are surprised to see their deceased friends in hell, like Mario Martinez (Link) & Ron Reagan (Link), relatives (Link), church members (Link) – or they themselves have to go to hell. In special circumstances these demons from hell manifest in the 3D world. E.g. somebody from the Amanita network (a university professor from Southern Europe granted a large number of patents) was suddenly visited by a demon in fire & smoke. Somebody passed by his house on the street, saw the fire & ran into the house to help; but he was very surprised that the smoke & fire was gone just seconds later when he was in the house…. The knowledge of these topics has been crashing in the past 2 centuries, never before has lived a generation so brain-washed like the one today. Chronology:
(i) Since the 18th century there has been massive secularization with the goal to hide the truth.

Attempts: 6/24/1717 Freemasonry founded, 5/1/1776 illuminati founded & 7/4/1776 USA, 7/14/1789 French revolution. I also had my last incarnation in these circles in the 18th century: as Arthur Middleton (6/26/1742-1/1/1787), one of the 50 founding fathers of the US, participating in the US War of Independence. Recently the Middleton’s made it back into the English royal house: through Kate Middleton, wife of Prince William. I did some research when I stumbled across him & immediately saw the same soul look. The physical resemblance is also quite stunning: if you analyzed pictures of him & myself (from the 20s) with software I am sure you would arrive at a match only fulfilled by 1-5%. The astrological similarity is also eye-catching, with both sun & moon in the same sign (random odds P<1%). Thirdly, the biographic similarities are interesting, e.g. during the months he was in British war captivity I could barely leave the house for health reasons. *All* true illuminati mavens were incarnated multiple times in these circles, otherwise they would be lacking both the resonance & the understanding.

  1. Link) calibrating at LoC=195=antichrist (Link). Moreover, the Seventh-day Adventist Church as a kind of light version of Jehovah’s Witnesses deny the current existence of hell, they either claim it will only exist in the future (Link) or not at all (Link). The founder of the Sabbath freaks Ellen White (11/26/1827-1915) calibrated at LoC=190, so she was a voice of the she-devil. Her name White is the worst deception, because her soul was jet-black.
    Both Adventists & Jehovah’s Witnesses have the same, highly dubious roots from the 19th century (
    Link). The latter are pushed by hell, because they deny the divinity of Jesus Christ, i.e. his status as a born Avatar (Link). One of my former girl-friends was an Adventist, so I began to research this cult & found Freemasonic symbols on their websites – so you know immediately which way the wind is blowing. According to the false doctrine of the Mormons (#4 according to the prevalence in the US) almost people go to heaven, i.e. at least into the telestial kingdom. This is no surprise at all, since the Mormons are an offshoot of Freemasonry (Link).
  2. Link), feminism, Alfred Kinsey’s sex cult (pedophilia, BDSM…), including Steve Jobs‘ Apple & many others (Link). Within the established churches the Luciferian ’68 revolution paved the way for a customer-oriented wellbeing gospel. Mentioning hell would cause fear in people or even traumatize them, so it is strictly forbidden. The by far most important single event was the crowning of the she-devil in the Vatican on 6/29/1963.
    The still *rather* kosher King James Bible (initial publication in 1611) contained the word hell still 54 times (
    Link). As if by ‘magic’ the newest Bible mistranslations never ever contain the word hell (Link). This was achieved through all kinds of tricks & manipulations. Problem: The Hebrew word scheol (realm of the dead) doesn’t make a difference between heaven & hell.
    (iv) In 2014 (first year of the 40 quarters of testing) there was yet another escalation. In early 2014 the dog lady Siri revealed that from 7/27/14 until 9/3/14 the gates of hell (Hades) would open. What happened in these 38 days? ISIS was suddenly pulled out of the hat (founded on 6/29/14): what a ‚coincidence‘ it is that ISIS was the old Egyptian hell goddess, with her spouse Osiris. In 2014 Pluto = Hades (Greek) = scheol (Hebrew) approached the gates of hell at 288° (18° Capricorn), in opposition of heaven’s gate at 108° (18° Cancer). ‘Accidentally’ Pluto went over hell’s gates at 288° (2+8+8=18=6+6+6) in 2016/17, during the first horseman of the apocalypse (beginning of the 7+7+7 years of tribulation). The last kindred Pluto transit was in the early 1770s, when the USA & the illuminati were prepared: the two main instruments of hell. At the turn of 2019/20 we have a very extra-ordinary Capricorn stellium near hell’s gates at 288°, especially with the lunar eclipse 1/10/2020: beginning of the 42 months of the reign of the antichrist.
    Since 2014 hell can’t complain about the lack of intake, because global mortality rates have goon through the roof. Even in official UK numbers the year 2014 erased the improvement in death numbers of almost a half century. But why did she mention the 38 days of opening of the gates of hell? Because 38 is the end of the time of grace according to the Holy Bible.

