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Prophecies #13: Outlook 2021

Jesus said: I am the light that is above them all. I am the all; the all came forth from me, and the all attained to me. Cleave a (piece of) wood; I am there. Raise up a stone, and you will find me there. (Gospel of Thomas #77)

The year 2021 is extra-ordinary for several reasons, especially because it is the only year in the first half of the 21st century explicitly (but encoded) mentioned by Nostradamus the king of prophets more than 450 years ago. Moreover, Amma (so far still the spiritual leader of the planet) has made only one prophecy: in 2016 her warning of the 2021 micronova (very large solar storm). In this year I want to offer a general outlook for 2021, without direct financial forecasts though (reserved for premium subscribers). The tough year 2020 was a gentle cyan nightingale fart with a double silencer compared to what’s looming in 2021, when live becomes survival. But yet even 2021 is laughable in comparison with 2022 & 2023 dwarfs everything humanity has ever seen.

12 articles on prophecies (

  1. Prophecies in the end times (6/15/2016)
  2. Nostradamus, king of the prophets (9/29/2016)
  3. 3 dark days, Switzerland/ CERN & timelines/ matrix (1/12/2017)
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  8. Reign of the 666 beast from late 2019 on 7 levels (11/8/2018)
  9. The coming soul review (2/26/2019)
  10. End of internet: cryptos, GPS, 5G, electrosmog (6/12/2019)
  11. Coronavirus/ Covid-19, hyperinflation, market timing, US civil war, world war 3, West Coast earthquake & micronova (3/11/2020)
  12. Epidemics & the micronova in late 2021 (6/17/2020)

2020 Capricorn stellium -> 2021 Aquarius stellium

My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. (Hosea 4-6)

The timeline late December 2019 already was given as very important in the 800 year old Dresden Codex of the Mayans (because of the Capricorn stellium close to the Galactic Center), as discussed intensely by David Montaigne (Link) & also mentioned in the free area. As a code in late 2019 there was the spectacular theft of jewels in Dresden worth hundreds of millions, part of the 3SI Intermarium (3 seas initiative) consisting of 12 nations, which dominate in the end times together with Russia. Exactly in the last December days the course of the world changed dramatically: coronavirus definition 12/31/19. In the premium area research was presented long before this timeline that Saturn 0° Pluto (mid-January 2020) has been *the* pandemic constellation for 2500 years: Bingo! Long in advance it was predicted that in early 2020 the biggest economic depression in history begins: global GDP roughly halved at the low point in 2020 (although the official fantasy numbers don’t fully admit that).

To my knowledge absolutely *no* other forecaster on the planet was able to make forecasts with a similar clarity, sharpness & timely precision. It’s quite simple: the Boss has called me to be his mouthpiece & I obey. In a nutshell, since late 2019 the prophecies of the past 3000 years have been fulfilled blow on blow. Until early 2020 preppers were always ridiculed & yet since 2020 almost all people are preppers, even if it’s just a truckload full of toilet paper. There are no principal changes in the big picture, all of that was already decided before the universe existed. The financial market details are reserved for the premium subscribers, the free area has minor corrections, chronological clarifications & practical instructions.

Now in late 2020 you can easily see the mechanism of crowd madness: black souls simply extrapolate the year 2020 ad infinitum into the future, i.e. further (permanent or interrupted) quarantine state terrorism, mandatory muzzles & vaccinations, 5G invasion, ban of cash etc. As always, none of these crowd expectations (also shared by the so-called ‘truthers’) will come to pass. 80-90% of the evil on the planet is done through the empire of evil (USA): let’s praise God for the day when Russia & China will destroy the empire of evil, because from this time on evil won’t be able to fight more than a rearguard battle.

Mostly 2021=Aquarius will be the very opposite of 2020= & in the rest 2021 simply adds zeros to the trends that began in 2020. In 2020 the state terrorists were the main enemy of humanity, but this will change from scratch in 2021, as the spectrum of enemies broadens a lot, e.g. fellow human beings, wild animals, the sun, earth’s magnetic field, wind, clouds, oceans, volcanoes, the earth, extra-terrestrials/ inner-terrestrials, the Galactic Center, Nibiru & the antichrist who will finally be revealed in the form of the black trinity in 2021. In reality world war 3 began in 2020 with the hybrid warfare (pandemics) of the grey reptos from Orion against humanity & already now the death toll is higher than during the entire WW2. And yet, nobody wants to admit that, the biggest resistance against reality is seen in the so-called ‘truthers’

In 2020 we had the problem of all goods available but businesses partly closed, from 2021 we will see a U-turn: the businesses will be open but less & less (essential) goods will be available. Either way, 2021 can’t be compared to 2020. 2020 was the year of the big Capricorn stellium, whereas 2021 is the year of the Aquarius stellium strongest near the new moon 2/11/2021 with 6 bodies involved, squaring a mini-stellium in Taurus with 3 bodies (see picture) including Uranus. The financial sign Taurus involved should put the financial system into the center of disruptions, including a hyperinflation push. Already now the Fed assets expand by 80-90% YoY (Link) & soon we have to add zeros. During these events the usual crisis hedging could fail entirely & even produce the opposite results, we have to let go of the patterns of the past 66.6 million years, only the dinosaur extinction is a historic model.

However, even the best prophets can only give a fragmentary perspective on the coming incredible events, so surprises will happen to *everybody* without exception. Even the illuminati will be caught on the wrong foot, the ‘great reset’ black souls like Martin Armstrong & other reptiles from Orion have been preparing us since October 2020 (search volume Link) won’t come to pass in this form. Instead of one big hit we’ll see *hundreds* of systemic reforms until 2039, but none of them will be here to stay (in 2039 the 2nd phase of WW3 ends). More than ever before from 2021 we need the Zen beginner’s mind (according to Shunryu Suzuki), in order to throw way all concepts & take completely new positions (also & especially financially).

2 successive signs (e.g. Capricorn -> Aquarius) are as different as possible on all levels: polarities (Yang & Yin), elements (fire, earth, air & water) & qualities (cardinal, fixed & mutable). Right now we are sitting at the big turning point, because on December 17-19, 2020 Jupiter & Saturn change from Capricorn into Aquarius. 2020 was an excessive expression of the Capricorn attributes, typical of the final degrees of a sign. The initial impulse of a sign is at 0°, the strongest expression is in the middle at 15°, the excessive & perverted expression is in the last degrees, especially in the last 5° (Aquarius & Pisces dwad).


2020 Capricorn/ Saturn

2021 Aquarius/ Uranus


Order, state/ government, laws, structure (also infrastructure), control, political correctness, concentration

Freedom, chaos, anarchy, lawlessness, loss of control, interruptions of infrastructure (e.g. electricity & internet)

Role of state & social

The state dominates everything = pure state terrorism.

The state is unimportant, states fall apart & revolutions against the state terrorists. Social networks, like-minded & private firearms dominate.

Borders & walls

More: closing of national borders & freedom of travel restricted, being imprisoned (quarantined), social distancing & masks are borders or symbolic walls

Less: fall von borders & walls because of wars & natural calamities (311°=11° Aquarius is the degree of catastrophes & wars), mass escapes & refugees (wishing for a home)

Economy & finance

Contraction, deflation/ disinflation, high public spending ratio = socialism, one centralized currency (counterfeit money of the central banksters), big companies

(Hyper-) Inflation, volatility, small government quote & nice sovereign defaults, many parallel currencies (including barter trade), small companies



Famines, breatherianism, cannibalism (mainly males are eaten)


Saturn in Uranus-ruled Aquarius (perhaps in the year thereafter) all 29.53 years is a constellation of crises, revolutions & wars, similar to Saturn in the 4th harmonic (0°, 90° & 180°) to Uranus:

* 2021-23: combination of both constellation (Saturn in Aquarius 90° Uranus in Taurus, the first time on 2/17/21)

* 1991: In early 1991 Saturn went into Aquarius, the Soviet Union ceased to exist in 1991. The last Capricorn stellium in 1988/89 was the final astrological factor keeping the socialistic planned economy= alive, it’s similar with the nasty socialistic bloc in Pussycratia. Actually the state influence is *lot* higher in 2020 in Gynocratia compared to 1989 in the Eastern Bloc before the fall of the wall.

* 1961: During the Pigs Bay crisis Saturn was close to 0° Aquarius, the first attempt of the illuminati to trigger WW3. Saturn was still in Aquarius during Kennedy’s assassination.

* 1933: Enabling Law Germany (as in 2020) & gold ban USA

* 1903/ 04: -

* 1873: stock market crashes arising from Vienna, Austria ends the ‚Gründerzeit‘

* 1848: revolutions across Europe, Saturn was in Aquarius until 1847

* 1815/16: inflation high & new order in Europe at Congress of Vienna, 1816 was the year without a summer = worst earth changes in the past centuries

* 1789: inflation high & French revolution, Saturn was in Aquarius until 1788

* 1756: outbreak 7-Years-War, actually the first world war (fought around the globe)

The 20-25 major global issues in the year 2021

We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false. (William Casey, CIA director, 1981)

Capricorn is the time of maximum concentration, that’s why in 2020 the global attention was focused on one topic, of course the Freemasonic virus - the role of the Masons was already predicted 400 years ago by a Marian apparition (Link). Yet 2021 will be the very opposite, i.e. the world will be shaken by 20-25 different topics, most of them worse than the crown virus.

In addition, Capricorn is the sign of gleichschaltung (forcible-coordination): that’s why the year 2020 was as brought into line as *no* other in the past 5000 years of the Kali Yuga. However, that changes by 180° from 2021, i.e. the planet will become fragmented (=Aquarius) as hardly ever before. From 2021/22 more & more world regions (especially the Americas) will return into the Stone Age, while parts of Eurasia can keep their technological status (upgrading should only be seen in China, if at all).

Moreover, the key subject is shifting from the man-made towards earth changes, especially after Rosh Hashana 9/7/21 when the opening of the 6th seal of the apocalypse begins, including the first micronova. Already in 2021 we should see 3-7 giant natural disasters (likelihood less than once in 100 or 1000 years) bigger than what’s normally happening & from 2022 the natural calamities will dictate everything on the planet. I am not totally sure regarding the exact nature of these 3-7 natural calamities, only one bet is pretty safe: the micronova between mid-October & early November 2021. From 2021 even the brain-washed crowd will slowly realize that pandemics are part of the end times & that people suddenly drop dead like a sack of rice in China, which will disturb people less & less.

One of the 20-25 major topics in 2021 is war: many nations (especially the Divided States of America) will be pushing up the daisies from 2021 & torn into pieces, first by the civil wars & then WW3. One fine goodie is the fall of Israhell in December 2021, as already predicted by Nostradamus since 1555: 73 years 7 months after the state foundation on 5/14/1948. It’s clear that Israhell can only fall when the empire of evil is more dead than alive, i.e. that USrahell is history around December 2021: praise Jesus Christ!