At first hell was only the home of the hell chiefess & her fallen angels, i.e. *not* for human souls. Hell has many different levels, souls are going where they have their strongest resonance. But which body do you have in hell? In Vortex Healing® we called that the incarnating body, which is however not gross but subtle (not separated in the lower dimensions). On the highest level of Vortex Healing® this incarnating body is broken down, i.e. in the 5-day class Breaking with the past (Link), which I attended in early 2017.

  1. Misperception: „I am saved & safe, nothing can happen to me, I am a good, nice person”
    Almost all who spent their death experience in hell (a few were sent their as a warning) asked themselves why *they* had to go there, e.g. a US marine soldier (Link) or Bill Wiese (Link). Most of them were 100% convinced before their hell trip that they were a normal person & haven’t killed anybody or done something else terrible. They believed that the hell is only for people like Hitler, Hitlary, the evil Rothschild witch & the like. However, this is absolute nonsense! Now in the end times you must not be part of the crowd & neither is it enough to be average: true excellence is required! So you have to decouple yourself from crowd madness, not just in the financial markets but also spiritually. There are 132 main categories of sin/ negative karma & even a lot more sub-categories.
    Jesus Christ said he is the way (John 14-6) & not carte blanche automatically forgiving all sins for all eternity. You have to *actively* go this path, where it is easy to lose orientation. When, how & how much divine grace heals depends on the unfathomable will of God.
    The alleged ‘permission to sin eternally’ because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ is a terrible problem in almost all Christian denominations & one of the main reasons why only few make it. Nice examples are the hell testimonies of Shelley (
    Link) & others (Link). This is even true of those who consider themselves as born again or ‚above-average‘ Christians (Link). Those born again often falsely assume that once in their life they say a few salvation standard sentences & are then eternally saved (Link). A home-comer from the hell realms even labelled the doctrine as the biggest lie of the devil (Link). This decision to surrender connects briefly (seconds) with the LoC=555, so it is not more than the beginning of the way & sometimes not even that.
    This is why Matthew 7-21 warned, “Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven.” The percentage of saved among Christians will only be 2-50% in the different denominations, mainly depending on the truth content of the teachings they follow (
    Link). The maximum level of 50% (but only under ideal circumstances) is confirmed by many sources: Hawkins found out that about 50% of the spiritual ambitioned reach the mid-500s = salvation. This 50% quote is also described in the Biblical allegory of the 10 virgins (stand for the bride of Christ), even of them only 5 (50%) go to heaven. The other 50% are told by the Lord: “Most certainly I tell you, I don't know you.”
    One Calvinist preacher was shown his punishment in hell because of his false teachings, arising from Bible mistranslations (
    Link). Pastor Derek Prince (Link) with his extraordinary truth content of 95% on average emphasizes that the false doctrine of eternal safety comes from demons (Link). Another danger is the false doctrine ‘Jesus only’, which means that Christians so-to-speak remain stuck in the door (=Jesus), without ever arriving in the Father’s house… ‘Jesus only’ is *the* favorite teaching from hell in many free churches.
    Unfortunately, Christianity never understands what Jesus Christ really is. Jesus Christ is the aspect of the divine responsible for *this* universe. However, 200-300 persons on the planet have significant karmic baggage from (there are many universes, up to 700,000
    Link), which is *not* healed by Jesus Christ alone (the door for *this* universe). This is especially tragic for those who have escaped from a reptilian universe before it was destroyed. A couple of hundreds could flee but now in this universe they are again running the same show, aimed at destroying the whole universe (CERN….).
    If at all, then you are on the safe side after having stayed for a longer time (e.g. 40 months/ quarters/ years) at LoC>850: only few persons could reach this level in the past millennia. LoC=850 is the final Luciferian temptation, if you pass it then both the spiritual ego & free will dissolve. It is through free will (or to be precise: the illusion thereof) that we decide either for good (for God) or for evil (against God), which is in reality the only ‚free‘ choice. Free will can only exist as long as there is a certain level of separateness from the divine (LoC<850), as at LoC>850 the divine bridge is too strong for evil. Abraham calibrated precisely at LoC=850 (on a razor’s edge), which explains the inherent ambivalence of the 3 Abrahamic religions.
    The importance of time is most often underestimated. My Satori experience was in December 1992, yet my consciousness level didn’t rise significantly until 16-18 years later in 2008-10, from my initial LoC in the high 400s. This was the time needed for an opened door to become part of the habitual attitude to life (=level of consciousness). Sure these processes are a lot faster today – but in both directions, i.e. hardly ever to the upside, almost always to the downside.
    Thanatology has contributed a lot to today’s ‚ illusion of heaven‘. Chronology:
    (i) In the early phase of death research in the 1960s mainly by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross heavenly experiences dominated, as well as in the first book of Raymond Moody (born 6/30/1944) published in 1975. However, right from the very beginning self-selection was distorting the picture heavily: you are 5-10 times more likely to share a heaven experience than a hell experience. Going to hell means you risk the stigma of an evil person.
    (ii) At the very latest with Kenneth Ring (born 12/13/1935) the systematic & deliberate manipulation from researchers began. In his book Life at Death (1980) Ring analyzes the post-mortal experience of 24 suicides, 100% of this group landed in hell (
    Link). In the typical US style of positive thinking these hell experiences were belittled & sugarcoated as ‚incomplete experiences‘ or nothing but a brain product. Ring only labelled heavenly experiences as real… In this interpretation you see that his hand was led by the antichrist.
    Suicides even go to hell when they hoped to go to heaven. Example: Angie Fenmore committed suicide in 1991, after her friend had experienced heaven after a car accident & hoped to experience the same, i.e. a relief of her suffering (
    Link).study von Vince Migliore (N=787). A mixed experience is always & without exception a result of hell, one explanation: many demons enjoy fooling the newbies by pretending they are passed away relatives, so people at first believe they are in heaven. But soon they fleer & show their true face. If we take self-selection into consideration, then about 70% went to hell (black souls) & only 30% to heaven (white souls). The principal statistical overweight of hell was also told to Angelica Zambrano (Link).
    (iv) Now in 2019 only 5-10% go to heaven, but this ratio will collapse to 1-2% in the 2020s: an all-time low.
    These 6 illusions are a consequence of today’s lukewarm = liberal/ ignorant wellness gospel, Revelation 3-16: “So, because you are lukewarm - neither hot nor cold - I am about to spit you out of my mouth.” Today’s wellness gospel (especially since 1962, Joseph Murphy 5/20/1989-1981) is as antichristian as possible & leads to hell (
    Link). In the 1970s the charismatic Oral Roberts (1/24/1918-2009) introduced the satanic teaching of seed faith (Link), based on the grotesque promise that you can buy salvation with the snake currency ($). Today’s main proponent is Joel Osteen calibrating at LoC=190=Lucifera (Link). Being as popular as Osteen means one is working for the enemy, the brainwashed masses are never attracted by divine truth, only be the lies of the enemy.
    This permanently grinning voice of hell projects the usual (still crazy) socialistic entitlement mentality (“I have the right to get XY”) to God, in the form of imaginary rights towards God. Needless to say, nothing could be further from the truth: we as part of creation don’t any have any right or pretensions whatsoever, *everything* is divine grace. These charismatic heresies were created by the enemy, so that the *inevitable* disappointments will make people cast a stone against God, instead of realizing their own stupidity. So you turn away from the divine & the hell queen has gained another soul.
    The inconvenient truth is: in the Kali Yuga absolutely *no one* (!) will make it to heaven just by justice without grace! Sodom & Gomorrah is absolutely nothing compared to what is happening today, according to the 2 angels involved (
    Link). The main difference is that thousands of years ago mainly men were responsible, today mainly women. There is a reason why Mark 13-20 stated, „If the Lord had not shortened those days, nobody would be saved.”
    Note: One’s body in heaven is dressed & looks like of someone in their best years (20s to early 30s). That’s why those with a heavenly LoC in the high 500s often look like they are in the early 30s or so, where they are much older. In contrast, in hell you are naked.
  2. Misperception: „Hell isn’t terrible at all.“
    All with a hell experience agree that you have to multiply your worst nightmare with a factor of 10-1000 to give you an impression of hell. Many of very popular movies (e.g. Lara Croft or It by Stephen King) as well as many ‘fantasy films’ are in reality descriptions of the astral realms or hell. Note the incredible similarity of the returners, including (former) atheists like Bryan Melvin (Link), Prof. Howard Storm (Link), Young Moon Park (Link), Buddhists (Link), Moslems (Link) & others (Link. In hell there is no successful soul review with healing & forgiving, instead you experience the bad events over & over again as a post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), under major pain (Link).
    Children below 12 years don’t go to hell, you are not held personably responsibly before the age of confirmation (Link). In previous times children under 12 working with the devil were until recently only given a warning, but due to the greater & greater use (abuse) of children they are now punished, too (Link). Below, we almost always find these 9 elements of hell experiences, put into images by a South Korean artist (Link):