Since 2016 I have been saying that likely on 11/3/20 we won’t see (regular) US elections & this call has been spot-on. These elections were by no means regular & actually they were not (valid) elections at all: an election fraud of 10-30% (!) of the votes must be labelled a US coup d’état. But the current US election thriller will soon be irrelevant, the Holy Bible already stated millennia ago that the Whore of Babylon (=New York & the whole empire of evil) will fall in one hour, the fate of Duckburg was already sealed before the universe was created. Ingersoll Lockwood already wrote in the 19th century of the last (regular) US president Trump, with a great many details.

Already years ago the total destruction of Duckburg until 2023/24 was predicted: first the civil war, second the blessing of liberation by China & Russia – moreover, destruction of the coasts either shortly before or after the invasion. However, in 2019 the analysis of prophecies revealed that the US civil war will already break out in 2020, which was forecast almost a year ago in the premium area: fulfilled with the storm on the White House on 6/6/20. For instance, 19 years ago Terry Bennett received the message from the archangel Gabriel of a (full) US civil war from late 2020/ early 2021 (Link). Also, the dramatic events 2020 made it more than obvious that this time window won’t be used at all, the US total destruction should unfold 1-2 years faster than initially assumed: already in 2021/22 we will see most of the US destruction, 2023/24 will merely be the icing on the cake.

In the other nations (that continue to exist) life will become survival in 2021 as well, with anarchy arising nearly everywhere, so one has to take law & order into one’s own hands – a pre-orgiastic wave for Ms. Glock. As Janis Joplin noted, freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose, which will be a big issue under the dominance of the freedom sign Aquarius. Gigantic waves of dying begin, from 2021 the rule is that world population is halved every 3-5 years: let’s praise the Lord that he heals the worst pandemic in the galaxy, i.e. humanity. Moreover be prepared for huge escape waves, e.g. from the US towards Mexico & Canada and from Southern & Western Europe towards Eastern Europe, because of the Muslim invasion lead by Iran. The situation will be precisely 180° compared to 2020: hundreds of million people would like to stay at home but can’t. Maranatha!

But there will be other major escapes than from A to B on the surface of the earth. In 2020 I had a dream where I saw something really astonishing, reminding me of the movie Knowing (2009) with Nicolas Cage & the prophecies of Ken Peters & Benjamin Parravicini: that prepubescent children are rescued by ET friends, to spend the extreme turbulences somewhere else than on the surface of the planet (in earth or outside of earth). Then as young adults (2040s?) they are brought back to earth for procreation & resettlement, especially in the rather spared Antarctic, which will be in the temperate region after the poleshift.

Under the 6th seal of the apocalypse (fall 2021 – fall 2022) the flight to the underground bunkers begins according to Revelation 6, I suspect the evacuations will begin at the same time. Because the elites know they are going underground soon (because of the micronova), they first ruin the surface as much as possible. The evacuations were also mentioned in the Holy Bible, in particular by the prophets Isaiah, Micah, Hosea & Jeremiah (Link). The number 83 is anti-gravitation, that’s why this ‚rapture‘ comes in the Jewish year 5783 (fall 2022-fall 2023).

People will be concerned with survival & no longer care what crazy laws the NWO monsters enact. Following the Freemasonic motto ‚ordo ab chaos‘ of 33° Masonry there has been a long-time plan towards chaos & in 2020 the lodge managed the tightrope act between control (Capricorn) & chaos (Aquarius): controlled chaos is an oxymoron. However, in 2021 this fragile equilibrium will tilt entirely towards (uncontrolled) chaos. The Mongolian prophecy published by Ferdinand Ossendowski a century ago highlighted the crucial importance of 2021 (Link):

In the 50th year [around 1949] 3 major kingdoms [China, Japan & Germany] will arise & exist happily for 71 years [until 2020/21]. Then there will be 18 years of war & destruction [until the 3 dark days in 2038/39]. Finally [2040s] the peoples of Agarthi will come out of their underground caves to the surface of earth.

Another of the 20-25 big topics in 2021 is hyperinflation (=Inflation >26% per year according to the International Accounting Standards Board IASB), because it is apparently not understood by *anyone* outside of the Amanita readership, including the so-called economists (who are usually the last ones to grasp what’s going on the in the economy). Not noticed by 99.9%, we have entered hyperinflationary territory all over the globe in 2020, but primarily in the style of the Capricorn stellium i.e. the reduction & deterioration of service quantity & quality across the board. To my knowledge this is *never ever* taken into consideration, not even by the doter John Williams (Link), in general one should not pay attention to persons in the crash phase of their life cycle >66.6 years (with few exceptions).

In the past this was hardly relevant because supply remained at least fairly stable, but in 2020 the quarantine state terrorism applied the axe almost everywhere, which was *not* included as a reduced activity in the sadistic. So in 2020 we had a supply reduction almost everywhere, which of course is as inflationary as a direct price increase. Also, the asymmetric mathematics is never considered: ceteris paribus a 10% supply reduction translates into an 11% inflation, a 50% supply reduction means 100% inflation & an 80% supply reduction is 400% inflation. 3 examples:

(1) Churches: In many countries there is mandatory church rate, but with closed churches & no masses you get very little benefit (apart from tiny funerals), which must be counted as a supply cut of at least 80-90% & thus 500-1000% inflation.

(2) Schools: What is the supply cut of distant learning versus in-person learning in schools (which is either paid directly in the case of private schools, otherwise indirectly through taxes)? If we use learning performance as the only gauge, then we could for instance assume 50% less service (=100% inflation), for instance the number of students failing in the empire of evil has partly exploded by more than 600% (Link). However, including *all* factors (e.g. social isolation, electrosmog, more time required by parents, organizing effort...) will certainly also produce an 80-90% reduction = 500-1000% inflation. In contrast to the current thinking of crowd madness, online can *never* be equivalent to in-person.

(3) Parking permits: In most of Vienna, Austria, the parking zones were lifted for 2 months in spring 2 months, yet I didn’t get any refund for the parking permit paid 2 years advance. So during this time I got 0.00% service for my money, which is in principle ‘infinite’ hyperinflation.

These examples demonstrate the principal problem of quantifications: namely that this cut & deterioration can’t be calculated with any precision, it can only be estimated (which is always to some degree arbitrary). Needless to say, excluding these extreme economic disruptions entirely as practiced by the statistics terrorists is not an option either, as that understates inflation by a *zero* (!) & overstates the GDP by 10-20%. But from 2021 we have a classic hyperinflation anyway, so that even the braindead smombies & covidiots realize what’s going on.

In 2020 mainly small companies had to bite the dust because of the dominance of Capricorn = big companies. From 2021 this pattern will be turned 180° upside down & the big gorillas like Apple will be history (e.g. buried by the Pacific): praise the Lord! In the premium area the Amanita default model has been quoted for almost a decade, showing the peak in our lifetime in 2022 = biggest default wave in history. I want to dedicate entire chapters to 2 of the 20-25 major topics in 2021: the coming skin pandemic & the soul apostasy.

The wonderful coming skin pandemic

You will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day,
nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness, nor the plague that destroys at midday.
1000 may fall at your side, 10,000 at your right hand, but it will not come near you.
You will only observe with your eyes and see the punishment of the wicked.
(Psalm 91)

Plandemics are one of the 20-25 major topics in 2021. The so-called ‘truthers’ experienced a terrible fiasco in 2020, their truth content collapsed beyond belief, most of their souls were taken by the devil. In early 2020 the truthers were still on the right path, e.g. the NWO origin of the crown virus, the *true* Chinese numbers etc. Meanwhile the main argument of the so-called truthers is that the crown virus is nothing but a flunami (flu tsunami), however nothing could be further from truth, with meanwhile some 100 million CV deaths worldwide (you have to add almost 2 zeros to the official numbers). My palm leaf read on April 6, 2020 (via was dedicated to the topic crown virus & prophesized a death toll of 110 million, we are not far away from this number. In stark contrast to the reality denial of the so-called ‘truthers’ this is the worst pandemic in history in absolute numbers (in a short period).

Like the lying press, the truther operate on the premise of ‘one’ covid19 virus: a bigger folly is unthinkable in the entire galaxy. Actually each country or region received one customized crown virus with 7 major strands, with very different characteristics (death rates etc.). China got the by far worst type, because of the war of the 5 illuminati factions since 2014: white dragons (China) & Vatican/ P2 lodge against Zion, Freemasonry & Black Nobility. This regional control only worked because the virus was programmed so that the person-to-person infection can be neglected. It was spread almost exclusively through chemtrails & vaccinations, with the fine-tuning through electrosmog, HAARP & co.: just so a controlled chaos could be created in 2020.

Only the truther criticism of the PCR lottery & the mandatory muzzles makes sense, wearing muzzles should be punished with death penalty. The PCR method was developed by Kary Mullis who was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1993 for chemistry for his findings. Mullis died in August 2019 during the coronavirus preparations from pneumonia, like the CV victims: the timing & reason of his death is a clear indication that he was murdered, as he would have certainly raised his voice against the abuse of his method. Because Mullis always warned to use the PCR lottery as a ‘test’, as it can be used to ‘detect’ almost every disease in every human, when the number of cycles is large enough (>35 Link): not a single of the 3 test criteria objectivity, validity & reliability is fulfilled. However, tests of all kind (also scam like PCR) are associated with Capricorn & thus will become rather unimportant in 2021 under Aquarius, exactly opposite to the current thinking of crowd madness. Luckily, the skin pandemic will lead to death so fast that there is no time left for tests.

But the worst regarding the PCR terror is almost never discussed, why are these ‘tests’ done through the absurd invasion of the brain, when others are using a normal buccal swab? Possibly the purpose is not only to gather DNA material for the soul access but also to implant a nanochip as close as possible to the epiphysis (=pineal/ master/ soul gland), as already warned by Wolfgang Wiedergut from Austria in 2006 (Link).

God’s Handmaiden’ (LoC in the 590s) also got this message from the Boss, the throne room of God (Link). The truther crowd madness always looks at the coming CV vaccine, while the real story (the PCR terror) is already in full motion… What surprised & shocked me most in the prophecy scene is that it is almost *never* (!) realized when prophecies come to pass. Wiedergut died 11 days before 11.10.2008 -> 11.10.10 with an 1111 code. 11.10.2008 was the day when the Austrian politician Jörg Haider (who was once considered the head of the European rightwing parties) was murdered by the secret services upon the order of the Lodge, after a Masonic ostracism. Freemasonry even managed to stress his 1111 death date (11 is the Jewish number of revenge) with a ‘misspelling’ on Haider’s coffin: I have never seen a ‘misspelling’ on a coffin in my entire life...

The entire antibody paradigm of conventional medicine is hogwash. As a matter of fact the immunity against the crown jewels is determined by *thousands* (!) of factors (subtle & gross), antibodies being only one, in the case of the crown virus actually an *unimportant* (!) one. And even this one factor (antibodies) is hardly understood, the problem is 100x more complex than the narrative of the lying press. Not even in the case the measles always touted by the antibody mafia the mono-causal antibody model is true (Link).