    (i) Gates of hell (black hole): A black soul is pulled down thousands of kilometers/ miles pulled down into the interior of the earth. The hell realms begin at a depth of >2000 km, in a line of Israhell towards the center of the earth. In contrast, the heavenly realms are 40-70 km above the surface. There are 7 hierarchy levels in hell, according to Mary Baxter, author of the book A Divine Revelation of Hell (
    Link, truth content 93%), where the belly of hell is 27 km (17 miles) big. The German physician & university professor for medical technology Dr. Markolf Niemz claims that the tunnel of heavenly experiences can be explained by the soul accelerating towards light speed. On the surface of the earth there are 300-400 hell portals = counter-clockwise Yin vortices, some of them known, like Fengdu in China (Link). Partly these hell-mouths are geologically conspicuous, especially volcanoes like Mount Etna in Sicily. There are also gateways to the black tree of life Qlippoth (Link). There are 9 main gates, this also explains the name giving of the 9th circle child sacrifice cult of the illuminati (in the Vatican Link). The existence of this circle was first revealed in the movie The Ninth Gate (from the year 1999 with the 999) with Johnny Depp. Among these 9 main gates there are 3 special gates, also reflected by architecture, e.g. the entrance of Skull & Bones (Link). Among these 3 there existed one central gate: in the St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna, Austria, until we destroyed it in 2011. Today this central door is in Switzerland in the Gotthard tunnel, hence the crowning on 6/1/16.
    (ii) fire/ heat & bad smells: Those in hell are incredibly thirsty, but they lack water. Breathing is difficult, because of the heat & horrible stench of sulphur & burnt flesh. Truth has a lovely odor (e.g. rose) while lies stink (I smell a rat). In our solar system there is just one planet that resembles hell on all levels: Venus (=6, 666). It is no coincidence that in the Roman Empire the planet Venus was also called Lucifer.
    Prof. Raymond Wheeler’s climate cycles reflect this very well: climate in hell is hot-dry, which is phase #3 of 4 in his 100-year climate model. This is the most negative part of the climate cycle, where you have police states & the most terrible wars (we are into the early 2020s in this state), followed by cold-wet from the mid-2020s on for a century. Deserts are the focus points of hot-dry on the surface of the earth & there we have most DOR (dying orgone energy), in the terminology of the Austrian life researcher Wilhelm Reich. This is why Islam as the religion of hell & death could only become dominant in the desert regions. However, microwave electrosmog produces the quality of hot-dry on the whole planet.
    (iii) Prison cells: Souls are imprisoned in cubes with a side length of 3-4m (like sauna cabins), as already described in the Holy Bible (
    (iv) Tormenting demons: in animal bodies, especially reptiles (snakes), dinosaurs, worms/ parasites, frogs, insects/ spiders, scorpions (
    Link). Those animals torture the souls by all means & eat souls, too. However, the subtle body regenerates soon, so that the next round of torment begins (Link). Sometimes there are also terrible inquisitions in the style of (Inter-) National-Socialism, e.g. to find the weak spots of persons still living, to attack them & harvest their souls (Link). You hear millions of screams because of the torment: in 1989 at a depth of 14.5 km under Siberia at a temperature of 1100° C (2000° F) a microphone recorded an impression from hell & in 2002 was passed to Art Bell’s Coast to Coast Radio (Link). According to our boss this is a true record how hell sounds.
    In heaven there is sleep, but in hell there is no sleep. The frequency of sleep problems has soared by about +500% in the past 10-15 years, a sign of how close the majority of world population has already come to hell (black souls are often in hell during the sleep at night). Main reason: electrosmog crashes the melatonin level. The stronger the renunciation of the divine, the more the gross life (in physical form) resembles the later subtle life in hell.
    However, demons beating souls 24/7 have to accept blows, too: arch-angel Michael (patron saint of 2 people: Jewish & German) is the 100% opposite of pacifist good-doers & the warrior angel #1, delivering one of the demons a blow in the style of Bud Spencer (
    (v) Subjective feeling of eternity (length of stay): Demons always claim that you will be in the hell jail forever, which is only true *subjectively* though, not **. We have a similar problem with the words eternal: one of the myriads of sloppy or utterly wrong translations: in the Hebrew of the Old Testament it is Olam, in the Greek of the New Testament aión (word stem for the word eon), which means age, life (time)/ generation, indeterminate) time (period), world & eternity. From the perspective of formal logic the wording from eternity to eternity doesn’t make sense at all, a better phrase would be from era to era. Neither does the concept of the alleged eternity make sense in the context with other Bible passages (