The truth content of the vaccination hypothesis is so low that it resembles a psychotic derailment with very little reality contact. Note the vaccination hypothesis was never more than a wild, far-fetched hypothesis, i.e. never a scientific theory. Hypotheses (new ideas) can also be constructed while picking one’s nose, but a scientific theory must fulfill stricter criteria than the nose picker success.

To add insult to injury, there are strong hints that (binding) CV antibodies have the *opposite* (!) effect touted by the vaccine mafia, i.e. *increasing* (!) the disease risks instead of lowering them (Link), as proposed by Prof. Rudolf Valenta here in Vienna (Link). The crown virus was created to crown the devil & she programmed the virus that way, through her servants in human bodies.

Despite the reality denial of the so-called ‘truthers’ there is no doubt that humanity will experience divine wrath until 2048 in the form of *hundreds* (!) of epidemics, some global, others local. The crown virus was only a tiny prelude, a first taste of the great many things still coming, praise the Lord! As one prophecy stated (Link): *all* (!) epidemics that have ever been seen will be seen again – this is part of the miasma clearing.

The skin pandemic has been described in very similar terms by many prophets & channels, e.g. Pastor Sundar Selvaraj (Link), preacher John Paul Jackson already in 2008 (Link), Michelle Whitedove (Link), Glynda Lomax (Link) & others. Praise the Lord that he is indulging us in 2021 with a 10-15 times worse pandemic, a very noble 7fold blend from smallpox, leprosy, hornet sting, plague, Ebola, rabies & leukemia (Link).

1. At first this disease is mainly on the skin, similar to smallpox.

2. The pain will be burning on the skin with ulcers like from a hornet sting & darken, or even become totally dark (Link): consequence of the death sting by demons (Link).

3. Blood will come out of the body’s natural orifices, similar to Ebola.

4. The disease goes deeper from the skin into the flesh, the card game illuminati has prophesized flesh-eating bacteria for decades, similar to leprosy (Link). Amazingly, this card game also prophesized the quarantine terror on a card with the dominant color green as one timing hint: under the 4th (green) horseman of the apocalypse fall 2019 through fall 2020. Already in 1938 Benjamin Parravicini warned of the total paralysis of the world with the code 80 = Jewish year 5780 = fall 2019 until fall 2020 (Link). The South-American Nostradamus marked the Chinese invasion (for instance in Siberia) with the code 95 = Jewish year 5795 = fall 2034 until fall 2035.
This also explains why the plandemic primarily kills the earth pigs adoring the flesh: all idols (false Gods) must be destroyed. There are 2 types of black souls: earth pigs & the misguided. The earth pigs reject everything ‘higher’ in 100% ignorance, this form of satanism became part of academic philosophy here in Vienna, Austria, in the form of the Vienna Circle of Logical Empiricism. Their founder Moritz Schlick only wanted to acknowledge what he could touch like a camelback. Fortunately, Schlick harvested his satanic karma at warp 15, he was shot in front of the Vienna University by a former doctorand who felt his professor had stolen every meaning of life (actually it was a form of soul theft).
So God will clear away the earth pigs first, because they are no longer accessible. When they experience hell during night then they assume they simply had a terrible nightmare. And when God sends them an angel to warn them, they believe they have hallucinations & have to visit a psychiatrist. That’s why the death quota in the previously Christian Pussystan will be a lot higher than among the Muslims, who are mainly in the category of the misled & not the earth pigs. They worship an ugly demon they falsely assume to be ‚God‘.

5. The inner organs are also affected a lot, as is the case with leukemia (Link).

6. Death follows quickly within 12-72 hours, similar to the plague: people still enter cars, buses, trains & airplanes but then simply die during travel. The corpses everywhere will be really disgusting! So 2021 also marks the end of classic intensive-care medicine & actually of the entire medical system as we know it. This is a good thing from an empirical perspective, because doctors’ striking means lower death numbers, i.e. a large part of today’s deaths are caused by the white coat mafia (Link).

7. Medical healing is not possible (mostly even the return to God is no longer an option, as it’s too late), similar to rabies. A much higher death rate compared to the crown virus was seen by McKana (Link). Praise the justice of our Lord Jesus Christ!

We have seen a great many indications for first trial releases of the coming plandemic, some examples: CV toes in many countries (Link), CV rash in Spain (Link), extreme CV mutations in Malaysia (Link), flesh-eating bacteria in Australia (Link), brain-eating bacteria in Texas (Link), terror by monster hornets (Link) as prophesized by Pastor Selvaraj in the pandemic (Link) & plague outbreak in China (Link). Actually the crown jewels have an affinity (cross immunity) with skin diseases (mumps-measles-rubella Link), because the crown virus was programmed as a preparer for the skin disease - which is never understood though.

However, the lying press gets more & more naughty every day & we have to assume that they won’t admit an epidemic with ‘only’ some million deaths, especially in China. Only pandemics with a death toll of more than 50-100 million are so big that neither the lying press nor the pandemic deniers (the so-called ‘truthers’) can deny them. Officially China hasn’t seen a *single* CV death since May 2020, the number is pegged at 4634 (Link): the good about this number is that it is so absurd that not even the so-called ‘truthers’ can take it seriously, in spite of their permanent attempts to manipulate the CV numbers to the downside. China understates the CV deaths by 4 zeros, you have to multiply the dragon numbers with a factor x10,000. The number 4634 is a code: 46=3rd Temple in JerUSAlem & 34 stands for 2034, when China invades Siberia (in 2034/35). And the sum of digits is 17 which can be condensed to 8 the Chinese lucky number: hence the Olympic Games kick on 8/8/08. Do *never ever* accept government BS numbers at face value!

8 unknown dangers for one’s salvation

Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there comes a falling away [of the soul] first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition [=antichrist]. (2 Thes 2: 3)

Another of the 20-25 big topics in 2021 is the soul apostasy: the so-called ‘truthers’ & new agers hallucinate of the coming ‘great awakening’ - which won’t happen, but the very opposite. Almost 2 years ago I discussed the soul review sometime in 2022-24, the crucial spiritual event in the early end times ( In early 2019 I considered the worst case scenario of only 0.12% remaining white souls (going to heaven) very unlikely, but unfortunately it is carved in stone now. These 0.12% are mentioned in the Gospel of Thomas #23 = code for 2023, “I shall choose you, one out of a 1000 and 2 out of 10,000, and they shall stand as a single one.” The share of pure white souls (without chameleons) crashed to only 0.5% in 2020 & the few remaining are attacked more & more ferociously. In my environment I had to witness even spiritually very ambitious people losing their soul. From 2021 it will be very tough or almost impossible to make a black soul white again & the black quality of the soul will be reflected more & more by one’s actions.

That’s why 80% of the prepping time should be dedicated to one’s salvation & only 20% to the other levels, i.e. the physical prepping. The sealing of the white souls (Book of Apocalypse 7) happens in 2022/23, until then the white souls must be very careful. However, the sealing operates in both directions, i.e. after 2022/23 it will be next to impossible to make a black soul white again, since the beginning of Last Judgment at Pentecost 2019 this is getting increasingly difficult. Burning black souls has been allowed since Pentecost 2019 for this planet & since 12/8/20 (Feast of the Immaculate Conception) for the entire galaxy.

Note the success of physical prepping depends on many factors, only soul prepping has a guaranteed success (although the fruits may not be seen during this lifetime). Moreover, physical prepping is a rather short lived affair for most of humanity: I estimate that in 10 years in 2030 only some 2 (+/-1) billion people will still be on earth, which is 70-80% less than today. Whoever is able to save their soul until 9/15/23 (end of Kali Yuga) has almost won, but the remaining 2-3 years will be difficult. Daniel 12 writes: „Blessed is he who waits, and comes to the 1335 days!“ The reference point for these 1335 days=years is the year 688 with the construction of the Dome of Rock in JerUSAlem, so the motto is to „brace yourself“ (Pastor Dana Coverstone) until 2023. But the 1335 is a double code: 1335 days before 9/15/23 was 1/19/20, when the plandemic escalated.

The problem with salvation is that it has never been nearly as difficult to achieve or to preserve, until 2023 a soul can become black for *thousands* (!) of reasons. In in this context the *complete* spiritual world literature with an LoC>600-700 (Link), but even that is no longer enough today, you need a hotline to the Boss. In the past 5000 years the devil has created *thousands* of options to cash in the souls of humanity. Unfortunately, the established world religions & the new age teachings only cover a fraction of that, also because so many of these methods have been created very recently. The Holy Bible leaves no doubt that at least 50% of those trying with all their might (spiritually very ambitious <1% of humanity) to reach heaven will fail - the rest (without proper effort) fails 100%

The best collection of contemporary messages has been compiled by Peniel Ngonde (Link) with soon 1000 videos, with a truth of high (but not perfect) 86%. There are other comprehensive sources as well, with 700 PDFs on almost 10,000 pages (Link). Reading a palm leaf (e.g. through may also help for individual questions. This topic was already discussed in great detail in early 2019: Now in the end times you should use 2-3 hours per day or one day per week (e.g. the Sabbath) for one’s salvation. There are 8 factors threatening one’s salvation which are unfortunately almost *never* understood as sins outside of the Amanita readership:

(1) Defilement because of social contacts: Since time immemorial sexuality has been used to gain soul access, especially to open up men, because in the moment of orgasm (petit mort small death) you reach (albeit normally only for seconds) the high 500s on the consciousness scale, producing a soul opening (requires LoC>540). Since 2020 soul contact is even easier to reach, possibly through intense social contacts like friendships with black souls, Timothy 5-22: „Do not be hasty in the laying on of hands, and do not share in the sins of others. Keep yourself pure.“
This is the reason why the Boss allowed social distancing in 2020: social atomization was stated as a sign of Jesus’ influence or his return in Matthew 10-35. Verse number 35 is a code, because in 2035 the distancing culminates, when the white souls headed by the later Emperor Henry the Lucky (upon the order of the Boss) redeem the black souls, staple their incarnation vehicles to pyramids & burn them – as prophesized by Sajaha thousands of year ago (
Often pseudo-charismatic churches (especially the speaking in tongues as warned in Isaiah 28
Link) lay hands on to transfer demons. Of all world religions Buddhism could maintain the highest LoC (Link) because Buddhism is most Yang. Preservation of this polarity is also the reason why Buddhist monks are not allowed to touch women according to the Pratimoksa (Link).
Even having Fecesbook friends with a black soul brings a tiny negative karma, which is still a problem of the sheer quantity, e.g. when one has 2000 ‚friends‘ with a black soul. The danger of Fecesbook is also stressed by Rabbi Alon Anava, who calls Fecesbook an entrance into hell (
Link). The anti-social media were created in hell & are controlled by certain demons (Link), stay away from them as much as possible to keep your soul pure! Thanks God, Fecesbook will be history soon, the awful smell of all the feces stinks to heaven & has already reached the Throne of God.