    Link). The concept of objective eternity was introduced centuries after Jesus Christ by prevaricators like Augustine (354-430). According to Buddhismus one remains up to 1021 years in hell (Nakara), which everybody would label as ‘eternal’ (Link). Second, aión means a specific world or realm, e.g. heaven & hell are separate worlds, as is the regular human 3D world.
    Nevertheless, the objective duration of stay is very long, namely decades or centuries, which you would colloquially call ‚eternally‘. According to the Revelation even the chiefess of hell will only stay for 1000 years in the lake of fire (=worst possible hell), so 1000 years in hell appears to be the upper limit, whatever sins you have committed.
    (vi) Lack of will, power & energy: There is (almost) nothing you can to do to end your suffering, the demons are a lot stronger. Life as a human is Yang (sowing), the post-mortal life Yin (reap the harvest). The main difference is that going to heaven means the lower 4 dimensions die, but going to hell means the 5th dimension = life energy dies as well: black souls have no energy to defend against the 24/7 tormenting. Few borderline cases are freed by repenting & calling upon Jesus Christ.
    (vii) Incredible hopelessness: There is no hope that anything will ever become better.
  3. Link) that the demon tormenting him was precisely 13 foot (~4 meters) tall. Paulina from Columbia (Link) got a valuable brain teaser in theology by the Lord, that the classic catholic Marian devotion is idolatry. The ‘Queen of Heaven’ is a demon of the 2nd upper sphere according to the satanist Claude Muamba (Link).
    (ix) Intensity of suffering: *All* sensations in the afterworld (both heaven & hell) are so much more intense than in this world. While heaven is incredibly wonderful, hell is incredibly terrible. Most people think the ever-after is somehow dream-like & unreal, however, all returnees report the opposite: this world is nothing but a dream (Maya). You can only have a 3D body at a high price & you can’t have everything, also when it comes to perceptions. With each lower dimension life becomes more & more unreal, so in the lowest 3 dimensions unreality is worst.
  4. 4.Misperception: „I still got plenty of time.“
    Many with a hell death experience were told by God that this is their last chance, e.g. Kevin Ray (Link), Jim Isakson (Link) warns, too, that you should use the time. The crash in the chart of the white souls means that you are working intensely against time. In earlier times it was easy to reach salvation at the last moment (Link). But since the beginning of the first horseman of the apocalypse in fall 2016 this becomes increasingly more difficult, especially since antichrist Francis closed the Holy Door on 11/20/16. In other words, the preparation for Last Judgment is fully underway.
    Afterlife questions gain center stage for another reason: in Eunuchistan the death numbers have gone through the roof since 2014, by hundreds of percentage points. The all-time high of the world population was in 2016/17 according to the Lord (white horseman of the apocalypse), meanwhile world population has declined by 1% according to the Lord. Needless to say, now as of 2019 the official population projections have got nothing to do with reality, they are statistical terrorism. This downtrend will last for a jubilee until 2066/67, with a crash of the world population by about 95% to some hundreds of millions. From chart analysis we know that bubbles return to their starting point & the population bubble is no different: over thousands of years world population was at some hundreds of millions. From 2020/21 the death wave will accelerate dramatically, not just because of the breakout of world war 3, but also because of earth changes. That’s why world population will sink by 30-70% in the 2020s, i.e. post-mortal questions will be crucial much faster than 99.9% of world population can & want to imagine. From fall 2021 on (opening of the 6th seal of the apocalypse) you can assume a regression line (base-trend) with an 11% shrinkage of world population p.a. for the following 20-30 years, which means a halving every 6 years or so (albeit with large ‘spikes’). In other words: in the coming decade (2020s) 30-70% of those living today in flesh will live in hell…
    The Biblical allegory of the 10 virgins (5 smart preppers & 5 slowpokes) warns of this danger, as they arrive late so the Lord says to them, “Most certainly I tell you, I don't know you.” This allegory is a 7fold code, i.e. it can be interpreted on 7 levels, even Eckhart Tolle commented on this. In contains at least 5 time & statistical codes:
    (i) The virgins are referring to the Virgo constellation 9/23/17: 2017 was already predicted 800+ years ago as the beginning of the Messianic end times by Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel living in Germany.
  5. Link): 1900 + psalm number = year number.
    (iv) The 55 stands for the level of consciousness LoC=550-555: the mid-500s (unconditional love->surrender) are *the* most important goal for true spiritual seekers = salvation.
    (v) The Bible warns that even 50% of the bride of Christ won’t be allowed to enter the gates of heaven – their only way is the gates of hell.