(2) Vaccines: *Every* normal vaccine is a satanic ritual & thus a huge threat for one’s soul. However, the planned, completely new mRNA vaccinations access the soul at a much deeper level, as already warned by Rudolf Steiner in the early 20th century (Link): the vaccinations of the white coat satanists shall drive the souls out of humanity. According to some prophecies (Link, e.g. Esther Eagle Link) the genetic changes caused by mRNA vaccination leads to a zombification of the vaccine recipients (by early 2022 at the latest), so the military receives the order to shoot all vaccine recipients immediately upon sight – as shown in the South Korean movie Train to Busan in 2016. A lot of large caliber ammunition will be needed to deliver these therianthropes, so Revelation 9 applies, “In those days men will seek death and will not find it; they will desire to die, and death will flee from them.” Even the US pandemic creation agency CDC prepares for the zombie apocalypse (Link). These incredible side effects produce a rebellion against the vaccination mafia (vaccination revolution) in 2021/22, so their power is broken forever.

In the premium area it was already predicted in early 2020 that the COVID vaccine terror will begin at the turn of 2020/21 & this is exactly how things have unfolded: his blessing will free us of a great many black souls. The CV vaccination of the illuminati (with mRNA = messenger ribonucleic acid) will be given to some 5-10% of humanity or perhaps somewhat more, but not nearly 100%. ‘Christian’ crowd madness always assumes that this shot will be the mark of the 666 Beast, but nothing could be further from truth, this is the mobile phone. However, there are major differences between the vaccines offered, according to Patrick’s dowsing’s these 3 are worst (Link) & thus the most widely used (Link): Pfizer-BioNTech, ModeRNA, AstraZeneca & Sinovac. The least harmful according to his dowsing is Johnson & Johnson (correction). In the middle on his scale -10 until +10 are Novavax (-2) & Sputnik (-3). So the worst death shots will lead to be an amazingly quick end of the human existence of most inoculated, in one form or another.

Putin was very clever, knowing that the Russian people are completely brainwashed, too, so they are longing for a CV vaccine. So the rather harmless Sputnik shot was launched as the first one. Even Israhell buys this vaccination, in spite of the heavy tensions between these nations.

It can be outruled 100% that (normal) vaccines have any ‘healing power’ whatsoever, so they could easily come up quickly with a placebo vaccine. In 2010 I calculated with official German data ( that in a *conservative* (!) estimate the normal tetanus vaccination raises the disease risk by 100,000% (x1000), possibly one has to add another zero. The most absurd vaccine is for a fast mutating virus like *all* from the corona family, actually we now officially have the nCoV (new coronavirus). So even a normal flu shot offers a ‘solution’ for last year’s virus, not the one of the present… The stupidity of humanity is beyond belief.

(3) Finances (debts, taxes, donations & testament): Almost never understood is the key role of financial affairs for one’s salvation. In the Book of Acts 5 we find the amazing description of a married couple dying immediately because of a minor financial lie told to Peter. To my knowledge this is the only description of an *immediate* death because of a sin, telling us how incredibly important one’s finances are. Judas Iscariot was the financial manager among the 12+1, he enriched himself & betrayed the Boss, also a hint for the special role of the finance managers.

In the eyes of many the beginning hyperinflation looks like an opportunity to raise credits, but I want to advocate strongly against such a plan! I am 100% against credit slavery, first for financial & political reasons, as this makes you a slave of the state terrorists whose despotism is without limits, as demonstrated by the year 2020. Historical examples: after the 1980s hyperinflation laws in Israhell decided that a new principal of the mortgages is calculated with the current *real* value. However, with the certainly falling property prices (in real terms) this meant actually a *higher* (!) debt than before.

But a lot more important are the spiritual reasons. In a vision Ruth was denied access to heaven because of her debts, to her surprise & dismay (Link). Divine laws allow cashing in the soul of someone who owes you something. This debt doesn’t need to be spiritual, it can also be financial, and that’s why the souls of credit slaves become easier black than others. There is a reason why 5000 years ago the devil (her staff) invented the system of Babylonian debt slavery. These laws are also the spiritual reason for the monetary redistribution through socialism & NGO mafia headed by the goulash reptile: overwhelming people with presents without compensation is a good step towards cashing in their souls! The ‘Good Samaritans’ are in reality henchmen of hell, regardless how this fact is wrapped in fine words.

In truth the entire system of the Kali Yuga has the only purpose to write as many souls into the book of death (hell), i.e. to make them black. That’s why cash payments are best, even debit cards, bank transfers & direct debit are better than credit cards & even the illuminati company PayPal, because the amount due is deducted *immediately* without temporary credit slavery (in the case of credit cards you are briefly a debtor). But needless to say, PayPal won’t exist much longer, in 2021 or 2022 they are history (very unlikely by 2023), the US West Coast will be torn into pieces after the liberation by the Chinese People's Liberation Army.

Paying taxes is also a sin in the current system & produces negative karma, because it supports the reign of the devil & her state demon Leviathan. That’s why in 2020 every day of a ‘normal’ life produces a host of negative karma, which is hardly understood by anybody. For millennia the top covidiot has worked towards her goal that normal everyday life is enough to pull into hell – and she reached her goal in the early 21st century.

The last will is the biggest financial decision in the life of most people, it is an expression of one’s lifework & thus very important for the salvation. The more capital, the more important the testament is for the soul. It is a serious sin & thus a major post-mortal burden to bequeath one’s money to black souls & thus the devil, also when this means one’s own children or other close relatives. Thus one should always leave one’s capital to persons or organizations with white souls, and the same is true of donations. Thus the word from the Lord is also fulfilled because of financial affairs (Matthew 10/ 34-37):

Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law, a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household. Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.

(4) False prepping (passive suicide): Knowing what’s looming & still remaining in the coming death zones might be judged by the chief justice as passive suicide, almost as strong as active suicide which historically leads to hell with a probability of 96%. Actually we could even go higher now in the end times than 96% because of Last Judgment. Suicide always creates a lot of negative karma & needs a lot of positive karma to be balanced out. Even white chameleons (whose names are written in the Book of Life with a pencil so-to-speak) now hardly make it into heaven, no way for black chameleons. A lot depends on the circumstances just before & after death, which are as unfavorable as possible until 2023.

The odds for heaven rise when one’s life task has been almost completely fulfilled (>95%), which normally is only the case in the higher age (60+). This phenomenon of passive suicide is most likely to occur near the coasts & on islands (including New Zealand) as well as in South America, the only no-go-continent among the 6 continents. There is no doubt whatsoever that the world oceans will destroy the coasts in the coming 1-5 years (fall 2024 until fall 2025 deluge reloaded). The only question is when precisely & how much inland, that depends on several factors: partly ‘only’ 10-100 km & partly 100-1000 (!) km.

Similarly, in the eyes of the creator today’s use of smartphones (many hours per day) counts as indirect suicide (‘passive’ is the wrong word, as it includes certain actions). It is no coincidence that the cell phone is the mark of the 666 beast. The extreme effects of the microwave terror mean the smombies create the karma of torturers & thus will be tormented incredibly postmortem. Let’s praise the justice of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Over centuries the Catholic Church did the right & refused a normal funeral for suiciders. While this is not a 100% rule it is still an excellent heuristic, because only few priests can detect the postmortem location of deceased (requires an open 3rd eye). However, because of the Vatican being infiltrated by the synagogue of Satan this rule was changed.

Maybe even wrong prepping counts as a passive suicide, i.e. not arming oneself to the teeth. Luke 22/ 36 & 38 tells the story of the hours before Jesus was imprisoned by the good-doers (Pharisees). In these verses the weapon purchase is given the *very highest* (!) priority. This is mainly relevant in the 2020s because in the 2030s the outpouring of the Holy Spirit as *never* before begins, then such archaic stuff is no longer needed. In today’s Luciferian lying & wellness Gospel these key verses are of course swept under the critic, they contradict the concept of God as a wimp:

He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one. […] The disciples said, “See, Lord, here are 2 swords.” “That’s enough!” he replied.

(5) Mental karma because of stupidity (false teachings, prayers, opinions & election decisions): This is discussed in several Bible verses, the CEO of CEOS said in Matthew 10-16, “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.” This is a secondary commandment, not one of the 10 primary commandments, but still can be enough to make a soul black.

In 1938 Benjamin Parravicini stated that one of the end times signs is total idiocy, which you can observe every day (Link). Today’s stupidity is mainly an expression of the death sin sloth, thinking is ‘outsourced’ (also to so-called smartphones): the mass delegates thinking instead of dealing with essential topics themselves. Most new age teachings reinforce this death spiral with their frequent request to turn off their mind: this is a direct order from the place of eternal torments.

In this context it matters a lot whom you vote for in politics. For instance, when somebody in the United votes for the child rapist Bidet, then they upload a part of the karma of child abuse to their karma account, which leads at least into the 3rd level of hell. Similarly, praying for the political success of black souls (e.g. Trumpenstein) has a similar albeit weaker effect, this will bring many Christians into hellfire. Praying for the success of black souls means they can do even more evil deeds & a part of this karma is charged to one’s karmic account.

The reptile (Link) in the White House has done only some 10% of what the Lord wanted from him: everything under 50% is a major risk towards hellfire. And yet, these 10% are enough for the incredible attacks against him. Trumpenstein lies in bed with satanists like Henry Kissinger (who always spoke in high terms of him) & Satanyahu, who is the Messiah ben Joseph according to leading Rabbis (Link): the Messiah ben Joseph prepares the Antichrist = Messiah ben David. When these facts don’t ring all alarm bells, then one’s soul is in great danger. Since June 2019 we *must* (!) pray for the destruction of all black souls, who are no longer tolerated by our Savior. Since 2016 the alpha rhinoceros in Brainwashington is the person discussed most on the planet, so it makes sense that his 4 years in office reflect the 4 years of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse. His soul got black in fall 2018, at the beginning of the 3rd (black) horseman of the apocalypse. In 2021 (2022?) the Lord will give him the fair reward for his deeds.

The general rule is: if one’s deeds & teachings save at least one soul, then one’s soul is also saved. But the opposite is also true: when only one soul is lost because of one’s deeds & teachings, then one’s soul is also lost. So far the Amanita teachings have saved 1000-2000 souls, which is quite a lot.

Crowd madness in the end times always asks for more grace=injustice, a giant Luciferian deception. Instead we should ask for the exact opposite, i.e. maximum justice = Last Judgment, there is a reason why the Old Testament always praises the Righteous (not the ‘loving’). This cry for justice is the main topic since 9/19/20 = opening of 5th seal according to Revelation 6:

When he opened the 5th seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain because of the word of God and the testimony they had maintained. They called out in a loud voice, “How long, Sovereign Lord, holy and true, until you judge the inhabitants of the earth and avenge our blood?” Then each of them was given a white robe, and they were told to wait a little longer, until the full number of their fellow servants, their brothers and sisters, were killed just as they had been.

Already years in advance it was predicted that from 9/19/20 (opening of the 5th seal) the persecution of Christians will be a major topic. This is exactly what has happened since fall 2020, after 4-5 rather calm years (the last big rapugees incident was the Sylvester 2015/16 in Cologne, Germany): a great many terrorists of the ‘peace religion’, as in the night of November 2nd/ 3rd here in Vienna, Austria. But a lot more is looming in 2021, namely the beginning of the Muslim invasion in Pussystan. This is world war 3, the details were described by Nostradamus in hundreds of verses – while most prophecy wannabe experts wait on the invasion of the evil evil Russians.

Almost all spiritual quarters (including the new agers) reject the male aspect of God = light, truth & justice, while stressing almost 100% the female aspect love & grace. One consequence of the maximum suppression of the male is that in the 2030s (2040s?) we will have about 10 times more women than men, as stated by several prophecies. The way of love only leads towards the maximum LoC=599, while the levels 600-1000 stands for a Yang polarization, with light (enlightenment). This is also the deeper, never understood meaning of the allegory of the 10 virgins (Matthew 25): all 10 love (=Yin) their bridegroom=Christ, but half of them run out of light (=Yang). In other words: heaven or hell (especially in Eunuchistan) depends mainly on whether or not one has the male qualities or not, to the wimps the Boss will say, “I don’t know.”

Of all world religions Buddhism could maintain the highest level of consciousness (Link), as Buddhism is most Yang. To keep this polarization Buddhist monks are not allowed to touch women according to Pratimokṣa (Link). For this reason God allowed the social distancing in 2020: to prevent all impurities.

Light, truth & justice are the *prerequisite* (!) for love & grace, just as courage (Yang) is the requirement for humility (Yin). Humility without courage is simply cowardice. We have a typical addiction dynamic = Yin excess without Yang, the spiritual junkies always want more of their spiritual drug called grace. This is like fighting a hangover by drinking even more alcohol – or like central banksters who want to ‘cure’ the problems arising from money printing with even more money printing. The other spiritual drug is love, as we are more or less explicitly told all the time: “God is (only) Love.” In the (formerly) Christian Eunuchistan an image of God as a eunuch is projected who only has love (Yin) but no power (Yang). God has 330 million qualities according to the Vedic texts, the reduction of God to one quality is erroneous & Luciferian: the equation God = (only) love rejects 99.9999997% of God, which is full-blown Luciferian rebellion. Already the 72 Hebrew names of God correct this Luciferian God image somewhat (Link), better are the 1008 Vedic names for the main aspects of God.

In the Kali Yuga (Kali is a female, black aspect of God) the main problem of humanity has been the Yin excess, since the year 3102 B.C. (death of Krishna). This means that the Yang qualities like speed & justice are missing, i.e. karma is only accelerated with a huge delay. The lack of karmic justice as an immediate feedback (because of grace) produces a downward vortex. In the Golden Age (Satya Yuga) the Yang=justice dominates again, somewhat exaggerated one could say: when I smash somebody’s face in in the morning, then my face will be smashed in in the afternoon. This very quick learning effect produces an upward spiral.

The very opposite was true in the Kali Yuga. People could be an asshole their whole life but may have never reaped what they have sown before death – and few people saw their postmortal fate. In contrast, many good people with a high vibration had to suffer a lot, victim of attacks, mistreatment etc. These examples seduce so many people into the black path leading towards hell, producing a collective down-spiral. But the trend has already turned as we are heading towards the Satya Yuga, as karma is accelerated faster & faster, especially since Pentecost 2019: beginning of Last Judgment & of the outpouring of the Holy Ghost starting near the Untersberg Mountain at 48° N, as already predicted by Nostradamus in his letter to King Henry.

I experienced my strongest light flooding in the week after being freed from my core veil on 11/4/13 around 6 p.m. UT: the only night in my life without a minute of sleep, after the fall of the core veil too much light poured in, preventing any sleep. The core veil near the 4th chakra was called the foreskin of heart by Jeremiah 4-4 (double 4!) that must be circumcised. From the King Arthur lineage we know the 14 preparation movements before the beginning of awakening = removal of core veil, afterwards 62,000 steps towards God are possible in a human body. In the captivity of humanness you can only reach LoC=1000, in freedom LoC=50,000-500,000 is possible, as demonstrated by the Archangels.

The first 3 of the 14 preparation movements are to clear the identification with (1) body, (2) emotions & (3) mind. One should ask the creator to clear all 3 identifications. Because the mind can’t properly work as long as one is still identified with the mind, but only 2% of world population no longer have this identification. As long as you are identified with something you are controlled by it, so the mind is the ruler & not the servant it is supposed to be. The 14th preparation movement creates a hole in the core veil, so it is ready to go. David Hawkins made 35,000 of the 62,000 possible steps towards God. When you are no longer imprisoned in a human body, then the door opens for an immeasurable number of additional steps back to God.

Jesus Christ was a carpenter & chose 12 simple men as his Apostles, whose minds weren’t destroyed yet by academic education, so their minds were still open. While the 4 evangelists are a top source, the distortion of the gospel began with an academic, i.e. a Pharisee = scribe (Link). The LoC of Paulus only reached the 700s (as Mohammed), while the 11 surviving apostles (without Judas) reached the 900s (Link). These LoCs are poles apart: LoC=850 is the final Luciferian testing, who was not mastered by the bigheaded Pharisee, in contrast to the mentally not prejudiced apostles.

This bedlam mind never met the Lord physically & spread a lot of satanic teachings which can be labelled Paulinism. For instance, the persecutor of Christians is the root of today’s state slavery. Romans 13 equals the government with God, this is idolatry & satanism leading to the bottomless pit. Needless to say, the very opposite is true: when injustice becomes law, civil disobedience becomes duty & obedience becomes a sin & crime. Partly this narcissistic self-promoter writes as confused as after 15 Tequila & maximizes confusion in the Christian parishes in a great many verses, e.g. his visit in the 3rd heaven. The regular heaven (swargalok) consists of 7 levels, the third level is for those with an LoC in the lows 500s, which is really pathetic for a guru. Moreover, above the 7 regular levels of heaven there are 4 higher heavens (Maharlok, Janalok, Tapolok & Satyalok), see Dr. Athavale (Link).

At the time of writing the Letter to the Romans, Saul was in the 500s: the LoC<700 is a priori inappropriate as spiritual world literature. Pastor Cioccolanti (whose soul got black in 2020) tries to somehow justify that but doesn’t call out the satanic teachings (Link). One palm leaf discussed my former incarnation 2000 years ago in the Middle East when I met Jesus Christ & also Saul Paul, being an itinerant trader of leather & clothes.

The Amanita readers are in an awful situation, as they are as well in the picture as hardly anybody else & thus can *not* quote the lack of knowledge as an excuse when they are judged by our Creator. Knowledge *always* entails some responsibility, which hardly anybody wants to acknowledge, as warned in the article on muscle testing & dowsing: Millions will try to kick themselves 24/7, remembering my words without paying attention. Asking for information is good & important but always entails a responsibility, as already warned by the Boss (Luke 12-48).

But the one who does not know and does things deserving punishment will be beaten with few blows. From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.

(6) Goody-goody ideology (drunkenness with love): In Gynocratia we almost always have an extremely one-sided & thus totally wrong = satanic notion of God in the basic equation God = (only) love. The Vedic texts talk of 330 million divine qualities (of the Holy Spirit), reducing these 330 million qualities to *one* may be the most clever gambit of the devil. Love is the most important in the female Yin qualities, while the male Yang qualities (e.g. truth, light, power, justice, strength, freedom) are suppressed systematically & universally. On the Hawkins consciousness scale the identification with love is LoC=500-599: in the lower 500s we find ‘everyday’ love & in the high 500s ecstasy. But to reach the levels of enlightenment (LoC=600-1000) & to break the cycle of reincarnations (samsara) you also have to get rid of the golden chains of ecstasy (as David Hawkins put it). This is so much harder for a woman than for a man, that’s why before the 20th century you almost had zero women with LoC>600, but this door was opened by Amma. Until the final Luciferian testing at LoC=850 you still have a spiritual ego, which Hawkins called the most dangerous in the entire universe.

Spiritual warfare doesn’t really make sense at LoC<600, because attachments to love are extremely dangerous & can even prevent doing God’s will, when in the eyes of humanity it is extreme or even ‘bad’. Example: more than 2800 years ago the prophet Elijah single-handedly beheaded the 850 false prophets of Queen JezebelElijah still had balls & was not a good-doer drunken with love! Presumably he will show up again in 3 years late 2023/ early 2024 until 2027 as one of the 2 witnesses, because he still has to atone something: he got scared by Queen Jezebel & ran away. This is discussed from Revelation 11-3, likely killing millions (!) of black souls with their fire breath, hallelujah:

And I will give power unto my 2 witnesses, and they shall prophesy 1260 days, clothed in sackcloth. These are the 2 olive trees, and the 2 candlesticks standing before the God of the earth. And if any man will hurt them, fire proceedeth out of their mouth, and devoureth their enemies: and if anyone will hurt them, they must in this manner be killed.

Until the end of the Kali Yuga on 9/15/23 spiritual warfare means to cut off the life threads of black souls with prayers, including almost all leaders (as of 2020). The cutting of a life-thread is described in psalm 109 (109 is a code for 19: in 2019 Last Judgment began with Pentecost):

Hold not thy peace, O God of my praise; for the mouth of the wicked and the mouth of the deceitful are opened against me: they have spoken against me with a lying tongue. They compassed me about also with words of hatred; and fought against me without a cause. For my love they are my adversaries: but I give myself unto prayer. And they have rewarded me evil for good, and hatred for my love. Set thou a wicked man over him: and let Satan stand at his right hand. When he shall be judged, let him be condemned: and let his prayer become sin. Let his days be few; and let another take his office. Let his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow. Let his children be continually vagabonds, and beg: let them seek their bread also out of their desolate places. Let the extortioner catch all that he hath; and let the strangers spoil his labour. Let there be none to extend mercy unto him: neither let there be any to favour his fatherless children. Let his posterity be cut off; and in the generation following let their name be blotted out. Let the iniquity of his fathers be remembered with the Lord; and let not the sin of his mother be blotted out. Let them be before the Lord continually, that he may cut off the memory of them from the earth. Because that he remembered not to shew mercy, but persecuted the poor and needy man, that he might even slay the broken in heart.

After 9/15/23 we may & must transform the spiritual war Armageddon deeper into the gross (3-dimensional) sphere, in order to do the – very cruel! – will of God. This was mentioned by our Boss shortly before he was crucified, but in today’s satanic lying gospel the crucial Bible verses are never discussed. In 1970 the war psalms 58, 83 & 109 were even deleted by the antichrist in the Vatican from the Book of Hours, the 2nd Vatican Council & the 1968 revolution was a huge victory for the antichrist. The request in Luke 22 to sell one’s coat to buy weapons tells us that the Boss assigns the highest priority to the *gross* (!) armament.