    We see the same acceleration on all levels. 2000 years ago the typical leading time of karma was still >200 life years, which means that negative karma most of the time played out 3-5 incarnations later on average (depending on many factors). By 1900 the leading time had already crashed to 50 years, so that often you already reaped what you had sown in the same life. Today the leading time is only 20 years & still sinking. The idealized zero point is Last Judgment: instant karma.
    2000 years ago the average transition period from a white to a black soul was 1200 years, but meanwhile we have arrived at 5 years with the trend still lower. I have even witnessed transition periods of *months*. This means that once major spiritual delusions produced their negative results only after a very long time, but now in the end times just the opposite is true: even tiny spiritual mistakes will do harm very quickly. In the past 5000 years you could work based on the 20/80 Pareto rule, but this is no longer a choice now in the end times. Instead, we must strive for 100.00% truth content on all levels, e.g. by asking the boss. Hawkins asked tens of thousands of questions through the muscle test, as have I done over the past 17 years. This topic will be covered in a future article.
  6. Misperception: „But I am working on the ascension into the 5th dimension.”
    ‚Ascension‘ is a very popular new age concept, popularity always means it has to be wrong. Similarly, the preached concept of the ‘5th dimension‘ is braindead balderdash:
    (a) If we take this new age hogwash literally, then the *only* (!) possibility of such ‘ascension into the 5th dimension’ is physical death: by destroying the 3-dimensional vehicle for this incarnation. Literally speaking 70-80% of the new age teachings have the same philosophic background like the Islamic Jihad: the faster you die, the better. This alone tells you that the new age mainstream & the Jihad are from the same source (enemy) & have the same goals. Jesus Christ said he is the life – while the antichrist is the death. The very idea of ‘ascension’ is nonsense & removes the grounding: what matters is , not ascension. ‘Ascension’ is hardly more than crazy ‘rapture’ ideas in a non-Christian shell.
    (b) If we are interpret the nonsense of the 5th dimension more generously, then we are already way beyond this ‘ascension’, as all but very rough characters already have at least a little access to the 5th dimension = life energy. The 5th dimension correlates with the level of consciousness LoC=515, which is for almost all people temporarily accessible when they are in love with somebody. This is the root of the law of resonance & “energy follows attention” – which is still a mind-boggling 485 points from the highest level of divinity that can be manifested in a physical body (LoC=1000). At around the level 515 almost all light proletarians are stuck, due to these false teachings.
  7. Link). In Vortex Healing® we distinguish an unimaginable number of awakening movements. The first 14 movements are the preparation, e.g.:

#1 loss of identification with the body: only 1 human among 5,000 has mastered this step

#2 loss of identification with the emotions
#3 loss of identification with thoughts
#4 loss of last karma knot
: only 1 human among 40,000 has no karma knot
#9 first minor awakening on the soul level
After these 14 preparatory movements you are ripe for the central event: loss of core veil. Only one among 150,000 people has lost the core veil, which is only the very *beginning* of awakening, followed by *thousands* of further awakening moves. The simplicity normally used to analyze these incredible complex topics is nothing but tomfoolery.
‚Ascension’ is a construct of the spiritual ego, according to Hawkins the most dangerous in this universe, dissolving at LoC=850. But the new age keeps humanity in the illusion of their spiritual ego, which always looks for ‘more’. But if you don’t want to go to hell you should for ‘less’: fewer veils, identifications, attachments… That’s why Matthew says: “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” This Biblical passage was raped by the antichrist, as so many other Biblical texts
(Link), especially since the 5337 Freemasonic Bible manipulations by Westcott & Hort in 1881 (Link). These popular ascension ideas are an expression of a dramatic spiritual inflation, not just monetarily: under Pope John Paul II an amazing number of 482 canonizations. In earlier pontificates this number was only 1 per papacy.

  1. Misconception: „My soul is ok.“

Bottom line: do the right thing!

For a righteous man may fall 7 times and rise again, but the wicked shall fall by calamity. (Proverbs 24:16)

Today’s very long article (actually a short book) connects the dots in a way *never* presented before anywhere, to my knowledge. You can call it the essence of 26 years of having studied these things. Without doubt, it is a great help for the right soul path, both for the readership & myself as a prophet. What a difference between 1000 years in heaven & in the lake of fire… Ezekiel 33-6 warns that prophets *not* fulfilling their role as a watchman will suffer the bad karma from the victims not warned:

But if the watchman [prophet] see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman's [prophet’s] hand.

This topic will be sooner or later relevant for each & every person and if you have understood the content, you are at least on a mental level better off than 99% of humanity. But I have to warn you: if you understand all of this & this ignore it, you will be judged (a lot) harder than those who had never heard it. Similar warnings come from Helmut Lungenschmid & Angelica Zambrano (Link): the most frequent excuse on the Day of Judgment is that people didn’t know– which is partly accepted as an extenuating cause. This is also the reason, why the Koran was revealed in Arabic (Link), at least in the first of the 4 stages in Mecca, when the channeled information was still pretty clean. Make the right decision in every moment, as explained by Hawkins:

Wisdom tells us that one worships either heaven or hell and will eventually become the servant of one or the other. Hell isn't a condition imposed by a judgmental God, but rather the inevitable consequence of one's own decisions – it's the final outcome of constantly choosing the negative and thus isolating oneself from love. [...] At every instant, one is really making a choice between heaven or hell. The cumulative effect of all these choices determines the calibrated level of consciousness and one’s karmic and spiritual [post-mortal] fate.

Hawkins recommended avoiding everything evil (LoC<200 Link) without fighting it directly, as you might be pulled in:

  1. Person: This includes people with a black soul who are better avoided.
  2. Locations: countries, towns, other places
  3. Culture/ media: videos, music, pictures, events
  4. Devices: especially those who produce a lot of electrosmog
  5. Attitudes: religious, political, philosophical
  6. Emotions
  7. Activities

Avoidance as the main strategy was certainly best in earlier times, but less & less possible & meaningful in the end times. Never before or afterwards will evil dominate as much as it does in the 2020s & 2030s. The most counterproductive & worst view you can take now in the end times is the very popular ‘peace work’. Instead, white souls have to approach the black world with the attitude of spiritual warfare. At present, less than one person among 1000 is involved in spiritual ware, but around the peak of Armageddon in the late 2020s *everyone* will be a spiritual warrior, without exception – either on the white or black side. I have been involved in spiritual warfare since 2010 & in early 2011 suddenly 33 protective warrior angels were stationed in my apartment. At this time I didn’t even know that warrior angels existed. Later, a further contingent of troops was added, so at the peak more than 100,000 warrior angels were stationed. A normal person would have died 10-20 times in my position, but because of the warrior angels I survived. Still, some from the Amanita network lost their life during this war, the first was my friend Philipp David in June 2011, at the age of 34.

Since the beginning of Armageddon around 2007 the adversary has used 80 different strategies (Link), so one should be prepared, 4 examples:

  1. Vaccinations so that sin is repeated.
  2. 3 needs (marriage, finances, success)
  3. Create circumstances to prevent something positive, e.g. make people tired 5 hours before a church service.
  4. Use mirrors to find the biggest weaknesses of persons, so that attacks are most effective.