(7) Spreading of death rays with the mark of the 666 beast (=cell phone): The devil is extremely successful at spreading 2 false messages, the first being the so-called ‘rapture’ (which is not going to happen as assumed by hundreds of millions of Christians) & second that the mark of the 666 (a sure ticket towards hell under normal circumstances) is yet to come, especially in the form of vaccines. Needless to say, nothing could be further from truth than this nonsense, nearly 100% of the world population have the mark of the 666 beast in the hand or at the (fore-) head = cell phone.

The by far strangest phenomenon with prophecies that it is hardly ever realized when they come to pass. Revelation 13 states the image of the beast talks & is worshipped permanently: this is the permanent staring at screens (with speakers), creating electrosmog & this permanent adoration of screens makes idiots out of people, with microwave grilling their brains. Also, the permanent usage of microwave devices without excellent protection may count as suicide in the eyes of the creator, and suicide has odds of 96% of leading into hell.

The bad effects of the microwave weapon are found on so many levels, but the worst is not gross but subtle: karma & soul access (stealing of the soul). As already stressed for years: today almost *all* people commit bodily harm 24/7. Thanks God in the 2020s the smombies will experience physically how much suffering they create, let’s pray that the smombies get a decent karmic leverage of for instance 666. Presumably the microwave WMD is the most important among the thousands of factors, why we meanwhile have 98-99% black souls. But still people don’t get the message, so the Boss will stop the spreading of electrosmog through blackouts. Praise the justice of our Lord Jesus Christ

(8) Soul loss during the night: It is almost unknown that you can also lose your soul during the night, either because of sins not noticed consciously or because of soul theft. Ideally one has lucid dreams, although this is neither always possible nor always meaningful (e.g. because of an information overload).

Koltsov plates against electrosmog & for salvation

Since 2002 I have tested about 500 different subtle devices, almost all of them are too weak now in the end times. Until 2016 they may have been strong enough, but with the pre-Tribulation since fall 2016 (beginning of 7+7+7 end times years) everything has changed from scratch. Meanwhile most of these devices are actually quite harmful, including those which were once helpful.

The Koltsov plates or functional correctors (FCs) can help for all 7 soul problems discussed above, but for soul problem #7 (electrosmog) & #8 (soul loss during the night) I consider them almost indispensable, so I want to dedicate an entire chapter to them (Link). Whether or not souls that have been black for many years can still profit from them is questionable & depends on several factors, this is not easy to answer. At any rate, one should remove the QR codes from the Koltsov plates immediately after purchase, as well as from all other products (symbol of the 666 beast like the barcode).

Now in 2020 the FCs are the best electrosmog protection I know, even in terms of the high Russian standards a unique certified medical product, hence number 00001 since the 5/7/08 approval (first patent 10/14/1992 Link). The protection was confirmed by Nokia, too (Link). The developer is the Russian physicist & spiritual healer Sergey Koltsov, who for many years was a manager in the Russian space program, e.g. for the spaceships Zenit & Buran. He also cooperates with the Russian nuclear physicist & spiritual Marina Saporoshez.

In Russia you still find true science officially recognized, in contrast to the jokes in Pussystan. The Koltsov plates are based on the groundbreaking research of the Austrian water researcher Viktor Schauberger, who was murdered in 1958 by the US liberators. Koltsov also took the scalar waves research of the Russian physicist Gennady Nikolaev (1935-2008 Link) into consideration, who cut a cylindrical magnet into 2 pieces & turned by 180° (1982). The Bulgarian physicist Stefan Marinov living in Graz, Austria, also referred to the discoveries of Nikolaev to create a free energy machine, that’s why he was suicided in 1997 by the energy mafia (Link). Allegedly Marinov jumped from the roof of the University of Graz (but people close to him denied all suicidal tendencies), which was a code: the concept of the scalar (longitudinal) waves was developed by Nikola Tesla who had received his degree from the University of Graz. Marinov wrote the foreword for Nikolaev‘s book (Link). Free energy will be allowed from the reptiles from 2023, GAIA with the headquarters here in Vienna, Austria, is the most important free energy association & was invited to the World Economic Forum 2020 (Link).

The secrets of water were already discovered 30 years ago by the Russian scientist with 4 PhDs Stanislav Zenin (Link) using 4 different methods, based upon the hypothesis of the memory of water by the French MD Jacques Benveniste. In the West mainly the Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto is known, who did his research later & had a rather archaic & narrow approach. These 3 nations are the center of water research: Russia, Bulgaria & Austria – Bulgaria is likely the most underestimated nation on the planet. Now in the end times the energy is concentrated in the heart region of the planet following the theory of the British geologist Halford Mackinder, which is the Intermarium 3SI (3-Seas-Initiative): at present 12 nations with the planned capital Vienna – moreover Western Russia.

The early functional correctors calibrated in the 600s on the Hawkins consciousness scale, which was already above average, because energetic healing products almost never calibrate higher than the 500s & most even drop. Healing power begins at LoC>540: unconditional love & gratitude. That’s why I mentioned the Koltsov plates for the first time in 2016. Needless to say, the market leaders in the field are the worst, because the only way to get the mass market is through the devil, to make souls black. But the issue of electrosmog will also make a U-turn in the 2020s: the main problem will be the lack of electricity (because of the blackouts), no longer electrosmog.

The first Koltsov plates (blue series no. 1-8) could still be compared somewhat with homeopathy, containing the vibrations of healing plants & minerals, later also the vibrations of power places & healing springs (green series), also from places in the East near doorways into inner earth (the Untersberg Mountain is such a place). On the surface of the planet only the human garbage (mutants) lives, it’s good that the garbage collection has already begun, making room for a human race with a much higher vibration. In these inner earth civilizations my name is well known. Then the third series of violet/ purple plates was launched, dedicated to the topic of cosmic synchronization & thus helpful for the coming micronovas (blue kachina) & the return of Nibiru (red kachina), as the symbol Aurora.

However, the functional correctors issued since 2014 are light years beyond that. Since the series of the Golden Koltsov plates (no. 17-24) the LoC level of the FCs functional correctors has soared & the newest plates calibrate extremely high in the 990s, the plate Kamerton even at LoC=998-999. Unfortunately, most other ‘charlatan products’ see their LoC falling over time, i.e. they are conquered by the black side. Only the Avataric LoCs=985-1000 allow to burn black souls like demons (destroy them forever), to my knowledge the only product on the planet.

You can’t create better positive karma than by burning black souls! Because the evil deeds these demons would have done in their remaining existence (years, decades, century, millennia, millions of years…) are now credited to one’s karmic account as an asset – which is incredibly much. In the end times one should always have a karmic cushion as big possible, to avoid being written into the Book of Death & also to receive help during this life. A similar avataric LoC=985-1000 is also found in these symbols & mantras, which represent only one or 72 qualities of the Holy Ghost, not the 10,000 or so of the newest Koltsov plates:

(1) Symbol Aurora: as discussed the last time (, of course also from Russia because Russia is the hope of the world. You must never use the Annunaki symbol with slotted Reptilian eyes, only this one with a round iris.

(2) Mantra SA-TA-NA-MA (Link): SA=unity, TA=life, NA=death, MA=return. That’s why the prefixes 1-2 SA-T (SAD) mean staying in life, 1-3 SA-TA-N being stuck in death & SA-TA-NA-MA the return into unity (LoC=90s). One can also work with 4 finger mudras for the 4 prefixes.

(3) Mantra Jyotirlinga: The mantra ‚Jyotirlinga‘ (= light lingam = light penis) create a temple of God in the radius 2.60m.

(4) 72 Hebrew fire letters (image below Link): These even create a temple of God in a radius of 8.60m because they represent 72 qualities of God & not just one as the first 3 symbols/ mantras. These 72 names of God resp. 72 fire letters correlate with the 72 levels of sexuality that can be accessed since the Virgo (virgin) constellation 9/23/17, leading back to the light lingam. The 4 world ages (Yugas) have different levels of sexual practice: Iron Age (Kali Yuga) 1-24, copper 24-42, silver 42-60 & gold 60-72. The transmission of the light lingam happened on 7/10/10 through a man from the Amanita network, who passed it to 12 men in early 2011, almost exactly 6.66 years before the Virgo constellation 9/23/17. Actually the fire letters are connected with the DNA, see Rabbi Alon Anava (Link).

Douglas Vogt from the Diehold Foundation sees the origin of the 22 Hebrew letters in the atomic torus (Link), hence the same word root of torus & Torah (5 books of Moses). Vogt also realized that the micronova cycle of 12068 years is encoded dozens (!) of times in the Torah, the last 4 digits also define the 100 year transition period from the Kali Yuga into the Satya Yuga until 2068 (+/-1). 1% of 12068 yields the extremely important 1260 days/ 42 months. But Vogt’s truth content is only 75-80% with some severe mistakes & his conclusion that we’ll see only one micronova (in 2046) is totally wrong. The first micronova already happened in August 1972, but was shielded as part of the Sirian experiment allowed by the Galactic Federation of Light (Link). In spite of this shield we still experienced the highest solar wind velocity ever measured (4 million km/h) that even caused mines to explode (Link). And the yet the worst virus in the galaxy (humanity) wasn’t thankful at all for this help: we won’t see another help, the destruction of all black souls has been decided.

In gematria Tora, Thora & Torah have a 4x code for 2023 (Link): 2023 is the end of the Dark Age led by the alpha people of the Hebrews. God chose the Hebrews for the Kali Yuga so they lead humanity further & further away from Him, into maximum darkness, evil & suffering. They fulfilled their role 100%, well done, no other people would have achieved that. So in 2023 the Jesus’ prophecy from Matthew 21-43 will be fulfilled: “Therefore I say to you, the kingdom of God will be taken from you and given to a nation bearing the fruits of it.” According to the Marcion Bible the Boss said that to Germanic soldiers & he meant the German people. The Vatican mafia kept Marcion dead quiet because he revealed that the ‘God’ of the Old Testament is partly Satan. Marcion also realized that in some of the Paul letters Satan could place her messages, so he removed them from his Bible.

Back to the Koltsov plates: the gold protection plates 17-24 were produced after Koltsov’s observation that since 2014 suddenly chakras are closed from the outside, which is why global rates have suddenly exploded since 2014. Already 10 years ago it was predicted that around 2013 especially in Eunuchistan the population high is due, followed by the biggest trend reversal in history. This is exactly what has happened, e.g. in 2014 the British death numbers suddenly exploded from near the all-time low to near the all-time high (image below on the left, sent out in 2015 the first time). In 2015 when these data were published first you could still trust *some* official data, but meanwhile almost nothing is still trustworthy, nothing but bogus also in the form of ‘revisions’. Note that now in 2020 the current official British death rate (Link) shows a *decline* (!) from 9 to 8.8 per 1000 instead of the explosion reported in 2015… And yet, the truther fools rely upon these - totally fabricated! – numbers published by the state terrorists for their ‘argumentation’: it can’t get crazier than in the circles of the corona deniers. None of the official numbers have got anything to do with reality, in 2020 true death numbers are >200% higher than officially reported & until 2022 (perhaps as soon as 2021) we have to add a zero.

Since late 2015 the correctors have a 5th magnetic element (in the old functional correctors the number was 4), that’s why they are now 5 times stronger than before. Also the information charge is a lot broader now, e.g. including cosmoenergetic channels (very old Vedic knowledge) & the super-powerful Mayan channels (Link), also impacting the Merkabah (part of the light body: double tetrahedron male at the top & female at the bottom). These channels allow accessing more of the 330 million Holy Ghost portals previously almost inaccessible. The Hebrew word Merkabah means chariot & was already mentioned by the Old Testament prophet Ezekiel. According to Pastor Perry Stone (Link), Israhell now has a (secret) tank called Merkabah.

Right now about 24 major divine aspects are represented by the Koltsov plates as suggested by very old Indo-European knowledge, each one of them governing for a certain period each year (2 weeks) & a certain time of the day (e.g. Sventovit at 3 p.m.). They are so strong that (now in the Kali Yuga) they only manifest some seconds per year on earth, when their scalar waves can be recorded. In the Golden Age their presence will be so much stronger than today. Koltsov also has a unique understanding of cycles regarding the *extra-terrestrial* (!) origin of artificial cycles, e.g. the 51 second cycle in the case of the crown virus & the 28-second cycle of consciousness turbidity = LoC drop (Link). The latter can be removed with a combination of 3 plates: gold of the Gobi desert, code Gobi & wonder worker. By the way, there is a 26-second earth cycle (Link).

The corona deniers don’t want to admit that the crown virus comes from the grey Orion faction. In 1995 the Galactic war ended after 20 million years, only the Orion rebel faction of the black Anchara alliance doesn’t recognize the peace treaty with the Galactic Federation of Light, Gates & Co. are nothing more than their servants, but the decisions are not made by humans but by the reptiles. 42 years later around 2037 (+/-1 years) the black rebels will be destroyed entirely (666, 1260 & 42 are the key end times numbers, since 2019 also the 311). Our prison planet is more or less the last stronghold of the dark powers of the galaxy, where more than 1 million intelligent species exist. *We* are the pariah & the virus of the entire galaxy, let’s pray 24/7 that the galaxy will be healed from this terrible plague.

Moreover, the Koltsov plates offer dynamic against external parasitic frequencies (e.g. electrosmog, geopathy, HAARP, mindcontrol etc.) & not static as normal protection devices, which create a kind of frequency prison. The stronger the impact of death rays, the stronger the reaction of the functional correctors. Last but not least the Koltsov plates even lower radioactivity, which was measured using the plates #14 Golden pyramid & #15 light of life. No. 14 has the channel golden pyramid with an effect similar to monoatomic gold, which is why the Annunaki came some 432,000 years ago. The reduction of radioactivity will become very relevant in the 2020s because of the great many nuclear explosions & ultimate MCAs, although the protection effect of the FCs might be too weak then.

An interesting Koltsov plate for the coming cataclysms is anti-cataclysm/ accident protection. The positive effects are huge, you can also accumulate a lot of positive karma in order to fill up the karmic account. No. 16 clear space/ light warrior/ anti stress makes the car uninteresting for state terrorists. One can even extend the termination date of food considerably, which is useful for preppers. Even technical devices can be repaired, when I put an FC into a rather broken refrigerator the 2 defects were partly repaired (one totally, the other partly).

Another specialty of 3 Koltsov plates (natural antibiotic, water of life & 3 saints Link) is that they are recorded during the ‘night of enlightenment’ = orthodox Three Kings' Day Epiphany January 18th/ 19th (sun approaching 0° Aquarius), where the entire vibration of the coming year is contained (Link). This is the day the Russians break open the ice & jump into the water. The strongest information is found in a few seconds during the Epiphany night, a weaker variant can be produced free of charge yourself (Link). The underlying effect of magnetic field distortions in the Epiphany night was discovered in 1955 by the Russian biophysicist Simon Shnol, but wasn’t practically used until about 60.66 years later. In the 3 Kings’ Night 2 plates are created that are only valid for a year (Link): first the water to destroy blockades (natural antibiotic) & then water to rebuild (water of life). This water brings an organism back into the perfect 8-second-cycle (8=Christ number) also shared by trees.

All Koltsov plates protect against electrosmog, but each plate has a specific healing power. For a basic regulation it is recommended to first work for 1-3 months with the plates #1 (anti parasites, Yang, in the morning) & #2 (detoxification, Yin, in the evening), men also with the men’s plate #4 & women with the women’s plate #3. Professional charlatans with a lot of prior experience & a lot of healing work done before may jump in with other plates, too. I also recommend the Golden protection plate #20 energy cleanse (Link) during the night near the head (the nightly attacks become more & more aggressive) & the master plate Kamerton tuning fork (Link) reinforcing all other Koltsov plates. Plate #20 may be necessary for the coronavirus plate gift of fire to work. In the case of strong astral problems (also being sucked in by crowd madness) this order is recommended (8x): 21-20-23-24-22-18-21-17. 4 ways of application:

(1) Informing water: This is the gentlest form of usage & thus perfect for the beginning. In the case of the early Koltsov plates 5-10 minutes were enough to inform water, but the newest plates need up to 8-12 hours, i.e. they transmit much broader information aggregates, which is quite unique. The central radius of the Koltsov plate is only 5 cm. Laying shells (with spirals, i.e. not flat ones) on the plates reinforces the power emission in this direction, the effect of this vortices on the hypersonic was described by Rainer Gebbensleben (Link). Moreover, the big Mindlink wavepads (Link) expand the scope of the Koltsov plates a lot.

(2) Distance healings: for persons, organizations, places (earth healings on-site or through maps) & for political healings. Ideally for persons DNA material (hair, nails…) is used, otherwise use not too old photos with names & birthdate (maps, photos of buildings…) – glue to the Koltsov plates, perhaps with instructions. This becomes more & more important because the illuminati practice black magic with the gathered DNA probes, e.g. through blood donations or the PCR hoax. It is also possible to clear one’s past by putting photo albums/ books & ancestral charts in a Koltsov circle. Moreover, one can perform an astrological puja by printing a horoscope out, folding it & potting it on a Koltsov plate.
This is also a good method to cut the life thread of black souls (i.e. of almost all leaders today), which takes at least several months using only one plate, but faster when a great many plates are used simultaneously. We are preparing for the Golden Age of Jesus Christ, where black souls are no longer tolerated on this planet, neither in a human body nor anywhere else. During the 1000 years of Jesus Christ 100.00% white souls will live on the planet (albeit with minor possible interruptions). So one should write on every Koltsov plate, “Burn all black souls.” This wonderful project was enabled by the CEO of the universe now in late 2020 & leads to a massive reduction of world population from 2021.
In contrast to the thinking of the Christian fools participation is *not* (!) a voluntary option according to the motto, „Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law“ suggested by the most influential black magician in the 20th century Aleister Crowley: refusing to join the army of God (refusing to contribute to huge massacres against the black souls) means the way into hellfire. All lukewarm ‘neutral’ Christians will be spit out of His mouth (Revelation 3-16).
The devil tried her best to stop me from publishing this extremely important information, e.g. I had 60+ serious technical defects in 1-2 months, 50 (!) times more than usually… I printed a lot out to put it on the Koltsov, so her primary focus was on printers: over a period of some weeks I had to buy about a dozen (!) printers.

(3) Plates (bracelets) on the bodies: Without concrete complaints the plates are used on the body 3 times. Order: first a half hour on the coccyx, second on the head (fontanelle) for 5-10 minutes & third on the chest 5-10 minutes. Since 2019 Koltsov bracelets have been available with 8 magnetic elements, containing 4 Koltsov plates in a weaker form (4 topics with 2 magnetic elements each).

(4) Koltsov circle: This is the strongest application form, not for beginners. Because of the resonance phenomenon we ideally see a multiplication of several plates, not just an addition (the whole is more than the sum of the parts). 3 plates as a ‘house of cards’ have a stronger effect (Link), but this is nothing compared to circles with an even number of upright Koltsov plates, e.g. 8, 10, 12, 16, 18… plates (a circle with 14 plates is not recommended). Note the correct alignment: one plate has the name & description pointing towards the center of the circle, the neighboring plates point outwards etc. The best spot for a Koltsov circle is under the bed during the night. Because of the high LoC>985 you can burn most demons in one hour (at least those of the lower hierarchy levels see Dr. Athavale Link), because they can’t escape.

The higher the number of Koltsov plates, the bigger the radius of operation, for a small town 8 plates are enough (+/- 5 km), for big cities more are needed, e.g. 24x (24=heaven’s number) for a radius +/- 50 km. When one has not enough plates, then one can partly replace the plates with the images of the Koltsov plates (double-sided printouts). Needless to say the images are lot weaker than the plates, but better than nothing, although one has to compensate the lack of quality with a much bigger quantity. For instance you print out 40+40 plates (double-sided), ideally with the original length 7.8cm. Still, at least one true Koltsov is needed for several reasons.

The best results are achieved with a diameter of the Koltsov circle of 78 cm, the weakest results with the half of diameter of 39 cm. 78 cm is 10 times the length 7.8 cm & is the wavelength of ‚la‘384 Mhz (0.384 Ghz). Meaning of numbers: 84 = Christ’s return & 384 = Jesus Christ as a human. The electromagnetic frequency spectrum has been allocated by the state terrorists, the key frequency 384 MHz (UHF decimeter waves) is of course controlled by the state terrorists, so that they can brainwash, manipulate, torture & sicken us.

2021 end of timing window for big prepping decisions: continent

Jesus said: Blessed is the man who knows [in which] part (of the night) the robbers are coming, that he may rise and gather his [ . . . ] and gird up his loins before they come in. (Gospel of Thomas #103)

As mentioned before, 80% of the prepping effort should be dedicated to the soul & only 20% to the physical (gross) prepping. Among all gross prepping decisions only few are (rather) irreversible, which are of course most important. The most important is of course the continent, changing continents might be very tough (expensive & dangerous) from 2021/22 or hardly possible at all. In early 2017 I published an article on ‘safe havens’: In a nutshell, ‘safe havens’ don’t exist, there are only bad, worse & terrible places for preppers.

In the premium area I warned in 2019 that from 2020 global aviation will experience a crash landing, to my knowledge as the only forecaster on the planet: this is exactly what happened. In 2020 we had almost zero civil aviation, the biggest crisis for aviation in history. It kicked in around 3/21/20 when Saturn the Grim Reaper went into Aquarius the sign of aviation. But 2020 was only a warning & soon these temporary problems could become permanent, especially because of the collapse of sea logistics in 2021-25. In some years only land logistics remains, which won’t break down before the 2030s.

The super-continent Eurasia & Africa has a population of some 6.66 billion & remains functional in the 2020s because of land logistics. But North America, South America, Australia, Oceania & the islands (population more than a billion) will be almost or totally cut off from the super-continent in 2021-25. Already in 2021 (unlikely as late as 2022) a huge wave of refugees will try to leave the empire of evil, but this will become increasingly difficult because of Canada & Mexico closing their borders.