Another satanist used these 5 strategies (Link). I also recommend you study the explanations of former satanists like pastor John Ramirez (Link), Jean-Claude (Link), brother Martin from Cameroon (Link), Gideon Mulenga, a former grandmaster of voodoo in Africa (Link), Russ Dizdar (Link), Mary Lou Lake (Link) & Pablo Gutierez (Link). At any rate, you have to decouple from crowd madness: a great training offered by the financial markets in this respect. The crowd is heading towards hell respectively into the 1000-year lake of fire (Ephesians 6, 12-20):

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

The book of all books is very important, because appealing to the Holy Bible establishes a lot of authority (Link). Our boss was tempted 3 times by the devil & each time he quotes the scripture, e.g.:

Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’”

The mantra Jesus Christ is the most powerful of all & can be repeated 1000 times every day. Note that only Jesus Christ & Yeshua calibrate at the maximum value LoC=1000, while Jehovah & Jahwe are far below 200, with these names call a demonic collective from Saturn (Link). The key for the soul cleanings is repenting & forgiving (LoC=350/ 540), which is no longer really taught by about ¾ of today’s churches (Link). What you have healed no longer shows up during the life review. In one of his former lives the Buddha was incarnated in hell (Naraka im Buddhismus, Diyu in China) but freed immediately once he decided that his suffering should help the suffering of others.

The simplest & yet most often overlooked criterion of preparation is the time effort: Judaism & Christianity dedicated one day of the week to the divine, which is 14.3% of your (awake) time. Sure this can be re-distributed to 2-3 hours per day, but it should not be much less. The new agers are constantly seeking junk teachings promising instant enlightenment, but this has got nothing to do with reality, because time is the spiritual currency.

The boss taught us only one prayer (Our Father), which therefore has a key role (Matthew 6, 9–13 & Luke 11, 2-4). In the version below it calibrates at LoC=975 & thus at almost the highest possible God realization:

Our Father, Who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name;
Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread;
and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us;
and lead us in the temptation, and deliver us from evil. Amen.

As always, the hell queen raped this prayer through 2 changes:

  1. For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever and ever: Through this doxology the heavenly realm is subtly but powerful pushed away & declared as unreachable. This addendum is only found in the gospel of Matthew, but *not* in the oldest scriptures, i.e. it was added by the enemy.
  2. and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: This manipulation is far worse than the first one. Actually it produces 5 negative effects:
    (a) God never leads us into temptation, only the devil. So in this line you don’t talk with God, but with her – for 99.8% of humanity this is way too dangerous.
    (b) Second this diabolic addition means that the hell queen is impetrated: a terrible idolatry & actually even satanism.
    (c) Third the necessity (!) of temptations as an essential test (personal crucifixion) is negated, so the door towards the highest levels of consciousness is closed, especially to allow you to surpass the final Luciferian temptation LoC=850.
    (d) Fourth you are cut off from divine guidance *during* the temptation.
    (e) Fifth it communicates a wrong impression of God.

Alone because of these two changes the LoC of the prayer crashes by more than 300 points to LoC=650 on the Hawkins’ scale (Link), which means that the Holy Ghost will only be granted in tiny quantity & quality in comparison with the version calibrating at LoC=975. However, the avataric area is even higher at LoC=985-1000, I know only one prayer calibrating so high (LoC=995 Link): “The purpose and intent of our lives is to be a servant of thee, oh Lord; to know God, and to become one with Him in a state of enlightenment.”

However, at present the main challenge for 98-99% of world population is to open their heart (again), which is LoC=500.The strongest method for this purpose is the twin hearts meditation (Link). I began to practice this method in early 2004, and during the first years I always got a racing heartbeat. Blessing mother earth & the whole of humanity produces a very strong flow from the Holy Spirit. So don’t skip the body exercises before & afterwards, otherwise you might develop all kinds of energy congestion symptoms.

Once the heart opening (LoC=500) has been achieved, you can target the next goal of salvation in the mid-500s: forgiveness, unconditional love/ gratitude, healing power, freedom, clarity/ opening the 3rd eye, peace of mind & most importantly surrender to the divine will. Only very few have a realistic chance of transcending duality (LoC>600), which is true awakening. Nostradamus gave the following outlook towards the Golden Age from the mid-21st century on (verse 2-13):

The body without soul no longer to be sacrificed: day of death put for birthday. The divine spirit will make the soul happy, seeing the word in its eternity.