South America will be *by far* the worst continent in every respect & is the only no-go continent among the 6 continents, especially as the home of the new South pole, hardly anybody will survive. Douglas Vogt confirms the coming micronova hitting the Americas (and Eastern Australia), at the end of the year the sun is very high in South America & thus it is a lot more in danger (Link).

The narrow land bridge Central America is flooded easily & then gone from the map, i.e. in the 2020s North & South America will be separated ‘cleanly’. Certainly the first golden opportunity for Central America to be destroyed is the asteroid impact Northwest of Puerto Rico towards North Carolina, creating a truly refreshing tsunami with a height of 300m. This impact has been seen almost identically by at least a dozen junior prophets: among the hundreds of monster events until 2048 there are only few key events described by so many different sources.

According to ‘God’s Handmaiden’ (Link) this cascade of earth changes begins 40 days after 3 days of 24/7 civil riots in the United Satan & she also mentions September 28th in this context, which could play a role in 2021 (or 2022?). On a scale 0-100% of civil war intensity the Divided States of America briefly reached 50% at the peak in 2020, but in order to trigger this 40 day cycle we need at least 80% intensity, which will be the case in the coming 1-2 years with near certainty. I consider the map below the most likely for the *final* future of North America (Link), although the zone of devastation is a lot bigger because of *temporary* floods.

After the Americas, Africa (especially Eastern Africa) will be shaken tremendously by the earth changes, because of the superplumes = LLVPs, as explained by Ben Davidson (Link). Only Eurasia should be rather calm at first, to be devastated from 2024/25: North Sea tsunami & Europe is torn apart along Rhine-Northern Switzerland-Rhone (Link). Of many nations (e.g. BENELUX, Denmark, England, Sweden, Switzerland, Monaco, Luxembourg…) little if anything will be left.

If at all, then in the 2020s a voluntary change of the continent will become very expensive & dangerous. We’ll continue to see involuntary continent changes during WW3, for instance many North Americans will be abducted by the Chinese, partly as a whole, partly deep frozen in small pieces because the Chinese will breed Americans on farms (cannibalism). It is almost a natural law that veganism must lead towards cannibalism, which nobody wants to acknowledge though.

Technical prepping for 2021

Sometime in 2021 (or by 2022 at the latest) the Amanita emails will no longer arrive in the mailboxes of the West Coast mafia (Gmail, Yahoo &, either because they are too critical of the regime or because the entire West Coast falls, hallelujah! In 2020 the West Coast mafia not only censored videos, but even incoming & outgoing emails. That’s why I highly recommend switching to another primary address & enter it for the Amanita newsletter as soon as possible, the email provider must not be based in the empire of evil.

The Nielsen law predicts 50% more bandwidth per year, which turns into the other direction from 2021 (at the latest after the micronova around 11/3/21), i.e. from (late?) 2021 we have some 50% *less* bandwidth per year. This is only a global average, until the mid-2020s more & more parts of the world will be completely cut off from the internet, also because of internet sea cables being torn into pieces. Another reason are the coming cyber-attacks as part of WW3, as threatened by Martin Schwab, the alpha monkey of the WEF World Economic Forum. This topic was already discussed in 2019 in prophecies #10

One should save important data *now*, especially videos, which will be hardly allowed on the data highway in some years: end of internet neutrality. The scarcer bandwidths will be reserved for what’s really important, especially emails & business data. In crises internet & electricity are partly only available for some hours per day & then at horror costs, thanks God all of that will happen. For this reason cash will become quickly the #1 payment method in stationary retailing in the coming years (crypto currencies will also partly fail) – just the opposite of the ban of cash crowd madness expects.

Needless to say, all of that has a huge impact on crypto currencies, but this is terribly complex & dynamic and thus reserved for premium subscribers only. Some years ago I stopped giving away excerpts from the premium area. This was ok 10-20 years ago but today the situation is 100 times more complex & dynamic, in the financial markets in general & especially the cryptos: so either totally (professionally) or not at all. Either you are deeply involved (which requires a lot of time & brainpower) & or you forget it entirely, all solutions in-between are totally BS & won’t work. Compromises no longer work now in the end times, you have to strife for perfection: I know several people who have lost (dozens of) million euros (partly all their money) in the past years because of a *single* (!) error… This extreme dichotomization can be observed on all levels, also on the soul level: in the good old times you could afford being ‘lukewarm’, but since 2016 this is no longer an option as it *must* entail a total loss of the soul….

Sometime in the coming 1-5 years the 3-Gorges-Dam in China will collapse, with a length of some 666 km the biggest in the world. This event will have an impact on 400 million people & tear the Chinese infrastructure into pieces & produce a civil war: revolution against the CCP Chinese Communist Party. The one century old prophecy of the Buddhist monk Zigong for 2020 (Link) has fulfilled amazingly well (Link).

Along the Yangtze River there are many nuclear power plants & hence a great many ultimate MCAs will be triggered, which makes Fukushima look like a non-event. China will need at least 7 years to have at least the basic infrastructure in place again. Then in 2034/35 China will put her foot down again, e.g. with the invasion of Siberia. Already in 2020 the water level in the dam reached an all-time high, from fall 2021 we’ll see more & more floods & tsunamis and then in 2024/25 the deluge reloaded, tearing the infrastructure (power, internet & water) into pieces in most parts of the world. Only in the Intermarium 3SI 3-Seas-Initiative & Russia the infrastructure remains somewhat intact in the 2020s. The new Russian S-500 might also be able to defend against meteors & this protection shield could be extended towards the Intermarium, with the ties of 3SI & Russia becoming very close in the 2020s.

The biggest blackout in history was on July 16/17th, 2012 in India with over 600 million people affected (almost 10% of world population). Again instability of the sun was the cause in these days: on 7/23/12 we officially had the biggest solar storm since the Carrington event 1859, which barely missed us: the ‘mythical’ year 2012 gave some clues regarding the end times. 3.11 years after July 16-23, 2012 was 8/27/15 = beginning of ISIS invasion. 3x 3.11 years later points to 3.11.21 (11/3/21) as the ideal timing for the micronova. Already in early 2018 the European power grids could no longer provide the regular 50 Hertz for a longer period, this type of failure is a dramatic warning sign. In the general, global infrastructure is a lot more vulnerable than commonly assumed.

The Whore of Babylon (USA) must & will fall in the coming 1-2 years (very unlikely as late as 2023), the cloud sector is controlled by 3 US companies: Microsoft & Amazon in Seattle are the top dogs but Google in the Silicon Valley catches up. Once the earthquakes, tsunamis, volcano eruptions & likely also the nuclear bombs destroy the US West Coast, then huge data losses are unavoidable, even with datacenters spread around the globe. Since 2020 there are intense hidden preparations to transfer the role of the Silicon Valley to Europe, especially through the coordinator Wirecard. The success of this endeavor is questionable though, make preparations yourself. As a Wirecard customer since 2009 I want to label them the ‘biggest dabblers on God’s earth’. Gmail allows downloading the entire data as a ZIP file (Link).

The risk of a closing of the US exchanges was non-existing until 2019 & neglectable until late 2020, but is exploding since late 2020 & 2021 is a somewhat more likely year for the US exchanges to be closed than 2022. From 2021 one should by no means hold any US bearer securities like equities, bonds, funds etc., as a total loss is unavoidable. Difference instruments like CFDs are in principle ok, but it’s best to minimize the exposure to US futures. Broker accounts must no longer have the account currency USD.

The latest possible timeline for the closing of the US exchanges (forever!) is the liberation of Duckburg by China & Russia, either in 2021 or 2022 (2023 is extremely unlikely). Without doubt, Duckburg has been long controlled from abroad, the Republicans by Russia & the Demoncrats by China. The Chinese will be lot worse than the Russian (according to one prophecy they kill everybody in Lost Angels & San Diego), because according to the prophecy of Chuck-Johnel Youngbrandt (Link) the commanding Russian General is Christian. This General even receives war-deciding instructions of an angel of God, in order to destroy the empire of evil forever – because this is the 100% will of God & prayers to save the United Satan are satanic (because against God’s will).

From 1973 Youngbrandt got a 3-year model for the destruction of the USA & in 2020 almost everything projected for year #1 has come to pass. Already in the 1970s he was given a rough timing hint (Link): Youngbrandt met the man who would later in his life drive out the occupiers on US soil – i.e. the US pendant to Emperor Henry the Lucky driving the Muslims out of Europe. In 1977 this man was in his early 20s (with full hair), yet Youngbrandt saw him in his vision with almost no hair, so it’s clear these events would come to pass about a half century later (in 2029 according to the 1984 Terminator). Youngbrandt (born on 9/20/1941) died on 2/10/18, the website has been offline since late 2020 & can only be accessed via (Link).

Another possible cause for the coming technical problems is EMPs (electromagnetic pulses) & the jump of the magnetic poles. EMPs can be produced by different causes, i.e. man-made (nuclear bombs especially against the SA) & earth changes (micronova, asteroid impacts). In contrast to EMPs, the magnetic field reversal is a long process, the worst problems can be expected for South America because of the South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA). On 6/13/19 I warned in the free newsletter of the looming South American blackouts caused by the SAA & ‘accidentally’ only days later we had the biggest blackout in the history of South America… The effect of the magnetic field reversal on technical devices are disputed in (official) science, possibly Koltsov plates help with magnetic problems, but only locally (and not against an EMP).

EMPs could also explain, why according to several prophecies in the end times only old-timers are seen, with a much simpler & robust electrics compared to new cars (the only other explanation is the break of the delivery chains). Even a Faraday cage may not help, depending on several factors. The leading company when it comes to EMP protection is the US company, rather affordable with 300-400 euros per car or house (Link). Older vehicles also drive without battery (once started), new ones rather not (Link).

It goes without saying that the best is autarky through free energy. The big breakthrough of free energy can’t happen before the end of the Kali Yuga on 9/15/23 & until then it can be quite dangerous to run these devices. Recently the Russian magnetic engine pioneer Andrii Slobodjan from the Infinity SAV died at an age of less than 40 years. The Slobodjan engines were just before series maturity & since 2019 has accepted pre-orders for 5 & 10 kW magnetic engines. That’s why until 2023 one is better off with a conventional emergency generator, e.g. a Honda-EU 22i with 2.2 kW as well as a balcony solar system (because of mobility). Earlier a diesel was better because true diesel can be used almost forever, but now with the new bio garbage added (e.g. rapeseed) the storability is reduced a lot because of the resinification. ‘Bio’ is usually synonymous with lower quality & a major warning signal.

At any rate, all excellent preppers face the huge problem of the dangers associated with good prepping. If you are the only one in a radius of 100 km with a working car or power in the house, then you need a private army or a *large* heavily armed prepper community, otherwise this project is a lead balloon: in the best case you are soon deprived of your sought-after possession, in the worst case of your life. Weaponry is the alpha & omega of prepping, nothing makes sense without a lot of saviors.